Smokers and the obese pay more for healthcare; when will homosexuals pay “their fair share?”


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

There is an increasing trend toward higher health insurance rates for those who are overweight and live “unhealthy” lifestyles as defined by insurance companies and employers. As the thinking goes, the obese and others (usually smokers) are automatically viewed as chronically unhealthy and above average consumers of healthcare services.

Whether this is true for a particular person or not has become irrelevant.  More premium money has to be collected from somewhere and neither the cowardly insurance companies nor our feckless politically correct corporate leaders will demand higher premiums from homosexuals whose risky lifestyle is well established as a cause of serious illnesses that are costly to treat.

  The ethics of this position be damned – they just don’t have the courage to face the storm that would follow an honest recalibration of insurance rates. They just aren’t interested in practicing the liberals’ favorite pursuit of making “everyone pay his fair share.” That only applies to smokers and the obese who are straight – they’re unable to fight back. Nevertheless, shouldn’t those who consume more healthcare resources be made to contribute more in premiums and “pay their fair share?”

A recent survey of 135 corporate decision makers  found  62% (up from 48% in 2005)  agreed  “unhealthy” workers including smokers and the obese should be made to pay higher health insurance premiums. 

Walmart makes the smokers among its workforce pay $40.00 a month more for the health care coverage it offers. Since 2009 Clarion Health Partners has charged its employees with high cholesterol high blood pressure and/or overweight problems as much as $60.00 a month to meet the costs of health care for them.            

 The list of companies taking this position goes on and on.  Some employers have started regular on-site weigh-ins to “catch” their overweight workers  and charge them more for healthcare coverage. Despite their very risky behavior homosexuals are never asked to pay more for their coverage. Others are made to cover the real costs of their doctor visits.

The chronic and acute illnesses male and female homosexuals suffer from are not only more numerous and far more serious, but much more costly as well.

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5 thoughts on “Smokers and the obese pay more for healthcare; when will homosexuals pay “their fair share?””

  1. Derrick–

    This, of course, is the ultimate victory of the Gay lobby. “Fair share” mantra was never sincere–at any point in the great Commie takeover.

    It’s all about the votes, baby. Gays, Blacks, and inexplicably Jews are guaranteed Dem blocs.

  2. The queers’ lifestyle is as dangerous or more than smoking. Smokers, however, are the new “homos” because homos are the new “n-words” and Catholics are the new Nazis.

  3. Derrick-excellent topic. Please follow up with more detail-especially document the lesbian health issue.

  4. It would be great if someone was to post what the healthcare risks are for the homosexual. I know their lifespans are significantly shorter, but as gruesome as the consequences to the human body are more people really to see and hear the startling facts of what it really means to be homosexual. Can anyone help?

    1. To read about the health consequences of the homosexual lifestyle use the sources listed at the end of the essay.
      Thank you,

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