Tad Mattle and Leigh Anna Jimmerson: putting a human face on welcoming illegal aliens

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

On the evening of April 17, 2009 the real meaning of what Barack Obama’s call for shared sacrifices was forced on the families of Leigh Anna Jimmerson and of Tad Mattle, a 19 year old from Huntsville Alabama any family would be proud to claim. Tad was more than a typical teenager. Leigh Anna was Tad girlfriend – family and friends said they were a great couple – he had an old car he worked on – but Tad was also an Eagle Scout who had planned to attend the University of Alabama on a full academic scholarship. If ever there was a young man with his whole life before him, it was Tad Mattle.

All of that changed forever at about 9 PM that spring night as Tad and Leigh Anna, a high school sophomore, were stopped at a light in Huntsville their hometown. Suddenly, they were dead. They were killed, burned to death, when a drunken illegal alien traveling approximately 70 mph slammed into the rear end of Tad’s car.

Felix Ortega, a criminal who sneaked into our country was the other driver. He was leading police in a high speed chase through crowded city streets.  His blood alcohol level was over three times the legal level and he had THREE prior drunk driving arrests under three different fake names.  Of course this poor excuse for a human survived the crash – don’t they always? 

That night the Mattle and Jimmerson families learned firsthand about Barack Obama’s call for “shared sacrifices.” Spurred on by this ugly episode,  the State of Alabama has acted to protect its citizens with what is being called the toughest anti-illegal alien law in the country. 

Giving away what they don’t own 

A law such as this one could not sail into implementation without opposition even in the deep Red South. Not surprisingly the religious community in Alabama has voiced its antipathy toward this hardline stance.  Alabama’s bishops are unified in an effort to roll it back and of course they are joined by the ACLU.

Their opposition begs a few questions: do the lives of these “objectors” bring them into contact with the criminals they are beating their breasts to protect? Are they being threatened everyday by violent thugs who laugh at our police? Are any of them in danger of losing his/her job and livelihood to an illegal alien with no business being in our country? Do they think the only human faces in this issue belong to the illegal aliens we don’t want in our midst?

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

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This day in history August 29

 Using know how stolen by registered Democrat Communist spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the Soviet Communists test their first atomic bomb, “Joe 1” named after dictator Joseph Stalin.    

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3 thoughts on “Tad Mattle and Leigh Anna Jimmerson: putting a human face on welcoming illegal aliens”

  1. With the protests going on in Mexico today, I believe that the ACLU and the Bishops along with any one else that believes these illegals have a right to break our laws ( to include the POTUS) should all be exported to Mexico. There they can live with those that are in harmony with the surge into the United States of America, to prove that we are the weakest country in the World against illegals

    Make sure there is a ticket there waiting for the POTUS, as he is definitely one that believes that giving the US back to Mexico, is the right thing to do and , just think, maybe he can beat Calderone for the presidency in the next held election

  2. This tragic story happenes all over America every day, times thousands of cases. _ Few State will discuss it. _High % of crime committed by illegals living here is, sexual crimes._Warrants issued in their own counties', without using Secure Community Programs , ( a Fed Program) to backtrack outstanding warrants, will lack this accountability. _ N.Y. State refuses to install it. CA refuses to install it. Boston refuses to use it ,e. _ This program works: we use in AZ._The other under belly to this national crisis is I.D fraud for all welfare attached.(ATM Acess cards) added to our nations debt that few states will discuss._ Homicide on our roads by un-lic. drivers and unensured drivers by illeagls, happens in all 50 States. _They lie through false I'D. to get a lic., carry no insurance, and if you're involved in an accident, "no fault" has very limited coverage._ Illegals are very knowledgeable about HOW to scam the systems , all systems._el senor , must be stopped for his newest wacko idea. _ Our court system are reformatted into a high functioning circus, for the rule of law.

  3. Stand tall Alabama.
    AZ supports you and America supports you.
    Go to the link posted above and contract Congress en masse.
    Be part of the movement : "The people are coming."

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