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Anchorage TEA Party has endorsed Joe Miller for US Senate from Alaska

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Earlier today, the TEA Party of Anchorage made its selection among the candidates for US Senate from Alaska and to no one’s surprise they selected Joe Miller.

Joe is the true conservative in the Republican field and those who are the true conservatives in Alaska’s major city have recognized him for the trustworthy man he is.

This Tuesday’s primary will be a tough three way fight. Joe Miller needs your help. Please go to JoeForLiberty.com and lend a hand.

In their endorsement message explaining why they have backed Joe Miller, the Anchorage TEA Party made these comments, “Although all three Republican candidates are saying things we want to hear, ATP believes that Joe Miller is the only one who can be trusted to take action consistent with his promises.

“While all of the three Republican candidates will be more attuned to ATP values and principles than is the incumbent, ATP is not convinced that their values and principles will not “evolve” over time. Mr. Miller, in all respects, has consistently demonstrated that he will not accede to globalist and corporate pressure to go along to get along.

“ATP sincerely believes that Mr. Miller is the best person to represent the State of Alaska in the United States Senate. ATP is convinced that Joe Miller is one of us, the People, who will take his oath of office to defend and support the Constitution very seriously and bear true faith and allegiance to the same to remove the yoke of an overreaching elitist government from the People it was intended to serve.”

In accepting the ATP’s endorsement Miller said, “I am honored by the Anchorage Tea Party’s endorsement of my candidacy and their trust in me to stay true to the principles I espouse. I am committed to going to Washington and joining those reformers in the Senate and the House, who want to restore our nation to its constitutional foundation, and with that, the liberty and opportunity which have been the birthright of all Americans.”

Joe Miller is a husband, father of eight, grandfather, West Point graduate,  combat veteran United States Army Officer who was awarded a Bronze Star, and advocate of Constitutional liberty who believes in individual rights, private property, free markets and the sanctity of human life. 

Pelosi adviser admits college students too dumb to have free speech but not to vote Democrat

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
Michael Yaki, a Democrat who has worked for Nancy Pelosi and is now a United States Civil Rights Commissioner, believes that college students are too stupid to be allowed to exercise freedom of speech.   
His remarks were made in regard to whether there should be campus speech codes. In fact he thinks these codes should be tightened.
With breathtaking hubris and not even a single ounce of self-consciousness, this classic Democrat saboteur said, “Certain factors in how the juvenile or adolescent or young adult brain processes information is vastly different from the way that we adults do.”
Yaki went on to add, “So when we sit back and talk about what is right or wrong in terms of First Amendment jurisprudence from a reasonable person’s standpoint, we are really not looking into the same referential viewpoint of these people, of an adolescent or young adult, including those in universities.”
“Because of the unique nature of a university campus setting, I think that there are very good and compelling reasons why broader policies and prohibitions on conduct in activities and in some instances speech are acceptable on a college campus level that might not be acceptable say in an adult work environment or in an adult situation,” Yaki said, noting that these students “don’t process [information] in the same way that we do when we’re in our late 20s and 30s.”            
In making these statements Mister Yaki probably doesn’t realize that he is seriously indicting the very foundation of the “right” to vote being given to 18 year olds.  He let the cat of the bag and admitted that the Democrats know how politically dumb their 18 to 24 year old voters are, but of course that is exactly why they are Democrat voters.  
There is, of course, no chance that the Ministry of Information will question this Democrat on whether he is saying college students aren’t smart enough to vote. Nonetheless, it is nice to hear of a Democrat speaking candidly and admitting what we already know.

Those on the Right have always thought giving 18 year olds the right to vote has caused major damage to America; now we know the Democrats agree.  
Source:   http://www.nationalreview.com/node/384653/print

How did the “Progressives” Empower Themselves at our Expense for Over 140 Years?

By Jerry Todd,  staff writer

A three-legged stool can always stand without wobbling – a solid foundation for good or evil. Addressing the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments.

The Articles (7) and their clauses, the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) are original to the Founders, Framers, and Ratifiers. The 11th and 12th Amendments serve to States’ protection. The 13th freed the slaves.

The 14th Amendment – This was the first of three Amendments that created the “progressive” three legged stool. The 14th was a mandatory ratification, a required condition before states were allowed reunification after the Civil War. Congress deliberately established federal supremacy. The 14th, 16th and 17th all go together creating a supreme federal “stool” (pun intended), departing from Inspired Design and destroying the sovereignty of the States with 3 words….”No State shall…”

The 13th and 15th freed the black slave and gave him the right to vote. The 14th made slaves of us all.

Our Creator endowed us with unalienable rights – man is not the grantor. The Constitution was designed as a Limiting Document. It was changed by the 14th. What was; The People Free > The States > The Federal goes upside down; The Federal > The States > The People Dependent.

The 16th Amendment through the privately owned Federal Reserve System gives the Federal Government the MONEY to usurp power from the states and the people. This 2nd leg creates money against new debt at arbitrary rates. Money created against debt is “TRIBUTE” paid by each and every man, woman, child and enterprise. It is the protein of federal growth and our meal of ‘bribery through compliance or the heartburn we suffer through behavior modification and social engineering.’ What they take with one hand, they give back only after we comply with their mandates, participate in their programs, or support by agreeing to their policies. It forces societal change without benefit of Constitutional Congressional oversight.
The 17th Amendment gives the Federal Government a Senate free of obligation to the States. Today’s Senators, no matter how great, are not obligated to serve the needs of the State that elected them. Once having served to lobby for the needs of the State Legislature, the 17th created a federal guarantee of political party ‘block and tackle.’ What was once a check and balance has become the dysfunction of D.C. Today’s Democrat-controlled Senate has over 140 job and economy bills submitted by the Republican House that Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to put on the docket for debate, compromise and passage. This is the real reason Congress is held in such low esteem – wrongly blaming the House.
These 3 Amendments usurp the entirety of the Constitution. New House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy is in a position to save our Country – a very important power – THE POWER OF ONE… few ever realize we all have it, or sadly when they do, they do not use it with integrity. Truth will win, but after how much suffering?

Will the D.C. Circuit Court uphold ObamaCare by ignoring the Constitution?

by Doug Book,  editor

On May 8th, oral arguments will take place in the D.C. Circuit Court Of Appeals concerning the unconstitutional manner in which the Affordable Care Act was assembled and placed before congress for passage.

According to the Origination Clause in Article 1 of the Constitution, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

In 2009, the House passed a bill concerning proposed tax credits for members of the military who were first time home buyers. The Senate took that Bill, removed ALL of the content and substituted the nearly 3000 pages of the Affordable Care Act. According to Senate Democrat leaders, this was perfectly constitutional as the Affordable Care Act became an amendment to the original bill! Nonsense, of course, thoroughly improper and unconstitutional. But the left was not about to miss something they had waited years for–an opportunity to place the activities and choices of 300 million Americans under the life and death control of the federal government.

However, case law goes directly against the obviously fraudulent shenanigans of the Senate by establishing that in order to be considered a “genuine amendment,” it must be “…germane to the subject matter of the House bill.” Clearly the Affordable Care Act had nothing to do with the subject matter of the House bill.

Does the Affordable Care Act qualify as a “bill for raising revenue?” The Supreme Court certainly believes it does. In fact, according to its June 28th, 2012 ruling in the National Federation of Independent Business v Sebelius, not only did the Court find ObamaCare’s individual mandate to be a tax rather than a penalty as claimed by congress, the entire law passed the Court only because it WAS declared a tax. The government’s argument that the ACA was constitutional under the Commerce Clause was thrown out by the Court.

In the last 5 years, the Affordable Care Act was manufactured in a thoroughly unconstitutional way and passed muster before the Supreme Court only thanks to some of the most disgracefully, activist rewriting of a law in decades. Will the D.C. Circuit Court actually make its ruling according to case law and the clear language of the Constitution?

Don’t get your hopes up.





For Islamists to force Sharia on us they must first kill our freedom of speech

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Recently all fourteen Democrat Florida State Senators voted to allow the introduction of Sharia Law into the Florida court system. Fortunately they are nowhere near a majority (they lost 24 to 14) and the measure died at the hands of true Americans. The proposed law (SB386) was titled Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases.

A report on this vote, which included a brief outline of what living under Sharia law means, drew some comments that indicate a serious lack of understanding of the dangers of Sharia law. Several expressed skepticism that “this is what the Democrats actually voted for” and others attacked anyone who believed the brief list of horrors as quote,  “ring wing morons.”

These comments set the stage for this first in a series of CiR special reports on Sharia Law: Sharia and freedom of speech.

The political arm of Islam in America is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR, whose very name betrays the fact that Muslims don’t think of themselves as Americans, has a long history of whining to their allies in the Democrat Party (Muslims vote overwhelmingly Democrat) asking them to silence those who make even the mildest critical comments about the so-called “Religion of Peace.”

Recently CAIR demanded Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma apologize for saying that Barack Obama favors Islamists over Judeo-Christian Americans.

This is a strong statement but it is exactly the type of protected speech our Founding Fathers had in mind when they enshrined Freedom of Speech into the Bill of Rights. The examples of these attempted and successful infringements of the Freedom of Speech go on. Another that serves this purpose is the fact that Islamists used American police to arrest American citizens peacefully demonstrating outside an Islamist gathering in Dearborn Michigan.

This steady pressure on our rights is part of what Islamists do whenever they gain enough strength in a given area. Minneapolis is now well on its way to being a Sharia run city. Islamist cab drivers are refusing passengers they believe are carrying alcohol or are bringing a dog with them – even a Seeing Eye Dog.  They have gotten away with turning down rooftop ads for Cleveland’s Gay games as well.

A look across the Atlantic at the sad condition of England gives us an idea of the ultimate goal of the Islamists in stage one of their destruction of America.

A patriotic English politician was recently arrested for quoting Winston Churchill on the slovenly habits of Muslims and how they breed destruction of society wherever they “rule or live.”  The arrest came after a single Muslim complained to a cowardly British government which is already too far gone to be helped.

For a look at what American patriots will be demanding in the near future unless we wake up and fight back, consider this first demand from patriotic Brits: “Introduce a US style First Amendment guaranteeing free speech.” 

Those who say Islam and its Sharia law are not a threat to America are either self-delusional fools or lying supporters of Sharia themselves. Either way they must be pushed aside as we fight for our liberties.       





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