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It’s OK to talk in Soprano, but not in Muslim

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The attorney’s letter describing how his client, his Italian-American client, was treated by a town’s “Professional” still hurts me.  When I tried to sleep after reading it, on that one night, I got up to get an old teddy bear sitting in an antique chair that belonged to my mother.  I brought the chair and the teddy down to what I thought was to be my great, new home in Florida. I crawled back in bed, pulled teddy up close, and turned on my side.  But I no longer could pull my knees up under my chin.
The letter stabbed me horribly.  Memories began to flood my late night brain and I could not sleep. I remember my father and my mother telling me about how my cousin and her sweet parents, my godparents, dealt with having to clean up their small yard the morning after the Klan had burned a cross out in front.  The Klan burned a cross on their grass because we were Italian-Americans.  And the Klan rode to burn us out of America.
I remember being called a “Mackerel Snapper” by other playmates, being made fun of because I didn’t eat meat on Fridays.  I remember hearing Dad tell Mother and me how the other two judges he was running with for election to the Circuit Court Judicial District stood up for him, stood by him, as he had to defend himself in front of the judicial candidates’ selection committee.  Dad was the first Italian-American who had ever dared run for this position in our location. “We’re running with Ben,” his two running mates said.  “Ben is part of our ticket.”  And this ticket was elected, not once but twice.  Dad very rarely showed his feelings.  And my Italian father’s appellate court decisions all were upheld on appeal; only one was held in abeyance and upon review by Illinois’ highest court, it too was upheld.
I remember being called Racist by a friend of a friend when I came to this town; now I cannot forget the images thrown up by this attorney’s letter that describe how someone in this town’s governance treated another Italian-American, a man who took an oath to protect and to serve.  This man was called a “professional liar” because he served many years as an undercover officer in order to free a town and its citizens from the scourge of drugs, dealers, and death which he faced every day on his job.  I urge each and everyone in this town, as homework, to watch the young Johnny Depp in the film “Donnie Brasco.”  Depp’s performance here is one of the finest I have ever viewed because his character comes off of the screen and into the audience’s recognition of what some men go through to protect and to serve.
Even though this Italian-American man received the highest rating possible, he was cast aside, his wife made ill, his honor defiled.  When I took to a local news editor a very offensive cartoon he had run with the hurtful theme that made fun of Italians, of Catholics, I asked him why he printed it.  “Because it’s funny,” he said.  “Yes,” I replied, “unless you are Italian, Catholic.
How come it’s OK to humiliate ridicule, talk in “Soprano” as mentioned in the interview letter, laugh at Italians, at Catholics, but it’s not OK in our obscenely politically correct society to hurl the same cruel epithets at women, African Americans, gays, any other race, gender, or sexual division?  Why won’t this town’s voters hold its politicians, staff, “professionals” to a higher standard?  Why is it funny to laugh at a female politician who happens to be Italian American, but no one would dare hurl such abuse at the Minneapolis Muslim?  Worst of all in this pathetic scenario are the complicit media that look only to boost their rating dollars at the expense of Italian Americans?
Allow me to sleep without Teddy tonight because I no longer need to feel abused because of my birth. At least, help me to cry before I die.  Each and every citizen in this town needs to apologize to this highly qualified police officer, a man who did put his life on the line every day, and yet a man brutalized by a cruel interview process.  Don’t ever ridicule a cop, talk to him “in Soprano,” until you’ve stood up so close to a burning house that you can feel its heat on your face and see the fear in his face. The police are left to clean up the pieces after the fire chief “calls” the house, that is, declares it lost.  Don’t ever dishonor an officer’s shield as I witnessed in another election in this town.  Here was another officer who took a bullet on duty.
That bloody horse’s head is under the sheets of each and every one of you who refuses to take part in your town’s freedom to choose, your voting process.

Good riddance to PC phony beer companies who care more about not offending gays than Catholic rights

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

It seems like every year Catholics are threatened by various homosexual groups because they have declared war on our religion and the secular world helps them any way they can. This year the phonies who sell beer have joined them.

Subgroups within the homosexual community take the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day to try to force Catholics to violate deeply held religious doctrines against the celebration of homosexuality. They delight in their attempts to pressure the organizers of St. Patrick’s Day Parades around the country to allow them to march under a banner proclaiming their sexuality.

As often as they are turned away they reappear the following year.

They never want to hear the Catholic side of the argument. They will not allow that because they think St. Patrick’s Day is a day to get drunk and puke up green beer does not make it so.

The homosexual groups who want to make Catholics bow to their wishes don’t want to accept that St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of how a lowly slave returned to the land of his captivity and preached the good news of the Gospel to his former captors. They don’t want to hear that Patrick is a beloved figure in Irish history.

These things are understandable because these groups are selfish and don’t care about the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Their mere finding that Catholic doctrines are offensive is enough to get them the support of the secular world. 

Nevertheless this year has brought a new wrinkle to the “allowing gays to march is a celebration of their civil rights” argument.

The Guinness, Sam Adams and Heineken beer companies have decided that the religious rights of Catholics must be submerged to accommodate the commands of their homosexual customers. Hiding behind politically correct principles that require the rejection of religious doctrines, especially those held by the Catholic Church, these companies have withdrawn their sponsorship of the St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston and New York. Ironically this is not a bad thing.

In doing so they have voluntarily unmasked themselves as nothing more than beer mongers not the least bit interested in Catholic values. They have thus made it easier for future parade committees to make the case that St. Patrick’s Day Parades are not drunken orgies but reaffirmation of the greatness of St. Patrick and his importance in the history of the Catholic Church.

This is a very good thing. We should all drink a good riddance toast to these phonies and advise them not to let the door hit them in the butt on their way out.

Now we are a little freer to be who we are: Proud Catholics who love St. Patrick.

A Christian useful idiot gushes Muhammad was a George Washington and supporter of human rights

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Some people are educated beyond their intelligence and others are educated way beyond their intelligence. Craig Considine a  Ph.D candidate from Dublin, who describes himself as a Catholic, has written an essay about how wonderful the teachings of Muhammad are and thus proved himself part of the latter group.

This dimwit gushes over what he has “learned” about how wonderful Mohammad was. He makes no mention of Mohammad’s “marriage” to Aisha who was 6 years old at the time, or that ole Mo told the little girl’s father Allah had come to him in a dream saying he should be wed to the 6 year old. Naturally this fool was not told about these things that are bad but actually nothing compared to the truth of “Allah’s” “teachings” as related by Mohammed.

 It is doubtful Mister Considine did any research on the comparison of God’s love for man and Allah’s hatred for mankind. John 4:16 tells us God loves us; Mark 12:29-30 teaches us about the love of God for man and man’s love of God. But according to Ta fseer Ibn Katheer, a Qua’ranic scholar, Allah, “…created for hell many of the jinn  (devils) and the men.” Nowhere in the Hebrew or Christian Bible is there anything that says God created some men to send them to hell.

What’s more, nowhere in either Bible is there anything like the treachery, deceit, murder and imprisonment Muslims are encouraged to inflict upon those who are not Muslims as are found in the Qua’ ran’s Verses of The Sword. 

The behavior of today’s Muslims is no different than those who raced across the Middle East and Europe when they started their fifteen hundred year war against Christianity. They carved a path across the known world chopping off the heads of those who refused to convert to their awful brand of savagery.  

Saying the Mohammad was a “universal champion of human rights” would be laughable were not for the ugliness of the very premise. Rampaging through nations practicing conversion by the sword is the ultimate violation of human rights no matter what this useful idiot says.

Comparing Mohammad to George Washington, Martin Luther King or even Nelson Mandela is an outrageous cheapening of the crucial and world changing legacies of these actual achievers.

Quick quiz: name a single Muslim built and maintained hospital in America; name the only major group that did NOTHING zip zero nada to help those whose homes and lives were destroyed in Super Storm Sandy.   

I suggest this dunce read a newspaper or watch some TV. Not even CNN can hide the truth about Islam from even the casual viewer.          

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/craig-considine/what-studying-muhammad-ta_b_4625981.html?utm_hp_ref=religion

Fake Catholic Douglas Kmiec wants to play “Judas Goat” for Hillary in 2016

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Douglas Kniec has always been a man who thinks a whole hell of a lot about himself. He has an ego a big as the sky. In 2008 he sold his Catholic faith out as a prominent supporter of Barack Obama a man he knew had sponsored a bill in the Illinois State Senate to murder miracle abortion survivors by leaving them on a stainless steel table to die of hunger and thirst.

In his insulting rhetoric arguing for the election of Obama he maintained that, “Obama’s desire to “alleviate social conditions that correlate with abortion”, such as poverty, was convincing.” This fool praised Obama as a man of “integrity, intelligence, and genuine good will” and believed Obama could be brought to “common ground” on abortion.

Portraying himself as an apologist for the cause of Catholic support for Democrats, Kmiec became death’s door to door salesman for Obama and was named Ambassador to Malta, an actual Catholic country, as his “envelope.”

Kmiec is a supporter of Gay marriage as well; not very Catholic indeed.

Sadly, this Catholic impostor was able to move enough Catholic votes to his master’s column to set the stage for what will go down in the history of the Catholic Church in America as, “ the Obama Disaster.”

Now this charlatan wants the 2008 loser, Hillary Clinton to pick him as her Vice President (I told you he thinks a whole hell of a lot about himself) and doesn’t seem the least bit conflicted over Hillary’s 100% pro-abortion rating from NARAL or her consistent lying about her role in the politically expedient Benghazi murders.

Kmiec is so in love with himself that he dreams out loud of being so much of a model of Pope Francis while Hillary’s Vice President, that he will be able to “help” her – I guess by writing future NARAL award acceptance speeches.

Believe it or not Kmiec closed his announcement by saying that if Hillary doesn’t want him he will run for Congress in California’s 26th CD, a seat currently held by Democrat Rep. Julia Brownley.  Those who think he would vote as an adherent Catholic once he was elected haven’t been watching this guy. 

This phony lists himself as a Republican, but with a resume like his he certainly has a bright future as a Democrat.

Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/01/douglas-kmiec-hillary-clinton-vice-president-102321.html

There is Notre Dame and there is a Catholic Catholic school like Belmont Abbey


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Tomorrow the national college football championship will be decided in a game that will be watched by millions of people. The combatants will be Notre Dame and Alabama. Millions of Catholics around the country will be rooting for the “Fighting Irish” but I won’t be one of them.  I find it hard to support frauds whether they are in or out of politics.  Notre Dame is a consummate fraud and has been for many years.

The formerly Catholic school has always held itself up as the pinnacle of Catholic higher education. The “Fighting Irish” were born with a chip on their shoulder and a devotion to Norte Dame “Our Lady,” but those days are over. These days Catholic doctrine obviously embarrasses Norte Dame.   

Notre Dame is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and to Catholics who care about Catholic doctrine.  At first we thought the biggest of these embarrassments was the honorary JD it handed Barack Obama, an avowed enemy of the Catholic Church, but even that terrible moment has been eclipsed.   

This fake “Catholic” school ordered the arrest of “protestors” who knelt to pray a Rosary during Obama’s speech.   Since then the school has facilitated the establishment of a Gay Club on its grounds, paid to send students to a support Gay “marriage” rally in Washington and roundly supported Barack Obama’s reelection even knowing he would be forcing it to violate Catholic doctrines on abortion and birth control through Obamacare. By no objective standard is Norte Dame a Catholic school. It’s just a fake institution that keeps up appearances to fool and fleece willfully blind alumni into writing it checks.   

By contrast Belmont Abbey, a small college in North Carolina, is a Catholic Catholic school.  It won’t ever play for a national championship but it stands head and shoulders above Norte Dame in stewardship of Catholic doctrine. It doesn’t have a Gay and Lesbian Club. Abortion and Gay marriage are not supported in its classrooms.

Belmont Abbey doesn’t have a lot of money but it knows how to use what funds it has to support true Catholic doctrine. Belmont Abbey has just CUT its yearly tuition by $10,000 to further its mission of offering an inexpensive Catholic education to as many people as possible. Which would you call a Catholic Catholic school?

If Norte Dame wins tomorrow it will rake in millions of dollars and some of it will go to support for Gay conduct and abortion. To that I say:  Go Alabama; ROLL TIDE!