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What would Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney say?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last month for just $15.00, Mississippi’s Black Democrats may have sold out the memory of three murdered Civil Rights workers who died for them – how awful – how disgusting!

It is now fifty years since the murder of 20 year old Andrew Goodman 24 year old Michael Schwerner and James Earl Chaney who was 21. They died at the hands of White Democrat Klu Klux Klansmen in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Mississippi.

In the summer of 1964 Civil Rights workers who were mostly White college kids from northern states gathered in Mississippi to force the local Democrats to allow Black people to vote.  They called the event “Freedom Summer.” On the night of June 21 – 22 1964, Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney disappeared. After 44 days their lifeless decomposing bodies were found.

Even in the face of clear and convincing evidence showing that 18 Democrat Klansmen were guilty of murdering the three young men, the Democrat controlled State of Mississippi refused to prosecute them and it was left to the Federal government do something. In 1967, seven Democrat Klansmen were convicted of conspiracy. They were given sentences of 3 to 10 years. Commenting on the sentences he had handed down, Democrat Federal Judge William Cox summed up the attitude of Mississippi’s Democrats by saying, “They killed one ni—r, one Jew, and a white man. I gave them all what I thought they deserved.”

It was only after Republican President George W. Bush’s Justice Department joined the fight for justice in 2005 that the case was closed with the conviction of the last conspirator who was believed to be the ringleader.

The Democrats had impeded the investigation for forty years and it was only when Mississippi finally became a Republican state that he was convicted.

This past month has seen celebrations of “a new Freedom Summer.”  The Democrats now enjoy 96% support from the grandchildren of the Blacks who were beaten burned out and murdered to keep them from voting. While this is shameful in itself what has made it worse is that those grandchildren have now been accused of selling their vote for $15.00 which won’t even buy half a tank of gas.

The Democrats have gone strangely silent now. There are no constant reminders of the 50th anniversary of “Freedom Summer.” How can they not be silent? Even they know that Mississippi’s Black Democrats have a record of committing voter fraud. The State’s NAACP leader was sent to prison for voter fraud just three years ago.

They know it is very possible that “our people” (as Black Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder calls Blacks), have betrayed Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney and spit on their graves. This can’t be what those three young men gave their lives for.

Death by Waiting List

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

During the investigation of the Watergate Scandal, Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) asked out loud, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”  A good question to ask the current resident of the White House. For although a very smart man (according to the left), Mr. Obama appears to be pretty damned ignorant of the various scandals happening on his watch. If the One only learns about Regime scandals from the media, he needs to fire his staff.  After all, if these people are not telling him anything AND letting him get into trouble, he doesn’t need them. Besides, the faux outrage he employs when “learning” about the scandals—clearly a calculated political ploy–has been overdone. (4)

What he knew and when

After the 2008 election,  the office of the president elect transition team was briefed by the Bush Administration about the long waiting times and scheduling issues at Veterans Administration (VA) facilities. Senator Obama had already used problems with the treatment of veterans as an emotional campaign issue in 2008. (5) 

In April of 2010, the VA’s Deputy Undersecretary of Health for Operations and Management revealed the administration knew of inappropriate scheduling practices. The tactics included telling patients of VA facilities to call back for appointments in 30 days in order to make it appear that there was not a long delay to see a doctor.  Such a manual logging system made it easier to hide long wait times from inspectors. Appointments were also routinely cancelled and rescheduled in order to reduce apparent wait times. (1) (2)

The main stream media have been reporting VA mistreatment for years, so why is Barack only learning about it now?  Must have been too busy playing golf or pandering to gay athletes.

How will the VA scandal affect Obamacare

Not long ago the left promoted the VA as a national leader in health reform. It was the Democrat Party’s shining example of how wonderfully efficient government controlled healthcare would be. (6) Well the alternative media have not forgotten. The VA scandal is now an indicator of what Obamacare will do to the American people. Healthcare will be rationed by bureaucrats and ailing Americans will be condemned to death, at least in part, by the corrupt manipulation of a waiting list.


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Media gets away with silence on Dem’s bad polls numbers because they still control news cycles

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Among the most reliable features of the filtered news we get each day is that the media will giddily report good news for the Democrats and ignore any bad news for them. In good news cycles for Democrats the media throws away any pretense of impartiality   and leads the cheers for their home team.

The classic example of media losing it over good news for their guys were the April 2006 polls showing George W. Bush had sunk to just 34% in the polls. The media, particularly CNN, repeated the “good news” so often their excited viewers could “Rocky Horror Picture Show” the words of the report along with Wolf Blitzer by the end of the day. Nevertheless, that was then and this is today. Barack Obama and his evil monster Obamacare have flipped the numbers upside down for the Democrats.

Polls showing Obama at 41% and less have become the rule. Surveys showing “Registered voters by 53-39 percent in the national survey say they’d rather see the Republicans in control of Congress as a counterbalance to Obama’s policies than a Democratic-led Congress to help support him” aren’t shocking if they are reported or emphasized if they are mentioned at all. 

When the broadcast media does report bad Obama or Democrat news it spins it so violently that it makes it sound down right encouraging as this recent NBC report shows, “President Obama’s popularity is up slightly, and so is his embattled health care law, this according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. The President’s approval rating is at 44 percent. That’s up three points since March. Still, though, 50 percent of those polled disapprove of the job the President is doing.”

Our Broadcast Media just doesn’t dwell on bad news for Obama or his Democrats. They devote seconds to bad news then move on to stories about Miley whoever shaking her butt.  The bad news for us is they can still get away with this because they are still very much in charge of the news we are allowed to see or hear.

A recent survey showing that a 47/39 plurality of Americans still believe most of the mess Obama has made is “Bush’s fault” makes this case.

 We have lots of work to do; those who would destroy America still control the flow of news and they’re talking to idiots.  This is no time to sit and watch.





by Bill Martinez, staff writer

My former boss and mentor used to always say “Be careful when you point your finger at someone because you’ll notice you have three fingers pointing back at you.”  Suddenly, I could hear his admonition as I was thinking about the lack of leadership on display from our government, especially from the White House.

Being a Democracy, there is no one to blame for the leadership we have because We the People voted them in place.  So although they may be responsible to a point, with the three fingers of self-indictment, We The People must accept three times the responsibility.

In this information age with computers, Ipads, Smart Phones, the internet which now has 7 out of ten Americans participating, there’s little excuse for not knowing.  Yes, you can argue that there were lies or deceptions and that the main-stream media–the critical fourth estate of our society–acquiesced their position by not vetting the candidates, especially then Senator Barack H. Obama.

What did you expect from a junior senator who voted “present” more than “yes” or “no?”  He told America what they wanted to hear and we ate it up.  In fairness, the media set us up by maligning George W. Bush to the extent that America was ripe to accept anyone but Bush.

Well, we got what we were told we should vote for, regardless of all the warning signs.  And how do you like it now?  Is this the change you can believe in?  Really? 

Fact is, we didn’t do Barrack Obama and his family any favors because we “Peter Principled” him into a position that is beyond his training and experience.  The Presidency is not a fully on the job training position. 

I maintained that America needed a jobs president long ago.  What does he know about jobs?  How many jobs has he ever created or help to create?  Had he ever signed the front of the check for employees? The answer to these questions alone should tell you that what we have is a round peg in a square hole.

It’s not all President Obama’s fault, he’s only doing the best he can, and his capacity continues to prove that his best, in and of itself falls short.  The good that can come out of all this is that We the People stop pointing fingers and accept that the buck really stops here with us, not just at the voting booth but long before the day we cast our votes.  It’s time we know, do and expect better.

About Bill Martinez,
From doing public affairs radio while in the Marine Corps to working with Wolfman Jack, Bill Martinez has spent 40 years talking AND listening on the radio. “There is so much information going on out there, it is important to discern what is the truth and what is the lie.”  We’re excited that Bill will be with us at Coach is Right, separating fact from fiction for our readers in every article.

Bill Martinez Live is heard M-F 9-11a (ET) in over 150 markets across the country. And on Bloomberg Radio in southern California M-F 3-4p (PT).  Go to www.billmartinezlive.com for all the details.

Science, Mathematics, Education, Religion and “Progressivism”

by Gerald V. Todd,  staff writer

Former Obama czar and now Harvard genius Cass Sunstein is lamenting over the lack of American students’ interest in science and math. Sunstein is right in noting that kids arrive in college with poor preparation in the sciences – I might add in bad physical shape because their high school PE programs were cut, their corpus collosi challenged because their right brain development in music and art programs were cut to make room for the political correctness of phony racial diversity, gender equality, sexual proclivity and hate America themes. And they expect kids to be motivated to subject themselves to real disciplines?

I think what Sunstein and the rest of the “progressive” crowd miss is the attitude base of today’s education process. Students are hammered with all the evils of American hegemony and destroying the earth with our technology. Schools under guidance from DC promote Godless political correctness in all its evil forms, including youthful guilt trips. The clergy-discoverers were likely motivated by God’s command in Genesis – “subdue the earth – be fruitful and multiply…” That doesn’t mean beat it to death, it means search, discover, refine, apply and bring forth the fruit of products, processes and opportunities for all to expand their horizons by creativity and service – giving glory to God – the only entity that can handle it! That’s called Stewardship – the opposite of EPA regulations written by ignoramuses!

These are the “progressive solutions” – see a challenge – centralize it. See it isn’t working, throw money at it. See it still isn’t working – throw more money and write new draconian rules and regulations, ad nauseum.  If that isn’t insanity for the sake of power, just what is? Of course, its also job security for non-performers expecting cushy perks for the rest of their lives – until their idiot-run cities like Detroit and Stockton go bankrupt.

Why would a student become fired up about science and technology when his education process has laid a guilt trip on him for even thinking about it? At the world famous Bakersfield Relay For Life, I fell in to walk with a young black woman and her son. She, like me was a cancer survivor. I asked her son what he wanted to be when he grew up. A nice, well-mannered kid, his answer shocked me. He said, “I want to become a lawyer so I can sue corporations!”

As an engineer, I’m a lousy structural designer, but a pretty good innovator currently holding forth some very fine “green” technologies for water, energy and environmentally pure applications. These are “very fine” because they actually reduce costs and eliminate the kind of chemical hazards that require a safety shower nearby in case a worker gets soaked with iodine or acid. Do we get an ounce of encouragement from the environmental gurus on government payrolls? Hell no! It falls right back to good old free enterprise, salesmanship and problem solving.

When President George H. W. Bush promised to shut down the Department of Education then caved to the “progressives” of both parties, he missed his chance for true greatness. The education process would have been returned where it belongs and competence and competition are the highest – to the parents and the local community. Now we’re stuck with three major messes all brought on by the Federal Government interfering where the Constitution forbids it to go: Health, Education and Welfare – the playground of eugenicists and totalitarians.

“Times they are a’changing!”