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Muslim virus sneaks into Common Core open wound to infect N.C. high school students


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The students at North Carolina’s Farmville Central High School have been infected with a dangerous virus deliberately administered to them by their state’s school board. While the town’s parents were busy raising and caring for their families they made the mistake of trusting “professional” educators who have been caught injecting Islam into the school’s Common Core curriculum.

The shocked townsfolk now see their children’s English class lessons being taught with references to Muhammad and other elements of Islam.

Surprised students are asking how references to religion can be openly made in a public school and offered the following instructions they were given on how to complete an exercise as proof of the stench of Islam in their school.

 “In the following exercises, you will have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary by reading about Muhammad and the Islamic word.”

The sentences they were asked to consider included, “The zenith of any Muslim’s life is a trip to Mecca,” and  “The responses to Muhammad’s teachings were at first erratic. Some people responded favorably, while others resisted his claim that ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammad his Prophet.”

Students were asked to complete a sentence reading, “There are such vast numbers of people who are anxious to spread the Muslim faith that it would be impossible to give a(n)___ amount.”

The mother of one student demanded to know, “What if right after Pearl Harbor our educational system was talking about how great the Japanese emperor was?”

A spokesman for the Pitt County School Board, who was too obtuse to even recognize the problem, shrugged off the complaints by pointing out that the Muslim propaganda came from a North Carolina State source. This presumable made everything just fine to this typical “professional” educator because he worships government himself.

Moving on from there the hack tried to explain away the “concerns” some people might have by using a typical liberal lie.

He said, “… this particular lesson was one of many the students in this class have had and will have that expose them to the various religions and how they shape cultures throughout the world.”

The problem with this lie is that it is easily exposed as such. When asked for copies of other exercises promoting any other religions, to no one’s surprise none were produced. The students, who are not “professional” educators, said they have been given no assignments using any other religion which was also not surprising.  

Islam is a disease of opportunity. Common Core is an open sore in our national body. Go to your local School Board meetings and keep an eye on what the liberal teachers are forcing on your children. They are our enemies and our children only have you to protect them their attacks.

  Source: http://weaselzippers.us/208621-students-given-common-core-vocabulary-lesson-that-promoted-mohammed-and-islamic-faith/

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Spiritual Warfare and the Culture of Death


By Jerry Todd, staff writer

What is the Culture of Death? One could say it is the opposite of the Culture of Life, best explained in the teachings of the Catholic Church – if not the actions of its members. The writings of Cardinal Raymond Burke are particularly revealing: http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=943 The Cardinal also gives a history of the development of one half of today’s Culture of Death.

Why would anyone want to participate in a death culture? For the first group of eager devotees described by the Bishop—the nation’s progressives–it is the human tendency to rebel against moral authority while demanding the right to exercise one’s feelings and urges regardless of their effect on themselves or others. The mob is always there to justify this urge.

The other half of the Culture of Death is wrapped up in the goals of radical Islam. Opposite of the license demanded by the “progressive,” the absolute, rigid discipline of Islam–a theocratic government/religion – draws mainly young men pursuing a mission that even seeks death with the expectation of an eternal reward for killing the innocent. Today, the Land of the Free is the primary source of funding, weapons and exhortation from a corrupt Administration bent on making the USA a Muslim country.

Both “progressivism” and jihad visualize a one world government with a drastic reduction in world population realized by any means necessary. Should either succeed, the blood bath against the loser would not be unlike Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives” when he eliminated his inconvenient followers.

From conception to death, “Progressivism” has no regard for the sanctity of human life. As the other half of this Culture of Death, radical Islam represents the ultimate expression of “church and state” gone mad. It self-authorizes by means of fatwah the murder of any who disagree with the “prophet,” regardless of religious faith or lack – even fellow Muslims, who expect an eternal reward for martyring themselves “for Allah.”

Sanctity and eternal reward are arenas of spiritual warfare – the bloodiest kind as history has proven time and again. Call it “spiritual warfare in the political arena” if it makes you feel better. After all, that’s the only way it’s reported – politically.

Read the rest of Jerry’s article at:  http://www.webcommentary.com/php/ShowArticle.php?id=toddgv&date=140920

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Sharia in our midst: Islamist savage runs amok in Georgia


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

An Islamist savage is being held in Gwinnett County Georgia on a variety of charges only the most depraved American Muslim mind could concoct.

Calvin McIntosh a 44 year old follower of “The religion of Peace,” stands accused of “murder, rape sodomy and incest.” McIntosh beat and starved to the death a 15 month old baby girl he had fathered after repeatedly raping his own 23 year old daughter.

The continuing savagery this animal was visiting upon his own daughter and granddaughter, came to light when he delivered the baby to a local hospital and was forced to answer questions about how such an innocent baby could have sustained such horrible treatment.  

This brought the investigation back to the hotel room and the full magnitude of the gruesome crime began to be revealed. Police report finding three other children under six years old and Najlaa Mcintosh, Calvin McIntosh’s daughter who is the mother of the children. Another woman was found covered with blankets sleeping on the floor. She was emaciated and deemed to be in “desperate need of medical care.”

According to the charges filed against McIntosh he deprived the children and their mother of food as a means of punishing them for disobedience.   

Najilaa McIntosh has been charged with murder along with her father.

The Muslim connection to these sadistic crimes was established during a search of the room when investigators discovered literature about the “Nuwaubian Nation of Moors,” Islamists whose beliefs include Black supremacy, worship of Egyptian pyramids and that White people are devils.  

To the uninitiated, this case could easily be mistaken for an isolated incident of a paranoid schizophrenic who has gone on a rampage of torture and murder. Nevertheless, the larger point here is the explosive result of the toxic lies of Islam combining with an already sick and hateful individual who was a willing recipient of Islam.

The elements of supremacy and extreme cruelty even toward family members in the name of Islamic principles make the actions of Calvin McIntosh little different than those of a maniacal Muslim father who murders his daughter for holding hands with a non-Muslim young man.

These people are here.          

 Source: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2014/11/16/georgia-american-muslim-cult-member-charged-with-murder-rape-sodomy-and-incest-after-15-month-old-girl-dies-of-starvation-while-two-children-he-fathered-with-his-daughter-23-are-found-malnourish/

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Younger people who are clueless about Islam’s dangers threaten the life of our nation

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Younger Americans who are content to live in mom’s basement and play video games represent an emerging problem for America’s long term survival. A recent YouGov survey of American attitudes toward Muslims shows lots of disturbing statistics including only 47% who think Islam is more violent than other religions. Yet incredibly, 34% actually think Islam is about as violent as other religions.

Of course, the worst news is that among the “mom’s basement” crowd, 9% say Islam is LESS violent than other religions while 42% say it is about the same as other religions!

At the other end of the age scale, those 65 and over see Islam as more violent than other religions by a 65/22 ratio.  

The good news is that 59% hold an unfavorable opinion of Islam, but where are the heads of those 18% who see these savages in a favorable light?    

The question of how to confront the vicious disease that is Islam is yet another important issue that must be dealt with by the “adults” among us. As usual, Democrats both in and out of government are siding with our enemies. Their kiddie voters, who know nothing because of the poor quality of education they are receiving in government schools, think anything they don’t see on The Daily Show or TNZ is meaningless.

They think that being liberal will impress the seventh century savages who want to kill them. Unfortunately for future generations, they are both the group that is the least aware of the dangers of Sharia Law and the group that will inherit our nation in just another twenty years.      

When joined with the ever present Democrat under class which will grow exponentially as future Democrats continue to walk over our now non-existent southern border, the Democrat kiddie voters will preside over the end of America. They will get the Sharia Law slavery they deserve, but along with that we and our children and grandchildren will suffer as well.

We cannot give up the fight. We must confront Islam and its useful idiot, kiddie supporters whenever an opportunity presents itself. We may yet be swallowed up by Sharia but let’s not go down whimpering and hiding in our basements.       

 Source: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2014/10/16/who-are-the-18-of-americans-who-still-have-a-favorable-view-of-islam/  


Dallas hospital appears to be yet another victim of Obama’s bumbling Ebola policy

By Derrick Hollenbeck

Thanks to the bumbling of Barack Obama, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, “Presby” as it is known locally has the sad distinction of being the first American hospital to have a patient die of Ebola. Not surprisingly Obama will never acknowledge his guilt or apologize to the hospital staff – he only apologizes to oil rich Muslims.

The delivery of Thomas Duncan, an Ebola infected West African to the Presby Emergency Room, has started a chain reaction that is destroying the hospital, the lives of the people who work there and the ability of local residents to receive vital health care when necessary.

People have all but stopped showing up for treatment at Presby and there is no reason to think this trend will reverse itself any time soon. When word of Duncan’s presence spread throughout the local area, street wise locals have refused to be fooled by the clearly politically motivated reassurances from Obama’s puppets at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Speaking anonymously, hospital employees are saying that they just don’t have adequate answers of the serious questions prospective patients are asking.

The buck passing line that “protocol was violated” which translates to “Blame those who become sick, not Obama,” isn’t working. The people of Dallas and indeed America are not buying it. They know Obama’s refusal to close the borders is the real and immediate problem.

Obama’s failure to protect America has meant death, illness and layoffs at worst and economically crippling layoffs for lower level workers at best.  

The hidden story here is that these workers are most likely local Blacks and Hispanics who are strong supporters of Barack Obama and his Democrat Party.   

Because of its violations of Obamacare regulations, the hospital is already on thin ice as a continuing presence in the community and may very well see its doors close for good.

Another back story to the Ebola epidemic is a growing number of reports showing it is much more easily contracted than we have been told thus far. We could be just at the beginning stages of a national health catastrophe of a magnitude not seen since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 or worse.

Source:  http://www.bobmccarty.com/2014/10/10/insider-ebola-fears-drive-patients-from-dallas-hospital/

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