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Florida Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy a self-important, empty suit


by Suzanne Eovaldi

For the seventh time, Democrat Patrick Murphy, the 31 year old empty suit running for US House of Representatives in Florida’s 18th District, SNUBBED voters and refused to show up at the Treasure Coast League of Women Voters Forum.  Republican challenger Carl Domino explained his opponent’s refusal to meet constituents by saying the congressman wants us to forget he is now a Democrat, given that he was a Republican in Fort Lauderdale.  Murphy’s campaign ads, many funded by local Realtors, depict the Democrat as an Independent although he voted the Obama-Pelosi party line over 82% of the time! (1)

Domino is a Viet Nam War Veteran who was a US Navy Commander in the Mekong River theatre. He reminded the League audience that an elected official’s primary duties are to listen and respond to the needs of those he was elected to represent. Murphy, however, “responds” to his constituents by refusing to show up, just as he did last spring when he blew off the Taxpayers Forum of Saint Lucie West. Realtors, insurance, finance and college administrators are all a part of the Treasure Coast Research Park (TCRP), a taxpayer funded consortium.  Yet when Murphy ran soft filter lens advertisements against Domino, he failed to disclose the relationship between ad-actor and Rancher Bud Adams and Mike Adams, Bud’s oldest son and President of the TCRP consortium.  How wrong it is to not tell voters the names of those who are backing Murphy’s campaign!

Just consider the following, staggering statistic.  After only two years in Congress, Patrick Murphy’s net worth jumped from $205,682 to $3,185,011, an incredible increase of 1,449%. In comparison, the American citizen’s median yearly income declined by 0.94%!!  (2)  Murphy sits on the powerful, US House Finance Committee and his huge campaign war chest is a testament to the largesse of special interests and the K street boys. Lobby dollars and Murphy’s own wealthy family have pumped up the worth of his political machine to nearly $5 million.  Not bad for a 31 year old who has provided no military service, no apparent domestic partner and no proof of home ownership within his newly acquired district! Can the Democrat spell carpetbagger?

Don’t forget the bitter re-count battle which Democrats and at least five Murphy attorneys waged against war hero Lt. Col. Allen West in the Gertrude Walker, Election Supervisor’s week of recount hell just two years ago.  As West was getting ready to deploy into a hot war zone, Murphy was busted (3) in a South Beach drunk, disorderly, and resisting arrest incident. (3)

There can be no comparison between the experience which true Republican Carl Domino offers the voters of Florida’s Treasure Coast and the empty resume of the rich man’s son.  While serving eight years in the Florida legislature, Domino pushed through Portability legislation allowing Florida homeowners to move within the state without losing their home ownership tax credits!  This Domino-passed law is saving thousands of Floridians their homes while Realtor-paid ads falsely tout the Murphy mortgage two step.  No way.  Ballotpedia charts also show how Murphy is favored highly with Planned Parenthood and NARAL for voting the Democrat pro-abortion record at nearly a 100% clip!

Oh, and all of that hoopla about Murphy being against the All Aboard Florida train project?  Well, for all of you coastal residents from Palm Beach to Jupiter to Stuart through Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce, how’s this for truth in political rhetoric! Patrick Murphy NEVER RESCINDED the letter he sent on September 12, 2013, to US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other local leaders in which he said:  “All Aboard Florida will expand commuter access and allow more freight to be moved by train, all of which will help to reduce traffic throughout the region.  I’m proud to support infrastructure projects such as this that benefit our district, generate jobs, and stimulate long-term economic growth.” (4)  Yeah, right.  It is only Patrick Murphy’s economic growth which will be “stimulated,” not that of voters and residents of the Treasure Coast. 

Conservative Carl Domino is the only candidate anyone should vote for and support in US House District 18!

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Liberals at National Journal whine because 2002 Voting bill comes back to bite them

By Richard McLoughlin

Kansas Democrats may live to regret their party’s support of the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

Though Democrats have fought to preserve voter fraud as a weapon against honest elections, it is not going well for them. They have argued that requiring a Photo ID to cast a ballot is discriminatory, but that hasn’t worked. They have claimed that Voter ID with photos will keep people from the polls because—[please fill in your favorite reason here.] But that hasn’t worked because surveys have shown, with few exceptions, that minority voting increases when Voter ID is required. Now liberals are trying a new approach by saying, “It is too expensive for voters to purchase a driver’s license so Voter ID is a Civil Rights violation.”

The National Journal bleats that it can cost up to “$58.50 to vote” in some places: Oh the horror of it all!

The very good news in this story is that 33 states demand photo ID at polling stations. Can Democrats still find a way to cheat? Of course, but under these rules it takes more planning and smarter people to pull it off. Both of these commodities are in short supply for Democrats.

Another piece of good news is that during the height of their power the last time Republicans held the House, they passed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 which opened the door to require photo ID. For once the Republicans outsmarted the liberals on an important issue.  

After repeating the party line that “voter fraud is rare” the National Journal wrings its hands, claiming that these safe guards will drive down the African American and 18 to 23 year old turn outs. This is very important news for Republicans in Kansas as it is one of the States that was singled out by the Government Accounting Office which claimed turnout in these two groups plus new voters (those registered for less than one year) was especially low.  

With Black Kansans representing between 6% and 8% depending on how dual-race people see themselves, the close races for Senate and state Governor could both swing to GOP candidates as both stand to benefit from a smaller African American turnout.

There is wisdom in being cautious about what we pray for because we may get it.





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Maybe enough is finally enough in St. Louis County as Black Democrats endorse White Republican

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Beware of the low flying pigs as you watch hell freeze over; a group of Black Democrats in St. Louis County has endorsed White Republican Rick Stream in his race for County Executive.

The group known as the Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition (FLHC), named for the Voting Rights giant who worked to give Blacks the right to vote in Mississippi during the summer of 1965, has finally awakened to the fact that Democrats do not care about them and never have.  They point to the continuing failure of the county’s schools to educate Black children and the Democrat’s shameless pandering and agitation in Ferguson since the shooting of a Black would be cop killer.   

The FLHC’s head Hazel Erby, herself a St. Louis County councilwoman, charged that repeated appeals to Democrat officials asking to be heard on matters of serious concern to the County’s Black community have been ignored. Erby defiantly announced, That’s not happening anymore.”   

The FLHC believes its endorsement will carry a great deal of weight and be able to put Stream over the top in an already close race against Democrat Steve Stenger another County council member.

While the exact nature of the issues involved in the group’s decision are not immediately clear from an outsider’s view, what is very clear is that this is bad news for the St. Louis Democrat machine which has controlled the City and County for decades. The FLMC makes no pretense about supporting Stream because of his conservative positions. They don’t really care. They are using this opportunity to send a message to the White Democrat structure.    

 “This is about disrespect of the black community,” said FLHC member Theodore Hoskins, the mayor of Berkeley.

In acknowledgement of the importance of the Black vote to Democrats, a local political observer said, “Who actually gets the county executive seat is a side of grits. As of today, they can’t lose. The only question how big is the win going to be.”

 This story brings the 2004 South Dakota Senate election to mind. In that race, Republican John Thune defeated incumbent  Democrat Tom Daschle by garnering the endorsement of A.I.M. The American Indian Movement’s leader Dennis Means.  The raw votes delivered from the reservations was actually negligible, but the endorsement came with something far more valuable: an end to voter fraud on Indian reservations. Without voter fraud, Daschle could not win.

If the FLHC can just stop the voter fraud that goes into Democrat victories there is no telling how much this development will hurt the Party of the left.



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Running on empty: Liberals have no new ideas but they don’t care

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Democrats have won many races by essentially moving their lips but saying nothing. They can get away with “Vote for me because the Republicans will cancel your (social security, welfare, affirmative action, amnesty, medical coverage, grants for global warming, anti-gun laws, and break your union up).”

All they have to do is get enough greedy self-absorbed parasites to vote for them out of fear of an end to their gravy train and they win. New ideas? “We don’t need no stinking new ideas!”

Nevertheless, when there aren’t enough greedy parasites in a particular area the Democrats feel compelled to make believe they are serious thinkers to attract the “oh so wise Independents.” This forces them to make believe they understand, “the serious issues of the day.” It makes no difference that they themselves are always on the wrong side of these issues and they are invariably the cause of the problem they are addressing, Democrats put on their stern face or appear tieless – to show how emergency nature of the issue and “come out strongly on” whatever it is.

Unemployment is a classic example of such an issue. The crisis in employment in America has been caused solely by their President Barack Obama and their ATM machine unions but at election time Democrats have to ready a “hard hitting plan that focuses on jobs like a laser beam.”  

Although as Democrats they really don’t understand economies or how America works, Democrats need only offer a “jobs plan,” and a sycophantic media will swoon over it and tell addle-brained Democrat voters “prosperity is just around the corner.” Recall Joe Biden’s annual fake “Recovery summer,” announcements.

These things being said it is no wonder that intellectually bankrupt Democrats are plagiarizing each other seemingly in total confidence they won’t be discovered. This is how we get smugness like: “South Dakota IS after all; what a million miles from Texas right? So who will know we are using the same silly little plan?”    

Three female Democrats running for governor from South Dakota, Wisconsin and Texas have been caught issuing the same “jobs plan.”

They probably aren’t concerned about this because they are running as “not the evil Republican.” Will it work? So far the polls say no; but if they wake up enough greedy parasites who knows?      

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/25/Democrats-The-Party-of-Stolen-Bad-Ideas               

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What happens if they hold an election and nobody shows up?


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The puppet masters who forced Barack Obama on us can’t help the Democrats this year. Obama is not officially on the ballot but this race is certainly all about him and how incompetent he is. The man has failed in everything he has done and no amount of spinning has been able to change this fact.

The Democrats will use big money, a well-organized Get-Out-The-Vote operation and a dash of voter fraud to try to save the Senate. Whether they succeed or not will depend on how closely a particular candidate is tied to Obama and how much he/she supported him as he drove America over the cliff.

There are of course a number of safe Democrat candidates but those who are safe are only able to enjoy their position because of demographics. Their districts or states are loaded with addle-brained greedy supporters who would vote for Bull Connor the Democratic police chief of Selma Alabama if told to do so.   

Those districts are not the ones that have Democrats up all night these days. They will be decided the minute the polls close. The problem facing the Democrats next month is traceable directly to the sharp drop in support for Obama among his core of greedy takers – they are disappointed because he couldn’t loot more from the makers to give to them.    

A recent survey of adults and registered voters shows Obama’s approval numbers upside down at 40/54. If this were the worst news for Democrats they wouldn’t be nearly as worried as they are. For the really alarming news is found in the internals, the numbers that make up that 54% disapproval number.

Here are the groups that concern Democrats because of the fall of support for Obama among them as compared to the average of their support in both presidential elections: women down from 55.5% to 42.0%;

Blacks from 94% to 60% (some “mega” takers’ remorse here);

Hispanics from 68.5% to 60%;

18-29 year olds from 63% to 42%;

Liberals from 87% to 70 %; and

for all Democrats from 90.5% to 75% support.

In recent years, potential voter sentiment was predicted using the “generic ballot” –asking which party voters would like to see in control of Congress. This measurement, however, has proved worthless because voter enthusiasm to go to the polls has eclipsed it. There is a real difference between what people want and whether they will actually vote to get it.

The sharp drop in support among Obama’s supporters strongly suggests there is a shortage of enthusiasm on the Democrat side. Now it is up to Republicans to generate their own voter enthusiasm.  We’ll see how that works out.



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