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Van Jones accuses Donald Trump of acting “Un-American”

By Doug Book, editor

According to Van Jones, Donald Trump acted in an “Un-American” way when he claimed to have seen thousands of New Jersey Muslims on television, celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks. “This is just terrible. You have a presidential candidate who is deliberately stoking fear and smearing a whole population of people,” said Jones. “Somebody’s gonna go hurt some Muslim as a result of this kind of hatred.”

Van Jones

For those who don’t remember, Van Jones is the dedicated Communist appointed by Barack Obama in 2009 as a special advisor for Green Jobs. Jones “…was the leader and founder of a radical group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM.”  The STORM Manifesto had been available on the web, but, in a 2009 article, Ezra Klein reported that just hours after the Jones appointment, the “manifesto was removed and the entire website taken down.”

Jones hero, Chairman Mao

“We agreed with Lenin’s analysis of the state and the party…” writes Jones in the Manifesto, discovered in Web Archives, “…and we found inspiration in the revolutionary strategies developed by third world revolutionaries like Mao Zedong…” Needless to say, the Jones Manifesto “Reclaiming Revolution” was not well received by the non-Marxists in Washington, D.C. and around the nation.

When Jones resigned as a result of “controversy over his past statements and activism,” the White House claimed “Jones’s past was not studied as intensively as other advisers because of his relatively low rank.” Of course, this was the Washington Post way of providing cover for Barack who undoubtedly felt quite comfortable hiring a fellow America-hating Marxist and whose hyper-arrogance made him believe he’d get away with it.

Another hero of Jones is Vladimir Lenin, who wants to do away with Oppressors and Exploiters. Barack would be in one Hell of a lot of trouble, wouldn’t he?

Jones sought to defend himself in the same way outed members of the far left have proclaimed their “innocence” for years— by maintaining he was framed! “On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones said. “They are using  lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

But Jones “smeared” himself when, in 2004, he signed a petition in which the group, 911Truth.org, claimed President George Bush, “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”  As Jones apologized twice for this little error in judgement, it was clearly no “lie or distortion” conjured up by his “opponents.”

This is the guy who accused Donald Trump of acting “Un-American!”

Funny, isn’t it, how often people who’ve spent their lives working to destroy the United States, accuse their opponents of being “un-American!”

Election Day will go down in history as “The Great Comeuppance of 2016”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Great comeuppance of 2016 is coming.

Americans are burning to deliver an old fashioned ass-kicking comeuppance to a list of people and Donald Trump has been judged to be our best chance to make this happen.

This is why the “gotcha” questions and personal attacks that stop other candidates have no effect on Trump’s march forward. We don’t care; we want payback.  TRUMP THUMBS UP

Webster’s defines “comeuppance” as “a punishment that someone deserves to receive.” In everyday terms we know “comeuppance” as “kicking ass and taking names,” and that is what we want Trump to do for us.

Americans have had enough from a long list of people and sense we have one chance to elect someone who will turn the tables on those who are making our lives miserable.

Trump’s supporters want him to give a special comeuppance to these people:

The Republican Establishment which treats patriotic Republicans like idiots to be lied to and made fun of.

The media that lies with impunity and “selects” punching bag candidates for the Republican Party.  MEDIA LIBERALS 3

ISIS, which thinks all Americans are Barack Obama and therefore willing victims, will get their comeuppance gift wrapped by President Trump.

Mexico’s government, which has laughed at our laws and helped vicious gang members, rapists and murderers illegally sneak into our country for decades will be humiliated when Trump gives that third rate nation its comeuppance.

China will learn the party is over and because of their cheating and stealing our intellectual property, will get their comeuppance.

Veterans Administration bureaucrats who have mistreated and watched our veterans die will get their comeuppance delivered by Trump.EPA

The EPA which has destroyed the lives of so many people “because it can” will be at the wrong end of a richly deserved comeuppance.

IRS, the left’s wholly owned instrument of torture, which destroyed people and groups for trying to use their constitutionally guaranteed rights, will get a vigorous comeuppance. We want people like Lois Lerner to feel our rage.

For her arrogant “What difference does it make?” attitude, Hillary Clinton is a special target for a severe comeuppance.  HILLARY EMAILS ETC

Amnesty billionaires will be slapped down and shown that money cannot buy the destruction of America.

Barack Obama, the smug liar who has done everything he could to rub our noses in the dirt, will get our 2016 comeuppance hand delivered by the election of Donald Trump.

I can hardly wait for the Great Comeuppance of 2016.

Americans will stand against Islam or become its slaves

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

The progressive left is virulently anti-Semitic and pro Islam. Its members have formed relationships with groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an Islamist organization with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Brotherhood demands have led to changes in Obama Administration policy that favor Sharia law. The Islamic law of OBAMA MUSLIM 2Sharia, taken as it is from the Quran, is used to subjugate infidels, that is, members of all other religions.

Of course members of the Islamic sects of Sunni and Shia have been known to kill each other as quickly as they will an infidel. And truly dedicated followers of Mohammed consider “Moderate” Muslims mere idolaters or infidels as well. It seems when primary targets aren’t available, Islamic psychopaths murder each other just to keep their hand in.

Islam is about control, the word itself meaning submission. The Quran has been described as the ranting of Mohammed, a 7th century pedophile who plagiarized the Old and New Testaments in order to lend some measure of credibility to the “religion” he invented out of thin air. But whereas the Bible had been written by men using the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Quran was cobbled together as the illiterate Mohammed dictated his  MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD 2imagined adventures with Allah to educated friends who could write.

Muslims demand universal submission from all whose lands they invade. Alternatives for the conquered consist of conversion to Islam or death. Not surprisingly, when a conquered people are murdered or enslaved, there is sometimes criticism from the outside; complaints lodged by the freedom loving. Such things, however, cannot be condoned.

One very successful method of silencing those who would condemn (or rather reveal the murderous nature of) Islam, has involved the use of American “progressives.” Members of the media and academia, for example, have taken it upon themselves to stifle any disapproval of Sharia or the tenets of Islam with claims of “Islamophobia.”

The Islamization of this country accelerated with the election of Barack Obama. Raised in the madrassas of Indonesia and later indoctrinated in the Marxist gibberish of Frank Marshall Davis, it is no wonder Obama has spent his years in the White House working  OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIMto put the American culture and people on the road to Islamic serfdom.

Even in the Egyptian magazine Rose El-Youssef it was declared that “Obama has changed from a position hostile to the Islamic groups to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Egyptian readers were made aware of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the United States long ago. It is quite apparent that the American people were not to be told, especially by the Obama Regime.

Last week Muslims reminded the world who and what they are by murdering scores of innocent people in Paris. Cowardly French officials permitted these sub-humans to inundate their nation for years and this was the payoff—no doubt the first of many.

As of today, 26 American states have stated they will NOT allow Obama’s Muslim “refugees” within their borders. Ohio Governor John Kasich immediately declared that states have no such authority; the federal government may place its Muslim killers wherever it wishes. This Republican in Name Only was guilty of  MUSLIMS INVADERSPreemptive Cowardice—being a gutless sell-out before the need arose.

Compare this spineless politician with the tens of thousands of Poles who have taken to the streets in Warsaw during the past several months and years, declaring their refusal to allow Islam to darken the Nation of Poland.

Americans will either take a stand, refuse to allow these psychopaths to subvert the American culture, or become the willing slaves of Islam. And make no mistake, the decision is ours, not Barack Obama’s. We only have to make it.

Homosexual rape under-reported by Pentagon

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The repeal of the U.S. Military Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in 2010 was joyfully cheered by Obama and his merry “men” as they forced the military to openly accept gay service members, consequences be dammed. The underbelly of the beast Obama created to ensure he continued to pack in big bucks from homosexuals was the increase of rape perpetrated by predatory males on fellow males. According to a new study released by the American Psychological Association (APA) this week, homosexual rape is being underreported by the Pentagon. Not surprisingly, the liberal, political lap dogs in uniform are afraid to report bad news to the military-hating commander-in-chief. In addition, the rape victims are ashamed of or shamed into not reporting the incident. This is not exclusive to women.

According to the most recent Pentagon sexual assault survey in 2014, about 12,000 men reported being sexually assaulted. The modern military considers sexual assault to be unwanted sexual contact including rape. Of the 12,000 men reporting be assaulted only 3,850 reported “penetrative” attacks, they were raped. And according to the more current APA study, male rape is being under-reported by the U.S. military at a rate of 15 times the actual figure!  This is not opinion but an estimate based upon APA’s random surveys of combat vets. The authors found cases of male Military Sexual Trauma, or MST as the researchers used a random response that extracted more accurate data than that derived by anonymous surveys performed by the Rand Corp for the Pentagon

In a Defense Department issued biannual report on sexual assaults it was discovered in pure numbers that more men than were sexually assaulted. Percentage-wise, women only make up 14.5 percent of the 1.4 million active duty service members. Rape is obviously unacceptable. In an article written by Nathaniel Penn for GQ he stated “Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military and more than half of the victims are men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight military men are sexually assaulted every single day. These are the stories you never hear—because the culprits almost always go free, the survivors rarely speak and no one in the military or Congress has done enough to stop it.”  Maybe the APA’s next project would accurately target rape if PTSD and MST were the cause of the high rate of suicide of active duty and vets.

Prior to World War II there was no Official written policy preventing homosexuals from serving although they were purged for the crime of sodomy. This practiced continued until 1942 when the military defined homosexuality as a mental defect. This was the policy that barred homosexuals from serving based on medical criteria.

In 1982 the Pentagon’s official policy in writing stated that “homosexuality was incompatible with military service.” In 1993 President Clinton announced that he intended to keep his campaign promise by eliminating military discrimination based on sexual orientation. As a compromise with congress, the draft dodger issued an executive order creating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” In typical behavior of militant gays, they were happy with don’t ask don’t tell yet continued to demand fully open acceptance. In a desperate move to win re-election, Obama called for the repeal of Don’t ask don’t tell. The lifting of the homosexual ban was fueled more by emotion than by reason. The homosexual culture is taking advantage of being a protected-indeed, FAVORED-class within Obama’s social agenda.

Afghanistan Asking Russia for Help?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Obama’s failed leadership has created a vacuum which is being filled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Ashraf Ghani asked Russia for artillery, small arms and Mi-35 helicopters to bolster Afghan Security Forces. Since Obama is hell bent on retreating from the world, Russia will gladly take on the lead role in fighting terrorism and selling weapons to Arab allies. Afghanistan sees that Obama is ready to abandon them both militarily and financially which allows for the growth of its enemies, first the Taliban and now ISIS.

The Taliban is the main threat to the fragile Afghan government. The principal threat to the Taliban and main rival for control is the jihadist-expansionist Islamic State. ISIS will fight any opposition to their plan, at this point, most likely a plan to surround Iran. Whereas the Taliban wishes to restore its power in Afghanistan, ISIS wants to incorporate Afghanistan into the Caliphate. Russia is concerned that an unstable Central Asia will pose a direct threat to its own border. Putin’s strategy is to destroy ISIS in the Middle East before the terror group can reach the Russian homeland. China may have to join the fight if Pakistan should be invaded by ISIS forces from Afghanistan.

After seeing what Russian forces hope to accomplish in Syria, the Afghan government believes a potential alliance may finally solve the Taliban problem and drive out ISIS terrorists. They would consider assistance from their former enemy in order to fill the void caused by Obama’s retreat. Obama has pledged to leave behind 5,500 troops after January 2017, down from his earlier promise of 10,000. It’s hardly a surprise that Obama’s failed policy has left the country in one Hell of a mess.

The Iraqi people are also seeing an alliance with Russia as a possible savior. Outside of the Kurds they are taking on ISIS directly and effectively. The first American killed fighting ISIS was Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler. Wheeler was killed when the U.S. military agreed to provide five helicopters and a number of ground troops to support a Kurdish-led mission to rescue 70 hostages. U.S. involvement was authorized because it was consistent with America’s mission to train, advise and assist Iraqi forces. However the Iraqis had hoped to see direct action which Obama will not authorize.

Afghanistan and Iraq aren’t prepared to go it alone. And as both countries are familiar with Russian weapons, they are willing to bank on Putin being a more reliable ally than Obama. In an extraordinary reflection on the reliability of Barack Obama, Afghan Prime Minister Abdullah would prefer to rely on Russia, his nation’s former enemy, than depend upon the American president when the chips are down.

Could there possibly be a more blatant expression of mistrust? As the Commander and Chief of the most powerful nation in the world, Barack Obama should be mortified by such treatment. Interesting the number of obscure definitions the hyper-arrogant Obama must apply to shame.