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The end of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the beginning of “Irish Day”


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 1762 Irish Catholic soldiers, who were serving in the British Army stationed in New York City, organized the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the City.

They wanted to celebrate the life of St. Patrick and show their gratitude for his having brought the  Catholic Faith to Ireland. From its very beginning, the parade was a religious celebration that included attendance at mass receiving Holy Communion and prayerful contemplation of the gift St. Patrick had given the Irish.

Over the centuries since 1762 the parade has become a major event in the lives of many people. Those who are not Irish Catholics have always been welcome  to join the parade or watch  it unfold, but they have always been asked to respect the religious purpose of the parade.

The Irish are a generous race of people. We will share what we have down to the last morsel. Nevertheless, what we do not own we cannot share. We Irish do not own the right to degrade a religious observance to satisfy anyone’s idea of how the St. Patrick’s Day Parade must be conducted. The parade is either a religious celebration of the contributions of a major Catholic saint; or it is nothing more than an “Irish Day” celebration. We  adherent Catholics must be the ones to decide the nature of our own parade.

This year, against the will of adherent Catholics, we have seen the end of the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a religious observance. The Parade Committee has seen fit to do this by allowing a group of Gays to march  under their own banner. Those who do not understand why this signals the end of the parade as it was intended to be, need to consider that Gay people by definition promote active homosexuality which is therefore the promotion of a mortal sin. Thus what was a celebration of St. Patrick and the Catholic doctrines he taught is now a celebration of sin.

As Parade Grand Marshal, Timothy Cardinal Dolan the Arch Bishop of New York has assisted in the promotion of sin as a substitute for a celebration of our Catholic doctrines.

Based on the shameful actions of those who have given away something they don’t own and degraded a religious celebration, the natural evolution of what has happened to the parade should be to change its name to the “Irish Day Parade” or better yet “Irish Pride Day Parade.” It should be scheduled on the second Monday of each March. That way there would be no pretense about what the day is really about and anyone who still has a job can get a new paid three day weekend to ski or take advantage of the “Toyotathon HUGE Irish Day Sale.”

My dad never worked a St. Patrick’s Day in his life; not even in the Depression when he didn’t get paid and risked losing his job. He would be weeping to see what has been done to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Since he’s not here anymore I’ll be weeping for him.     

Feeding the impeachment alligator with Hillary Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Those who have been paying attention understand Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president is no longer inevitable. Like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory she has been called upon to do too much with too little to convince Democrats she can win 2016.   The lies have piled up and are spilling over the end of the conveyor belt. In a nutshell: It aint happening.

If this were the totality of Hillary Clinton’s problems she could actually become the doting grandmother she tells us she wants to be and ride off into the sunset with her pockets full of foreign money.  Fortunately for us that’s not happening either. Hillary will be held accountable for her years of violating both criminal statute and the laws of decency.

It is an established fact that John Boehner has already capitulated  on the matter of impeaching Barack Obama for his many high crimes and misdemeanors. For many people that is the end of the issue; yet in politics sometimes things become true because enough people believe they are true.  There is a growing number of Republican House members who want to impeach Barack Obama.  If enough of them believe it is time to impeach Obama it could happen; but it won’t happen for a very good reason.

At some point when the calls for impeachment become unbearable for Boehner he will have to make a deal with Obama to end the crisis. That deal is staring us in the face: It is Hillary Clinton’s indictment.

In such a deal the various crimes committed by Hillary and Bill Clinton – Benghazi – the State Department felonies – the acceptance of foreign money, will be rolled into one big informal under the table illegal plea bargain.

Hillary’s indictment will be used to feed the impeachment alligator that Obama and Boehner fear will devour them both.

When she is presented with her alternatives, Hillary will cop a plea to the State Department felonies. Of course it will be accompanied by an illegal and undisclosed promise that that will be the end of her troubles and that Bill and Chelsea will be kept out of her problems. Hillary will take the deal.

Boehner will pour her blood in the dust to try to satisfy the demands for an Obama impeachment. Obama will order AG Loretta Lynch (don’t doubt it) to figure out how it can be done and the Republican Establishment and Obama can go back to sabotaging Scott Walker’s candidacy.              

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Miracles happen every day; what is your miracle story?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you look for them you can find miracles in your life. Please read these two stories and share the story of the miracles that have touched your life with our coachisright.com community so we can post it here for everyone to “witness.”

Last week news of a miracle that had occurred in Utah came our way. There was a car wreck in the little town of Spanish Fork Utah. A young mother named Jennifer Groesbeck had somehow lost control of her car and it flipped over a bridge landing upside down in an icy stream below.

A witness heard the accident, but was not able to pinpoint where it had happened so Jennifer and her 18 month old baby girl Lily were alone in the cold water for 14 hours before rescuers got to the scene.   Finally after 14 hours, a fisherman called the police to report finding Jennifer’s car in the water under a small bridge outside of town.

When the rescue team arrived they began to hear a distinct voice begging them. “Help me we’re in here,” the voice said.

The police are very adamant about what they heard, “It was clear as day,” said Officer Tyler Beddoes of the Spanish Fork Police.  Inspired by the fact that someone was still alive in the wrecked vehicle they vigorously went about pulling the vehicle out of the water. When they were finally able to pull it up and out of the water, they became witnesses to an everyday miracle. Jennifer Groesbeck the mother was dead and clearly had been since before they arrived. Her precious little Lily, however, was unconscious but alive. Neither could have been the person whose voice the police heard begging for help.  Lily is still in a local hospital but seems to be out of danger.

There is no way to explain the calls for help that three police officers heard if you don’t accept that God sends  miracles to us every day and we can see them if we open our eyes and our heart. 

In my own life I personally witnessed a lifesaving miracle last fall.

My niece Diane was desperately sick and confined to a hospital for weeks. She had already experienced clinical death and we were all preparing for her passing without even knowing what was making her sick; To this day we don’t know why she became so sick and full of toxins that her organs were shutting down.

During her hospitalization I went to see her every day, yet on one Saturday morning she called me and begged me to come to see her. “Uncle Kevin I believe I am going to die. Nothing they are doing is making me any better. Please come to see me today,” she asked.

Later on when we were alone she asked me to pray with her and I took her hand and said, “Jesus Christ as the Great Physician please heal Diane; please guide the doctors and give them the skills to cure her and please let the machines work as they should. I ask this in your name Amen.”

As soon as I said Amen, Diane said, “Oh! I just felt and saw a white light come over my body and pass from my head to my toes!”

I said, “Okay Honey let’s see what it could mean.”

A little while later a doctor walked in with an ear to ear grin. He said, “Diane I don’t know why but your heart is beginning to respond and getting stronger; your kidney numbers are improved and your liver numbers are moving in the right direction.”

Within four days Diane’s organs were working normally she was free of any infection and she was release a short time later. We still don’t know why Diane became so sick but those who believe in the miracles that God send to us as an answer to our prayers know why and how she recovered her health.         

 Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/mysterious-voice-leads-police-baby-car-crash-article-1.2142732