Sorry Rush but there won’t be any return to honest polls “just before” this Election

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 When he was asked how he thought history would treat him, Adolph Hitler said, “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

 This “history be damned” attitude is alive and functioning within today’s far Left American media. It makes no pretense about being honest, it just churns out Democrat propaganda.

  And sad to say, it is being aided in its fraud by useful idiots on the Right who lend credibility to the Left’s phony polls who report them without question. It is hard to tell who is more culpable in this daily assault on the freedom of the press, but since the Left is what it is, the Right would have to be held more responsible for the damage these fake polls do to the morale of the American people.        

 The under sampling Republicans and over sampling Democrats to force headlines to show Barack Obama is winning is now so rampant it almost seems like the product of a frat house prank. In this “prank” the “reporters” are being tested by the “pollsters” to see how far away from reality the sampling can go before someone finally asks a question or even reads the internal data of a poll before slavishly reporting it as truth.

 How much of a sampling skew toward Obama can we take? Each new poll skew seems like a breath blowing up a balloon. Now polls are regularly skewed at least 10 points in favor of Obama. Some “polls” delivered with a straight face have used a Democrat projected turnout 13 points higher than the expected Republican turnout. No one questions this but just sheepishly reports what is ordered.

 At this rate the “regression to honesty” Rush Limbaugh has opined will happen ten or so days before Election Day may very well not happen at all.

Gallup has already been threatened with a lawsuit to get them to start issuing poll reports Democrats like.  Gallup is not a stupid bunch. They know by Obama’s Department of Justice can cut the legs off of them in a heartbeat so they have recently started to get in line.   

 Careful research shows that all genuine data items point to a smashing victory for Romney, but at this point it is hard to see the lying pollsters and compliant “reporters” saying this until the day after the Election.  Sorry Rush, but there won’t be any honest polls or curious “reporters” to challenge the fraud until after we win, which we will.   

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