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Finally there is a comedian willing to mock Al Gore and his “global warming” scam

 This text accompanies the video of Michael Loftus mocking global warming and Al Gore. CiR wishes you the best of luck with your new show Michael!

“Comedian Michael Loftus, host of the new TV show “The Flipside” goes on an extended rant about how people who supposedly believe in the upcoming end of the world brought on by global warming primarily seem interested in just making money for themselves.” 


Julian Castro: La Raza’s warrior against America now runs HUD


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

No one can be certain if the amnesty fever that gripped the Republican establishment has passed, or if the conspirators are just laying low and waiting for their next chance to stab us in the back.  What is clear is that during the height of their self-induced mental paralysis over amnesty, Republicans in the Senate lined up to kiss the ring of Hispanics when they confirmed Julian Castro as the new Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD). They struck us last July 9th and now America has another vicious enemy in Barack Obama’s Cabinet. Castro has jumped from being the mayor of San Antonio to a policy making position by the cave in of Republican Senators. 

Few Americans could name Castro as the HUD Secretary let alone accurately describe his background and resume.

Castro is the son of Rosie Castro one of the founding members of The National Council La Raza, a group devoted to stealing large sections of America’s southwest so it can be colonized by socialist Mexicans. The phrase La Raza means “The Race” and it operates under the motto, “For the race everything, for outside the race nothing.” 

La Raza identifies as follows: “Chicano is our identity. It defines who we are as a people. We reject the notion that we should assimilate into the White Angelo-American melting pot. Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecs. It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest that were brutally stolen from the Mexican People. Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields and gather the crops, not to the foreign European invaders. We are Aztlan. For La Raza Todo Fuera de La Raza Nada.”     

Rosie raised Julian Castro and his evil twin brother Joaquin, a Democrat Congressman from Texas, who was named after a charter in an anti-America poem, to hate Whites and hate America. Joaquin and Julian are perfectly formed sleeper agents who have been groomed to destroy America from within. 

Julian Castro is quoted as saying, “My mother’s rabble rousing and political activisms were like war cries ringing in my ears. She would say things like Viva La Raza! Or Brown and Black unite! My mother’s fervor for activism was instilled in my brother and I at a very young age and has shaped and molded the people we are today.”  

The Castro brothers of America hate America just as much as the Castro brothers of Cuba. The difference is that at this point they are well situated to carry out their plans to destroy us.       

Sources: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-julian-and-joaquin-castro-could-be-worse-than-fidel-and-raul


Sharia is here whether we see it as a threat or not

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

There isn’t any nice way to say this so here goes: A Muslim skunk who owns a Subway sandwich shop denied entry to an American disabled veteran and his service dog. This lowlife piece of garbage, who came to our country from some third world pig sty, decided that our laws covering special treatment for our disabled citizens especially our disabled veterans, mean nothing to him. This creep actually said, “I don’t care,” when a reporter asked the hateful punk if he knew about the regulation covering an exception for service animals in restaurants.

 This is a case of a mongrel insulting one of our vulnerable veterans because he is a Muslim and Muslims hate dogs. They don’t just hate dogs in the Middle East or Europe or wherever these vermin are nesting; they hate dogs here and when their numbers grow enough they will make their move and start to kill our dogs as they work their way up to killing us.    

The idea that this piece of garbage, Subway store manager, Mitul Ahmed had the nerve to pull this stunt should serve as a strong warning to all Americans. Sharia Law is here and Muslims will keep pressing for acceptance of their savage ways.

Federal Law clearly states that dogs that are declared service animals cannot be blocked from entry to any business or public accommodation including a restaurant. The only problem here is purely the making of the skunks that own and operate the Subway sandwich shop in Paterson New Jersey. They hate dogs and hate our way of life. They are not here to become Americans; they are here to remain Islamist savages in America.     

The sneaky savages actually had a sign on the store’s front door saying, “Service animals are welcome,” but of course they detest us and everything we hold dear so it meant nothing to them.  

When a local television news reporter followed up on this story she noticed the dog is clearly identified as a service animal and she was shocked to hear the manager say, “I don’t care [about your laws].”

While the reporter was at the store the sign was removed, offering more proof that all of this is a joke to these savages. The manager even said, “I can refuse service to anyone I want.”

If you still think Sharia is not here, or does not represent a threat to the American people and way of life, please think again.

Source:   http://www.barenakedislam.com/2014/09/12/new-jersey-disabled-army-veteran-thrown-out-of-subway-restaurant-by-muslim-manager-because-he-had-a-service-dog-with-him/

Mississippi State Supreme Court agrees to hear McDaniel election challenge

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Sometimes the good guys do win and beat the devils in the end. Sometimes if you are right and you know you are right and you don’t give up, your dreams do come true. Late Tuesday afternoon the Mississippi State Supreme Court agreed to consider the mountain of evidence State Senator Chris McDaniel has put together to prove his allegations of voter fraud committed by Republican United States Senator Thad Cochran and several members of his staff.

The case revolves around a contest to secure the Republican nomination to run for the US Senate from Mississippi. The history of this case shows that in the June primary McDaniel beat Cochran by a clear margin, but failed to garner the 50% plus one vote he needed to be declared the outright winner. This forced a runoff election as prescribed by state law.

In the runoff, Cochran and his team violated numerous state laws, Republican Party regulations and ethical strictures to beat McDaniel by a small margin. Immediately McDaniel protested and gathered evidence he maintains will show; Cochran used Democrat voters who had already voted in their own primary which is against the law; he bought votes which is a felony for Thad Cochran himself and the Cochran camp used disgusting race baiting radio ads to paint McDaniel as a Klansman ready to re-enslave Blacks the first chance he got.

The Republican establishment desperately wants Chris McDaniel to go away. They want the addled brained Cochran to sit in the Senate like a potted plant, voting as they tell him to on any issue. Fake conservatives in the media have taunted McDaniel with jabs about his being a “sore loser” if he doesn’t give up fighting their corrupt cabal.

Nevertheless, all through this ordeal Chris McDaniel has kept his cool and kept his eyes open. All he ever wanted was a fair hearing of the evidence that could not only give him the nomination he rightfully deserves and put the corrupt Republican establishment in its place, but also put Thad Cochran and a few other people in prison.   

The allegations that have found their way into the light of day are very damning. On October 2 McDaniel will get his chance to prove them.

Chris McDaniel needs our help. If you can send him something at https://secure.donationsafe.com/mcdaniel