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Imagine the word Nazi in front of Obama and the Democrats’ appointees

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Imagine it is 1942 and Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt has just announced a series of appointments to his inner circle and the then Democrat infected Congress did the same. Now imagine the word “Nazi” before the names of each of the people they appointed. Imagine these people actually being certified Nazis instead of certified Muslims:   

John Brennan, current head of the CIA: Nazi/Muslim;

Obama top advisor Valerie Jarrett: Nazi/Muslim born in [Germany] – Iran where her parents still live;

Leading Democrat pretender to the presidency, Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, Huma Abedin is a Nazi/Muslim whose mother and brother are involved in the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in [Germany]/Egypt;

Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security: Arif Aikhan, is a Nazi/Muslim;

Homeland Security Advisor: Mohammed Elibiary, is a Nazi/Muslim;

Obama’s head of the Nazi/Muslim Public Affairs Council: Salam al-Marayati, is aNazi/ Muslim; and

Obama’s head of the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships: Eboo Patel, is a Nazi/Muslim.

Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has used her power to appoint Rep Andre Carson, D-Indiana the first Nazi/ Muslim to the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Let that sink in. Pelosi has put an active Nazi/Muslim in a secret Intelligence Committee. Does she think we are gathering intelligence about the Eskimos? Does this imbecile not understand that we are at war against Muslims?   

Had Democrat Roosevelt tried this stunt in 1942 people would have marched on Washington. Nevertheless, aided by a lapdog media that seems to think they will be exempt from the cold steel of Islamists vengeance against those they hate, the Democrats have done what would have been unthinkable 73 years ago. They are cheering on the infiltration of vicious terrorist supporters into our government. They are holding the door open for people who want to murder every last one of us.  Whether they are called Muslims or Nazis these people are our enemies.  America has been infected with the corrosive hands of our enemies. Now it is up to us to save our beloved country.

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Giuliani was right about Barack Obama. “End of story!”

by George Spelvin, staff writer

 Joseph Axelrod, father of President Obama’s close advisor and Chicago confidant David Axelrod, belonged to the Communist Party for the 1936 general election, according to newly released exclusive information by gotnews.com. (1) The street address in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the senior Axelrod is listed at 3831 Lyme Avenue in the “official report of the names and addresses of the voters for the Communist Party ticket in the l936 general election of the five boroughs of New York City.” 

But Obama’s Chicago based friend is discounting his father’s Communist Party membership as being reflective of his dad’s “youthful act of defiance. . .(and) bohemian lifestyle,” in his new book: “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.”  This great web source goes on to point out that the father and son were very close: “For all our years together, my father was always the one who provided a listening ear and loving support.” (2)  After Joseph Axelrod took his own life in 1974, David, then 19, said, “I was completely on my own.”  However, reporter Charles C. Johnson remarks that, “His father still left him with his radically left-wing views.” The unintended consequence of the revelation concerning the very close father-son relationship may come back to haunt both David and Barack Obama who must now deal with questions about how much he loves our country.

Obama used a new campaign slogan for his 2012 re-election bid, and the “Forward!” theme has long ties to Marxism, socialism,” says researcher, Paul Kengor. (3) This writer emphasizes that the Obama campaign slogan was used by “many communist and radical publications…in the 19 and 20th centuries.”  Don’t forget that Bill Ayres named his publication “Prairie Fire,” after a Mao Tse Tung quote: “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” Kengor cites his research into hated Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceausecu’s use of “Forward Comrades,” the origin of which derives from the writings of Communist dictator Lenin.

Now, also, in the mix of Communist writers, thinkers, and philosophers is Frank Marshall Davis, friend of Obama’s grandfather. “The founding editor-in-chief for the CHICAGO STAR was FMD. . .unflaggingly pro-Soviet,” adds the American Thinker writer. (4)  The FBI’s 600 page file on Davis, says Kengor, notes that “Davis became interested in the Communist Party.”  And, “in short, FMD was an extremely active communist agitator no doubt familiar with ‘Forward’ as a communist slogan.”  (5)  Additionally, Vernon Jarrett, former father-in-law of Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, was a writer for a communist linked labor union.  Coming with Obama from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett has remained the President’s most dedicated Senior Advisor!

And the anecdotal web story that still pops up now and then describes how an American computer language developer who traveled to Moscow was seated next to a husband and wife at a dinner party in the Russian capitol  The troubling unattributed story says the wife told the American that, in paraphrase, someone influenced by Communism will be in the White House!  So the discovery of an actual voting record of David Axelrod’s father, who registered as a Communist Party member, is very upsetting. 

“Bravely Forward! Workmen, Let Your Watchword be: No Compromise!” is a front page quote of the Frank Marshall Davis edited CHICAGO STAR newspaper. American Thinker researcher Paul Kengor, who dug this up, concludes with: “If Obama and Axelrod spent a lot of time with these Chicago influences and circles, they could have easily picked up the slogan ‘Forward.’” (6)

Two NY POST reporters “searched Obama’s speeches and found a telling pattern: to his ’most emphatic expressions of patriotism,’ the president often attaches a scalding criticism of America, including when he is on foreign soil.” The POST researchers add: “In other words, Giuliani was right. End of Story.” (7)

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Is the parrot media walking into a “Willie Horton” trap over Giuliani’s remarks about Obama?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The legend of Floyd Brown lives on!

During the 1988 presidential campaign a young and very clever Floyd Brown put together a brief TV spot showing people how Michael Dukakis the Democrat candidate had endangered the people of his home state – Massachusetts- by allowing a murderer out of prison on a furlough. Under ordinary circumstances, had this fact been pointed out in print or mentioned in a recorded interview even something as outrageous as this would have been buried by the Democrats’ parrot media. But that is not what happened. The clever Mister Brown had actually set a trap for the self-important media.  

The now famous Willie Horton spot actually ran only a few times on a local Washington, DC cable channel. The budget for the project wasn’t very big so Brown had to “bet” that the media would bite and they certainly did. The dummies were outraged! The media jumped to blindly defend the release of a murderer who went on a crime spree that included assault, armed robbery and rape the moment he slipped away from his guards.

The spot which showed dangerous looking characters walking through a revolving door in front a prison was shown over and over again by an addled brained media that actually believed people would look past the disastrous results of Dukakis’ stupidity and share their “outrage” that anyone would bring it up.  It back fired big time. Today, for the most part, those who were around in 1988 can only remember Dukakis’ stupid liberal stunt and that George Bush senior won the election.

Today’s parrot media seems to be falling into the Willie Horton trap again. Last week when Rudy Giuliani challenged Barack Obama’s patriotism (the same thing Obama has said about George Bush junior) they jumped to defend the indefensible once again. They are doing a great job of raising questions about Obama’s loyalty to America and like their forefathers, they are too stupid to stop bringing the issue up and thus continuing to dig Obama’s political grave.   

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that in just the first two days after Giuliani’s charge was made, the media mentioned it at least 2935 times, eclipsing anything else they could have chosen to cover. With friends like this Obama doesn’t need enemies. These fools now keep demanding that Giuliani “clarify” his statement and Rudy has taken the opportunity to point out that Obama is tainted by past affiliations with Communists.  Will they ever get it? Not likely.

The legend of Floyd Brown lives on!    

Source: http://freebeacon.com/blog/media-coverage-of-rudy-giuliani-comments-dwarfs-coverage-of-clinton-foundation-foreign-donors/

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Is POTUS in Pain because FLOTUS may Walk?

by George Spelvin, staff writer

Calling Barack Obama a Commander in “Cheat,” the NATIONAL ENQUIRER this week in an online report has revealed that our First Lady (FLOTUS) is so fed up with the President that D I V O R C E may be coming to America’s White House! Allegedly, a very “vicious” legal maestro only awaits 2014, IRS tax filings for divorce action. So rather than being delayed until 2017, the long rumored marital split may now be imminent!   (1) Just think how much worldwide press this turn of events would generate.  How important, in contrast, would be the threat of ISIS at Europe’s door, the snubbed Jewish leader’s speech to Congress or the first female SCOTUS sleeping through her leader’s State of the Union address?  Hey, Kennedy brought good wine.

Hinting that something may well be up, our supermarket news finder tells us that in 2012, America’s First Couple gave $150,000 to charities.  However, in 2013, “charitable donations were just $59,251.” Could the $90,749.00 difference constitute a cost shift from charities to shysters? Drudge is up with shocking headlines revealing the First Couple spent $2.5 MILLION of our money on very separate Valentine’s weekend vacation getaways. (When was he ever here for us anyway?) Barack engaged his favorite taxi service–Air Force One—while Moochelle and the girls flew to Aspen ”for a skiing trip onboard a separate presidential aircraft.” (2)

Tabloids since Christmas have unloaded waves of rumored marital discord from an island in the Pacific! Maybe this year’s frost free holiday was the tipping point in a marriage headed for a war of the leis, Hawaiian style.  Hey, maybe the girl just can’t take it anymore. After all, Barack went from last year’s selfie with the flirtatious Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to “was-it-a-thing” with the still married sweet Caroline in the land of the rising sun?  An astute commenter remarked, however, that the Dane had rather large calves, but that they would never rival the Clinton cankles. We all know that the Clinton War of the Roses actually pumped our former President’s cache.  Tabloids now are going where our loser mainstream media won’t because they have to protect their most important clients, that is, all Democrat presidents. Clinton spinners now must be busy trying to reshape the Florida billionaire’s idyllic under age sex saga at another island in the sun because a former Commander in Cheat needs cover.

But back to Barry and Mooch. Are the tax returns the issue or are the estimated mega book deals when her husband walks the real reason for delaying the White House divorce-from-Hell? Will the current First Lady be the first to break through the White House sheets to D I V O R C E her man, something no other FLOTUS has ever done?  Meanwhile, it is alleged that the secret service are trying to find out who leaked the shockingly alluring photo of First Daughter Malia. She is very pretty! How is all of this domestic turmoil affecting her and her sister?  How are White House staff dealing with the alleged marital strife?  Must housemaids do double duty making up two sets of bedroom linens?

Finally, will our FLOTUS be our first WH divorcer? Those pictures of her spouse after the TX judge told him he couldn’t flood America with dozens of potential Democrat voters really look pretty grim. Maybe the guy is discovering that those lyrics from the hippies era ballad, “American Woman,” really are true. Maybe he’s the one saying, “Woman, don’t come round knockin’ at my door anymore.”  Will FLOTUS do what Sheriff Joe and his Cold Posse couldn’t do, what the birthers couldn’t do, what the Tea Partiers still can’t do?  Will Mother Michelle be our first Mother Superior?

SOURCES: (1) http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/obama-100-million-divorce-explodes

(2) http://www.wcvb.com/politics/unauthorized-photo-of-obamas-daughter-malia-hits-internet/30565204


Coptic Christians another group for ISIS to kill and Obama to ignore

By Ed Wood, staff writer

ISIS has released a videotape of the public beheading of twenty-one Coptic Christians somewhere along the coast of Libya.  I hate to admit it, but I didn’t even know what a Coptic Christian was.  So I looked it up.  “Coptic” means “Egyptian” and Christians living in Egypt identify themselves as Coptic Christians.  Pretty simple.

Copts were organized between A.D. 42 – A.D. 62 and consider John Mark, the author of the Gospel of Mark, to be their founder.  Over the years, Egypt fell under the colonial rule of Italy which demanded loyalty to Roman rulers.  The Copts refused to show allegiance to any but the Christ, so the usual persecution took place. 

In A. D. 641, Coptic Christians were rescued from the Roman Empire by fellow Arabs who demanded adherence to their Islamic faith. The Copts went from the frying pan into the fire, for as we have seen, the consequences of refusing to accept Islam are rather severe. Not surprisingly there aren’t many Coptic Christians left.                                                                                                                                                Since the Arab Spring uprising in Cairo, things have not gone well for the Copts in Egypt. In fact, the 21 Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS were seeking work in neighboring Libya, the country America rescued from the dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  Clearly, they were not well received there either.

In a statement released by the Vatican, Pope Francis condemned the beheadings by ISIS terrorists, saying of the Copts, “Their only words were: ‘Jesus, help me!’  They were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians.” “The blood of our Christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out be heard,” continued the Pope.  “It makes no difference whether they be Catholics, Orthodox, Copts or Protestants. They are Christians!” 

President Obama, however, doesn’t appear to be quite so well informed as the Pope.  For while much of the world, including Pope Francis, condemns ISIS for killing the Copts simply because they were Christian, Mr. Obama condemns only “…the despicable and cowardly murder of twenty-one Egyptian citizens in Libya by ISIL-affiliated terrorists.” Twenty-one Egyptian citizens. Obama doesn’t mention the name “Islamic,” or recognize the victims as Christian. But of course, Barack has been out of town.

Bookmakers in Las Vegas are taking bets on how many days it will be until President Obama identifies ISIS for what it truly is.  A better bet might be how many days it will be before the media identifies Barack Hussein Obama for what he truly is.