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DOD ordered to enlist illegal immigrants


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Frustrated that Congress does not bend to his will by granting amnesty to millions of undocumented Democrat voters, Mullah Obama has ordered the military to pander to and enlist illegal immigrants. In true PC fashion, the media are reporting the story of Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI. It is a Department of Defense policy which encourages illegals to enlist in the military for the purpose of introducing language skills critical to national security, such as Arabic, Chinese, Pashto or Persian. (1) Spanish is missing from the list. (2) In simple terms, native speakers are needed for translation and the collection of intelligence. Previously MAVNI was limited to legal, non-citizens. But like all things emanating from Grand Mufti Barack, the rules will change as he sees fit. Opposition is not permitted. (3)

Downsizing of the Military

This policy was implemented during a massive drawdown of the military which has forced American volunteers out in order to cut the only budget safe from liberal scrutiny. Military recruiters are turning away young Americans more than ever as each branch is told to be more selective in recruiting. In the near future, illegals could receive preferential treatment as their only means of becoming American citizens. This will be implementation of the Regime policy known as Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, or DACA.

Expedited Citizenship

The Democrat Party wants to create more voters by expediting the granting of citizenship–for future Democrats, of course.  If the new military recruits are accepted into the program, they will apply to receive expedited processing for citizenship. They will then move from non-immigrant visa or asylee/refugee/TPS status directly to citizenship. Considering the types of specialties needed from recruits, this would be a perfect cover for al-Qaeda/ISIS sleepers to bypass a lengthy Green Card process and move directly to citizenship.

History Lesson: The deterioration of the Roman army

Once feared Roman legions were openly mocked during the Late Empire by enemies who knew the formerly invincible troops would be slow to react to threats to the empire. Legion Soldiers grumbled about the severity of their tenure and were disgusted by barbarian “allies” who were treated leniently and paid handsomely. As a result, the Roman legions were unable to protect the empire from external or internal threats. 

The fall of Rome began with a corrupt ruling class which looted the Empire while leaving its defense to mercenaries. Sound familiar?


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Republican Senate candidates Cotton, Brown and Land moving up by attacking amnesty


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

For many conservatives this election is an odd mixture of joy and foreboding.  On the one hand we are happy that the indications point to an end of the tyrannical reign of Harry Reid; but on the other we are faced with the prospect of more of the same old same old from Republicans.

While there are many issues to be weighed as we decide what to do on November 4th, few would argue that amnesty is not our top concern. If the Republicans join Barack Obama in granting amnesty to illegal aliens our country will collapse and eventually cease to be.

We know this and Republicans know this but many don’t seem to care. Nevertheless, we have to be mindful of the Senate’s confirmation powers and the likelihood of Supreme Court positions and other very important appointments being brought before a Reid controlled Senate in the near future. This presents the dilemma many conservatives are dealing with.

Those who agree that amnesty is the transcendent issue of this election and have been waiting for a way to get into this fight, without feeling like a sellout, have a few candidates to support.

Among the candidates amnesty concerned conservatives have to back in Senate elections are Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Scott Brown in New Hampshire and Terri Lynn Land in Michigan.

Brown, we know, is not a true conservative. Nevertheless, he has made up some twenty points on his Democrat opponent since mid-summer by attacking her on her support of amnesty. Tom Cotton has jumped to a lead in his race in Arkansas by doing the same.

We’ve heard about these races but we have not heard much about Terri Lynn Land’s campaign in Michigan. This was supposed to be a “laugher” for the Democrats who have owned the seat for a while. Land, however, is also a fierce opponent of amnesty and to the surprise of many on both sides she has pulled to within two points of her opponent 41/39.

Rasmussen is calling this a statistical tie; but given the problems Democrats are having across the country and the “late hour,” Land is moving in the right direction against a popular Democrat who is in the low 40s. With a huge undecided cohort in Michigan, Land certainly can win.

Donations to these candidates will be a blow against amnesty:








Barack Obama: Poll Driven Warrior


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

President Obama is now at war with the Islamic State and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. The Nobel peace prize winner attempted to put Egypt and Libya under the control of The Muslim Brotherhood. He tried to enlist NATO to aid in the overthrow of Syrian President Assad. Isn’t it remarkable that the Nobel Prize winner has started more wars that the “cowboy” President Bush? Obama expects to win this war with airpower alone but he will soon be forced to reluctantly admit that it will not be won during his regime. After all, the current war is being waged because of lackluster poll results. Rarely do such ego-driven fights turn out well.

The Khorasan group

The Khorasan group is al-Qaeda’s cell in Syria, dedicated to plotting a terror attack against the United States. The group was decimated by a barrage of Tomahawk missiles but not destroyed. The group was put together by jihadists who knew Osama bin Laden during the creation of al-Qaeda. They were assembled in Syria under supervision of senior al-Qaeda leadership. Islamic State founder Abu Bakr al-Bagdahdi was a former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Of course, post-strike photos and deliberately incomplete assessments are more likely to generate positive poll results than  the truth.

Despite the wishes of this White House, al-Qaeda is alive and still dangerous. These terrorists must be met head-on and fought in a ground war, but coffins arriving at Dover AFB will only generate negative poll results, especially when it is revealed that American forces are using rubber bullets, if they are permitted to fight at all.

UN Speech

Mullah Obama read from his teleprompter that “the cancer of violent extremism” embodied in terrorist organizations now dominates his foreign-policy agenda behind global warming. He used the time at the United Nations to beg other countries to join a greatly exaggerated coalition to perform the heavy lifting in the fight against the Islamic State. The only mid-eastern countries fighting are Kingdoms which consider the Islamic State caliphate a threat to their own nations. The press seems to ignore the Kurds and nonparticipants Turkey and Egypt. Who can blame Egypt? Mullah Obama had a moment of clarity when he pointed out that “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.” It was the same speech in which he declared a “war on war” is needed to ensure a peaceful future. Nice line but certainly meaningless coming from the likes of Barack Obama. Then again, maybe it resulted in a few good poll numbers.

The only things Obama is serious about are tee times and low poll numbers resulting from inactivity in the face of Islamic terrorism. As Barack won’t be running again, it’s a safe bet that the former are of far greater interest to him than the latter.



A Republican wave? Maybe not, but nothing out there really says otherwise


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

I’m so disgusted with the Republicans that I’m actually expecting nothing from the coming election. Nevertheless, there are a few nettlesome facts that kind of stand in the way of those who are ready to throw themselves over a cliff worrying about a Democrat comeback. In Iowa, for example, Joni Ernst is up 6 points in a race that is supposed to be “thisclose.”

In Colorado, Cory Gardiner is up 8 points and Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper is down 10 points.  The actually embattled Mary Landrieu is down 13 points (51/38) to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana and Scott Brown is tied at 48/48 with Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.  But the biggest “OMG!” for Democrats is the fact that Republican Michael Grimm–the guy who is facing trial on 20 federal counts–is up 4 points in the 11th CD in New York City.  

Democrats are spending millions of dollars and even using pop-ups which say “Hey Grimm is under indictment!” Still Grimm is plus 4 in a Leftist college poll.

What should really worry Democrats is that demographically the district has so much in common with as many as 2 dozen additional  Congressional districts across the nation; and the Democrats hold a registration edge of 40/27! Yet still the Democrat trails.

Apart from a hand wringing, “We don’t understand how embattled Republicans can be leading” article in the Washington Post, there has not been much written in the major media about this potential, coming disaster. Clearly they would rather not report the truth, which is simply: People don’t like what Barack Obama has done to them and they don’t care what Democrats have to say no matter how many times they say it – they’re not listening.

The Grimm race is in New York City for goodness sake! An indicted Republican with not a penny to spend is up by 4 points. Moreover, Grimm is not the only Republican that has or is stunning the liberals with their ability to bounce back and take a lead. Mark Sanford did it; Vance McAllister as well.      

Will there be a Republican wave in November? Maybe not. But right now, in the middle of September, there is little reason to abandon the idea that it just might happen.   







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Obama is not serious about defeating ISIL


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Mullah Obama, Secretary of State Hanoi Kerry and defense stooge Hegel have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to ISIL. Insisting that they will not allow boots on the ground is not only pure political posturing on the part of America’s fearless triumvirate, it’s just plain stupid. They are hoping that cowardly Iraqi security forces and the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels will be America’s proxy army in the fight against fellow Muslims. Obama ordered the CIA train and arm these so-called moderate Muslims and thus was born ISIS. What in the world are these over-educated political windbags thinking when they use rebels that are actively killing Christians in Syria to fight a terrorist group killing Christians in Iraq?  According to The Hill “moderate Syrian rebels and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had reportedly struck a cease-fire deal.” (2) Yet the only people taking the fight to ISIL are the Kurds! Funny how the team of White House ensconced ex-senators never seems to mention them.

Ignoring the Warfighters

The Obama administration believes it possible to defeat the nation’s enemies through the use of airpower, intelligence, drones, and counter terrorism measures. And after receiving congressional approval for this joke of a strategy, Obama & Co believe they can totally ignore military advisors. (1)  The Great One’s lounge lizard assistants don’t have time to listen to America’s expert military strategists, preferring instead to depend upon their own, unreliable proxy forces. Obama brags of a coalition of more than 40 countries. But who are they and what are they bringing to the fight? How many of them will be used for rendition?  During the past year it has become obvious that Obama’s mistrust of senior military leadership has created a rift between the warfighter and the Commander-in-Chief. Mr. Obama has continued the policy of not permitting the United States Military to take the fight to the enemy.

Political posturing will not defeat ISIL. Although Obama’s current strategy is little more than a pathetic and dangerous joke, to the dependably low-information, Democrat voter it will undoubtedly sound brilliant as it brings brainless voters to the polls in November. Don’t be surprised to see a major bust of ISIS supporters in the United States as an October surprise.



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