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Obama’s steno pool always writes what its boss tells them to write

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The self-important Boston Globe ran an editorial that is a microcosm of how the Left manages to be so consistently wrong on so many substantive issues. The piece had to do with the supposed wrongheadedness of Republican House Speaker John Boehner. It seems that according to the Globe, Boehner has committed some kind of treasonous act by inviting Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, to address a joint session of Congress without asking permission from their boss President Barack Obama.

The writer moans that such an undercutting of Obama’s authority will damage the delicate negotiations Obama is in with the Iranians; negotiations aimed at curtailing Tehran’s nuclear weapons development program.

According to the Globe’s faulty logic, Boehner’s invitation will make the sworn enemies of our only ally in the Middle East less likely to discontinue their nuclear weapons development plans.

If this stance was taken by a legitimately neutral third party, as the media ought to be, this initially counterintuitive position might be worth listening to. Honest public discourse on such vital matters as nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatical lunatics would be helpful if it actually existed, which of course it does not.

The Obama Cheerleaders in Boston and elsewhere see themselves as above “common sense” because it is, well “common” and they see themselves as smarter than everyone else. The media believe that Republican conservatives are evil but dedicated Islamists are not. They believe Israel should roll over and die so that THEY, can beat their breasts and piously proclaim how open minded they are.

They don’t accept the fact that given the chance the same people who run Iran would eagerly chop off their head and make them physically open minded.

These self-hating “Americans” don’t want Obama to be exposed as the fraud he is. They don’t want to remind the few people who still read daily newspapers that it was they who pushed Obama on us to make themselves feel good. They constantly lie by omission and commission to prop up their boss.

The media will never acknowledge there is no progress to be made in dissuading Islamist lunatics from building weapons they intend to use to destroy Israel’s Jews and eventually America’s Jews as well.

They won’t allow the truth to be spoken. That truth is that Obama is merely helping the Iranians appear to be “negotiating” in what even those with only a slight understanding of Islam recognize is a kind of “Hudna,” or fake “truce” designed to allow them to regroup for their next attack.

Instead of calling Benjamin Netanyahu shameless because he is doing everything he can to protect his people, an honest media would be demanding that Barack Obama be so “shameless.” But alas this swipe at Israel and Republicans reminds us that America’s media are merely Obama’s steno pool ready to write or say whatever the boss tells them.                     

Source: http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/01/23/benjamin-netanyahu-goes-too-far/t9DYcYGG2EQuNDFWam2xUM/story.html

Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter; the only hostage is the overdue Army report


By Glenn MacDonald, guest writer from MilitaryCorruption.com

It’s an old axiom in the world of public affairs to release bad news or information that might result in blowback late on a Friday afternoon. That usually results in minimal “play” by the media and hopefully (in the view of the news managers) it will be marginalized by Monday morning’s news cycle.

If the long-awaited Army investigative report on Bowe Bergdahl had been released on time – Friday afternoon, January 16 – it would have tested that strategy to the maximum.

Much of the country suspects the liar-in-chief in the White House wants to paint the alleged Taliban “captive” in a sympathetic light, ignoring the over-whelming evidence that he is a lowlife deserter.

Much is at stake. Obama, ever mindful of his “legacy,” doesn’t want to be known as the President who freed five Taliban killers in exchange for a weirdo loser who got American GI’s killed in an effort to rescue him.

But, if GEN Mark Milley’s report is an honest one, the only way out for Obama is to over-rule his recommendations and that would have to include court-martial for desertion in wartime. And that risks even the reliably lapdog mainstream media turning on him.


So when will we finally know what is to happen? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, GEN Martin Dempsey, is generally known as an Obama butt-boy, so chances of Bergdahl facing punishment are slim.

We just hope that Hussein doesn’t reward Bergdahl with “prisoner-of-war” status. That would mean this creep would collect more than $200,000 in back pay and get lifetime benefits which, at least until now, have been reserved for genuine American heroes.

To equate the sufferings of Sen. John McCain, five years in solitary confinement at the “Hanoi Hilton” with the amiable circumstances of Bergdahl’s time with the Taliban is an absolute outrage.


As far back as 2010, the respected British newspaper of record, the Sunday TIMES, reported from Afghanistan that sources told them then-PFC Bowe Bergdahl had converted to Islam, taken the Muslim name of “Abdullah” and collaborated with the enemy.

A Taliban deputy district commander in Paktika Province who called himself Haji Nadeem, said Bergdahl had taught him how to dismantle a mobile phone and turn it into a remote control device to trigger a roadside bomb.

Former Army SGT Evan Buetow told CNN “Bergdahl is no hero. He’s a deserter, and the truth needs to be told.”

Bergdahl’s sergeant and team leader said right after the weird PFC walked away from his unit, “we started picking up radio intercepts from a nearby village that Bergdahl was there seeking contact with the Taliban.”


Defying the Army’s attempt to muzzle him (Bergdahl’s unit members were ordered to sign “non-disclosure” statements in a blatant move to keep the true nature of the private’s departure secret) Sgt Buetow told CNN there was a sudden increase in attacks on the American outpost right after Bergdahl’s disappearance.

“Soon after he left, IED’s started going off directly under our truck convoys. They (the Taliban) were getting perfect hits every time. Their ambushes were very calculated, very methodical, like they knew what we were going to do before we did it. It was incredibly suspicious.”

The former NCO said Bergdahl “knew sensitive information” that, if provided to the Taliban, could put U.S. troops at greater risk of death or injury.”

“We were very worried he was giving information to the enemy,” Buetow said.

You can be sure it won’t be forgotten by the families of those soldiers who lost their lives looking for Bergdahl. Can you imagine how they will feel when the onetime private banks those “big bucks” and gets lucrative book deals and TV movie offers?

Dear readers, please be sure to carefully go through the previous eight Bowe Bergdahl stories published on MilitaryCorruption.com. Coach is Right will be carrying these stories over the next several days.

Glenn MacDonald writes of MCC: “See what facts we have dug up and contrast our reporting with the kid gloves treatment the Obama-suck media have provided thus far.”


Cuba’s Communist influence on Bill Ayres and American terrorists

By George Spelvin, staff writer

Was the real reason for Obama’s executive order opening up Cuba to the United States his desire to fulfill the imprimatur of the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) to establish Communism in America? A FOIA request forced the FBI to open its top secret archives on the Weather Underground movement.  Founded by several urban 1960′s revolutionaries including the husband-wife team of Bill Ayres-Bernardine Dohrn, the WUO grabbed the nation’s attention with its acts of domestic terrorism including bombings, attacks on police, police headquarters and bombing of a statue of police in Chicago’s Haymarket Square.  “The example of the Cuban revolution became the guide for the emerging American student revolutionary” states this FBI vault file. (1) p 26

The goal is the destruction of American imperialism and the achievement of a classless world. World Communism, “is the stunning theme of the 70 page, Part I FBI document, one of six parts titled the WUO, which evolved from Students for A Democratic Society. Dohrn is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Law School; Bill Ayres retired, without emeritus status, from his professorial position at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

According to the FBI, “…the influence of Cuba on the developing WUO was enormous.”  Dohrn was one of six WUO organizers who traveled to Cuba in July, 1969, to meet with representatives of the Vietnamese and Cuban governments.  Twenty pages of heavily redacted documentation follow the FBI’s study of these four topics:  What motivates the WUO?  With what world center of revolution did the Weatherpeople identify?  Where did they travel and what international contacts did they have?  How did international revolutionary activism influence the group’s activities here in the US?  Finally, the FBI wanted to find out “who are the main adherents of the WUO?” (pg.4)

The recent executive order ending an embargo against Cuban-US travel, cigar imports ($100 limit) and other exchanges was supported by White House propaganda spin.  Opening up free trade, “[is] the moral thing to do,” claimed the White House, as it will help the Cuban people escape fifty years of economic depression caused by the embrace of Communism.  But close study of this archive reveals just how closely the student radicals that initiated Chicago’s Days of Rage were beholden to the philosophy of the Cuban revolution. 

“Ideologies from Moscow, Peking and Havana formed much of the basis of the birth of America’s native born revolutionary.” (pg. 27) The WUO obtained its revolutionary methodology from the Cubans and Vietnamese and importantly, put into practice what they had learned.  Anecdotal web data continues to point to the Ayres-Obama connection and the distinct possibility that the political career of the country’s first black president had been launched “from the Ayres salon.”  Obama once said he only knew Ayres because their children were in school activities together.  That remark was debunked when it was pointed out just how far apart in age are the Ayres and Obama children.

Opening Cuba to American interaction gives effective cover to the exchange and spread of that island’s form of Communism here in the U.S.  To obtain US state power, the Cuban communists and other revolutionaries acknowledge they must break our military might by over-extending our forces to defeat them on a piecemeal basis.  If this quote doesn’t shake you to the core of your American citizenship, nothing will:  “Our final goal is the destruction of imperialism, the seizure of power, and the creation of socialism.” (p 51) The WUO tactic of fomenting unrest among minority sectors has reared its ugly head this past year in ways we haven’t seen since the 1960′s and 70′s.  The New Black Panthers were shown on television using their batons as visual aids as they stood in front of a polling place. Nothing was done about this scary form of voter intimidation by AG Eric Holder who stated he didn’t want to move against “his people.” Attacks on the NYPD parallel what was done to Chicago police in the WUO uprisings of more than forty years ago.

These remarkable WUO archives in the FBI vault should be required reading for Americans.  Perhaps the opening of Cuba’s borders will allow Americans to see the true extent of the damage done to this island by Communism and the brutal leaders who employ it as a means of maintaining power.

SOURCE:  http://vault.fbi.gov/search?SearchableText=bill+ayers     all references are from Part I of the FBI vault file on the WUO.


A Deeply Unpopular Commander In Chief

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Military Times posted a long article in which its poll of active duty military came to the startling conclusion that Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, is highly unpopular among the rank and file of the nation’s defenders! Using the military for social experiments, purging the ranks of competent, patriotic leaders and implementing a massive reduction in force are not likely to endear Obama to the troops.  The Military Times won’t admit it but Obama does not care about the people who work for him and this is especially true for members of the military.  In spite of varying opinions of President Bush, he deeply cared about the troops. Obama on the other hand, by his own actions, cares only about Islamic terrorists, his global partners in crime.

Our troops have lost respect not only for the Commander-in-Chief, but for lawmakers in general, reflecting a growing trend among their millennial peers. The phony nature of Obama’s ostensibly caring façade has long since been discovered. People have lost faith in government and see it as the problem, not the solution. Service members are reflecting the mood of the American public and its frustration with the daily soap opera being fed them by Administration acolytes in the “mainstream” media. How could it be otherwise when soldiers are feeling the pain of pay reductions, being forced out of the service and watching as peers are court marshaled for doing their job? And how many have been wounded or killed as a result of repeated deployments under questionable rules of engagement. 

Obama’s social engineering is being compared to President Truman’s 1948 order that desegregated the American military that was originally segregated by another Democrat, Woodrow Wilson after World War I. However, Obama’s heavy-handed, leftist agenda has undermined deep-seated traditions and compromised good order and discipline. When laws and regulations don’t matter the military will no longer function as a cohesive unit. In time Obama’s meddling will fail to be historically significant.  Obama’s true legacy will be seen in the erosion of the career military force. Who would want to serve in a force that glorifies deviance and immediately identifies any male troop with sexual assault. Thanks to Barack Hussein, ours has become a military focused on political correctness rather than combat readiness.

Obama is trying to mold the American Armed Forces into America’s Community Organizers.



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Now out of office, Eric Cantor feels free to be himself; this’ll make you glad he’s gone


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last June in the run up to a primary he was so sure he would win, former Obama water boy Eric Cantor didn’t bother to campaign. He had told his liars about being a warrior against illegal aliens polluting America and decided to merely wait in Washington for word of his victory. That didn’t happen. He was crushed by a TEA party candidate.  

When he got his head handed to him Cantor was shocked and acted contrite. That was his act then; but now free to be his real self he is taking some very different positions.    As a Wall Street investment banker he is saying the things the people who pay his handsome salary want to hear. They THINK they WANT illegal aliens swarming over our borders and they think Obamacare is working just fine so Cantor says he supports Barack Obama on both issues.     

He is telling his old comrades in Congress that he is worried they will waste their new power “re-litigating” Obamacare and Obama’s illegal amnesty order and opposing his efforts to regulate climate change.” Cantor thinks opposing Obama on these all-out assaults on American liberty does a disservice to us. He’s that smug.    

Reminding us that he never really was one of us, this nervy little twerp calls for Congressional Republicans to “come together” with Barack Obama to “focus on areas where they agree and where progress can be made.” Honestly, he really said that.

His contempt for our intelligence is so deep he recommends Republicans focus on the REALLY important issues like “moving swiftly on trade promotion authority and finalizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a new agreement with Europe.” He really said that as well.

Thereafter, presumably speaking with a straight face, he added that there should be swift action to approve updates to our patent laws. Isn’t it nice that at least Cantor is gone?

The re-election of the loathsome John Boehner as House Speaker and election of the equally repugnant Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader will insure that Cantor’s suggestions will trump our demands. We have been stabbed in the back by the Republicans once again.

Nevertheless, our time is coming. It is doubtful that any of these three recognize it, but they are busying themselves not in the service of Wall Street and the US Chamber of Commerce, but in the slow and steady strangulation of the Republican Party. They are apparently oblivious to the fact that rank and file Republicans will get the final say in 2016’s presidential election.  



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