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The Death-Dealing Penumbra of John Boehner and Harry Blackmun

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As the moon floated free of the earth at 12:30 a.m. on Monday, September 28, a magnificent emanating penumbra encircled the reflected light that gives human life its subjective zen. The quiet reflection of this huge blood moon, however, showed no banner across its face declaring, “America, it’s OK to kill your innocent babies. Do you care about their blood?” The emanating penumbra   

Justice Harry Blackmun
Justice Harry Blackmun

that Justice Harry Blackmun saw back in 1973, a penumbra that he himself created out of whole cloth, was a false, cruel, baby killing penumbra. This week’s blood moon was clear, bright, beautiful, but stained with the innocent blood spilled from the bodies of helpless American infants; infants whose very lives were crushed by the hard, cruel hands of their abortionists. A staggering total of 57,762,169 babies have been aborted since Blackmun’s horror came down.  Innocent human beings who never will see the moon’s reflected light, nor the sun’s bright light.

“He’s still alive,” an abortion room medical attendant said. The selling of human baby parts becomes more valuable for the Planned Parenthood baby killing industry as each part can be harvested intact, hence, the efforts by the abortionists to nudge slightly their abortion procedures to maintain both death andPLANNED PARENTHOOD LOONS wholeness at the same time. Hey, money talks, even in the halls of abortionists. Horrific images revealed by Center for Medical Progress’s undercover photos exposed what happens in these clinics on the cold, steel of abortion tables. Better body parts bring the abortion industry more money, for sure. What is worse? Well, maybe this week’s machinations in Congress to keep funding Planned Parenthood with a Continuing Resolution; a deal cut by outgoing Speaker John Boehner with his Democrat counterparts and, of course, willing Rinos. Of course everything here is alleged only! We may never know if, in fact, Boehner has crafted such a deal with the other side, in order to “Preserve the Institution.”

But what about those innocent babies? What about all of those Black babies being aborted at an estimated 4 to 1 ratio of the country’s total population? What was Blackmun thinking when he saw this penumbra? As the Black population is about 13% of America’s total 300,000 million demographic, this segment’s babies are being killed at existential levels. But America’s corrupt media say nothing, nothing, nothing! Why does Planned   MARGARET SANGER PLANNED PARENTHOOD Parenthood build large abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods? PP is a core Democrat voting coalition to which many nationwide charities direct their employees’ donations. How come our dishonest Media types show us horrific images of dogs, cats being abused, yet maintain 42 years of news blackouts about abortion’s horrid truths?

What have we become as a nation when the American people remain silent as innocent babies are being killed because way back in 1973, a robed tyrant saw a penumbra that didn’t exist? SCOTUS says, “I will let you kill.” Christianity and Catholicism were on    display a lot this past week. Not on display were pictures of those aborted babies, images of body parts for sale, imagesPLANNED PARENTHOOD of their blood being washed down abortion room sinks into America’s water supply, into our rivers, our oceans, out under the seas of moonlight.

Dear John Boehner, just go now, this week. Flee the scene, slip out the back, Jack. Get out of D.C.. Give up your institutionalized, Uniparty machinations to continue the funding of Planned Parenthood. Kick the same funding can down the street right up to our Christmas holidays.

But Americans want your replacement to let our babies live and to hell with your Institutions. We want the problem solved now, not right before another Christian holiday fraught with yet again the Continuing Resolution crunch! We want a new, different, better America, NOW!

Boxer Scolds GOP Senator: ‘I Just Don’t Like Lectures from Men’ About Pregnancy

By Pam Key
Commentary by John Velisek USN (Ret), CiR staff writer

“Monday during the Planned Parenthood funding debate on the Senate floor, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) scolded Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) for telling the story of a friend who gave birth to a premature baby that weighed 14 ounces.

Lankford said, ‘Their child is now 14 pounds a year later and doing extremely well. That 14-ounce child is a child that everyone sees now, but that 14-ounce child is exactly what Planned Parenthood    PLANNED PARENTHOOD 2 was harvesting, was turning in the womb so they could crush the head to be able to grab the organs to be able to sell. We, as a culture, have got to deal with this one simple reality. That child is important.’

Boxer countered, ‘I want to thank my friend for his generosity here and I tell you, I’d really rather work with you on transportation. You know, I gave birth to two premature kids and I just don’t like lectures by men about what it’s like. And thank God, they made it. I’m pro-choice, and I just have to say using pregnancy as a political football doesn’t sit well with the people I represent and the people of this country. We have to respect one another. I respect your    

Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer

view entirely. I’m asking you to respect mine. Keep Uncle Sam out of my private life and my children’s and my grandkids’ and yours! Families will make these decisions with their god, with their doctor.’ ”

My Opinion: Words don’t even convey how I feel about this lady. Supposedly a Catholic, Boxer believes that it’s just fine to sell the tissues and organs of aborted babies like used car parts. Lankford said “that child is important.” Apparently they are to Boxer as well, as long as they aren’t an inconvenience. Families will make the decision with God and their doctor? Sen. Boxer, show me where God ever said it was fine to abort a baby and sell its liver to   PLANNED PARENTHOOD Planned Parenthood. I’m no expert on the Bible, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t in there. And since when have leftists like Barbara Boxer been in favor of the American people making their own decisions?

And one more thing, Barbara. You suggest that “families will make [abortion] decisions with their god [and] with their doctor.” Well there’s only one God Ms. Boxer and I’m pretty sure He is not in favor of carving babies apart for the benefit of Planned Parenthood.

The ACLU never stops working to undermine America

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The anti-American loonies in the American Civil Liberties Union want us to pay for abortions for illegal aliens. In the contorted minds that make up the ACLU since they allege that 60 to 80% the females who sneak into our country are sexually assaulted, we the American tax payers are somehow liable to pay to kill the children that result for these rapes.

Naturally these lowlife leftists are not in favor of the obvious answer to the problem they allege which is to tighten up the borders so these “victims” can’t come in to our “terrible country.”

The ACLU’s “better” idea is to force religious organizations like Catholic Charities to pay for the murder of these innocent infants so their “victim” mothers don’t have to be burdened with unwanted children in their new life as a Democrat voter and parasite living off of taxpayers. As they see it, religious organizations would then not be able to “impose their religious beliefs on these teens by denying them access to contraception, emergency contraception, and abortion.”

For the ACLU this serves at least two important purposes. Not only does it fill the illegal aliens’ goodie bags, it also puts religious organizations (that are deeply hated by the ACLU) in their place, humiliating them by forcing them to violate their beliefs. And to add even more insult to injury, the ACLU wants us to buy contraceptives for these female burglars which they will hand out presumably during their registration as new Democrats.

This bunch has already scored a big victory at our expense because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement is readying a ruling “that will force American religious relief agencies to provide abortions and contraception services to the illegal immigrants those groups serve.”

Unfortunately the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has responded with a typically weak and almost apologetic comment that, demands that it distribute contraceptives and pay for abortions “create moral concerns.”

The irony here is that female illegals seeking to kill their children are actually acting in an atypical manner. It doesn’t take these invaders long to understand that the more children they have, the more money they can steal from us. Moreover, at least some are Catholics who would be repulsed by Catholic organizations handing out contraceptives and killing babies; but none of that matters to the ACLU – it never does.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/06/aclu-demands-religious-groups-provide-abortions-for-illegal-immigrants/

Florida’s Bishop Barbarito says nothing as liberal, Pro-Choice Democrat claims to be a good Catholic

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

How weak and hypocritical is Palm Beach diocese Bishop Gerald Barbarito for refusing to respond to the conflicting claims of Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy that while being “Pro Choice,” he is also “CATHOLIC.”

With a $FIVE million campaign war chest, the 31 year old Murphy moved into District 18 just in time to take advantage of a shameless voter fraud scheme which unseated Lt. Col Allen West in 2012. Now, Murphy is hoping Irish-Catholic given and surnames will convince gullible  Catholics to vote against a great Italian American, Republican Carl Domino, a 27 year career Navy veteran of active duty service in Viet Nam and now in the Reserves. Domino’s vast experience both as an investment manager, small business employer, Florida legislator, better qualifies him for this office than the carpetbagger from Fort Lauderdale who was arrested in a South Beach episode several years ago just at Lt. Col. West was preparing to deploy into a hot war zone.

Is Murphy thinking that voters will choose him him, even though he is nothing but a poseur? How disgraceful that Bishop Barbarito and the diocese should remain silent and let Murphy get away with his deceptions.

This is pro-life month in Catholic churches.  As I drove into our church parking lot yesterday morning, hundreds of pink and blue flags were waving on both sides of the entry to represent the thousands of innocent babies whose lives were snuffed out by abortion.  As Catholics we are organized, solicited, warned to be pro-life; that the RIGHT TO LIFE is the one right that trumps all others. In fact, this notice appears every Sunday in our bulletin:  “October is RESPECT LIFE month and is also the month of the ROSARY.  THE RIGHT to LIFE TRANSCENDS ALL OTHER RIGHTS COMBINED,” as quoted from the writings of Bishop Felipe J. Estevez, St. Augustine, FL.  So why are we hearing nothing from the Military Trail Diocese?  Why does Bishop Barbarito remain silent, allowing Murphy to play an evil trick on District 18 voters?

Though praiseworthy, posting esoteric notices in church bulletins once a week hardly has the same effect as actual words and statements from the good Bishop.  Listen to this double speak in our bulletins:  “Candidate Positions on Catholic Issues…Gubernatorial race and US Representative race District 18: there is one candidate who agrees with the Catholic position on the 5 important issues and ONE WHO IS AGAINST the Catholic position.  Please research.  For information on where the candidates stand on important Catholic issues, you can go to the Florida Catholic Bishops website at www.flccb.or and click on the Candidate Questionnaire Project.”   Huh?  Does this Texas, two-step rhetoric take the place of honest, sincere words spoken aloud to everyone in hailing distance by the leader of Palm Beach Diocese Catholics?  I don’t think so.

So not only is Republican Carl Domino being outspent by the special interest millions at Murphy’s disposal, Domino is not getting a fair shake because of the code of omerta from the Diocese.  The forty days for Life ends just two days before this crucial mid-term election on November 4, a scant few days away.  Prayer and witness sessions are being held in front of local abortion mills.  But statistics quoted in our church bulletins are yet again, just so many words.

What we really need here is some face time from a Bishop who is remaining sadly silent on liberal Democrat Patrick Murphy; a politician   who calls himself a Catholic while declaring “I Am Pro Choice” all over the Sunday political talk venues.  Murphy entered Congress just two years ago with a personal income of his own (not his rich daddy’s) of $205,682. Today, Murphy has admitted to a staggering hike in income and net worth of $3,185,011. (1)  This huge spike represents a “1,449% increase while in comparison, the American citizen’s median yearly income features a net worth DECLINE of 0.94%!”   Murphy now ranks as the “102 wealthiest representative in 2012.”    You can find this information at this same source in which Murphy boldly claims his religion to be “CATHOLIC.”

Murphy ads are running ad nauseam in the Treasure Coast of Florida.  Many of these slick productions are gratis area Realtors.  Maybe the fact that the hypocrite sits on the very powerful US House Finance committee, which puts him in direct contact with Realtors, lawyers and wealthy PACs has something to do with Murphy’s huge ad buys.  You think?

So here we have a candidate openly seeking to trade on a typically Irish Catholic name, openly listing his religion as Catholic, openly saying “I am Bi-partisan, independent” while statistics clearly reveal him to have voted with Obama-Pelosi over 82% of the time, (2).  And we have this same hypocrite telling all of us, “I AM PRO CHOICE.” 

In November, voters must remember that Silence is Consent!

SOURCE: (1)  (2)  http://ballotpedia.org/Patrick_Murphy_%28Florida%29