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Patriot bloggers brought down Williams; now all lying liberals will have to fear the footsteps

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Here is a bit of free advice for liberals: Speak the truth in front of a camera or prepare to be outed. The truth can be smothered for just so long and that period is shrinking. The Brian Williams case is a serious and threatening matter for liberals. The fact that Williams has gone down is far from the most menacing aspect of this matter for liberal Democrats. The sobering aspect of Lyin’ Brian’s tumble is not just what has come out (and who knows how much more will immerge?); rather it is where the information that nailed him came from that is the heart of the threat to liberals.

The Williams case is a major triumph for conservative bloggers acting as fact checking researchers who do what they do for the love of truth. The liberal parrot media has abandoned its responsibility to find and report the truth. It has voluntarily adopted the role of guardian of liberal lies at the cost of their own integrity. Now patriotic Americans, armed only with zeal and a computer, are filling the vacuum of truth they have created.

At this point in our history we have at least 15 years of good hard data floating around the Internet. This makes the task of digging out what these parrots are hiding easier and requires still less skill. The blogosphere is alive with audio and video clips of Williams lying.  Nameless patriots looking to be a conservative Woodward and Bernstein are working at home to fill the void.   

Finding liberal lies can almost be compared to shoveling snow in that the mission is very clear and calls for little more than the desire to keep digging.  This being the case, the Williams matter will become more and more frequent in the future.

One of the most valuable tools for doing research from home is the Vanderbilt University News Archive (VUNA) which has been maintained since 1968.  Founded by Nashville lawyer Paul Simpson, who can be called The Father of Honest Research Journalism, VUNA came about because he recognized that broadcast news was being used to incite Leftist protests against the war in Viet Nam. As a patriot, Simpson wanted to do something about media liberal bias.

The VUNA can be accessed at, http://tvnews.vanderbilt.edu. Its services are the same offered at any library including loans of items plus an opportunity to purchase copies of valuable recordings.  Liberals, who have always been aided by a compliant media, must now understand that what has helped them all along can now be their undoing.

Patriots, start your computers!

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Born here but they really have no connection to America: Democrat created thugs

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This is a story about two perfectly engineered inmates of the Democrats’ plantation.

In many areas of the big cities run by Democrats it is dangerous for an honest person live or visit. One’s safety is not necessarily defined by skin color as a beautiful and industrious 18 year old African American woman named Marguerite La Joy Washington was to find out.  On October 1, 2012, the college freshman was murdered as she sat in a New Orleans apartment. The gunmen who ended her life had come to kill her boyfriend but shot both of them during their attack. Two assailants, both African Americans – Myron Jackson and Jeffrey Washington – were arrested and put on trial for Marguerite’s murder.

Up to that point there was really nothing noteworthy about this story. It was just another murder among Blacks in a city run by Democrats.  In these places young Black men are born, they find their way out of school and into the thug life at an early age and more often than not, are either dead or incarcerated for what’s left of their lives by their mid-twenties.   

The difference in this case–and why it is an example of the total destruction that the Democrats have visited upon the Black community–is the generosity of heart found in the efforts to save the two murderers from a life sentence made by Marguerite’s mother, Margaret Washington. As a caring and decent person she decided to try to save the two feral animals that had murdered her daughter. She tried to use her influence, as the mother of the victim, to get the system to offer a plea deal to them that provided a path to rehabilitation and eventual release from prison. Surprisingly, the prosecutor agreed, but the two thugs rejected the deal.

In a jolting reminder of the total success the Democrats have had at creating their permeant underclass of perpetual voters, Jackson and Washington not only rejected the deal but mocked the idea of a plea deal because to them that is a form of “snitchin’.” In an angry outburst revealing their status as foreigners in our society and their inability to even speak our language, Jackson yelled at a judge saying, “We ain’t do that! We ain’t do that!”!  

These two perfectly perfected Democrat plantation inmates would rather go to prison for life after a conviction on the highest charge than cooperate with a system they have been carefully taught to hate.                   

 Source http://blog.nola.com/crime_impact/print.html?entry=/2015/01/killers_of_dillard_freshman_ma.html

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New York’s most powerful politician taken away in FBI handcuffs

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

No words exist to fully describe the abject wickedness which has consumed Albany, NY as it fails in its sworn duty to protect and honor the public trust! “It is a cesspool unworthy of respect or trust and now stands naked in disgrace,” says NY POST editorial writer Michael Goodwin.  (1)  The “three-men-in-a-room” scenario of Governor, State Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the State House has ruled for decades, often in total disregard of legislators and ordinary constituents.

But one man and one man alone in that room ruled New York, both state and city. His fiefdom of pay-to-play, show-me-the-money alleged foul play makes Sheldon “Shelly” Silver the guy who has pocketed millions from alleged scams so convoluted that trying to trace their rabbit warrens of corruption can become a near exercise in futility.

And now, this man must face the law’s sour notes in a five count, FBI indictment alleging four million dollars in bribe taking, influence pedaling, fraud, and misuse of honest service.  Speaker of the New York House Sheldon Silver, “… monetized public office,” says Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara who heads up an 11 year investigation now bearing fruit. (2)  From taxpayer money passing palms for whale watching in an upstate NY lake to thousands of lobbying dollars pouring in from Big Booze, Big Oil, Big Union, Big Real Estate, Big Pharma or Big whatever, if you did business in the world’s trade capital, you paid THE MAN or you didn’t play. “He would make money orders and just ask us to put our name on it,” said one woman who was part of the vast array of faceless shell givers who let their names be used for political gain. (3)  And why did Governor Cuomo shut down his own investigation of corrupt politicians called the Moreland Commission?

But as the Democrats’ main go-to man fights for his political life, what will this massive fraud investigation do to the woman who would be queen?  That carpet that flew Hillary Clinton into Albany from Arkansas might not slide as easily into the White House, nor may her bags stay as full! As some observers are calling this scandal the biggest, the worst that ever happened in NY, Clinton’s cushy contributions conduit may not be as engorged as it once was.  She, herself, may shed some Teflon thanks to Silver’s slide from political grace.  “Everyone saw it, and no one cleaned it up,” screams a NY POST headline. (4) “Speaker’s a keeper, loyal Dems insist,” says another media talking head.  Mayor de Blasio described Silver as “a man of integrity even on the DAY he was charged with taking bribes of nearly $4 million.”  Incredibly, as some in Albany are calling for Silver to quit, many politicians and their operatives either are remaining silent or maintaining support for the man. Will Silver sing like a canary to save his own hide if/when prosecutors take push to shove here?  “All I can say is the speaker has the full support of the conference,” said Queens assemblyman Democrat David Weprin! (5)

A 325 page opposition research (op-re) document on Silver slime concludes with Albany’s most serious transgressions.  The majority of legislators and voters NEVER get their legislation to the floor in the NY capitol, or experience needless delays, or consistently are shut out, says the confidential op-re doc. (6) PACs for special interests across the board and their lobbyists poured huge sums into Sheldon Silver’s alleged political goals.  But even he had to do an about face on law that would have protected landlords who were harassing tenants when pressure from the little people finally got to him. This amazing op-re doc amasses staggering arrays of donations from Big players of every description.  Virtually no segment of life in New York escaped the reach of the state’s most powerful politician.  We all know what happened when Client #9 vowed to stop Albany’s pay-to-play schemes.  Eliot Spitzer went down in the flames of his own lust.

Now, Shelly “Slither” who was led away Thursday in handcuffs may have to stand in front of the judge to give account of his stewardship, or lack thereof, of millions upon millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars.  But don’t count this guy completely out. Unbelievably, his insouciance broke through as he stopped to autograph some artist’s drawing of him when he exited the courtroom of his life.  Lobbyists, lawyers, legislators, all who bear guilt in this scandal may, too, find themselves on their own dockets of fear and remorse.

SOURCES:  (1) (2) (4) (5), pgs. 6,7 NY POST, January 23, 2015   (3) (6) confidential opposition-research document provided to CiR 


NOTE:  for a text of US Atty Bharara’s speech, go to http://observer.com/2015/01/preet-bharara-blasts-three-men-in-a-room-after-sheldon-silver-arrest/   **read the comments!

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Here’s the latest on the Black War on our police


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 1970 a group of African Americans calling themselves The Black Liberation Army (BLA) initiated a war against America’s police Officers. They started with sneak attacks in New York City and 20 New York City Police Officers were killed between January 1970 and December 1971. As a New York City cop I served as an Urban Combat Soldier. I worked in one of the toughest precincts in New York. I personally lived and witnessed the opening phase of the war and fought in it. Today we are seeing the resurgence of the BLA’s Black War on our Police (BWOP) and those who deny that are liars, fools or both.  

I find it curious that those who have never worked a single tour as a street cop anywhere can presume to pontificate about what is going on. Anyone who doesn’t mention the words “Black” or “African American” in a discussion of the BWOP is not a genuinely concerned observer. There is no way to win this war without honestly identifying the enemy.

Barack Obama has taught us this with his nonsensical prohibition on using the word “terrorist.” Calling the murders at Fort Hood “Workplace violence” is not only feckless but dangerous because it abandons any hope of a proper and effective response to home front terrorism. Those who can’t bring themselves to utter the words “Black War on Our Police” are part of the problem and they are not helping us win this war.

Here at coachisright.com the truth of what is actually going on in the BWOP is very important. We are determined to bring the war news to you so you can be aware it is happening.  

In order to do full justice to those who have reported the truth from the front about the BWOP, the following stories are provided in link form with brief descriptions of what they cover.             

There is a definite Communist Party of America connection to the street demonstrations supporting the Black War on our Police.    


 Al Sharpton, who is a leading apologist for the BWOP,  definitely receives indirect funding from Walmart.



Most recently there have been BWOP sneak attacks in Durham North Carolina, Los Angeles and Pasco County Florida.




In New York City, which is the ground zero of the BWOP, its supporters are carrying out psychological operations attacks with continued threats to murder police officers.  


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Nancy Pelosi reveals the GOP conspiracy behind Democrat midterm disaster


By Doug Book, editor

Countless politicos and media pundits have offered what each believes  the real reason for the drubbing Democrats took on November 4th.  A few mavericks even suggested the impossible–that Barack Obama’s policies were to blame for the carnage rather than his Blackness.

But leave it to San Francisco’s brainy congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, to provide the indisputable skinny on a midterm catastrophe which strengthened the GOP hold on the House and robbed Harry Reid of the Senate. As Nancy explains it, “to succeed, we must inspire, educate and remove obstacles to participation. Only by changing our political environment and broadening the universe of the electorate can we build a strong sense of community and an economy that works for everyone.” According to the Pelosi-English Dictionary, Nancy is claiming that the Democrat loss was caused by “voter suppression.”

Wanting very much to retain her leadership position in the House, Nan explained that the results of the midterm had nothing to do with voter mistrust of Barack Obama or the far left direction in which she herself was leading the Democrat minority. Even the laughably bogus claims Pelosi has made time and again to the American public played no part in the holocaust. The fact is there were simply not enough votes to put Democrat candidates over the top. And the reason? Republicans were preventing Democrat voters going to the polls.

Not that Republican backers had decided to emulate the well-meaning, well armed Black Panther poll watchers of 2008. Rather, Pelosi claims the GOP conspiracy began in 2012 with Republicans filing “frivolous” contempt of Congress charges against A.G. Eric Holder, “…the person who [was] assigned to stop the voter suppression in our country.”

The congresswoman didn’t exactly explain how the filing of Contempt of Congress charges against Eric Holder for his refusal to provide information on the DOJ role in Fast and Furious could prevent people from voting. As a matter of fact, the issues appear completely unrelated. But Pelosi certainly deserves credit for spot on, post-election analysis in which she shrewdly connects Democrat losses with a shortage of people voting for Democrat candidates.  The agility of the Democrat mind is a remarkable thing to behold.

Phony claims of a Republican War on Women also suffered a richly deserved death on Election Day as pro-life Senators replaced that body’s pro-abortion crowd and the votes of married women went to GOP candidates by a  54%-44%  spread. Of course, Nancy claimed these unfortunate, anti-abortion numbers were also a result of voter suppression.

 As a rule, Midterm elections have found wealthy, white, conservative, married voters dominating the polls. The question is whether the Republican Party will give conservative voters the necessary reasons to turn out in even greater numbers in 2016. If so, Nancy Pelosi may be shrieking about far more than voter suppression 2 years from now.






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