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An AP report on the murders and freefall of Baltimore translated by a former street cop

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Under the crushing weight of incompetent Black Democrats,  Baltimore has slipped into a cesspool of crime not seen since the early 1970s.  

Baltimore has no hope of pulling out of its descent into a modern day Dodge City unless it changes its leadership; but that is simply not going to happen. Baltimore is supposed to be the Black, Democrat “shinning City on the hill” that proves a modern American city can be run on hatred for the police. The thugocrocy that rules Baltimore can never/will never admit its incompetence and step aside to save the city.   RIOT BALTIMORE PIC

Since Baltimore’s spring offensive by its shock troops of destruction, the Democrat media has been working overtime to ignore or obfuscate the truth of Baltimore’s decline.  In mock horror they reported the shooting death of a lion in Africa and Bruce Jenner’s attention grabbing self-mutilation. They will report anything but actual responsibility for the murder rate in Baltimore, a core Democrat city more dangerous than Afghanistan.

Having spent years patrolling Brooklyn’s equivalent of Baltimore I feel qualified to translate into truthful English this AP “hide it on Saturday,” whispered report on Baltimore’s record breaking July murder rate.

 After correctly enumerating the murder rate, the AP calls the duty of containing it a “Sisyphean task.”   

In Greek Mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to forever push a great boulder to the top of a mountain, only to have it roll back down.
In Greek Mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to forever push a great boulder to the top of a mountain, only to have it roll back down.


 Translation: “No Democrat can fix this but we need a murky, obscure phrase like ‘Sisyphean task’ to make you believe it would be a hopeless undertaking for anyone. Therefore, since no one can fix Baltimore (which is NOT true) the thugs who run the city cannot be held responsible for their incompetence. It’s all just normal behavior in the ‘hood’.”

 “Too many continue to die on our streets,” [Mayor] Rawlings-Blake said then. “Families are tired of dealing with this pain and so am I. Recent   

Mayor Rawlings-Blake
Mayor Rawlings-Blake

events have placed an intense focus on our police leadership, distracting many from what needs to be our main focus: the fight against crime.”

 Translation: “This is not my fault. I’m only supposed to get credit for things, not blame. Even though I tied the cop’s hands and allowed them to be mocked, abused and indicted by that psycho Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore police should still be putting my political future ahead of their own safety and well-being. So it’s the cop’s fault anyway.”

 “The [murder] “clearance rate” is at 36.6 percent, far lower than the department’s mid-40s average. Crime experts and residents of   

Maryland Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby
Maryland Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore’s most dangerous neighborhoods cite a confluence of factors: mistrust of the police; generalized anger and hopelessness over a lack of opportunities for young black men; and competition among dealers of illegal drugs, bolstered by the looting of prescription pills from pharmacies during the riot. Federal drug enforcement agents said gangs targeted 32 pharmacies in the city, taking roughly 300,000 doses of opiates as the riots caused $9 million in property damage in the city.”   BALTIMORE PHARMACY ROBBED

 Translation:  “Crime ‘experts;’ the guys who tell cops how to patrol but never spent a day in a radio car themselves  say ‘mistrust of cops.’ Hey the people got what they danced in the streets for – no police interference in their ‘lifestyle.’  ‘No opportunities for young Black men’ – because Black Democrats run the city and that means teaching their young men to hate the police without regard for the consequences. This    BALTIMORE RIOTS 2doesn’t lead to job opportunities except working for Sharpton and even he can hire just so many.  300,000 doses of opiates – stolen because the idiot mayor told the cops to stand down which she, of course denied, then was forced to admit.” 

Residents accused police of abandoning their posts for fear of facing criminal charges for making arrests and said emboldened criminals were settling scores with little risk of being caught.

Translation: “We won’t dwell on why the cops won’t risk their lives and freedom to support an incompetent and corrupt administration that teaches people to hate the White establishment. And oh yeah, it’s all the cops’ fault.”  

 Source: http://nypost.com/2015/07/31/baltimore-has-deadliest-month-in-43-years/

Cardinal Dolan’s remarks about Trump are personally offensive to me

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Is it me or is the Catholic Church beginning to look more and more like the ruling Uniparty in Washington? The Holy Father’s approval ratings are falling like a stone in a lake and not without good cause. If approval numbers for Francis were plummeting because he was constantly preaching warnings about the penalty for sinning, I would cheer him and say “Good riddance” to those who are upset and maybe want to move to another church because of such warnings. But this is not the case. We are getting a non-stop dose of “Liberation Theology” that provides solutions to problems we don’t have in significant enough numbers to find useful.

Like the fake conservatives in Congress who have betrayed us politically; the Catholic Hierarchy are sending us endless admonishments about how we should cast aside our common sense, welcome the wave of immigrants sneaking into our country and reward them with benefits well beyond those which native Americans receive under the same conditions. 

It isn’t bad enough that Timothy Cardinal Dolan has quietly sold out his absolute responsibility to defend and protect Catholic   

Cardinal Dolan
Cardinal Dolan

doctrine by allowing Gay groups to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade (that marches right past his residence and of which he has been the Grand Marshal), now he is attacking Donald Trump for making the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal immigrant criminals.

In an op-ed recently published by a New York paper known for its leftist views, the self-serving Dolan compares mid19th century attacks by Nativists on legal Irish immigrants to comments of Donald Trump about the low character of some illegal, TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREATHispanic aliens now flooding over what was once our southern border.  

Now we are supposed to look to Dolan for moral leadership on the issue of illegal aliens because – well, because he says so. This begs a number of questions: Is the Cardinal in favor of breaking our laws? Does he not understand that the Irish came here to be Americans, while far too many of the illegal aliens are sneaking into our country to live as Mexicans in America? Can Cardinal Dolan comprehend how hypocritical it is for him to want to constantly give away things that are not his to give away? How can he justify our being taxed to pay for illegal aliens so they can live better than many Americans? Where does Dolan think he gets the moral authority to compare CARDINAL DOLAN 2Donald Trump’s fact based remarks about some illegal aliens with the racist, sinful murders of Blacks carried out by the Klu Klux Klan? Does Cardinal Dolan not realize that the people who are coming here illegally will eventually transform the Democrat Party, a powerful enemy of the Catholic Church into an omnipotent monster?  Does Cardinal Dolan actually believe he is fooling us as to who funds Catholic Charities in his diocese and almost all others in the country? Does he think we don’t know he is getting marching orders, not only about who will sashay up 5th Avenue in a green boa, but also about how high to jump as he leads the cheers for illegal future Democrat voters?

Since I hold the same views about the dangers of open borders as Mister Trump, I am personally offended by the attacks launched by the increasingly self-important leader of my diocese.    

 Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/timothy-dolan-nativism-rears-big-haired-head-article-1.2307111

Trump campaign is the best thing that could have happened to Scott Walker

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A few weeks ago when billionaire Donald Trump made his remarks about the number of violent Mexican criminals sneaking into our country illegally it made the biggest splash of the young campaign season.

The reaction was maddeningly  predictable from  the Washington Uniparty and the media. Both lined up to get their breast beating comments heard on the nightly news shows. The snide remarks came fast and furious – to borrow a phrase. Some were even   

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

personal with nothing to do with policy.  Next came the oh-so learned  comments from political “experts”- like the ones the Republicans hire to help them lose elections. 

The experts are saying things like “Trump is this year’s Todd Aiken”  or “Trump is killing the Republican Party.” My personal favorite from these morons is their take that Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton and he is really only in this race to help elect her.

All of these comments are designed to derail the Uniparty’s latest obstacle to erasing our borders so Democrats can get elected forever and the US Chamber of Commerce can underpay these new Democrats forever.  While common sense tells us these notions are foolish, exploring the reasons they are is a topic for another day.

Let’s add a bit of reality to this picture. Trump’s entry into this race kills Hillary Clinton because his stature demands attention and that attention demands he be heard. When he is heard, Trump’s message includes questions Granny Clinton can’t answer. As a Democrat she is for open borders – that’s a killer – as a Democrat she is soft on Muslims – that’s a killer and as a Democrat she will HAVE to be, at best, neutral on Barack Obama’s nuclear bomb program for Iran and THAT is a BIG killer.

So who does benefit from Trump’s entry into this race?  The winner in that category is Scott Walker. Trump is articulating the anti- illegal alien, pro-business, pro-America stances Walker holds and Trump is taking the punches for holding them.  

Scott Walker
Scott Walker

The latest Fox poll shows Trump on top (the percentages mean nothing because of the large field) and Walker in second riding the draft as Trump races forward.

Trump is the best thing that has happened to Scott Walker so far.          

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/16/donald-trump-takes-first-scott-walker-second-in-fox-news-poll/

After the latest attack, if “Muslim” came to your mind immediately Obama would call you a racist


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Mohammed Yousuf Abdulazeez, the Islamist savage who murdered four Marines and wounded at least two other uniformed guardians of our safety, was described as “Kind, funny, smart… a really good guy.”  

Mohammed Yousuf Abdulazeez
Mohammed Yousuf Abdulazeez

This says much about how far we will have to come to be able to protect ourselves from these sub-humans who, as part of their religion, lie to get close enough to kill us.

Their blueprint for murder is the Koran. It contains commandments grouped together as “The Verses of the Sword.”

These verses tell Muslims they Muslim Brotherhoodmust kill anyone who is not a Muslim. They say it is a Muslim’s duty to maim murder or enslave anyone who does not believe in their Satanic “Religion of Peace” lie. These verses tell Muslims they can never be friends with Jews and Christians and must murder Jews and Christians when they can sneak up on them.

As a whole, Muslims are cowards who cannot win battles fought man to man or warrior to warrior. This is why they get dimwits and children to do their fighting. They are taught that the miserable lives they lead can only end by blowing themselves up in the name of a god made up by a pedophile.

The only people who deny these truths are cowardly politicians who want Muslim votes and the perpetrators of these crimes themselves.   Moderate Islam

 As these seventh century savages watch our reaction – The Fool in Chief making excuses for Islam – liberals calling these murders the actions of a Lone Wolf – as if that somehow makes them acceptable- they will have their sense of purpose reinforced. 

Muslims will continue to murder the best and most dear to us to demonstrate that they can perform these grotesque acts without being stopped. Muslims will build their terrorist clubhouses near the site of their sneak attack “victories.”

Muslims will enjoy watching clear headed Americans, who immediately thought “Muslim” when they got the news of Thursday’s murders, being called racists by suicidal appeasers in Washington.

We can just let this lateIslam will dominate worldst attack be shoved under the rug by Barack Hussein Obama, a man who celebrates Muslim holidays and has his Department of Justice persecute Christian bakers. We are not them. We are exceptional people, better then these swine and will not roll over and die at the hands of these savages.

Those in Washington don’t think we are in clear and present danger from Islam so the rest of us are on our own.

Get educated. Read the “Verses of the Sword.” Stop Muslims when they try to bring their perverted fake “religion” to your town. Challenge and mock those stupid enough to accept Muslim lies. Don’t let your children and grandchildren learn about Islam from a liberal public school teacher.

 When you are called a “racist” for thinking and saying these things answer, “You’re damned straight I am and proud of it.”    

To quote barenakedislam.com, “It’s not islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you.”