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Home Owner Associations robbing people of their rights, their savings and their homes

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Using Agitprop and elements of the Delphi propaganda method (3), lethal Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are moving north out of huge Miami-Fort Lauderdale territories up along Florida’s I-95 corridor to take over more and more personal property rights of unsuspecting homeowners in gated, HOA communities.  And the effects are not pretty!  “Resetting the default position. . .exploits the structure of the choice to encourage a more desirable option,” says Cass R. Sunstein, author of the book NUDGE. (1)  Employed by the Obama Administration as a regulatory czar, it was Sunstein’s job to have the American people do what the government wanted them to do, all the while believing it was actually their own idea!

A heuristic is a term applied to getting a student or other type of governmental human unit to do what government wants them to do by programing certain choices involving quick decisions and empirical thought processes rather than theory based decision.  Most conservatives should be quite aware of the United Nations inspired Agenda 21, Seven/50 attempts to take over private property of unsuspecting Americans. “Choice Architecture,” a devastating term developed by Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler, is defined this way: “…If you want a person to reach a desirable outcome and you can’t change the heuristic she’s following, then you have to meddle with the choice architecture, setting up one that when matched with the given heuristic delivers the desirable (for govt) outcome,” writes the former Obama czar. (2)  Nudging HOA residents along the path of cessation of private property rights plays into big government agendas!

Remnants of Agenda 21 are destroying the peace of neighborhoods and towns in South Florida.  All along the coast, citizens and local governments are being traumatized by the All Aboard Florida project that seeks to run at least 32 trains up and down the coastline, transporting huge containers of world trade freight from Miami-Fort Lauderdale open sea ports into the entertainment meccas in Orlando for a Disney-like, Neverland of noise, up-down draw bridges, flashing train lights, blaring horns, you fill in the rest.  Now, residents in gated communities along the 1-95 corridor in SoFla, thinking lucky us, are realizing the encroachment damage being done to them by large HOA takeovers of their private property.  Keep in mind here that the odious Agenda 21/Seven/Fifty takeover inception began with the Miami-Fort Lauderdale corridor of seven counties and rolled north without opposition until hitting the conservatism of Florida’s Treasure Coast counties.

Condo Commandos in single family residences have seized control of HOA boards and have fallen for the hype of large management companies and large legal firms who represent, not the citizens, but board decisions favoring legal bottom lines. Follow the money, for the   management fee monies of private citizens are literally being used to oppress them! One HOA community is beset by such heavy handed tactics that when invasive new forms, rules and regulations were foisted on the homeowners, the large management group ready to profit from the changes used upsetting robo calls to whip residents into shape in their own homes.  In one especially problematic robo call, people were heard literally screaming at each other and the managers in a state of such agitation that it recalls the Russian language term, agitprop.  Those residents who failed to go to the required meeting place and fill out the necessary forms were bombarded by robo calls that disturbed them in their own homes.  “I just slammed the phone down,” one gray headed widow in a wheelchair told me.  She was trying to recover from very painful knee surgery and just couldn’t take their aggravation any more. 

Think this constant bombardment doesn’t work?  Keeping people stirred up all of the time eventually results in enough agitation that very often they acquiesce to what big government wants, just to gain some momentary peace and quiet.  The 700 Club’s Pastor Pat Robertson recently told viewers that the constant criticism these HOAs heap on their residents is very harmful spiritually, mentally, emotionally.  Their pettiness and constant watching and warning affected the health and well-being of every member of the community, creating cookie cutter warrens of pain, tension, anxiety!  Leaflets, flyers, new handouts, new mailings of these forms come at the residents through the mail and from E-mail accounts.  These propaganda pieces demand completion of computer based forms that many seniors cannot understand and/or will not use.

Hiking management fees without regard to fixed pension incomes is a cruel and terrible attack on not only seniors, but all hard working residents beset at every angle by higher costs for just about everything.  Large, impersonal based management firms can generate more income dollars by showing charts of “how low you are paying for x,y,z, compared to how so and so pays” in other communities far removed from smaller, local groups.  Using awful sounding warning letters to remove your flower pots or else; get rid of your garden troll or else;  clean your roof during the Christmas holiday or else; honor the three tree rule and on and on, these threats frighten and intimidate residents who fear being slapped with $100 a day fines or lien attachments.  Many HOA residents just suffer in silence and pay, pay, pay their greedy HOA meat grinders that have taken over their property, their retirement incomes, their peace of mind, their very lives!

This misery of the governed by the hand of the governors will continue to destroy your lives if you let them do it to you.  Speak up.  Go in and see what illegally compiled information they may have on you in their HOA files.  Attend meetings. Send your letters of concern to the homes of your HOA trustees, just as they authorize their managers to send offensive warning letters to you in your homes.  This country was founded on the concept that ownership of private property is an inalienable right.  These offensive HOAs are grabbing away at our property, nudge by nudge. It’s time to stop it.

SOURCE:  (1) (2)   http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2014/oct/09/cass-sunstein-its-all.  BTW, Sunsetin is married to Samantha Powers, US Ambassador to the UN/he is a Harvard Law Professor and former Obama regulatory czar.

(3) http://www.timesexaminer.com/bob-dill/1000-saul-alinsky-cloward-piven-and-the-delphi-technique



Smart Meters join ObamaCare in monitoring Florida’s Serfs

by Suzanne Eovaldi
How’s that Obama Smart Meter working out for you?  Are you sleeping better at night?  Do you get to follow your energy usage minute by minute if you have enough strength left to get out of bed after being essentially microwaved 24/7?  Have you driven by Florida Power and Light’s big “Data Mining Center” right across the street from its Next Era, Next Gen power complex in Jupiter-Juno Beach? 

With all of the money FP&L stands to gain from its huge rate hikes proposed at the Florida Public Service Commission hearing on January 7, maybe they’ll even be able to afford a new sign with more politically correct verbiage to conceal both the type of data they are gathering on their unsuspecting customers and what FPL can charge for it.
As letters from FP&L customers protesting huge Smart Meter (SM) fee hikes are made public, we get some real insight into how people are being hurt by the huge stimulus grants the Obama administration handed over to utilities to swap out “old” analogs.  “I am an FP&L customer, I do NOT have a smart meter on my property, am an electrical engineer and am NOT a luddite,” declares Richard from Port Orange.  He is referring to the clever way in which FPL “PR” writers have reframed SM opposition to suggest the knuckle dragging Neanderthals need to be nudged into governmental compliance!
“By now, I’m sure you know,” the engineer tells the Public Service Commissioners; (as) “FP&L admitted in Docket # 130160, smart meters stop communication…SMs cost approximately 5 times more than the analog meter and their estimated useful life is half.  They require more equipment-routers, repeaters, IT maintenance, security, software, telcom fees, etc. than the analog meters.”  He asks to put on hold “the unbelievable gall of FP&L wanting to charge me $105 upfront and $16 a month for a ‘non-standard meter.'”  Here note the clever rephrasing by FPL to term the safe and private analog meters “non-standard meters.”  Web reports reveal that some California utility customers actually removed their microwavers, ordered via the web new analogs, and installed themselves what they had in the first place.  Maine and CA residents and other states have sought and won relief in court from mandatory installations of SMs.  No mandatory  wireless tech stipulations are involved according to the 2005 US Energy Act, but merely suggestions that customers may have such wireless technology if they so desire.
Another complainant, a retired CPA with insider utility knowledge says, “In light of the recent NSA scandals and well-documented proof that the data from these smart meters can be used as surveillance, and there is nothing anyone can do about it, it is best not to collect the data in the first place.”  Another woman said her heart palpitations and negative sleep patterns disappeared when her SM was removed!
“The reason we opted out is that my husband has an implanted Medtronic Syncromed II pump to control his severe pain,” says another customer.  One speaker who moved into the Florida Treasure Coast from the North Miami area told a 912 Values workshop that “they hit the kill switch,” when her similar pain pump device was “over the limit” in wattage use for that 24 hour period!  She and her guests welcoming her to her apartment were forced to sit in the dark during a very hot Florida summer night.
“The thug tactics and attempt to change the language for persuasion by the corporate mouthpieces as to what is standard and non-standard should be ignored by your group,” someone else told the regulators.  Yet someone else wrote, “Are we no longer free in this state?  Do we have to take whatever is crammed down our throats whether or not it is safe and targeted with punitive fees if we refuse?”
So the wireless beat of UN Agenda 21 protocols for bringing Americans under the control of a one world wireless utility grid, under federal government control, goes on.

SOURCES:  released letters of opponents of Smart Meters, filed on record with the FLPSC whose hearing is set for January 7 for imposing high opt out fees onto customers’ bills.    Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com   Commissioner.Balbis@psc.state.fl.us  Commissioner.Brown@psc.state.fl.us/     Chairman.Brise@psc.state.fl.us
Commissioner.edgar@psc.state.fl.us    Commissioner.Grahyam@psc.state.fl.us
also go to:  http:/www.floridapsc.com/dockets/cms/docketFilings3.aspx?docket=130223

The Rape of America

 by Suzanne Eovaldi
A covert game of hide and steal among the United Nations Agenda 21 Project, the U.S federal government, and Indian tribes will result in irreversible consequences that will let the feds control all national water rights. According to a press release by small ranchers and property owners in Montana, “Circuit Court Judge Cameron Wogan in Klamath Falls, Oregon, refused ranchers’ requests for a temporary restraining order to allow their cattle and horses access to drinking water.”  Their main water tributaries were shut off in June of this year after tribal demands on rivers and streams feeding Klamath Lake turned 100,000 head of cattle into herds of animals dying from thirst.  By calling the U.S. Indian Tribes sovereign people, just like France, China, or Germany, the feds seek to take over complete control of America’s water. “Families are being forced into bankruptcy as their sole source of income is being taken away while legal battles slowly grind on with delays and hearings with time-wasting lawyers,” continues an urgent appeal for help.
By continuing to harangue average citizens with guilt over the treatment of Native Americans, the federal government along with the UN one world power momentum are dividing the cattlemen, killing their animals, seizing and spoiling private property and in essence threatening all of us by taking over water rights for everyone.  The tribes “with their $12 million a year kickback from the feds in addition to their casino earnings” are dragging out this Klamath water war in a five county region out West.
Rural Cleansing was first identified in a WSJ article by Kimberly Stassel when Klamath Basin water shut-offs occurred in 2001.  Farms in the lower Klamath basin were all part of “The Project” which the federal government set up to give by lottery land to returning WW I and WWII veterans with “a 1905 water right supply, regardless of what year the acreage was put into production.”  But now, by political and legal maneuverings, closed and/or secret meetings and a divide and conquer mentality, these very ranchers are facing destitution and rape of their privately held lands!   Yes, this is happening here in the good old U.S. of A.  And what is worse, if legal precedent can by established by this huge UN-US takeover of the Sprague, Williamson, and Wood Rivers, ALL rivers in America could become part of a One World owned and managed water supply.  “No river in the country is safe,” warns the ranchers’ news release.  “Once precedence is established here, it makes it easy to attack other rivers elsewhere.” If the feds control our water, they control our food supply.  We’ll have to fill up our own daily water allowances at the village wells or tanker trucks to take back to our cluster homes designated for us in UN designed ipodment living quarters.
One rancher put this outrage in real perspective when he said, “Many of my friends up here have mortgaged the ranch, mortgaged their lives, and those of their children and grandchildren to fight this insane taking. . .what are you willing to do. . .Open another beer in your recliner and watch the drama?”  Folks, this is serious business because if the federal government controls our health care, our water, our food, we are serfs, not free Americans.  Do something now.  Call your representative and Senators, no matter where you live, and demand that this takeover be stopped NOW!  Call 1-877-762-8762.

Liberty of Floridians threatened by “Seven50” initiative

Part 2  (continued from Sunday)

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Destroying the sovereignty and freedom of United States citizens is well underway with a new doublespeak plan called Seven50, just another euphemism for Globalism through Regionalism.  Flying under the radar, federal bureaucrats and alphabet agencies have joined with local politicians in 7 Florida counties in imposing The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI), a United Nations created plan which divests Americans of Constitutionally guaranteed liberty by introducing social collectivism. Vero Beach County Commissioner Bob Solari warns that the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) being pushed by HUD, the EPA, and the USDOT is part of a culture which believes “government can never be too large,” as the agencies have “borrowed” $150,000,000, to “reshape America.” (1)

Solari addressed a letter to SCI officials Michael Busha and Victor Dover who are heading up the South Florida, seven county push to force the beautiful coastal region from Miami to Vero Beach into a federally driven plan that would relieve local citizens of local and county representation for the next fifty years! 

Solari is dead set against that plan, as it represents a concept fraught with all of the dreaded buzz words and phrases like Agenda 21, regionalism, sustainability and green-anything. Seven50 authors hope to sell their initiative to the American public by emphasizing the term “SMART” (smart meters, smart phones, smart appliances) in their new, politically correct Work Group Road Show (WGRS).  Beware these new puff words popping up in local governing board agendas, attend their meetings, and oppose, oppose, oppose any efforts to take away your rights!

Solari is speaking out against a HUD, EPA, and USDOT grant to conduct “a comprehensive regional planning study through the national Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) grant program.”  Having been manipulated along with other citizens who attended a recent WGRS event, Solari told officials that the meeting had the feel of a “cleverly designed indoctrination session.” (1)

Opponents of SCI are convinced that the true agenda of the initiative is the abrogation of property rights, the authority of local decision makers and eventually the loss of representative government. “Representative Democracy is not only the form of government established at the founding of our [country], it is the form of government that made American the greatest country in the world,” Solari told the SCI activists.  (1)

“Collaborative Partnerships” such as Agenda 21 and its latest embodiment, Seven50 represent very real dangers to the continued liberty of the American people as such collectivist initiatives proclaim a new era of “social justice” utterly devoid of personal freedom. For decades, values held dear by the American people have been under assault by statists who wish to impose a global construct of morality and rectitude.  

Go to this video by Michael Shaw who warns us we must know and understand what we’re up against.  Only your inaction and apathy can let this happen.  (1)

SOURCES:  (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx5PVL4fc8Q

Pull up the Indian River County Commission website to contact Commissioner Bob Solari. Also go to www.freedomadvocates.org   

Contact SCI activists Michael Busha and Victor Dover at 421 SW Camden Ave., Stuart, FL 34994 to put some citizen questions to them.


Freedom threatened by plan to federalize local government in Florida

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

A new initiative by the federal government called Seven50, a cousin of Agenda 21, seeks to relieve local governments nationwide of direct representation by and for local citizens in matters of education, infrastructure and population.

Indian River County Commissioner Bob Solari (772- 226-1442) is putting out an urgent call to attend a special Indian River County Commission meeting concerning this topic on Tuesday, December 18, 9 a.m. in the Vero Beach County Chambers, 1801 27th Street, Vero Beach, FL.  Though Alabama already has passed legislature to curb the Seven50 agenda, seven southeastern counties along Florida’s coastline from Miami to Vero Beach threaten to place their citizens’ lives under control of HUD and other federal agencies by backing this “diversity” proposal.

Morphing the highly unpopular Security and Prosperity Partnership to Agenda 21 and finally into Seven50, our federal government  is hell bent on removing any local control and input from average American citizens concerning what they can do with their own land, private property, local schools and local infrastructures from bridges to meeting houses.   “What we want to be when we grow up,” says  Marcelor Camblor-Cutsaimanis in a video interview with Nancy Ferre on PBS as she attempts to explain the benefits of Seven50.  Of course, the public TV host heaps praise upon this blatant attempt by the feds to exercise total control over the lives of Americans. (1)

Whether you live near Southern Florida’s east coast or took part in Alabama’s efforts to rein in this dreadful plan, you must inform your neighbors about the dangers of Seven50.  The UN and the Obama administration have been relentless in their efforts to marginalize our freedoms. A puff piece about this fifty year, UN initiative to destroy local and county governance claims Seven50 is “good” for us given the “…realization that local governments and civic groups can’t effectively tackle [their] problems and needs in isolation.”  (2) Well just ask the still-suffering inhabitants of ocean front towns along the New Jersey and New York coastlines how they feel about the FEMA response to the destruction of their homes and businesses by Hurricane Sandy. 

Counties across the nation are being REGIONALIZED to circumvent the structure and policies of local governance . It is an insidious program operating under the radar. Why didn’t the PBS interviewer ask activist Cutsaimanis about the FEMA performance in Staten Island, where residents are being drowned in federal red tape and frustrated by buck passing and bureaucratic inefficiency? 

If you live near the area, pleased attend the Vero Beach, FL county commission meeting on Dec. 18.  And wherever you live, find out if Seven50 threatens to supplant local governance, turning your town or county into a “protectorate” of the federal government.

(1) http://seven50.org/news/nvw-issues-seven50-project-seven50

(2) http://www.smartgrowthamerica.org/2012/07/03/southeast-floridas-seven-counties-join-to-draft-50-years