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School Daze via Socialized Education

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

I’m sure glad our Kern County (Cal) Superintendent of Schools thinks Common Core is cool. I just don’t buy the line about all the decisions being made locally or that children can be okay with wrong answers. Until they know the basics – including knowing how to write cursive – an excellent exercise in character building and left-right brain interaction – they need time to grow straight and true as children should.

The other evening, I helped a 4th grader with a 4 equation, 4 unknown math problem designed to determine if “a” was a larger or smaller number than “d.”  I didn’t see any discussion of substitution in the text – maybe it’s just me. Maybe because I didn’t get this until high school it makes me a dinosaur. Maybe our little 4th grader is not being allowed to grow as her maturity allows.

It brought to mind Hillary Clinton’s long held view from her ERA days at Wellesley that children must be raised by the state as it is not fair for them to be raised in a family. It does “take a village” after all. Sadly, her village is not Bakersfield, but a one world government. She also wrote a thesis on Rules for Radicals’ Saul Alinsky – who dedicated his now well worn Obamaesque techniques to Lucifer!

Free of Common Core, I believe we can continue to be the most productive and inventive nation in the world. We won’t survive with standardized thinkers who will never know right from wrong or the cultural and religious basis of Western Civilization vs. ill-conceived directed reading.

Few people understand the tremendous contributions of Kern County to world oil, agriculture and aerospace. Much of it – fracking – horizontal boring – oil production – irrigated agriculture are under attack by groups funded by George Soros and supported by Democrats at state and federal levels. No community with its own challenges should be subject to waiting for a nod from some ignorant bureaucrat. Education and problem solving takes place in the midst of real world challenges.

Education is first a family responsibility – then the community – never the federal government – if for no other reason it costs 4 times as much to run education from a totalitarian “progressive” federal bureaucracy with its corrupt union cadre compared to our community turf. With the Internet, choices in education have expanded far beyond the leftist/jihadist doctrinaires that have taken over the process.

Sadly, the teachers’ colleges have inculcated Marxist, anti-Constitution/free enterprise ideologies into their common cores. We’ve been paying for it for some time with somewhat brainwashed administrators and teachers. It’s sad, because very few ever enter this field with nefarious intent. I’m surrounded by great teachers, including my wife.

This nation didn’t get where it is – in spite of 100 years of “progressive” attacks – by being under totalitarian rule.

“Sex Week” studies at America’s colleges have yet to reduce unemployment rate


by Suzanne Eovaldi

Sex Week and Spring Break are two phenomena happening each year on America’s college campuses for which struggling parents pay hard earned tuition dollars as alums glorify abject debauchery parading as the latest form of academia’s political correctness. The Sex Week displays at six major universities including Yale and my alma mater, the University of Illinois, held this past February in Champaign, leave me utterly speechless.  When an undergrad degree is now criticized as being little more than an eighth grade diploma, why on earth would we support such decadence, decay, and destruction of the coming generations which will be tasked with running our country?

Scott Greer, writer for the web site Campus Reform says of the U of Illinois sex week speakers: “A residence hall at the University of Illinois has invited Annie Sprinkle, a famous  porn star from the 1970′s and 80′s, to conduct a sex education week, which is set to culminate with an “Orgasm Workshop” Thursday night.  Sprinkle was planning to show the “students” her documentary featuring interviews with orgasm experts and present herself as a “poetic homage” to the big O.” (1)

The homosexual agenda is very popular in sex education seminars and curricula as described by authors Alan E. Sears and Craig Osten: ”  ”Parents in Hayward, CA protested a school policy that allowed schoolteachers and staff to talk openly about their homosexual behavior with students during classroom instruction time without parental permission.”  But the Law entitled “The CA Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000″ relieves schools from having to inform parents about such lesson plans to their underage children. (2)

Required reading for every parent of college age students is the “Sex and God at Yale” book by Nathan Harden (3).  He gives a hard hitting expose of political correctness and academic freedom gone horribly wrong.  “An art student received departmental approval–before the ensuing media attention alerted the public and Yale alumni–for an art project in which she claimed to have used the blood and tissue from repeated self-induced miscarriages.”  A reviewer of Harden’s book comments: “What passes for culture is the completely hookup culture, drunken parties, and occasional suicide.”  Along with naked parties for coed entertainment, topics at sex week may include golden rain, SM apparatus with techniques, grooming, even the infamous hamster and concrete ER crisis an Illinois doctor and his assistants had to furiously work before the concrete hardened! The cutting edge science of human egg harvesting informs female students about the profits that can be had.

The reviewer of the Harden book points out that “Yale was founded for the sole purpose of spreading religious faith.”  (p. 226)

I emailed my journalism school and alumni contacts in Champaign this past week and cc’d my memo to the alumni club in Naples, FL.  Teaching college students how to have orgasms or find each other for gender driven sex events somehow does not compute in my mind with teaching them the English composition, American Literature quotations, and the 50′s journalism that I was privileged to have been taught.

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(2) “The Homosexual Agenda in the Public Schools” by Alan E. Sears and Craig Osten, Broadman & Holman Publishers

(3) “Sex and God at Yale” by Nathan Harden at Amazon.com

A Letter to the Editor from a teacher who indoctrinates his students and understands life

by Craig Holland

Telling them how, not what, to think

How is it that when a person disagrees politically with a teacher, suddenly said teacher is “indoctrinating” students instead of teaching them?

OK, I admit it: I indoctrinated students. I indoctrinated them that their job was being a student. Instead of a check, they got paid every nine weeks with a report card. At the end of four years’ service, they got a “bonus”: a diploma. I indoctrinated them by telling them to consider their “paycheck” an investment account that, once earned, no one could take away from them. I told them a diploma didn’t make them an educated person, but it was evidence of perseverance, and was a step in their lifelong education in Reality 101.

I indoctrinated them to express themselves, both verbally and in their writing, in Standard English, not Ebonics or Spariglish. I indoctrinated them that subjects and verbs must agree, and that double negatives are not acceptable in English, even though they are in Spanish. I insisted that texting shorthand was not acceptable on written assignments, and stressed that! I didn’t give grades, they earned them. (How is it that “I earned an A,” but “the teacher ‘gave’ me an F”?)

I asked them, not necessarily rhetorically, what was going to happen when the Bank of Mom and Dad closes, as it will at some point. They looked at me like I had three heads. All in all, my job was not to tell them what to think, but how to think. Most of the time, I succeeded, and if that is indoctrination, then so be it.

Craig Holland


NOTE: Some left-brained university in Connecticut referred to Bakersfield as “the most illiterate mid-sized city in the nation.” Nothing dumber than a “progressive” who refuses to understand free enterprise.

Jerry Todd

Detroit schools must stop breeding generations of welfare recipients

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

What a disgrace to learn from statistics just released by the Department of Education that “…only 7 percent of the eighth graders in Detroit are grade-level proficient or better in reading.”  And statistics show that “Detroit public-school eighth graders do even worse in math than they do in reading.  Only 4 percent SCORED HIGHLY ENOUGH to be rated proficient or better in math. “State figures reveal [just] over 30 percent of public-school eighth graders were proficient or better in reading or math. “Sixty eight percent of Michigan public-school eighth graders are not proficient in reading and 69% are not proficient in math.” (3)  And little to no progress has been made during the last 12 years. (1)

Worst of all, we learn NOTHING of this from our erstwhile, Mainstream Media! 

Americans watched as union thuggery took place at the state capital during the passage of right-to-work legislation.  Countless teachers took vacation and sick days to be present at Democrat Party-sponsored events protesting the right of individuals to freely choose whether or not to join a union. Will the new law result in competent, dedicated teachers coming to Michigan schools? Will it provide the means of removing and replacing “educators” who have no business in a classroom?  Certainly something has to be done to improve statistics which currently foreshadow disaster for Michigan, public school students and by extension, the state itself.  And students seeing their teachers bully right-to-work supporters in front of the state capital can’t be part of the solution.

When Mitch Daniels signed right-to-work legislation in Indiana, he saw companies and new money pour into the state in record numbers.  Could it be that law makers in Lansing are making a purely economic decision that will open doors for a renewal in Detroit and schools all over the state?

One commenter in a Christian News story points to a big reason why Detroit schools are showing such pitiful results.  “Black peer pressure is an albatross around the neck of academically gifted or motivated black students.”  Acting White is a slur black students hurl around their playgrounds.  (2) Another commenter quotes President Obama who famously proclaimed, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” as America’s first black president seemed to praise a young black male killed in a fight with a community security watchdog.  But the commenter points out that, early in 2009, Obama said nothing about Darrion Albert who was murdered for acting white at a Chicago bus stop.

Kids can no longer be satisfied with a life of depending upon the generosity of taxpayers to make up for the penalties of ignorance. But just as labor unions provide a shield to protect workers from the consequences of incompetence, Big Brother and the Democrat Party offer a lifetime of public assistance. If teachers are incapable of getting the job done, they must find another way of making a living. And kids   unwilling to put forth the necessary effort in school must be told to fend for themselves as the government will no longer feed, clothe and house generations of welfare recipients.

(1) http://cnsnews.com/news/article/only-7-detroit-public-school-8th-graders-proficient-reading

(2) http://rentec.wordpress.com/2010/03/07/intra-racial-disparities-acting-white-put-on-trial/