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If we keep electing Democrats the datelines on these stories will be Washington and New York


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Democrat support for our Islamic enemies is becoming clearer and clearer. They are becoming bolder and bolder as they steadily drop all pretense of being an American political party. Their boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress is just the tip of the “ISISberg” if you will.

A recent poll of American attitudes toward Israel showed that just 48% of Democrats support the tiny democracy in the Middle East.

That Democrats don’t love America or Israel is a given; but a look overseas at Australia and France will give us an idea of what allowing Democrats to run America will be like soon or later.  

In Australia the Muslims have grown so audacious that they have actually threatened to behead Jacquie Lambie, a Senator because she refuses to help establish Sharia law in her nation.  In a letter that included an image of a man having his head sliced off a Muslim animal wrote to Lambie saying, “… you are the enemy of Islamic State, therefore, I will take the honor in beheading you.” The letter writer claims to be part of the “Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen.”     

Half way around the world the French government has quietly discontinued, “Operation Sentinelle” which had provided twenty four hour protection to 722 Jewish schools and synagogues. The fact that this program was ended is eclipsed by the reason it was shut down. Without a hint of self-consciousness the French ended “Operation Sentinelle” because it had become too dangerous for the troops involved.  The French, who have a well cultivated reputation for timidity and backing down when confronted by anyone, said their soldiers were “worn out,” by the assignment and afraid of the “regular” attacks they had to fight off in the performance of their duties.  Since the program started in mid-January the French Army has been attacked 371 times while protecting the nation’s Jewish institutions.  

We need to keep these facts in mind the next time we hear a Democrat supporting the establishment of Sharia law anywhere in the United States. We didn’t fight and win our revolution to knuckle under to anyone, especially Democrat supported Islamists.      




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The shooting death of John Geer; worse than the death of Brown or Garner; far worse

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In August of 2013, before the shooting of Michael Brown; before the death of Eric Garner, a White Virginia man was murdered by the Fairfax County Police while he was standing in the doorway of his own home with his hands up. He was actually begging the police not to shoot him when he was shot anyway for no apparent reason.   

The victim, John Geer was involved in a furious argument with his live-in girlfriend when she decided to call to the police. Geer was throwing her belongings out onto the lawn of the house they shared and she could see no other way to stop him.

By all outward signs, there was nothing unusual about this call. Across the country, thousands times each day, police offers are called upon to handle jobs like this. It was the classic “family dispute” in police terms. There is very little that is in dispute about what happened next. As a retired NYPD street cop this is the type of story that makes me want to crawl under a table.

Geer was not drunk or high on drugs. He did have a legally processed handgun which only came into the equation when he held it up in its holster and offered to give it to the police negotiator.

There was no indication that the police thought Geer had committed any crime or was about to do so.   

When the police received the girlfriend’s call for help they sent two radio cars so four cops arrived. Upon arrival the lead officer, Rodney Barnes, began to talk to Geer.  As is police procedure the backup officers moved away from the scene to give the lead officer necessary space.  Barnes recalls that Geer was polite but reluctant to step outside of his home for fear of being shot (as Geer expressed).  

Barnes would later quote Geer as saying, “I don’t want to get shot.” Nevertheless, while Geer was still talking and begging not to be shot he was in fact shot- dead.

When Barnes demanded to know who shot Geer and why, he discovered that an Officer Adam Torres who had had his pistol pointed at Geer the whole time, was the shooter. Torres later explained that he had been in a fight with his wife over the phone just prior to his arrival at the scene; as if that was enough to exonerate him.  

The shooting has been investigated by the federal government and the local police. Neither the Virginia State government nor the Fairfax County government nor the Fairfax Police Department has done anything in the ensuing months. Torres has not been charged. There have been no marches in the streets demanding Torres be jailed and time is killing the story of this outrageous murder. It is hard to conclude anything but that had John Geer been a minority, especially an African American, this would have been a front page story for weeks. How else can the silence about this murder be explained?



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California Democrats; riding “cap and trade” toward their final sunset


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

California is always honing its suicidal skills. In its continuous drive toward the ultimate sunset, the Golden State has made its war on America and what America stands for abundantly clear. It wants to become a territory of Mexico and a haven for illegal aliens supported by the dwindling number of actual American saps it can squeeze every nickel out of.

Drivers licenses for anyone, regardless of status, which will lead a de facto abandonment of voter registration; preferential treatment for unqualified minorities seeking admission to California’s university system at the expense of very well qualified Asian students which is degrading the value of a public college diploma; and “bullet train” projects designed to satisfy public and private union appetites are bringing the state inexorably closer to its final demise.

Among California’s most glaring self-inflicted wounds is its cap and trade program under which businesses, deemed to be enemies of the socialist utopian dream, must pay a tax above and beyond ordinary costs of operating in the state.  

As is always the case when socialists, who know nothing about how an economy works, control a government enterprise the California cap and trade shake down is not producing the results that were advertised.  Sold as futures commodities carbon emissions permits – as cap and trade’s tangible products are called, – fetched $12.10 per ton for fiscal 2018 after selling for $12.21 in 2015.  Still more telling was the drastic drop in the number of permits sold. While this year’s permits numbered 73.6 million 2018 permits fell to just 10.4 million.           

California’s cap and trade is merely a manifestation of its Democrats’ true aim which is the total destruction of the petroleum industry within its borders. They have made no secret of their intention to cut petroleum usage in their state by half and removing some 8 billion gallons of fuel from the reach of consumers by 2040.   

In the convoluted socialist mind destroying the petroleum industry will bring jobs to under employed minorities and strengthen the state’s economy. Such talk is just a variation of the “It’s for the children,” mantra they use to justify everything.  How extorting $1 billion from private industry helps anyone but the Democrats is a question they continue to ignore.

 Sources: http://www.capoliticalreview.com/top-stories/cap-and-trade-costs-california-businesses-1-billion/

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Watch Arkansas Senate Tom Cotton show America how a Republican is supposed to question an Obama stooge

Senator Cotton is just 35 years old, is a Harvard graduate who joined the Army after 9-11. He saw combat as an Infantry Officer in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he earned a Bronze Star as well as many other citations. Now watch him level an Obama Stooge who was trying to say that releasing detainees from Guantanamo Bay is necessary because if the US keeps them there, it will be used as a “recruiting tool” for terrorists.     


What Israel brings to the world; what Islam brings to the world; you decide

This video shows us a Israeli  invention that allows the blind to “see.” Watch this modern miracle then watch what Islam brings to the world.

Israeli invention: