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Make Obama and the Republican Establishment an offer they can’t refuse

By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

Now that Barack Obama has granted millions of illegal aliens’ amnesty and stretched our social systems to the point of collapse the question becomes: How do we respond?  

First we need to determine who “we” are.   

 We know Obama’s allies in the Republican Establishment (GOPe) are not on America’s side and although this complicates our task,  it does not make it impossible.

There are some things we could do, such as; mass deportations;  withholding funds for Obama’s actions and/or blocking them with a government shutdown or even bringing impeachment proceedings against him.  Each of these steps has merit, but each gives the Democrats, the GOPe and the media an opening to change the subject and turn public opinion against us.

Nevertheless, there is an effective way to respond to Obama’s amnesty edict without stepping into the traps of our enemies.  It may sound simplistic but giving Obama what he THINKS he wants can defeat him by using his own positions against him.

He says he wants stronger border security so we should give him stronger border security; but on our terms. Let the security be immediate and through. This puts Obama and his GOPe allies in a box. After all their empty talk about “fixing the broken immigration system” how can the GOPe refuse to bring this bill forward? When it is introduced as a standalone, clean up or down, bill how can John Boehner and Mitch McConnell block it?

Obama just said he wanted tighter border security (with his fingers crossed behind his back); if he vetoes the bill he loses even more support and forces nervous Democrats to rethink their connection to the Democrat Party.  

Since Obama wants background checks for his new Democrats as well as making them pay taxes, Congress should give him both. Under a stated policy of wanting to expedite the process and work and be bipartisan, the House should attach a section to each bill creating a separate unit to handle these functions.  Each of these new separate units must be administered by appointees selected by the House.

When the new background check unit catches a few wanted felons and arrests them and does a few complete IRS “anal exam” audits Obama’s new “citizens” may think twice about “coming out of the shadows.”

Let’s see how good American citizenship looks to people who are already living ten times better in our shadows than anywhere they came from. Having real background checks and real IRS audits like the rest of us may dampen their interest in America citizenship. We can make citizenship in exchange for voting Democrat a deal not worth making; and not say a word about deportation, defunding and/or impeachment.  

In the interest of “helping fix the broken immigration system” why can’t we “treated Obama’s new Democrats like everybody else?” 

 How do John Boehner and Mitch McConnell stop these bills; and once passed how can Obama veto these bills?

Give Obama what he wants. In fact give all three of them what they want. Make them all an offer they can’t refuse.

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The embarrassing John Kerry makes us look stupid, weak and invites attack

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Secretary of State John Kerry has been a non-stop embarrassment to us since he broke onto the stage as a disgruntled, Viet Nam veteran who was angry at America and proud to tell the world about it.

Those who were around at the time can still “see” the horse faced phony in a fatigue shirt talking about Jengus Khan and proudly describing how Richard Nixon ordered him into Cambodia before he was even inaugurated.

Since then he has become a gigolo who married the foulmouthed Teresa Heinz the widow of Republican Senator John Heinz. Kerry honed his lying skills at the knee of Ted Kennedy and recent revelations tell us he helped lie Obamacare into existence.

After lying his way through a failed 2004 presidential campaign he settled in to sit and wait for his next big chance. That came when Barack Obama appointed him as Secretary of State.

These days he lies to the world about how wonderful Islam is so he can suck up to Obama. He is ballsy enough to tell Middle Eastern Muslims about Islam.   

As the rest of us have, in the past several months Kerry has been watching ISIS’s scorched earth attack on civilization and growling threats to make the streets of America run red with our blood. He has responded in a way that would be laughable if he were not the face of America to the world.

Kerry has visited Islamic run countries talking to their leaders pretending he knows more about Islam than they do; and that ISIS is against everything Islam teaches and for everything Islam abhors.   

Kerry looks into the eyes of Islamic world leaders and tells them that ISIS is neither a state nor truly Islamic.  

When this drooling halfwit talks to Islamic leaders like this he invites contempt and reinforces their mistaken belief that all of America is made up of cowards like him. How can they think otherwise?

These Satan worshiping savages believe in a Koran that tells them it is the duty of good Muslims to see that disbelievers suffer. It tells them to hate and try to kill Jews and Christians, lying is acceptable, women are farm animals and blowing themselves up to kill Christians and Jews is the way to heaven.

Worst of all is that we the American people have only John Kerry and Barack Obama between us and the seventh century savages who want to kill us.

Kerry’s lies put us in danger.  

Sources: http://weaselzippers.us/205573-sheikh-kerry-pbuh-calls-on-islamic-leaders-to-make-it-clear-isis-is-against-everyhting-islam-teaches-and-abhors/     


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The value of getting Obama off a golf course for fifteen minutes


By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

Last night Emperor (by his own description) Barack                     Obama I publically challenged the validity of our Constitution. The man with no credentials who was elected by the greedy to steal power and wealth from American citizens has finally made good on his promise to “fundamentally change America.”

 His illegal and unconstitutional royal edict granting amnesty to criminals he knows will vote Democrat, constitutes the most sweeping pardon of criminals in our history and probably out does Jimmy Carter’s pardon of Viet Nam draft dodgers.

 While it is easy to think that this edict was generated by the Chauncey Gardiner-like character who resides in the White House this is not at all the case. This drastic step’s origins’ go back to the Democrats mid 1960s recognition that they no longer appeal to the average White American voter and needed a new reliable stream of greedy voters to keep them in power.

Lyndon Johnson’s very redundant “civil rights” laws gave the Democrats the Black vote for fifty years, but time and demographics are proving that Blacks are aborting themselves into a smaller and smaller bloc. Something had to be done to create a more permanent solution to the Democrats’ “greedy voter” problem.

Importing them from South and Central American cesspools has become their answer; but elections and their consequences have regularly gotten in the way.

Thus Obama really had no choice but to grant amnesty. When you need greed the best direction to look is south.       

Using a distorted interpretation of an 1890s Supreme Court ruling designed to keep Democrats from denying Black children born to former slaves from voting, Obama gave amnesty and pardon to about 4.1 million people who are even vaguely related to someone eligible for citizenship.

He then pardoned about 250,000 so called “Dreamers” who now do not have to be deported in spite of their parents’ crime.

He then offered the obligatory lies about more border security, said he would raise the salaries of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers he will need to make this edict work and dispensed with wait time penalties for illegals trying to get a “Green Card.”

He added  some immigration changes paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce in order to make it harder for purchased Republicans to effectively fight his edict. The net result is clear.

With this edict Emperor Barack I has sealed the fate of Black Americans and consigned them to a permanent status as second class minorities; and the best part of this for him and the Democrats is that they are too dumb to realize it so they continue voting Democrat.

The Democrats have won future elections for years to come by getting Obama off the golf course for fifteen minutes.   

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Semper Fi to all Marines God Bless you

Semper Fi to all my Marine brothers and sisters. Today is a day to be proud and reflect on the accomplishments and future of our beloved Corps.  God bless all Marine who have gone before us and  all fallen wounded present and future Marines,

Ooh Rah, and Happy Birthday Marines!


This is a great rendition of our hymn.


Sharia creeps into pro sports: NBA Islamist refuses to even be on floor for National Anthem


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week a Black Islamist professional basketball player refused to come out of his team’s locker room claiming he did so because his “religion” requires him to honor only Islam and nothing else. If you haven’t heard about this don’t be surprised. Sharia has been creeping into professional sports in America through Black athletes for the last several years.

All of these players with made up “Islamist” names are under the spell of CAIR and groups like it. Combining this with the “Muslim population Rule,” which holds that as they grow in numbers within a given universe they will become emboldened to pull stunts of this nature, makes for a volatile mixture.

Apparently the National Basketball Association (NBA) is now populated with enough Black Islamists for this to happen. The media has played its part by largely ignoring this stunt, so we can bank on seeing more not less of this kind of thing. The Islamists have tried it out in a backwater and it worked. Now they’ll polish their act for the big time.  Don’t be surprised when they pull it again on a very important day.

The timing involved and an understanding of Sharia strongly suggests that we might see this pulled during one of the NBA’s showcase games on Christmas Day. That would maximize the impact and be a perfect fit for people who hate us, wish us humiliation and ultimately death. The networks will cover it because Christmas is usually a slow news day. They will portray it as a  “misunderstanding, ” and Islam will have its P.R. coup at the  NBA’s expense.

When they get away with this they will withdraw and not do it again. This will be their regrouping and retooling period. They will pressure their stooges, like Kareem Jabbar, to act as an Islamist apologist to smooth things over. While this sideshow is happening they will be planning their next move.

They will find dupes in professional baseball, football and hockey, quite willing to do the same thing.   They will then slowly and steadily keep this up until there is a “Muslim Exception” to the honoring of the National Anthem and they wring concessions out of team owners.

Games scheduled on Islamist holidays will be re-scheduled in the name of “religious fairness.” Pre and post-game meals will be Sharia halal compliant in all locker rooms. Pork and alcohol will be banned from team locker rooms and Islamist “prayer” rooms will be added to all stadiums across America and Canada.

They NEVER retreat unless they have their noses wacked like a dog in training. This will not be the end of their pressing their way into our lives via every possible means; it will be the beginning of a new avenue of attack.     

Source: http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2014/11/7/7176653/dion-waiters-national-anthem-stand-muslim-cavaliers

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