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Stalin would be proud of the St. Lucie County Board of Elections; they’re his kind of crooks

Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As reports flood the web about massive voter fraud in the presidential election, a statewide appeal  in Florida is going out today to all Tea Party members, conservatives, and independents to contact Governor Rick Scott to urge him to NOT certify election results in tomorrow’s deadline.  Florida’s U.S.18th Congressional Race is still up for grabs because reportedly  the Golden Gate Precinct #93, a mobile home park on the border with St. Lucie and Martin counties, had  some 900 votes cast with only SEVEN people registered to vote!

   An over- night flash Email is stating that “In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes cast.”    Volunteer recount watchers yesterday were upset when the delayed canvassing board recount missed the noon Sunday deadline, and Patrick Murphy was named winner.

Keep in mind that the recount was suspended late Saturday night and started up again with an over one hour delay on Sunday morning, almost insuring the missed deadline.  A run the clock maneuver which may or may not have been a backroom political game play just was not being accepted by the volunteers.

A publicly announced “The Alarm goes off” if we continue to count given by election officials didn’t go down well with observers many of whom traveled hundreds of miles to watch what was going on.

   As shouts of “Count the Vote” rang out in the Orange Blossom Mall retab room, volunteers were warned that extra police re enforcements were being called in before anything official could be announced.  But they knew from Twitter and Facebook tweets and postings that the thing was going back to Murphy as the senior member of his legal team smiled broadly in the hall outside of this room.  BTW,  Tod Mowry,( 772-460 1100) canvassing board member, spent last week in Haiti while the critical re- count and legal actions were taking place. A stand in took his place!

   Now I just felt that St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department men were a little too heavy handed and rather intimidating with the crowd.  As I pulled up in a handicapped spot one of them came over immediately to ask “Do you have a handicapped parking card?”   “Yes,” I said.  I don’t know what they thought us old people were going to do, white hair, walkers, impaired gate types that we were.  Sheriff Ken Mascara, (772-462-7300) a chiropractor before being re- elected sheriff on an un- opposed Democrat ticket, perhaps needs to give his men some community policing seminars to tone down they scary presence especially with us oldsters.  The media of course were out in full force with camera lens quickly scanning our crowd for wild out of control behavior that never happened.  A lengthy interview with Ft Pierce utility activist Chris Williams took place, and the audience learned of enormous utility bills, some as high as $1,600 a month, being charged to impoverished black families by a private utility company represented by the brother in law of the woman Gertrude Walker (772-462-1500) just named new Ft. Pierce mayor, after initially telling the black man he had won!  Williams and his consumers allege that hospitalized elections’ head Walker misplaced or lost their petition signatures asking for relief from these outrageous charges. They wanted this petition language placed on the November ballots.

   “This whole thing has been a total joke,” one Allen West supporter stated.  Where do we go from here?

SOURCE:  http://american3rdposition.com/?p=8416  

You can call Governor Rick Scott at 850-488 7146  or fax him at 850 487 0801.

A report from the ground: Gertrude Walker is stealing Allen West’s seat in Congress


By Suzanne Eovaldi , staff writer

Tracing the walking history of this mystery box of write in ballots Florida Election Board auditors found somewhere in or around Gertrude Walker’s St. Lucie County headquarters is proving to be quite daunting.  And the Allen West-Patrick Murphy recount continued early this morning after being suspended late last night.  These write in ballots of 306 early votes somehow missed being counted because machines “kicked them out.”  With Election Supervisor Walker now hospitalized, we may never know what happened.  Her administrative assistant Annie H. Clark told me, “They didn’t find no ballots,” but canvassing board member Tod Mowry said the auditors’ find “was noted.”   Kathryn Nelson, canvassing board member who voted against the new recount,” told me, “Those ballots just were not included in the official count.”

   Rumors on comment rolls began to surface about this mystery box late last week putting it in a high school gym somewhere.  The Tradition Hall polling place computer came in late and even Colonel West himself decried the chaos on election day, especially at the Minsky gym location.  The machine under Walker’s supervision kicked out 306 write in ballots that had to be manually tallied, but somewhere along the process this box disappeared and later was found by Florida state auditors.  “You color in a bullet” (bubble) some man in the audience of recount watchers told me.

    But a retired school administrator who with his wife is driving 140 miles round trip from Wellington clearly is disgusted with everything going on.  “I think it’s a mess; why is it a mess?  Why can’t we get it right. . .we’ve been voting for hundreds of years. . .there’s got to be a better process than this,” he said.   A Scottish born man said, “I’m here to make sure Allen West gets a fair shake.”  West supporters were out in force all day Saturday. 

Murphy attorney Liz Howard went up to a St. Lucie County attorney before counting began and showed her Murphy’s plea for injunctive relief seeking to halt the proceedings.  I intervened and said, “Wait a minute; those papers are neither signed by a judge nor served. . .the count must go forward!   Later in the day a new judge threw out the Murphy request saying it was lacking both procedurally and substantively.

 The Walker sudden hospitalization curiously coincides with today’s  noon deadline for election results certification. What happens next?  Murphy’s attorneys say their next move will be to enter Leon County courts to seek remedy if he loses the recount. And Colonel Allen West is fighting another valiant battle to win fair and square!  He took off his own body armor to give it to one of his men in the heat of battle.  Beloved by his dedicated supporters who have marched for him all week, Congressman West is withstanding a towering onslaught of attacks from liberal left black politicians who traditionally vote color. 

The brave American warrior just happens to be a Republican conservative that they cannot and never will control!  He is his own man.