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Was John Roberts’ ObamaCare ruling a curse or a blessing for Republicans?

by Doug Book,  editor

Though Coach is Right published this piece in early January, the subject matter may be even more pertinent today as countless doctors refuse to treat ObamaCare patients, hospitals deny them admittance and the negative impact of the law has moved from talking point to reality.

When Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the Supreme Court’s Marxist bloc in ruling the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate constitutional, stunned conservatives immediately accused him of committing an “act of judicial cowardice.”  “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices,” wrote the supremely hypocritical Roberts as he shattered one of the first rules of judicial restraint by rewriting sections of ObamaCare from the bench. Although he refused to “protect” the people, it seems he was more than willing to protect DC lawmakers from the consequences of passing unconstitutional legislation.

But did Roberts manufacture his creative penalty-is-really-a-tax revision of ObamaCare for the purpose of bailing out the lawmakers who wrote the Act? Or was it actually his intention to help destroy them! American Thinker contributor Bill Dunne believes Justice Roberts used his ObamaCare ruling to set a “diabolical trap” designed to imperil Democrats even as it “saved the Republican Party from going into a death spiral…”

It is Dunne’s contention that Justice Roberts’ decision spawned a “Great Awakening” of the American people by making it clear that “…ObamaCare [was] a civics lesson from hell, with vast implications for America’s future.” Had the Chief Justice sided with court “conservatives,” the disastrous effects of the Affordable Care Act would have disappeared with the law itself. The largest tax increase in American history would not be taking place. Millions would still have healthcare insurance which has since been cancelled by the ACA; premiums would not have doubled–or worse–thanks in part to unwanted coverages; family doctors would still be available to longtime patients; a non-functioning, $600 million website would not threaten to transform average citizens into “skofflaws.” Moreover, identity theft would not run rampant and some semblance of a right to medical privacy might still exist for the American public.

Perhaps the most important consequence of Roberts’ ruling is that millions of Americans finally understand that “…[ObamaCare] has less to do with insuring the uninsured than with one political party’s lunge for unprecedented power and control over people’s lives.” The utter contempt for individual rights which is the hallmark of DC Democrats has at last been clearly revealed to any interested American. And the fact that healthcare may no longer be affordable or available interests one Hell of a lot of Americans.

Did John Roberts assume the role of visionary in finding the ObamaCare mandate constitutional? In spite of the happy faces assumed by party loons such as Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Senate Democrats like Mark Udall (Co) and Mary Landrieu (La) are facing Election Day 2014 with the dread of THEIR vote being advertised as the one which passed ObamaCare into law.

Was John Roberts a gutless traitor to the American nation and people? Was he blackmailed into finding the Act constitutional? Was he hoping to become an important part of history? Or did his presumed prescience help to save the Republican Party from an historic collapse?

Whatever Justice Roberts motivation, it certainly IS the Court’s job to “protect the people” when the passage of unconstitutional legislation threatens to result in an historic abuse of political power.


Gun store owner pays price for betrayal of pro-gun public

by Doug Book,  editor

When Oak Tree Gun Club owner James Mitchell decided to be the first U.S. seller of the Armatix iP1 smart gun, he opened the flood gates to such widespread animosity from gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters that it would threaten the continued existence of his store.

In October of 2013, the National Shooting Sports Foundation polled 1200 Americans on smart guns and smart gun technology. Seventy four percent said the guns were not reliable, 81% said they would NOT buy a smart gun and 70% said the government should not mandate use of the technology. 

But the story of Mitchell’s enthusiastic support for the iP1, a pistol which features “smart gun technology,”–that is, a gun designed to fire only for its officially recognized owner–had already gone viral. Mitchell had long before leased office space in his store to Armatix; he had built a special display area for the .22 caliber, LR product and dedicated a portion of his pistol range to the exclusive demonstration and test-firing of the pistol.

In February, the Washington Post reported smart gun technology to at last be available to gun buyers. “Electronic chips inside the gun communicate with a watch that can be purchased with the gun, making it impossible to fire without the watch. Gun control advocates, who believe smart guns could reduce gun violence, suicides and accidental shootings, marked the moment as a milestone.”

The Post also reported that, according to the “extremely pro-gun Mitchell,” the iP1 could “…revolutionize the gun industry.”

But unfortunately, in addition to revolutionizing the gun industry, the anti-gun left was equally determined to revolutionize the rules of gun ownership.

For on February 20th, Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey introduced a bill entitled the Handgun Trigger Safety Act (S-2068). According to the Act, smart gun technology must be included on ALL handguns within 2 years of the law’s passage. And within 3 years, “…all pre-smart” handguns will become illegal to sell … until they are retrofitted with the technology.” It is already existing statute in New Jersey that within 3 years of the very first smart gun sale anywhere in the nation, “…only those handguns with the new “feature” will be legal to buy in the state (except by “Only Ones” [police] and other government hired muscle).”

How much will smart gun retrofitting cost America’s gun owners? Not a thing as Sen. Markey’s bill also mandates all existing handguns be made into smart guns FREE OF CHARGE by the nation’s gun manufacturers. Rather a clever way to bankrupt every company which makes pistols in the United States, isn’t it!

So not only will the nation’s anti-gun politicians have a field day dismantling both the 2nd Amendment and the country’s gun makers, it will all be accomplished in the name of a firearm manufacturer, Armatix, which proudly guarantees their product will determine “…with 90 percent accuracy, whether a gun was being held by a person wearing a watch meant to pair with the firearm.”

Huh? Does that mean one shot in every 10 round magazine might be fired by someone not meant to be able to use the weapon? Or is Armatix saying that the gun might misfire 10% of the time?

Either way, the Examiner reports Oak Tree owner Mitchell “…is facing a furious backlash from customers and gun rights advocates who fear the new technology will encroach on their Second Amendment rights if it becomes mandated.” And make no mistake–James Mitchell was DEPENDING upon the state and/or federal governments to mandate the purchase of smart guns in order that he might cash in. For even in California, who in their right mind would pay the Armatix asking price of $1,399 dollars for the pistol, plus another $399 for the companion watch when the manufacturer guarantees their pistol to function properly only 90% of the time?

In 2010, my Glock 23–a  .40 caliber pistol which fires EVERY time–was $525.

“These people are anti-gunners,” said a customer on the Oak Tree Facebook page. “If you care about the ability to exercise your [Second Amendment] rights, I would suggest that you do not continue to frequent this place,” added another.

So distressed is James Mitchell by the nationwide animosity resulting from his having gone “all in” with Armatix that he is RUNNING, not walking back the story of his relationship with the company.  In fact, the Oak Tree owner now effectively claims to have never even HEARD of the smart gun manufacturer! What leased space, what exclusive right to sell the gun, what remodeling of his store and pistol range? According to Mr. Mitchell, “our facility does NOT carry the Armatix pistol, never has, and the comment (that Oak Tree was) ‘the only outlet in the country selling the [Armatix] iP1′ was taken out of context in an interview conducted by the Washington Post.” This from the gun store whose address Armatix  “… lists on its importation FFL as its premises.”

Like so many before him,  self described, “pro-gun conservative” James Mitchell found discretion to be the better part of valor and cancelled plans to make a bundle by embracing the smart gun agenda of the gun-grabbing left.

No one should wish that bad things happen to a businessman for wanting to make a profit. In Mr. Mitchell’s case one might make an exception.








http://www.markey.senate.gov/news/press-releases/markey-announces-new-legislation-efforts-to-combat-gun-violence     Feb 14. 2014




Government’s growth industry: watching the American people

by Suzanne Eovaldi

America as a police state no longer is a conspiracy spin, but now is a very painful reality! While the USA has only 5% of the world’s population, our country now jails 25% of the world’s prisoners.  This scary news stream rolled across the bottom of our TV screens this week and a great new book about what’s being done to average citizens is a must read!
“Deep State: Inside the Government’s Secrecy Industry” is a big reveal for we ordinary citizens who are being watched 24/7 by a statist government that refuses to police itself.  “We have more in jail now than China, a country four times bigger,” said a book reviewer on the very liberal Bill Maher’s punditry show.  He gave rave reviews to this new book that peels back the curtains of America’s Secrecy State.  “There is a hidden country within the United States,” and our government is using all sorts of subterfuge to insure power is held in the hands of Obama’s secret army of in-the-know, in-country spies.  A book description up on Amazon says, “The government secrecy industry speaks in a private language of codes and acronyms, and follows an arcane set of rules and customs designed to perpetuate itself, repel penetration, and deflect oversight.”  Our American values, indeed the very fabric of our republic, are being mined by deception of a secret army that takes marching orders from the Oval Office.  (1)
The authors of “Deep State” are Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady, correspondents for ABC, BS, and the Atlantic.  So if the situation looks bad to these insiders, bad enough for them to pen this best seller, then we have to wake up now.  Here are the five main divisions of this book: 1) a full review of the NSA’s surveillance program that 9/11 caused 2) Obama’s use of the state secrets doctrine and his executive power bonanza 3) How the public’s own access to plenty of information is turning out to be his secrecy state’s biggest nightmare 4)  How SEAL Team Six, Delta Force, Area 51, and the NSA, CIA, and FBI are affected by this Deep Secrecy State.  Even our national budgets are prey to this statist beast.  5) Finally, this book analyzes whether these measures put in place to “protect citizens” are even working.

Just this week we learn that one little boy who was playing out in the snow with his friends was charged with a FELONY after he threw a snowball!  This incredible overreach by statist police is just a harbinger of what we’re in for should we not rein in this freedom to spy, arrest and jail ordinary citizens.  When CA Senator Dianne Feinstein spoke in such funereal tones of the harm done by the Snowden spy information dump, she showed her own face.  Who can forget the position she had in procurement sub committees in Congress at the same time her own husband was buying and selling to the military industrial complex.!
This great new book is required homework for each and everyone American.  “Deep State disassembles the secrecy apparatus of the United States and examines real world trends that ought to trouble everyone,” says the book’s synopsis. If this little boy’s parents are asking “WHY” of their local police, are we asking “WHY” of the White House and Congress? At least state and local authorities in Utah are looking to cut off water and power supplies to the nation’s biggest spy center under construction out there.  Huge amounts of water are needed to cool their data storing computers. Will you do something to keep us out of the gray bar inns of Washington, D.C.’s intentions for us?




America’s police more likely to Menace and Intimidate than Protect and Serve

by Doug Book,  editor                                                                                                                                                    

“In the military mind set, the “drug war” has moved from metaphor to real life, with American streets as the “front,” American citizens as the “enemy” and law enforcement officers as the warriors.

At the direction of Congress, the Pentagon has spent the past 20 years providing military hardware free of charge to police departments throughout the nation, all for the stated purpose of fighting the War on Drugs. Billions of dollars worth of “surplus” military grade equipment has been transferred, literally enabling law enforcement in towns both large and small to serve warrants, control crowds and “keep the peace” with ordnance originally purposed for the annihilation of a foreign enemy. In the first three years of this federal collaboration between the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice (1994-1997) “…the Pentagon distributed 3,800 M-16s, 2,185 M-14s, 73 grenade launchers, and 112 armored personnel carriers to civilian police agencies across America.” “Domestic police agencies also got…tanks, helicopters and even airplanes.”

State and federal officials alike claim that sophisticated equipment is needed to wage America’s endless offensive against the pedlars of pot. Of course, after 9/11 that need was broadened–significantly broadened–to include the War on Terror. But can these increasingly suspect excuses justify a militarization of law enforcement responsible for the existence of at least 1 SWAT team in more than 90% of American towns with a population of 50,000 or more? At LEAST one! (By 1997, 75% of towns with populations under 50,000 also had a paramilitary unit.) Can they rationalize the presence in High Springs, Florida (population 5,350) of an 18 ton, $600,000 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP)”…designed to protect troops in Iraq and Afghanistan from insurgents’ homemade bombs?”

Claims that the DC ruling class are preparing the nation’s police  to implement a coming Marxist dictatorship are nonsense on so many levels they don’t warrant serious attention. Equipment advantages notwithstanding, the current ratio of 2.4 sworn officers for every 1000 US residents would make for a very short war even if only 5% of private citizens chose to fight for their liberty.

But what if the federal government were militarizing law enforcement, not to install a tyrant, but to beget a mind set?  According to Salt Lake City Chief of Police Chris Burbank, “a law enforcement officer openly carries a weapon for its intimidation factor. In law enforcement, that’s the message you send.” And today’s “warrior cop—armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers and a growing threat to familiar American liberties” is sending the message–wrapped in armored vehicles and M-16s–that an intimidated public is a cooperative, non-threatening public. It is this intimidation of the American people by the display and utilization of superior arms that the power hungry among our political ruling class hope will convince even the most passionate of freedom lovers that resistance must be futile–that any refusal to submit to the will of government cannot stand.

DC power brokers know full well that any attempt to repeal the Constitution or disarm the American people would result in disaster for the nation’s would-be rulers. But if year after year of intimidation can be brought to bear as constitutional rights are inexorably lost, a mind set of inevitable defeat might just be brought about. Such are the hopes of the aristocracy. For the only way our government masters can win is if there is no fight.











Why is it?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

November will be here sooner than the Democrat and the Republican establishments would like to think. We must prepare for a battle to save America and the enemies of freedom know it. To focus ourselves and prepare we have to hold a number of their assaults on our freedoms up to the light and ask why they have been allowed to continue. Here are just a few questions we must ask and demand an answer to.    

Why are our children’s futures being drained away by elected officials of both parties?

Why has it become acceptable to be forced to pay for other people’s lifestyles even when it diminishes our own?

When did “if it feels right it is right” become true?

Who decided the mainstream media and Hollywood are right about anything?

Why have the Democrats been allowed to unconstitutionally refuse to pass a budget since Barack Obama came to power?

Why are we being fed the line that running up debt is not an important problem?

When do we stop the political class from stripping away all we have to play Santa Claus to buy votes?

Why have we allowed the Constitution to be labeled a “living document” subject to Liberal fiat?

Why is it more difficult to speak openly about the virtues of capitalism than the evils of communism?

When did our colleges stop teaching anything about America’s greatness? 

When do we sit members of our various minorities down and explain the difference between a guarantee of opportunity and a guarantee of success?

When do we stop throwing money at our problems and actually work on solving them?

When do we confront Democrats on their theft of our liberties through their reliance on voter fraud?

When do we demand the Republicans grow a spine and fight for our rights and freedoms?

When do we start teaching our children about American history?

When do we declare the non-existent “issue” of gun rights to be settled the way the Left thinks the real issue of fake global warming is over and settled?

When do we point an accusing finger at Democrats for “Detroiting” America’s cities?

When do we declare multiculturalism the fraud that it is?

When do we build the fence that has been authorized for some many years?

When do we stop accepting the idea that, “Well you can’t deport 11 million people” and actually give it a try?

When do we tell John Boehner fighting even battles we can’t win is part of his job description?