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Why are the left and their Jihadist allies after our guns?

By Jerry Todd, staff writer

In my humble opinion, the answer is simple. “Progressivism” is one half of the culture of death, having no regard for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

The other half of this culture of death is radical Islam which is the ultimate expression of “church and state” gone mad wherein it authorizes itself to murder any who disagree with them, regardless of religion or non. These same expect an eternal reward for martyring themselves in the process of murdering innocents.  This is called spiritual warfare – the bloodiest kind as history proves.

This is the perfect eugenic combination to “lay waste to the world and all that is in it” to yield the “progressive” goal of reducing human population by 80%  to “save the planet.” Like it or not, they are in cahoots. Which is the greater fool? The jihadist, the “progressives” or we the people for tolerating their dangerous and demonic nonsense?

Barack Hussein Obama as “ruler” of an as yet unoccupied “Muslim nation” in conducting jihad against us. His actions and pronouncements are proof enough for even a communist to understand. Why else would the Russians and Chinese, who have more than their share of Islamic terrorism to deal with, be standing against us? Don’t our President and State Department project USA as a Muslim nation by who we support and arm and who we undermine?

Arming jihad while disarming Americans is a natural strategy of warfare and a favorite “progressive” tactic to support their plans for a one world government.

Here is how to deal with ISIS and all the other brands of the same goal, as recommended by Jim Coles III, a military correspondent for 34 years who has seen action on several fronts and lived among these people.

1.  Have a private sit down with the Russians and Chinese. Offer this deal: we all have trouble with those assholes … let’s put our ambitions and differences aside while we target our primary Muslim antagonists … that lets us focus on our separate problems, direct all of our resources to eradicating these creeps and not have to dilute our strength by facing each other down.. We can pick up our power competition when we’re finished with the animals. Russia: we won’t criticize when you slaughter all the Chechens. China: have at the Ouiggers … our lips will be zipped. We might even cooperate where Muslim issues overlap our areas of interest … we can work on that as the needs arise.

2.  That deal made, we quietly rotate the Pacific B-52 fleet from Guam to Diego Garcia Island. We take one squadron of F-22 Raptors out of South Korea, one maintenance and refueling wing out of Pacific Air Forces, Hawaii and rotate two squadrons of B1B Lancer bombers from Dyess AFB, Texas and station all at Ali A Salem airbase, Kuwait. Employ the AWACS planes based in Qatar …

3.  Use national asset satellites and Global Hawk surveillance aircraft to locate and grid every IS military asset and facility … put USSOCOM teams and USAF FACs on the ground to track IS troop/equipment movements and locate IS-Syrian ADA assets; plot initial ADA degradation missions.

4.  On day-1 launch special electronics UAVs to paint IS/Syrian ADA radars with false aircraft images to make them light up their radars … F-22s attack ADA sites … take down radars, destroy Class 1 and 2 anti-air systems. Repeat as necessary until the integrated ADA network is destroyed,

5.  Day-1 part 2: B1Bs attack comms nodes .

6.  Days 2-7: F-22s lead, clear the way, attack Syrian air bases and sortied aircraft … naval-Marine carrier based bombers/FA planes sustain tactical attacks.

7.  Day 8-30: B-52s engage in round-the-clock strategic bombing … drive IS forces into kill zones. US Airborne and Ranger/Force Reconn execute US forces in the kill zones. US forces depart the AO, Repeat as necessary.

8.  Final phase: as surviving IS units go to ground in urban areas insert NATO artillery and Apache (AH-64) units to support Free Syrian Army, Iraqi and other Arab troops who clear the cities.

Estimated time of the campaign — two months. Zero to low US casualties. Low allied losses.

Then we, the Russians and Chinese can get back to being idiots.


Debo Adegbile: At least one enemy Obama was not able to force on us


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

To the great delight of those who value and cherish American freedoms, Barack Obama has once again failed to put the power to destroy our Constitution in the hands of Debo Adegbile.

Monday this warrior of destruction was forced to withdraw his name from consideration as Obama’s attack dog at the Department of Justice. He would have been the chief Civil Rights lawyer for Eric Holder, another enemy of our freedoms.

The magnitude of this victory cannot be overstated. What we have avoided is the placement of a yet another man who is essentially a foreigner being placed in a position to wreak havoc on our everyday lives.

The president is for all practical purposes a man with very few emotional ties to anything American; in fact it is clear that he hates our country and us. The Attorney General comes from a family whose roots and emotional ties are in the Caribbean not America; and both of them have consistently demonstrated their hatred for America especially White America.  Now their dream-teamer Debo Adegbile, a man who also comes from a union between two foreign nationals with no ties to America, has been shown the door even by Senate Democrats.

Adegbile is a mutt who has spent a considerable amount of time and White “guilt” money while at the NAACP, trying to free a cop killer who has never won a single appeal court judge’s vote.

He has tried to free Mumia Abu-Jamal who murdered Philadelphia Police Office Daniel Faulkner in 1981.

Last May, Obama and his Charlie McCarthy dummy Bite Me had high hopes of making Adegbile Eric Holder’s chief enforcer and executioner of the Constitution. They failed and were so blindsided that idiot Joe was actually on hand to “break the tie” as Vice President and put their mongrel over the top. They lost 47/52 with seven Democrats voting no.

Since then things have apparently gotten no better for the conspirators as Adegbile has just withdrawn his name from any further consideration. The enemy’s ship has sailed and he’s not on it.   

Debo Adegbile is at least one enemy Obama was not able to force on us and that’s a nice victory.        




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Julian Castro: La Raza’s warrior against America now runs HUD


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

No one can be certain if the amnesty fever that gripped the Republican establishment has passed, or if the conspirators are just laying low and waiting for their next chance to stab us in the back.  What is clear is that during the height of their self-induced mental paralysis over amnesty, Republicans in the Senate lined up to kiss the ring of Hispanics when they confirmed Julian Castro as the new Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD). They struck us last July 9th and now America has another vicious enemy in Barack Obama’s Cabinet. Castro has jumped from being the mayor of San Antonio to a policy making position by the cave in of Republican Senators. 

Few Americans could name Castro as the HUD Secretary let alone accurately describe his background and resume.

Castro is the son of Rosie Castro one of the founding members of The National Council La Raza, a group devoted to stealing large sections of America’s southwest so it can be colonized by socialist Mexicans. The phrase La Raza means “The Race” and it operates under the motto, “For the race everything, for outside the race nothing.” 

La Raza identifies as follows: “Chicano is our identity. It defines who we are as a people. We reject the notion that we should assimilate into the White Angelo-American melting pot. Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecs. It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest that were brutally stolen from the Mexican People. Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields and gather the crops, not to the foreign European invaders. We are Aztlan. For La Raza Todo Fuera de La Raza Nada.”     

Rosie raised Julian Castro and his evil twin brother Joaquin, a Democrat Congressman from Texas, who was named after a charter in an anti-America poem, to hate Whites and hate America. Joaquin and Julian are perfectly formed sleeper agents who have been groomed to destroy America from within. 

Julian Castro is quoted as saying, “My mother’s rabble rousing and political activisms were like war cries ringing in my ears. She would say things like Viva La Raza! Or Brown and Black unite! My mother’s fervor for activism was instilled in my brother and I at a very young age and has shaped and molded the people we are today.”  

The Castro brothers of America hate America just as much as the Castro brothers of Cuba. The difference is that at this point they are well situated to carry out their plans to destroy us.       

Sources: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-julian-and-joaquin-castro-could-be-worse-than-fidel-and-raul


Barack Obama and the ISIS Speech are Hollywood at its worst

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Obama’s ISIS speech was well-rehearsed theatrics. Look for Breitbart to release the name of the Hollywood big wig who directed the President, for this was the first time in his political career that he acted presidential to the American people.  As for substance it was embarrassing. His strategy was similar to Clinton’s “Wag-the Dog” airstrikes on Serbia. Mister Obama believes he can defeat ISIS with airstrikes and the introduction of proxy Armies to fight a war that will most likely be directed by NATO. He is using America’s Libyan military tactics to fight ISIS. The kicker is Obama wants to continue sending aid and weapons to the Syrian rebels to fight Assad. Surely America’s smartest ever president has to know that this is how ISIS acquired its supplies and training in the first place. Maybe Barack is hoping that an al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood partnership will join the fight to topple ISIS. Air power is a wonderful thing but only boots on the ground are capable of taking territory. 

Now let’s make two things clear: 1) ISIL is not “Islamic.” 2) No religion condones the killing of innocents and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.

The leader of the Islamic State is Amir al-Mu’minin Caliph Ibrahim, formally Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the holder of a PHD in Islamic studies.  On 29 June 2014, he announced the establishment of a caliphate and declared himself Caliph Ibrahim. Conceptually, a caliphate represents a sovereign state of the entire Muslim faithful. Doing something in the name of religion is not necessarily a sign of the religious. After all ISIS is doing what the Islamic prophet Muhammad commanded in the Quran. As for the killing of innocents, many followers of the various sects of Islam have been proficient in the killing of innocents and proudly display videos on the net. One day soon, the media may show a protest by American Muslims condemning the actions of Jihadis, but don’t hold your breath. Silence is acceptance and since he studied Islam in Indonesia, Obama knows it’s OK to lie to infidels if it furthers the cause of Islam. If the prophet Muhammad were alive today many of the same people would condemn him as not being “Islamic.”

As I have said in recent articles, American forces will not have a combat mission. We will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq.

Obama’s speech was purely political. As for the events that led to his decision to go to war against ISIS, Obama didn’t care what they were doing viewing them as the junior varsity of Islamic terrorism. Of course Obama did believe it important to squeeze in a presser about the murder of James Foley before his tee time. The speech was nothing more than a Hollywood production designed to make himself look like a leader and help Democrats running for re-election in November.

Obama’s insistence that U.S. forces on the ground will not have a combat mission is a farce. In the current political climate, Democrats know that coffins arriving at Dover AFB will hurt their chances for re-election. As Commander-in-Chief,  Obama no longer trusts his military in a ground war against ISIS. And he must keep faith with the liberal base by staying out of Iraq. His poll numbers have reached an all-time low and that has undoubtedly damaged his massive ego a bit.

The White House claims this is not a war. But dropping 500 lb. bombs on armed thugs in their occupied territory is war.

Sooner or later, Obama will be forced to deal with it.


Illegal alien children being quietly dumped into schools across the country

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Avoiding another Murrieta is the driving reason behind the Obama Administration secretly inserting thousands of illegal children (UACs) into school districts nationwide as a new school year begins. The fact that many districts are hard pressed to handle their own children is of no particular concern to the Regime.  Four states– TX, CA, FL, and VA show up on a Numbers USA code map as having received the brunt of the 37,477 UACs so far this year. (1)  Transparency, an empty campaign word Obama used way back in ’08 to vault into America’s White House, is a joke.  Children entering illegally,  mainly from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua have been moved about the United States surreptitiously in the run-up to the new school year, even as school districts scramble to find native dialect translators and increase school nurse capabilities.  “HHS data indicates taxpayers will cover $761 million in expenses related to educating them.” (2)

Receiving 5,280 helpless pawns in the Obama drama to flip red states blue is TX, yet again the battleground for epic struggles to save our democracy.  CA and FL each had 3,809 UACs inserted into classrooms as what appears to be a deliberate effort to hide enrollments takes shape.  “The Obama administration is silent on how many are still housed in what have become third-world orphanages,” and the media are comatose on the release of these pitiful little human beings into the “care” of “guardians.”  One local Arizona TV station actually followed up on identities of the “guardians” receiving these kids, only to hit dead ends over and over.  One reporter said no effort was made by authorities to verify identity as the kids were handed off at bus stations and other drops and that was that.  Only about 500 have been sent back home.

In Patrick Murphy’s 18th Congressional District of Palm Beach County, the drop of 1,000 UACs is taking place well under the local radar.  The brain dead, 31 year old politician is running back and forth erratically, making silly TV ads begging voters to send him back to DC even though local TV announcements this week revealed a short fall of $100,000 in his Palm Beach school district revenues.  Murphy smiles while school doors swing wide open for his party’s experiment to shove amnesty down the collective throat of Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Approximately $67,000 in much needed school infrastructure repairs are NOT being performed pro-actively in this Murphy district.  Was he part of the Obama HHS plan to unload these kids under the radar just as the school year begins?  Students in one school this week had to sit in plus 90 degree classrooms when the AC in their school broke down.  One African-American female student told a TV reporter her mother was picking her up to go home and change from her long sleeved shirt because the room was just too hot. She was planning on coming back into the classroom.  So much for the educational experience in Palm Beach County.  One school official just shrugged his shoulders and remarked that maintenance repairs will not be performed until something breaks down. 

How about media reports of the 1,000 UACs each going into Broward and St. Lucie County schools?  Nothing, no coverage of how St. Lucie County School District is dealing with all of this.  Our liberal district elected officials and the local progressive rag remain strangely silent on all of this. However, their British born, socialist-leaning columnist told readers a month ago that this district had four “F” rated schools and three “D” rated schools. Where are the journalistic outrage, follow up and questions being asked of people in charge?  Apparently the Democrat mantra, “It’s for the Children,” still matters when silence is golden. And Murphy remains the Democrat Party’s guy in newspaper story upon story.  Note: a local TV anchor told this reporter over one month ago that the 3,000 figure for the three Murphy district schools was happening.

“Adult relatives can claim the children from the temporary shelters run by private agencies–funded by US taxpayers. HHS DOESN’T ACT to determine whether those claiming the minors are themselves in the U.S. legally.”  (3)

Hard to forget is the open closet at the TX intake center that lets each child go in and pick out SIX different outfits from new clothing just purchased, again by U.S. taxpayers.  According to the UK online print outlet’s reporting, “the feds propose 46 shelters in 27 states-using tax payer dollars- to help cope with the influx.” (4)  Such facilities are receiving 8-9 figure tax dollar outlays to educate the children, yet an African American student in Palm Beach County was so hot and so uncomfortable her mother had to pick her up and take her home to change into a cooler outfit just so this young woman could finish our her school day.  There is just no way this amnesty-in-disguise is fair to America’s children or to children of other countries.

SOURCE:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2661062/EXCLUSIVE-Illegal-immigrant-children-released-HUNDREDS-relatives-US-illegally-claims-HHS-official.html