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Smart Gun Technology: The new way to confiscate firearms from the law abiding

by Doug Book, editor

According to the terms of a New Jersey law passed in 2002, smart gun technology “…will be required in all new handguns sold three years after the state attorney general determines a smart gun prototype is safe and commercially available.” Safe and commercially available. Notice that lawmakers have said nothing about effective, reliable or affordable. Add the fact that “weapons used by law enforcement officers would be exempt” and New Jersey’s politicos have revealed the extent of their contempt for the safety and the 2nd Amendment rights of the state’s gun owners.  (1)

And when Garden State politicians eventually pass a law requiring that “smart” technology be included in rifles and shotguns they will have implemented a far more effective method of gun control than lifelong gun grabbers Diane Feinstein or Chuck Schumer could ever have imagined. For as every weapon sold (and no doubt, permitted) in the state will feature a microchip of some sort, law enforcement will have the ability to disarm any NJ resident by simply “turning off” the chip which makes the weapon function.

Writing for Newsmax, Lowell Ponte makes the sobering point: “If you will soon be permitted to own or carry only firearms with a computer chip that turns them on, understand that those weapons can potentially be rendered inoperative at a distance in a variety of ways, such as degaussing cannons, compact electromagnetic pulse generators and other electronics-neutralizing devices.” (2)

Irish smart gun manufacturer TriggerSmart “…has [developed] technology that would render guns inoperative if they approached electronic markers — for instance, near a school.” (2) The Limerick-based company has also developed a mechanism which can block the function of a trigger on an “assault weapon” “…by a command sent from an aircraft, satellite, mobile-network tower or radio station.” Won’t it be comforting to find that your trigger has been blocked by your favorite radio station just as you’ve leveled your AR 15 at a pair who have broken into your home! (3)

Though gun owners are rightly skeptical of the reliability of smart guns, their greatest fear must be the misuse by a tyrant of mechanisms designed to render their weapons inoperable. Only some 15% of Connecticut “assault weapon” owners have been foolish enough to register their rifles with the state in accordance with the new gun law. If mistrust of government has reached such a level with owners of standard firearms, how can gun control zealots expect the American public to purchase weapons which government officials can “turn off” as they see fit?
Clearly a market must be created, or rather forced upon those who are unwilling to appreciate what lawmakers consider to be in the public’s best interest. In this case that will be a “safer” gun.  Odd, isn’t it, that it will also result in safer tyrants!


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The President Didn’t Know. Yea Right

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper admitted to the House Select Committee on Intelligence that Mr. Obama and senior White House officials “were well aware of U.S. surveillance activities targeting leaders of friendly foreign nations.” (1)  Despite the best efforts of professional Democrat liars (aka consultants) Mr. Obama unquestionably knew about the intelligence communities targeting of foreign leaders. In fact, he pointed out that “neither the CIA nor the National Security Agency can tap into a given leader’s private communications without White House oversight.” 

Not only was Obama regularly briefed on the programs, so was Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Though perhaps not privy to the details of the operations, both were fully aware of the intelligence reports gleaned from the tapping thanks to daily intelligence briefings.


Democrats at large and their propagandists in the main stream media were genuflecting to protect the liar-in-chief as they claimed the Intelligence community never briefed Mr. Obama or his staff about the operations. Members of the intelligence community are outraged that Obama and his talking heads tried to throw them under the bus. (2) Unlike true Alinskyite believers, long time spies don’t appreciate being sacrificed for political cover.

Political Cover
Dianne Feinstein’s Senate intelligence committee voted this week to permit the NSA program (PRISM) to collect records of the phone calls of American citizens. Naturally, this is something else the White House knew nothing about. The Agency was allowed to collect data in accordance with the Patriot Act. (3) The original purpose of the Act was to provide the NSA with sufficient authority to find terrorists and their handlers on American soil. However, the scope of the law was expanded to allow the collection of information on all Americans. Dianne Feinstein’s proposal would restrict the ways in which the Agency might share data with other federal agencies. At no time did Mr. Obama or DiFi prohibit the NSA from snooping on friendly foreign leaders.


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Defense contractors donate a ton to pro-war Senators

by George Spelvin
Senator John McCain raked in a staggering $176,300.00 to win the gold in the defense contract lobby dollars Olympics, the most of any other senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee according to a print outlet in Great Britain.  (1)  Is this mind blowing amount reverberating in his brain as he tells Congress and the American people, “It would be catastrophic if Congress doesn’t go along” with Barack’s Syria “policy?” Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) who is up for re election next year won the silver with a $127,350 purse, and VA Democrat Tim Kaine pulled in $101,025 to wear the bronze.

Every American needs to read this unbelievable DAILY MAIL article which features correlations between Yes votes cast to go to war last week with their lobby dollars received.  The Brit print outlet reports committee members voting to support Obama’s bomb Syria resolution “collected an average of $72,850” in defense campaign financing between 2007 and 2012! (2)  These averages come from analysis of data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.  Senator Tom Udall (D-UT) voted No and only pulled in $18,700 over five years.
Some of our poor, hurting troops are already on their fourth deployment. One only has to go to local American Legion and Am Vet posts to see and hear how destroyed they and their families are.  Ask to see if the name Kerry, McCain or Graham appears on any of the rosters of troops currently serving.  Louses in D.C. can’t even process the veterans’ records, so many and so heavy the files are falling through floors at VA locations as reported last year by Fox.

A combined defense lobby pouch of $130,850 went to Yes voters Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and ranking Republican Bob Corker, two more reasons to bomb Syria so the Saudis and Qatar can get that gas pipeline they want dug across Syria with US bomb dollars. Democrats carry the deciding vote on this war committee by a 10 count of 18 members total.  “The Center for Responsive Politics data show over a five year period, most of the $1,006,887 (lobby money) flowed to senators who voted YES.”

And let’s not forget Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) who was quoted this weekend as saying she’ll vote Yes even though her constituents want her to vote No.  A WND article (3) tells us that she “abruptly walked away from her responsibilities on the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Sub Committee. . .after a Metroactive online report revealed her husband’s companies…received BILLIONS of dollars worth of military contracts SHE APPROVED!!”  This quote burns like a chemical fire here in the US: “her subcommittee left grievously wounded veterans to rot while her family was profiting from the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.”  Be sure to go to these links (1)  (2) to read the lists of senators to learn how much they raked in and how much in the sales of medical equipment without competitive bids the Feinstein connection brought in. (3)

About 1% of our eligible young men go into the maw of these war machines, yet our senators year after year keep sending them into harm’s way and America into debtors’ prison.  We have no draft; we see few if any of their sons and daughters fighting endless wars in the Middle East, a region in strife since pre Biblical times.  Yet, CNN  timed perfectly the pitiful pictures of gas deaths during our September 11 week misery.  Remember, timing is everything in politics a political reporter is told.
Why didn’t these senators get so fired up about the children murdered in Darfur, Ruwanda, the Coptic Christians, the 58 million babies of Americans aborted by scissors jammed into their half born skulls?  Why? Maybe because there were no defense dollars flowing from K Street.

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America, is NYC Style “Gun Control” in YOUR Future?


by Charles Thomas Galbraith, staff writer

In NYC, any masochist can apply for a gun permit. The labyrinthine, invasive and expensive vetting process was designed by bureaucratic sadists to discourage the general public from ever attempting it. On that level, it works.

Even applicants who pass extensive background investigations can ultimately be rejected for reasons that are not explained and for which there is no appeal. Moreover, if you get turned down, that fact alone can be used against you in unrelated matters.  And just so you know, if you are an average upstanding American citizen with a clean record seeking a ‘concealed carry’ permit, your chances are zero to none.

Not surprisingly, cops and criminals possess the majority of handguns here in Fun City. Permits are carefully meted out to the political class, celebrities, body-guards, P.I.’s and the well-connected. Don’t let the hand-wringing liberal politicians pull the wool over your eyes:  Bloomberg’s ‘gun control’ in NYC is the future of the nation if he and the Obama’s and Feinstein’s prevail on watering down the Constitution, inch by inch.

Once the Second Amendment becomes a holey dishrag, stripping local law enforcement of their weapons will be the likely next step for “progressives,” just like in England. The police already carry the weight of endless oversight and immediate accountability for the thankless task of taking down some of the most violent, recidivist criminals in the country.  And, God forbid, imagine if a cop must use a weapon in the process, particularly in their own self-defense?

For instance, when an NYPD officer shoots anyone today, the first questions asked by the press and lawyers are not, “Are you all right?” but “Did the “victim” have a gun? Did you see him fire it? Where is it now?” Sadly, establishing the race of the cop and the ‘victim’ are one of the first ‘issues of concern’ of all parties involved. If the cop is even asked if he’s unharmed, it’s likely by another cop.

Whenever police officers shoot and kill a suspect here there’s almost always an outcry from the liberal media, racial “spokesmen” and of course, the ACLU. When criminals use their weapons against cops the excuses and rationalizations are equally predictable and prepackaged. If the cops are white, immediate accusations of racism follow. If the cops are black or Hispanic, police brutality is suggested.

So America, here’s a cautionary word from the Big Apple. If you live beyond the boundaries of this city and state, just an average guy or gal enjoying uncorrupted rights to own legal firearms, stay where you are. Do not come here. Make sure those reasonable gun laws where you live are maintained, for the sake of our Constitution and your own self-preservation.

NYC is your future without those protections. Recognizing gun permits issued in other states, even in the rest of NY State – legally called ‘reciprocity’ – does not exist in this city or state.  If you are found in possession of a firearm here, no matter how legal or vetted you or your weapons are elsewhere, you will find yourself face down sucking concrete. You will be charged with felony gun possession and looking at the possibility of serving 3 to 5 hard time. Bloomberg will make you a criminal and a convict, and the real criminals will still have their guns stashed away, protected by their Constitutional rights from unlawful search and seizure.


Source: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/03/22/canadians-tell-us-to-avoid-firearm-registration-at-all-costs-56975


Christopher Dorner may save more lives than he could ever have taken

by Doug Book,  staff writer

“Since 1989, the world has witnessed a progressive weakening of the state and rise of alternative, non-state primary loyalties, for which a growing number of men are willing to fight.” This is what military affairs expert William S. Lind calls the heart of his theory of the Fourth Generation of Modern Warfare (4GW).  And there can be no better example of a “primary loyalty” than the right to keep and bear arms.       (1)

The days of the massive, invulnerable armies of the nation-state winning contests with lesser opponents at the drop of a hat are over. Consider the fact that the most powerful military in the world was unable to roundly defeat the rag-tag forces of Afghanistan and Iraq as wars which should have taken a matter of weeks have stretched into years. 

“Fourth Generation Warfare is based on dispersion and communications that remove the battle front entirely. Attackers rely on cultural/media attack and coordinated violent actions to…paralyze or collapse the enemy’s political will, rather than seeking decisive combat.” (2) It’s the sort of warfare and aggression practiced by those who are not interested in adhering to politically correct tactics or seeking an outcome acceptable to the U. N., its member nations or media critics. Only winning is important. And as individuals or comparatively small forces fighting in the 4GW mode will be far weaker than the trillion dollar forces of their opponents, they will almost certainly attract additional support by convincing lookers-on that theirs is the morally superior side. Isn’t that so often the case with underdogs!

Anything about this sound familiar?

“One man — ONE MAN — has for almost a week frightened and tied up the law enforcement resources of an entire state (and I’m sure the Feds are making their contributions behind the scenes too). This is a cautionary tale for any citizen disarmament advocate who blithely assumes (as stupidly as the LAPD was last week) that the “authorities” are up [to] the challenges of the 4GW civil war that their appetites seem bent upon creating.”  In short, “…the resources of the modern surveillance police state are not even up to the challenge of one madman, let alone a determined, thinking  minority.” (3)

A lone, murderous psychopath had the entire LAPD running in circles as unhinged officers shot at old ladies delivering newspapers and skinny white guys rather than the 260 lb black murderer who was the actual subject of their hunt!

And incredibly, Christopher Dorner became a cult hero of sorts with loons throughout the nation! Obviously, his was not the “morally superior side” by any means. Yet, though certainly deluded, many people were “…rooting for someone who was wronged to get a kind of revenge against the system.” (4)

If this wholly unsympathetic psychopath can attract support—even though it may be the support of fools, racists and leftists–imagine the backing which can be rallied by patriots fighting for the God given right of all Americans to keep and bear arms!

“One man” tied up countless police and perhaps federal officials as well while killing virtually at will.  Yet Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Barack Obama and others will apparently not rest until they have provoked American gun owners and believers in freedom into a 2nd American Revolution.

IF the left is capable of learning anything from the Christopher Dorner example it should be that several million American gun owners and freedom lovers acting independently or in small groups and dedicated to the defense of their own liberty would constitute a force with which neither the nation’s police nor even its military could contend. And untold numbers of those working to overthrow the Constitution would lose their lives.

Will the left take heed of the waiting disaster which must accompany its efforts to abolish the 2nd Amendment? If so, will the frightening example of “success” offered by the very evil Chris Dorner play a part in causing these opponents of freedom to change their minds?

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