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Iran preparing for war

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Last May, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered the Revolutionary Guards to rapidly increase the development and deployment of its nuclear weapons program. Recently the Washington Times has reported that the Supreme Leader ordered the Guards to be prepared for war against Israel and the United States. The Iranian regimes’ National Security Council has determined that there is a strong possibility that Israel and the United States will attack the Islamic Republic in 2012. Yet the Council isn’t worried, believing that the Republic will be victorious and viewed as the champion of Islam. (1)

Nuclear Agenda

 The Islamic Republic planned to acquire a cache of nuclear weapons and use them in order to gain respect and spread Islam around the world.  Indeed, Iran would have no compunction about using the bomb to “Bring the West to its knees.” (1)  Washington Times’ reporter Reza Kahlili points out; “They also have concluded that because of the troubles in the world’s economy and financial troubles in America, even a limited confrontation with America would benefit the Islamic regime.”  In simple translation, they see America as weak.

Strait of Hormuz and Oil

In blocking the Strait of Hormuz, Iran could stop delivery of some 40% of the world’s oil. The recent naval exercise on the part of the Regime was a trial run to determine if it could do just that.  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been visiting Latin American dictators. The possibility of coordinating with Venezuela to enact an oil embargo in a time of war with the West wouldn’t be so implausible to consider. (2)

Russia, China, and others

The Iranian Regime believes that Russia and China will rush to its aid in order to prevent the West ending its rule. Moreover the Regime hopes to influence the United Nations collection of anti-Semites to plead its case in portraying the United States and Israel as aggressive crusaders. As Russia and China will be called upon to stop American “aggression,” Islamic and Latin American countries may cut off the flow of oil to the United States and Israel. Believing it has little to lose, Iran’s radical Regime has become rather bold, perhaps even suicidal. Most Middle Eastern nations aren’t too thrilled about Iran becoming a regional power, but will side with their Muslim brothers in jihad.

What is the US doing?

Saving the lives of Iranian nationals at sea. If and when the Iranian people discover that America is not the threat it is portrayed to be, they might not be so amused with their government. But as long as the United States is led by an “appeaser-in-chief,” this nation will be challenged by every third world country and every dictator with a Napoleon complex.

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To read more use these links:

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 This day in history January 14th

1981: The Iranian hostage crisis ends as 60 people—52 having been held for 444 days—are free. Ronald Reagan was inaugurated just 6 days later.

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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