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The largest flagpole in the world reminds us that American patriotism is far from dead

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Watch as the largest flag pole in the world is erected as a veteran’s memorial and symbol of American freedom.

American patriotism is far from dead.  On June 16, 2014 Ben Salzmann, the CEO of Acuity, an Insurance firm in Sheboygan Wisconsin, dedicated a monument to local residents killed as they were defending our nation.  Watching this engineering marvel as it is being built and completed with its very impressive dimensions is a reminder of what Americans can do when unshackled.     

“ Located on the Acuity Insurance headquarters campus in Sheboygan along Interstate 43 between Milwaukee and Green Bay, the pole supports a 60-foot-wide by 120-foot-long American flag.”  The promenade at its base has paver bricks featuring the names of Sheboygan County residents killed in active duty.

 Flagpole Facts:

  • 400-foot flagpole weighs approximately 420,000 pounds
  • There are two versions of the 60- by 120-foot flag:
    - 220 pound flag is flown during normal conditions
    - 350 pound flag is flown during harsher weather
  • Each star is 3 feet high and each stripe is 4 1/2 feet wide
  • 680 cubic yards of concrete used in foundation
  • Over 500 gallons of paint cover the pole
  • 11-foot diameter at base tapers to 5 1/2-foot diameter at top
  • Three pendulum-style, tuned mass dampers reduce movement and vibration
  • Designed to withstand a low temperature of -42 degrees”
  • http://mortenson.wistia.com/medias/tejnwpitig#_media_7651795http://mortenson.wistia.com/medias/tejnwpitig#_media_7651795


Black Chicagoans could possibly be waking to Obama’s plans for them

Watch this brief video and be astonished at the anger and willingness to speak on camera Blacks in Chicago have and are unleashing on Barack Obama. What they are saying is exactly what would get any White American “blow touched” with criticism by the Uniparty’s media. The fear of being called “racists” doesn’t faze these Black Americans at all. They have finally come to see Obama as an enemy and not the “friend in the White House” they thought they were getting when they closed their eyes to their high unemployment and Obama’s support of Gay “marriage.”

They are only a handful, but at least they seem to get it.



Explaining Sharia Law Part Ten: Sharia’s Republican supporters


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Let’s stop pretending. The truth of our current situation proves there are just two sides in our fight for the life of America. The American people are on one side and Washington’s Uniparty is on the other side-the enemy side.    

We have come to expect treachery from the Democrat wing of the Uniparty.  After all they are politically soulless creatures with a long history of hatred for America. They will side with anyone against our country for thirty pieces of silver.

The Uniparty also includes a Republican wing. This wing is more furtive. These phonies beat their breasts in pious displays of patriotism but are just as craven in their disregard for our future as the rest of the Uniparty.

In a Uniparty exercise designed to show solidarity with those who would first destroy our allies and ultimately our own country, a few years ago the Republican branch of the Uniparty lashed out at Michele Bachmann,  a remnant Republican Republican, for promoting the obvious fact that the Sharia Law-based Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, assures us she is totally correct. He stands by his support of the Minnesota Representative in her efforts to label the Muslim Brotherhood for what it is: a violent terrorist organization.  When Bachmann started her effort to counter Muslim Brotherhood influence in America she relied on easily available stories in the international media. For her efforts,  the Republican branch of Uniparty jumped on her, treating her like an enemy as it rose to defend one of America’s real enemies the Muslim Brotherhood. Time has proved Bachmann right and her attackers wrong. 

Recent events in Egypt make it abundantly clear that those who know the face of terror intimately have no trouble calling the Muslim Brotherhood a terror sect.  Bachmann’s bill would have defunded and de-sanctioned and de-legitimized the Brotherhood in America. But that would have caused a problem for the Uniparty. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood is already in the White House, working as advisers to Barack Obama.

The following men are well placed Obama advisers who have Muslim Brotherhood connections: Arif Alikhan Mohammed, Ellbriary Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Marayatl, Iman Mohamed Magid and Eboo Patel.   

The Republican branch Uniparty members who sided with the Muslim Brotherhood are largely silent now but their treachery is easily recalled. These are the Sharia Law supporters we can no longer call our friends. They are Sharia Law’s  friends in Congress:  John McCain, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, and Mike Rogers of Michigan.     

 Source: http://shoebat.com/2014/07/03/michele-bachmann-introducing-legislation-label-muslim-brotherhood-terrorist-organization/











Is this our last Independence Day?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

We tried. We really did try as hard as we could. Over the past 238 years we have poured out the lives of generations of our young men and women to defend our liberties. We have willingly sacrificed our treasure and our tears fighting to keep the wolves of tranny away from our door.  But unless we change course now we will die on the battlefield of Good versus Evil. Today we find ourselves looking more like the patriots who were overwhelmed at The Alamo and crushed at Corregidor, than the brave signers of our Declaration of Independence. Try as we have, unless something changes, it’s all over. If our quisling politicians erase our borders and let those who have coveted our lifestyle for generations continue to flood our streets and voting booths, we’re finished as ”The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” 

If we don’t stop our megalomaniac president from continuing his unilateral amnesty America will soon cease to exist.  Those who actively or passively help Barack Obama grant his own amnesty, people like Ryan and Rubio, McCain and Schumer; Menendez and Pelosi and dozens and dozens more will go down in history with Benedict Arnold and the Walker family as the worst traitors and in our history.

If they let Obama stab us in the back with his amnesty attack,  America will be nothing more than a collection of boastful fools who thought they were better than the Romans and so many other long gone  empires.  The irony is that with full knowledge of the mistakes those past civilizations made, we will have repeated them anyway.  

Our Obituary will read, “America, by suicide in her 239th year.” Today instead of looking forward to a bigger and better America, we are content to sit and watch our precious freedoms be taken away one by one until now there are virtually none left. We don’t have freedom of the press. We don’t have freedom of religion we don’t have freedom from unwarranted searches. Our media is gone; our politicians have become quislings and our prospects for once again living as a free people are very dim. The Democrats have replaced King George with King Barack.

Enjoy this Independence Day my friends and please don’t call today “4th of July” like an Anglicized version of Cinco de Mayo; because if Boehner and company let Obama stab us in the back this will be our last relatively free Independence Day.

Cochran’s campaign manager and two others named as Black minister admits voter fraud


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Things have just turned very sour for the GOPe and Thad Cochran.

Angered by the fact that Thad Cochran’s camp stiffed him after he helped them commit a massive voter fraud in the GOP primary, a Black Mississippi minister, the Reverend Stevie Fielder of the First Union Missionary Baptist Church, has come forward to admit his part in the crimes and he is naming names. Fielder says that acting in concert with Saleem Baird of the Cochran camp he agreed to pay $15.00 each to Black Democrats who crossed over to vote for Cochran in last month’s runoff against Chris McDaniel. Fielder was to receive $16,000 in return.

The conduct admitted to by Rev. Fielder constitutes violations of both federal and Mississippi State voting laws and could put all of the conspirators in prison. What makes this charge so believable is that just three years ago the head of the Mississippi NAACP was sent to prison for voter fraud.

Text messages and a recorded interview in the possession of Gotnews.com confirm that not only Baird but Cochran Campaign Manager Kirk Sims was also involved in the fraudulent scheme to buy Black votes in a state where they are readily available for sale.

As revealed by Fielder, the plot called for him to deal with both Baird and a person named “Amanda” who is most likely Amanda Shook Cochran’s Director of Operations. It is important to note that Saleem Baird is a paid member of the staff of Mississippi’s other United States Senator Roger Wicker. This suggests that the entire Mississippi Republican establishment was in on this crime. Given that Baird was arrested in 2011 for operating an illegal strip club and still kept his job with Wicker, it is entirely likely that Baird would be seen as the perfect person to set this fraud in motion.

According to the Reverend’s statement, it was Baird who convinced him that Chris McDaniel is a racist who had to be kept out of office even if it meant committing voter fraud to do so.

Although he is a Democrat, Reverend Fielder says he has voted Republican before; and he went on to insist he committed his crime out of fear of seeing McDaniel elected  rather than because of the money involved in his fraud.

When asked what he thought should happen in regard to the election, he said it should, “definitely …. not be allowed to stand,” and he would support McDaniel in the future, “He’s been done wrong. He’s not what they said that he is,” he added.

While confession is good for the soul and we can root for Reverend Fielder to be treated leniently because of his cooperation, let’s also hope he has to support Chris McDaniel from a prison cell where he belongs.

This is not over by a long shot.