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Viciously anti-American Maxine Waters says Sharia Law and our Constitution can co-exist


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The stink of nervous sweat must be filling the air in the rooms where House Democrats meet. It must be palpable. The conversations about what to do must be totally free-wheeling and without boundaries. Questions of integrity and true patriotism are likely being pushed aside. Survival and maintaining power are the only things that matter. Never one to be concerned about looking anti-American, the extremely self-absorbed Maxine Waters had a thought cross her malevolent mind: “Let’s suck up to the Islamists who are here to kill Americans!”    

Her latest attacks on America came at a recent meeting of the Council of Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Society of Orange County California. Starting from the Democrat, anti-American position that our Constitution is controversial, Waters let loose her spew of hatred for Americanism.  

Waters than made her obligatory accusation against Republicans “attacking the Islamic faith as a national security threat,” which should be true but is not.

From there she supported our enemies by labeling any unfavorable characterization of Sharia Law as “fear mongering.”

Sucking up to the beheaders to get them to contribute to equally anti-American Democrats, the shameless Waters said she is “pushing legislation to ban any racial profiling.”

Knowing how far removed from American culture these Islamists are, Waters probably got a big round of applause for that line.    

She made light of the threats posed by Sharia Law and Islam, which she believes to be compatible with our Constitution, adding that, “… the Muslim community is actively working with law enforcement.”

Given the manifest danger Sharia driven, Islamic savages have already visited upon our society, it is impossible to believe there can be anything but evil intent on the part of those who support Islamic law; but Democrats do so openly.

That someone with such a high position on our government could speak like this is both a monument to greed and lust for power and a blaring warning that Democrats cannot ever be allowed to run our lives.  

This latest episode once again underscores that Democrats have no love of our country and would sell our freedoms to any of our enemies in order to get and maintain power.

Someone should gently inform Maxine Waters that the seventh century savages that adhere to Sharia law are here already and would have no second thoughts about raping old Black women from California, even ones that helped them gain power.

Source: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2014/09/renowned-legal-scholar-rep-maxine.html#more  

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W.Va. Democrat staffer hangs out the “Jews and Christians not welcome” sign


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Push them to decide, make them show their real face and Democrats will line up against America every time.

It’s usually the kids that speak out of turn. You know, the three year old who runs around the Thanksgiving table spewing four letter words; the same ones he hears at home.

The Democrat Party is loaded with “kids” of all ages who don’t understand why Democrats get elected. They think their candidates remain in office by telling the truth to people. They think Democrats stand up and talk about socialism and hatred for Israel, America and capitalism to get elected. The wiser Democrats never let such thoughts pass their lips during election years. They only say these things to the small groups they are asking for money.

A recent report about a staffer for West Virginia Democrat Nick Rahall, the most senior Arab-American in the House, makes this case. Collin Peterson, a Field Organizer for Congressman Rahall, has declared his love for Islam – at least the lies about Islam he was taught in a course on the subject at Randolph Macon College. Describing just how thrilled he is with Islam, young Mister Peterson has written, “And I’m really excited for Islam. I’ve wanted to study it and thought about just taking Western Religions but decided not to I am so burned out of learning about Judaism and Christianity. So I’m really excited they offered. Couldn’t fit Buddhism in which is disappointing but I studied it in Eastern religions so I got it covered!”

As for a reaction by Rahall, don’t hold your breath. He is a longtime supporter of Palestine and has expressed his anti-Israel feelings   by saying, “Israel can’t continue to occupy, humiliate and destroy the dreams and spirits of the Palestinian people and continue to call itself a democratic state.”

A review of the records shows Rahall was the only House member to vote against a resolution for an end to an Arab boycott of Israel in 1993.

Rahall, who hasn’t changed his opinion of Israel for the last twenty years, has a sister who is a lobbyist for Qatar. Does anyone think Peterson is in trouble?  



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Porn star making campaign ads for Pennsylvania Democrat and would-be Governor Tom Wolf

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The most heinous depictions of evil perversion to and upon women are the themes of a torture porn film made by an actor who also starred in campaign ads for Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, a Democrat who is running to become that state’s governor.  Porno film actor Alan Benyak had the lead role of “Mr. Cannibal,” in a horrific film which describes how four friends are kidnapped by a man only to realize they are part of his BREEDING FARM!  “These women are milked, bred, and sold for a psycho’s pleasure,” says the promo on the front of the porno vid.  The sick, twisted, freak collected money for making this outrage, but he also was paid by the Wolf campaign to advertise the candidate’s message of I Stand With Women.  (1)

Somehow, this challenged Democrat politician sees no comparison between a law signed by Governor Corbett that gives women the right to make their own health care decisions and his make believe subjugation of women as pitiful creatures subjected to the vilest types of abuse and perversion.  In the video entitled “Breeding Farm,” Benyak’s character “tortures a half-naked woman, buys another, force-feeds yet another, cannibalizes a fourth.”  This disconnect between the message this actor’s employer, Candidate Wolf sends about women and what this porno film depicts is stunning, to say the least.

In typically hypocritical, Democrat rhetoric, Wolf is quoted as saying, “equal work should be rewarded with equal pay.  And Tom will fight salary discrimination based on gender and work to ensure that women are treated and paid fairly and equally in the workplace.” Can you believe this?  A terse disclaimer says, “Wolf’s team has deep-sixed the ad.” (2)

How about promising to pass measures which will block vile pornography in Pennsylvania!  How about blocking images of young women being abused in the most grotesque ways imaginable. How about outlawing videos of women being used as “breeders.”  Well, so much for the War on Women which according to the Democrats’ play book is all the fault of the Republicans.   What about Democrat party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz remarking something to the effect that the GOP want to grab women by the hair and drag them off stage.  Gee, at least the “girls” would have their clothes on, own their own lady parts and maybe even be able to hurl some epithets at those old meanies who oppose the DW-S-Pelosi line of BS.

One need only spend thirty years in academia to realize that Democrats truly are mental and Democrat females have never moved out of their kitchens and bedrooms.  How can those silly “Haavahd girls” have the temerity to claim their feelings had been hurt by some non-remark from Bill O’Reilly while attempting to discuss national security or some other truly important topic? Ladies, are we in over our head here, or at least to the upper limit of our pay grade?  How can ostensibly educated female academics stand in front of impressionable young people and run on and on about how bad men are (especially those awful white males)?  Have you ever read the titles and descriptions of “Women’s Studies” courses offered at these bastions of male income re-distribution?

How can fathers write checks or help their daughters and sons fill out student aid forms to pay for classes that teach all intercourse is rape, that lesbian lovers are preferential to those guys that bat for the other team and that anything a woman does to a man can be excused because  ”he did her?”  From a personal perspective, after about thirty years of listening to this stuff–twenty of which were spent rearing a girl child without a strong male presence–this writer is beginning to come to the conclusion that maybe men aren’t all SOBs after all.

Well, Pennsylvania, you’re doing your country proud.  You busted open the Good Old Boys network formerly known as the Big Ten; you’ve given us the Jerry Sandusky saga of a white guy as major pervert; and now you just may elect a Democrat governor who paid some man to tell us equal pay means describing women as breeders, but maybe not as Haavahd foreign policy experts.

SOURCE: (1) (2)  http://libertyunyielding.com/2014/09/09/actor-featured-ad-pa-dem-gubernat




Cuomo and Hillary: Two Democrat stars who never were and now never will be


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Remember how Hillary Clinton was the inevitable next president? Remember how she would likely be fighting Andrew Cuomo the Democrat governor of New York for the 2016 Democrat nomination? If you don’t remember these “facts” you’re not alone.

Tuesday’s Democrat primary in New York State brought a crashing end to talk of presidential dreams for “Prince Andrew of Albany.” While he won the primary with just over 60%, Cuomo lost about 40% of what should be his natural base. In deep Blue New York State the Democrat governor couldn’t win a resounding victory among the most devoted voters of his own party. A woman with the interesting name Zrphyr Teachout who had no money got about 34% of the vote and a guy named Randy Credico got 3.6% of the vote.

In the Lieutenant Governor primary, to pick Cuomo’s running mate, Kathy Hochul did about as well against a far Leftist college professor named Tim Wu. As if these numbers weren’t bad enough for Cuomo, Hochul has an A rating from the NRA – something that might give some of the Empire State’s Leftist crazies all the excuse they need to stay home.

Cuomo will win in November in spite of his inability to lead (he has put off a decision of allowing or prohibiting fracking for four years) and other bad decisions but those who pick presidential candidates will see him as a failure. He was handed the nomination for governor of a deep Blue state and won four years ago. He will win again – big deal.

Hillary Clinton was handed a Senate seat in New York. She served and no one can remember anything that she did. She was reelected but so what? This is New York we are talking about.

Since then she has scoffed at the significance of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and released a book that was savaged for its insulting emptiness.  A new Wall Street Journal NBC News poll shows how far she has fallen since her flippant remark about the Benghazi murders.  At the beginning of 2013 when she made her snarky remark, Clinton’s approval numbers have fallen from about 56/25 to just 43/41 which is a stunning crash.

At this point we don’t know who the next president will be, but it is looking like a safe bet that it will not be either Andrew Cuomo or Hillary Clinton.                      

Sources: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/10/nyregion/cuomo-and-hochul-win-new-york-primary.html?_r=1





Another FBI investigation of Democrat “sacred cows”: Has the insurrection started again?


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Things involving politics rarely happen in a vacuum. Events follow a discernible course if you know what you are looking for. For the first five years of his Administration, Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has been riding roughshod over the Constitution. It follows that the vast majority of honest FBI agents and Assistant United States Attorneys might be very angry and frustrated that a political hack like Holder should come in and destroy their career in such a rapid and permanent fashion.

That anger and frustration apparently boiled over last spring when within a six week period a succession of crooked Democrats were raided, arrested indicted and or put in federal prison as a result of investigations that had been stalled on direct or indirect orders from Holder.

In each of these cases a clear message was sent: If you are a crook you will be made to face justice, even if you are a Democrat. What made these investigations so stunning was that all of the targets were Democrat minorities who one would think would be protected by the power of the Democrat Party. They included a Gay Speaker of the House in Rhode Island, a collector of kiddie porn, three Blacks and Chinese California State Senator.

The surprising nature of these strikes went ignored by the media. There was no mention of retaliation, let alone comment, from Holder.  Since last May the Democrats have held their breath and hoped it would all just end.  For months it seemed like it had; but that hope is gone now.

In wall to wall crooked, Democrat, Hidalgo County Texas another “protected” class of Democrats – Hispanics – are about to go down in a big way. Like all of the other cases from last spring, the investigation that will destroy these Democrats has been dormant for more than a year and a half. Again, the crooked Democrats must have thought this would “go away,” as investigations of their politically protected ilk usually do.

In this investigation, Democrats are eagerly ratting each other out, meaning that some who are about ready to put on the orange jump-suit must be testifying and helping the FBI.

Is this the renewal of the FBI/Assistant US Attoney insurrection? Is this in retaliation for the bogus indictment of Rick Perry? If it walks like a duck…….

Things involving politics rarely happen in a vacuum.          

Source: http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/news/local/article_a050417e-346c-11e4-88dc-0017a43b2370.html?mode=print