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Will they be asking Muslims to “justify” their beliefs as well?


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Those who don’t live in the rural South find stories like this difficult to believe. We imagine an increased level of freedom in our idealized version of things in Dixie. Alas that’s not quite how things are.

Recently the parents of home schooled children in Goochland County, Virginia had to rise up in fury to force the county’s school board to back down from a most intrusive demand. It seems surreal to even contemplate this, but the power drunk school board members had to be made to abandon their demand that home-schooled children and their parents be required “to justify their religious beliefs to the satisfaction” of these government thugs.  

Under this Orwellian edict, children over 14 were ordered to provide a government “approved” explanation of whatever religious doctrines they follow. This order extended to home schooling parents as well.

At a raucous meeting hundreds of furious parents confronted the country’s school board and voiced their adamant demand that the policy be reserved immediately. They got what they came for as the board caved in.

Nevertheless, doubtlessly pushed forward by the local teachers union, the board reserved the right to make this unconstitutional and infuriating demand of homeschooling parents.

With incredible hubris they think they might still be able to force those who home-school their children to yield to their whims. Because they THINK a family’s demand to home school on religious grounds is not sincere (saying that teaching the joy and goodness of homosexual sex to 6th graders maybe) they would decide on a case by case basis IF THEY would allow it. 

Given the continued pressure from Muslims to transform our schools into madrasas can widespread Muslim homeschooling be far off? It seems hard to believe that in that case the Board would demand Islamic purity before approving such an arrangement.  

Would some school board full of liberal idiots be brazen enough to give the local radical Imam a pass and arrest a Baptist minister for teaching scripture during his “homeschooling” sessions?

We know the answer is very possibly “Yes.” If we don’t stand up for our freedoms, even in places that “seem” to be safely conservative, tyrants will walk all over us. Citizenship, we have learned, is not a spectator sport

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2015/01/15/school-district-tries-fails-to-force-homeschoolers-to-justify-religious-beliefs/ 

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Staten Island DA playing, “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch” but Rush doesn’t get it


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In a rare moment of confusion, the usually well informed Rush Limbaugh talked about something he seems not to understand. In a few months there will be a special election to fill the now vacated seat in the 11th Congressional District which is largely on Staten Island. The seat was held by a Republican who has taken a plea and awaits sentencing for an income tax related crime.

For most of America, especially liberal America, Staten Island in a mysterious place that used to have the largest garbage dump in the world and is filled with Right Wing Republicans. Unfortunately for the liberal Democrat who will try to recapture the seat (it was taken from a liberal Democrat by the outgoing Republican) both of those statements are true.  

 Last summer and fall Staten Island was thrust into the spotlight of racial strife because a common street criminal named Eric Garner, who had no common sense, died while fighting the police who were trying to arrest him for a minor crime he was well known for committing. The case ended with a Staten Island Grand Jury declining to indict any of the police involved which gave birth to the Left’s “I can’t breathe” slogan.

Demonstrations against the police broke out everywhere but Staten Island. Yes there were a few people who gathered together to protest but there was really nothing to speak of.

Now the District Attorney of Staten Island, Dan Donovan, is running to fill the empty Congressional seat. He has asked that Democrats not make an issue of the Garner case because it cost a man his life.

People like Rush Limbaugh who know nothing about Staten Island don’t understand why Donovan would do this. They don’t understand that by doing so Donovan has insured himself an easy victory.

Here’s how it will happen. Whatever liberal crash dummy the Democrats put up will be bankrolled with big money from liberals who will demand the Garner case be made the center of Democrat’s campaign. The crash dummy will HAVE to comply; but EVERY TIME Garner is mentioned, Donovan’s support will grow because the people of the district strongly support the “no bill” result and will reward him for it.

Donovan, who was born and raised on Staten Island is playing Brer rabbit and asking the unsuspecting Brer Fox Democrats, “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!”   

It’s as simple as that.         

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The “dead” TEA party movement makes itself felt while media/Democrats/GOP-e make believe it is gone


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week both the Republican and Democrat wings of the Uniparty celebrated another “defeat” of the TEA party movement with the re-election of John Boehner as the Speaker of House. After all, try as it might the TEA party movement was not able to muster the necessary votes to at least push the contest into an embarrassing second round. Closer examination suggests a very different reality.

The rules of the House say that in an election for Speaker the person who gets the most votes of those actually present when the roll is called wins. Clearly this gives an advantage to an incumbent Speaker as he/she is in a position to work behind the scenes to lower the number of voting members.

In a collaborative effort that brought both the Republican and Democrat wing of the Uniparty together, the Democrat leader, Nancy Pelosi allowed (more like instructed) 12 of her members to stay away using Mario Cuomo’s funeral as their excuse; even though it was the day before the vote. That would have given them plenty of time to get to Washington and vote, but of course they didn’t.  That stunt, combined with a few legitimate weather problems, resulted in a voting poll that was reduced to 408 meaning Boehner really only needed 205 votes. Going into the vote the TEA party movement Republicans knew they could not derail Boehner yet 25 of them courageously voted against Boehner’s re-election.

This small step forward was absolutely a function of the TEA party movement’s, grass roots activism that elected more conservatives and swung state after state legislature to the conservative side.        

Perhaps the biggest victory the TEA party movement has scored lately is going completely ignored by the Democrat/media/GOPe and sadly enough the so-called conservative media as well.

As part of Barack Obama’s sellout of the Cuban people, the Castro Brothers had to agree to release fifty three political prisoners. Initially they ignored this concession, but this week they finally caved in and let these brave Cuban patriots go.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that if the TEA party movement did not deliver the stunning upsets it did in the Senate and increase the conservative presence in the House, not a single one of them would have been released. A Harry Reid Senate would have turned their back on those people. This was a very sizable victory for our side and a smack in Obama’s face.

Not bad for a “dead” movement.

Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/john-boehner-house-speaker-vote-113992.html#ixzz3OiE959FW


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Getting the facts straight about Islam’s threat to the civilized world

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The typically cowardly way the lowlife Islamists in Paris murdered their prey-de-jour has given rise to a new round of apologia in support of Islam as the so called, “Religion of Peace.”

The west’s cowardly media and detestable politicians have once again begun to explain the beauty of Islam and proclaim that the very few murders they acknowledge as being connected to Islam are the exceptions rather than the rule.

While these people are busy trying to tell us the sky is brown up is really down and in is really out the truth cries out to be heard.

*Those who are adherent Muslims believe that murdering non-believers is the surest way to enter paradise upon their death.

* They believe in the fiery painful ending of the world as a way to find favor with Allah who they think is God.

* Being sneaky, ambushing innocent people and cheating are part of Islam.

* Muslims use a “holy book” that contains commands to do the following despicable acts:

  ”But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

  • Muslims believe women are little more than specialized farm animals and breeding new Muslims is their only purpose in life.
  • Muslims believe their god wants them to take control of every country on earth by whatever means may be necessary.
  • Becoming a Muslim is a one way street. One can never leave Islam. Those who do are marked for death and become walking tickets to paradise for any thug willing to kill him/her because this is what Allah tells them to do. It is because of this “once in, never out” law that anyone who understands the basics of Islam knows Barack Obama is a Muslim.

He went to a Muslim a school as a child and since becoming a Muslim is accomplished by merely saying “Allah is God there is no God but Allah” three times and attending a single Friday afternoon service in a mosque, it is impossible that Obama had not fulfilled this requirement. Therefore it is a certainty that he is a Muslim.   

  • The head of the CIA, John Brenan, is a Muslim convert.

Given all of these facts, allowing Islamists to come to America is sheer madness and an abrogation of our government’s responsibility to protect us.  Don’t be fooled. They want to kill every last one of America’s non-believers and that includes you and me.      

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