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Rachel Jeantel’s testimony showed us Black culture is too often controlled by Black children


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff   writer

When she was testifying during the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel said many things, but what is perhaps most profound in its meaning was her statement that, “You old school.”

 This grammatical train wreck goes a long way toward explaining why Blacks cannot make any progress in our society despite being handed everything they ask for and lots of things even they wouldn’t have the nerve to ask for. It shines a light on the fact that Black children dictate what Black culture is. They determine how to speak dress and sing which of course stays in vogue for about four years or so then fades away only to be reconstructed by the next bunch of Black children who are today little more than 12 years old.

This never ending stream of change gives liberals an opportunity to pat Blacks on the back and on the head. They lie to Black kids and praise twisted street language as “Ebonics” or “Black English” proclaiming both to be interchangeable with actual English.   That understandable communication is the essential element of making a person employable is glossed over because turning such language into a semblance of English – the kind that employers have this “strange” attachment to – is just too hard and opens those attempting such reform to charges of racism.

How long can those who piously beat their breast and proclaim their ardent concern for the welfare of Black Americans keep lying to them? When does the Child-like Black culture give way to an adult goal oriented Black culture?  When will the cruel “soft” racism of paternalism finally end and Blacks be held to the adult standards common sense tells us are necessary for Black adults to take control of themselves and make a genuine contribution to America?

When do we stop overlooking the overwhelming tendency of Black males to walk away from the children they make to prove they are men? When do we stop going along with 33% drop out rates among Black high school kids? When do we stop making excuses for the incredibly high Black crime rate – even Black on Black crime rate?  

As long as we paternally assign value to the “New school” Black culture accepting Black Children’s Culture as Black Culture we will never solve any of these problems.        





Our murder rates are screaming the truth but the Democrat controlled media is smothering it


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

When Jamie Fox gleefully spoke about getting to “kill all the White people” in his latest film, it was ignored by the Leftist media the way parents ignore the babble of an angry three year old. To Liberals, Blacks are tall children incapable of committing any wrongful act because their great, great grandparents were slaves.

This paternalistic attitude may have been necessary and defendable for actual slaves set free after the Civil War, but by the dawn of the 20th century the grandchildren of Black slaves were moving into the middle class in some parts of the country. Woodrow Wilson and W.E.B. Dubois changed that with lies and deceit and put Blacks back on their knees where they have been at the mercy of Democrats ever since.

With the election of Barack Obama the relationship Blacks have toward Whites is changing again. The increase of Black on White crime that is not being talked about by the White Democrat controlled media is causing major problems. Whites are running away from America’s big cities and they are imploding – look at Detroit.

These cities are becoming hollow shells that are uninhabitable because Blacks are killing Whites in “retribution” for the miserable existence they endure living in cities controlled by Democrats.

The FBI’s, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s Uniform Crime Reports, have released data that shows a rising criminal hostility toward Whites among Blacks.

The data is clear. Those who would ignore them or argue they are irrelevant must assume the burden of proof.

Blacks kill at a rate seven times higher than other races do. They are three times more apt to employ a hand gun; twice as likely to use a knife in the commission of a crime.    

For every Black killed by a White, there are 39 Whites killed by a Black. Robberies are virtually all committed by Blacks as the ratio of Black robbers to White robbers is 136 to one.

In 2010 the ratio of Blacks killing Whites was over 2 to 1. While this is bad enough, when relative population size is factored in, the rate is stunning.   

Blacks are approximately 12.6% and Whites make up 72.4% of our population. There are just .174 Blacks for each White. This means Blacks exceed their statistically expected murder rate by 388%.

Democrat John Conyers of Detroit has renewed the demand for reparations for years of slavery. These demands serve only to deflect the justifiable anger Blacks feel toward their modern day slave masters in the Democrat Party and redirects it toward Whites in general whom the Democrats have written off as a voting constituency.

As a society we can either face this problem or keep burying innocent people. We know what the Democrats want to do, but sadly it seems that the Republicans are following them.




Murders in “the hood” are the elephants in the room no one wants to face honestly


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Every nightly newscast in South Florida, and probably a lot of other television markets around the country, includes what could fittingly be called the “Minority Crimes Report (MCR).” The MCR tells us how many people were shot, killed or maimed in the area’s minority neighborhoods the night before.  The cumulative effect of these shootings produces the equivalent of a Sandy Hook massacre every few days, but that doesn’t fit the media’s narrative so that fact is never mentioned. Any objective review of the number of gunshot murders in America tells us they aren’t happening in Hasidic neighborhoods; or Scandinavian enclaves. The “hoods” where Blacks and Hispanics live are the killing zones of America.

When the MCRs aren’t describing the carnage and blood running in the streets of these neighborhoods they tell us heartbreaking stories about young lives cut short, local ministers leading “Marches Against Violence” and gun buy backs that serve as photo ops for local Democrat politicians. These murders occur almost exclusively in areas represented by Democrats but we’re not supposed to notice that.

All of these frustratingly inane things happen in spite of some very telling statistics: Black males are murdered largely by other Black males at rates 2.4 times higher than Hispanic males and 15.3 times higher than White males are killed by their own kind.  Although Blacks are just 13% of our population they are 56% of America’s murder victims. Black teenage males die of gunshots at a rate 62% higher than they die automobile accidents.  Black teenagers are 25 times more likely to be injured by a gun than white teens.

Looking at these statistics one would think Black neighborhoods would be the center of meaningful demands for tougher sentences for those convicted of crimes in general and gun crimes in particular. Yet we hear nothing of the sort from either America’s “hoods” or newsrooms. That would entail actually assigning personal responsibility for this mess to absentee fathers and/or a Welfare system that celebrates the “Single mom” as a heroine in our society. As long as this is the case we’ll see Reverend Jones leading his marches and Democrats demanding that licensed gun owners have more of their rights stripped away, but those things will give us nothing but more dead Black teenagers.

   http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/race/news/2013/01/17/49885/top-10-reasons-why-communities-of-color-should-care-about stricter-gun-violence-prevention-laws/