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Franklin Graham Stands tall and says: Take your Sharia Law and go back where you came from

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Rev. Franklin Graham does not mince words when he speaks about the threat Sharia Law presents to America. He is not concerned with the attacks he has gotten from Sharia apologists over what he sees as his duty to warn America that Sharia is antithetical to Christianity and everything for which America stands.

In a recent interview Rev. Graham advises those who would try to force Sharia on America to “Go back where you came from.”   

Expanding on his message Rev. Graham said, “We should be afraid of Sharia Law in America, and Muslims here who want to practice Sharia should go back to where they came from, to those nations that recognize Sharia law; we have our own laws here. We should be absolutely afraid of it. No question about it, because there’s no tolerance in Sharia law. It persecutes those that do not believe in Islam.”

His words stand in sharp contrast to those found in a squishy piece by Michael Gerson.  

In a Capital Commentary article Gerson, a show Republican whose desk at the Washington Post is undoubtedly near the front door, took up the side of allowing Sharia Law for those who want to live under it.  This, of course ‘sounds nice’ but liberal apologia usually does. 

Gerson argued that Catholics and Muslims should be treated equally and there should be no governmental interference with their freedom to practice their religion. He commented, “First, religious liberty is owed, not just to individuals, but to institutions. It is not enough to say that citizens have the right to believe whatever they want. They also have the right to participate in religious groups that maintain their identity and standards.”

In his obvious reference to the Equal Protection Clause, Gerson holds that Islam and Catholicism are institutions equally deserving of protection for their doctrines and practices. This is exactly the type of dangerous sophistry honest observers like Rev. Graham warns us about. The “moral equivalence” argument that holds that one way of life is “just as valid as any other” is a cowardly abrogation of the responsibilities of anyone who has a “platform” as large and high as Gerson’s.

Where Gerson fails is exactly where Rev. Graham succeeds. The former refuses to honestly talk about why thinking, non-Muslims recoil from Sharia’s savagery while the latter entertains no rhetoric in support of “religious freedom for all.” Rev. Graham knows that “religious freedom” for Muslims means death for non-Muslims.  

Thank you Rev. Graham for standing tall to protect us.   




Is “cooperation in evil” a sin if it grows out of voting for a Democrat?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

A recent visit to a Catholic church in another state brought a reminder that somewhere around 40% of Catholics who regularly attend mass are devoted Democrat voters. The car in the next space had a bumper sticker supporting a self-described Catholic Democrat well known for supporting partial birth abortions.

The overt act of placing a sign on one’s car begs a few questions. Is it reasonable that in this era of effective mass communication a potential voter could fail to know what a politician’s positions are? Could a Catholic voter be engaged enough to want to place a sign on his/her vehicle yet have no understanding that Democrats represent a political philosophy that is diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church? Finally what does Roman Catholic Church Canon Law say about such conduct?

A review of Canon Law reveals that it describes “formal cooperation” as “intending the evil action that another is doing.” Is it not reasonable to declare that those Catholics who vote for a candidate specifically because he/she will promote abortion have engaged in “formal cooperation” in evil?

The commentary attached to this explanation goes on to say, “This is when you deliberately, consciously, and willingly intend the evil to happen. Civil law calls it being an accessory to a crime. … There is knowledge of the evil beforehand or while it is happening, and consent to it being done. This is always sinful and immoral.”

The commentary cites these “on point” examples of such conduct: Hiring someone to commit murder and agreeing that a child should be aborted.

Canon Law 1868 reminds us that while sin is a personal act, we have a responsibility for the sins of others that have been facilitated by us. This point is established with these examples of enabling conduct leading to sin by others: participating directly and voluntarily in them as in working in or contributing to an abortion supporter’s campaign; ordering, advising, praising, or approving such a candidate; by denying the truth about an abortion supporter’s position in order to trick someone into supporting an abortion supporter who ordinarily would not do so.

In this world you may have either knowledge or repose; but you may not have both. Those who still believe it is possible to be both a good Catholic and good Democrat ought to consider this. 

Source: http://moleski.net/cac/Formal_and_Material_Cooperation_in_Evil

Catholics wake up! It’s “Good Democrat” or “Good Catholic” you can’t be both

by Kevin “Coach” Collins     

Note to my Catholic Democrat brothers and sisters:

In this world you may have either knowledge or repose; but you may not have both.

 Your Church  and your religious freedoms are under an ongoing attack  being carried out under the direct control of Barack Obama, a man many of your helped put in office. While you were taking care of yourselves and your families and trusting in the wrong people, your Democrat Party has turned on you and your Church. You must now choose which one to stand with. 

There may have been a time long ago when we could be both good Catholics and good Democrats but that alliance is now a relic of the past.

Holding on to the comfort of uninformed robotic voting followed by a smug sense of having “done your duty as a citizen” is a dangerous mistake. Catholics who have taken refuge in this position are as much enemies of our nation as Catholics who willfully work to undermine our freedoms because in fact they are achieving the same ends.

The largest potential voting bloc in American politics is the Catholic Vote. Those of us who have  watched willfully blind and/or maliciously motivated Catholics erode both our nation and our Church can now no longer merely stand by and complain. Hand wringing but doing nothing  makes us just as guilty as the empty heads and the maliciously motivated in our faith.

Those who pay attention to such things will recall that during Obama’s fake government shutdown he targeted two of his favorite enemies for special persecution: The Catholic Church and America’s Military.
One of Obama’s targets was Father Ray Leonard a Catholic Chaplin assigned to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.  Father Leonard was threatened with arrest if he performed mass administered Catholic Sacraments including Reconciliation and Last Rites, or even entered his church during Obama’s fake government shutdown.  Father Leonard filed a lawsuit to regain his rights and was immediately subjected to retaliation from Obama’s lawyers. They are withholding some of his pay and announced that his legally signed and executed contract is “being reviewed.” His is the only such contract “under review.” 
Obama is NOT going to march us out of our homes and shoot us; he is just going to destroy our Church if you and I let him by doing nothing.

Make your voice be heard at every opportunity. Those of you who are not Catholics keep in mind that should we lose he’s coming for your Church next. 


Academia’s lost soul

by Gerald V. Todd,  staff writer

From the time the Catholic Church established the university system in the so-called Dark Ages, when scientific method was devised at the Cathedral School at Chartres, lively exchange of ideas in science, philosophy, theology, law and the arts has been the fuel to advance Western Civilization.  Built on the best of Roman and Greek civilizations, she made course corrections that ultimately draw on the promise of redemption God gave our first parents. Adam and Eve paid the price for their own failure to exercise their authority over creation given to humanity made in His image and likeness. Cain’s and Abel’s have contested in the search for truth ever since. No human endeavor or institution is now or ever has been exempt from this struggle between good and evil. Our job is to do something about it as good stewards, not mockers and penalizers.

Today, Academia’s gift to civilization is not lively discourse in an honest quest for truth, but phony, stilted diversity, political correctness, which I call “the manifestation of the spirit of antichrist.”  Academia has a disdain for faith, reason and a quest for the innocence Jesus taught was the key to the kingdom. They have opted for the sewer of perversion and debt on their students whose qualifications for honest endeavor in the free market are more than seriously compromised.

The absent-minded professor, who is deep in contemplation in his search for truth was always eager to share his knowledge with his students. These are few and far between today. Having eschewed faith and reason, the modern arrogant academic is more likely to steal his students’ thoughts and perpetrate lies over consideration of multiple sources of information that lead to honest conclusions.

Dr. Thomas Woods’ book, “How the Catholic Church Built Civilization” provides some major course corrections dealing with the current persecution of faith and reason by forces in high places as well as the pit of hell. ©2005 Regnery Publishing.  With a new Pope on the horizon, maybe its time to see what it means to all of us, and why “progressives” hate believers so – whether Catholic or not.



There is Notre Dame and there is a Catholic Catholic school like Belmont Abbey


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Tomorrow the national college football championship will be decided in a game that will be watched by millions of people. The combatants will be Notre Dame and Alabama. Millions of Catholics around the country will be rooting for the “Fighting Irish” but I won’t be one of them.  I find it hard to support frauds whether they are in or out of politics.  Notre Dame is a consummate fraud and has been for many years.

The formerly Catholic school has always held itself up as the pinnacle of Catholic higher education. The “Fighting Irish” were born with a chip on their shoulder and a devotion to Norte Dame “Our Lady,” but those days are over. These days Catholic doctrine obviously embarrasses Norte Dame.   

Notre Dame is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and to Catholics who care about Catholic doctrine.  At first we thought the biggest of these embarrassments was the honorary JD it handed Barack Obama, an avowed enemy of the Catholic Church, but even that terrible moment has been eclipsed.   

This fake “Catholic” school ordered the arrest of “protestors” who knelt to pray a Rosary during Obama’s speech.   Since then the school has facilitated the establishment of a Gay Club on its grounds, paid to send students to a support Gay “marriage” rally in Washington and roundly supported Barack Obama’s reelection even knowing he would be forcing it to violate Catholic doctrines on abortion and birth control through Obamacare. By no objective standard is Norte Dame a Catholic school. It’s just a fake institution that keeps up appearances to fool and fleece willfully blind alumni into writing it checks.   

By contrast Belmont Abbey, a small college in North Carolina, is a Catholic Catholic school.  It won’t ever play for a national championship but it stands head and shoulders above Norte Dame in stewardship of Catholic doctrine. It doesn’t have a Gay and Lesbian Club. Abortion and Gay marriage are not supported in its classrooms.

Belmont Abbey doesn’t have a lot of money but it knows how to use what funds it has to support true Catholic doctrine. Belmont Abbey has just CUT its yearly tuition by $10,000 to further its mission of offering an inexpensive Catholic education to as many people as possible. Which would you call a Catholic Catholic school?

If Norte Dame wins tomorrow it will rake in millions of dollars and some of it will go to support for Gay conduct and abortion. To that I say:  Go Alabama; ROLL TIDE!