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Foolish Gun Owners HELP Government with Illegal Gun Registration Scheme

By Doug Book, editor

The left will do anything to abolish the private ownership of firearms. And the emphasis is on anything. After all, politicians cannot safely exercise absolute, uncontested authority over an armed public. And the majority of our nation’s ruling class–yes, Republicans included–yearn for such power; in part because it will bring an end to those annoying constitutional rights which prevent lawmakers implementing what they “know to be best,” but mostly because these self-infatuated mirror-gazers believe dictatorial authority to be their due.

The question is, how can it be accomplished? How can more than 300 million firearms be separated from an estimated 100 million owners?

With some it will be easy. When Connecticut passed into law its knee-jerk response to the 2012, Newtown murders, some 50,000 “Assault Weapon” owners dashed to the nearest police station, GUN REGISTRATION 2eager to be among the first to sign away their freedom by registering their rifles with Governor Malloy. Courageous custodians of liberty such as these will be a snap to deal with when it comes time to confiscate their-or more properly, the State’s-property.

But what of the estimated 300,000-400,000 Constitution State owners of black rifles who refuse to play toadie to a would-be monarch? How can Big Brother intimidate these or other American gun owners—for example the estimated 1 million New Yorkers who have defied the state’s Safe Act— into registering their firearms so that the coming end-game of confiscation might be facilitated? Isn’t the outright use of force likely to result in that shooting war we’ve heard so much about?

Well, not if a majority of gun owning Americans follow the example set by “Assault Weapon” owners in Maryland and Virginia.

During the 2002 killing spree by the “D.C. Snipers,” police recovered .223 caliber shell casings from the scene of one of the GUN registrationmurders. With the necessary assistance of the ATF, local and state police searched the sales records of gun stores in Maryland and Virginia, creating an inventory of those who purchased rifles which fire .223 caliber ammunition.

Information including name, address, rifle description and serial number were taken from the gun sales records (Form #4473) which the ATF demands gun store owners maintain. Police knocked on the door of every owner, asking that they be permitted to take their rifle “downtown” in order to fire it and prove the owner’s innocence!

As the AmmoLand site puts it, “With a simple ‘Please may we have your rifle…’ to prove your innocence, the police were not only given the owner’s registered sale 4473 rifle(s) but in many cases the citizens had other .223 caliber rifles that were NOT on the new purchased 4473 forms and many of these guns were also  GUN CONTROL AND OWNERSHIPvoluntarily offered up by the cooperating owners to the police. And all it took was a simple “‘please.’

“Most” of the rifles were returned. Of all the gun owners contacted by police, fewer than 3% refused to hand over their firearms. When officers decided to use a little “we’ll get a court order” intimidation, these owners said go right ahead. According to the article, no court orders were obtained. Not one.

Before you conclude that gun owners in Maryland and Virginia are just unusually stupid, cowardly or accommodating, the same thing happened in Oklahoma. When two children were shot to death with a .40 caliber pistol, area gun stores were robbed of their .40 caliber pistol sales records.

By the way, none of the expended “test” shells or bullets from these weapons were returned to gun owners. So the states—and you can bet, the federal government—have a complete record of the “fingerprints” associated with these firearms, to be used if a GUNCONTROL 6bullet or shell should turn up at a crime scene. Of course this means that countless weapons and their owners have been catalogued as part of a gun registration scheme. It is a compilation of information which is strictly illegal; just as it was illegal for police and the ATF to take part in the Maryland, Virginia and Oklahoma, Form 4473 fishing expeditions.

“We are a country of sheep. …from my cold dead hands indeed,” concludes AmmoLand.

Of course some may be confident that their government is too honorable to save this information for the purpose of confiscating firearms from the law abiding at some point in the future. These individuals probably believe that Big Brother has discarded the entire stockpile of illegally collected, gun owner/firearm “fingerprint” information.

So what of all the brave talk about a shooting war; that 2nd American Revolution, guaranteed to take place if Big Brother ever knocks on “my” door, wanting “my” gun?

It would seem that nervous SWAT team members need only say “Please” to transform free Americans into disarmed, slaves of the state.

Lies and Gun Grabbers

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

We are an enlightened people who tend to do what is best for ourselves, our family and ultimately our nation. Our inalienable—that is, God given—rights form the most important part of our Constitution and have been ingrained in the psyche of the American people. The Second Amendment has stood the test of time even though it has been under attack from progressives for as long as I can remember.

In the past, there has been concern for individuals who owned guns, and this concern has reached a fever pitch. Congress was right to cut funding from the ATF to stop such regulations as banning the importation of some firearms and ammunition. It was also appropriate that Congress should make it illegal for the ATF to create a national gun registry.

The ATF has become one of the most lawless of federal bureaucracies thanks to its unending persecution of law abiding American gun owners. It was ATF agents who managed Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama/Holder project designed to convince the American public that new and more stringent gun control measures were necessary. The ATF is directly responsible for the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, yet no charges have been filed, no agents removed.

Why are radical, gun control advocates intent upon the implementation of legislation which will have no positive effect against crime or criminals? They concoct regulations that make absolutely no sense, like 10 round magazine restrictions. Don’t they understand that someone meaning to do a great amount of harm will just carry more magazines?

The “assault weapons” ban, based solely on cosmetics, lasted 10 years and had no effect whatever on crime or the murder rate. One weapon with a bayonet holder is considered an assault weapon, whereas the same weapon without, is perfectly legal. Yet none of it matters because so called “assault weapons” are simply not-and never have been-the criminal’s weapon of choice.

I have always had a difficult time getting around the words “gun control.” Though a cliche, it is true that guns do not need to be controlled, people do. Guns are used by law abiding citizens for personal security, hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Gun grabbers realize that criminals will gain access to firearms regardless of “gun control” legislation. That’s why they are criminals. They do things which are against the law! Yet not one proposed piece of legislation targets the criminal. They are all directed at the law abiding gun owner. Why is that the case?

Now that he has no more elections to face, Barack Obama has directed his DOJ to come forward with numerous regulations to be implemented before his reign of incompetence is over. Rules concerning everything from the availability of high powered ammunition to storage requirements for firearms in the home will be forced on citizens, undoubtedly without Congressional approval.

There are regulations with which everyone would agree, such as keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally unstable. But even here, the administration goes too far. Veterans are being singled out, having their guns taken away for such things as visiting a VA psychologist for minor depression. If a member of your family passes away, the ATF has gone to houses requesting the guns owned by that person. You can’t pass them on to family members, you can’t sell them, they belong to the government.

In California, guns may be legally confiscated for a “thought crime” based on hearsay. There will be no opportunity to face one’s accusers except in a court of law, after the fact. The “accused” must prove his innocence to the satisfaction of his accusers.

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) wants the American people to believe that holders of a concealed carry license pose a threat to the public. Yet this organization, whose members suffer an attack of the vapors upon seeing anyone in public with a gun, is unlikely to admit that holders of a Concealed Carry license belong to one of the most law abiding groups of citizens in the nation.

For decades, America’s gun owners have faced lies and threats from hoplophobes. It will not end, it will not get better and the nation’s gun grabbers have no interest in facts. Should there be a 2nd American Revolution it will involve those who relish freedom and those who wish to permanently end it. Guns will play the key role for those interested in preserving liberty.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter: sjspecialist

Obama turned his most dangerous enemies into heroes

By Doug Book,  editor

There is no more important item on the Obama Regime to-do list than to convince Americans that Islamic terrorists are not the nation’s most dangerous and implacable foes. “We must concern ourselves with a different type of threat,” said A.G. Eric Holder as he announced the return of the Clinton era Domestic Terror Executive Committee. And that threat will not come from Muslim jihadists. Rather, Holder warned that Americans must be prepared for “…the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders.”

The Committee to be reconstituted by the Obama Regime was put in business by the Clinton Department of Justice in 1995, shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing. Its stated purpose was investigation and interdiction of the nefarious activities of right wing radicals. The committee would decide how best to protect the American public from non-conforming, potential domestic terrorists like those gunned down by the ATF at Ruby Ridge or immolated by the FBI in Waco.

But neither the Clinton nor the Obama Administration was interested in looking after the American people. And both failed miserably in their attempts to demonize the nation’s “radical right.” In fact, the public considered Clinton’s ATF and FBI the real domestic terrorists, especially after the wantonly violent carnage caused by Bureau minions at Waco.

Enter Barack Obama who has plotted against gun owners—in the president’s mind, the most dangerous and determined of right wing extremists—for the past 5 years. Hundreds died as a result of his Fast and Furious scheme to toughen gun control legislation.

And in the end, not only did the 2 administrations fail to demonstrate the dangers posed by the “far right,” they created even greater mistrust of a government which was supposed to save the day by disarming those dedicated, homegrown terrorists.

Add the fact of these well-publicized, strong-arm disasters to the unequaled corruption and arrogance of Barack Obama and it is not difficult to understand the American people taking up arms against the federal government’s BLM mercenaries at the Bundy ranch. Incredibly, Barack Obama actually succeeded in turning his most dreaded enemies into national heroes.

And more importantly, Obama wound up being humiliated by a disorganized bunch of cowboys wearing six-guns. The weakness of this American president, already so well understood by foreign leaders, was placed on full display before the American public.  

Presidents who own the media can overcome a great many things. But humiliation, especially at the hands of American patriots who Barack Obama has spent most of his years working to destroy, may not be one of them.  









by Doug Book,  editor

1.) On May 12th, a motorist told Minneapolis police that the driver of another vehicle had “brandished” a gun at him on I-694. Police closed two lanes of Interstate traffic during the morning rush hour, identified the gunman’s vehicle and took him into custody.

It turns out the man who caused the police emergency and traffic nightmare is an ATF agent. However, the agent’s name “…was not released per Minnesota Statute 13.82, which allows the identity of an undercover law enforcement officer to be kept private.”

An undercover law enforcement officer? How many undercover officers–you know, individuals who would prefer to remain anonymous–wave a gun at a fellow driver at 6:30 in the morning? 

Of course the story was not reported by the mainstream media and no questions were asked even after the agent was released without being charged.

After all, the perp wasn’t a civilian. And the big boy media is interested only in pistol-wielding civilians because they are the people who “…can’t be trusted with guns.” They just “…don’t have the training or capacity to handle the responsibility.”

Isn’t it lucky the guy playing in traffic with his Glock was an ATF agent? A bricklayer might have done something really dangerous, stupid or irresponsible.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the incident is “under investigation.” An ATF representative said it was “under review.” 

2.) Dr. Vivek Murthy, Barack Obama’s “on hold” Surgeon General nominee, “…has expressed a desire to see more restrictions on how guns can be purchased and who can own them.” According to the New York Yimes, “…his views are in step with where many Americans stand on gun control…”

Yet for some reason, the “in-step” Dr. Murthy has 10 Senate Democrats who can’t wait to vote against his confirmation. Maybe that’s because the doctor “…believes gun ownership is a public health issue, not a right protected under the 2nd Amendment.” A vote to confirm this guy would be more dangerous on election day than cyanide.

Not reported by the Times or any other member of the MSM, Murthy believes doctors should document anyone who has a gun in their home. Gun owners should also be licensed and the purchase of ammunition restricted.

Even more scary is the fact that just as physicians may certify those who should no longer drive as they might pose “…a grave danger to themselves and others,” Dr. Murthy believes government “…should approach the purchase, transfer and operation of guns with the same vigor.”

Translation: your doctor will have the authority to make you an ex-gun owner!

Former Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona wrote to Barack Obama in December of last year, telling the president that Vivek Murthy is not qualified; that he has “no leadership experience” and no “public health training or experience.” That would mean that Dr. Murthy could be a purely political appointee, selected only because he is a believer in the Obama approved, “common sense” gun control agenda.







Waco a stark reminder of the murderous intent of dictatorial administrations


by Suzanne Eovaldi

Twenty years ago at this time we were in the midst of the federal government’s 51 day siege on a compound of Bible worshippers who with their 12 children were all snuffed out in a raid. “That’s torturing babies,” a U.S. Representative bemoaned at the Congressional hearings investigating the Waco siege during which CS gas vapor was spewed down a long arm of an armored tank onto the roof, into the rooms, and ultimately wafted down into the windowless tower where some of the women and their children were hiding in the Mount Carmel Church compound of the David Karesh (Vernon Howell) followers!  “Gas masks don’t fit on babies,” one investigator in Washington, D.C. observed.  So as former Attorney General Janet Reno suffers from Parkinson’s Disease in Stuart, FL, a lengthy, outstanding online video entitled “Waco-The Rules of Engagement (William Gazecki)” (1) reminds us just what can happen when a federal government-gone-wild destroys citizens.  Footage of Reno leaving to attend a speech while the Waco outrage was going on is a poignant reminder of the Democrat Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

The federal government’s siege on Waco began on February 28, 1993, and ended 51 days later during the orgy of gassing children, women, the elderly, and most of their congregation.  “We put massive gas in there,” you can hear one agent acclaiming!   “My skin was melting. . . (in) the mass of flames. . .horrible way to die,” says a crying man who lived only by diving at a hole in the otherwise  pitch darkness of screaming voices.”  Hard to watch toward the end of the long ordeal is the photo of the crisp charred body of a little 12 year old girl who died when the effects of the deadly gas back bowed her muscles and collapsed her entire frame.  During negotiations with FBI agents, who got the handoff of the mission from the BATF, David Karesh is heard saying, “only one fire extinguisher in the building.”  Former FBI forensic photographer Farris Rookstool calls the attempt to brand the Karesh followers victims of mass suicide “most irresponsible.”  “Many of the residents were HOMICIDE victims,” he says. ( at 2:07:56 video time line)

Rookstool’s viewpoint is in stark contrast to that of now Vice President Joe Biden who declared, “There was no improper motive or intent… the Karesh followers set fire to themselves. . .the Government did not do that.”  Senator Orin Hatch backed up Biden, saying, “No conspiracy to kill Branch Davidians.”  Reno says the information given her was that the fire was set inside the building. 

Today, the compound is leveled, the tapes and photos of local and state forensic investigators are missing, and the metal door with bullet holes bending inward from incoming fire is nowhere to be found. The disturbing FLEAR analysis of shots fired from the ramming tank are quite indisputable even to someone not familiar with infra red evidence.  The fireball and flash fire from the fresh CS injected as shown by FLEAR remind all Americans of what did happen on April 19, 1993, and what could happen in this country again!

SOURCE: (1)  http://www.liberty.com/blog/twenty-years-waco –  also this link   http://www.youtube.com/embed/uCfzLFIT5QM?rel=O