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With half the arrests and twice the violent crimes Baltimore cops are evening the score

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Here are some facts that bear on the mess in Baltimore: Democrats don’t have any idea about how to actually govern; and Cops, especially the cops who work on the streets, are smarter and more honorable than politicians delude themselves into believing.

These facts are colliding in Baltimore and the cops are wining. The Democrats and their media puppets are shocked that arrests are down and murders are up especially in West Baltimore where the fake crimes against the “innocent” Freddie Gray are alleged to have happened. This is quite understandable since neither of these groups lives in the real world. Both live in a liberal construct designed to help Democrats get elected and re-elected. What actually happens on the streets is a mystery to the self-important left; but it is very clear to Baltimore’s cops.

The Democrats and the media have fooled themselves into believing – or at least saying they believe – cops actually go out looking for innocent people to shoot and falsely arrest. Because they buy into this foolishness they cheered the vicious, racist (to Black liberal Democrats even Black cops are “white” by association) City Attorney’s indictment of the Police Department. Immediately after this spouting of hatred, innocent people became prisoners in their own homes. They don’t dare go out because the overwhelming majority of cops are now doing little more than planning how to get through their tour without being arrested or attacked by a mob.

In the early 1970s, when the Black War on Our Police started, cops would make an effort to see that the innocent people who were imprisoned by crime could go shopping and/or attend church on Sunday mornings then get home before THEY awoke for their daily crime spree.

Now to the surprise of only liberals and the media, murder in Baltimore is soaring to record numbers while arrests are down by 50%. This will get worse before it gets better. Bosses will be ordered out of their offices and be assigned to ride with cops in what we used to call S&^t Houses. They will order cops to make arrests.

This will work for a while until the first white shirt gets covered with blood and their unions get a judge to order the city to put them back inside. By that time – probably mid-July–another incident will be generated by the professional anarchists paid by George Soros. This will bring the Maryland National Guard who will have to take up permanent quarters in the heart of Baltimore until at least the end of September.

All the while the cops will be working 12 on 12 off for seven days a week and still doing nothing except staying safe and counting their overtime money. In the locker rooms of the Baltimore PD, the cops will have the last laugh.

Source: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2015/05/28/baltimore-residents-fearful-amid-rash-of-homicides/

Two Democrat donors, one a bigot will be destroyed, while the other, a convicted fugitive is protected

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

To the casual observer it appears that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be destroyed by the media because he is a bigot a racist and a despicable person. He is of course all of these things, but that’s not why he will be destroyed by the media.  Consider the contrast between him and George Soros.

Soros has been convicted of a serious crime he committed in France and cannot set foot in Europe without facing extradition to Paris for immediate imprisonment.

Up to now the media has covered for both of these men primarily because they are Democrat donors. Although no amount of Democrat donations should be enough to keep a convicted felon wanted by an ally from being sent back, George Soros has no worries about being shipped back to France to start his prison stretch. He is a big Democrat donor.

Donald Sterling is a boorish oaf who has shown himself to be an enemy of minority people because of their race, but he has not been convicted of a crime. Nevertheless, he will be hounded out of the NBA – as he should be- by the same liberal media that never mentions Soros’ criminal record. He is a small time Democrat donor. That is the essential difference between these two examples of Democrat manhood.

The Sterling “gotcha” tape that is circulating through the media may actually be a fake. Listening to it puts one to mind of the dialogue of a daytime soap opera. It is stilted and virtually devoid of the genuine emotion that should accompany an “argument” between two lovers who are breaking up.  That is now beside the point.

The tape reveals that Sterling has a problem with his girlfriend bringing Magic Johnson – who is not only Black but the AIDS infected father of a Gay son – to Clippers games. To be sure this is an ugly thing. Johnson is a totally innocent person in this matter. His only “crime” in Sterling’s eyes is being Black. This latest incident and Sterling’s track record as a bigoted landlord and bigoted team owner will be front page news until he is gone.

It is a good thing Democrat donor Sterling is as cheap as he is a creep because if he was a heavy donor like George Soros the media would find a way to protect him.              





Democrats have turned “Loyal Opposition” into Dedicated Destruction

by Jerry Todd, staff writer

I’ve been a conservative Republican since my Dad, a Chicago Packard Service manager said he voted against that SOB Roosevelt 4 times.

That said, a term that has been lost in the dust is “loyal opposition.” Liberals and conservatives in this constitutional republic both have a certain love of country – maybe even God – and only see the ongoing maintenance of the republic from different viewpoints. One wins an election, the other loses and becomes the loyal opposition.

This is never good enough for the “progressive” mindset which seeks to destroy and rebuild our extraordinary success into a global nightmare. Given the likes of George Soros eagerly and lavishly seeking to destroy Israel, the Catholic Church, Evangelicals, the Constitution and the currencies of every country he gets his claws in, I wasn’t surprised to see him backing a Sharia ruled government in Turkey.

I could go on, but my fond hope is for liberals and ignorant conservatives to get far away from “progressives” and isolate them. Popes refer to the Culture of Death. I’ve defined its two parts – Radical Islam that covets death in the service of Allah by suicidal killing of innocent infidels. The other half is “progressivism” which has no reverence for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

But what do I know…?


A Doctor’s self-serving, medical fraud which caused countless illnesses and deaths

In 1998, British Doctor Andrew Wakefield published research findings in Britain’s famed medical journal The Lancet; findings linking autism to a children’s vaccine (MMR) for measles, mumps and rubella. The doctor’s claims resulted in a panic as they “…triggered a slump in immunization levels, outbreaks of infectious disease and worldwide public worry.”

In 2004, London Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer revealed that Dr. Wakefield had literally MADE UP the research which showed autism resulting in a matter of days after children had been vaccinated. Deer discovered that a group of attorneys was paying Wakefield large sums to discredit the MMR vaccine.  The attorneys  planned to profit from lawsuits against the companies which made it.

Coach is Right is proud that staff writer Michael D. Shaw is, according to the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), “responsible for what is arguably the best…in-depth assessment of the investigation of [the Wakefield] research to the eventual retraction of the Wakefield paper…”

The ACSH quotes Mr. Shaw who writes:

“For all the great work that Brian Deer did on the Wakefield matter, even he did not portray this as the absolute disaster that it is.  Public health has been set back decades, if the entire notion of vaccination–uncontested since Edward Jenner’s work of the late 18th century–is being subject to a constant stream of absurd attacks.  Josef Mengele would be so proud.  Wakefield and Horton belong in prison.”

Here is the Shaw article as it appeared in 2010 on HealthNewsDigest.com.

Missteps At The Lancet: The Andrew Wakefield Travesty…And Others

by Michael D. Shaw, Contributing Columnist – HealthNewsDigest.com

By now, it is well publicized that the infamous study in which autism was linked to MMR inoculations—by Andrew Wakefield et al.—has been “fully retracted” by the editors. Wakefield’s paper was published in the February 28, 1998 issue of the famed British medical journal The Lancet, and was retracted on February 2, 2010.

Perhaps the most provocative citation from the 1998 article was the final paragraph:

    We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunization. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.

Not surprisingly, this citation was quickly picked up by desperate parents looking for a reason for their children’s autism, as well as by numerous fear entrepreneurs—including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—who garnered plenty of media coverage. And, as it turns out, more’s the pity. Evidently, the anti-vaccine hysteria had some traction.

Britain’s child vaccination rates are down to only 70% in some regions, compared to more than 90% in the mid-1990s. Note that 70 percent is well below the herd immunity threshold for the three diseases covered by the MMR vaccine. As such, measles cases skyrocketed. In 1998, there were but 56 cases in all of England and Wales, while 2008’s figure was 1,370. And, in 2006, there was the first child measles fatality in more than ten years.

While it would be very difficult to absolutely prove causality here, the implications are all too clear—ironically far clearer than the assertions in Wakefield’s paper.

In a recent article in the New York Post (2/4/2010) entitled “Who’ll Apologize to Dead Kids?,” Dr. Elizabeth Whelan—president of the American Council on Science and Health—weighed in on the matter:

    Many of us in the scientific community recognized the “study” as junk when it appeared in 1998. Even before we learned of then-unknown ethical failings by its lead author, we knew the study was based on a tiny population of only twelve children. More, it relied on a novel methodology that assumed some bizarre, previously unheard of, association between children’s autism and their manifestation of intestinal problems.

    When criticism of the paper intensified in the days after publication, Lancet editor-in-chief Dr. Richard Horton defended his decision to publish what he acknowledged as an inferior study by claiming it would generate debate on the autism/vaccine issue. Even when ten of the original thirteen authors withdrew their names from the article, Horton still refused to withdraw the study.

    Nor did he take such action when multiple studies subsequently appeared showing no link between vaccines and autism. Nor even in 2004—when it was revealed that the lead author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, had been paid, in part, by lawyers for parents seeking to sue vaccine makers, claiming adverse health consequences.

Much of the investigation that finally led to the editorial retraction came from the bravura work of journalist Brian Deer.

Paul Offit, chief of Infectious Disease at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, pulled no punches:

    This retraction by The Lancet came far too late. It’s very easy to scare people; it’s very hard to unscare them. Horton has made no effort whatsoever to apologize or take editorial responsibility for this egregious error. He should step forward and say, “I regret the needless suffering and death for which I am partly responsible.”

We now look at other incidents in which The Lancet exercised questionable judgment, or flat-out bias.

Second in notoriety only to the Wakefield matter was the business of war-related deaths in Iraq. The journal published two articles on the topic, one on October 29, 2004, and the other on October 11, 2006. In the first one, the deaths were estimated at 98,000—counted from the 2003 invasion and occupation up to that time. The 2006 survey, though, shocked many with the astonishing figure of 654,965 through the end of June, 2006.

This figure was challenged by many, including the antiwar group Iraq Body Count project, as well as the Iraqi Health Ministry and the United Nations. Moreover, an article published in the January 31, 2008 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine came up with a far lower figure (151,000), and was not exactly polite in its skewering of The Lancet effort (Burnham et al.):

    [The Iraq Body Count and the Iraq Family Health Survey] indicate that the 2006 study by Burnham et al. considerably overestimated the number of violent deaths. For instance, to reach the 925 violent deaths per day reported by Burnham et al. for June 2005 through June 2006, as many as 87% of violent deaths would have been missed in the IFHS and more than 90% in the Iraq Body Count. This level of under-reporting is highly improbable, given the internal and external consistency of the data and the much larger sample size and quality-control measures taken in the implementation of the IFHS.

It was widely reported that Burnham et al refused to release their data to be evaluated by others—thus straining the notion of peer-review touted by The Lancet, and it was revealed that billionaire leftist George Soros was a primary source of funding for the project. More than that, Riyadh Lafta, an author on the paper, has been linked to less than truthful survey work, including much for Saddam Hussein. Of course, the leftist/activist viewpoints of Richard Horton himself are no secret.

Finally, just as Climategate was unfolding, on November 25, 2009, The Lancet launched a series of articles under the heading “Health and Climate Change.” To call the series less than objective is to be kind…

    “Health benefits” of switching agriculture methods and livestock production seem to be based on the absurd notion that over-nutrition is a significant problem in much of the world.

    Similarly, health is again invoked as a reason to switch to low-carbon forms of energy production, as if the world is already sufficiently electrified. The benefits of bringing electrical power to the third world are absent from the discussion.

    Likewise, healthy activities—this time in the form of walking and cycling—will somehow make up for inferior transportation systems.

Mixing politics and science is a recipe for disaster as editor-in-chief Horton and company have amply demonstrated, especially in the Wakefield matter. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to realize how much damage he has inflicted on the reputation of his 186-year-old publication.


If the Chamber of Commerce’s $50 million fails Boehner will use his Nuclear Option and pass amnesty

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

We’ve heard a lot about Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” to kill any power Senate Republicans might have thought they had. Now we face the threat of John Boehner using the House version of the “Nuclear Option” which he will likely sneak into law during a marathon Friday night/Saturday morning session as a last ditch weapon to keep the TEA party from gaining power and saving America from people like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCoC).      

The (USCoC) is determined to help Barack Obama and his Democrats destroy America.  It has pledged to spend and spend some more to defeat TEA party candidates and its mantra is: “No fools on our ticket.”  The “fools” here are TEA party movement patriots. The USCoC wants amnesty for illegals to fill their factories with low wage, illiterate, new Democrat voters; consequences be damned.

They want what is good for them and not what is good for America.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that our USCoC enemies are planning to spend $50 million to make sure no one who opposes amnesty for illegal aliens can possibly win election next November.

Spooked by Barack Obama’s plunging approval numbers and the damage they are doing to their Party’s chances of retaking the House and holding the Senate, the quislings at the Chamber have already announced their spending commitment.

They know these numbers can cause a number of their allies in the Democrat Caucus to decide not to run for re-election. With this announcement the Chamber is saying, “Please hold on, we’ll give you all the support you need to hold off TEA party challengers, because they are our common enemy.”   

They know the TEA party movement is a very formidable opponent and even with all their spending, all the RINOs media and Soros money thrown in, they could still lose.

This is where John Boehner rides to the rescue to use his BIG weapon – amnesty to get the job done. If he does this early enough the Democrats can illegally register tens of million new Democrat voters and the curtain comes down on America.

Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” will look like a simple insult compared to Boehner’s Amnesty Nuclear Option. 

 Obama’s approval is 39%; so what?   
Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/senate-races/194030-report-chamber-planning-50m-campaign-to-curtail-tea-party?utm_campaign=briefingroom&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitterfeed