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Obama thanks New England for its support with a finger in its eye


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

New England is beyond a doubt the most socialist section of the country. For all their talk about “Boston Strong” and “Hearty New Englanders,” they are the most committed supporters of Democrat liberals. Last Wednesday their loyalty to Barack Obama was rewarded with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) crushing blow to New England’s cod fishing industry.

Obama’s henchmen at NOAA placed a, “six-month ban on most cod fishing off New England this week and are threatening to cut next year’s catch by up to 75 percent.” Given the extent of the damage this ban will do, observers have estimated that it will destroy the livelihoods of people in and out of the fishing business throughout the deep blue region.    

The cynically timed, post-election NOAA edict, which takes effect immediately, shuts down fishing from Provincetown, Massachusetts to the Canadian border. No cod trawling may take place in the Gulf of Maine until April 30, 2015.

On hearing of this crippling announcement from Obama’s NOAA, a Gloucester fisherman gasped, “It’s all over! I’m done. My grandfather’s done it, [cod trawling] my father’s done it. I brought my kids into doing it.”

Now stuck in Obama’s web, he explained that his craft is not equipped to continue operations. His boat, which he uses to haul in between 700 and 2500 pounds of cod a day, is too small to make the round trip far enough away from NOAA’s clutches  to continue normal operations.  

This assault on New England’s economy is nothing new; their allowable catch was cut by 77% in 2013.  The liberal suckers in the region should have known better but of course they just can’t figure out the connection between voting Democrat and seeing their lives destroyed.   

Recent history shows that the federal government has issued wide fluctuations in its estimate of the size of the cod schools off the coast of New England.  As usual the Obama Administration uses whatever numbers it thinks it can get away with as it tightens its grip on every aspect of our economy.

By reflexively voting Democrat, the dupes in New England empower their tormentors to walk all over them.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/11/12/noaa-puts-ban-on-cod-fishing-hurts-family-businesses-and-coastal-communities/

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ISIS and Al Qaeda join forces in Syria


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Militant leaders from the Islamic State and al Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front, have reportedly formed an alliance by joining forces against common enemies. Not only would the alliance oppose United States and Syrian forces they will fight the Obama administration-supported, so-called “moderate” rebels to dominate the fighting in Syria. The moderate Syrian rebels do not have the organization or the man power to fight government forces and a coalition of hardened, terrorist forces at the same time. (1)

Obama was counting on those “moderate” rebels to weaken the Islamic State in Syria.  His only resort, without committing Americans on the ground, is by making deals with Iran to get involved. His letter to Khamenei described a shared interest between the U.S. and Iran in fighting Islamic State militants.

The meeting occurred on November 2nd in Atareb, west of Aleppo, Syria and was confirmed by a member the Obama backed Free Syrian Army. Information released by western backed Syrian rebels indicates that the two sides did meet and that an agreement has been reached. Details of the alliance are unknown to the public at large at this time. The alliance between the two brutal Islamic terrorist groups doesn’t bode well for the western backed rebels or the Syrian force in Syria and their supporters.

The Islamic State has occupied nearly one third of Syria and Iraq. In its “campaign of brutality and beheadings” (2) ISIS has acquired weapons and resources that have enhanced the groups’ ability to wage war against the Syrian forces with equal or superior fire power.  The two groups have fought each for over a year now and have formed an alliance that has far reaching consequences for the United States and its allies. There now exists an unofficial agreement between the Islamic State and al Qaeda since the beginning of airstrikes by the United States. Both now have common enemies.


1) http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/11/13/isis-al-qaeda-reportedly-reach-accord-in-syria/

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How much money do we really owe? More than the government is saying and amnesty will kill us


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Amnesty will kill us. It will cripple our ability to get out of debt.  

Since Barack Obama took office we have watched helplessly while he ran up our debt using our future earnings as collateral. As ordinary Americans we are limited in our ability to visualize and actually get a true understanding of the magnitude of our debt.

 We hear numbers that start in the hundreds of billions and run to the trillions. These numbers lose their meaning and their impact because of their enormity. The current best guess is that we owe nearly 18 trillion dollars. That much money arranged in stacks of dollar bills can equal the size and height of big city skyscrapers; but when unfunded mandates are included we can build a small city.        

We no longer even have an understanding of how our dollars and our debt relate to each other; what our money actually represents. One theory of the value of dollars that might be helpful is the “Man Hours or Man Years” (MHMY) measurement.    

Using MHMY if we set a worker’s average pay at $20.00 per hour or $40,000 a year our economy is worth $840 billion Man Hours or 420 million Man Years. Fortunately the average American’s wage is $44,888 which helps a bit. By that measurement our national MH are at around $462 billion and our MY are about $925 billion.

To grasp how feeble even this impressive sounding number will be in righting our debt ship, combining our recognized debt of $18 trillion and our various unfunded mandates of $250 trillion leaves us with a total debt mountain that will need about 400 million Man Years for the former and over 56 billion Man Years for the latter respectively.      

The way to get out of this mess is clearly to put Americans back to work. Yet, of a pool of possibly 244 million workers we are employing just 144 million. Unless we fix this all of those who are actually working would have to surrender 100% of their wages to the government over the next 45 years to pay these bills and get us out of debt.

Since there is no chance of that happening, it is imperative we start putting people back to work in the private sector which produces goods and services rather than governmental jobs that merely burn through tax money to no economic advantage. Our number one domestic policy must be getting people back to work.

We have to act immediately. We have to slam our borders shut and allow no new immigration period. There must definitely be no amnesty and jobs for American citizens must be on everyone in Washington’s mind until this problem is fixed.

Amnesty for illegals who are stealing jobs from Americans has got to stop and be forgotten.     

 Source: http://www.blacklistednews.com/It_Will_Take_6.25_BILLION_%E2%80%9CMan_Years%E2%80%9D_To_Pay_Off_Federal_Government_Liabilities%3A_%E2%80%9CA_Mathematical_Impossibility%E2%80%9D/38935/0/38/38/Y/M.html

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Napolitano thinks Obama can and should grant fiat amnesty to illegals


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet “Jan The Man” Napolitano who helped give hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens a stay of deportation now says she backs Barack Obama’s plans to grant broad, unqualified amnesty by executive action.   

In a recent interview, Napolitano told the Washington Post,  “If Congress refuses to act and perform its duties, then I think it’s appropriate for the executive to step in and use his authorities based on law … to take action in the immigration arena.’’

In her speech titled “Anatomy of a Legal Decision,” given in Georgia in an obvious attempt to stir up Hispanic voters, Napolitano talked about the policy of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) that halted deportations of young undocumented immigrants and gave them work permits.”

The former HSS who is now infecting the University of California with her failed liberal ideas, whined that we need to do something for those who were secretly and illegally brought into America. In a classic example of liberal doctrine which shifts responsibility for everything to those around them she fretted, “They were brought here as kids, not of their own volition. They really are kind of the worst victims of the lack of immigration reform.”

Napolitano proudly allowed that when the DACA failed in the Senate in 2010, she joined with Obama in planning how the Administration could violate the Constitution and thwart the Legislative Branch of government. To that end she said, “And so it came to pass that in the spring of 2012, I assembled a small team of advisers, including our brightest lawyers, and I asked them this: What can we do about the Dreamers? What can we do short of a blanket amnesty? What can we do within the parameters of the law?”

Now we know the answer to her rhetorical question. Obama has no intention of following our Constitution, a document he has often characterized as an impediment and filled with restrictions on the powers of government to control our lives.

With the help of Jeh Johnson the current Homeland Security Secretary, Homeland has now become yet another arm of government that has seen its purpose turned inside out. It was supposed to protect us; but now it threatens us instead.

Will their Election Day successes be used by Republicans to thwart the illegal agenda of the Regime?

Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/10/janet-napolitano-immigration-112222.html

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