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Why does the left keep aiming at our guns?

By Doug Book, editor

In 1996, Washington Post reporter and FOX News’ faux-conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer wrote “…the [Clinton Administration’s] assault weapons ban will have no significant effect either on the crime rate or on personal security.  Nonetheless, it is a good idea . . . .  Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation.”

Of course, Krauthammer soon learned that the American people cannot be “desensitized” to the left’s arrogant enterprises of would-be gun theft.  On the contrary, recent in-your-face efforts by gun control zealots to force gun owners into 2nd Amendment defeatism have inevitably resulted in defiance, not submission.  The unparalleled explosion in gun sales upon the installation of Barack Hussein in the White House, the absolute refusal to appease the left after New Town and the unexpected appearance of armed freedom fighters at the Bundy ranch; all have served to give provide the nation’s Krauthammers with a real education.

And today the left is faced with what may be its greatest fear—a serious, firearm owning public which has drawn a line in the sand that a gun grabbing government is not permitted to cross.

But why did the government choose this fight? Why did a battle over 2nd Amendment guarantees take on the seeming appearance of life and death to the American left? Was the Democrat Party somehow convinced disarming the American people would be an easy win? Did Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein really believe a coupling of the left’s laughable “nobody wants to take your gun” mantra with a professed “common sense” approach to gun control had actually fooled the nation’s gun owners?

Anyone who believes liberal claims of heartbreak over 19,000 annual firearm suicides or even the yearly average of about 250 youngsters accidently killed by mishandled guns must first ask how the left can abhor these numbers yet celebrate some 1 million annual abortions.

In 2010, the FBI reported 8,874 firearm homicides in the United States. In 2011, the number was 8,583. Of these homicides, as many as half—and depending upon location, sometimes far more—are committed by gang members. As of 2011 there were some 1.4 million active gang members in the United States comprising 33,000 different gangs. The FBI determined gangs to be responsible for “…an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in several others.” This means the American left has spent decades doing everything in its power to trample the Constitution and disarm the American public, all for the prevention of some 4,300 deaths.

Does anyone really believe that Democrats and other dedicated gun grabbers can get all broken up over 4,300 shootings?


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Court rules Florida doctors may NOT harass patients about gun ownership

By Doug Book, editor

In 2011, the State of Florida passed a law popularly referred to as “Docs vs Glocks” which prevents doctors meddling in the gun ownership prerogatives of their patients. Why would such a statute be necessary?

The following is a portion of a policy statement included on the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

“Until handguns are banned, we recommend that handguns and handgun ammunition be regulated, that restrictions be placed on handgun ownership, and that the number of privately owned handguns be reduced. Firearms should be removed from the environments where children live and play …”

Uppermost in the AAP’s “Advice to Parents” column was:

“Never have a gun in the home. Do not purchase a gun, especially a handgun. Remove all guns present in the home.”

Not widely known by the American public (principally because it was effectively concealed) is the fact that Barack Obama’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—or Stimulus slush fund–opened the private medical records of American citizens to some 1.5 million new organizations, companies, individuals and of course, federal bureaucracies. The Stimulus allocated thirty five billion dollars to finance the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) which made patient medical data available on ObamaCare’s State Exchanges. As a result, the supposedly PRIVATE, “it’s for the children” information collected by doctors about patient gun ownership may be legally accessed by 2.2 million government approved organizations, many of which have nothing whatever to do with healthcare.  

Agenda driven doctors are not practitioners of medicine but of medical espionage. And Florida’s doctors have been among the most persistent in ferreting out and reporting “medical information” about gun ownership to state and federal bureaucracies. Consider that a patient recommended to a psychologist by his GP for treatment of depression may well have his right to own a firearm rescinded by the government. After all, the patient’s volatile state of mind makes him a potential assassin. And Heaven forbid there be children in this dangerous individual’s home!
“We take our children to physicians for medical care, not moral judgment, political harassment and privacy intrusions,” writes Luke McCoy of the USA Carry website.

McCoy continues:

“The intent of some [physicians] may be to stop death from firearms accidents, but it is worth noting that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, doctors and medical staffs in Florida are responsible for six times more accidental deaths (called “Medical Misadventures”) than firearms accidents. Physicians have plenty of room to work in their own backyards to stop accidental deaths in keeping with their “first do no harm” medical oaths.”  

Clearly the intent of doctors who pass moral judgment on gun owners is NOT the prevention of accidents but rather the disarming of the American public. It was the numerous cases of Florida’s anti-gun doctors harassing patients, withholding treatment, even refusing to see the children of parents unwilling to answer questions about gun ownership that prompted the Doc’s v Glocks legislation.

On July 25th, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court decision which had found the Doc’s legislation unconstitutional. The American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians in Florida agreed with the dissenting 11th Circuit judge who called the law “an infringement of First Amendment rights.”  Does a pediatrician have a 1st Amendment right to demand parents leave an examining room so he might grill a 5 year old about whether or not his father owns a gun?

Doctor’s groups are certain to appeal the decision or ask for an en banc review by the 11th Circuit. Should either succeed, it’s my guess that gun owners will dump an agenda-driven doctor before they dump their guns.








Another D.C. gun law declared unconstitutional

By Doug Book, editor

According to District of Columbia, City Council member Phil Mendelson, gun ownership and the carrying of firearms “must be more heavily restricted [in D.C.] than any place else in the nation.”  After all, says Mendelson, “four U.S. presidents have been assassinated by gunfire”  “and there are frequent threats on the foreign diplomatic corps.” (1)

But Mendelson and the rest of D.C.’s gun grabbing, Democrat gentry were finally stripped of their ability to ignore the Constitution when the District’s longstanding ban on carrying a firearm for self-defense was declared illegal.

On July 26th, U.S. District Court Judge Frederick Scullin provided gun rights and 2nd Amendment advocates what plaintiff’s attorney Alan Gura called a “significant victory” when he ruled that: “In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny…” (2)

Judge Scullin sat on the case of Palmer vs D.C. for an incredible 4 years, resulting in the 2nd Amendment Foundation filing a petition in 2013 for a writ of Mandamus which asked the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals to direct Judge Scullin “to produce an appealable order” within 7 days.

But although the petition was apparently ignored and Judge Scullin labored another 8 months on a mere 19 page ruling, at least he got it right, directing that the District of Columbia and D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier “…are permanently enjoined from enforcing D.C. Code…to ban registration of handguns to be carried in public for self-defense by law-abiding citizens…” (2)

Not surprisingly, 2 days ago Judge Scullin granted the District a 90 day stay during which time D.C’s attorneys will either file an appeal or draft legislation to bring the District into compliance with the judge’s order.

For decades, residents of the District of Columbia were subjected to the most virulently anti-gun rights legislation in the country. Handgun ownership itself had been illegal prior to the 2008 Supreme Court decision in D.C. vs Heller.

But were D.C. residents actually obeying the unconstitutional restrictions placed on 2nd Amendment rights by their Democrat potentates? From the 2008 Heller decision which found the handgun ban unconstitutional until today, only 3000 firearms have been registered in D.C. Just 3000 registrations in an area with a total population of 600,000. It’s obvious that countless people refused to obey the District’s abusive gun laws in the past just as they continue to refuse to register their firearms today.

It will be interesting to watch the pattern of registrations when D.C. Democrats finally begin to obey the latest court order, probably years in the future.


(1) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/27/emily-miller-federal-judge-rules-dc-ban-on-gun-carry-rights-unconstitutional/?intcmp=obinsite
(2) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/interactive/2014/07/26/palmer-v-district-columbia-decision/   Judge Scullin’s 19 page decision







By Doug Book,  editor

 On July 24th, Dr. Lee Silverman, a Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Psychiatrist from Darby, Pennsylvania saved the lives of uncounted hospital workers and patients by shooting Richard Plotts, a mentally disturbed patient and felon.  While in Silverman’s office, Plotts pulled a hidden gun and killed Theresa Hunt, a 53 year old hospital caseworker who had accompanied Plotts to Dr. Silverman’s office.  Upon the shot being fired by Plotts, Silverman ducked behind his desk, pulled a pistol he keeps in a drawer and returned fire, hitting Plotts three times and ending the criminal’s would-be killing spree. Plotts was in critical condition and undergoing surgery on Thursday night.

 “Without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives,” said Donald Molineux , Chief of the Yeadon Police Dept.

 “Without that firearm, this guy (the patient) could have went out in the hallway and just walked down the offices until he ran out of ammunition.”

 So Dr. Silverman is a HERO, right? Well, maybe not so much. This is how Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital officials responded to the incident:

 “It was not clear why Silverman, a doctor for nearly 25 years, was armed at the office. Bernice Ho, a spokeswoman for Mercy Fitzgerald, said Thursday it was against hospital policy for anyone other than security guards to carry weapons.”

 ”We are grateful for the efforts of the emergency responders, and we are working with the Delaware County police departments to understand fully the details of the event and to do all we can to assist those affected,” hospital officials said in a statement.   

 Not one mention or word of thanks for Dr. Silverman, except, of course, to wonder why he had a gun stowed in his desk! By the time the “Emergency Responders”–to whom hospital officials were so grateful—arrived on the scene, Plotts could have killed an additional 5, 6, 8 people? Who knows!

 Instead, according to hospital witnesses, “Guys with helmets and automatic weapons kept jumping out of their cars;” “They came in with guns drawn…”

 But it was all over. The SWAT teams no doubt scared the Hell out of everyone on the scene, but accomplished nothing else.

 It will be interesting to see how Mercy Fitzgerald handles the episode. Will they dismiss a hero who saved God knows how many lives because he refused to follow the “gun free zone” policy of his place of work?




 Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahj1XNEWwkc




Colorado Governor Hickenlooper looks at November defeat thanks to lying about anti-gun ways

By Doug Book, editor

Anyone wishing to explore the workings of the hoplophobic mind needs only consider the actions of the 2013, Colorado legislature. First time violators of the state’s new gun legislation face up to one year in prison. Yet a real life criminal who commits a felony while in violation of the law is subject to only 18 months.  This makes an armed robber just 33% more worthy of punishment than the law abiding citizen who also happens to own a 20 round magazine. Disgraceful.

Yet Colorado politicos couldn’t have been happier with their knee-jerk attempts to intimidate Centennial State gun owners after the 2012 killings in Newtown, Connecticut. Included in the 2013 gun control legislation signed into law by Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper were requirements for universal background checks, new demands for mental health reporting and prohibitions against “large capacity” magazines—that is, of over 15 round capacity.  (1)

Though it’s been a year since the law went into effect, Gov. Hickenlooper has spent the last few months running from his signature on it, not wanting to join 2 Democrats recalled from office and another forced to retire as a result of their own anti-gun ways. Last month, at an Aspen forum, Hickenlooper told sheriffs’ representatives that he had no idea that the overwhelming majority of their peers were so strongly opposed to the then, proposed legislation. It was news to Hickenlooper that these same representatives wanted to meet with him prior to his signing the legislation into law.  (2)

He also had “no idea” that the overwhelming majority of the state’s sheriffs had publically vowed to NOT enforce the terms of the legislation. As Colorado’s, Milwaukee county sheriff David Clark Jr. put it to FOX News host Jeanine Pirro: “I wouldn’t enforce those laws because I don’t want to get shot, because the American people are going to put up with so much before they’re going to push back.” (3)

Hickenlooper also claimed that rumors of conversations between himself and anti-gun loon Michael Bloomberg just prior to the legislation becoming law were simply not true. However, records of 2 calls to Hickenlooper from Bloomberg were discovered after the filing of an open records request.

Besieged with questions, the governor finally “…admitted his office did not research the gun legislation until after it was passed. Governor Hickenlooper said he didn’t realize it was going to cause such controversy and had he known he would not have endorsed the new gun laws without more research.” (4)

Apparently the governor MISSED those endless days of autos circling the state capitol with horns blaring as the people of Colorado registered supreme displeasure with the gun-grabbing intentions of their liberal legislators. The assault against and reaction by gun owners had been THE television news story for months. But it was all news to Hick.

And now, as a result of apparently having spent the past year under a rock, Hickenlooper faces the political fight of his life as a Rasmussen poll shows Republican candidate Bob Beauprez in a 44%-44% tie with the absent minded governor. It took Beauprez just one week to catch Hickenlooper after winning the nomination from a crowded field of GOP contenders. (5)

Keep the lies coming, governor. Maybe you’ll take a few more Democrat legislators down with you.

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