Susan Daniels an American patriot who will not back down as she demands answers about Obama’s past

By George Spelvin, staff writer

 “It’s a disgrace what our judicial system has become,” says Private Investigator Susan Daniels as she files for President in Ohio to give her standing for a lawsuit she has on the Geauga County docket challenging placement of Barack Obama on ballots there because America’s sitting president has a very questionable social security number!  Daniels who has done thousands of hours of investigation into tracing Obama’s official records says a SSN “in 1986 shows up with Barack Obama’s name.” (1)

Daniels told radio host Mark Gillar, “When (applicants) reach age 12, [they] have to apply in person. . .he applied on March 28, 1977. . .Barack Obama was 15 at that date.”  She filed 101 pages of her very detailed research with the Ohio court and cited problems of assuming the identity of a dead person.  She found “two birth years listed on Barack Obama’s social security numbers (with) 1890 in the birthday box with no month or day” given! has been following the Daniels research and on April 10, 2011 reported, the following: Neil Sankey and Susan Daniels, “report that Social Security numbers connected to Barack Obama and the addresses they trace to are as follows: 363 Notlem St., 34982-7358 Fort Pierce, FL.  A Social Security number beginning with zero is connected to White House, Irvine, CA.  A number starting with 282 connects to 713 Hart Senate, D.C.  There was one connected to White House, Baltimore, MD.  Six more Social Security numbers beginning in the 400s show up with addresses in Washington, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee and Maryland.” (2) Daniels also has microfilm for applicants immediately before and after the Obama 1890 registration, so “this lawsuit is not so easy to throw out.”  Daniels calls out the country’s Secretaries of State in the 130 dismissed cases.  “The SoSs swore an oath to uphold the Constitution,” says the loyal patriot who is suing without an attorney.  She tells her interviewer: “Barack Obama’s social security number has problems.”

Now, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo told the  in another youtube video; (3) “We are at that threshold right now.”  He is urging citizens to let Congress know (1-877-762-8762) they took oaths to defend our Constitution.  “You have to change out the people in D.C.,” as “we the people bring up for debate and resolution” Obama’s NBC status.  He says the sad state of our media makes them untrustworthy sources on any level and that “censorship is at the heart of this problem!  The President was never vetted, and the media stonewalled.”  Zullo told his audience that, “We didn’t see any viable truth Barack Obama was born in Hawaii!”  Finally, a commenter (4) sums up the situation with inside details that may or may not be what really happened.  He says, “2008, before the DNC convention, Senator Diane Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, called a meeting with Obama and Hillary in Feinstein’s personal residence in Washington, D.C.  It was at this meeting the senator notified Hillary the Democratic Leadership was aware of Obama’s  ineligibility for POTUS and nothing will be done to prevent him from accepting the Democratic nomination of candidate for POTUS.  THEY KNEW and CHOSE TO DO NOTHNG!

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If this won’t go through, and it probably won’t, go to with Mark Gillar and click on Mike Zullo.


You can go to  to sign the petition urging legislators to vet and investigate Obama’s Natural Born Citizen status and eligibility.

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

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5 thoughts on “Susan Daniels an American patriot who will not back down as she demands answers about Obama’s past”

  1. We’ve been through this so many times that i am not stupid enough to to have any dilusions of victory.

    We know obama is guilty as hell

    We also know that no judge will ever, ever, ever rule in our favor. If the law is so far against obama that there is no possible way to twist the law in his favor, then the judge will simply wave his hand and say obama won.

    How stupid do we have to be to not be able to figure that out by now.

    1. I agree with you in part. What began as a legitimate question — and which remains as merely an interesting one — has been pounded so many times at so many judicial and administrative levels in so many jurisdictions: 130+ separate filed actions to date with ZERO wins; we should realize it does hurt to keep banging your head against a brick wall and change our focus to November

  2. Man, I sure don’t want to be around when the thugs and goons among us figure out that we’ve all been royally “Had” by a bunch of two-bit “grifters”…in the shape of Barry and Moochelle. Moochelle ALSO has a SSn# tied to a Mexican woman currently living in Texas.
    What a sick pair of liars these two are.

  3. Joanne —

    What is at the root of all your hostility? Life is too short to post such nasty words day in and day out.

  4. Gary Miller….people like you.
    And…Manowar…belt up….we’ve all had enough of your braying

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