Supermarket Tabloids have become America’s true mainstream media

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

America’s fall from greatness parallels with near pinpoint precision the body politic’s choices at the ballot boxes of morally challenged candidates.  In heavily copyright-protected revelations this week,
(and rightly so) the two “supermarket” tabloid news outlets are replete with stories of knock down, drag out battles Barack and Michelle are having on a regular basis along with a stellar reason Hillary is not eligible.  But both of these story lines are being suppressed by a media shilling for their choices by the typical method of lying by omission.
“This was a blowout of epic proportions,” says about all I can quote from the April 7 issue of NATIONAL ENQUIRER, in a report calling this latest fight “probably the nastiest White House battle” a Potus and Flotus ever had.  But our lousy main stream media will never tell you what is really going on because this same media is the principle factor in America’s fall from greatness.  Just think about a world leader who is stripping America’s military of its needed power and turning his back on traditional allies; a leader who is giving away our internet control and allows the brutality and horror of Benghazi remain unavenged. This is a leader who sold our voting machines to overseas companies and billionaire interests.  How does this same leader skate on the issue of using the IRS, our country’s most powerful agency, to appropriate each citizen’s personal, private data for use as an enemy’s list weapon?  What about Obamacare and its taxes?
How does Hillary Clinton, his lady in waiting, simply feign a brain fart and refuse to tell us what she really knew?  What about the life blood of America being drained by drug cartels, rampant uncontrolled border infiltration, inner city and small town rot and decay, no jobs, no way?
The obscene Obama vacation spending orgies climaxed this week with the Enquirer’s revelation that the China trip Michelle, Mother, and daughters took, pushed whopping total expenditures “over the $150 million mark.”  Other outlets put the room rent alone for one night for the Michelle bucket list entourage at nearly $8,400 a night.  Plus, what about the mother’s reported bad temper displays with lowly Chinese hotel staff?
  The egregious Arabian nights tent tables groaning with succulent food trays were thrown in the face of starving citizens both in America and in Saudi Arabia but did our media hold either King Obama or King Abudullah accountable?  Pool reporter Carrie Budoff Brown tweeted out about “tall bowls of wrapped chocolates, fresh flowers, satin upholstery, crystal chandeliers, oriental rugs, luxurious couches, and perfectly placed pillows.” (2)
The GLOBE is reporting that former President Bill Clinton was “caught with two hookers and partied with a pervert,” but you won’t get that story from our “journalists.”  “Bill Clinton is reeling from THREE sordid sex scandals in the last two months,” says the reporter.  But will any of the alphabets tell you this?  Don’t count on it because keeping the body politic in the dark reaps huge rewards for an American media that gains more power with each of its failures to vet the Democrats, while nailing any and all Republican political figures that dare to show up.
What is so pitiful here is that this very same media will cruelly attack GOP candidates, but will never fully or thoroughly vet their buddies, the Democrats.  This is lying by omission.  Any wonder that more and more American shoppers are slipping the tabloids into a bag at the check out counters, along with their meat and potato purchases?  Read those free shopper newspapers.  Watch the LOCAL television news outlets, but cancel your subscriptions to the national news disinformation.

SOURCES: (1)  April 7 issues of NATIONAL ENQUIRER and THE GLOBE.       


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