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Obama’s plan is to force a wedge between actual Christians and their Church leaders

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Barack Obama came out, as it were, for Gay “marriage” he forced adherent Black Christians to eat a plate of dirt. On the one hand they are strongly anti-Gay which certainly extends to being furiously anti-Gay “marriage;” and on the other hand besides worshiping God they worship Barack Obama. They were briefly caught in a dilemma: should they obey God or Obama? Of course God was forced to wait outside of the polling places and Blacks voted for their Messiah anyway. They knuckled under and accepted the plate of dirt.

Having seen this formula work with Black Christians, Obama is now trying the same thing against White Christians especially Catholics. He is working behind the scenes to enlist the help of Catholic bishops to help with the flood of illegal alien children streaming over the southern border. He wants to force a wedge between the people in the pews and their leaders and force churches to use their money and prestige to avoid being “embarrassed” for not acting in a way that liberals imagine Christians should act.  

So far Christian pastors from Churches along the southern border are willingly marching down the road to deceit. They have tried to minister to the illegal alien children but have thus far been turned away. Clearly Obama is hiding something in the shelters these people are being warehoused in.

The idea here is to make the situation so terrible that decent people will throw up their hands and say, Okay let them stay; give them welfare, send them to school, give them driver’s licenses and yes register them as Democrats. Just don’t let them die in these government maintained concentration camps.

This will trick groups like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops into spending money it doesn’t really have and defending ill-conceived social programs that will surely chase more Catholics away. This plays into Obama’s hands by weakening a major enemy of Obama and strengthening a core constituency – poor Hispanics.     

This is the plan and sadly it will work unless we fight it like the country’s survival depends on our victory. Because it does.             

The KKK responds to Obama importing South American illegals


by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

 Over 20,000 phone calls have poured into the Ku Klux Klan’s hotline since its recent weekend recruitment drive ramped up in the wake of the huge Central American illegal immigrant surge across America’s Southern Border!  The White Power group distributed their fliers wrapped in plastic bags–each containing a piece of candy–onto lawns in a Vero Beach, FL neighborhood this week.  While neighbors told a local CBS TV chief reporter that their very diverse area is comprised of gays, blacks, whites all living together in peace, no one offered an explanation as to why KKK fliers are showing up now.

 The video of this KKK flier distribution has been censored.  “Error loading player; No playable sources found,” states printing across a black screen field above the written text of the CBS coverage.  The visual featured someone wearing a blue, pointy hood and flowing cape with the large Superman insignia emblazoned across the chest.  The background was clearly in an outdoor setting. (1)  A KKK website lists the following Florida cities where the Klan has distributed its fliers:  West Palm Beach, Princeton, Hudson, Dunnellon, Beverly Hill, Lecanto, Inverness, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee, Vero Beach, Daytona, Orlando and Panama City.  Practically every state in the union is listed. “Our membership continues to see amazing growth,” an unidentified official says.  “We are not an organization of hate.”

 Klan spokesman Robert Jones, Imperial Klaifl of White Knights told Treasure Coast CBS: “We are fighting for equal rights for whites basically. . .we feel and a lot of Americans are starting to see, the government controlled media is trying to erase the white man out of the  history books.”  (2)  He added that “their Klan hotline has been ringing non-stop.” 

 Important to note here is the politically correct censorship by the main stream media in the unfortunate story and its coverage of the NJ black cop killer.  Well respected local TV reporter Sean Bergin was the object of such rebuke by his producer that he quit. It seems Bergin suggested that the lack of a father in the home of young, black, violence prone males is a root cause of what is going on. What could Bergin have been thinking, reporting the truth like that! (3) 

In Chicago, over the Fourth of July weekend, 82 shootings and 14 deaths resulted from violence in primarily black, inner city neighborhoods.  But traditional media has established an editorial policy which makes it a “no go” to report numerous, indiscriminate shootings and Blacks in the same sentence.  Unwed mothers receive welfare checks only if there is no male in the home.  So say what you want and believe what you wish about the emergence of the KuKluxKlan in Vero Beach and elsewhere,  but white power is rising.

 Most people I have talked to are fed up to HERE with the divisiveness coming out of the Obama White House.  “We are not going to tolerate illegals forced upon us,” said Loren Woods at the Oracle, AZ protest against UACs being bused into their town.  The secrecy, the lack of transparency, the advertisement of a $72,000 a year tax free stipend for housing up to six UACs by a government agency in CA–these stories make for a huge hot mess happening this week in America.

How can bringing illegal, Hispanic aliens into inner cities already fraught with crime, race, and poverty tensions help?  A black neighborhood group of Chicago protestors made a video that went viral, expressing their anger about providing for the children of other countries while ignoring the inner city children here legally!  Now add White Power awareness and look out!  Is resurgence of the Klan an inevitable result of the Central American migrant surge?

 SOURCES: (1) (2)   http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_17734.shtml

 (3) Megan Kelly, “The Kelly File,” Fox News, July 16, 2014.  Note:  Our local Sinclair Broadcast Group is to be commended for having the courage to tell us this story.  They truly are “the one to turn to” for stories no one else will tell Florida’s Treasure Coast.  This is true journalism at its best!!

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The smell of fear coming off Mark Begich can be picked up even on the “outside”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Mark Begich is the Democrat Senator from Alaska because the Democrats smeared the good name and reputation of Ted Stevens, the Republican who held the seat until 2008.

Stevens was savaged by the Democrat controlled media and criminally charged with being corrupt. Although he was pretty much cleared before the election, the people of Alaska decided “better safe than sorry.” In Begich they got worse not better and plenty to be sorry about.

Begich delivered not for Alaskans but for Barack Obama and Harry Reid when he joined in the sneaky Christmas Eve passage of a bill the Senate Democrats made believe was the bill on Obamacare that was sent to them. That was a lie, but like all Democrats they lied to ram through socialized medical care merely because they could and our Marxist President ordered them to.

Now, four years later with exactly one passed bill under his belt – yes, you guessed it, a Post Office renaming–Begich is facing the consequences of his ineptitude. As one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats, Begich is grasping at any campaign theme he thinks will end his political-approval free fall by fooling 50% plus one Alaskans.

Just as other Democrats invent imaginary friends who tell them to raise everybody’s taxes to make us all rich, Begich has invented imaginary conversations with Obama in which the president has been a “pain in his ass.”

Putting aside that Democrats are against all energy projects except fake green ones, the White House, which wouldn’t know the truth if it bit its occupants in the ass, backs up the Begich fairy tale about acting on various oil projects because the senator pushed them to act.  This reminds us that Begich is friends with Santa Clause, who he is proud to point out, is one of his supporters.  Yes the man legally changed his name to Santa Clause.    
Yet, it gets better. With nothing else but the Post Office rename to point to, Begich is running spots reminding voters that he will be running against a Republican from “the Outside” which is what Alaskans call the rest of U.S.    

His website shows he really doesn’t stand for anything apart from his re-election, fighting against the War on Women the Democrats insist Republicans are waging and Oh Yes, he doesn’t like the Koch Brothers.

Begich can still win. He is after all a member of Uniparty and Uniparty can always savage the Republican nominee who at this point looks like Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s Attorney General. The primary isn’t until August 19th.  If Sullivan, who is a strong conservative, should win, the Uniparty will probably try to savage him. Let’s hope Alaskans choose wisely this time around.

Source:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/senate-democrats-reelection-pitch-to-alaskans-im-a-thorn-in-obamas-side/2014/07/13/a6a7c60e-083a-11e4-a0dd-f2b22a257353_story.html

Taxpayers staking illegals to everything from soup to nuts

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The promise of potential foster parents earning a tax free income–gratis US taxpayers–of a staggering $72,000.00 for taking in an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) is surfacing on web links. A website is running a video taken in Concord, NC of apparent illegal, non-English speaking adult males shopping at Walmart. (1) They are suspected of using EBT cards- Food Stamps-to buy everything from food to pillows and blankets. Sylvia Locklear took this video as she was on lunch break nearby and her anger is clear as she at one point refers to all of this rape of United States taxpayers as “BS.” 

“Busloads of what appeared to be adult, illegal immigrants dropped off to shop for everything as they head to the rural NC area around China Grove,” said Ms. Locklear’s in a video not likely to be carried by the mainstream media. Several links come up when “EBT cards-illegals” is googled but it is all rumor, nothing confirmed. (1)  (Update) Doug Patterson, owner of Patterson Farms in China Grove states the workers are legal, H2A migrants workers currently in his employ. See this story at the link below. (3)

The following is a classified ad in an Orange County, CA newspaper: “‘Help Heal the Wounds’ of Abused and Neglected Children.” (2) Crittenton FFA is looking for loving, compassionate parents in Foster Care Programs-including Survivors of Human Trafficking and Unaccompanied Alien Refugee Minors- up to $6,054 monthly tax free support.”  The call-in number is redacted. Poster Ben Swann who brought this to light says he was told when he called Crittenton FFA: “If you have a five bedroom house and can take in as many as six children, you can receive reimbursement of up to $6,054 per month tax free.” He points out that caregivers can earn up to $854.00 tax free per month for taking in a child under age 16, $1,008.00 over age 16. He continues, “…the promise of over $72,000.00 a year for taking in some illegal immigrant kids is a seriously tempting carrot…” (2)

At the same link is the tale of this jaw-dropping behavior by Texas judge. “Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has gone door-to-door to some 300 residences to warn of what is coming to their neighborhood and to a school in Grand Prairie.  He is making it clear that no one will be stopping buses without law enforcement stepping in.”  He purportedly went door-to-door around the Lamar Alternative Education Center and said, “If they (protestors) break the law or impede the care of these children, then we’ll” enforce the law.”  Hello, aren’t these people law breakers in the first place? What about that axiom of US jurisprudence that says: To expect justice, you have to come into court with clean hands? (2)

The federal government has not only failed to screen illegals for terrible diseases currently spreading throughout the country, it has repeatedly ignored the needs of American veterans, even to permitting their victimization by the VA, while those in the country illegally are cared for like visiting, INVITED dignitaries. A commenter said of Judge Clay Jenkins: “This puke should be recalled immediately.”  Maybe we need to consider this for our federal government as well.


(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaJH5Me8TUc

the website  www.madworldnews is shown on the video.  

(2)   http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/07/ad-offers-6054-month-tax-free-house-illegal-immigrant-children/

(3) http://www.independenttribune.com/news/farmer-migrant-workers-in-viral-video-are-legal/article_3e139d8e-0d2b-11e4-b6f8-001a4bcf6878.html

Cold War Déjà vu

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Russia will join Google, Microsoft and the NSA in collecting data on Americans by reopening their Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) listening post in Cuba. Russia struck a deal with Cuba, a direct result of the deterioration of the relationship between Russia and the United States over the situation in Syria and the crisis in the Ukraine. In a recent visit to the Island nation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Cuba’s Raul Castro agreed to reopen the facility in return for Putin writing off 90% of Cuba’s debt to Russia.

The Lourdes SIGINT facility near Havana Cuba was the Former Soviet Union’s largest listening post operated by the Foreign Intelligence Service outside of Russia. Construction of the 28 square mile station site began in 1962 after the Cuban missile crisis. The completed facility began its job of spying on the United States in 1964. During the cold war, the facility would be staffed by KGB, GRU, and Cuban Intelligence officials in addition to spies and technicians from other Soviet Bloc countries.

Thanks to a warming of the relationship between Russia and the United States after 9-11 and given the crushing weight of Russia’s national debt, Putin decided to close the facility to save money. Democrats can’t blame the reopening on President Bush. Obama owns it outright. Reopening Lourdes will enable Russia to collect radio and Satellite signals in the western hemisphere from an Island just 90 miles south of Key West, Florida.  It’s likely that much of the intelligence collected will be shared with China.

What can be collected?
Any Signal not blocked by the curvature of the earth will be ripe for collection by Lourdes. Russia will be able to freely listen in to air, naval and some satellite signals focusing on both the US military and the nation’s commerce. Russia is actively developing a closer relationship with Latin American countries and Cuba.  Obama has announced more sanctions from the Golf Course as Secretary of State Lurch round-files the Monroe Doctrine, providing Putin the flexibility to return the old Soviet Union just south of the American Border. America’s return to Cold War diplomacy will be yet another Obama Legacy.