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The KKK responds to Obama importing South American illegals


by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

 Over 20,000 phone calls have poured into the Ku Klux Klan’s hotline since its recent weekend recruitment drive ramped up in the wake of the huge Central American illegal immigrant surge across America’s Southern Border!  The White Power group distributed their fliers wrapped in plastic bags–each containing a piece of candy–onto lawns in a Vero Beach, FL neighborhood this week.  While neighbors told a local CBS TV chief reporter that their very diverse area is comprised of gays, blacks, whites all living together in peace, no one offered an explanation as to why KKK fliers are showing up now.

 The video of this KKK flier distribution has been censored.  “Error loading player; No playable sources found,” states printing across a black screen field above the written text of the CBS coverage.  The visual featured someone wearing a blue, pointy hood and flowing cape with the large Superman insignia emblazoned across the chest.  The background was clearly in an outdoor setting. (1)  A KKK website lists the following Florida cities where the Klan has distributed its fliers:  West Palm Beach, Princeton, Hudson, Dunnellon, Beverly Hill, Lecanto, Inverness, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee, Vero Beach, Daytona, Orlando and Panama City.  Practically every state in the union is listed. “Our membership continues to see amazing growth,” an unidentified official says.  “We are not an organization of hate.”

 Klan spokesman Robert Jones, Imperial Klaifl of White Knights told Treasure Coast CBS: “We are fighting for equal rights for whites basically. . .we feel and a lot of Americans are starting to see, the government controlled media is trying to erase the white man out of the  history books.”  (2)  He added that “their Klan hotline has been ringing non-stop.” 

 Important to note here is the politically correct censorship by the main stream media in the unfortunate story and its coverage of the NJ black cop killer.  Well respected local TV reporter Sean Bergin was the object of such rebuke by his producer that he quit. It seems Bergin suggested that the lack of a father in the home of young, black, violence prone males is a root cause of what is going on. What could Bergin have been thinking, reporting the truth like that! (3) 

In Chicago, over the Fourth of July weekend, 82 shootings and 14 deaths resulted from violence in primarily black, inner city neighborhoods.  But traditional media has established an editorial policy which makes it a “no go” to report numerous, indiscriminate shootings and Blacks in the same sentence.  Unwed mothers receive welfare checks only if there is no male in the home.  So say what you want and believe what you wish about the emergence of the KuKluxKlan in Vero Beach and elsewhere,  but white power is rising.

 Most people I have talked to are fed up to HERE with the divisiveness coming out of the Obama White House.  “We are not going to tolerate illegals forced upon us,” said Loren Woods at the Oracle, AZ protest against UACs being bused into their town.  The secrecy, the lack of transparency, the advertisement of a $72,000 a year tax free stipend for housing up to six UACs by a government agency in CA–these stories make for a huge hot mess happening this week in America.

How can bringing illegal, Hispanic aliens into inner cities already fraught with crime, race, and poverty tensions help?  A black neighborhood group of Chicago protestors made a video that went viral, expressing their anger about providing for the children of other countries while ignoring the inner city children here legally!  Now add White Power awareness and look out!  Is resurgence of the Klan an inevitable result of the Central American migrant surge?

 SOURCES: (1) (2)   http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_17734.shtml

 (3) Megan Kelly, “The Kelly File,” Fox News, July 16, 2014.  Note:  Our local Sinclair Broadcast Group is to be commended for having the courage to tell us this story.  They truly are “the one to turn to” for stories no one else will tell Florida’s Treasure Coast.  This is true journalism at its best!!

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Liberal Treasure Coast Dem Patrick Murphy, all things to all people all the time

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Where the heck is Patrick Murphy, the House Democrat who ousted beloved war hero Allen West in the bitter Florida 18th Congressional District race still argued about here on Florida’s Treasure Coast?  Murphy appears to be so much more caring now than he was back then, even listening to the complaints of veterans suffering at the hands of an Obama VA chief who won’t resign. Or so says the local media.  How come Murphy is trying to be all things to all?  Could it be there’s an election creeping up?

Well, let’s analyze this 31 year old.

Is this young man really emulating another lib, Matt Lauer, who kept his audience asking where is he today?  Murphy may be a rental resident of Palm Beach County, or he may still hold residency or some other conflicting identification from Colorado, or he may be listed somewhere around Fort Lauderdale where his wealthy Construction business family knew him as a Republican before he was a Democrat.  But somehow, the just past twenty-something Democrat was able to find his way to the Pelosi side of Congress because he backed her up with a Yes vote for Obamacare.  And, of course, Murphy toes the line for the Democrats because they nurse him and purse him.

But Patrick Murphy couldn’t bring himself to show up recently at a Town Hall for residents of the northern end of his district who wanted to see for themselves who he is.  Even though the three GOP candidates appeared, namely, Carl Domino, a retired military commander, Alan Schlesinger, and Calvin Turnquist, Murphy was a no show.  However, the night before, he was quite pleased to be the lone speaker at the podium of the Martin County Taxpayers $55 a plate dinner.

Is Murphy what’s called in Chicago political speak a FLOATER, that is a rather loosely connected Democratic candidate who willingly lets his party plug him into important votes on an as needed basis?  Are the Democrats so enamored of him that they already have pumped upwards of three million dollars into his campaign six months out?  Or could it be that the Dem Party wants to retain his swing district.

A district resident told this writer that after the Town Hall, Murphy equated being black with being a resident of a Sober Home. And when the lib Dem was not there to clear up the controversy, his campaign quickly replied to attempts to verify this remark with “Oh, that was said by an aide.”  Perhaps Murphy’s aides are enrolled in a Susan Rice tutorial on how to take the fall for one’s boss.  In any event, equating the painful experiences of blacks over hundreds of years with being a recovering addict is an uncomfortable race card this inexperienced Democratic candidate may regret he ever threw down!

Backpedaling, equivocating, being all things to all people, even ignoring the fact that you tossed a hot war veteran you fought tooth and claw to remove from office are Murphy characteristics that Florida’s many military voters won’t soon forget.  Even though our left-leaning print media outlet is giving the Democrat columns and columns of free publicity concerning the area’s rather hypocritical water-wars story, Murphy still has not told us where the heck he lives. If he will not venture forth to meet his constituents face to face, rather than appear in a stilted, unfairly presented “debate” venue, how can people know where the heck he really stands on issues of prime importance to them?  Just what will Treasure Coast voters get if they vote this man in for another two years?  Will he simply follow the Pelosi game plan, no questions asked?  Will he honor the many veterans who still feel hurt and angry over how he treated and tossed Lt. Col. Allen West?  Just where the heck is Patrick Murphy’s head these days?

Florida Dems could lose more than lawsuits for gerrymandering

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Oh, how sweet it is, karma, that is.  Will the Florida Democrats lose congressional seats they fought bitterly to win?  Will another round in another Florida courtroom be yet another Democrat demise in a fight they may wish they never started?   Will their darling, National Democratic Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Weston) (W-S) and their Pelosi pup, Patrick Murphy, the youngest guy in Congress, be tossed under wheels of a bus that may go bust? 

There is a courtroom battle brewing that could be the mother-in-law of all Florida political battles as Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis prepares to hear the Democrat challenge to the Sunshine State’s re-districting maps.  The state’s Supreme Court earlier told the GOP legislature the Democrat challenge had to go forward.  But Senate President Don Gaetz (R-Niceville) said he thinks the GOP will prevail!  Will the Left leaning League of Women Voters and other Lefty groups, being funded big time by the National Democrat Redistricting Trust, be the big losers?
Well, this one is irony on steroids.  Consider this:  the very party that is bringing a lawsuit against the Republican dominated Florida legislature for gerrymandering the new congressional district maps very well could lose two of its cynosures.  The seats of Democrat Murphy and their very own lady of the foggy bottom may be in jeopardy.  Both Wasserman-Schultz and Tea Party favorite, Lt. Col. Allen West, in two very brutal election battles, butted heads in a SoFla district that was re-drawn into a new district that the Dems won in a re-count fight which many still argue was, shall we say, mis-handled.
This writer still remembers veterans pouring in from all over the state to wave their American flags and march shoulder to shoulder with young moms pushing baby buggies and seniors furious from Vero to Stuart.  Even a dog walked with them in his proud patriotic regalia!  As a bullhorn blasted, “Hey, hey, who’s gotta go?’ they screamed back: “Gertie’s gotta go!”  Longtime Democrat St. Lucie County Election Supervisor, Afro-American Gertrude Walker, collapsed, was hospitalized, learned that chains were thrown across doors to her re-count room, and then found out her employees had to go home for the night “because they were tied.”  Perhaps, many West supporters still are sick and tired of the fact that her office missed a re-count deadline they easily could have made.  In a how-did-that-happen moment, Murphy went to Congress.

The West-W-S earlier fight featured stand offs, school closings, stolen or published on the web social security numbers, even a dramatic police exercise when a W-S supporter called in an alleged rumor.  Mark Foley, also of former Congressional mention, once called W-S, “A Chihuahua in high heels!”

Now, fast forward to this week’s new courtroom, political fight as Republicans are being charged with falsely creating or gerrymandering Florida voting districts.  Scott Arceneaux, executive director of the Florida Democrat party (according to the Miami Herald, as quoted by Newsmax) said this week via deposition: ” [Arceneaux] acknowledged under oath that he…attempted to draw a district in Sarasota and Manatee counties so it would have a majority Democratic voting population.”  And what’s more, according to the Florida print outlets, the guy even admitted he did it: “He was aware his actions violated the Fair District’s Amendment.”  (2-Newsmax-Herald-Sentinel)
So the young Irish lad who was a Republican before he was a Democrat (something like another guy running on the Democrat ticket for Florida governor) evidently feels so secure about his re-election that he didn’t even bother to show up for a Treasure Coast Town Hall!  In spite of all of the help he’s getting from local, left leaning print outlets and from the ladies of the league and Dem billionaires, this time Murphy and W-S may become the real losers.  Nationwide, Dems, suing in other states may lose the battles they mixed up to win.  Florida’s roller coaster campaign wars may once again tip for the Republicans in a defense they had to answer.  Political pundits are warning this could be election year chaos.  And down here, we say, “Yes, Ma’am” while mixing up the chaos.

SOURCES:  (1) (2)  http://www.newsmax.com/politics/redistricting-Florida-lawsuit-gerrymandering/2014/o

also, see


and articles on this lawsuit in Orlando Sentinel, Tampa Bay, and Miami Herald media, all pay wall protected.

Come to Florida, live next door to a drug rehab center

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

In a stunning slap in the face of Florida homeowners, RINO Budget leader Joe Negron (R-Stuart) let die in the Florida Senate this week a well written, Sober Homes Regulations Bill sponsored by Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth). Negron used his power as head of the State Senate Appropriations Committee to ignore much needed legislation in Florida, as the sunshine state is fast becoming the nation’s go-to rehab locale!
According to a Palm Beach Post (PBPOST) article written by reporter Christine Stapleton, Clemons said Negron warned him twice on April 23, that he, Negron, would NOT call up Senate Bill 582 for a vote unless Clemons agreed to late night amendments which would effectively negate the effects of the bill’s regulations. (1) Clemons vows to keep bringing up this much needed Sober Homes Regulations Bill, even though his efforts have been thwarted two years in a row by RINO Republicans not willing to hear the pleas of their constituents, that is, the voters and homeowners who live near Sober Homes. 

Sober Homes, one of several euphemisms applied to drug and alcohol rehab centers proliferating throughout Florida, have no state sanctioned regulations currently in place.  While South Florida’s Clemens attempted to pass significant legislation that would rein in this overgrowth, the Rino establishment is again turning its back on voters, citizens, families, children. Negron’s long time Republican colleague, Representative Gayle Harrell, didn’t return calls on this issue.
Torino Sober Homes developers used the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing codes of the federal government to influence the Port St. Lucie City Council into approving the location of a 70, adult bed facility in the back yards of private family neighborhoods and right at the corner of a large, bus exchange terminal where many small children get on and off buses every day. 

Though initially voting unanimously to deny the location to Torino developers, the PSL City Council caved under the threat of federal lawsuits, save only for Mayor JoAnne Faiella who stood firm and voted NO twice. Republican Councilwoman Michelle Berger voted against the very constituents she was elected to represent with her vote in favor of Torino. Fallout may include the abrupt resignation of 22 year City Attorney Roger Orr who felt the wrath of disappointed homeowners.
Even more upsetting is the fact that institutional zoning laws are being circumvented by the use of federal disability laws that protect recovering addicts, now labeled as “recovering from disease” addicts. But no such state or federal compassion is being shown to sincere and hard working homeowners, families and voters.  While residents in no way want to deprive recovering addicts from getting the help needed to recover from the throes of drug addiction, voters and parents want their own children to grow up in safe areas without having to explain to those children what the example up the street means.
The PBPOST reporter points out that Boca Raton and Delray Beach residents have engaged in futile legal efforts to regulate Sober Homes as the Palm Beach County area is seeing a large influx of addiction centers. What Republican legislators in Tallahassee seem to ignore is that the State is the homeowners only recourse; and that they have rights, too. But Senator Negron is simply too full of himself to hear their pleas. His staff even had the hubris to not answer their phones on the morning after Negron blocked the Sober Homes vote.  By ignoring pleas to regulate this worldwide substance abuse industry, Florida is fast becoming the rehab go-to place of the nation as glowing pictures of recovering addicts lounging pool and ocean side for a three week government taxpayer paid session-in-the-sun circulate in medical journals throughout the United States.

The question I have is how Joe Negron would like to have his own children live next to a situation he refuses to regulate for other people’s children?  Negron, in the words of an old Southern Illinois saying, just got too big too fast!

SOURCE: PALM BEACH POST (1)  (2), reporter Christine Stapleton, page 1, page 6, April 23, 2014.

Eric Holder a champion of minority voter fraud

by Doug Book, editor

“A fool’s errand” is what Bill Tucker, chair of the political-action committee of the NAACP’s Tallahassee branch, called Florida Governor Rick Scott’s renewed efforts to purge the state’s voter rolls of non-citizens. Tucker claimed the purge would “cast another dark shadow on Florida” because it would “disproportionately affect Florida’s most vulnerable groups,” that of course being minorities. What a remarkable coincidence that Tucker should believe, just as Attorney General Eric Holder, that a crime is not NEARLY as important as the race of those who commit it. (1)

And as for the “fool’s errand,” comment, Tucker might just be right. For the 1992 Motor Voter Act does NOT require that elections officials verify citizenship. They are not even required to ASK applicants if they are American citizens. Add to that the fact that Supervisors of Elections are only able to investigate voter fraud if a tip comes into their office and anyone expecting an honest election process in Florida may well BE a fool.

Over a 2 month period, an NBC News affiliate in Lee County, Fla did what county election officials never have; they investigated the citizenship status of a number of registered voters by cross-referencing names which appeared on other public lists. One woman told the County that she could not serve on a jury because she was not a citizen. But she could certainly vote, proudly telling the NBC reporter that she had voted in every election for years. Asked if she knew this was not legal, a dead silence ensued. After all, falsifying voter registration forms  is a 3rd degree felony. But how many aliens, illegal or otherwise, will obey the law when they have nothing to fear but a very occasional investigative report by a television news program?

And how many aliens are voting (Democrat, of course) in Florida? Enough that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has filed suit against the state “for purging ineligible voters from its rolls.” (3) Clearly the DOJ believes it to be Democrats rather than minorities who are hardest hit when forced to obey the law.

Watch the video at the link provided. Some non-citizens don’t know they shouldn’t vote; others claim to have no idea they were registered or even how it happened. But isn’t it odd to not know you’re registered to vote when you have done so for years!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hjmKBfrycQ


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