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Democrat Rep. Clyburn to GOP: “Be Very, Very Careful About How You Treat this President”

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Last week, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) sat down with Voice of America host Carol Castiel and network congressional correspondent Cindy Saine .

When asked about the Iran deal Clyburn said, “It’s one thing to review it. It’s something else to veto. I don’t think that Congress ought to have any right to circumvent the president. And this foolishness that has been going on up here, it’s just foolishness. And we have to be very, very careful and for people to not see … Look, I am old enough to have seen and paid close attention to many presidents, all the way back to Truman. I first, got interested in politics when Truman ran against Dewey back in 1948. And I have follow[ed] closely every president ever since. And so I will say to my friends, ‘Be very, very careful about how you treat this President, because turnabout is fair play. And I think that this president has not been treated with dignity and respect that he should be treated with. Especially when it comes to his dealing with foreign countries. And that, to me, is a big problem here. So I support this country speaking with one voice when we get beyond the water’s edge. That is not taking place now. So these shenanigans that took place here, the letter that they wrote, the invitation to Netanyahu to address them, to me went beyond the pale.”

My Opinion: And now America is being threatened by a corrupt politician to withhold any criticism of this President? We can’t call him a Nazi, like the Democrats did Bush, or make a movie about his assassination. We can’t claim that he is a racist or a race baiter because, after all, blacks can’t be racist and can’t be race baiters, right? Go away Sir, and when you can get your own house in order, perhaps people will listen.

And by the way, Rep. Clyburn’s suggestion that the country “speak with one voice when we get beyond the water’s edge” didn’t apply to George Bush. Not that the congressman is a hypocrite, but he voted to investigate Bush for: “lying about Iraq,” voted YES on deploying US troops out of Iraq in 90 days (contrary to the Bush policy), voted NO on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date, (contrary to Bush policy), voted NO on authorizing military force in Iraq (again, contrary to Bush policy) and yes, the valiant “Water’s Edge” Clyburn even voted NO on approving removal of Saddam & [recognizing the] valiant service of US troops.

Brian Williams’ lie tortures the word “mistake”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins                         

By saying he was in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire–when in fact nothing of the sort actually happened–Brian Williams lied. His subsequent statements calling his lies a “mistake” is another lie. Williams clearly tried to steal some of the valor of those who have actually been under fire; and now that he has been exposed as a fraud, he is pleading with us to accept his actions as a “mistake.”

A “mistake” is what has happened when you wear one black shoe and one brown shoe; it is what has happened when you leave your door unlocked. Trying to label his lies as a “mistake” is an insult to the very word mistake.

The revelation that Brain Williams has been lying to us all along may come as a shock to only a few bitter clinging liberals who prefer their news be supportive of their politics regardless of the truth.

Moreover, the Williams lie is a very special lie. Anyone who has seen the NBC “On Demand” promo featuring Williams talking to us in his studied theatrical pace knows that even as he was telling us how we need not bother with the news during the day because NBC would “go where we have to,  to get it for you and it will be waiting for you whenever you are ready,” now understands he was really saying , “Don’t listen to the truth, wait for us to craft the news to make you feel better about being who you are.”

The magnitude of the lie and how easily it could have been debunked is very disturbing. It is chilling to know we have not only been actively lied to by Williams (he is what he is – a media parrot for the Democrats) but worst still, passively lied to by the many supporting characters who have sold their integrity to keep their job. 

Williams’ lie has forever stained the Command Sergeant Major he befriended while in Iraq “reporting” how “George Bush’s” war on terror was failing. He has cast a shadow over the other military personnel and NBC crewmembers who watched the lie grow and be nurtured into William’s own kneejerk claim for credibility, yet never stepped up to tell the truth.

Given the universality of lies in so called news reports maybe we have become numb to the antics of these people – after all fewer and fewer people actually watch Barack Obama’s media parrots anyway – so do we care if Brain Williams is kept on or not? 

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A Deeply Unpopular Commander In Chief

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Military Times posted a long article in which its poll of active duty military came to the startling conclusion that Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, is highly unpopular among the rank and file of the nation’s defenders! Using the military for social experiments, purging the ranks of competent, patriotic leaders and implementing a massive reduction in force are not likely to endear Obama to the troops.  The Military Times won’t admit it but Obama does not care about the people who work for him and this is especially true for members of the military.  In spite of varying opinions of President Bush, he deeply cared about the troops. Obama on the other hand, by his own actions, cares only about Islamic terrorists, his global partners in crime.

Our troops have lost respect not only for the Commander-in-Chief, but for lawmakers in general, reflecting a growing trend among their millennial peers. The phony nature of Obama’s ostensibly caring façade has long since been discovered. People have lost faith in government and see it as the problem, not the solution. Service members are reflecting the mood of the American public and its frustration with the daily soap opera being fed them by Administration acolytes in the “mainstream” media. How could it be otherwise when soldiers are feeling the pain of pay reductions, being forced out of the service and watching as peers are court marshaled for doing their job? And how many have been wounded or killed as a result of repeated deployments under questionable rules of engagement. 

Obama’s social engineering is being compared to President Truman’s 1948 order that desegregated the American military that was originally segregated by another Democrat, Woodrow Wilson after World War I. However, Obama’s heavy-handed, leftist agenda has undermined deep-seated traditions and compromised good order and discipline. When laws and regulations don’t matter the military will no longer function as a cohesive unit. In time Obama’s meddling will fail to be historically significant.  Obama’s true legacy will be seen in the erosion of the career military force. Who would want to serve in a force that glorifies deviance and immediately identifies any male troop with sexual assault. Thanks to Barack Hussein, ours has become a military focused on political correctness rather than combat readiness.

Obama is trying to mold the American Armed Forces into America’s Community Organizers.



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What would Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney say?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last month for just $15.00, Mississippi’s Black Democrats may have sold out the memory of three murdered Civil Rights workers who died for them – how awful – how disgusting!

It is now fifty years since the murder of 20 year old Andrew Goodman 24 year old Michael Schwerner and James Earl Chaney who was 21. They died at the hands of White Democrat Klu Klux Klansmen in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Mississippi.

In the summer of 1964 Civil Rights workers who were mostly White college kids from northern states gathered in Mississippi to force the local Democrats to allow Black people to vote.  They called the event “Freedom Summer.” On the night of June 21 – 22 1964, Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney disappeared. After 44 days their lifeless decomposing bodies were found.

Even in the face of clear and convincing evidence showing that 18 Democrat Klansmen were guilty of murdering the three young men, the Democrat controlled State of Mississippi refused to prosecute them and it was left to the Federal government do something. In 1967, seven Democrat Klansmen were convicted of conspiracy. They were given sentences of 3 to 10 years. Commenting on the sentences he had handed down, Democrat Federal Judge William Cox summed up the attitude of Mississippi’s Democrats by saying, “They killed one ni—r, one Jew, and a white man. I gave them all what I thought they deserved.”

It was only after Republican President George W. Bush’s Justice Department joined the fight for justice in 2005 that the case was closed with the conviction of the last conspirator who was believed to be the ringleader.

The Democrats had impeded the investigation for forty years and it was only when Mississippi finally became a Republican state that he was convicted.

This past month has seen celebrations of “a new Freedom Summer.”  The Democrats now enjoy 96% support from the grandchildren of the Blacks who were beaten burned out and murdered to keep them from voting. While this is shameful in itself what has made it worse is that those grandchildren have now been accused of selling their vote for $15.00 which won’t even buy half a tank of gas.

The Democrats have gone strangely silent now. There are no constant reminders of the 50th anniversary of “Freedom Summer.” How can they not be silent? Even they know that Mississippi’s Black Democrats have a record of committing voter fraud. The State’s NAACP leader was sent to prison for voter fraud just three years ago.

They know it is very possible that “our people” (as Black Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder calls Blacks), have betrayed Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney and spit on their graves. This can’t be what those three young men gave their lives for.

Death by Waiting List

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

During the investigation of the Watergate Scandal, Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) asked out loud, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”  A good question to ask the current resident of the White House. For although a very smart man (according to the left), Mr. Obama appears to be pretty damned ignorant of the various scandals happening on his watch. If the One only learns about Regime scandals from the media, he needs to fire his staff.  After all, if these people are not telling him anything AND letting him get into trouble, he doesn’t need them. Besides, the faux outrage he employs when “learning” about the scandals—clearly a calculated political ploy–has been overdone. (4)

What he knew and when

After the 2008 election,  the office of the president elect transition team was briefed by the Bush Administration about the long waiting times and scheduling issues at Veterans Administration (VA) facilities. Senator Obama had already used problems with the treatment of veterans as an emotional campaign issue in 2008. (5) 

In April of 2010, the VA’s Deputy Undersecretary of Health for Operations and Management revealed the administration knew of inappropriate scheduling practices. The tactics included telling patients of VA facilities to call back for appointments in 30 days in order to make it appear that there was not a long delay to see a doctor.  Such a manual logging system made it easier to hide long wait times from inspectors. Appointments were also routinely cancelled and rescheduled in order to reduce apparent wait times. (1) (2)

The main stream media have been reporting VA mistreatment for years, so why is Barack only learning about it now?  Must have been too busy playing golf or pandering to gay athletes.

How will the VA scandal affect Obamacare

Not long ago the left promoted the VA as a national leader in health reform. It was the Democrat Party’s shining example of how wonderfully efficient government controlled healthcare would be. (6) Well the alternative media have not forgotten. The VA scandal is now an indicator of what Obamacare will do to the American people. Healthcare will be rationed by bureaucrats and ailing Americans will be condemned to death, at least in part, by the corrupt manipulation of a waiting list.


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