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Former Gov. Blagojevich, sealed tapes and the Windy City that runs the Nation

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

“I’ve Got This Thing, and It’s F*king Golden. . .I’m just not giving it up for nothing,” said former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, speaking of his ability in 2008 to name the new owner of Barack Obama’s vacated US Senate seat.  And now rumors are swirling Blago just might be getting out of jail much earlier than required by the 14 year sentence which he is serving in a mountain Gray Bar Inn, forced retreat in Colorado.

Two Chicago Tribune reporters, John Chase and Jeff Coen, (who did not answer a CiR call to hear their side) are being lambasted for what they knew and when they knew it regarding the much heralded SEALED TAPES.  “So why did Blago and his attorneys let Chase and Coen’s public proclamation that the contents of the sealed tapes confirm his guilt go unchallenged?” (1)
Sealed, unsealed, just spent words in an ongoing stream of politics-as-usual in Chicago.  Whether the tapes hold the key to opening Blago’s prison cell to return to his wife and children is an ancillary codicil to the real reason the man was sent up.  In the People’s Republic of Illinois, everything now serves the One, and Blago had to be removed from waiting microphones to protect the Chicago gangster in the Oval Office.
We hear that Barack Obama is planning his return to the city and the Ayers salon that launched him onto the world’s stage while his beloved wife of over 20 years will remain in D.C.  So what do the tapes have to do with the price of eggs?  Well, they give Blago leverage, leverage which was already pretty well assured because his wife Patricia is the eldest daughter of Richard F. “Dick” Mell.  Mell retired after 38 years, repeat 38 years, serving on the Chicago City Council. Within one month, he began a new career as a lobbyist. (2)

Mell’s own career weaved in and out of his alliance with Fast Eddie Vrodolyak and the Vrodolyak 29.  Oh, those were the years.  Here’s a delicious sidebar; my friend lived across the street from the young male artist who drew the oft derided picture of Mayor Harold Washington in ladies delicate attire. The young man literally had to flee the Chicago suburb, I think by dark of night.  Black politicians were so enraged that a Black female politician, without court order, police protection, or legal authority walked up the steps of the Chicago Art Institute and summarily pulled the large painting OFF OF THE WALL herself. Dorothy “hats” Tillman was not the one who did this, as I got the story.

“How many of us read the stuff we get, OK. . .it’s small print. . .like your insurance policy,” Mell famously said of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s dictum to move forward on the parking meter privatization contracts, an issue which is now in the courts. (3) Mell and his son-in-law locked horns over a landfill flap that Blago shuttered but that somehow was tied to the family patriarch’s wishes. (4)  Now Illinois political blogs are rife with speculation that Illinois’ fourth jailed governor will soon return to the City that runs the country.  Maybe yes, maybe no, but let’s not discount the well liked former governor’s appeal to the common folk, many of  whom just happen to pay for the Democrat disease known as Chicago politics. 

I just can’t get worked up about those tapes, but they are a new chapter in what may be going on. They are grist for somebody’s political mill.  Those two Chicago Tribune reporters could have blown the Blagojevich case right off of Michigan Avenue, but they didn’t.  Compared to most Chicago pols, the former governor was not that bad and he did listen to the people.  My cousin thought he was cute.
Let’s not forget the real tragedy of the once lovely home state of the Fighting Illini. A pension system ranked 50 out of 50 states, economic ratios, Moody bond ratings and job creation factors numbering 47 to 48 according to Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal findings are creating a dysphoria that matches the Heroin Hell of Lower Wacker and Rambo’s closing of schools which many black children and their parents really liked.
Sure, the much touted FBI sealed tapes just may get Blago out of jail, but his stay-out-of-the-cemetery card is his silence at the microphones of Democrat political power.  Blago walks when Obama says he walks.

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ObamaCare “Enrollment Event” draws ZERO people in Illinois

by Doug Book,  editor

One of many ObamaCare enrollment events was held in Boone County, Illinois this week. Targeted were the young, whose participation is absolutely necessary if Barack Obama’s “healthcare” fraud is to have any chance of viability.

And as has become an all too familiar pattern at such taxpayer funded events, more media people were in attendance than enrollees of ANY age!

HHS head Kathleen Sebelius maintains over 3 million Americans are now enrolled in ObamaCare. Of course, she also claims to have NO INFORMATION on the number of enrollees who have actually PAID their first month’s premium.

If the Boone County extravaganza is any indication,  a meeting of Affordable Care Act policy holders can be held in a phone booth.

The sad video tells the story.



Atlanta’s ice storm and memories of Winter nightmares gone by

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer
Reading what went on in Atlanta this week is just amazing!  I moved to Florida after living near Chicago and the lake snow region of NW Indiana most of my life. We had to deal with bad ice storms in Southern Illinois when I was young and while at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Three inches of snow in Chicago is NOTHING.  They got rid of a mayor that didn’t get and keep the roads open. 

I had to teach in Chicago Heights, IL when the temperature was -48 and the wind chill was -82.  As I recall, I was the only female that showed up, though most of the men were there. When we were dismissed at the 8 p.m. class break, my big Buick was the only car in the frozen lot. I had even locked the door! But the door opened and the Buick turned right over on my first try. I drove the back roads into NW Indiana, a story in itself.  But those big trucks the Hoosiers drive had already plowed open the back roads, just by force and might, so I drove into my driveway, got inside my home and said some prayers of thanks.  I never let my cars get older than 18 months; I know this was more costly for me, but I always got back and forth to work.
In l967, we had a land hurricane and that winter, one of those famous Chicago blizzards that this time really did shut down the city for a few days. My daughter remembers getting out onto our flat top roof to help me shovel off the snow before it hardened from sleet.  We told the man next door he had better do the same, but he thought it was a silly idea.  The next morning when he went out to start his car, he found his roof was on top of it. 

My daughter tells me this winter up there is very bad, but they’re dealing with it.  I asked, “How are your snow plows and shovels holding up?” She said, “We don’t have any; we have five boys instead!” She still remembers my telling her when on a plane, if the oxygen masks come down, put yours on first.  I know this sounds odd at first, but if you fail, who will care for your little children?  So she’s learned well to be prepared and to take care of herself and her own in emergencies. 

I still have nightmares about being out on I-57 during those terrible white-outs.  One Christmas Eve we were driving North to get home to Flossmoor, but conditions were getting worse by the minute.  My family was depending upon my ability to keep the car on the road, even while semis were slip-sliding all over the frozen road.  We got off at the last exit open, just south of Kankakee and spent our holiday in a little motel that took us in.  I literally  could not see where I was driving.  When my Dad asked why he couldn’t see out of the windshield, I didn’t answer him. My little dog climbed up next to my right leg and I said, “We’re getting off now.” And so we did.
But, hey in my old age, I moved down to Florida and what an experience to observe these southern drivers.  I’ve been out on I-95 in visibility conditions just as bad as up north in the white-outs.  When those coastal storms move in, you are literally trapped in your car. Pulling off to the side just wasn’t an option during one of these storms. 

But while up north, I’ve noticed that drivers slow down as conditions worsen. Down here I’ve noticed drivers tend to speed up the worse it gets.  Why, I don’t know.  It’s just Florida.  Cheers everyone.

“Martial Law Now in Effect” signs create stir in YouTube video

by George Spelvin
“Martial Law Now in Effect” signs have been spotted in a three truck convoy on Illinois highways, and you can read all about it on a YouTube video that has already had 1/2 million hits!  (1)  “You wouldn’t believe what I’ve got in the back of this truck” a young trucking employee allegedly is telling anyone who will listen to him.
Warning, this video is full of “F” word expletives as you clearly can detect the distress in the voice of the producer who relates being awakened late at night by a friend wanting to tell him what is going on! 

“He’s scared out of his f______ mind,” says the speaker, apparently describing the young trucker.  The employee is feeling very scared and upset as he examines three loads of Martial Law signs printed in English and stacked top to bottom in the back of the convoy vehicles.  This employee relates how his boss said to him, “That’s for another country,” when pressed about what these well written, expensive looking signs were doing being transported along Illinois highways.  The trucking helper is upset because he says, “Nothing is coming to Illinois (in the middle of the country) to get shipped to Iraq.”

The three diesel truck convoy dropped off these signs at three un-named warehouses near Army bases in Illinois, according to the video whose Email address appears to be majormindjob.com.  Fear is the over-riding emotion throughout this video which begins with a news report of a possible call up of the Illinois National Guard to restore order and protect school children from rampant gang violence in Chicago.  New school assignments and the closing of under performing schools by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff, both require extra supervision for children having to travel through competing gang territories to get to their new schools.
But the young trucker concludes his rant with, “No one orders 1,000s of signs without something pretty negative.”  A commenter to this video alerts viewers to an Army website that is advertising for a Supervisor of Confinement and Detention Centers. (2) Job duties include: “External security to facilities; supervision of confinement and detention operations; counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program; records of prisoners/internees and their programs.”  Yet another commenter to this very disturbing video relays the following quote attributed to Hitler in 1935:” This year will go down in history.  For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead in the future.”

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Time running out for Illinois’ gun grabbing politicians

by Doug Book,  Editor

If Illinois lawmakers cannot pass a concealed carry law acceptable to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals by June 9th, the constitutionally prescribed right to keep and bear arms will immediately take effect in the Prairie State. That is, just as codified in the 2nd Amendment, all Illinois gun owners will have the right to bear a weapon, anywhere they wish in the state. (1)

On December 11th of last year, a 3 judge panel from the 7th Circuit ruled Illinois’ near total ban on the carry of firearms unconstitutional. The 47 page decision in Moore v Madigan gave the Illinois legislature 180 days to craft legislation “…consistent with the public safety and the Second Amendment as interpreted in this opinion…” (2)

Last week the Illinois House voted 85-30 in favor of a new concealed carry statute which would institute both a “shall issue” provision and statewide preemption for the first time. Under the terms of the statute, the state would be required to issue a concealed carry license to any Illinois resident who completes a mandatory training program and pays a $150 tax. In addition, the new law would take precedence over any local regulations. For example, the statute passed by the City of Chicago banning “assault weapons” would bow to  statewide rules. (3)

Though one would hardly realize it from the state’s record of vehemently anti-gun rights legislation, the vast majority of Illinois is very pro-gun! Yet just as Chicago liberals have spent decades forcing their brand of anti-second Amendment lunacy on the rest of the state, on Tuesday the Chicago-dominated, Senate Executive Committee voted down the House bill, demanding all anti-gun regulations of the Windy City and other localities remain part of any new legislation. The Chicago clan also want to incorporate strict mental health review provisions along with a mandatory 16 hour training program in any new law.

Will members of the Illinois House and Senate get together on constitutional, concealed carry legislation which will win the blessing of fiercely, anti-gun Governor Pat Quinn prior to the court imposed, June 9th deadline?  If a new law has not been fashioned, the State of Illinois could be subject to the United States Constitution for the first time in decades!

“Nobody wants us to not do anything and the federal court ruling take effect and thereby allow ‘constitutional carry,” said Democrat State Sen John Sullivan.  (4)  A predictable statement from a typical Democrat. Indeed, what a frightening thought for Illinois’ ruling Democrat Party—constitutional rights in the form of the 2nd Amendment actually being granted residents of a state whose lawmakers have so fervently ignored the document for such a very long time!

Should Democrats fail to resolve their differences it will be very interesting to see just how many folks in Illinois strap on pistols on June 10th —concealed or otherwise—in response to their new-found rights.


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