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Firearm dealers told to ignore federal law, begin de facto registration of gun owners

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Barack Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has sent an open letter to all Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders/licensed gun dealers in the United States, recommending they “…enhance public safety and assist law enforcement by encouraging and facilitating transfers of firearms between private individuals through their business.” In short, FFL holders are being told to perform background checks and keep records of private gun sales between American citizens, EVEN THOUGH federal law may NOT require that they do so! (1)

According to current federal law, gun sales between private individuals must be handled by FFL holders ONLY if the private parties are residents of different states. Residents of the same state may conclude the sale of a firearm without submitting to a background check, having the sale recorded or paying a fee to a FFL holder/licensed gun store. Yet in the ATF’s January 16th letter to gun dealers, this vitally important distinction in federal law is ignored.

Why would the ATF suddenly “suggest” to gun dealers that they unnecessarily intrude themselves into private sales not currently controlled by federal law?

Six of the 23 executive actions recommended by Obama to curb gun violence involve the “sharing” of background check information throughout the executive branch bureaucracy. If gun dealers in the 50 states begin making it known to customers now that private sales must be handled through their stores—regardless of the true language of the law—it is hoped by gun grabbers that when the law really DOES change and Americans lose the right of private sales, no one will notice and no one will complain! The American public will be used to having their transactions recorded by the federal government! (2)

It is an underhanded tactic which FFL holders will be FORCED to impose upon the American people. After all, gun store owners depend for their very existence upon the good will of the ATF–the government organization which can revoke the gun dealer’s Federal Firearms License, effectively putting him out of business should he not toe the ATF line. So when the ATF “recommends” a FFL holder misrepresent federal law to a would-be private seller, he will do so or risk losing his investment and his livelihood.  

How great a danger to the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people does this contempt for existing federal law represent? Gun Owners of America has sent an alert to its members, warning that “increasingly ATF is going into gun dealers and Xeroxing all of the 4473’s…” Each of these forms represents a gun sale. It is ILLEGAL for the ATF to copy them or make records of them except in a criminal investigation. For making a record of these forms is the equivalent of beginning a planned, federal registration of gun owners!

Clearly the government intends to record every gun sale it possibly can, regardless of the law. For recorded sales mean information as to who owns a weapon and where it can be confiscated when the time comes!

Make no mistake: Barack Obama is coming after the guns of the American people. We will stop him by any means necessary.


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Obama Executive Orders designed to ban owners, not guns

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Realizing that a shooting war with American citizens would not bode well for an Obama legacy which will already require a blanket guarantee of willful amnesia on the part of historians, the president’s handlers on Wednesday decided it best to propose an Executive ban on gun owners rather than on the guns they own.

If fact, nowhere in the list of 23 executive actions recommended by Obama will the American public find the words, “these weapons will be banned” or “confiscation will begin on…”   The president wisely left the heavy lifting of “assault weapons” bans and other unconstitutional offensives on the 2nd Amendment to congress, placing lawmakers in a rock-and-a-hard-spot position for which any existing red state Democrats are no doubt less than grateful.  (1)

But the scheme Obama did choose is far more insidious than any direct attack on the weapons of choice of American gun owners. For the president is seeking to disqualify by federal fiat the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners themselves.  How will it be accomplished? It’s all about the massive expansion of shared state and federal background check information currently unavailable to bureaucracies so as to protect the privacy—and liberty– of the American public.

First on Obama’s list is his promise to “issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.”  In fact five of the 23 executive actions the president claims will “reduce gun violence” involve a new federal reliance on the sharing of information gleaned from background checks. Three others actions feature an emphasis on information concerning mental health. And twice Obama links the safety of the public to ObamaCare and the necessity that doctors question patients about gun ownership. (2)

In short, the left is seeking to turn gun ownership into an issue of public health. “A lot of people buy guns every year, and it’s a health concern,” claims a University of Pennsylvania social policy professor. “Doctors ask patients about illegal drug use, disease history and sexual habits, So, Why not guns?” (2)

Why not guns? Suppose your father, who suffers from Alzeimers, moves into your home. As 8 of Obama’s executive action pledges on gun control involve medical or mental health, the new bureaucracy of shared patient information will inform the Center for Disease Control of this move. A letter will then be sent to your attention from the CDC, the ATF or the DOJ demanding your home immediately be cleared of the weapons known to exist there thanks to an ObamaCare initiated, doctor-patient interview in which you participated 2 years earlier! After all, an Alzeimers patient poses a particular danger where guns are readily available! (2)

If this sounds far-fetched, you don’t know the contempt in which the Regime holds the gun owning public.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, Obama is indeed coming for the guns of the American people.  But rather than decide which guns we’ll not be permitted to own, the left will simply tell us that we’re not allowed to own ANY!

Americans have spent years preparing for a shootout with would-be tyrants. Well, we’ll certainly have it. Just a bit later, perhaps, than originally expected.


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Dem. Jerrold Nadler: “2 to 4 self-defense shots are enough,” he’s a jackass – period

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

For liberals facts are never really important. “Truth” to liberals like Democrat New York City Congressman Jerrold Nadler is what he “feels” it is. Nadler has said: “Hunters don’t use large ammunition clips, and as far as self- defense, I mean who are you defending yourself against? If you’re defending yourself against a robber… two or three or four shots should be enough—period.”

It’s a safe bet Nadler has never faced an assailant fueled by adrenalin drugs and alcohol. That doesn’t matter, of course, since no one will ever challenge Nadler on his supposed knowledge of the danger presented by people who are psychotic and drunk – “period.”

The “period” at the end of Nadler’s pronouncement is the classic liberal dismissal of anyone daring to disagree with their use of “feelings” as facts.

Nadler’s fantasy about real shooting combat brings up the death of New York City Police Sergeant Edward J. Johnson.

On January 8, 1960 Sergeant Johnson and his driver were on patrol in the Bowery district of lower Manhattan. The area was dotted with dozens of soup kitchens that catered to the skid row drunks and mental patients that freely walked New York’s streets.

Johnson responded to a call of a man with a knife who was menacing the staff and clients one of those soup kitchens.  When Johnson arrived another team of cops was already on the scene and attempting to subdue the man in a narrow hallway. He was clearly a drunken paranoid schizophrenic. He had a 16 inch bread knife and was not giving it up.

At some point the man lunged at Johnson and all four cops started shooting from less than seven feet away. They fired 24 shots hitting him 16 times. Four of the shots should have killed the drunken psychotic instantly. One cleanly severed his spinal cord; another went through his heart. None of those shots killed him fast enough to stop him from plunging his knife into Sergeant Edward Johnson’s heart. Johnson died at the scene. The drunken psychotic died seconds later; but way too late.

Jerrold Nadler is a jackass; but he “feels” the right way about guns so that’s good enough – period.




Why don’t Dems shove gun control down America’s throat–ObamaCare style?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Since the December 14th murder of 27 people prevented by law from defending themselves, the American left has worked overtime to intimidate, embarrass and harass 2nd Amendment supporters into relinquishing their God given right to keep and bear arms.

Gun and accessory bans, sales by private citizens outlawed, imminent threats of confiscation, millions in new taxes and fees and countless,  law abiding citizens menaced with being summarily pronounced felons—all of these threats have been brought to bear on the American public by self-righteous hypocrites.

Yet a full month has gone by since the grisly, Sandy Hook killings and the far left has done nothing but bluster and provoke. Why is that?

It wasn’t long ago an arrogant, elitist congresswoman told Americans that ObamaCare had to become the law of the land for the public to find out what was in it! Democrats either avoided or lied systematically to constituents across the nation as Obama’s namesake “healthcare” plan was proclaimed the “best thing” for the American people. And goodness knows, if it’s the best thing it MUST be imposed one way or another—for our own good!

So why have the left not promptly enacted the strict gun control measures they have bandied about during the past month? So what if those proposals are not exactly constitutional. Neither was ObamaCare until a Supreme Court justice prostituted himself, his reputation and the Constitution of the United States in order to shamelessly MAKE it so.

And what does it matter if the American people don’t WANT their favorite firearms banned or confiscated? The public didn’t want ObamaCare either. We still don’t!

Democrats had a big election victory, they own the media and 20 children were brutally killed, yet after one full month we have heard nothing but overblown threats and vague promises of a coming Executive Order. Let’s face it. The 2nd Amendment isn’t like healthcare. And threatening to ban or confiscate the guns of 100 million people is just a little different from demanding they own a dental policy.

Democrats and the rest of the far left are anxious. Demand people turn in their brand new “assault weapon” —or else–and you’re likely to get one hell of a big dose of or else! The left have enjoyed no small success intimidating the public into accepting—or at least not rebelling against—the dictates of political correctness. But these self-important fixtures of the political ruling class have finally decided to take on the biggest issue there is. And they realize they cannot afford to fail.

For should gun owners stand resolved against forced registration, weapon bans and orders of confiscation, how will the left respond? Will SWAT teams begin breaking down doors and firing on the American public? If so, millions of outraged gun owners might declare open season on the Marxist ruling class. 

Even Elmer Fudd might bag something on that day!

Left convinced Americans will not fight for 2nd Amendment rights

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Once cowed at the thought of provoking 2nd Amendment supporters, leftists will soon attempt to ban “assault weapons” (and much more) as legislation offered by Diane Feinstein makes its way to the Senate floor. It seems that DC liberals have finally become convinced that American gun owners are too cowardly, too lazy or too dependent upon the generosity of Big Brother to fight for their 2nd Amendment rights.

During the past 4 years, the gun banning left have watched as American buyers broke sales records in the purchase of semi-automatic rifles.  Opting for these and other powerful, efficient weapons it is estimated that some 100 million private citizens are now in possession of over 300 million firearms. And these numbers continue to grow with each passing month.

Yet it’s against this backdrop of America’s unprecedented determination to assert the fundamental permanence of 2nd Amendment guarantees that Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and others will choose to implement gun bans, demand the federal registration of firearms, even legislate outright confiscation. 

Maybe Democrats are confident that fallout from Sandy Hook will provide the floor votes necessary to  disarm the American people. But if the left is willing to risk picking this fight with millions of American gun owners, it must also believe something far more important—that Americans who have spent years arming themselves against the ultimate expression of tyranny by their own government–the overthrow of the 2nd Amendment– will choose to NOT fight when the time finally comes.

For decades, the left have watched Americans simply “lie down” before every imaginable outrage and legislative assault on our liberty. The Constitution has been prostituted by power-hungry, America-hating Marxists in congress, on the federal bench and in the White House. Elected officials have laughed when asked to provide Constitutional authority for the passage of massively unpopular pieces of legislation. Tax dollars are insolently manipulated to purchase votes, grease the skids of questionable legislation and add to the wealth of bureaucrats and elected officials. And through it all, Americans are robbed of more and more liberty as we do nothing but “vote ‘em in and cuss ‘em out” every 2 years.

Liberals have come to depend upon the willingness of Americans to subordinate their desire for liberty to the wishes and whims of the political ruling class. The cowardly are rewarded for relenting while those with the courage to question dictatorial authority and refuse to submit are accused of domestic terrorism. And all who press their own beliefs—or worse, those of the nations’ Founders– are met with ridicule or intimidation in what was at one time a nation of free, thinking individuals.

In short, the left has come to expect cowardice or disinterested submission from a people trained for decades to accept as given that the good intentions of their elected betters are sufficient to fulfill the requirements of constitutional authority.  And it’s a safe bet neither Democrats nor RINO’s will expect anything different from the majority of Americans this time around as Feinstein and Co legislate last rights for the 2nd Amendment.

We know what the left believe. We’ll soon find out if they are right.


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