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This 4 min. video from the UK tells us what illegal aliens will do to America

Though this video was made in Britain about the politically engineered destruction of England, it also serves to show what is coming to destroy the United States as our own politicians complete their sell out of America and the American people.

Everything is free for the nation’s “takers” and those who work for a living get the bill. This is Uniparty’s dream. Fight them like your life depends on it because it does.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/wq_lhlIn1e0

Is the Uniparty’s media really this stupid or do they think we’re this stupid?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The National Journal, an online arm of the Uniparty’s media propaganda machine, is cautioning Democrats not to get too excited about the possibility of the “economic surge” helping them in November.

This begs several questions not the least of which is: What “economic surge” in what country are these morons talking about?

The National Journal is obviously practicing “cut and paste” journalism. They are printing Barack Obama’s lies about the economy as if they were true. They don’t bother to do even a cursory search of available data to determine the reliability of the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

These self-delusional fools think that since they believe the lies, everybody else should as well. They are so self-important they can’t recognize that Democrats have been warned for months not to campaign by saying the economy is improving. Nevertheless, they are bewildered that anyone could actually think the economy is in bad shape.

The National Journal apparently feels that if THEY don’t report the U6 number showing the real unemployment rate at over 12% it doesn’t exist.  So they don’t report it! They believe that since they don’t mention the 100 million people who want to work but can’t find jobs, they don’t exist.  And if the National Journal doesn’t report that the vast majority of jobs created under their Fuhrer have been government jobs and/or part time employment, no one knows about them.

The fact that even the Fuhrer was forced to admit that the GDP had shrunk by an alarming 2.9% in a single quarter doesn’t enter into the shallow thought processes of Barack’s media acolytes. They still believe the recession ended in June of 2009 (because the Fuhrer worked economic miracles, of course) and just can’t understand why anyone would doubt this.    

These people are talking to themselves but that doesn’t matter. They understand that lies, however ridiculous they are, must be repeated again and again in order to make them stick. They understand that they are merely functionaries working in Fuhrer bunkers where truth never matters and turning out fund raising letter material is all that ever counts in their lives.     

How these people could have drifted so far from reality is a mystery we have no time to solve. We have a country to save.  

Source: http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/think-the-economy-can-save-democrats-it-won-t-20140713

The smell of fear coming off Mark Begich can be picked up even on the “outside”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Mark Begich is the Democrat Senator from Alaska because the Democrats smeared the good name and reputation of Ted Stevens, the Republican who held the seat until 2008.

Stevens was savaged by the Democrat controlled media and criminally charged with being corrupt. Although he was pretty much cleared before the election, the people of Alaska decided “better safe than sorry.” In Begich they got worse not better and plenty to be sorry about.

Begich delivered not for Alaskans but for Barack Obama and Harry Reid when he joined in the sneaky Christmas Eve passage of a bill the Senate Democrats made believe was the bill on Obamacare that was sent to them. That was a lie, but like all Democrats they lied to ram through socialized medical care merely because they could and our Marxist President ordered them to.

Now, four years later with exactly one passed bill under his belt – yes, you guessed it, a Post Office renaming–Begich is facing the consequences of his ineptitude. As one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats, Begich is grasping at any campaign theme he thinks will end his political-approval free fall by fooling 50% plus one Alaskans.

Just as other Democrats invent imaginary friends who tell them to raise everybody’s taxes to make us all rich, Begich has invented imaginary conversations with Obama in which the president has been a “pain in his ass.”

Putting aside that Democrats are against all energy projects except fake green ones, the White House, which wouldn’t know the truth if it bit its occupants in the ass, backs up the Begich fairy tale about acting on various oil projects because the senator pushed them to act.  This reminds us that Begich is friends with Santa Clause, who he is proud to point out, is one of his supporters.  Yes the man legally changed his name to Santa Clause.    
Yet, it gets better. With nothing else but the Post Office rename to point to, Begich is running spots reminding voters that he will be running against a Republican from “the Outside” which is what Alaskans call the rest of U.S.    

His website shows he really doesn’t stand for anything apart from his re-election, fighting against the War on Women the Democrats insist Republicans are waging and Oh Yes, he doesn’t like the Koch Brothers.

Begich can still win. He is after all a member of Uniparty and Uniparty can always savage the Republican nominee who at this point looks like Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s Attorney General. The primary isn’t until August 19th.  If Sullivan, who is a strong conservative, should win, the Uniparty will probably try to savage him. Let’s hope Alaskans choose wisely this time around.

Source:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/senate-democrats-reelection-pitch-to-alaskans-im-a-thorn-in-obamas-side/2014/07/13/a6a7c60e-083a-11e4-a0dd-f2b22a257353_story.html

A Baptist Preacher Fires Back at a Republican (Circular) Firing Squad

By Jerry Todd,  staff writer

First Union Missionary Baptist Church, Meridian, MS is where we learned how Thad Cochran’s corrupt Senatorial re-election campaign upped the black vote by 30,000 over the last election with blatant lies and “walking around money” to narrowly beat opponent Chris McDaniel in last month’s Republican primary. The folks there are a bit upset with church member Rev. Stevie Fielder, the guy who broke the news. The media erroneously reported he was an Associate Pastor. No one I know blames the congregation for yielding to endless propaganda and sleazy enticements. (1)

These very nice folks are upset with themselves for being sucked into an evil election pursuit.  Politics as usual, some will say. Democrat politics for sure. It’s just not becoming of Republicans to use the same tactics when they have truth on their side – as Ben Franklin said to the lady – “We’ve given you a Republic Madam, if you can keep it!” Problem is, we have a nation that is going down the tubes due to politics as usual and the vaunted “Change” promised and being delivered by a corrupt “progressive” Administration and Senate Leadership.

The RINO Barbour’s of Mississippi and their Capitol Resources, LLC are spreading their tentacles and dirty money all over the South to attack and beat “evil racist” Tea Party and conservative candidates. Sorovian’s all! (2)

At least McDaniel is fighting back. (3) The Conservative Action Fund is raising money for the battle. (4) For every black who has wised up, thanks to Rev. Fielder, I’d suggest he or she send any $15 walking around money to the Conservative Action Fund with a letter of long overdue support.

First Union and other black congregations around the country are about to find out they have far more in common with the Tea Party philosophy. The lies they’ve been fed mostly by “progressives” posing as Democrats and of late, RINO “progressives” posing as Republicans cannot stand. The key word is “progressive” – a return to the original label of the “Eugenicist movement” that sought to control black, brown, Jew and Catholic per Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood. Margaret launched her career with a speech to a New Jersey chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in 1924. In the 1930’s she advised Adolph Hitler on his “Jewish problem.”

“During the 1960′s, First Union stood out as the church which unquestionably supported the civil rights movement. The congregation provided a place of refuge along with a place to meet and assemble. The membership felt a part of that progressive movement. Today First Union is a congregation which shows compassion and concern for its members and the community. The auxiliaries work to strengthen the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the members.” From “About Us” on the First Union Facebook page. (1)

“The church always has played a pivotal role in the black community, especially during the Civil Rights Movement, when it was seen as a place of hope, restoration and revitalization. Not only was it a place for worship, it was a place where civil rights leaders such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy and Medgar Evers spoke. However, there are some who believe that role has changed and that the church is becoming a place to be entertained rather than a place to worship.”

How many blacks, overcome with fear their lifestyles will be destroyed by “evil Tea Partiers,” voted twice or as ineligible under Mississippi law, or just voted by being sucked in by the typical Democrat and RINO propaganda campaigns? We won’t know until poll results are thoroughly examined and challenged.

As a California Republican, far away from Mississippi but victimized by parallel tactics against Candidate Tim Donnelly, there are very long odds of Governor Jerry Brown actually returning to his well-educated Catholic roots. Does anyone really believe Brown will become a Classic Liberal and throw every “progressive” on his payroll out in the street to join the workers, students, teachers, businesses and dreamers of all races and ethnicities whose lives they’ve screwed up for years.

Could anti 2nd Amendment California Republican candidate Neel Kashkari match that? Surely a RINO wet dream!  Tea Party dead, racist or both? My sweet patootie!

(1) https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-Union-Missionary-Baptist-Church/156927441052056

(2) http://capitolresourcesllc.com/  

(3) http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/30/mcdaniel-unveils-another-strategy-against-thad-cochran/?advD=1248,657701

(4) www.conservativeactionfund.com

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Mississippi Blacks will still be voting Democrat for the next 200 years and still getting nowhere

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Democrat President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, he was doing so very reluctantly. He knew that the 1960 census had shown what he correctly considered a shift to the Right in the South that would make it difficult, if not impossible, for Democrats to win the White House in the future. Being the Machiavellian sneak that he was, Johnson probably looked back at his support for Operation Wetback which deported about 1.5 million Mexicans who were in the Southwest illegally as a lost opportunity to restock the Democrat voter pool.

With that chance lost, Johnson and the Democrats gambled they could sway poorly educated Blacks to vote for the Democrat former Klansmen who had been burning them out and murdering them for decades. When he signed the Civil Rights Law Johnson made two observations. He said he knew he had just lost the South, but then said, “I’ll have them n%^^ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.” (1)

Time has proved that substandard education and “walking around” money provided to any number of Judases in Black communities across the South and elsewhere did bring  Black voters onto the Democrat plantation where they have been ever since.

In last month’s Mississippi, U. S. Senate Republican runoff election the nation saw how deeply in the Democrats’ pocket robotic Black voters have fallen.  After fifty years of teaching Black voters to hate and fear Republicans, the mere smell of $15.00 and marching orders from their Democrat masters sent thousands of Black voters willingly committing a voter fraud felony and voting Republican.  Some foolish Blacks think this will change their lives for the better.

What happens next will be decided by the courts. Now that the heat and smoke have settled down there seem to be three possible outcomes:  (1) all charges against the Cochran campaign will be dismissed and he will be the Republican candidate; (2) Chris McDaniel will convince a judge that over 6693 fraudulent votes were cast, the election will be throw out and a new one will be scheduled; or (3) McDaniel will prove that one or more representatives of the Cochran campaign paid for votes and Cochran will be disqualified, automatically making McDaniel the candidate.

Whatever happens will leave the TEA party movement stronger and more determined and Mississippi’s Blacks right back where they started: Voting Democrat for the next two hundred years and still getting nowhere.