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The murder of a 9 year old in Chicago “can’t be tolerated,” but it will be

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Another little Black boy was murdered in Chicago this week and noted social arsonist Father Michael Pfleger held a service for him and lamented, “[Antonio’s] slaying can’t be tolerated.”

Sorry pastor but you are quite wrong about that.  

On Wednesday August 20 while Ferguson, Missouri was burning and collapsing under the weight of rioters reacting to the shooting death of a petty criminal at the hands of a police officer, a little boy was shot dead in the streets of Chicago. His name was Antonio Smith. He was nine years old.

It’s a safe bet that you have not heard this story and a safer bet that there will be no demonstrations to “demand” that his killer by arrested. Antonio Smith was Black and lived in a city where Black lives–especially Black shooting victim’s lives–are not very important.  Antonio became the latest unimportant gun violence victim in the city that prides itself on its maniacal assaults on the Second Amendment.

Antonio’s death has a very brief shelf life because it is very likely that he was murdered by a Black gunman. Not only is there no political advantage for the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world to pursue “justice” in this little boy’s murder, doing so would actually be a setback for the lie they tell about how Whites are killing Blacks. They can never allow the truth that Blacks kill Blacks to see the light of day.

Antonio’s little friends are in the same danger he was in, but like his parents and adult family members, their parents already vote Democrat in a city that hasn’t had a Republican mayor in more than eighty years. They are not worth the effort to stir up.  

Chicago sees a handful of Blacks killed just about every week. The staggering number of these murders shows no signs of slowing down, and they occur with numbing repetition. This won’t change as long as death’s like Antonio’s make not a ripple in the Windy City.  
Source: http://voices.suntimes.com/news/breaking-news/boy-critically-wounded-in-greater-grand-crossing-shooting/   

In Ferguson, professional agitators fan the flames as usual

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Radical communists, anarchists, even an ISIS flag waver; members of the far left from CA to NY are taking advantage of the death of Michael Brown to foment fury in Ferguson.  A revolutionary named Gregory “Joey” Johnson is promoting and agitating local protestors as shown in a Missouri web post by writer Duane Lester. (1)

Johnson is wearing a black tee shirt with white lettering: “The System Has No Future. Revolution Does.” He is chanting in childlike, sing song lyrics that say there will be no police brutality, no wars, no oppression when the Revolution comes.  Using hatred of America, our way of life, our capitalism our whatever, these hate groups are doing what Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and Obama’s adviser recommends: “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste.”  Using the Brown family’s pain, the agitation of Al Sharpton and the siege mentality of leftist media, Communists have come to town to bring America down.

This is the commie mantra: use masses of people to create a revolution in the United States as part of a worldwide takeover.  The term AGITPROP is derived from the combination of agitation and propaganda and originates from Communist paradigms. Globalists, race-baiters and mainstream media lefties in need of ratings have co-opted pain for their own gain.

As he chants, Johnson’s demands are simple. He wants: “a classless world where exploitation, oppression  and all destructive divisions among people are eliminated [as] all work together to build global security for the benefit of humanity.” The crisis-exploiting Emanuel would just love Johnson as he was in on the Trayvon Martin Florida protests too.

What younger observers need to realize is that these riots very strongly resemble Chicago’s days of rage during 1967 and 1968. Night after night, walls of flames flared along South Michigan Avenue and into once lovely parks near the Art Institute.  Police were being fired upon, hit with feces and Molotov cocktails. The scenes were manufactured by bi-coastal agitators who used anger over the Vietnam War as an excuse for every destructive activity.  Here, in Ferguson, agitators are using racial tension. Having a black man in the White House was supposed to make things better, but not so.  Obama came from the Heartland but was not of the Heartland.

The real villains here are the mainstream media.  After watching all night coverage it becomes quite clear that the media are using their own version of agitprop to stir up the so-called revolutionaries.  Missouri State Patrol Chief Ron John stated at an early morning press conference that new protocols for the media soon will be in place. He admitted that the police were being fired upon, that the agitators were skulking behind innocent young protestors and that the Molotov cocktails and guns on display were meant to hurt. So the tough side of the black cop in charge must now take control.  “People from CA and NY are coming in…we have to keep people safe…our officers safe.”

This whole thing will just have to play out, just as Chicago’s Days of Rage played out.  Up on the web are videos of accounts by witnesses who maintain that the dead black teen rushed the cop.  Twelve different accounts now on social media say the same thing.  The autopsy report shows gunshot wounds on the frontal right side of the body, evidence that would not be there if the white cop had shot the black teen in the back.  Now we’re learning the dead man was 6′ 4″ tall, 294 pounds, that he pounded the cop in the face and attempted to take his pistol.  Just what do you expect the cop to do?  Those who remember the term “blunts” from the Trayvon Martin shooting know that Brown and his friend might have stolen the Swisher Sweets cigarillos to make blunts, that is, the tobacco is removed and the remaining outer layer packed with marijuana.  Who knows?

Captain Johnson spoke of officers being surrounded last night as they worked to rescue civilians suffering from non-police gunshot wounds.”That’s why we brought out the vehicles.” Several nights ago other reports told of four police officers isolated and surrounded by an angry mob of protestors.  Fox news Anchor Gretchen Carlson interviewed an area radio talk host who said the local union head was considering a lawsuit against the MO State Police because “his officers were made to go out into the crowds WITHOUT protective gear, no vests…they were hurt, hit with rocks.”  This decision was made during the touchy feely phase when police were made to handle agitators like they were participants in an all-night pajama party.

Chicago’s Days of Rage did not stop until Mayor Richard Daley Sr. took to the podium to give his famous “Shoot to Kill” order that sent the media into paroxysms of outrage. “They’re not going to kill my men,” the tough Chicago Mayor said.  International headlines screamed out his order. What they didn’t give banner headline status to was the fact that this was the only thing that put a stop to the murder, injury, loss of property and deadly chaos on the streets of Chicago. When the fun became downright dangerous, the outside agitators crawled out of town.  We can only hope that Ferguson’s days of chaos never get to this point as the realization that these riots have been co-opted by vicious, out of town anarchists and America haters starts to sink in.  The communists have come to town and it’s not nice.

SOURCE:  http://themissouritorch.com/blog/2014/08/17/meet-greg-joey-johnson-an-opportunistic-communist  

The summer of the “angry Black man” is wearing thin


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The “Angry Black Man” (ABM) is angry again. Civil insurrections are flaring up in various parts of the country because ABM is angry. The implied message in these riots is that it is time for the greater society to ante up more free stuff. The free stuff ABM has gotten for 4 and 5 generations has long since been taken for granted. The Society’s largesse elicits no thanks, just fresh demands accompanied by threats.

ABM believed the Ministry of Information’s “Gentle Giant” (GG) mask would cover the fact that their latest Trayvon Martin was apparently a strong arm robber. Now that the truth has gotten out ABM is crying foul saying it is character assassination to show that a criminal was a criminal because he died in a confrontation with a police officer. 

The demands for more free stuff will be high. Replacing twenty year old public housing projects that should be serviceable for decades more, might have done it; but the video of GG pushing a shopkeeper who had the nerve to ask him to pay for the cigars he had in his hand changed everything. The shopkeeper should have known ABMs don’t pay for anything.

Because ABM is angry again, we are supposed to continue paying for the many children he fathers with many women.  When these children are born we are supposed to feed  them clothe them, continue to build new housing projects for them to destroy and we are supposed to pay for the lawyers they need when they are arrested after robbing us in the street or knocking out one of our old people for the fun of it.

We are supposed to roll over and agree that since the ABM is angry (when isn’t he?) we will have to give up our guns to gun control and give more money to ungrateful people who murder us and rob us for the fun of it. We are supposed to let ABM cheat in elections so Democrats can stay in power; and we are supposed to be guilt ridden for moving away from their neighborhoods. 

When will the decent people of all colors and creeds say “No!” to the Angry Black Man and turn away?

His demands are wearing thin.



Obama can’t trust ANYBODY to lie for him about the “evils” of private gun ownership

By Emma Karlin, staff writer

Pity poor King Barack, all he wants to do is strip us of our guns, like any other dictator would, but he can’t get his most loyal subjects in academia and his own government to fabricate his argument; they keep telling the truth!

The King’s media is doing its best to help him lie. The King’s Democrats are doing their best – they look directly into cameras and lie; even the King’s shock troops like the NAACP and the “Justice Brothers” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do their bit at every opportunity, but he can’t get the right subjects to go along with the program!

Since January the results of two major “show” studies on private ownership of guns in America have surfaced in spite of determined indifference from the King’s media. The studies were delivered by Harvard University and the Centers for Disease Control. Both should have “proved the danger” of private ownership of guns in the King’s realm. Nevertheless, neither did. In fact they not only failed to support the Ministry of Truth and Justice Department’s war on guns in private hands, they actually provided tangible facts to defeat the King’s gun confiscation efforts while America still has a semblance of democratic government.

Because the King has such direct control over its funding, the CDC’s report, launched immediately after the terrible school shootings in Sandy Hook Connecticut, should have been filled with emotion and useful lies, but alas it wasn’t. Instead it was filled with facts like: between 2000 and 2010 more than 6 in 10 gun related deaths were suicides; accidental deaths from firearms has fallen to less than 1% of firearms deaths in 2010; and perhaps worst of all, firearms “turn-in” programs “are ineffective” in reducing crime. 

The Harvard study may have been still worse for the King. It reported: while gun ownership has soared since 1991, firearms related crimes have dropped by 69%; on average each year 200,000 American women save themselves from sexual assaults by use of a gun; by an 80:1 ratio Americans use guns to stop crimes not commit crimes; and Kennesaw Georgia (right under the nose of CDC headquarters) which REQUIRES it home owners to have a gun has seen an 89% drop in burglaries since passing its ordinance.

If poor King Barack can’t get a college faculty or a government funded agency to lie for him what is he to do in his quest to take our guns?       




Zimmerman Railroad was on track for a conviction

by Doug Book,  editor

This week, CNN was once again referring to George Zimmerman as a “WHITE Hispanic,” meaning apparently that the defendant in the Trayvon Martin shooting case was NOT one of the garden variety Hispanics known to be deserving of welfare, food stamps, social security and of course a pathway to citizenship. White Hispanics it seems are the devious, racial profiling sort who enjoy shooting blacks while claiming self-defense. Naturally, CNN wanted to make certain its shrinking, viewing audience understood the difference.  (1)

Upon concluding a thorough investigation of the February 26th, 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the Sanford police found there was not enough evidence to charge George Zimmerman with a crime. According to then Sanford police chief Bill Lee, “…from an investigative standpoint, it was purely a matter of self-defense.”  (2) How did a man who legally defended his life from a drug impaired, known thug come to face a possible lifetime in prison?

Obviously the prosecution of George Zimmerman had everything to do with the politics of race. The black in the White House who claimed his son would look like Trayvon, the black Attorney General who famously keeps prosecutors away from “his people” and professional race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson–all brought immense pressure on Florida politicians from Governor Rick Scott to Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett. (3) It was this pressure which caused officials to ignore evidence and police findings of self defense. It prompted the weak-kneed Governor Scott to appoint Special Prosecutor Angela Corey who could bypass the state’s Grand Jury system in order to bring her own charges against Zimmerman. (The grand jury would have based its findings on fact and evidence, far too dicey a situation for an individual who had to be prosecuted whether guilty or not.) It’s now known that Corey withheld exculpatory evidence favorable to Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. (4)

And the efforts of race-baiters and the Obama Administration to secure a guilty verdict against George Zimmerman were ongoing. Trial Judge Debra Nelson disallowed video evidence of Martin brandishing guns; suppressed evidence of Martin’s criminal background including information of stolen jewelry and burglar tools found in his backpack on the night of the shooting; excluded testimony from audio experts who would have shown it was Zimmerman screaming for help, not Martin; allowed prosecutors to present the lesser charge of manslaughter at the last moment when it became apparent their 2nd degree murder claims were not proved; ignored 6 formal defense complaints against prosecutors for withholding exculpatory evidence and asked Zimmerman about his plans to testify in a manner contrary to the law. (5)

The American public watched as a thoroughly biased judge did her best to secure a conviction against a man who should not have been on trial in the first place. Had George Zimmerman been found guilty, race hustlers and corrupt politicians would have succeeded in robbing an innocent man of his liberty while making those who would defend a life seem no better than those who would take one.

Fortunately, a jury of 6 had the courage to do what was right rather than what was expedient or politically expected. Mayors, governors and special prosecutors could take a lesson from them.

I fully expected George Zimmerman to have been convicted of manslaughter, a result of jurors afraid to render an honest verdict. I’m glad to owe these 6 an apology!


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