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Pennsylvania’s Scott Wagner: the latest TEA party candidate to beat the GOP-e


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Pennsylvania businessman and TEA party candidate Scott Wagner has become Karl Rove and the Republican establishment’s latest nightmare. Snubbed by the GOPe, Wagner pulled off a major upset and won an open Pennsylvania State Senate seat in a special election held Tuesday in the state’s 28th Senate district.

While Wagner’s victory was a huge shock by itself, the way Wagner defeated his Republican and Democrat opponents has to be alarming to the GOPe: Wagner wasn’t on the ballot so he had to win with write-in ballots which he did rather handily.

Of the approximately 22,300 votes cast, Wagner crushed the hand-picked Republican candidate Ron Miller by an unofficial 10,595 (47.7%) to Miller’s 5,704 just (26.6%).  Worse still for the GOPe, the Democrat who posed next to a “Rain bow” flag at her headquarters drew within a single point of Miller at 25.7%.

From the day he announced his candidacy, Wagner made it clear that he was running against what the Republican Party has become.  Opting to go the write-in path to victory and winning so easily has to bring party officials lots of sleepless nights. Republican write-in campaigns are rarely successful and often end up backfiring and electing the Democrat in special elections.

What might be still worse for the GOPe is that Wagner’s win came after he and his supporters executed a carefully constructed plan which can be duplicated in other parts of the country. Wagner’s campaign team grew for seven months topping out at hundreds of volunteers eager for a fight.

After Wagner shared his plan with his “army” they became more energized by each attack from the GOPe. This put both the state and local Republican Committees in a total lose-lose defensive posture. They could not sit by silently and ignore Wagner; but the harder they hit him, with ads they probably planned to use to support their own candidate, the stronger Wagner got.   

Wagner’s victory taught the GOPe a lesson about negative nasty ads. Those “bombs” don’t work when the other guy has a message voters want to support. Wagner’s response to their ads was staying on the TEA party message of taking back the power the GOPe has squandered, after his stunning victory he commented, “I never said a single slanderous thing.”

The TEA party message trumped the GOPe’s lies once again.  

Source: http://www.yorkdispatch.com/ci_25365621/york-county-polling-sites-report-low-turnout-28th

Iwo Jima’s Marines: still showing today’s “youth voters” what the real price of freedom is


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In the summer of 1965 Marine Corps Boot camp training included the boast “If it weren’t for the Marine Corps you’d be speaking Japanese.” It was true then and it is still true today.

Sixty nine years ago waves and waves of eighteen and nineteen year old Marines, waded ashore on Iwo Jima to defeat the Japanese and help win the war in the Pacific on American terms. They fought to keep us from being the slaves of the Japanese and being forced to end up “speaking Japanese.”

By mid- February 1945 Franklin Roosevelt knew Americans were running out of patience and money for the war against a country thousands of miles away and on its last legs anyway.

Some thought we should make peace with the Japanese and cut our losses. The only resource America had left was a Marine Corps largely filled with tough determined teenagers. They were leaders in their communities. They were from big cities and tiny towns. They were a generation of Americans that understood it had to “put aside childish ways” man-up and fight. They were ordinary men who had to face a great challenge and win because they were all America had left.

Today those young Marines are grandfathers and great-grandfathers, but they are still standing up to defend American freedoms. Unlike their foolish grandchildren who voted for Barack Obama the men who hit the beach that day don’t support Obama and never have.

At nineteen they were wiser than most of their grandchildren ever will be. They didn’t act on emotion; they had no time for anything but reality. Their hope and change was hoping to go home alive not whining about how terrible things were.

If you meet a Marine Iwo Jima veteran, greet him with a grateful smile. Because of him and so many others you don’t “speak Japanese.”

Unfortunately Iwo Jima is ancient history to today’s “youth voters,” and we won’t hear much about Iwo Jima today. To the politically correct media it’s also “ ancient history.”  There will be a few stories about how small groups of old Marines have gathered to mark the day, but probably not much more. These days the Japanese are one of our largest creditors so we dare not mention their barbarous conduct during World War II.

The 19 year olds of Feb. 19, 1945 that are still with us are all over 88 now but there are fewer of them each year. The passing years have not diminished their achievement one bit.

Time moves on and no one knows this better than Iwo Jima’s nineteen year old men, but they still understand the difference between what is real and what is fake. They know our young people have done damage to America beyond what all of our previous enemies could only dream of doing, but they will stand firm anyway.

Mark this day and celebrate the achievements of those brave men. Today they are still trying to give us a chance to live free. Let each one of us resolve to be worthy of the sacrifices made for us at Iwo Jima. Let us cherish the gift they gave us and continue to give us. And let us always use our freedoms wisely.

After seeing “Lone Survivor” this is the video to watch


This video of actual combat in Afghanistan will make you smile and make you angry. It will make you smile because it follows the work of two Apache helicopter crews as they destroy a nest of Tally –ban troops who were trying to set up an ambush of a Special Forces patrol. It will make you angry because it reminds us that without political interference we could have achieved our mission of crushing the Tally-ban long ago and saved many American and allied lives.      


Watch The March for Life and Be a Part of it

This vital information was sent over to us by Floyd Brown the editor of WesternJournalism.com

Use this link:


As you know, the March for Life and the pro-life movement are never accurately reported by most of the media. This year, the March for Life is sponsoring a “TweetFest” to encourage pro-lifers at the March and around the country to show their support for life on Twitter to amplify our message, using the hashtag, #WhyWeMarch. Click on the image below for more information.

Additionally, March for Life is partnering with EWTN Productions to bring you LIVE 360 video footage of the rally and March for Life that anyone will be able to watch online, on Facebook, or on the March for Life app. The March for Life app will be ready for download from iTunes and Google Play shortly before the March and will feature important resources for your trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life, but also educational resources, and advocacy tools to help you make a difference for life all year long.

March for Life also excited to share that you can stay in touch year-round with the March for Life through mobile alerts. You can sign up to receive messages from the March for Life about pro-life events, advocacy action items, education opportunities, and later this year, information about the 2015 March for Life.

There’s so much you can do to participate in this important event – whether you are physically present or supporting us from home! There are many opportunities for unity and collaboration in bringing attention to the March for Life so that we can one day see an end to abortion in America.

In 2013, the networks spent a mere 17 seconds on the half million participants at the 40th March for Life (in comparison, they spent 521 times more on the Manti Te’o football scandal). The life censorship only continued with the trial of Kermit Gosnell and beyond. Simply put, the old media fear giving pro-lifers the coverage a movement of this size and vitality deserves.

In response, Media Research Center will produce a film from a compilation of amateur March for Life footage. If you plan to attend the March as an individual, with a church group or other organization, please document your experience and allow us to share it with the world.

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/part-march-life/#DsopRS7MAU0sJIop.99



Debbie does double-talk: Wasserman Schultz says one thing in DC and exactly the opposite at home

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Maybe Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida doesn’t realize what she says a thousand miles away in Washington can and will be heard and read in her South Florida district. Maybe given the number of times she has been re-elected she thinks her constituents are so dense that they won’t catch on to her; or maybe she just doesn’t care about them and only lives to serve her master Barack Obama. Whatever the reason the result is the same. On a number of issues of particular interest to the large Jewish population she represents Wasserman Schultz has flat out lied over the years.

To those who don’t rely on the main stream media for news this comes as no surprise.  The Washington Free Beacon,  has recently reported on Wasserman Schultz’ efforts to derail a House resolution to bring sanctions against the Iranian government in an attempt to get it to stop its production of nuclear weapons.       

Nevertheless, in direct contradiction to what she has done and said in Washington, when she is talking to Jewish constituents in her district she tells them she is “open to new sanctions” against Tehran.     

Apparently because she can’t explain her lies to their satisfaction and she knows it, Debbie is simply not addressing the topic with local pro-Israel leaders.  The Free Beacon’s follow up reporting done in her district reveals that true to the script for Democrats caught in a lie, Wasserman Schultz has become combative when asked simple questions about the nature of her true position on sanctions.  

She has even started to try a middle position insisting she is in favor of sanctions but just not now and wants to wait to see if negotiations with the Iranians brings an end to their nuclear stockpiling. 

There is no word on whether Wasserman Schultz believes the Iranians will suspend their weapons of mass destruction production while these talks take place – just on the off- hand chance that they work.

Come November, none of this will cost Debbie a single Jewish Democrat vote, but it is a cautionary tale about the kind of lying we will hear when the Democrats take over our entire government.