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by Bill Martinez, staff writer

My former boss and mentor used to always say “Be careful when you point your finger at someone because you’ll notice you have three fingers pointing back at you.”  Suddenly, I could hear his admonition as I was thinking about the lack of leadership on display from our government, especially from the White House.

Being a Democracy, there is no one to blame for the leadership we have because We the People voted them in place.  So although they may be responsible to a point, with the three fingers of self-indictment, We The People must accept three times the responsibility.

In this information age with computers, Ipads, Smart Phones, the internet which now has 7 out of ten Americans participating, there’s little excuse for not knowing.  Yes, you can argue that there were lies or deceptions and that the main-stream media–the critical fourth estate of our society–acquiesced their position by not vetting the candidates, especially then Senator Barack H. Obama.

What did you expect from a junior senator who voted “present” more than “yes” or “no?”  He told America what they wanted to hear and we ate it up.  In fairness, the media set us up by maligning George W. Bush to the extent that America was ripe to accept anyone but Bush.

Well, we got what we were told we should vote for, regardless of all the warning signs.  And how do you like it now?  Is this the change you can believe in?  Really? 

Fact is, we didn’t do Barrack Obama and his family any favors because we “Peter Principled” him into a position that is beyond his training and experience.  The Presidency is not a fully on the job training position. 

I maintained that America needed a jobs president long ago.  What does he know about jobs?  How many jobs has he ever created or help to create?  Had he ever signed the front of the check for employees? The answer to these questions alone should tell you that what we have is a round peg in a square hole.

It’s not all President Obama’s fault, he’s only doing the best he can, and his capacity continues to prove that his best, in and of itself falls short.  The good that can come out of all this is that We the People stop pointing fingers and accept that the buck really stops here with us, not just at the voting booth but long before the day we cast our votes.  It’s time we know, do and expect better.

About Bill Martinez,
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Science, Mathematics, Education, Religion and “Progressivism”

by Gerald V. Todd,  staff writer

Former Obama czar and now Harvard genius Cass Sunstein is lamenting over the lack of American students’ interest in science and math. Sunstein is right in noting that kids arrive in college with poor preparation in the sciences – I might add in bad physical shape because their high school PE programs were cut, their corpus collosi challenged because their right brain development in music and art programs were cut to make room for the political correctness of phony racial diversity, gender equality, sexual proclivity and hate America themes. And they expect kids to be motivated to subject themselves to real disciplines?

I think what Sunstein and the rest of the “progressive” crowd miss is the attitude base of today’s education process. Students are hammered with all the evils of American hegemony and destroying the earth with our technology. Schools under guidance from DC promote Godless political correctness in all its evil forms, including youthful guilt trips. The clergy-discoverers were likely motivated by God’s command in Genesis – “subdue the earth – be fruitful and multiply…” That doesn’t mean beat it to death, it means search, discover, refine, apply and bring forth the fruit of products, processes and opportunities for all to expand their horizons by creativity and service – giving glory to God – the only entity that can handle it! That’s called Stewardship – the opposite of EPA regulations written by ignoramuses!

These are the “progressive solutions” – see a challenge – centralize it. See it isn’t working, throw money at it. See it still isn’t working – throw more money and write new draconian rules and regulations, ad nauseum.  If that isn’t insanity for the sake of power, just what is? Of course, its also job security for non-performers expecting cushy perks for the rest of their lives – until their idiot-run cities like Detroit and Stockton go bankrupt.

Why would a student become fired up about science and technology when his education process has laid a guilt trip on him for even thinking about it? At the world famous Bakersfield Relay For Life, I fell in to walk with a young black woman and her son. She, like me was a cancer survivor. I asked her son what he wanted to be when he grew up. A nice, well-mannered kid, his answer shocked me. He said, “I want to become a lawyer so I can sue corporations!”

As an engineer, I’m a lousy structural designer, but a pretty good innovator currently holding forth some very fine “green” technologies for water, energy and environmentally pure applications. These are “very fine” because they actually reduce costs and eliminate the kind of chemical hazards that require a safety shower nearby in case a worker gets soaked with iodine or acid. Do we get an ounce of encouragement from the environmental gurus on government payrolls? Hell no! It falls right back to good old free enterprise, salesmanship and problem solving.

When President George H. W. Bush promised to shut down the Department of Education then caved to the “progressives” of both parties, he missed his chance for true greatness. The education process would have been returned where it belongs and competence and competition are the highest – to the parents and the local community. Now we’re stuck with three major messes all brought on by the Federal Government interfering where the Constitution forbids it to go: Health, Education and Welfare – the playground of eugenicists and totalitarians.

“Times they are a’changing!”

FEMA and the National Guard–working for or against the American public?

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

A nationwide flu outbreak could be a sufficient excuse to call up the National Guard Rapid Response Parallel support module to take control of a “national emergency” with possible declaration of martial law protocols. According to a North Carolina police lieutenant, in some three to six months declarations of martial law could be made throughout the nation.  In a two part radio broadcast aired by a Virginia pastor, Lieutenant McCoy has attracted the attention of more than 20,000 listeners.  “We’re in huge trouble,” he says as he calls up memories of white, granite gravestones all over Europe; gravestones marking the final resting place of veterans who died “for us” during World War II. (1)

Tragically, many of our veterans are now referred to as potential “domestic terrorists” by President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Men who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared “risks” should they choose to purchase a firearm for private use.  A devout Christian, the 31 year lawman tells listeners, “I cry. . .when guns are gone, you won’t be able to worship the Creator. . .gone. . . Freedoms gone.”  (2)

When Katrina made its way through New Orleans leaving portions of the city in ruins, George Bush praised FEMA director Michael Brown, saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” (3) It was an incredible statement given the display of incompetence not only by FEMA, but by federal agencies throughout the bureaucracy. Residents of New York City can attest to the fact that things have not improved given that providing water to victims of Sandy was too complicated a task for federal relief agencies DAYS after the hurricane had passed through the area.

Perhaps it’s time to ask the true purpose of FEMA and other federal agencies.  When the necessity arises, National Guard Units under martial law paradigms will be rolled out for “control of widespread domestic unrest.”  A 2009 report discusses something called a Stability Police Force resembling a hybrid military/ law enforcement entity created “under the guise of controlling domestic riots.”  Use of National Guard units became familiar to residents of New Orleans during the Katrina episode, so citizens may initially not consider it unusual to see guard members serving along with FEMA in these 10 regions. (4)

Executive Orders, “…have been on the books for a half century now, empowering the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take control of everything from public and private communications, energy and transportation to housing and more.” (5) And since 9/11, the president has been given nearly limitless power, permitting officers of the Executive branch to ignore completely the constitutional rights of the American people.

In March of 2012, Barack Obama created Executive Order number 13603, entitled National Defense Resources Preparedness. “In this Executive Order, Obama essentially gave himself the authority to declare Martial Law in times of war or peace.” War OR Peace! No longer will the federal government need the excuse of a disaster to impose its full will and authority on the American public!  (5)

Lieutenant McCoy was right when he observed that “we’re in huge trouble!” The question is, will We the People have the courage to reclaim our constitutional rights?

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Gallup believes turnout may favor Romney in a BIG way

by Doug Book,  staff writer

“At this point…Gallup Daily tracking of likely voter preferences suggests Obama has lost more support than he could afford to, given his current [51% to 45%] deficit to his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.” (1)

If this sounds like good news, the Gallup 7 day tracking poll has even better.  Mitt Romney has been ahead of Barack Obama for the past several days with the October 27 result of 51-45 once again putting the challenger over the 50% level into territory which Obama has failed to approach for a very long time.

And now,  according to Gallup’s “demographics of likely voters,” it appears the 2012 election will find more Republicans than Democrats heading to the polls on November 6th!

Over the past few years, more voters have been identifying themselves as Republican and fewer as Democrat. As Gallup sees it, this means that “…the party composition of the electorate this year looks more similar to the electorate in 2004 than 2008.” (1) In 2004, Republican voters outnumbered Democrats by a 39-37 margin in the Gallup poll with 24% identifying themselves as independent. This year, Gallup’s numbers have Republicans holding a 36-35 advantage while “leaning” voters favor the GOP by 49-46. In 2008, Democrats held a 10 point advantage in this important demographic. And many polls—especially those of mainstream media representatives—are still using a near 2008 breakage between the parties, polling Democrats in 2012 with a turnout advantage of between 5 to 13 points!

In 2004, the final Gallup result prior to Election Day gave George Bush a 2 point advantage over John Kerry. And Bush won the election by just that margin. If Mitt Romney’s current 6 point advantage should hold for the next 10 days, even the most egregious Democrat voter fraud in swing states would probably not be enough to put Obama over the finish line. For Obama has not gained ground among any of his base voter blocs. In fact, it is believed he will lose support among Catholics, Jews, women, men and even blacks. A current Survey USA poll gives Obama just 70% of the black vote in Ohio while Romney earns 22%, a remarkable result which could not have occurred just a few years ago. (2) And the 16 point edge which Obama had among women voters was just 4 points a week ago and is now virtually gone according to a Rasmussen poll. (3)

Naturally anything can happen between now and Election Day. The ancient drunk driving charge so eagerly advanced by the liberal media against George Bush turned a virtual sure thing into a very close election in 2004.

But it’s the 4 year performance of Barack Obama that will drive voters in the 2012 election and neither the very excited Republican base nor even independents will be diverted from throwing the Marxist, Chicago thug out of the White House. And with a Republican advantage in numbers on Election Day, we could witness a blowout which will make news anchors weep on election night.

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Obama Regime helps to free Muslim murderer of 5 Marines

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Feigning indignity, outrage and remorse, the Obama Administration quietly watched from the sidelines as a Hezbollah commander, guilty of planning the murder of five U.S. Marines, was set free on July 30th by the Iraqi central criminal court.

In January of 2007, a dozen or more terrorists dressed in U.S. uniforms opened fire on a military camp in Karbala, just south of Baghdad. One soldier died at the scene and four others were kidnapped, tortured and murdered by the terrorists. The mastermind of this complex and well-planned attack was Ali Mussa Daqduq, a Lebanese national taken by U.S. forces in Basra just 2 months after the operation.

For 5 years, Daqduq was held at Camp Cropper, a US military detention facility in Baghdad. Yet neither George Bush nor Barack Obama saw fit to try the terrorist killer for his crimes.  

For the criminal prosecution of Daqduq, whether in a civil or military proceeding, was not permitted under the terms of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, a resolution passed by Congress and signed by the president on Sept 14, 2001. According to that resolution, in order to be legally  prosecuted, an accused terrorist must be a member of either al Qaeda or the Taliban, one of the groups known to have attacked the US on 9/11. And Daqduq apparently belonged to neither.  (1)

Moreover, according to an agreement between the US and Iraq signed by George Bush, all American-held prisoners were to be turned over to the Iraqi government by the end of 2011. Had the US ignored that agreement, Obama Administration officials claimed it would have “…fractured the new and ‘enduring’ relationship with Iraq that President Barack Obama has sought to build.”   (2)

So Daqduq was released to Iraqi officials in December of last year. And they in turn released him!  For according to his lawyer “no document was provided [by the US to the Iraqis] that indicate[d] the guilt of Daqduq, and all of what was shown to the court were copies and not originals. There was no testimony and the charges had no foundation.” In short, “the Central Criminal Court of Iraq issued a ruling to release Ali Daqduq… because of a lack of evidence.” (2)

According to the US Military, “…it could not share evidence related to Daqduq because it included sensitive intelligence.” Of course, once in Iraqi hands, the Lebanese terrorist would quite possibly not have been prosecuted anyway. But the Obama Administration make CERTAIN of it with its refusal to release evidence of Daqduq’s guilt to the Iraqi court. (3)

Did Obama fear a political backlash for refusing to prosecute Daqduq as details of his crimes made their way to the American public? Or did Obama refuse to provide evidence of Daqduq’s guilt in order to protect the “credibility” of the Iraqi court and the Regime’s relationship with the nation of Iraq and its new leaders?  

Whatever the reason, 2 United States presidents have betrayed the families of 5 U.S. Marines by refusing to prosecute the terrorist responsible for their deaths.

Laws exist today which allow a president to arrest and imprison American citizens while affording them no access to their constitutionally protected rights of habeas corpus and trial. NO evidence of guilt need be presented and the accused has no right to an attorney or defense. The suspicions of the president alone are sufficient to hold an American in custody until “the end of hostilities.”  Yet a known Muslim terrorist and killer will avoid all responsibility for his crimes.

Will Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans make an issue of this disgraceful and cowardly behavior on the part of the White House? Or must members of the US military learn to accept torture and death as unfortunate, occasional consequences of the political necessities of the day!

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To read more use these links:

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