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The Kelo Decision and Barack Obama’s BLM land grabs

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

What stops the federal government from merely deeding private lands to foreign governments “because we can?” Actually nothing stops the government from doing anything, certainly not the Kelo Decision.

Without a doubt the Supreme Court’s Kelo Decision is one of the most potentially destructive weapons a tyrant like Barack Obama has at his disposal. 

We’ve heard that Dirty Harry Reid, Nevada’s real life Senator Geary, was possibly preparing to steal some of the Bundy ranch land to give it to a Chinese company to run another fake “green scam.”

This begs the question: Why couldn’t the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) merely re-deed the land in question and cite the Kelo Decision as its legal grounds?

The Kelo Decision was a 2005 case in which the Supreme Court overturned the honest use of the eminent domain doctrine, which had previously allowed confiscation of private land only for purposes of direct government use, and allowed for such confiscations to be used to transfer ownership of land from one private citizen to another. The 5 to 4 vote saw Justice Anthony Kennedy join the majority and help shred the Constitution.

Now nine years later the lawless Barack Obama stands in a position to use Kelo as a way to act like he is our Sovereign and arbitrarily strip Cliven Bundy or anyone else of property he wants to use in his next scheme.   

The Bundy ranch showdown is not over. The fight might move to Texas or another Western State, but the issue remains essentially the same. Both the government and private land owners have to ask themselves whether Kelo can be used as a way for Barack Obama to declare victory and move on. If he does he can get all those nasty videos to stop and use a show trial to crush the Tenth Amendment and the security of private land ownership forever.

After Kelo what does your name on a deed mean besides the fact that you get to pay taxes on the land until the government decides to steal it and give it to a crony?  This has never been so true as it is today.




Your Republican Senator wants a $1000 donation to act like a Democrat

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

A very deceptive ploy is being used by the National Republican Senatorial Committee that is at least rather unfair, at most a bit too over the top for establishment senators who might be getting the message that Republican voters do NOT want what they’re selling.
This writer received an official looking letter with a return address of “Saint Lucie County Area Assessment.” It had a black, bold type warning “Do Not Tamper or Destroy” above the homeowner’s address. Naturally, this letter was the first one to be opened because, frankly, it looked like some notice from the county assessor’s office.  But on closer look, the return address was the National Republican Senatorial Committee, 424 Second Street, NE, Washington DC, 20002.
“The National Republican Senatorial Committee has commissioned this AREA ASSESSMENT in order to get a detailed, highly accurate evaluation of GOP voter attitudes in every County, City, Borough, and District nationwide,” says page one of this letter. “You are the only citizen living in your unique Voting District to receive the enclosed ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT, so your participation and timely response are very important.”
The loaded verbiage and the slanted four page voter “assessment” are really just a money raising ploy asking for a $1,000 donation. BTW, if $1,000 is a little too steep after you’ve paid your Obamacare tax collection fees, you could give $500, or even $250.  An “other” box lets you put in a smaller amount.
Here are some of the slanted questions that any Conservative voter would recognize as some out-of-touch pollster’s attempt at exploitation:  “Do you think President Obama’s government-centric economic policies have slowed job growth?” Talk about a non sequitur! How about asking these pollsters just where Republican politicos were when our citizens’ wealth was flushed down the toilet in the failed, 2008 stimulus rape of our individual retirement funds?
Or how about this rhetorical chestnut: “Do you support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?” Huh? Maybe, I’d check their “Undecided” box if I felt like sending them a bag of pennies, because this old canard has been trotted out to prod Conservatives for decades now, and NO ONE does anything about it!  Or how about this nutty question in their list of 31: “Generally, is there too much government involvement in our free enterprise system?”  Can you answer who is buried in Grant’s tomb?
And what have your GOP senators been doing while President Obama and his in-country, bureaucratic SWAT teams have been weakening our US military? “Is it important for the United States to maintain the strongest military in the world?” seems like a question these people need to ask themselves. Filling up the positions of our rank and file and top generals with politically correct, social justice-seeking “fighting” men, and oh, women, too, may look great to the Muslim Brotherhood but maybe not so much if China decides to use its own military to collect on the debt we owe them!
This question is so stupid and so insulting, no box should be checked:  “Do you believe White House operatives (including possibly the president) are covering up how much they knew about the Justice Department’s spying on journalists and the premeditated terrorist attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya?”
Well, as their questions get more and more loaded with jabs to purposely provoke the reader into popping for a $1,000 donation, the National Republican Senatorial Committee closes with this: “”Will you help the NRSC achieve its goal by participating in this LOCAL AREA ASSESSMENT for Saint Lucie County and by making a special financial gift?” Sure I will, after you seat warmers refund to me what I lost six years ago when you kept warming your seats.  Sure, I will when you get your butts in gear and go out along the Southern Border and stand there with guns pointed south to stop illegal incursions into our once safe country, just as the Bureau of Land Management and other feds stood eye ball to eye ball, weapons at the ready to shoot American ranchers. You were silent when the BLM took aim at privately owned cows, just as you can’t bring yourselves to ask why Obama won’t take aim at our open borders?

So how about this for a question 32:  “Do you believe your actions speak louder than your words?”  How about you answer that one, then ask me for a $1,000 to keep your seat warm for another six years of empty words but no action from US Senate Republicans?

Vladimir Putin makes Obama look like the weak sister he is

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Russian Nationalism
After the fall of the Soviet Empire the Russian people felt a little humiliated. They felt like they were living in a beaten nation. Vladimir Putin has slowly been building a sense of nationalism that has resonated with the Russian people. He has put in place policies that have rejected the West’s programs of tolerance and multiculturalism which were working to destroy Russian identity and culture. It came as a shock to the Gay community that, during their protests, the Russian people didn’t care about them one bit. Inside Russia Putin is seen as a hero for standing up to the West over the situation in Ukraine. In a historical context, Russians see Ukraine as a part of Russia. (1) Putin is concerned that if he doesn’t stand up to a weak American president he will be unseated like the former Ukrainian Prime Minister. An analysis of the body language makes it obvious that, when the two men meet, Putin has no respect for the public housing, Kenyan Muslim.

In the face of meaningless threats from  Barack Obama and John Kerry, Russia stood firm. Putin knew he had gotten the better of the Neville Chamberlain of Massachusetts. (3) Russia still maintains the right to intervene militarily in the Ukraine and will undoubtedly annex Crimea. After all, Russian forces are not required to leave the Crimea or withdrawal from Ukraine’s border. This will be seen as Putin standing up against Obama and the European Union and NOT flinching.  Any threats from the all talk Obama Regime will have little effect on a man of action.

In a recent televised question-and-answer show, Putin identified eastern Ukraine as “Novorossiya” or “New Russia,” while maintaining Russia’s historical claim to the territory.(2)  He is making a direct challenge to the West.

Cutting off access
This week Putin refused to allow any U.S. surveillance flights over Russian territory, putting a stop to the collection of intelligence about the Russian Force massing on Ukraine’s boarder and in Crimea. The aerial surveillance was part of an “Open Skies” flight agreement which allows the United States and Russia to fly planned missions in each other’s airspace to verify compliance with various arms control agreements. Russia felt that current overflights were focusing on forces in and near Ukraine and ordered it stopped. (4) President Putin just let Obama know that he is tired of the community organizer’s rhetoric.


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Obamacare has us hearing, “I’m sorry, we are no longer accepting that kind of insurance”

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The captives who have been dumped by their healthcare insurance companies on Barack Obama’s orders are beginning to feel the pain Obama meant them to experience.

Obamacare was and always will be nothing more than a stick with which to flog Americans into lining up and marching into a single payer system. Single payer is a system that involves the government paying healthcare providers what the government thinks their services are worth. The details that we have been able to dig out of Obamacare include the fact that doctors’ salaries will be determined by the government. Moreover there will be no differentiation between medical specialties. Doctors who do brain surgery will be paid the same as those who clip the toenails of diabetics and the elderly.   

These rules have led to doctors opting out of any kind of insurance plan that is connected to Obamacare and brought about shortages Obamacare fans couldn’t even imagine.

One of those former Obamacare fans tells her story as follows.

“As a proud new beneficiary of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obqamacare), I’d like to report that I am doctorless. Ninety-six. Ninety-six is the number of soul crushing rejections that greeted me as I attempted to find one. It’s the number of physicians whose secretaries feigned empathy while rehearsing the “I’m so sorry” line before curtly hanging up. You see, when the rush of the formerly uninsured came knocking, doctors in my New Jersey town began closing their doors and promptly telling insurance companies that they had no room for new patients. My shiny, never used Horizon health card is as effective as a dollar bill during the Great Depression. In fact, an expert tells CNN, “I think of (Obamacare) as giving everyone an ATM card in a town where there are no ATM machines.” According to a study 33% of doctors are NOT accepting Medicaid. Here in Jersey, one has a dismal 40 percent chance of finding a doctor who accepts Medicaid – the lowest in the country.”

There is an old Dutch saying that fits here: “We grow too soon old and too late smart”? The worse thing is that because of Barack Obama and his Frankenstein monster too many of us might not get to “grow too old.”

Source: http://www.ebony.com/wellness-empowerment/when-doctors-slam-the-doors-on-the-newly-insured-304#ixzz2yOYB4ple

After the Bundy debacle, will government use murder to reassert its dictatorial authority?

by Doug Book,  editor

What steps will our federal and state governments take to reassert their dictatorial authority over a people who have become far too confident in an ability to defy their superiors? Will Barack Obama quietly authorize assault and battery, even the murder of a few unimportant Americans in order to intimidate an annoying, freedom seeking public back into line? 
According to the terms of New York’s Safe Act, April 15th was the final day by which “Assault Weapons” were to be registered with the state. But of an estimated 1-2 million rifles which have made paper felons of Empire State owners, it is believed that just 3,000-5,000 had been registered by the deadline; about one quarter of 1%. And New York gun owners are not just refusing to obey Governor Cuomo’s unconstitutional firearm statute, they are openly DEFYING it, burning their registration forms for all to see.

Some 85% of gun owners in Connecticut have also refused to arrange for the eventual confiscation of their AR 15′s. Of an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 “assault weapons” believed to be in the Constitution State, just 50,000 have been registered in accordance with that state’s new gun law.

Last week, the worth, purpose and importance of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms were at last placed on full display before the American people. Neither Barack Obama or any future president can erase the image of armed cowboys, ranchers and Militia members forcing federal mercenaries to back down and end the forcible theft of land and cattle from an American citizen. What an unmitigated disaster for those long dependent upon intimidation to manipulate a people and enable state and federal thieves to confiscate the property, money and liberty of the powerless.

From the beginning of the year culminating in last week’s rout of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) enforcers, the cause of gun confiscationists and the arrogant pride of government officials have been dealt a series of very public and damaging blows, not only by a determined band of patriots in the desert, but also by the millions of gun owners who have chosen to defy the authority of legislators and law enforcement.

Neither the federal or state governments can afford another embarrassing display of weakness when confronted by a public which challenges their power and authority, whether by refusing to register firearms or threatening to use them. It is imperative that the next confrontation end with state or federal officers enjoying at least the same margin of gratification by which BLM forces were humiliated at the Bundy ranch. The question is, to what lengths government goons will be permitted to go to win the next match by the mandatory K.O.?

The BLM had only 30-40 well-armed individuals at Bunkerville. Expecting the American public to express little or no interest in the fight, why send more? But as hundreds poured into the area, there were soon 1000+ patriots of which 80% or more were armed. The BLM was caught flat-footed in a fight it was too late to win.

The next target of government greed or contempt will be immediately greeted by a massive show of force. Should it again be the Bundy ranch, hundreds of federal mercenaries will arrive, suddenly and without warning. They will be supplied with every amenity, from assault vehicles to helicopter gun ships. It will be an overwhelming display of power designed for just one purpose–the intimidation of the American people; especially any who might one day be tempted to interfere with the course of “justice.”  Cattle will be killed or left to their own devices, the family will be manhandled and frog-walked to waiting federal transportation and anyone accidentally on or near enough the property to record events will have their video equipment/telephones confiscated. The operation will be quick, painful and recorded only by the most trusted of media allies.

And yes, commanders will be given the authority to authorize firing at any target deemed a danger or hindrance to the mission. Playtime is over for the Obama Regime and its legions of corrupt bureaucracies. The American public must learn to respect their betters and surrender to their demands.

However, after a few innocent bodies have fallen, the Obama Administration will be taught the resolve and tenacity of the American people. It will be a costly education.