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Smoking is bad because sick smokers cost healthcare dollars, so why not ban Gay parenting?

By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Doesn’t the Left love to tell us we can’t smoke, drink too much soda, use coconut oil in our popcorn and avoid being overweight and on and on? Don’t they demand that children be allowed to have condoms in school but not aspirins?

Now based on the findings of a new large sample study conducted by The New Family Structures organization and reported on by the University of Texas, the Left should add same sex parenting, especially lesbian parenting, to its ever growing list prohibitions it dictates to us; but of course it won’t.

The study is a “pull no punches” explanation of the serious problems encountered by adults raised in same-sex households. It is doubtful the Left will like the findings of this study but here are the highlights. All of those whose lives were examined were adults aged 18 to 39 who had spent all or some of their formative years being parented by a mother or father in a same-sex relationship.

The study determined how these individuals had fared in their lives as adults.   

Children raised by lesbians did markedly worst as adults than children of intact two parent families. Almost 7 in 10 lesbian household respondents were on welfare at one time or another as opposed to 17% of those from traditional families who were in the same category. The same roughly 4 to 1 ratio held as regards current welfare recipients with 38% of lesbian raised adults still on welfare and just 10% of traditional family raised adults.

While 8% of those from traditional families were unemployed, 28% or 3 ½ times that number of lesbian raised adults were unemployed. When compared to traditionally raised adults,  lesbian raised adults were 11 times (2% versus 23%) more likely to have been sexually molested as children.

Five percent of traditionally raised adults have considered suicide in the past year, but 12% of lesbian raised adults and 24% of adults raised by two male homosexuals have experienced suicidal thoughts in the last twelve months.  Eight percent of adults raised in traditional families have been treated for “ a problem connected with anxiety, depression, or relationships” while 19% of those raised by homosexual parents have sort treatment for the same disorders.

The Left will continue to harangue us about everything they can think of and, it’s not likely that we will ever see this information appear on the nightly news, but at least know the truth thanks to this survey.