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California shows us the future Democrats plan for us when they gain full control of our lives

By Emma Karlin, staff writer

Now that the Democrats have gained total control of California we are beginning to see what they want to do to all of us should they ever get total control of America.

In San Francisco mentally malformed adults stand naked in the streets next to children while they claim a right to be naked in public.  The State of California plans to tax the “wealthy” at a 52% rate and the bizarre character in the Statehouse Jerry Brown signs anti America anti -family and anti -Christian bills as fast as he can.

Here are some of the assaults on Christianity and Americanism made recently by California’s Democrats.

A bill passed by the Democrat run State government and signed by RINO Arnold Schwarenegger proclaimed May 22 Harvey Milk Day which celebrates Milk a homosexual pedophile.

Not to be outdone for depravity Brown has signed these anti Christian/American bills.     

SB 1172: which forbids even parents from arranging counseling for their children who express a tendency toward homosexuality.  

AB 2109: overrides parental authority and forces parents to allow certain vaccinations for their children, and provides that any medical counseling supportive of the parents’ position against the procedures be paid for out of their pockets.  

AB 1856: forces all of California’s foster parents to undergo 40 hours of  “gender sensitivity” training to insure that gay children are aware of their rights. This mandatory training requirement extends to even relatives who are raising these foster children. There is of course no training requirement that foster parents know and understand traditional family values – but this is California of course. 

SB 623: provides legal authority for nurses and even midwives to perform aspiration abortions. These gruesome abortions involve vacuuming an unborn child from a mother’s womb; and they often end with children’s body parts being pulled out piece by piece.

How does this Frankenstein operation fit with the Democrats’ battle cry that they wanted abortions to be “safe legal and rare”? 

This is the life they want to force on us. We know they are trying to force us to live lives we don’t want. What we do about it is up to us.