Spiking the terrorist is all he has to show for the last three years

 By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 This week marks the first anniversary of the assassination  of the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden. The work of the intelligence network, the training and execution of the SEAL team was exceptional, they are worthy of all the admiration the American people have for them.

 Spiking the Football

 The Narcissist- In-Chief couldn’t help but run a victory lap in the former home of bin Laden by showing up in Afghanistan. He went there to sign an agreement pledging ongoing U.S. support for Afghanistan after American troops leave. He also delivered a campaign speech to the American people back home using military assets as a backdrop. In 2006, the Hypocrite-IN- chief criticized the Republicans for using the War on Terrorism as a political “wedge issue.”

 Obama’s celebration of the bin Laden mission have angered active duty and former Navy SEALs by selfishly using the mission for political advantage in his 2012 reelection bid.  The men who tracked down and killed bin Laden rightly point out that Barack Obama has no right to take credit for the mission because he did risk his life and limb to accomplish it and “political considerations” are not skin in the game.  

 Golf Course Hero

 Rush Limbaugh revealed that the President was summoned form the golf course before the mission started so he would appear in the staged photo-op; he was still wearing his golf clothes in the photo.  The actual Command and Control of the mission was delegated to Vice Adm. William H. McRaven Commander of Joint Special Operations Command by then CIA director Leon Panetta. The only credit Obama can take is that he reluctantly authorized the mission.

Hyping the death of Osama bin Laden is the only positive event that Obama has to support his reelection bid. He can’t even criticize the war on humanitarian grounds because during his time in office he only authorized the killing of terrorists, after all, in a liberal utopia, you can’t interrogate terrorist. That would be inhumane.

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4 thoughts on “Spiking the terrorist is all he has to show for the last three years”

  1. Jim….I beg to differ….Obama has saved… . and abetted more terrorists than he has slain.

  2. Call me cynical, but I still call BULL-SCAT on the bin laden assassination story ! It was nothing but lies, deceit and propaganda to distract and divert attention away from the fraudulent birth certificate that lil' berry hussein soetoro had just released due to pressure from Trump and Jerome Corsi's book. The story changed just about every day for several weeks and the burial at sea with no photos released was pure propagnada.

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