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Colorado Governor Hickenlooper looks at November defeat thanks to lying about anti-gun ways

By Doug Book, editor

Anyone wishing to explore the workings of the hoplophobic mind needs only consider the actions of the 2013, Colorado legislature. First time violators of the state’s new gun legislation face up to one year in prison. Yet a real life criminal who commits a felony while in violation of the law is subject to only 18 months.  This makes an armed robber just 33% more worthy of punishment than the law abiding citizen who also happens to own a 20 round magazine. Disgraceful.

Yet Colorado politicos couldn’t have been happier with their knee-jerk attempts to intimidate Centennial State gun owners after the 2012 killings in Newtown, Connecticut. Included in the 2013 gun control legislation signed into law by Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper were requirements for universal background checks, new demands for mental health reporting and prohibitions against “large capacity” magazines—that is, of over 15 round capacity.  (1)

Though it’s been a year since the law went into effect, Gov. Hickenlooper has spent the last few months running from his signature on it, not wanting to join 2 Democrats recalled from office and another forced to retire as a result of their own anti-gun ways. Last month, at an Aspen forum, Hickenlooper told sheriffs’ representatives that he had no idea that the overwhelming majority of their peers were so strongly opposed to the then, proposed legislation. It was news to Hickenlooper that these same representatives wanted to meet with him prior to his signing the legislation into law.  (2)

He also had “no idea” that the overwhelming majority of the state’s sheriffs had publically vowed to NOT enforce the terms of the legislation. As Colorado’s, Milwaukee county sheriff David Clark Jr. put it to FOX News host Jeanine Pirro: “I wouldn’t enforce those laws because I don’t want to get shot, because the American people are going to put up with so much before they’re going to push back.” (3)

Hickenlooper also claimed that rumors of conversations between himself and anti-gun loon Michael Bloomberg just prior to the legislation becoming law were simply not true. However, records of 2 calls to Hickenlooper from Bloomberg were discovered after the filing of an open records request.

Besieged with questions, the governor finally “…admitted his office did not research the gun legislation until after it was passed. Governor Hickenlooper said he didn’t realize it was going to cause such controversy and had he known he would not have endorsed the new gun laws without more research.” (4)

Apparently the governor MISSED those endless days of autos circling the state capitol with horns blaring as the people of Colorado registered supreme displeasure with the gun-grabbing intentions of their liberal legislators. The assault against and reaction by gun owners had been THE television news story for months. But it was all news to Hick.

And now, as a result of apparently having spent the past year under a rock, Hickenlooper faces the political fight of his life as a Rasmussen poll shows Republican candidate Bob Beauprez in a 44%-44% tie with the absent minded governor. It took Beauprez just one week to catch Hickenlooper after winning the nomination from a crowded field of GOP contenders. (5)

Keep the lies coming, governor. Maybe you’ll take a few more Democrat legislators down with you.

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Is this our last Independence Day?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

We tried. We really did try as hard as we could. Over the past 238 years we have poured out the lives of generations of our young men and women to defend our liberties. We have willingly sacrificed our treasure and our tears fighting to keep the wolves of tranny away from our door.  But unless we change course now we will die on the battlefield of Good versus Evil. Today we find ourselves looking more like the patriots who were overwhelmed at The Alamo and crushed at Corregidor, than the brave signers of our Declaration of Independence. Try as we have, unless something changes, it’s all over. If our quisling politicians erase our borders and let those who have coveted our lifestyle for generations continue to flood our streets and voting booths, we’re finished as ”The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” 

If we don’t stop our megalomaniac president from continuing his unilateral amnesty America will soon cease to exist.  Those who actively or passively help Barack Obama grant his own amnesty, people like Ryan and Rubio, McCain and Schumer; Menendez and Pelosi and dozens and dozens more will go down in history with Benedict Arnold and the Walker family as the worst traitors and in our history.

If they let Obama stab us in the back with his amnesty attack,  America will be nothing more than a collection of boastful fools who thought they were better than the Romans and so many other long gone  empires.  The irony is that with full knowledge of the mistakes those past civilizations made, we will have repeated them anyway.  

Our Obituary will read, “America, by suicide in her 239th year.” Today instead of looking forward to a bigger and better America, we are content to sit and watch our precious freedoms be taken away one by one until now there are virtually none left. We don’t have freedom of the press. We don’t have freedom of religion we don’t have freedom from unwarranted searches. Our media is gone; our politicians have become quislings and our prospects for once again living as a free people are very dim. The Democrats have replaced King George with King Barack.

Enjoy this Independence Day my friends and please don’t call today “4th of July” like an Anglicized version of Cinco de Mayo; because if Boehner and company let Obama stab us in the back this will be our last relatively free Independence Day.

The NRA stood tall and tough when it counted most

By Doug Book, editor

Though liberal Democrats have little appreciation for the spiritual meaning of Christmas, events of December 2012 would bring Joy to the Political World of every avid, gun-hating politician in Washington D.C.

For on December 14th, twenty children and six adults responsible for their care were shot to death at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Their killer ended his own life minutes later with a round to the head.

Understanding the importance of disarming the American people, gun confiscation advocates like Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama no doubt wished the death toll had been higher. But as children were involved, even 20 dead would have the American public ready to accept—however unwillingly– a raft of new, anti-gun edicts. Democrats and the national media would see to that. For neither the NRA nor pro-gun Republicans would have the gall to stand in the way by quoting chapter and verse of the 2nd Amendment. Not this time.  After all, never had the left been blessed with such a delicious level of exploitable carnage! It would be a legislative gimme!

Then, four days after the killings, the NRA offered its eagerly anticipated response to the left’s set-up story of evil “assault weapons” and the ease with which they can be acquired. But refusing to be cowed by liberal Democrats or their equally anti-gun proponents in the national media, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre told the American public that “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The next psychopath intent upon taking advantage of the defenseless victims of “gun free zones” will only be stopped by the armed response of good people, not a new layer of ineffective legislation.

The media was stunned. Liberal Democrats were taken aback, feigning disgust at the brazen, unfeeling nature of LaPierre’s remarks. Of course the unexpressed media/Dem Party response was really one of: “Damn, what happened!” This collection of dedicated gun grabbers had expected a contrite, almost apologetic NRA. They would relish the unconditional surrender of an NRA which had for some years displayed a less confrontational side; one which earned the contempt of members across the country. The NRA had endorsed Harry Reid for God’s sake!

But far from apologizing for a history of oft times rigid, pro-gun positions, LaPierre hit the left right between the eyes. And guess what! The American people–gun owners and non-owners alike–stood 4-Square with the NRA. DC Democrats were apoplectic. All of their plans of gloating over the defeated carcass of the once feared gun group went up in smoke. Visions of mandatory gun registration, confiscation of “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, SWAT teams intimidating American citizens with midnight raids and the ultimate manufacture of subjects from what had once been free citizens—it had all gone to Hell. The NRA had picked the right time to be tough. It had defined the problem of gun free zones and offered the only solution for the defense of unarmed innocents.

There is no question that NRA higher-ups have sometimes displayed weakness, stupidity, even lunacy. How can the premier American gun-rights organization endorse Harry Reid?

But one very courageous statement offered at exactly the right time did more to derail a dangerous, liberal assault against gun owners than the combined efforts of DC Republicans for the past decade. As gun owners, we owe the NRA a lot.

Correcting media lies and half-truths: Las Vegas killers were bottom feeding “occupiers”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The media has been caught lying about a gun violence episode once again. Last week’s terrible murder of an innocent man in a Walmart was turned into another dishonest attempt to strip guns from honest law abiding citizens.  

What we know to be true in this story is that two miserable pieces of human debris, Amanda and Jerad Miller entered a Walmart in Las Vegas intent upon committing murder.  Seeing that both of them were armed, an honest citizen who had a legal right to carry a gun confronted them and was shot and murdered by Amanda Miller.   

As is the case whenever a sensational gun related crime occurs, the dishonest media worked overtime to portray the shooters as somehow connected to any Right wing group they could. This case was no different. The two murderers were quickly painted as Tea party supporters and Right-wing extremists.  

The truth about these two swine is that not only were they not connected to any Right wing group, they were in fact “Occupy” movement people, and avowed enemies of our way of life.  The Millers were present at the Bundy Ranch showdown, but only because they were violent anarchists who loved death and were likely hoping to see some death during the standoff.   

Again, contrary to the media’s prepackaged “fill in the date and a few other details” narrative, the Millers were detected and ejected at the Bundy Ranch. They were not accepted and treated as comrades in arms.

The lesson in this case is always the same. The media are not on the side of average Americans. In fact they hate us and would rather spend a month in prison than an hour with the “rubes and yahoos” they think we are. It is precisely because of this that we must never stop correcting their lies.

The Millers were being readied by the Leftist media to be THE shooting that finally stripped us of our guns – every shooting always is.  When stories like this appear each of us must become our own free press. Learn the truth and speak the truth. Don’t assume someone else will do it for us.

Virtually every day the media works to take away our freedoms with lies. In response we have two choices: help them with our silence or fight them with our voices.

Keep asking questions and keep demanding answers. It’s the only way we will ever get the truth.   


More firearm stories that will never make the national news

By Doug Book, editor

Each year there are countless defensive firearm uses in the U.S. and few if ANY will be reported by the “mainstream” media. For when an average citizen uses a gun to defend life, liberty or property, the firearm becomes indispensable and its owner, often a hero. And that is not a story which fits the media meme that guns are either useless or dangerous when not in the hands of law enforcement.

But a disapproving media aside, things like these  DO happen:

1.) A week ago, a Fort Wayne, Indiana homeowner answered a knock at the front door only to have five masked criminals (at least 2 of them armed) burst into the house. One ran upstairs, right into the barrel of a waiting pistol held by Chris Torres. Carrying a crowbar, the thug—Nathan Simmerson—managed to barricade himself in a bathroom!

In the meantime, just as Simmerson’s downstairs associates had forced 3 family members to the floor, one of them yelled to Torres, “Get the AR 15!” Upon hearing this, the 4 thugs  bolted through the door and were gone, leaving their comrade in the bathroom to fend for himself. He was soon tackled trying to escape and is in police custody.

So not only are “assault weapons” scary to look at, now it seems they’re even scary to HEAR about! (1) Does anyone believe CNN will congratulate the nation’s AR makers on their weapons’ new-found “versatility?”

How about for having potentially saved 4 lives?

2.) In California, the eldest of four siblings fought off multiple attackers who attempted to break into his home. Though shot a number of times himself, the 22 year old managed to kill one of the criminals and wound another as the remaining assailants sped away. Also home at the time were the victim’s sister and younger brothers who were not injured. The young hero came through surgery  and is on the mend. (2)

3.) Two weeks ago the CEO of Jack in the Box restaurants made the brilliant decision to turn his fast food chain into a nationwide “Gun Free Zone.” 

Intimidated by various claims from the left wing group “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” CEO Leonard Comma began enforcing the long ignored “no firearms” policy of Jack in the Box by posting signs which warn employees and customers to “leave their guns at home” when coming to Jacks. (3)

Since implementation of the new policy—complete with the “No Firearms” sign at each franchise location—Jack in the Box restaurants have been held up 3 times; twice in Houston and once in Nashville. Customers were shot in Houston and Tennessee. A second Houston holdup featured 4 masked individuals who leisurely robbed the restaurant and its customers. (4)

But give Jack in the Box credit for at least getting one thing right. Offering the company’s reasons for implementation of the new, anti-gun  policy, Brian Luscomb, vice president of corporate communications stated: “The presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences.” 

That was some truly exceptional insight on the part of Mr. Luscomb. For it’s a safe bet that employees and guests–especially those who were shot–had indeed been made “uncomfortable” by the “…presence of guns inside [the] restaurant,” especially as those guns were in the possession of criminals thanks to the new no firearm/no self defense policy implemented for employees and customers. 

And one certainly hopes the restaurant considers the shooting of customers in two cities to be “unintended consequences” of Jack’s new “Gun Free Zone” edict. Unintended yes; unexpected, not so much. Just another example of “common sense” gun control at its finest. (6)

By the way, the principle claim used by the Moms Demand Action group which apparently frightened CEO Comma into immediately yielding to their demands consisted of the groups’ assertion that a number of men carrying rifles had entered one of the restaurant locations and scared employees so badly that they hid in a store freezer. Of course, the NY Times printed this claim just as it had been provided the newspaper by Moms!

A short time later, however, the group Open Carry Texas helped prove the story to be an out and out lie. The Times printed a brief retraction. (5)

Armed private citizens may have prevented as a many as eight killings during the past week or so. Yet concerns of Jack in the Box CEO Comma that self-defense could result in an “uncomfortable situation” may be responsible for the use his own, defenseless customers as clay pigeons. 

Terribly complicated stuff, isn’t it Senator Feinstein.

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