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Obama Regime ignores Supreme Court, practices extortion against State of Florida

By Doug Book, editor

When Chief Justice John Roberts fractured the Constitution and prostituted his own integrity by rewriting the individual mandate in order to find the Affordable Care Act constitutional, it understandably drew both public and media attention away from the Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision that, although Obama Administration Medicaid expansion plans were constitutional, the federal government would NOT be permitted to withhold Medicaid funding from states which refused to implement the expansion. In short, the Obama Regime is not allowed to extort state compliance with its massive increase in Medicaid outlays by refusing to pay the Medicaid funds legitimately owed each state by the federal government.

The decision was quite clear and well represented as two of the Court’s left-wing members even joined the majority. Only Ginsberg and Sotomayor decided that the federal government had the right to use extortion to force the participation of unwilling states in Obama’s racket of providing taxpayer funded insurance (Medicaid) to young, healthy individuals.

And what is the purpose—the real purpose, that is–behind ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid? Why is Barack so intent upon forcing states to provide countless billions in “free,” federally provided healthcare benefits to young, “able bodied” individuals? Well, why do power hungry, Marxist demagogues elected to public office in the United States promote anything? They’re hoping to create additional generations of American voters both beholding to and dependent on Big Brother.

In 2012, the Urban Institute “…estimated that the expansion of Medicaid would cost the State of Florida 82 billion dollars over the next 10 years, but LIP [the current state program] will only cost them 22 billion over the same period.” Florida’s Low Income Pool (LIP) program was working well, funding 95% of Medicaid costs to Florida hospitals rather than the 62% rate of Medicaid funding without LIP assistance.

Yet on April 14th, Vicki Wachino, Acting Director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wrote Justin Senior, the Deputy Secretary for Medicaid in Florida, informing him that $2.2 billion in Medicaid dollars owed the State of Florida may not be forthcoming unless the state expands Medicaid funding per ObamaCare guidelines. The Obama Regime’s girl at the CMS is extorting desired behavior from the State of Florida in direct defiance of the Supreme Court ruling.

In so doing, the Obama Regime has not only removed any doubt as to the pernicious intent of its Medicaid expansion program, it has revealed the lie behind claims that expansion would prove a boon to states, given all the “free” money provided by the federal government. Is it any wonder nearly half of the 50 states filed suit against ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion demands in NFIB v Sebelius?

So Florida Governor Rick Scott has filed suit against the Regime, demanding it comply with the Supreme Court ruling of 2012. Kansas and Texas have filed amicus briefs on behalf of Florida as Obama’s CMS is in the process of extorting their participation in Medicaid expansion as well.

The American people have suffered the consequences of a lawless government for 6 years. Should feckless Republican elites do their expected part in securing the election of Hillary in 2016, we may discover that the nation has been thrown so far down the road to socialism that only a shooting war will recover the liberty lost to thugs like Barack Obama thanks to cowards like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

That might not be such a bad thing anyhow.

Residents of gated communities bled dry, sold out by their own Home Owner Associations

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Committees are now drafting bills to be presented in the March session of the Florida legislature.  If enough citizen input is received demanding regulation of single family residences in Florida’s gated communities and regulation of drug-re-hab centers now being located in private neighborhoods (which may or may not be gated), relief just may be coming for oppressed homeowners, their families, their children!

About ten years ago, the Flower Pots bill was successfully passed which regulated only residents of condo communities.  However, the State of Florida was reluctant to do anything about giving protection to those of us who own and maintain our own homes in gated communities; protection, that is, from the same Condo Commando mentality that made life miserable for condo dwellers.  Hopefully, Florida lawmakers will draft and pass legislation that can exemplify for the entire country just what is needed to protect long suffering homeowners from heavy handed tactics of Home Owner Association (HOA) boards of trustees, the legal firms they hire and the management services they engage to “control” residents, many of whom are elderly, sick, or too beaten down to fight back.

We all become aware of the tensions bubbling just beneath the surface of these Potemkin villages when some sick veteran is put through the HOA meat grinder when he tries to fly the American flag in front of a home he fought and sacrificed to make safe.  But here are important issues Florida’s lawmakers need to address first: 1. TERM LIMITS now are vital to stop the ingrained and perhaps, self-serving mindset of HOA board members who are returned to office by select cliques which they accommodate in a quid-pro-quo of political nastiness that shuts out other homeowners. One HOA just had their lawyers deem it perfectly acceptable to hold another election when the entrenched clique did not get the results it wanted the first time voting was held!  2.  The closing of public comment sessions until after  official HOA meetings have been gaveled down erases any possible record of legitimate concerns or complaints by afflicted residents. As a result, the treatment of these people becomes nothing but a matter of hearsay. 3. The way in which HOA boards handle residents’ monies, legal agreements, vendor contracts and the hiking of HOA Maintenance fees must be subject to oversight by Tallahassee.  One Treasure Coast HOA hiked resident fees by nearly $100 in less than a year without any vote of community at large, thus putting unwarranted burdens on many seniors with fixed pension incomes.  4. Harsh surveillance devices, installed with the excuse of “stopping speeders” in gated communities provides a level of intimidation even the DHS might be reluctant to institute. 5. Rewriting blue books of long established procedures in gated communities by overweening HOA boards which do it just because they can has to be stopped by Florida legislators.  6.  It is necessary to regulate ostensibly “private” garage sales that allow total strangers into these communities.  These garage sale events allow strangers to case residents’ homes, possibly inviting in danger and/or criminal activity from possible associates.  How can EMTs, ambulance, police vehicles get through in the event of an emergency when these sale events clog tiny streets, lanes?  Florida legislators must rein in NOW the generally oppressive, heavy-handed treatment of individual residents in single family gated homes by out-of-control HOA Commandos.

A second important issue concerning residents of private communities has to do with the location of re-hab facilities, which provide help for drug and alcohol addicts in Florida neighborhoods.  Last year’s legislation, according to State Senator Joe Negron, was merely an attempt to make lists of these drug houses and carried no real regulations that would give homeowners the relief they must have. It appears that placing addiction centers next to the homes of families with little children just got out ahead of lawmakers.  By following tax sales that fold in a just expired covenant parcel or other type of no go real estate, clever addiction promoters are buying such properties at auction, often at much reduced, fire sale prices.  Homeowners are unaware of what is moving in next to them until bulldozers appear on their streets.  Homeowners I’ve talked with say over and over they are not against addicts getting help with their drug and alcohol problems.  Just don’t move these addicts in next door.  One big Treasure Coast development was given the OK by lily-livered city council members, cowed by a threat of lawsuits. This move is causing terrible grief, worry, and tension at a site right at the corner of school bus stops where small children get on, off.

Parents have a right to worry.  Single family residents in HOA gated communities have a right to be fed up with how their Boards and HOA attorneys treat them with their very own money! Now it is up to Florida legislators to put in place legislation that will stop these out of control trends. 

You can contact these Florida lawmakers: State Senator Alan Hays, Rm 320, SOB, 404 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, 32399-1100; PH: 850-487-5011.  An aide is his local office in Umatilla, FL was very receptive to my concerns: her number is 352-742-6441.  E mail:  havs.alan.web@flsenate.gov      Contact State Senator Joe Negron at Rm 412, SOB, 404 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, 32399-1100.  PH: 850-487-5032  E-mail: Negron.joe.web@flsenatelgov.     His number is 850-487-5032.  Needed here are actual documents pertaining to sale of these re-hab centers, profiles of owners and developers, where their money is coming from, ads touting Florida as the go-to place to get sober.

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A Letter to TC Palm, Florida’s Treasure Coast News Paper

by Suzanne Eovaldi, Coach is Right–staff writer

Nothing in my journalism training, career, or credentials approves of the unfair manner by which TC PALM uses its power to endorse some candidates while refusing to cover in the news section the obvious failings of their darlings.  The Patrick Murphy endorsement, while predictable, certainly cements in my mind the lack of fairness in journalism here on the Treasure Coast.  An outstanding 18 page analysis of the 31 year old Democrat, done by ballotpedia.org, reveals this staggering statistic which our heavy handed editorialists will never tell you.  “From 2011 to 2012, Murphy’s yearly net worth jumped from $205,682 to $3,185,011, an unbelievable increase of 1,449%, while at the same time the American citizen’s median yearly income features a net worth DECLINE of MINUS-0.94%.” 

Murphy sits on the powerful US House Finance Committee, placing him in direct contact with special interests, lobbyists, lawyers, law firms, real estate, securities and investment and leadership PACs! He amassed a $4,752,054 campaign war chest in the 2012 cycle. Murphy voted, according to ballotpedia, over 82% of the time with the Obama-Pelosi-Democrat party line, in spite of the hypocritical campaign ads saying he is bi-partisan, Independent.

This past Friday, Murphy failed to show up at a SEVENTH voter forum! He refuses to meet his constituents, yet this newspaper says nothing, and rewards him with their endorsement!  Murphy calls himself a “Catholic,” yet ballotpedia shows this Democrat has a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood! This means every time, Murphy has voted for abortions.  Hello, Palm Beach Diocese!

Murphy never rescinded his 2013 letter to the US DOT supporting All Aboard Florida.  TC Palm rudely ignored and dismissively refused to report on Carl Dominos’ many achievements and experience.  While in the Florida legislature this highly qualified candidate pushed through the all important PORTABILITY legislation which is saving thousands of Floridians their homes if they move within the state.  Why won’t TC PALM run Murphy’s mug shot for his 2003 South Beach arrest?

The abject disdain to which this paper subjected Mr. Domino is unforgivable! No mention of his distinguished 27 year US Navy and Reserves career.  No mention of his military service in Viet Nam, of his being a highly successful business and family man who understands why families need jobs to support their children.  The single Democrat just may not quite understand the sacrifices that must be made when one becomes a parent.  Your life forever changes.

Yet, this newspaper’s editorialists chose Patrick Murphy.  Is he a District homeowner?  Is his CPA license registered in Colorado, not in Florida where he is elected to serve? Please.  My 50’s journalism training cries out for an honest, fair unbiased print outlet with a principled editorial board that just once may see fit to endorse without hidden agendas. Better still.  Why should you endorse anyone?  Let the people decide.

Thank you.

Suzanne Eovaldi, Saint Lucie West  

SOURCE:   http://ballotpedia.org/Patrick_Murphy_(Flor

From:  Suzanne Eovaldi, BS Journalism, Univ. of Ill ’57,/MA English DePaul Univ. 1970/ MS Media Communication  Governors State Univ. 1980/ ret. tenured English Professor, 26 years, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL/ wire editor, reporter, feature writer, news correspondent, four newspapers in IL and IN/ current: staff writer www.coachisright.com

DISCLAIMER: I am a small donor to the Carl Domino for Congress campaign/ I am under no contract to any media outlet/I receive no compensation from www.coachisright.com

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The KKK responds to Obama importing South American illegals


by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

 Over 20,000 phone calls have poured into the Ku Klux Klan’s hotline since its recent weekend recruitment drive ramped up in the wake of the huge Central American illegal immigrant surge across America’s Southern Border!  The White Power group distributed their fliers wrapped in plastic bags–each containing a piece of candy–onto lawns in a Vero Beach, FL neighborhood this week.  While neighbors told a local CBS TV chief reporter that their very diverse area is comprised of gays, blacks, whites all living together in peace, no one offered an explanation as to why KKK fliers are showing up now.

 The video of this KKK flier distribution has been censored.  “Error loading player; No playable sources found,” states printing across a black screen field above the written text of the CBS coverage.  The visual featured someone wearing a blue, pointy hood and flowing cape with the large Superman insignia emblazoned across the chest.  The background was clearly in an outdoor setting. (1)  A KKK website lists the following Florida cities where the Klan has distributed its fliers:  West Palm Beach, Princeton, Hudson, Dunnellon, Beverly Hill, Lecanto, Inverness, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee, Vero Beach, Daytona, Orlando and Panama City.  Practically every state in the union is listed. “Our membership continues to see amazing growth,” an unidentified official says.  “We are not an organization of hate.”

 Klan spokesman Robert Jones, Imperial Klaifl of White Knights told Treasure Coast CBS: “We are fighting for equal rights for whites basically. . .we feel and a lot of Americans are starting to see, the government controlled media is trying to erase the white man out of the  history books.”  (2)  He added that “their Klan hotline has been ringing non-stop.” 

 Important to note here is the politically correct censorship by the main stream media in the unfortunate story and its coverage of the NJ black cop killer.  Well respected local TV reporter Sean Bergin was the object of such rebuke by his producer that he quit. It seems Bergin suggested that the lack of a father in the home of young, black, violence prone males is a root cause of what is going on. What could Bergin have been thinking, reporting the truth like that! (3) 

In Chicago, over the Fourth of July weekend, 82 shootings and 14 deaths resulted from violence in primarily black, inner city neighborhoods.  But traditional media has established an editorial policy which makes it a “no go” to report numerous, indiscriminate shootings and Blacks in the same sentence.  Unwed mothers receive welfare checks only if there is no male in the home.  So say what you want and believe what you wish about the emergence of the KuKluxKlan in Vero Beach and elsewhere,  but white power is rising.

 Most people I have talked to are fed up to HERE with the divisiveness coming out of the Obama White House.  “We are not going to tolerate illegals forced upon us,” said Loren Woods at the Oracle, AZ protest against UACs being bused into their town.  The secrecy, the lack of transparency, the advertisement of a $72,000 a year tax free stipend for housing up to six UACs by a government agency in CA–these stories make for a huge hot mess happening this week in America.

How can bringing illegal, Hispanic aliens into inner cities already fraught with crime, race, and poverty tensions help?  A black neighborhood group of Chicago protestors made a video that went viral, expressing their anger about providing for the children of other countries while ignoring the inner city children here legally!  Now add White Power awareness and look out!  Is resurgence of the Klan an inevitable result of the Central American migrant surge?

 SOURCES: (1) (2)   http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_17734.shtml

 (3) Megan Kelly, “The Kelly File,” Fox News, July 16, 2014.  Note:  Our local Sinclair Broadcast Group is to be commended for having the courage to tell us this story.  They truly are “the one to turn to” for stories no one else will tell Florida’s Treasure Coast.  This is true journalism at its best!!

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Liberal Treasure Coast Dem Patrick Murphy, all things to all people all the time

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Where the heck is Patrick Murphy, the House Democrat who ousted beloved war hero Allen West in the bitter Florida 18th Congressional District race still argued about here on Florida’s Treasure Coast?  Murphy appears to be so much more caring now than he was back then, even listening to the complaints of veterans suffering at the hands of an Obama VA chief who won’t resign. Or so says the local media.  How come Murphy is trying to be all things to all?  Could it be there’s an election creeping up?

Well, let’s analyze this 31 year old.

Is this young man really emulating another lib, Matt Lauer, who kept his audience asking where is he today?  Murphy may be a rental resident of Palm Beach County, or he may still hold residency or some other conflicting identification from Colorado, or he may be listed somewhere around Fort Lauderdale where his wealthy Construction business family knew him as a Republican before he was a Democrat.  But somehow, the just past twenty-something Democrat was able to find his way to the Pelosi side of Congress because he backed her up with a Yes vote for Obamacare.  And, of course, Murphy toes the line for the Democrats because they nurse him and purse him.

But Patrick Murphy couldn’t bring himself to show up recently at a Town Hall for residents of the northern end of his district who wanted to see for themselves who he is.  Even though the three GOP candidates appeared, namely, Carl Domino, a retired military commander, Alan Schlesinger, and Calvin Turnquist, Murphy was a no show.  However, the night before, he was quite pleased to be the lone speaker at the podium of the Martin County Taxpayers $55 a plate dinner.

Is Murphy what’s called in Chicago political speak a FLOATER, that is a rather loosely connected Democratic candidate who willingly lets his party plug him into important votes on an as needed basis?  Are the Democrats so enamored of him that they already have pumped upwards of three million dollars into his campaign six months out?  Or could it be that the Dem Party wants to retain his swing district.

A district resident told this writer that after the Town Hall, Murphy equated being black with being a resident of a Sober Home. And when the lib Dem was not there to clear up the controversy, his campaign quickly replied to attempts to verify this remark with “Oh, that was said by an aide.”  Perhaps Murphy’s aides are enrolled in a Susan Rice tutorial on how to take the fall for one’s boss.  In any event, equating the painful experiences of blacks over hundreds of years with being a recovering addict is an uncomfortable race card this inexperienced Democratic candidate may regret he ever threw down!

Backpedaling, equivocating, being all things to all people, even ignoring the fact that you tossed a hot war veteran you fought tooth and claw to remove from office are Murphy characteristics that Florida’s many military voters won’t soon forget.  Even though our left-leaning print media outlet is giving the Democrat columns and columns of free publicity concerning the area’s rather hypocritical water-wars story, Murphy still has not told us where the heck he lives. If he will not venture forth to meet his constituents face to face, rather than appear in a stilted, unfairly presented “debate” venue, how can people know where the heck he really stands on issues of prime importance to them?  Just what will Treasure Coast voters get if they vote this man in for another two years?  Will he simply follow the Pelosi game plan, no questions asked?  Will he honor the many veterans who still feel hurt and angry over how he treated and tossed Lt. Col. Allen West?  Just where the heck is Patrick Murphy’s head these days?