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Larry Klayman files petition to deport citizen of Indonesia, Barack Obama


By George Spelvin, staff writer

Will Barry Soetoro be deported to Indonesia?  “Shipped out, Sent Back, Removed…in sum, deportation proceedings should be immediately commenced,” says a deportation petition being brought by Attorney Larry Klayman, original founder of Judicial Watch. (1)  The deportation petition filed with the DHS, ICE, and Office of Fraud Detection and National Security at DHS states: “It is clear, based on a mountain of evidence that the president and his agents have falsified documents, such as his birth certificate and Social Security number,” and that nullification of the privileges of American citizenship is in order!

Only the World Net Daily online investigative website and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse are breaking this story. Just another chapter in an Obama, birth-eligibility narrative virtually ignored by United States media outlets. A basic question lies unanswered: Why is Obama not being required to file proper documentation to prove to the American people that he is legally a U.S. citizen?

In this 20 page petition, Attorney Klayman says, “The immigration laws of the United States are intended in part to ensure that those who become part of the country and particularly those who lead it bear allegiance and loyalty to the USA,” not to a foreign country or the interests of other countries. (2)

A main component of the Klayman petition involves the fact that Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro was six months short of being eligible to convey American citizenship to her son, Barack Hussein Obama, born August 4, 1961.  In question is her own birthdate of November 29, 1942, which indicates she turned 14 on November 29, 1956, having lived only 4 1/2 years stateside until her son’s birth!  Klayman even points out that ”apparently not all of those years actually (were) spent within the US.”  Immigration law requires that a consistent five year domicile within America’s sovereign borders was required to convey her citizenship to Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama!  The larger legal issue involves vetting the NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP requirement of the US Constitution.

“It is a fair inference that Barack Hussein Obama would not have relied throughout his life upon a forged birth certificate if a genuine birth certificate showing a live birth in U.S. territory existed,” the Klayman legal action says.  A huge amount of documentation was filed with the attorney’s deportation petition, including Dr. Jerome Corsi’s hardcover book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” (3)

Problems involving a perception of Obama’s allegiance to Muslim ideology also emerges, namely that “he  (BHO) feels more kinship with his foreign roots and Muslim religious schooling and heritage than with the Judeo-Christian principles upon which nation was founded.”  In order for Ann Dunham Soetoro to enroll her son in a Jakarta school system, it would have been mandatory that he adopt the Muslim faith!  She divorced her son’s African father and moved to Indonesia with her new husband, Lolo Soetoro, who in turn adopted her son, the now President of the United States.  However, no clear evidence seems to have surfaced which can prove repatriation into the US.  In fact, attempts to research the issue were sidetracked because airline manifests for the week that Mother and Son were said to have flown into the US somehow went missing! 

Klayman’s deportation petition and other supporting evidence are available at this WND link (4).

SOURCES:  (1)  (2)  (4)   http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/klayman-files-for-deportation-of-barack-obama/

(3)   http://superstore.wnd.com/books/Wheres-the-Birth-Certificate-Hardcover

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OPT OUT of ObamaCare’s Government Run Exchanges

by Doug Book,  editor

Don’t want to become a lifelong statistic of the Democrat Party’s Affordable Care Act? The Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) has created an ObamaCare Exchange Opt-Out form which can be emailed directly to the federal Healthcare.gov website. 

“I declare that I am opting out of any and all participation in the national Obamacare Exchange system.”

And the stated reasons should cause every American to question both the legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act and the true intent of its authors.

It begins with the question of privacy:

“Without my consent, the Exchange will gather significant private data about my family and I, “under penalty of perjury,” and share that data online through the ‘Federal Data Services Hub’ with federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS), Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS), and Social Services Administration (SSA).”

What possible, LEGITIMATE use could the Department of Homeland Security have for the personal medical records of the American people?

“Thanks to the collection and distribution of personal data to the IRS, ObamaCare Exchanges …will…compel individuals and employers to purchase only government-approved insurance.”

Subsidies and tax credits will be issued ONLY by the IRS and be made available only to those who enroll in ObamaCare through an ObamaCare exchange. Such an arrangement makes the competitive pricing of private healthcare insurance impossible. CCHF describes this as “…a ‘Coercive Attack on Free Market Medical Care’: Using the bait of federal subsidies and Medicaid, the Exchange is designed to entrap individuals in the Exchange and never let them out!”

The Opt-Out form concludes with: 

“The national Exchange system is not a “marketplace” to buy health insurance. It is a federal command and control center that employs the states to abuse individual privacy and economic freedom with the false promise of government provided “health care.”
“Therefore, I am opting out of the PPACA’s intrusive government-run Exchange.”

The link to the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom, Opt-Out form is at the bottom of this page.

Thus far, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has refused to release the number of individuals who have enrolled in ObamaCare since the “opening day” of October 1st. This can only mean the numbers are too high to easily track, or are an embarrassment for the Obama Regime. Let’s keep them an embarrassment and defeat ObamaCare by Opting Out.


(1) http://www.cchfreedom.org/form.php/29#.UlA-ThCrEuL 

Additional reading:




 ObamaCare Opt Out Form: http://www.cchfreedom.org/form.php/29#.UlA-ThCrEuL

Are World Heritage Sites being used to train Russian troops in the US?


by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Are America’s treasured National Parks being co-opted by the New World Order under the guise of designating them World Heritage Sites, thus allowing foreign troops and United Nations agencies to take over our country in a soft coup d’etat?  A blogger has photographed heavily equipped armored vehicles carrying the “Special Response Team” logo in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Heritage site in Gatlinburg, TN. (1) ”It is a deadly serious piece of equipment never before used inside the US until now,” says the blogger “Sherrie” who then adds, “The vehicles don’t come more heavily armored.”

Sherrie has put up several pictures of these in-country tanks which she said she saw on and near Interstate 75 when she was traveling back roads near Winchester, Richmond, KY, and lists Rt. # 627 as an area of interest.  “This spot is (around) the US Army Chemical Depot” which covers 14,000 acres in Kentucky backwoods,” the blogger says on the video which the Liberty web site is putting up for general viewing.  She mentions chemical weapons involving 523 tons of nerve agents and shows aerial photography of train tracks going up to several buildings in this compound!  “I’m not sure what they are,” she says, positing the notion of a possible FEMA camp in the Kentucky woods.

Now in addition to sighting of MRAP vehicles, “Sherrie” tells readers that “Russians were stopping and questioning people in the Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountain Parks region.”  She quotes a high ranking individual in a local area state militia organization who she says she trusts as being truthful.  The scenario developed when these apparently foreign troops wearing DHS uniforms with the Eagle insignia tried to enter  Tennessee from Kentucky.  “They were NOT Americans. . .appeared to be Russian or Eastern European!”

The Tennessee State Guard is being formulated as part of the 22 state Governors’ Militia Organization of volunteers which answers only to the Governors, not to the Federal government. (2) What has developed is the confiscation of equipment belong to National Guard Units nationwide.  Trucks and other equipment sent to Iraq are not being replaced or returned to the states by the federal government because it is “too expensive” to transport the vehicles and equipment back into the country.  This has prompted 22 governors to form State Militia Units paid for by the states and thus kept out of the reach of the federal government. (2)

Has the Division of Homeland Security partnered with the United Nations One World military apparatus with a sleight of hand operation known as World Heritage Site designation?  The observant blogger lists these US treasures also as being so designated: Statue of Liberty, Everglades, Mammoth Cave, Yellowstone, Yosemite, all former National Parks. Folks, this designation and UN involvement coincides with the ten region DHS map of the United States!  Has this under-the-radar give away of America already taken place, thus allowing the constitutionally prohibited onus of foreign troops being stationed on American soil?  What is your Congress doing about this?


(1) http://liberty.com/blog/dhs-armored-vehicles-russian-dhs-troops-uniforms-fema-camp

(2) http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot.com/2013/03/tennessee-state-militiaguard-has.html

World Heritage Sites: http://www.worldheritagesite.org/all.html

You can volunteer for the TN State Guard by calling Major Ezzell at 901-794-3032, according to this video

Barack Obama: America’s Marquis de Sade


By Robert Warner, staff writer

As the pain from Barack Obama’s daily attacks on our freedom builds it is important to keep several things in mind.

For example, today’s headline: Internal Government Email: Make Sequester Cuts As Painful As Possible

Obama is the one who proposed the sequester in the first place: White House Admits (Third Time) President Obama Fibbed On Sequester.

Obama is the one who promised to veto any attempt to remove the sequester cuts: Video: Obama Promises to Veto Attempts to Remove “Painful” Sequester Cuts.

Obama was given an opportunity to select the cuts himself: New GOP sequester plan: Let Obama decide what to cut.

Obama allowed DHS to release 2,000 illegal aliens during the month of February (2013) in anticipation of the sequester cuts happening: AP: 2,000 illegals released by DHS, Not 500. Keep in mind, current Obama illegal alien deportation policy is to only incarcerate and deport REPEAT and VIOLENT OFFENDERS only! Obama Refuses to Deport Illegal Aliens BEFORE They Commit Vicious Crimes. DHS is also planning to release 3,000 more during the month of March: DHS Released 2,000 Illegal Immigrants, Plans to Release 3,000 More in March.

Finally, Obama is the one who signed it into law when he had the ability to veto the bill.

To recap, Obama: created the problem; prevented the problem from being solved; declined the chance to minimize the problem; released 2,000 repeat offender and/or violent illegal aliens before the problem became a problem; passed the problem into law instead of vetoing it; and is now making sure (behind the scenes) that the problem is every bit as painful as it possibly could be.

How does it feel to know that your President is willing to do all of the above, at the expense of the nation, as a political ploy to be used in the 2014 mid-term elections? After all, he just can’t get things done because of those pesky Republicans in the House. If only he were a Dictator, things would’ve gone differently… Obama: ‘I Am Not a Dictator’.

If these facts don’t get you ready to fight from now until 2014 and beyond, you are reading the wrong site.

By the way, the sequester disgrace is a story of intrigue, conspiracy and deliberate betrayal of the American people, yet not ONE of the above headlines relating that story was gleaned from a “mainstream media” source! Isn’t it just a little frightening that the complete news cycle of any given day can be captured in front of a computer while the principle news resources of an entire nation for the last 50 years—newspaper and television—have, by design, left their customers in the dark?

The most transparent administration ever has had a lot of help.

Centers for Disease Control has stackable coffins ready for unruly citizens


by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

FEMA clearly is fast becoming the Obama administration’s secret, in-country military operation that is scaring citizens out of their wits.  A video narrated by Dale Bohannan has popped up online with photos of what first appear to be porta-potties.  But on closer inspection, the black plastic containers are what the narrator reveals to be as many as 125,000 outsized casket liners that are in no way there to service the needs of live American citizens! (1)  

Bohannan drove down a newly cut road through a soybean field in Madison, Georgia, and spoke with the field’s owner who told him the Center for Disease Control (CDC) owned these coffin liners and was leasing his land for their storage!   “These are cremation containers for multiple bodies–patent # 5,425,163–burnable, (and) generate very little pollution.  They are multi-use cremation containers,” says an unidentified commenter to this video.  Further information claims that the lids have been modified so they could be STACKED easily because “Americans can withstand the notion of many bodies being thrown into these coffins far better than they could the sight of bull dozers tossing bodies in big holes as was seen after the large tsunami overseas.” (1)

Images of these black, disposable coffins cement in the minds of many Americans the notion that our government is not to be trusted, that our government is not really looking out for us, but rather is looking out for the higher ups, the politicians, the elites in Washington, D.C.

The first Amendment guarantees “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  But the newly updated manual for the 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Brigade Combat Team now stationed in various American states includes for the first time, protocols for subduing civil unrest and crowd control of US citizens. (2)  A federal manual being used by FEMA and the Joint Terror Task Force, “…gives the government the authority to step in and IMMEDIATELY crush any civil disturbance or turmoil which might occur.  Civil disturbances are defined as riots, acts of violence, insurrection, unlawful obstruction or assemblage or other disorders prejudicial to public law and order.” But who, exactly, will define “unlawful obstruction or assemblage” or “disorders prejudicial to public law and order?”

In 1968, Operation Garden Plot was initiated by the Department of Defense for the purpose of creating “…military preparations for suppressing domestic civil disturbance…”  (3) But Americans have begun to ask who our government is preparing to fight and for what reasons! Why did Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security need 1.6 billion bullets and 7000 fully automatic rifles? (By the way, when purchased for the DHS, these rifles are called “personal defense weapons.” When you and I buy SEMI-automatic rifles, we are accused of owning “assault weapons.”) (4)  

What does she need all of those weapons for, all of those bullets? Who is the DHS preparing to kill?


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