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We Need to Become America Again

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

The American people, the working people of this country, the 9-5ers with a wife and kid are scared. Business owners just scraping by are demonized by the administration for being too rich and not paying their employees enough. The economy has spent time in a ditch yet Barack keeps telling us everything is fine.

The Obama administration is unique, being the first in American history to at once dismiss our culture, the Christian religion and the moral principles upon which the nation was founded. The majority of Americans do not condone Barack Obama bowing and scraping before those whose mores are completely foreign to this country. Our institutions are scorned, our veterans treated like pond scum and the well-being of Americans endangered by a Regime which happily ignores the threat posed by Islamic terrorists.

Wealth is confiscated from those who earn it for the purpose of providing ever increasing handouts to the incompetent, the inferior and the non-producers. This country is not a socialist, European state and was never meant to be. The success of the U.S. is based upon working for what you get and keeping what you work for.

To make a habit of ignoring the expressed will of the American people is more than problematic, it is downright dangerous. Refusal by the Obama Administration to uphold the law has already proven detrimental to the country. Riots continue to take place as professional agitators move from city to city, causing a level of unrest not seen since the 60’s. The American people expect the law to be enforced yet watch helplessly as groups favored for political reasons wreak havoc without consequence across the nation. For years, both state and local law enforcement officials have had their hands tied by the federal government.

Obama recently declared that the country is better off than it was six years ago. Based on what? I walk down the streets in my hometown and see businesses boarded up and people out of work, many of them living with parents. Is Obama concerned? Of course not. Living a thoroughly insulated lifestyle, none of it affects him. After all, his moral authority is based upon shouting down, ignoring or intimidating those who disagree with him or make mention of his failed policies.

No one can believe that a government which kicks down doors and expects subjects to cower in its presence has our best interests at heart. And Republicans are complicit in each federal abuse of constitutional guarantees by helping make possible the ills which affect the nation.

By providing the Republican Party with landslide wins in 2014, the American people made it clear they expected Congress to take a strong stand against the agenda of the Obama Regime. And what happened? Portions of that agenda have been preserved or passed into law thanks to the fecklessness and cowardice of Republican politicians. The Party establishment has simply rolled over, allowing Obama to do as he wishes.

What can be done to combat corruption and abuse of power by the federal government? State legislatures need to nullify the effects of legislation passed down from Washington D.C. and take back the powers given states by the Constitution. If the federal government attempts to extort acceptable behavior by withholding funds owed the states, those states must respond by withholding tax dollars owed the federal government. I am firmly convinced that my local government knows better than the federal government how to spend that money. Federal elites have spent decades ruling from on high. It is past time the American people begin to push back. 

Nothing will change until the true owners of the nation say no; no to unconstitutional legislation, no to corruption from the Supreme Court and no to power hungry, agenda driven bureaucrats. Those in charge of the federal government understand nothing but force. If enough force is brought to bear by the states and the American people, the federal government will have no option but to fold.

It’s time we acknowledge the dangers posed by Muslims and the Religion of Islam

By John Porter, guest writer

With the events we are watching unfold in Europe and much of the Middle East; with the constant attacks on people of many other nations, including the United States, there is concern and discussion in our country and indeed, all over the world about the war being waged by, “Muslim Radicals” on behalf of their Religion of Islam. This is a war against all people who are not of the Muslim faith or who do not support Islam and Sharia Law. Make no  

Muslim Brotherhood
Muslim Brotherhood

mistake, we are under attack by Muslims.

If anyone speaks of the Muslims who are waging this war without including the qualifying terms “Islamic Radicals,” they are chastised rather harshly for not being politically correct. Have you ever wondered why the so called moderate Muslims, who may not embrace terrorism, do not speak up in outrage against and put a stop to what is being waged in the name of their religion, Islam? I submit to you it is because they are not the devout Muslims. Those who are waging this war of murder and other atrocities are devout Muslims, true to their faith and the teachings of their Holy Koran.   TERRORISTS They are indeed radical because the Religion of Islam is a Radical Religion. Islamic Radicals and the Religion of Islam are one and the same. Moderate Muslim only means you are not a true and devout Muslim, guided in all things by the teachings and commands of your Holy Book, the Koran.

I challenge the claim that Islam is a religion of peace. It is in fact a religion of submission. The war Islamists are waging against mankind will only be won when all people submit to Islam and Sharia Law through either conversion or death. I state without reservation: ALL MUSLIMS WHO ARE DEDICATED TO THEIR FAITH AND THE TEACHINGS OF THE KORAN HAVE AS THEIR GOAL THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ALL NATIONS WITH SECULAR, CONSTITUTIONAL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT. THE IMPLEMENTATION OF SHARIA LAW WITHIN THOSE NATIONS AND THE SUBMISSION OF ALL PEOPLE TO ISLAM; THESE ARE   

ISIS Terrorists
ISIS Terrorists

THE TRUE GOALS OF ALL DEVOUT MUSLIMS. Such is the meaning of the Religion of Islam.

It is not only a religion but a form of government with its own law called Sharia, a very evil thing in itself. It is the only religion in the world which has an overriding goal to control and dominate all human beings on earth. There is no other religion which seeks absolute power and authority over all mankind. And that power shall be obtained by means of deadly force if that is what it takes.

If we are to survive it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that we recognize this powerful and fundamental difference between Islam and the other religions of the civilized world. Ladies and gentlemen, WE    Islam will dominate worldARE AT WAR. It is World War III. When our nation is at war, who is Constitutionally, the Supreme Commander of all efforts to defeat our enemies? It is our president.

No American President has ever been so partial to Muslims and  Islam as President Barack Obama. He will not refer to our attackers as what they are. He cannot bring himself to say the words, Islamic terrorism. What does it say about our chances of survival in the United States when the Commander in Chief refuses to publicly recognize who we are fighting? Every world leader of any standing has declared that we are confronted by the actions of Islamic Terrorists except one–President Obama of the United States.

The events we are watching unfold in Europe and the Middle East, the be-headings of Americans by the Islamic State and other such events of murder and mayhem have taken place without our president so much as naming the enemy. This has aroused concerns in many that President Obama might in fact be a Muslim. There is an Islamic doctrine known as “taqiyya” that permits Muslims to   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM deny they are Muslim if it would be dangerous to admit the truth and to knowingly deceive infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim). Ask yourself if you believe Barack Obama to be capable of lying, or of being deceitful to achieve an end.

No, I cannot prove that Barack Obama is a Muslim. However, he has never made a secret of the fact that both his father and stepfather were Muslims. It is well documented that when he lived in Indonesia he attended a madrassa-a school devoted to the teaching of Islam-until he was ten years of age.

Many of us have seen his interview with George Stephanopoulus, when Obama said “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith” and Stephanopoulus was quick to suggest to Obama that he meant to say his “Christian faith”? Obama quickly responded, “Yes my Christian faith.” Can you imagine any Christian you know,    under any circumstances accidentally calling himself a Muslim?    OBAMA MUSLIM 2Again, no I can not prove Obama to be a Muslim. He has publicly referred to the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.” He has recited its opening lines with a perfect Arabic accent saying “Allah is supreme…I witness that there is no God but Allah.” Is Barack Obama a Muslim? I think in his heart of hearts, he is. What do you think? Be your own judge.

What we are witnessing today in France, other countries of Europe, Australia, Iraq, and Syria will spread into the United States. WE ABSOLUTELY MUST STOP THINKING, “THAT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE.” I assure you if we don’t enlighten ourselves and  TERRORISTS 3 stop allowing our lives to be ruled by political correctness, it can and surely WILL happen here. The issue is now front and center in our current presidential race. It is time to consider the threat posed to our nation and our liberty. After all, it is up to us.

Is Obama a Muslim? Well…

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

In the past two weeks there has been a clamor from both the Progressives and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) about perceived slights against our President and Muslims in general. The politically correct regime and the progressive media have made it a favorite topic.

Donald Trump was recently lambasted for not correcting a  member of the audience at a New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting-he may have been a plant-who suggested our President might be a OBAMA MUSLIM 2Muslim. Trump did say he would look into the Muslims of America training camps here in the United States, but ignored the rest of the gentleman’s comment. But that isn’t enough for those in progressive land. They expected Trump to respond by denying what the man said and backing Obama. Funny, I don’t remember any Democrats doing that when Bush was called a Nazi, or Reagan called a clown actor.

But let’s look closer at why the man who made that statement may have felt that way.

Obama has past Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers  in the cabinet and as his czars, including Islamists in the Department of Homeland Security. This is the same president who declared that the job of NASA was to form an outreach to Muslims. Our president has reported Arizona to the UN for OBAMA MUSLIMimplementing federal immigration laws as written, but has never condemned the Islamic culture for the way it treats women. Obama praised Islam in India, a country which is 92% Hindu and a victim of Islamic terrorism. The President has also demanded funding for the teaching of Islam and its history in our schools.

It was Obama who, at an Islamic dinner celebration, exclaimed “I am one of you;” who wrote that in a conflict, “I will stand with the Muslims;” and who told the Egyptian Foreign minister, “I am a Muslim.” He is the same President who has exempted Muslims from the mandates of Obamacare, refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, has had Muslim ceremonies in the White House and demanded Georgetown University cover Christian symbols before he would speak there.

And you ask why anyone might think he is a Muslim? There is more, but you get the point.

Dr. Ben Carson was vilified for saying we could not have a Muslim President. Some say we already do and from what I have seen so   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM far, that may be true. We might have a Muslim President again, but not one that would be openly Muslim. He would have to lie,  promise to make America great,  give everyone a more generous handout than they could ever need and then slowly but surely deliberately lead the nation into chaos as he implements Sharia law. Wait, that’s happening now isn’t it?

But Obama isn’t a Muslim. Just ask him and he’ll tell you. You believe him, don’t you?

Army Allegedly Issued ‘gag order’ to Silence Green Berets

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

FOXNEWS was the first to publicly report the Army’s decision to kick out 11-year Green Beret Sgt First Class (SFC) Charles Martland. On September 11, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif a member of the House Armed Services Committee, blasted Army leadership for issuing an alleged “gag order” forbidding them   

Sgt. Charles Martland, Green Beret
Sgt. Charles Martland, Green Beret

talking about the discharge of SFC Martland. The congressman said “more troubling” is that he’s learned “Army leadership has pushed a ‘gag order’ … prohibiting both the Chain of Command and soldiers from speaking to anyone regarding the case.” If true such a gag order would be a gross violation of 10 U.S. Code § 1034 – Protected communications; prohibition of retaliatory personnel actions.

(a) Restricting Communications with Members of Congress and Inspector General Prohibited.—

(1) No person may restrict a member of the armed forces communicating with a Member of Congress or an Inspector General.
(2) Paragraph 1 does not apply to a communication that is unlawful.

Senior Leadership probably wishes this would all just go away and doubtless it would were it not for the determination of Rep Hunter. Issuing a “gag order” is a crime in itself having severe consequences on the command and any legal advisors. Unlike most members of Congress, Rep. Hunter is a vet. The Marine served   

Rep Duncan Hunter
Rep Duncan Hunter

three combat tours; two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He has been addressing Defense Secretary Ash Carter, voicing concern that the Army will attempt to “find any reason to justify its actions against Martland because they’ll refuse to acknowledge an error in judgement.” Since the leadership doesn’t want a messy court-martial, it would be less embarrassing to just silence the troops and toss the Green Beret out.

SFC Charles Martland is a highly decorated, 11 year vet serving in the elite Green Berets. Though the 32-year-old sergeant wants to remain in the military, he will receive an involuntary discharge from the Army before Nov. 1, 2015. This will put Martland far short of Military Retirement of at least 20 Years.

The Sergeant is being tossed for standing up to an Afghan pedophile in a position of authority. This typically sub-human follower of Muhammed raped a 15 year old Afghan boy and then viciously beat the boy’s mother after she complained of the act to the US Army at a Special Forces outpost. Martland reacted to the pedophile’s decision to laugh at the plight of Mother and Son by shoving him to the ground.  For his sense of Honor, SFC Martland is being discharged because it created an embarrassing international incident that the Obama Regime didn’t want to deal with.   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM

It’s likely that Senior Leadership will perform a rope-a-dope till SFC Martland has been discharged. It’s also a safe bet the alleged Gag order came from the White House and is being enforced by American Commissars with law degrees.

After all, the Administration doesn’t want to deal with an international incident while doing something more important…surrendering to Iran.

Godspeed SFC Charles Martland and Rep. Duncan Hunter

I want my country back

By John Porter, guest writer

It would be so refreshing to hear President Barack Obama tell the truth, both about the way things really are and what that means to us. But rest assured, this will never happen. For Obama practices only deception, by telling us what he wants us to think and what he wants us to think it means. This man, I believe, considers the American people to be stupid; unable to think unless he directs the thinking process for us. It is intentional deceit on his part.

Those who are familiar with Islamic Sharia Law understand the very significant role that the term “Taqiyya” plays in the advancement of Islamic conquest and subjugation. For the definition of “Taqiyya” is DECEPTION.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary: de-cep-tion(de sep’ shen) 1) the act or practice of deceiving; 2) the fact or condition of being deceived; 3) something that deceives, as an illusion, or is meant to deceive, as a fraud or illusion; fraud suggests deliberate deception in dishonestly depriving a person of property, rights, etc.; suggests an artifice or stratagem used to deceive others and to evade something or gain some end.

Apart from armed conflict, deception is perhaps the most powerful means of advancing an ideology or agenda. How did Barack Obama become so highly skilled in the art of deception? (1) In his childhood (until age 10) he was schooled in Indonesia, the country with the largest population of Muslims on planet Earth. He is very familiar with the Koran and understands well the religion of Islam, its Sharia Law and the most effective means one can apply to advance its goals: “Taqiyya.” We are all familiar with the many deceptive statements Obama used to be elected president. He continues that same process of deception from the White House and will do so until his term in office expires. (2) We must familiarize ourselves with the Socialist, Chicago “organizer” named Saul Alinsky and the “strategy of deception” he devised to promote social change. Barack Obama did exactly that and is putting it into practice as president.

I have written before of my conviction that Barack Obama is purposely bringing America down to the level of other countries of the world, especially those of Europe, Asia and the African nations. I am more convinced now than ever. It is very evident to me that he is an Alinsky-guided revolutionary, bent on turning America into a Socialist nation.

There are several steps one must follow in order to accomplish such an end, including redistribution of wealth, class warfare (divide and conquer) and the undermining of a system even while working within and through it. All of these and more are Alinsky teachings in his “Rules for Revolution.” Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. By profession Alinsky was a self-proclaimed “community organizer,” the same title Barack Obama has used to describe himself. Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani got it right when he said Barack Obama has never loved America, it being a nation of Individual Freedom with the people in charge of the government.

Barack Obama has a single principle; to take from those who work and give to those who do not. He would forcibly equalize the abilities of every person and the advantages of every country, allowing no individual or nation to be exceptional. These were the principles preached by Vladimir Lenin and Saul Alinsky. They represent a destructive assault on the established system in the name of the people. Obama has built a power base which he is using to destroy our existing society and its economic system. We are witnessing his attempt to mobilize the “poor” and use them as a battering ram to bring down the system.

No White House occupant has been more deliberate in the creation of class warfare than Barack Obama. There are three hundred and twelve million American citizens in the United States. We must not permit one would-be tyrant to turn us against each other for the purpose of Socializing the nation.

America IS the people. We are far larger than Barack Obama, if only we will accept the responsibility of fighting for the individual liberty given us by the Founders.

We have been shamefully deceived by this man and shamefully have we permitted it to take place. If Barack Obama succeeds in bringing our country to its knees, it will be raised back up in Socialism, in the deceitful guise of his having done it all “for the people.”

You see, in order to “Fundamentally change America,” as he promised, he must first destroy the America we have. Please understand, I am not afraid of my country. I love this country. It’s the man Barack Obama, following the Saul Alinsky model and deceiving the people into hiring him as president, that I’m afraid of. WE THE PEOPLE must be devoted to our liberty and we must strengthen our resolve to keep it. If we must die, let us stand tall and die on our feet, fighting, and not on our knees in subjugation. Let us not again fall victim to the deceptive rhetoric and ways of another Barack Obama in 2016.

It is a fact that Hillary Clinton is also a student of Saul Alinsky, with the same singleness of purpose. I here declare to you, and believe with all my heart, America will not survive two Saul Alinsky students back to back. If this happens, we will not long endure.

May God bless America and keep us free from a big and intrusive Alinsky, Obama, Clinton Socialistic Federal Government.