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Cuomo and Hillary: Two Democrat stars who never were and now never will be


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Remember how Hillary Clinton was the inevitable next president? Remember how she would likely be fighting Andrew Cuomo the Democrat governor of New York for the 2016 Democrat nomination? If you don’t remember these “facts” you’re not alone.

Tuesday’s Democrat primary in New York State brought a crashing end to talk of presidential dreams for “Prince Andrew of Albany.” While he won the primary with just over 60%, Cuomo lost about 40% of what should be his natural base. In deep Blue New York State the Democrat governor couldn’t win a resounding victory among the most devoted voters of his own party. A woman with the interesting name Zrphyr Teachout who had no money got about 34% of the vote and a guy named Randy Credico got 3.6% of the vote.

In the Lieutenant Governor primary, to pick Cuomo’s running mate, Kathy Hochul did about as well against a far Leftist college professor named Tim Wu. As if these numbers weren’t bad enough for Cuomo, Hochul has an A rating from the NRA – something that might give some of the Empire State’s Leftist crazies all the excuse they need to stay home.

Cuomo will win in November in spite of his inability to lead (he has put off a decision of allowing or prohibiting fracking for four years) and other bad decisions but those who pick presidential candidates will see him as a failure. He was handed the nomination for governor of a deep Blue state and won four years ago. He will win again – big deal.

Hillary Clinton was handed a Senate seat in New York. She served and no one can remember anything that she did. She was reelected but so what? This is New York we are talking about.

Since then she has scoffed at the significance of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and released a book that was savaged for its insulting emptiness.  A new Wall Street Journal NBC News poll shows how far she has fallen since her flippant remark about the Benghazi murders.  At the beginning of 2013 when she made her snarky remark, Clinton’s approval numbers have fallen from about 56/25 to just 43/41 which is a stunning crash.

At this point we don’t know who the next president will be, but it is looking like a safe bet that it will not be either Andrew Cuomo or Hillary Clinton.                      

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Bergdahl release a richly deserved political and PR catastrophe for Obama

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

After approximately five years of captivity, Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the only American held prisoner by the Taliban, was released to the United States military in Afghanistan. The Taliban (Haqqani) agreed to return Bergdahl in exchange for five Afghan terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay. The agreement was negotiated in and mediated by Qatar. Obama ignored the nation’s longtime policy of not negotiating with terrorists in order to obtain Bergdahl’s release. In the deal, Qatar will take custody of the freed Taliban prisoners. 

Feeling confident that he knocked other scandals out of the headlines, Obama took his victory lap by pronouncing that the return of Bergdahl “is a reminder of America’s unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield.” Excluding Mexico, that is. Of course those left behind in Benghazi were NOT in uniform.

In the words of the late Paul Harvey “and now for the rest of the story”

Soon after the media reported Bergdahl’s release, questions arose about the circumstances of his disappearance and eventual capture by the Taliban. Before he went missing, Bergdahl sent an email to his parents in which he complained about his disillusionment with the Afghan war and penned his now infamous “I am ashamed to even be an American” declaration.

Upon walking away from his unit in the dead of night, SGT Bergdahl left his gear, weapon and a note renouncing his American citizenship. (9) The Pentagon would later conclude that Bergdahl was not captured, but had indeed abandoned his unit. (4)(7)  Fellow soldiers from his platoon are now telling the world that Bergdahl is NOT a hero, but a “deserter whose selfish actions costs the lives of six fellow soldiers searching for him.”  (8) This is in sharp contrast with the official White House narrative on the Sunday Talk shows in which known liar Susan Rice stated that Bergdahl had served “with honor and distinction and was captured on the battlefield.” 

Soldiers who abandon their units in a war zone are subject to prosecution in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. They can be charged with desertion or the lesser charge of being absent without leave (AWOL).

People Died

The search for Bergdahl resulted in the death of at least six men as a result of ambushes, firefights improvised explosive devices. When the Pentagon finally determined that he had deserted his post it was decided that forces would forgo any additional efforts to rescue Bergdahl. We would no longer risk good men to “rescue” someone who had abandoned his platoon. The seriousness of Bergdahl’s actions cannot be overstated if proven that they had  caused the death to his fellow soldiers.

In the custody of the Taliban (Haqqani)

Fox News’ James Rosen spoke to an unnamed senior government official who stated that the U.S. intelligence community has a sizable file on Army SGT. Bowe Bergdahl while he lived among the Taliban. The official told Rosen that “many within the intelligence community harbor serious, outstanding concerns not only that Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.” (1) If the intelligence community knew of SGT Bergdahl providing aid to the Taliban, Barack Obama had to have been briefed sometime during the last 5 years. And were Bergdahl NOT guilty of desertion and collaboration with the Taliban, why did military brass demand soldiers in his unit sign nondisclosure agreements? From experience, this may have been for investigative purposes. But it was far more likely a measure to avoid embarrassment of Mr. Obama. (2)

Upon his release, Bergdahl was transferred to the Landstuhl military medical facility in Germany where he will have a medical and mental evaluation and treatment. ABC news has reported that there are legitimate concerns about Bergdahl’s physical and mental health which the network claims to have deteriorated over the years. Naturally this would mean that he is no shape to be interrogated about his actions. In fact it will require a significant amount of time “before he can be questioned about his experience with the Taliban.” It’s a safe bet that “significant amount of time” will stretch beyond this year’s elections.

It’s standard operating procedure to conduct a review of a repatriated Prisoner of War (POW) to determine the activities of the individual. Such investigations are used to award meritorious behavior or punish collaboration with the enemy, especially as it might result in great harm to fellow POWs. If he is undergoing military review it’s a safe bet that a White House representative will be present in order to make certain the review comes to the “proper” conclusions. There will certainly be a political angle injected in the investigation of SGT Bergdahl. After all Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey made the statement that “the Army might still pursue an investigation that could lead to desertion charges against Bergdahl” (11) If the White House attempts to get Bowe Bergdahl off the hook after it has been clearly shown that he is guilty of desertion and treason, it will turn into a much bigger scandal that those the Regime had hoped to knock out of the headlines!

Who are the terrorists Obama turned loose in order to obtain the release of a possible traitor?

The five Guantanamo Bay prisoners swapped for Bergdahl are:

Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa, Captured in 2012, former Taliban interior minister possible close ties with Osama bin Laden. He was one of the major opium drug lords in western Afghanistan.

Mullah Mohammad Fazl, December 2001.  Former commander of the opposition terrorist to the Northern Alliance and was the former chief of army staff. Wanted by The Hague for war crimes committed during the Afghanistan’s civil war. He is wanted by the UN for the massacre of thousands of Afghan Shiites. This guy should have never been freed.

Mullah Norullah Noori, December 2001. Former Governor and high intelligence value

Abdul Haq Wasiq Former intelligence service deputy chief, an intelligence provider to al Qaeda.

Mohammad Nabil Omari, Former chief of communications and aided al Qaeda fighters escape from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
All this so Obama could get the VA, NSA, IRS and the Benghazi scandal off of the front page.


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Let’s make it three. Time for IRS and VA Select Committees as well

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In spite of what Democrats and their lapdogs in the media would have us believe, the American public does not trust Barack Obama.

Because we are now beginning to feel the full effects of Obamacare, a Fox poll released last month told us 61% of Americans, including 38% of Democrats, think Obama is a liar to one extent or another.  The Select Committee on Benghazi was a great start but now let’s keep looking. 

Democrats in both Houses know they are in trouble.  Senate Democrats are staring at a nightmare Election Night in November. They’re on their heels so let’s take advantage of this opportunity to show the country what criminals Democrats really are.

 Next, we need a Select Committee on the IRS.

The work done by Representative Darrell Issa thus far in his IRS investigation has not been easy. There was no ground work and no particular suspicions about the IRS outside of conservative and TEA party movement circles, so mocking Issa as a zealot chasing after imaginary law breakers was easy for the media. Nevertheless, for at least a year polls have shown a sizable number of Americans (36%) believe Obama ordered the IRS to target conservatives.

There is now fertile ground for expanding that percentage well into the mid-50% range, especially given the new evidence being uncovered almost weekly.  

A Select Committee to investigate the IRS Co-Chaired by Representative Issa and Texas Representative Louie Gohmert should be commissioned. Gohmert really wants a Special Prosecutor for the IRS, which of course won’t happen, so that makes him a perfect fit for the next best thing. 

We also need a Select Committee on the deaths in the Veterans Hospitals and the huge backlog of benefit claims cases.

Unfortunately, the scandals involving the Veterans Administration are just getting started and we’ll hear more not less about this outrageous and callous disregard for the welfare of those who gave so much to fight for our freedoms.  Polls on the subject are hard to find, but media stories about dozens of deaths caused by V.A. incompetence are beginning to surface.

Veterans are well respected (94%) and those who use the V A system as their primary source of healthcare are probably more likely to be minorities. The V A’s statistics show that in spite of being just about 15% of all veterans, African Americans and Hispanics represent roughly 40% of those utilizing Veteran Administration healthcare services.  That will be a perfect shield against the scurrilous charges of “grandstanding and cheap politics” from a Democrat cheerleading media.   

A Select Committee on the Veteran’s Administration, headed by South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson (of “You Lie!” fame) can get to the bottom of this cesspool. He should be assisted by John Kline of Minnesota and Kristi Noem of South Dakota who should be selected because she is not a lawyer and can bring the perspective of the American “every woman” to the Committee.   











American Thinker Select Committee naysayer is talking to hear himself talk

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

 John Boehner’s announcement of the establishment of a Select Committee, with Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina as its Chairman, is the best news conservatives have had since the 2010 elections.

Watching Gowdy answering questions about the possibility of him being given the Chairmanship, it was easy to see that his wheels were turning and he was already thinking of questions he could finally demand answers to.

When his (and our) dream came true and he was designated the Committee’s top questioner on Monday we knew that the attacks on the committee and the Republicans who would serve on it were being prepared; and now they have begun to appear. One of the first of these attacks was posted by The American Thinker on Monday.

The author starts out on a faulty premise and goes downhill from there.  He laments that the “political culture” has no rectitude, therefore Mister Gowdy and his committee are on a fool’s errand. Displaying his lack of appreciation for the powers vested in a Select Committee, the author maintains that Representative Darrell Issa’s committee has had little effect because of the media’s refusal to act as true reporters of the facts.

Nevertheless, veering into the silly, he continues saying, “Trey Gowdy seems serious,” then incoherently mumbles about Boehner being like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

From there he spins out of control babbling about IRS political targeting, Fast and Furious, NSA, voter fraud and more that is impeachable about Barack Obama. His point, if indeed he had one, is lost in his litany of complaints.  By that point it’s easy to see this guy has talked to hear himself talk.

Now let’s move on to reality.

In one of his first opportunities to comment on his new assignment, a very stern and very serious Trey Gowdy said he wants to “see every single, solitary, relevant, material document” pertaining to the Benghazi murders.  Gowdy, who is recognized for his skillful questioning, will not be denied the truth and those who believe otherwise must assume the burden of proving their argument. Saying so won’t make it so. 

Of course, previous Committees failed to make much of a wave. This was because the stories of Democrat criminality they focused on were, up to that point, unknown to the American people. This made it easy for the media to make the Committees seem unimportant and partisan by reporting Democrat lies and talking points as facts.

This will not be the case with the Gowdy Committee. A newly released survey shows that 72% of Americans want the truth about Benghazi. That’s not 27% but 72% who already believe Obama is hiding the facts about the murder of four Americans.  So far the only thing Americans know is that it didn’t happen because of a Youtube video.  We want the truth and Trey Gowdy is the man to deliver it.   

Arguing against that is talking to hear yourself talk.




New Benghazi info merely proves what we already knew: Hillary’s a liar and Obama’s a bum

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Well Crafted Lie

This week Judicial Watch obtained new Benghazi-related documents and emails as the result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department. (3) Far from unusual with the Obama Administration, it took a court order to obtain documents previously withheld from Congress. (1)  The newly released documents reveal direct White House involvement in controlling the narrative and blurring the truth concerning the Benghazi murders. The Administration knew all along that the Benghazi attack had been a well-planned operation. Obama had just been handed a major foreign policy defeat and could not allow the American people to know how incompetent he was prior to the election.

Also sprach Ben Rhodes

White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes developed the talking points used by the White House to claim the planned terrorist attack in Libya to have been nothing but the sudden protest of a video that degenerated into murder. It was Rhodes’ principle “Goal”: “To underscore that these protests were rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.” The objective of the White House propagandists was to make Obama look like a leader and a statesman. Never mind the fact he delegated the responsibility to the nowhere-to-be-found Hillary and the do-nothing Leon Panetta as both awaited orders from Valarie Jarrett. Obama later ran and hid at his fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Not the Video

The White House staff went on a full court press to blame the failings of Hillary and Barack on a YouTube video no one had seen or heard of prior to the railroading of its producer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula by the Obama Regime. It was a head fake to divert attention and absolve the Obama administration from any responsibility for the Benghazi murders.  Retired Brigadier General Robert Lovell, testifying before the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, said: “This was no demonstration gone terribly awry.”  ”The facts led to the conclusion of a terrorist attack.” The video talking point was nothing but a lie.

This administration puts the protection of Obama before anything and anyone, even the well-being of the country.  It’s a disgrace that four American are dead as a result of the incompetence, cowardice and political gamesmanship of Barack Obama. As it has been from the beginning, the political fortune of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are all that matter.


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