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The Democrats should beg Michael Bloomberg to come in as a third Party candidate

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

On hearing that Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York City, is considering running as a third Party candidate the first thought that comes to the minds of conservatives is “Good. That will be the final nail in the Democrats’ coffin.”

While that is very likely true, there is potential danger for America in a Bloomberg candidacy.

If they haven’t already done so, the Democrat Establishment will have to have the behind closed, locked guarded doors talk they have dreaded for months. Whatever they might have hoped and wished for, the reality of their situation is that they are on a fast track to nominating either a Communist disguised as a Socialist or a woman on her way to prison.

In either case they will suffer a near fifty state wipeout that, regardless of the predictions of the “experts” will result in losses not pickups in the House and Senate. Even the Democrat voter fraud machine can’t help them if the current enthusiasm rate of 70/50 in favor of Republicans holds. Moreover, Trump attracts a large number of “new or returning” voters who will vote Republican to help give Trump the tools he needs to succeed. Each Democrat will have to defend Barack Obama which is a sure loser in many states. They will swamp the feckless Democrat campaign.

During “The Talk” the Democrats will have to admit they are on their way to defeat and look, not for a candidate who can win – they know that is not possible – but rather they will look for a candidate who can mitigate the down ballot damage thereby saving the possibility they can still retake the Senate.

Enter Michael Bloomberg. If the very liberal Bloomberg runs he could possibly get rank and file Leftist Democrats to show up to vote for him and vote for down ballot Democrats while they are there.

If they are wise the Democrats will beg Bloomberg to run.

Trump, really?

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Yes Trump, really. The brash, self-promoting candidate has captured the imagination and the support of Americans across the nation. It’s no secret that the GOP Establishment (GOPe) has made him feel unwelcome; that they consider his advocates low information and uneducated. And it’s hardly a surprise that Karl Rove should wish to preside over the candidate’s downfall. After TRUMP THIRD PARTYall, Donald is someone whose thoughts and actions he can’t control. The fact is neither of our political parties have much use for either “loose cannons” or patriots. Both, it seems, are unmanageable.

According to POLITICO, I am an average Trump supporter; that is, a middle income, blue collar worker. But what Trump is saying has resonated with far more than just blue collar voters. Independents, higher income Republicans and Democrats, even 25% of minority voters favor Trump over any of the DC, “Uniparty” candidates. His words are resonating with those who see our country going down a hole, who will no longer tolerate the effects of political correctness and kowtowing to the members of every self-proclaimed “victim” class.

Trump followers represent a large swath of the electorate. Democrats are losing the non-college voters in the Midwest. More importantly they have lost the Reagan Democrats who foolishly gave Barack Hussein a chance to make things better. These voters obama_liesno longer maintain any illusions about “Hope and Change” and no longer trust the far left to handle the economy, immigration or terrorists.

The citizens of this country are looking for a strong leader who understands the damage caused by decades of liberal rule. Americans are fed up with political corruption and legislation which violates the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Most of us don’t react well to force, whether it be purchase ObamaCare or pay a penalty, or submit to the homosexual agenda or lose your place of business. Government must threaten citizens into compliance with its commands when it does not represent the values or appreciate the culture of those citizens. Eight years of legislation by Executive Order have made the un-American agenda of the Obama Regime abundantly clear.

Word now coming out of the GOPe is that Trump has followers who will not bother to vote. They claim that Trump will burn out, that he is a shill for the Democrats, that his followers will fall by the wayside and that political polls are totally wrong. No doubt a RINOS AND TRAITORSgoodly number of D.C. Republicans will not support him. But most of these will be of the John McCain, Lindsey Graham stripe; RINO/Uniparty Republicans willing to watch the U.S. descend into perpetual mediocrity as long as they maintain the power necessary to steal with impunity. Some members of the GOPe have declared that they would vote for Hillary before they vote for Trump. I would easily believe this of at least half a dozen Republican senators who have found subservience preferable to doing the job they were elected to do.

The candidate who knows what is best for his flock

Many of the lesser Republican candidates-Jeb Bush in particular-feel entitled. They’re convinced that they have worked long and hard, have said all the right things, done all the right things, taken all the right money and therefore believe they should be President. Many of these same GOPe’s look with contempt upon the people whose votes they need. The unwashed masses are necessary evils, often ignored. After all, campaigns are for big time donors who have the candidate’s ear. To Jeb it is probably beyond comprehension that the masses have the audacity to find him wanting.

I believe Trump will be a much bigger favorite among Republicans than Hillary is likely to be among Democrats. In fact she probably would have been dumped by now if the Democrat Party could look BERNIE SANDERS 10to anyone but Bernie Sanders, a 74 year old, European style socialist whose belief system has caused massive damage to every nation foolish enough to have discarded liberty and capitalism. Consider how readily Hillary was tossed aside 8 years ago for an incompetent, inexperienced Black whose entire life history had to be covered up and perpetually re-written. It seems the smartest woman who ever lived is not exactly popular, even with her fellow leftists.

Yes, Trump is often a flamethrower. But he has found a way to not only be a fresh voice that the electorate likes, but to have that voice carried 24/7 by the mass media for most of his candidacy.

Former President Ronald Reagan had an 11th commandment to never trash a fellow Republican. Some people have forgotten that. Those who call Trump a loudmouth of no substance have shown that they are the ones who should tone down the rhetoric and work together to create a consensus for the party.

Donald Trump can win this election. He can also be a very good president. Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, as Americans we had better make certain the next White House occupant is not a member of the far left. We can’t afford another 8 years of anti-American treachery.

America’s liberal Jewish voters have to recognized that the (Democrat) party is over

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The ranks of our professions are filled with high achieving Jewish men and women. Doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers have Jewish Americans among their ranks, in numbers far exceeding their percentage share of the population. Nevertheless, the one glaring blind spot America’s Jews have is their love for liberalism even though it consistently works against them. This brings them to the Democrat Party.

Given their great successes, in everything they do, many Jews have lots of disposable income to give to Democrats. This gives them a great deal of can leverage over what the Democrat Party does and says. The Jewish population is very small and their distribution around the country is such that, except for a few districts here and there, the actual Jewish vote doesn’t change an election’s outcome either way. So money is what Jews bring to the Democrat table and what they occasionally bring to Republican political positions.

The emergence of Donald Trump has turned that advantage on its ear.

Like Blacks, and to a lesser extent Hispanics, Jews have marginalized themselves by clinging to Democrats. Their financial support has always been a tool to change what they don’t like about a candidate and shore up what they do like. Trump is different, he cannot be bought.

Consider the situation with Sheldon Adelson and Marco Rubio.

Adelson is a very wealthy casino owner. He wants cheap labor which means he wants amnesty for illegal aliens. Rubio wants to sell Adelson the amnesty he wants and Adelson wants to buy Rubio. But the independent, self-financed Trump makes Adelson’s money useless to Rubio. Trump has the money and the platform to expose the deal and make both of them losers.

For the first time in anyone’s memory a leading candidate, who is likely to win, doesn’t need anyone’s money and won’t sign on to liberal positions to get it. Because Trump will call out anyone running on contributions from special interests, he makes political contributions useless for anyone.

What further complicates matters for Jewish voters is that Trump has no track record of problems with Jewish people – in fact one of his daughters is an adherent Jew- so the usual kneejerk charges of anti-Semitism thrown at any Republican won’t work to make Trump bend to their will either.

The party seems to be over.

Trump and Black America, something’s up: “We need someone to come save America. He is the one.”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Donald Trump is getting traction among Blacks. Have you heard about this? Probably not.

A SurveyUSA Labor Day weekend poll, showing Blacks supporting Trump’s presidential run at a rate of 25%, has been buried as quickly as it was announced. After all, news that the state media doesn’t like rarely sees the light of day.

Nevertheless, what is strange about the news of Blacks supporting Trump is that it was not immediately attacked and mocked as an   TRUMP BLACK VOTERS 1 outlier. It was not derived from a college poll seeking to grab fifteen minutes of fame.

This is chilling news in a chilling presidential cycle for people used to shaping the news.

The SurveyUSA poll presented a trap for the media and Trump haters that, at least this time, they were smart enough to avoid. The internals of the survey showed that among cell phone users, Trump is being crushed by even Comrade Bernie Sanders which is less likely than Trump being beaten by Col. Sanders. It showed Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden crushing Trump as well. Why, then, would we NEVER hear about this poll again?

The twenty five percent Black support, that’s why. They couldn’t    TRUMP BLACK VOTERS 4find a way to tell America that Trump was losing to a Communist without opening the door on the rest of the data in this poll.

The fact that Trump is getting support from Blacks is not a blip on the screen.

Something is happening out there. Blacks who are paying attention understand that they are being pushed to the back of the bus by a Democrat Party that takes their support for granted. They have found it hard enough to slip to second most important minority   TRUMP BLACK VOTERS 3behind American Hispanics; but falling behind illegal aliens may be just be too much to take for a sizable number of Black Americans

At an October 1, 2015 meeting with a variety of representatives of many religious groups, a Black minister from Cleveland said, “I think Donald Trump changed the opinions of the African-American pastors that were in the room. They saw a side of him outside of the media depiction and that they would give strong consideration in regards to supporting his candidacy.”

Is Hillary Clinton playing a high stakes game of “chicken” with Democrats who want her out?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Since at least this past March when coachisright.com first predicted her campaign would end in her indictment, things have gone from bad to worse for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Her lack-luster campaign announcement was followed by another equally pathetic attempt to stir up supporters. A book tour flop topped off by a virtually secret, Friday night re-re-re-announcement have all drawn flies at best.HILLARY EMAILS ETC

Empty seats at BIG rallies even on college campuses have become the rule rather than the exception.

Mrs. Clinton’s smug and demonstrably false “explanations” of having done nothing wrong by using her private email accounts for governmental communications have worn thin even among some of her most devoted followers.

The unspoken warning to investigators that they, “had better back off because THIS is Hillary Clinton you are looking into” has served only to intensify the efforts to bring her down among Congressional Republican Committee Chairs. More than this, it has become clear that Barack Obama does not want her to follow him to the White House and has ordered the FBI and other federal agencies to publicly investigate her.

Nevertheless, as a Clinton, she is as cunning as a rat. She can put on   NIXONHILLARY PIC a brave face and make believe everything is just fine in public, but she knows she is in trouble. She knows the clear and present danger is way past being brought to an end with the standard, “I’m reluctantly suspending my campaign to spend more time with my family.”

Hillary Clinton knows the people coming after her are ruthless Democrats who fear she is so damaged she would bring down entire tickets of Democrats around the country. She is one of these ruthless people herself so she knows they mean business and will indict her to get her to leave.

The problem she faces is that she also knows they recognize a Clinton’s ability to come back from the political grave so they may very well indict her for her many crimes, even if she does droAss and Hillaryp out, just to put a stake in her chest where her heart should be.

It is quite plausible that Hillary is playing a high stakes game of “chicken” with the wolves at her door. She may very well be “plea bargaining” through implication. The longer she stays the more    damage her forcible eviction will cause for her successor. No Democrat will want to be blamed for “killing the chances” of the Democrats electing the first woman president.

She can “plea bargain” her way out of an indictment without doing so publicly by simply waiting them out until they come to her with an iron clad agreement. The sober assessment here is that no Republican will have a real say in her fate.

On the otHILLARY INMATEher hand if she waits too long and the wolves grow    restless and impatient they just might drop an indictment on her as thick as the Manhattan phone book. Then orange will be her new pantsuit color.

Pass the popcorn please.