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Obama fails to rescue a hostage but does get in 18 holes

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

No Hostages found.

The Obama Administration reveled this week that Delta Force commandos attempted to rescue Americans held hostage in Syria by the Islamic State. Under orders from Obama and based on what they were told was the latest Intelligence, the team raided an oil refinery in northern Syria. The commandos fought their way to the location where intelligence sources believed the Americans to be located. By the time they got there the hostages had been moved and the mission was a bust. Administration official(s) revealed the nature of the mission during a conference call with reporters. (1) They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive and now compromised nature of the mission.

It’s a safe bet that this conference call leak was a political calculation made by Obama handlers to divert attention from his disgraceful indifference to the beheading of American Journalist James Foley.  Playing golf 8 minutes after making a prepared speech to commemorate a murdered American is bad optics. But it is typical display of class by our Golfer-In-Chief. (2)

No Place in the 21st Century
Muhammad doesn’t play Nintendo. Warfare is dirty business and in tribal regions it is extremely brutal. Mullah Obama thinks he can defeat the Islamic State with a few well-placed Tactical strikes. These may look impressive on the evening news but in reality will do little to deter the Jihadists’ strategic goal. The Islamists supplies will remain intact and their occupied oil fields untouched. Unless this White House learns Strategy (Alinsky isn’t strategy) and soon, the Islamic State and its new alliance with an al Qaeda affiliate will become the next oil-funded, terrorist nation. (4)

The Caliphate intends to make the territory a pure Sunni Muslim nation which will expand its control over the Middle East. They have been achieving their objective using middle age tactics and brutality.  The only people effectively fighting back are the Kurds who are using similar tactics. Until the Western World develops an effective strategy to wipe out ISIS we will one day be looking at a Holy World War.

What is Nero Obama doing? Playing Golf.

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Neither war nor riot nor illegal alien surge stays our Golfer-In-Chief from his rounds of golf


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 After almost six years of pretending, Barack Hussein Obama has revealed himself to be our Golfer-In-Chief.     

Presidents, real presidents, are supposed to be the people who make tough decisions sometimes with very little notice. They have to be ready with ideas to safeguard Americans abroad and secure domestic tranquility at home. By these standards Barack Hussein Obama has been a miserable failure. He has continued to do what is wrong so often that only those who will directly benefit by the death march he is putting America through are left to defend him.

In our streets his voters who are little more than willfully blind sycophants now roam our streets looking for beauty supply stores to loot in solidarity with “the struggle.”  While Obama’s shock troops of destruction are prowling our streets in search of their next helpless victim where is their leader?

These days Barack Obama spends his time perfecting his golf game. While the Middle East is melting from the heat of Islamist marauding, his voters in Ferguson Missouri are throwing firebombs at cops; ISIS is making Youtubes of beheading an American journalist because he was an American; tens of thousands of illegal aliens are walking over the line that used to be our Southern border and a two star general murdered in Afghanistan is being buried, Obama has spent his time golfing.          

The fact that he does this every day without a word of inquiry from our faux news media is a declaration that he wants us to look at him as our king; a man who is above the law.

When a neighbor or the guy down the street thinks he is our king we can laugh it off. When the President of the United States seeks to be regarded as our de-facto king we are in a world of trouble. In the summer of the sixth year of Barack Obama’s reign he has stopped pretending to be a concerned public servant. He has stopped even going through the motions and he “phones in” his duties from the 9th hole.  

If we do not take away as much of Obama, the Golfer-In-Chief’s power as we possibly can he will continue to march us toward the level of destruction he has always dreamed of raining down on the U.S. November is coming; use your vote wisely.     


In Ferguson, professional agitators fan the flames as usual

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Radical communists, anarchists, even an ISIS flag waver; members of the far left from CA to NY are taking advantage of the death of Michael Brown to foment fury in Ferguson.  A revolutionary named Gregory “Joey” Johnson is promoting and agitating local protestors as shown in a Missouri web post by writer Duane Lester. (1)

Johnson is wearing a black tee shirt with white lettering: “The System Has No Future. Revolution Does.” He is chanting in childlike, sing song lyrics that say there will be no police brutality, no wars, no oppression when the Revolution comes.  Using hatred of America, our way of life, our capitalism our whatever, these hate groups are doing what Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and Obama’s adviser recommends: “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste.”  Using the Brown family’s pain, the agitation of Al Sharpton and the siege mentality of leftist media, Communists have come to town to bring America down.

This is the commie mantra: use masses of people to create a revolution in the United States as part of a worldwide takeover.  The term AGITPROP is derived from the combination of agitation and propaganda and originates from Communist paradigms. Globalists, race-baiters and mainstream media lefties in need of ratings have co-opted pain for their own gain.

As he chants, Johnson’s demands are simple. He wants: “a classless world where exploitation, oppression  and all destructive divisions among people are eliminated [as] all work together to build global security for the benefit of humanity.” The crisis-exploiting Emanuel would just love Johnson as he was in on the Trayvon Martin Florida protests too.

What younger observers need to realize is that these riots very strongly resemble Chicago’s days of rage during 1967 and 1968. Night after night, walls of flames flared along South Michigan Avenue and into once lovely parks near the Art Institute.  Police were being fired upon, hit with feces and Molotov cocktails. The scenes were manufactured by bi-coastal agitators who used anger over the Vietnam War as an excuse for every destructive activity.  Here, in Ferguson, agitators are using racial tension. Having a black man in the White House was supposed to make things better, but not so.  Obama came from the Heartland but was not of the Heartland.

The real villains here are the mainstream media.  After watching all night coverage it becomes quite clear that the media are using their own version of agitprop to stir up the so-called revolutionaries.  Missouri State Patrol Chief Ron John stated at an early morning press conference that new protocols for the media soon will be in place. He admitted that the police were being fired upon, that the agitators were skulking behind innocent young protestors and that the Molotov cocktails and guns on display were meant to hurt. So the tough side of the black cop in charge must now take control.  “People from CA and NY are coming in…we have to keep people safe…our officers safe.”

This whole thing will just have to play out, just as Chicago’s Days of Rage played out.  Up on the web are videos of accounts by witnesses who maintain that the dead black teen rushed the cop.  Twelve different accounts now on social media say the same thing.  The autopsy report shows gunshot wounds on the frontal right side of the body, evidence that would not be there if the white cop had shot the black teen in the back.  Now we’re learning the dead man was 6′ 4″ tall, 294 pounds, that he pounded the cop in the face and attempted to take his pistol.  Just what do you expect the cop to do?  Those who remember the term “blunts” from the Trayvon Martin shooting know that Brown and his friend might have stolen the Swisher Sweets cigarillos to make blunts, that is, the tobacco is removed and the remaining outer layer packed with marijuana.  Who knows?

Captain Johnson spoke of officers being surrounded last night as they worked to rescue civilians suffering from non-police gunshot wounds.”That’s why we brought out the vehicles.” Several nights ago other reports told of four police officers isolated and surrounded by an angry mob of protestors.  Fox news Anchor Gretchen Carlson interviewed an area radio talk host who said the local union head was considering a lawsuit against the MO State Police because “his officers were made to go out into the crowds WITHOUT protective gear, no vests…they were hurt, hit with rocks.”  This decision was made during the touchy feely phase when police were made to handle agitators like they were participants in an all-night pajama party.

Chicago’s Days of Rage did not stop until Mayor Richard Daley Sr. took to the podium to give his famous “Shoot to Kill” order that sent the media into paroxysms of outrage. “They’re not going to kill my men,” the tough Chicago Mayor said.  International headlines screamed out his order. What they didn’t give banner headline status to was the fact that this was the only thing that put a stop to the murder, injury, loss of property and deadly chaos on the streets of Chicago. When the fun became downright dangerous, the outside agitators crawled out of town.  We can only hope that Ferguson’s days of chaos never get to this point as the realization that these riots have been co-opted by vicious, out of town anarchists and America haters starts to sink in.  The communists have come to town and it’s not nice.

SOURCE:  http://themissouritorch.com/blog/2014/08/17/meet-greg-joey-johnson-an-opportunistic-communist  

Thank God Obama has yet to find his uniformed matadors to fire on Americans

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

During the standoff at the Bundy Ranch one underlining fact changed the dynamic more than anything else: When push came to shove Barack Obama’s troops did not get into a shooting confrontation with the patriots who had gathered to fight his power. In the end, the federal troops backed down and went away, leaving Obama’s propagandists to rewrite the story, making him look like a reasonable and benevolent dictator willing to listen to his subjects.

The truth is that whether they were to come directly from the White House or at ground level, any orders to shoot at peacefully protesting Americans would not be obeyed. “They sent the wrong guys,” most of us thought, but now we are seeing that by the grace of God, there might not be any “right guys.”

It seems the same thing happened at Murrieta California. Although Obama did his best to change the subject and ignore what happened, the truth seeped out. He was not able to find paid murderers among the ranks of the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) either.

A report circulated by a Tea Party group tells us that according to a  confidential source, when the USBP arrived at Murrieta with busloads of illegal, disease carrying aliens they were turned away by ordinary patriotic Americans because the USBP would not fire their weapons at them. More than this, the USBP agents told their superiors they would stand down and refuse any further orders if Obama tried to make them shoot innocent Americans.

The smug Obama actually thought he could get USBP agents who live in Murrieta to unload these illegal aliens onto their own hometown by threatening residents at gun point and shooting them if necessary.  

Those who have had an eye on Obama since he came to office have worried about his ability to force our military and our agencies into murdering Americans.  Thank God for now it looks like he has failed. For if he should one day find his willing matadors our nation will be torn apart.   

Source: http://guerillamedianetwork.com/whistleblower-border-patrol-threatened-to-stand-down-if-dhs-used-force-on-murrieta-protestors/

Israel’s lesson for establishment Republicans: don’t listen to your enemies they’re not your friends


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After decades of attacks, insults and military aggression both openly and secretly, the Israelis have decided they don’t care what the world thinks about them; they just want to live in peace.

It is increasingly clear that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, is determined to destroy the Palestinian’s means and appetite for war against Israel. The Israelis have been pushed far enough and they will not allow the Palestinians to murder them in order to satisfy those that hate them. Unlike when Barack Obama draws a line in the sand, when Netanyahu draws one, those who cross pay a price.

Every day the world media proves how much it hates Jews in general and Israel in particular. It has gone into high gear with vicious attacks, preaching to Netanyahu about how they think Israel should defend herself. Nevertheless, as happens sometimes in prize fights when the early aggressor runs out of steam, the media has punched itself out. No matter how loudly it screeches, Israel no longer listens. More than this, Israel has not just turned a deaf ear to the world media. Netanyahu has turned a deaf ear to Barack Obama and directly told him to never second guess him again.

After decades of scorn at the hands of the United Nation’s pipsqueak, Jew hating countries, the Israelis said, “We know you are our enemy and want to see us dead, so we don’t care what you say or what you think; we have to save our lives by ourselves so just shut up.” So far the sun has come up over Israel each morning and the sky has not fallen.

Israel is now free to protect herself and breathe free because her leaders have stopped listening to her enemies, including Barack Obama.

Israel offers a clear lesson for the Republican Party, “Stop listening to what your enemies say and do what you know is right.”  If the Republican Party and indeed America are to survive, its leaders must stop listening to America’s enemies, such as the media, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Luis Gutierrez.  They have to ignore Chamber of Commerce threats to make The Republican Party extinct if its members don’t grant amnesty and hasten the destruction of America.

The lesson for Republicans is clear and right before their eyes: “Do what is right and don’t listen to your enemies.”   The question is will they heed it?