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Eighteen Democrat Voter Plantation cities beg for new voters to fill their fieldhouses

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Now the Democrats who booed God want to use the Pope’s words to refill their Voter Plantations with Syrian “refugees.”  

Last week brought news that Chicago’s government school system has experienced a sharp drop in enrollment numbers. This means trouble for the Democrat overseers who run the Windy City Voter Plantation. Like Democrats who run other Voter Plantations, to stay in power they need to fill their barracks with greedy voters who will perpetually vote Democrat. These cities are emptying out and that means fewer fraudulent and even occasionally honest Democrat voters.

The solution the Voter Plantation overseers in Chicago and seventeen other cities destroyed by Democrats have hit upon is cynical even for them. Each of these mayors, all of whom are members of a Democrat Party that booed God in 2012, now embrace Pope Francis as their new BFF. Francis is a no borders fan so the Democrats are using his words and encouragement to justify re-filling their Voter Plantations with new, potentially very dangerous dependents.

These cities have suffered under Democrat rule for so long that even their reliable field hands have begun to turn on them. Since they have always been given everything free all their lives they are now demanding even more free stuff; but the cupboards are bare. Unable to meet the growing demands for more and increasingly expensive free stuff, these Democrats are downsizing to voters who will settle for far less. Enter refugees from Syria.

Although it is not on the list,  even a cesspool like Detroit would look good to these people. They are used to free fire zones and don’t care about educating their children.

The Democrat mayors don’t care that these people hate America; Hell, they do too! They don’t care that the Syrians are here to destroy us either; they see the Syrians as perfect Democrats.

The beauty of this scheme is that they can triangulate saying “Hey good God fearing people that we are, we’re just following the Pope’s request, so argue with His Holiness over this, not us.”

Will this plan succeed?  A week ago, that would not have even been a question. But with John Boehner finally gone, it might very well go down the drain.         

Hungary’s wall will keep out Muslim invaders and boost Trump’s “Build a Wall” campaign

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Europe’s collapse under the weight of millions of Muslim invaders will fire up  Donald Trump’s campaign as no other issue can. 

After ignoring the Muslim invasion of Europe for almost a year, our largely anti-American media has been forced to start reporting on. Footage of waves of unwashed Muslim invaders can’t be ignored anymore.  Until Europe came to its senses last week and stopped welcoming them with food clothing and new mosques, the invaders have had their way. That is finally changing. Reality will do that.  

The inescapable fact that the vast number of people sneaking into Europe are young men between 15 and 40 has finally scared Europe as it should have all along. It has dawned on them that their new neighbors have come to force Sharia down their throats.  

Last week the Foreign Affairs Minister of Hungary, a country that is meeting the invasion head on with a combination of laws and a fence, made a frightening prediction. He estimates up to 35 million invaders will barge into Europe in the near term future.

In other words the Hungarians have thrown off the pretense that this is a humanitarian crisis and are openly calling it the invasion that it is.

They are building a 175 km (about 108 mile) fence on their border and apparently don’t much care what the European Union thinks about it. Just the small physical obstacle the Hungarians have put up – some barbed wire – has slowed the flow of invaders forcing them to find a weaker spot to penetrate the continent.

In sharp contrast to the rest of GOPe’s candidates, who speak in slippery terms about “securing the border” – code talk for “fool them again,” Trump is the only one who is talking specifically about building a wall across our southern border.

The invasion of Europe and its terrible effects will be plastered all over the media. It will ultimately rival the nightly news coverage of Viet Nam.  Even the very low information crowd will “get it.” The pictures will do their job.  

The nightly news will stop Trump’s opponents who are too timid to support building a wall.

Carly Fiorina’s foolish, “I don’t think walls are particularly effective” will please her GOPe masters, but real Americans will see it as exactly what they hate about politicians.

We will be cheering the Hungarians on.  We will rally to support Trump’s wall.

Maybe Trump will even sell memorial bricks. Hey I’d buy a dozen!   

Trump will benefit from W.H. denying knowledge of Muslim terror training camps in America  

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The first reliable post-debate poll (you remember the one the media told us Carly Fiorina won?) is out and it shows Donald Trump increasing his before and after lead.  

The media knew it hadn’t made the sale when they tried to force us to believe Trump’s performance (admittedly not anything special) meant he was finished. It didn’t work. Nevertheless, the Wile E. Coyotes of Beltwayville ordered up a new shipment from the Acme Dynamite Company, along with plans to blow up Trump’s campaign over the fact that an audience member at a New Hampshire rally called Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim and Trump didn’t “correct” him.  They imagine that all of America is so outraged about this that they are ready to pick up Jeb Bush and carry him on their shoulders all the way to the White House.

That is not very likely; and this will not be the end of the matter. The same Granite State questioner also mentioned the Muslim terrorist camps that proliferate across America. This is a problem for the Trump haters.

The fire the left was hoping would burn down Trump’s campaign will now burn down the tall grass those in Obama’s Administration-and probably Obama himself-have been hiding in regarding  these terrorist training camps on American soil. Reliable organizations say these camps may number as many as thirty five; and some have  been investigated by the FBI.

This will be yet another issue Trump can force into the conversation then reap the benefits of the discussion.

An Obama spokes-liar says the White House doesn’t know anything about these camps.  By saying this he has committed the political equivalent of stepping on a rake and having the handle come up and hit him in the face. For now, the media will now have to choose between letting the “Obama is a Muslim/terrorist training camps in America” matter go or providing more free publicity for Trump.  Just as they did when they discovered Trump is right about McCain being a fraud, they will back down. Trump, however,  will not back down.   

Even casual Islam watchers know about Islamberg New York. This includes Megyn Kelly who featured a story about female Islamists being trained to kill us inside its boundaries some time back.

 Won’t it be fun to see Trump raise the issue of the Administration’s willfully ignoring these camps and Kelly having to ask Trump on her show to talk about them?

If she doesn’t someone else will and she will have to watch her scoop build another host’s numbers.

Karma baby; it’s a bitch.    




Trump is playing “Rope-A–Dope” with the media

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Donald Trump is playing Rope – A – Dope with the media and they can’t do a thing about it.

Hugh Hewitt’s recent interview of  Trump brought us more insight into how much the Republican frontrunner enjoys slapping around the media fools who think they can be the king killer, hero the Left is hungry for.     TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT

The game is afoot and the media just doesn’t know what to do. Their egos make them believe THEY are the longed for hero but their basic lack of credibility precludes their getting anywhere near the prize.

When Hewitt asked Trump questions about the names of various terrorists he brought to mind one of the greatest sports quotes in our lifetime. It was 1992 and Charles Barkley and the American Olympic Basketball Team, the greatest basketball team of all time, was rolling  over its opponents by dozens of points. During a press conference with the international press corps, a little man stood up and spoke to Barkley in an unintelligible language. After smiling for a few seconds Barkley said, “Will somebody who speaks this guy’s   DONALD TRUMP 6 language please tell him we are going to kick his country’s ass?”

Barkley’s response cut straight to the point. It doesn’t matter what language they speak or what unpronounceable name they go by. We don’t need to know that stuff because we want to defeat them period. Trump’s supporters believe he is the man to deliver that victory and don’t care what langue the enemies of America speak or what their names are.

By blowing off Hewitt’s questions as unimportant, Trump showed that good management does not demand you know the name of your enemy, just that he is an enemy and needs to be killed. The   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM people supporting Trump are tired of phony feckless worms that know the names of our terrorist enemies but won’t go out and kill them.

Trump’s Rope-A-Dope of the media puts them in a damned if they do / damned if they don’t bind and the America people, who hold the media in as much contempt as used car salesmen love it.