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Those who think that our police do nothing but harass honest citizens ought to watch this

Warning the language in this video is raw and explicitly profane.   

“America’s cops risk their lives for our safety every day,” isn’t a cliché or a phrase that sounds good but really is true.  It is part of every cop’s life.

Every time cops step out of their stationhouse they face the potential to be violently attacked. This brief video documents just a few of the attacks real cops have dealt with in recent years. It also tells us our cops have no intention of losing this fight for the life of America.    


“Ferguson/Occupy/Garner” anarchists proving Durkheim’s theory of “anomie”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The early 20th century sociologist Emile Durkheim’s theory about the divide between the greater society and some individuals still holds up.

Durkheim called this condition “anomie” and described it as “a condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals.” He saw anomie as a, “breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community…..rejection of self-regulatory values.”

As Durkheim saw those who had fallen into anomie, they were “deranged and had an insatiable will.”  

Were he alive today Durkheim would recognize the mismatch between societal standards and the non-existent standards of the “Ferguson/Occupy/Garner” protestors who are running through our streets making believe they matter.

The genius and foresight of Durkheim, who explained his theory in his 1897 book, “Suicide,” is astounding.

We are seeing the reemergence of anomie in today’s “Ferguson/Occupy/Garner” social misfits. They believed Barack Obama would remake our country into a socialist paradise. They believed in “knowledge for its own sake” rather than, “knowledge for power sake.”

Because they did, if they finished college they graduated with a degree in Peruvian Folklore, Feminist History or something equally useless. Now that the cruel reality that no one wants to hire them and their life will be spent in their parents’ basement has sunk in, they have taken to entertaining themselves with what they think is violent revolution.

Having had everything handed to them for their whole life, they now demand “entertainment” as their next consumable gift.

The only way to straighten these disaffected pitiful fools out is to arrest and jail them. Unfortunately their childish, meaningless acts of vandalism are taking place in Democrat controlled cities that won’t punish them because their leaders admire them.

Obama’s anomie victims have never been taught right from wrong, so we have to do it.  It’s time to lock them up and parole them back to mom’s basement until they are ready to act like adults.

Barack Obama is to blame for all of this; and even the Left is coming to realize and accept that fact.     

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The most “guilty” cop ever to walk away free


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In the early 1980s the New York City Police Department received a number of civilian complaints about the conduct of its officers. Among those complaints was one that had to be the most infuriating, embarrassing and heartbreaking even the toughest street cops had ever heard.

The complaint came from a woman who said that while she was pregnant she felt faint and collapsed to the sidewalk in the streets of New York’s Greenwich Village, then subsequently became unconscious. This brought attention from a police officer who was on foot patrol nearby. From there the story was picked up by a witness.

The witness told investigators that he had personally observed the police officer kneel down next to the woman and a after a few seconds drive his nightstick into her stomach. He said he saw an ambulance crew take the woman to a nearby hospital and he followed them right to the emergency room.

Thereafter the worst part of the incident happened according to the male witness. He said the woman then lost her baby! In short, he had witnessed a cop violently thrust his nightstick into the woman’s stomach for no reason and this  caused her to lose her baby.

To recap: the complaint said a witness had testified that he saw the police officer slam his nightstick into a pregnant woman’s stomach causing her to lose her baby.    

Reading the first several paragraphs of the report on the complaint made me want to crawl under a table in embarrassment. Nevertheless, as I continued reading I realized the story was changing.

What the Civilian Complaint Review Board’s (CCRB) investigator’s report revealed was that things were far different than what a quick initial reading indicated.      

The CCRB found that the “witness” had not seen anything and had merely raced to the hospital to talk to the woman when he heard what happened.  This was important because he was the local organizer for the Socialist Workers’ Party and had a long history of fake complaints against the police.

Next the CCRB spoke to the hospital staff who were so surprised by the complaint that they agreed to speak to the investigators on the record. They said the woman was well known to them for her many psychiatric admissions and that she was not only not pregnant when she came in that night, but she had never been pregnant!

Finally the report turned to the sworn testimony from the police officer.

Question: Officer did you force your nightstick into the complainant’s midsection?

Answer: Yes I did.

Question: Why did you do that?

Answer:  Because I was testing to determine if she was feigning unconsciousness.

Question:  And you did that by forcing pressure into her mid-section? Why would you do that?

Answer:  Because it is standard medical procedure to determine if a person is feigning unconsciousness

Question: How do you know that Officer

Answer: Because besides being a police officer I am a New York State licensed physician who prefers not to practice medicine but rather work as a police officer


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Just when Obama thought he had wrung Christianity out of our military this happens


Watch as a roomful of Marines sing praises to God and fill their hearts with the Holy Spirit.

If he sees this Barack Obama will understand that his attempts to force God and Christianity out of our military are failing just as everything else he has tried.


Pouring truth on liberal lies about police community relations

By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

Since the days when Democrats were confident they would never lose control of the House, people like John Conyers have been trying to prove that our police have somehow “had it in” for Blacks. The many murderous assaults by Blacks on our police were, of course, never factored into any of the phony reports House Democrats have released over the past several decades.

Fueled by correct Grand Jury decisions in Missouri and New York, the anti-police bile has bubbled up from Democrats once again; so it’s time to pour truth on their lies.

Since the mid-1990s Congress has been keeping track of various categories of interactions between our police and the communities they are sworn to serve and risk their lives for every day.

Thanks to the diligent work of Steven Malanga, the senior editor of City Journal and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, the most important of these categories, those that compare figures from 2002 to 2011 have been culled out; they are as follows. 

In 2002 our police had 45 million interactions with the civilian population. By 2011 that number had dropped to 40 million.   

In 2002, some 664,000 civilians reported use of force by police in those interactions. That number had dropped to 574,000 by 2011. 

In 2002 173,000 Blacks reported that force was used in their interaction with the police; in 2011 that had dropped by roughly 25% to 130,000. 

In 2002, 78% of Blacks agreed with the statement, “When I was stopped by the police the officers acted properly.” By 2011 that number had risen to 82.7%.      

In 2000 Blacks held in “local jails”, (which suggests police custody as well as correctional facilities where misdemeanor sentences are served) died at a rate of 127 per 100,000 arrestees/ inmates.  By 2012 that number had dropped to 109 deaths of Blacks per 100,000 arrestees/inmates.  

While nation-wide data is not available, it is instructive to note that since 1991, when they fired their guns at 332 civilians, the number of times New York City’s police officers fired their guns at civilians has declined to 105 in 2012.  Moreover, during the same period the number of civilians shot and killed by New York’s police has fallen from 39 to 16 while overall crime rates have dropped dramatically to record breaking numbers.   

Can the police do better? Maybe. But complaints from professional agitators certainly have no real foundation in reality.

Source: http://www.city-journal.org/2014/eon1204sm.html

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