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Star Wars: Made in China


by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

In a shocking development the Chinese tested a satellite that’s capable of grabbing and capturing other satellites in orbit. This would suggest that China has militarized space and taken a significant step in its military development. Such capability would allow the Chinese to blind spy satellites anywhere and at any time.

Of the 3 satellites China used, one was likely fixed with a robotic mechanical arm to capture a target while another was probably used for tracking the target spacecraft. The idea is to capture a satellite to download information and reverse engineer it. If an orbiting body is destroyed the remaining orbiting debris field would be hazardous for future manned and unmanned space missions.  

Chuck Hegel’s Pentagon refused to comment on the test or how the Chinese managed to build maneuvering orbiting vessels.  Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith told the Washington Beacon “The United States Strategic Command’s Joint Functional Combatant Command for Space (JFCC-Space), consistent with its routine operations to maintain track of objects in space, has monitored these satellites since their launch and has noticed the relative motions of these satellites amongst each other and with respect to other space objects.” (1) In typical display of liberal, condescending behavior she suggested that reporters direct all further “questions to the Chinese government.”  To their credit, Obama’s stooges know who their sugar daddies are.
The Chinese Embassy spokesman has not commented about the anti-satellite test.

Cover story
China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, builder of the nation’s missiles and space rockets, wrote that “These three satellites are to be used for the observation of space debris and conducting scientific experiments in space maintenance techniques like space arm operations.” (1)

No independent Proof
As with all claims of Chinese military capability there hasn’t been any independent proof. It should be remembered that the much vaunted stealth fighter was revealed to be nothing more than a paper tiger. (2) According to Space analyst Bob Christy, “no public information has indicated the three satellites involved in earlier close maneuvers engaged in a significant orbit change since activities in August.” “There have certainly been no more approaches between them, and Payload A has shown no sign of maneuvering in the whole of its time in space.”

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Is Syria a real problem or just the latest phony scandal?

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Slow Down
In a rush to start a military strike against Syria, the Nobel Peace prize recipient is being told to slow down by the UN and European countries. Obama’s request for the assistance of old allies in his mad scramble to protect al Qaeda-led rebels from the Syrian Regime was soundly rejected by Britain. Valerie Jarrett must have demanded Obama strike Assad immediately. After all, the rebellion is being influenced by the Mo-Bros with Saudi oil money. When you read anything that says Brotherhood fighters it actually means al Qaeda.

Chemical attack
On August 21st, chemical weapons were used against the civilian population in the Damascus area, killing at least 350. The rebels and the Kenyan Muslim blame the al-Assad regime and the Syrian Government blames the rebels. At the time of this writing, no proof has been presented as to who deployed the chemical agent. UN inspectors will report their findings to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The British and the French are telling Obama to wait until the UN weapons inspectors report before taking any military action. Obama’s White House took the allies support for granted, as he had during the Muslim Brotherhood-led Libyan effort.

Secretary of State John Kerry openly accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons without any evidence what-so-ever and went on to accuse the regime of tying to interfere with UN weapon inspectors by claiming they had something to hide. The Syrians could take a lesson from Kerry on how to hide a Yacht from his home state tax collectors.  Obama believes that he can unilaterally strike Syria without a UN Resolution or support from America’s allies–the very thing he accused the Bush Administration of doing before sending troops to invade Iraq. The Russians and the Chinese are warning Obama not to intervene in Syria. The UN is telling the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate to wait on a diplomatic solution. (2)

Wag the Dog
This is the distraction the Obama Administration dearly needed. The chemical attack has redirected the public’s attention away from the various calumnies dogging the White House; the Benghazi, IRS and NSA problems for example. As long as Democrats can demonize Syria they can help the American public forget about these “phony” difficulties which have been plaguing the credibility of the Regime. Of course, it would work better if more voters actually cared about these issues. Maybe it’s because Jon Stewart isn’t talking about them. And that just begs the question: Who is the Hollywood director directing this latest DC, action-adventure?


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Vietnam’s Communists are learning a lesson about how economies really work

By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Sometime what you are selling is so awful and useless you can’t even give it away. The Communists who run Vietnam are learning this simple truth up front and personally. 

They are trying to get young people interested in learning all about the wonderful Communist system they live under but they are just not interested. They are so disinterested in what Marx, Lenin and Barack Obama’s hero Ho Chi Minh had to say that they will not use their precious college years studying their works; even free of charge. 

Last month Nguyen Tan Dung the head Red decreed that students pursuing a four year degree in Marxist Leninist economic theory could henceforth attend the Ho Chi Minh City Social and Human Sciences University, a state-run school, free of charge.

The reasons the little Commies are saying thanks but no thanks to free degrees in this foolishness would make the paisley dress, elbow patch crowd on American college campuses jump up and run out of the room.

While these American “Intellectual” nitwits are teaching students empty courses in useless feel goodism, the young people in Vietnam are saying they want to study only majors whose courses have real world value. They don’t want degrees in “Feminist Studies Black History” or “The Oppression of Minorities by the White Man.”        

They want to earn degrees in “…communications, tourism, international relations and English…. because [they] believe “they will have better chances of employment and better pay when they graduate…”

In recognition that ideology doesn’t cure diseases, the Vietnamese have also decreed free tuition for those students studying to cure tuberculosis and leprosy. Those not studying any of these new “approved” courses must pay approximately $200.00 per year for their degrees.  

Although Vietnam adopted a free-market economy more than 25 years ago its college students are still required to take a minimum of three courses in Communism. 

Getting a good paying job rather than studying a failed economic/political system is far more important to its young people (who make up more than 60% of its population) than being good little Reds. They’d never make at 90% of American colleges, but obviously they don’t care.  A female student summed it up saying, “They [courses in Communism] are just not applicable to my daily life.”

Source:  http://www.timesunion.com/news/world/article/Vietnam-offers-free-Marxism-degrees-to-draw-takers-4733890.php

Cuba caught getting antiquated military hardware fixed by North Koreans

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Western Hemisphere Threat
This week Panama seized a North Korean cargo ship that was on its way back home from Cuba. Panamanian authorities were tracking the cargo vessel as it entered the Panama Canal as they believed  the ship was carrying drugs.  The ship was stopped and searched. The crew resisted the boarding for inspection as it turns out they really did have something to hide. After subduing the ship’s crew the Panamanians didn’t find drugs but instead turned up undeclared weapons in violation of UN sanctions regarding the North Korean Nuclear program. (1)(4)

In a display of sheer chutzpah the North Korean regime demanded the release of the ship and crew because Panamanian officials hadn’t found any drugs. North Korea has a long history of smuggling drugs and has been caught many times, the money from the drug shipments having been used to prop up the hermit nation. On this occasion, the North Korean government didn’t want to acknowledge the weapon systems they most likely agreed to overhaul in exchange for food. They were smuggling the weapons to evade sanctions placed on the rouge nation thanks to its nuclear tests. (2)

Cuba admitted that the weapon systems on the cargo ship were theirs and had been sent away for repairs. The Shipment consisted of Mig-21s and engines and parts of an SA-s surface to air missile system. These are old Soviet era weapon systems, no longer effective against modern western combat aircraft. Had Cuba wished to update their air defense they would have been better off making a deal with Venezuela. Yet the 50s era Mig-21 is the mainstay of the Cuban Air Force. Their most modern Airframe is the Mig-29 and they only have 10 of them in flying condition. (3)(5)
The smuggling for repair of this ancient military equipment shows that the Island nation isn’t in great financial condition in spite of aid from Russia, China, and American leftists. In fact, the majority of the oil drilling off the coast of Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico is being financed by the oil poor Chinese. Thanks to Obama and his EPA there is nothing stopping them taking as much oil as they need for their own military-industrial expansion.


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Can we finally stop using the Dow as a measurement of our economic health?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The New York Stock Exchange is the largest gambling casino in the world. It is a place little fish are constantly eaten up by bigger fish. The big players are willing participants in the growth and maintenance of Barack Obama’s Potemkin Village. No one intelligent enough to have their hands on a large amount of money can possibly be ignorant of the chicanery that makes the Stock Market LOOK like an accurate reflection of the health of our economy.  Indeed they take their seats in Obama’s casino every day counting on the $80 Billion the Fed is creating out of thin air each month.

The Dow is a lie and those who truly say the economy is in good shape are fools, liars or both.

Consider facts that can be discovered with a minutes worth of research and decide for yourself if the economy is sick or robust.

A 2012 State of the States report showed the states are carrying a combined $7 TRILLION in debt – that’s 7 TRILLION! 

We owe 17 Trillion dollars, much of which we have borrowed from Red China a country that means us nothing but harm.

In just the last ten years we have lost 56,000 manufacturing plants – not jobs but plants.

Our Global GDP percentage fell from 31.8% to 21.6% in the same period.     

Our national debt is 23 times larger than it was under Jimmy carter. 

“The Economist” ranks America 16th best country to live in – 16th! In 1988 we were first as we should be.

NAFTA has brought us from a $1.6 billion trade surplus with Mexico to a $61.6 Billion trade deficit with the third world sinkhole to the south – we HAVE a $61.6 Billion trade deficit with MEXICO!

Likewise given the dangerous policies of Barack Obama we now have a $315 billion trade deficit with the thugs and gangsters running China to whom we lose 500,000 jobs a year!

Fifty three percent of American workers make LESS than $30,000 a year!

Self-employment, the backbone of a truly strong economy is at an all-time low of just 7%.   

The personal debt of the bottom 95% of earners is at $1.48 for each dollar they earn. 

Per the census, we now have 146 million people at low income or “poor.”

Children in Democrat cities like Miami (45%)  Cleveland (50%) and Detroit (60%) are living in poverty.

At this point it is improvable, but it seems a good guess that any positive economic news we get must be a function of the underground all cash economy Obama has forced so many Americans to live in.

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