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“Sex Week” studies at America’s colleges have yet to reduce unemployment rate


by Suzanne Eovaldi

Sex Week and Spring Break are two phenomena happening each year on America’s college campuses for which struggling parents pay hard earned tuition dollars as alums glorify abject debauchery parading as the latest form of academia’s political correctness. The Sex Week displays at six major universities including Yale and my alma mater, the University of Illinois, held this past February in Champaign, leave me utterly speechless.  When an undergrad degree is now criticized as being little more than an eighth grade diploma, why on earth would we support such decadence, decay, and destruction of the coming generations which will be tasked with running our country?

Scott Greer, writer for the web site Campus Reform says of the U of Illinois sex week speakers: “A residence hall at the University of Illinois has invited Annie Sprinkle, a famous  porn star from the 1970’s and 80’s, to conduct a sex education week, which is set to culminate with an “Orgasm Workshop” Thursday night.  Sprinkle was planning to show the “students” her documentary featuring interviews with orgasm experts and present herself as a “poetic homage” to the big O.” (1)

The homosexual agenda is very popular in sex education seminars and curricula as described by authors Alan E. Sears and Craig Osten: ”  “Parents in Hayward, CA protested a school policy that allowed schoolteachers and staff to talk openly about their homosexual behavior with students during classroom instruction time without parental permission.”  But the Law entitled “The CA Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000″ relieves schools from having to inform parents about such lesson plans to their underage children. (2)

Required reading for every parent of college age students is the “Sex and God at Yale” book by Nathan Harden (3).  He gives a hard hitting expose of political correctness and academic freedom gone horribly wrong.  “An art student received departmental approval–before the ensuing media attention alerted the public and Yale alumni–for an art project in which she claimed to have used the blood and tissue from repeated self-induced miscarriages.”  A reviewer of Harden’s book comments: “What passes for culture is the completely hookup culture, drunken parties, and occasional suicide.”  Along with naked parties for coed entertainment, topics at sex week may include golden rain, SM apparatus with techniques, grooming, even the infamous hamster and concrete ER crisis an Illinois doctor and his assistants had to furiously work before the concrete hardened! The cutting edge science of human egg harvesting informs female students about the profits that can be had.

The reviewer of the Harden book points out that “Yale was founded for the sole purpose of spreading religious faith.”  (p. 226)

I emailed my journalism school and alumni contacts in Champaign this past week and cc’d my memo to the alumni club in Naples, FL.  Teaching college students how to have orgasms or find each other for gender driven sex events somehow does not compute in my mind with teaching them the English composition, American Literature quotations, and the 50’s journalism that I was privileged to have been taught.

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(2) “The Homosexual Agenda in the Public Schools” by Alan E. Sears and Craig Osten, Broadman & Holman Publishers

(3) “Sex and God at Yale” by Nathan Harden at Amazon.com

Chicago’s White liberal ruling class to take minority five year olds innocence with LGBT Sex-Ed


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Why would the Chicago Public School (CPS) system be so presumptuous as to start teaching Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transsexual Sex-Ed to all its students, even five year old kindergarteners? Aside from pure hubris, satisfying Gay political groups is a good guess, but the simple answer is because they can. The Chicago’s public schools are more than 85% Black or Latino and just 8.8% White. A combined 87% of Black and Hispanic Chicagoans live in poverty so they are as dependent upon White liberals as house pets are to their owners.  

 If these numbers were reversed the White ruling class in Chicago wouldn’t dare force this plan on its students, yet because they own Chicago’s minorities they can treat them like house pets. It makes no difference what the conditions of the schools in Chicago are; or that they don’t teach their students basic skills. The White liberal ruling class tells its subjects where to live, what schools to attend, what will be taught, which stores they are allowed to shop in and on and on.  

Now Chicago’s White ruling class has decided bowing to Gay groups is more important than the innocence of its five year olds. There seems to have been no public hearings on this policy. There were no parents’ statements entered into the record about the plan. There was no discussion of how 5 year old kindergarten children would be affected by having their innocence wrenched away. Nobody asked how a child being taught the differences between normal sexuality and homosexuality was supposed to continue to believe in Santa Claus; or the doctrines of his or her family religion. None of Chicago’s subjects was given a chance to ask CPS administrators if they were concerned about having teachers instruct grade school children about “Kama Sutra” positions. Was anyone concerned that homosexual teachers presenting LGBT material to five year olds, is an ugly intrusion of the rights of parents?

Of course the CPS uses the standard liberal excuse that the plan includes an “Opt out clause.” What about an affirmative “Opt in” clause? Oh, that might draw too little interest and force teachers to actually attempt to teach.   







There is Notre Dame and there is a Catholic Catholic school like Belmont Abbey


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Tomorrow the national college football championship will be decided in a game that will be watched by millions of people. The combatants will be Notre Dame and Alabama. Millions of Catholics around the country will be rooting for the “Fighting Irish” but I won’t be one of them.  I find it hard to support frauds whether they are in or out of politics.  Notre Dame is a consummate fraud and has been for many years.

The formerly Catholic school has always held itself up as the pinnacle of Catholic higher education. The “Fighting Irish” were born with a chip on their shoulder and a devotion to Norte Dame “Our Lady,” but those days are over. These days Catholic doctrine obviously embarrasses Norte Dame.   

Notre Dame is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and to Catholics who care about Catholic doctrine.  At first we thought the biggest of these embarrassments was the honorary JD it handed Barack Obama, an avowed enemy of the Catholic Church, but even that terrible moment has been eclipsed.   

This fake “Catholic” school ordered the arrest of “protestors” who knelt to pray a Rosary during Obama’s speech.   Since then the school has facilitated the establishment of a Gay Club on its grounds, paid to send students to a support Gay “marriage” rally in Washington and roundly supported Barack Obama’s reelection even knowing he would be forcing it to violate Catholic doctrines on abortion and birth control through Obamacare. By no objective standard is Norte Dame a Catholic school. It’s just a fake institution that keeps up appearances to fool and fleece willfully blind alumni into writing it checks.   

By contrast Belmont Abbey, a small college in North Carolina, is a Catholic Catholic school.  It won’t ever play for a national championship but it stands head and shoulders above Norte Dame in stewardship of Catholic doctrine. It doesn’t have a Gay and Lesbian Club. Abortion and Gay marriage are not supported in its classrooms.

Belmont Abbey doesn’t have a lot of money but it knows how to use what funds it has to support true Catholic doctrine. Belmont Abbey has just CUT its yearly tuition by $10,000 to further its mission of offering an inexpensive Catholic education to as many people as possible. Which would you call a Catholic Catholic school?

If Norte Dame wins tomorrow it will rake in millions of dollars and some of it will go to support for Gay conduct and abortion. To that I say:  Go Alabama; ROLL TIDE!