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Eric Holder a champion of minority voter fraud

by Doug Book, editor

“A fool’s errand” is what Bill Tucker, chair of the political-action committee of the NAACP’s Tallahassee branch, called Florida Governor Rick Scott’s renewed efforts to purge the state’s voter rolls of non-citizens. Tucker claimed the purge would “cast another dark shadow on Florida” because it would “disproportionately affect Florida’s most vulnerable groups,” that of course being minorities. What a remarkable coincidence that Tucker should believe, just as Attorney General Eric Holder, that a crime is not NEARLY as important as the race of those who commit it. (1)

And as for the “fool’s errand,” comment, Tucker might just be right. For the 1992 Motor Voter Act does NOT require that elections officials verify citizenship. They are not even required to ASK applicants if they are American citizens. Add to that the fact that Supervisors of Elections are only able to investigate voter fraud if a tip comes into their office and anyone expecting an honest election process in Florida may well BE a fool.

Over a 2 month period, an NBC News affiliate in Lee County, Fla did what county election officials never have; they investigated the citizenship status of a number of registered voters by cross-referencing names which appeared on other public lists. One woman told the County that she could not serve on a jury because she was not a citizen. But she could certainly vote, proudly telling the NBC reporter that she had voted in every election for years. Asked if she knew this was not legal, a dead silence ensued. After all, falsifying voter registration forms  is a 3rd degree felony. But how many aliens, illegal or otherwise, will obey the law when they have nothing to fear but a very occasional investigative report by a television news program?

And how many aliens are voting (Democrat, of course) in Florida? Enough that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has filed suit against the state “for purging ineligible voters from its rolls.” (3) Clearly the DOJ believes it to be Democrats rather than minorities who are hardest hit when forced to obey the law.

Watch the video at the link provided. Some non-citizens don’t know they shouldn’t vote; others claim to have no idea they were registered or even how it happened. But isn’t it odd to not know you’re registered to vote when you have done so for years!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hjmKBfrycQ


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Common Core sex education materials deemed pornographic even in America’s prisons

by Suzanne Eovaldi
Illustrations about “Do It Yourself Masturbation” appear in a book being circulated to America’s 8-10 year old public school children. But this book’s depictions are so like pornography that WA prison officials have found it unacceptable reading for their ADULT inmates!
The book, “It’s Perfectly Normal” is being endorsed by Common Core standards, Planned Parenthood, and by association, Florida’s 43rd governor Jeb Bush whose Excellence in Education, non-profit group is fully on board with forcing Common Core values onto our government school system! “On page 15 (are) pictures of oral and anal sexual intercourse” along with the more familiar male-female who’s on top positions, says the video announcer who describes what is in this sex book for fourth graders…”(1) “It’s Perfectly Normal” is so graphic that FACEBOOK (2) refused attempts to re-circulate its post. This expose’ vid describes, pg. 48, young children masturbating together. 

According to this video, this book’s author is on the Planned Parenthood board of advocates.  “Some drawings depict children and adults masturbating and having intercourse with do-it-yourself instructions included,” says web reviewer Frances Stotter. (3)  “U.S.  schools are teaching eight year olds to masturbate, and parents are outraged.” Stotter goes on to point out that the ACA (Obamacare) “has budgeted $75 million for sexuality education, and U.S. Common Core REQUIRES sex ed for all students in K-12.”  She stresses that much of this funding is tied into federal grants being administered by the U.S. Department of Education which, in turn, requires that schools use Common Core standards to get these federal dollars!
The video reviewer says that free copies of this sex book for fourth graders were handed out during Sex Party activities in Waco, TX.  But a commenter later praises TX Governor Rick Perry for rejecting Common Core. “Creepy stuff is being taught eight year olds,” says the announcer! (4)
Now, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his non profit Excellence in Education become associated with this outrage because he is fully on board with Common Core and all it symbolizes. “Our children’s futures depend on how well we prepare them for success after high school,” states Bush’s innocuous sounding tool kit web page. (5)  Bush and his experts are refusing to denounce Common Core even as opponents lobby the Florida legislature to pull out as the March 4 session convenes this week.  His statements and tool kit pages defend Common Core Standards and even have links attempting to defuse opposition.  He is Founder and Chairman of the Board of Foundation for Excellence in Education which is partnering with Bill Gates’ foundational work.  Worthy of note here is that Gates’ softwear and the Bush consortium are collecting donations from wealthy Americans who can take tax deductions for fostering reading materials they may not even realize could contain pornographic style illustrations intended for our very young children.  One illustration consists of cartoon-like stylistics and shows a female with wired looking hair and her male partner in the sex ready position!
So “It’s Perfectly Normal,” the U. S. public school system, Planned Parenthood, and Common Core are now linked with Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, and other wealthy U.S. educational reformers.  Do they know that the Catholic Church and other online Catholic groups have condemned such assaults on our children?  This is according to the web video reviewers of “It’s Perfectly Normal.”
But, perhaps one interested individual best sums up these porno type depictions of masturbation by saying: “Hey, America. You wanted tolerance. You wanted to avoid the horrifying bigot label. Now you’re going to sit by and let perverts turn your kids into freak shows.” 

After teaching for over thirty years in U.S. public schools and colleges, am I asking too much of our educators to explain why we’re teaching grade schoolers how to masturbate but not teaching them how to read, write, and solve mathematical equations by using methods that our business world can understand?

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(5)  you can contact Jeb Bush at Foundation for Excellence in Education, P.O. Box 10691, Tallahassee, FL 32302/fax 786-664-1794/   ph:  850-391-4090

Atlanta’s ice storm and memories of Winter nightmares gone by

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer
Reading what went on in Atlanta this week is just amazing!  I moved to Florida after living near Chicago and the lake snow region of NW Indiana most of my life. We had to deal with bad ice storms in Southern Illinois when I was young and while at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Three inches of snow in Chicago is NOTHING.  They got rid of a mayor that didn’t get and keep the roads open. 

I had to teach in Chicago Heights, IL when the temperature was -48 and the wind chill was -82.  As I recall, I was the only female that showed up, though most of the men were there. When we were dismissed at the 8 p.m. class break, my big Buick was the only car in the frozen lot. I had even locked the door! But the door opened and the Buick turned right over on my first try. I drove the back roads into NW Indiana, a story in itself.  But those big trucks the Hoosiers drive had already plowed open the back roads, just by force and might, so I drove into my driveway, got inside my home and said some prayers of thanks.  I never let my cars get older than 18 months; I know this was more costly for me, but I always got back and forth to work.
In l967, we had a land hurricane and that winter, one of those famous Chicago blizzards that this time really did shut down the city for a few days. My daughter remembers getting out onto our flat top roof to help me shovel off the snow before it hardened from sleet.  We told the man next door he had better do the same, but he thought it was a silly idea.  The next morning when he went out to start his car, he found his roof was on top of it. 

My daughter tells me this winter up there is very bad, but they’re dealing with it.  I asked, “How are your snow plows and shovels holding up?” She said, “We don’t have any; we have five boys instead!” She still remembers my telling her when on a plane, if the oxygen masks come down, put yours on first.  I know this sounds odd at first, but if you fail, who will care for your little children?  So she’s learned well to be prepared and to take care of herself and her own in emergencies. 

I still have nightmares about being out on I-57 during those terrible white-outs.  One Christmas Eve we were driving North to get home to Flossmoor, but conditions were getting worse by the minute.  My family was depending upon my ability to keep the car on the road, even while semis were slip-sliding all over the frozen road.  We got off at the last exit open, just south of Kankakee and spent our holiday in a little motel that took us in.  I literally  could not see where I was driving.  When my Dad asked why he couldn’t see out of the windshield, I didn’t answer him. My little dog climbed up next to my right leg and I said, “We’re getting off now.” And so we did.
But, hey in my old age, I moved down to Florida and what an experience to observe these southern drivers.  I’ve been out on I-95 in visibility conditions just as bad as up north in the white-outs.  When those coastal storms move in, you are literally trapped in your car. Pulling off to the side just wasn’t an option during one of these storms. 

But while up north, I’ve noticed that drivers slow down as conditions worsen. Down here I’ve noticed drivers tend to speed up the worse it gets.  Why, I don’t know.  It’s just Florida.  Cheers everyone.

UN bureaucrats pushing hard on Seven/50 regionalism scheme

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Meanwhile, Tea Party Conservatives are getting beaten up royally by greedy, unelected federal and UN Bureaucrats looking to push a Regionalism plan called Seven/50 (seven counties in 50 years) in an early November vote.  The Treasure Coast, seven county region is awash with beautiful scenery, big bucks campaign donations and swing vote mathematics, but is also hooked to the Gore Triangle in the south which has already fallen to the UN Regionalism abomination. 

“I’ll let some of my pets loose on them,” a gator trapper muttered after testifying against Seven/50 at a recent Martin County Commission meeting. He spoke eloquently for all of the homeowner protestors in the audience who will in no way agree to subsidized HUD housing. In backing the United Nations project the American left dishonors individual achievement and violates private property home and land rights. 

Indian River County, the seventh county from Miami-Dade up along the ocean, roundly rejected the apparent “greased” land grab by unelected bureaucrats.  Caught in the middle of the tectonic plates of Conservative Vero Beach to the north, hard core Gore Triangle people to the south, and some Rinoism in Martin County is the shifting landscape of St. Lucie County.  “I beg you-get out of Seven/50.  Do Not Destroy Our Freedom,” a political refugee from Ceausescu’s Romania told St. Lucie County Commissioners in September. 

But the very liberal TC Palm print outlet’s political writer, an ex pat from Britain, excoriated area conservatives, only to make them madder.  And one of the St. Lucie County Commissioners who took down words the Conservatives spoke as they testified against Seven/50 now must answer to an investigatory compendium filed with US Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform by an independent journalist who is giving the Conservatives a voice they almost NEVER get in Treasure Coast media outlets.
So the beat goes on, the pot stirs, and SoFla politics mirror the misery of what the journalist’s compendium title called the “Unfairness in Government.”  Will any politician, other than a small haloed few, “Listen to What the People Are Saying,” as the courageous oratory of Senator Ted Cruz so eloquently asks?

Does the police state really need more practice?

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer
Overnight my computer blew up with E-mails decrying the destruction and torment done by Homeland Security, Emergency Response Teams and Florida State Police goons, especially from Broward and So Fla, to the once quiet Florida Everglades.  So let’s get this dam ( to avoid print style book standards) straight as Rush likes to say.  While erstwhile print outlets in our So Fla regions team with the Martin County Rino’s to get our Florida Legislature to give even more land over to the federal government in the form of emergency relief declarations that look to stop estuary blooms by the Army Corps, local and state police goons using federal dollars rip up the once sacred Florida Everglades!
Eager beavers, be they Army Corps guys or black vested, thick booted jerks tramped all over the Florida Everglades in what my sources E-mailed were “necessary drills” to either “keep us safe” or “for the children.”  Bears–not mammalian, but steel beasts–were brought in for a simulation of attacks presumably by Americans found on some federal “no go” list.  “They’re moving, they’re taking positions, they have superior firepower,” warned Broward Sheriff Deputy Richard Saito, the SWAT TEAM member who allegedly dreamed up this perverse training storyline.  “Of course, it wasn’t a real terrorist attack, but rather a large scale SWAT training exercise mounted by the Broward Sheriff’s Office involving (can you believe this) boats, bus (ambulance in police talk), bombs, and booby trapped hostages.”  Sun Sentinel photog Robert Nolin shot the pix.
The video of Mother Christine West, a tiny young woman who was pummeled by over eager Tallahassee policemen saving us from drunk drivers, says one thing to the police, but another to average voters, taxpayers and citizens, namely: “Your police state tactics belong back in Europe during a l930s time warp.” I don’t know when I’ve been so upset as I was last night when I saw Mother West’s blackened right eye, her bloody nose, her frightened looks.  She is so tiny that handcuffs of the Tally cops kept falling from her wrists. 

In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, within this month SWAT TEAM goons killed, repeat KILLED a 107 year old Black man, Monroe Isadore.  In comment about what was done to Mrs. West, a compassionate Tally attorney said: “I don’t care if she was as drunk as Cooter Brown; she should not (in paraphrase) have been treated like that.”  Another lawyer, apparently from the prosecutor’s office, said, again in paraphrase which I am obliged to cite in quotes,  “She could have been blowing to the moon (into the alcohol limit blow bag device). . she didn’t deserve that take down!”

Clearly, things have gotten out of hand.  In defense of George Zimmerman, why has not someone like Dr. Phil come forward to offer him (GZ) PTSD help?  Why are you Florida Legislators now going along with a plan to give the federal government even more of our land?  The UN already has been gifted with all of our national parks, yes the Glades, Oh, the Glades. 

And yes, I was pulled over by our local county representatives. I passed their sobriety tests, thankfully.  But what if my insurance applications were not part of a media discount pool ?  What if I hadn’t been coming from the county commission meeting at which the Sheriff’s Department officer had just received a proclamation honoring 9-11 week?  And what if the Legion Posts nationwide like Post 40 in Ft. Pierce had quit having benefits for officers like Sgt. Gary Morales who recently was shot dead in uncontrolled Ave D gang banger violence?
What if the Tea Party crowd continues to gain traction as they recently did nationwide with the “Hell, no; we’re not going to war no more?”  What if the American people just blow overly eager gun control types out of office like they did out in Colorado?  We are very near that red line Americans are ready to cross with the over eager federal government and their BEAR attacks, with huge tanks, in the Everglades, with over the top security drills,  with federal destruction of not only our St. Lucie Estuary but now our world heritage site, our beloved Everglades, really a UN owned locale because it is a federal park?  We only wish the Broward-led brutes really could have blown the Glades back to a Middle Ages level of Restoration with their fake federal bombs and abusive SWAT TEAM crap. 

What is in for a blow back is the Florida police state that is taking federal dollars just like every other nationwide police state apparatus.  “Hell, no, we don’t want your miserable wars any more,” we said during the days of Chicago rage back in the 60s.  This is my country, this is now my state.  These lands are my mother.  No longer will you rape my mother!!