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Sharia comes to our streets Part 12: Why Sharia has to be stopped in its tracks

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you think the hate filled rallies organized by Islamist terrorist only happen in the Middle East or Europe think again.

Just last week, Sharia driven Hamas sympathizers have taken to America’s streets. In Miami they chanted “We are Hamas” and “Death to Jews.”  To make certain that their message was as unambiguous as possible they gathered one block from the Israeli consulate.   

Sponsored by such groups as the Al-Awda Coalition, CAIR and the National Lawyers Guild, the demonstrators used the subtle but chilling chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” meaning their aim is the wipe Israel off the map.     

As the protest got revved up the crowd of Sharia robots screamed their threats in Arabic saying, “The martyr is God’s love,” in praise of suicide bombers and “Khaybar Khaybar meaning, “Oh Jew, Muhammad’s army will return.”

In Chicago thousands of Palestinian supporters threaten a group of pro-Israel demonstrators. We are seeing hard core Jew haters screaming in Arabic and even Hebrew. They are no longer hiding in the shadows because they understand that Barack Obama has set a tone of anti-Semitism that has been fully embraced by the American media and Leftists throughout the country.

By the way, watch for a truce in Gaza to be arranged soon. This is one of the Islamists oldest tricks. Called a “Hudna,” a truce like this is what the cowards in Islam call for when they are getting their heads handed to them. They are hoping John Kerry can do their bidding and get the Israelis to stop pummeling them so they can start a new offensive, regroup and recruit more halfwits willing to blow themselves.

And be very watchful of “spontaneous” demonstrations in support of “peace” on American streets.  They are not spontaneous. They are merely tricks designed to secure the support of Americans for the savages in Gaza.

When Islamists driven by Sharia Law get a head of steam under them they are hard to stop. Do what you can to keep them from gaining a foothold in your town.            





Mullah Obama ignores cries for help from Iraqi Christians

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

ISIS’s rapid takeover of parts of Syria and Iraq and the creation of the Islamic State have gravely impacted the Arab-Christian populations that inhabit the region. Churches in the area can trace their origin to the time of Jesus Christ. Islamists, in the city of Mosul, issued an ultimatum to all Christians within the newly founded caliphate to either convert to Islam, pay a religious levy (Zakat) or face death. The Christian community is escaping to Kirkuk and the relative religious tolerance and safety of the Kurdish zone.

According to the teachings of various Eastern, Christian churches, Thaddeus of Edessa, brought Christianity to Iraq in the first century.  While in Jerusalem, Thaddeus heard the preaching’s of John the Baptist and was baptized by John in the Jordan River. He later met and became a follower of Jesus and was chosen to be one of the Seventy Disciples sent in pairs by Jesus to preach in the cities. After Pentecost and Ascension of Jesus, Thaddeus started preaching the Gospel in Mesopotamia, Syria and Persia (Modern day Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran). Several of the older churches in the region can trace their origins to St. Thaddeus.

During the First Council of Nicea that resulted in the first uniform Christian doctrine, there were more bishops from Mesopotamia than Western Europe. The region became a haven for Gnostics, who follow what they believe to be the teachings of John the Baptist. It was this Church of the East which brought the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato, along with Greek science and medicine to the Islamic world. How times have changed, as Middle-Eastern Muslims are working overtime to remove Christianity from the face of the earth.

Insurgents of the Islamist State–through their leader Caliph Ibrahim (aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)—have issued an ultimatum to the dwindling Christian population of Northern Iraq to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or die.  Any Christian wishing to remain in the newly declared caliphate declared earlier this month in parts of Iraq and Syria must agree to abide by the terms of a dhimma contract or die by beheading.  Any Christian not willing to live under those terms must leave the Islamic Caliphate or face the sword.

The passing deadline has created the largest exodus of Middle Eastern Christians since the Armenian Massacres by the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Without outside assistance, Iraqi Christians must escape to areas controlled by the Kurds who are more tolerant of Christians than the Sunni controlled Caliphate.

Calls for help have gone unheeded by western powers. The only Western, world leader to acknowledge the persecution of Iraqi Christians was Pope Francis who called for an end to violence in the region as he pronounced, “Our brothers and sisters are persecuted, they are chased away.” (1)

What was Obama doing? Fundraising!



Explaining the dangers of Sharia Law Part Eleven: More Muslims equals more violent attacks

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

World wide experience has established that when an area that has not had Muslims living in it begins to be flooded by Muslims, violence ensues. The rough progression of Muslim population growth and its correlation to violent attacks on non-Muslims starts when they reach a population percentage of about five percent.

At that plateau they begin to stir and organize. Shortly thereafter they start to make demands on the non-Muslim population as if they have always been there and are a historically oppressed minority. They will begin to patrol the streets in seemingly aimless patterns which in reality are far from aimless. They are searching for easy targets to carry out stealthy attacks upon.

They will follow dog walkers and determine the sneakiest way to kill the dog without the owner realizing it. When their population grows they will walk up to dog owners and kill their dogs without hesitation.

Sweden is a country that is slowly committing mass suicide by allowing more and more Muslims into its midst. In Sweden the Muslim population has now hit the five percent plateau. Several days ago a band of Muslim savages severely beat a Swedish Jew because he was displaying an Israeli flag from his window. The man who is an American Rabbi has experienced incidents of hate from Islamists gangs (they are way too cowardly to act alone) before. His car has had the word “Palestina” carved in it and someone spit in his face after calling him a “damn Jew.”    

In the latest incident the Rabbi’s window was smashed with rocks and when he went outside to confront the men who apparently threw them he was set upon and beaten by a gang of approximately ten Islamists.

Fortunately the Rabbi survived, but unfortunately the Swedish government is just another cowardly victim waiting to be harvested by Islamist savages.

America has approximately a 1.3 % Muslim population. Their demands to live here but submit only to Sharia law have already started. If you live in an area controlled by Democrats who will fight to introduce Sharia Law to your city, county or state move while you can.      



Explaining the danger of Sharia Law: The Demands of Sharia we’re never told about

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The phrase “The Religion of Peace” is a lie perpetrated by Islamists and repeated over and over by cowardly western politicians in an effort to avoid confronting Sharia’s seventh century savages.

When you hear the phrase, “The Religion of Peace,” remember that “The Religion of Peace” is run according to Sharia Law.

To understand what people who are not born Muslims–especially women–are walking into consider these features of Sharia Law that are never mentioned to prospective converts. Also keep in mind what you are about to read pertains to YOU as well. Sharia Law presumes even non- Muslims will be forced to submit to it when it takes control of our country.      

Under Sharia both Muslims and non-Muslims convicted of theft will have their right hand amputated.

Anyone who denies the truth of any part of the Qua’ran will be executed.

Anyone who denies Muhammad was a prophet will be executed.

Anyone who worships a god other than Allah the Moon god will be executed.

Anyone who is or becomes a Muslim and leaves Islam or leads anyone from Islam will be executed.

Any non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman will be executed.

Muslim men are allowed to marry girls over 8 years old.

All women will have their clitoris cut out as prescribed by Muhammad in Book 41 Kitab Al – Abad Hadith 5251.

Women may have only one husband, but men may have up to 4 wives.

Men may beat their wives.

Women may not divorce their husbands without their husband’s permission but men can divorce their wives by saying “I divorce you,” three times.

Rape can only be proved with 4 or more male witnesses and female rape victims are not allowed to testify against their rapist.

Women can only testify in court cases involving property, but their word carries only half the weight of a man’s testimony.

A female can only inherit half of what a male can inherit under a will.

Because it is said to lead to “upheaval” a woman is prohibited from driving.

A woman may not speak to a man she is not related to unless a male relative is present.

A woman may not be treated by a male doctor who is not her husband or a blood relative. Since the number of female Muslim doctors is infinitesimal many women in seventh century, Sharia ruled countries like Afghanistan die of simple wounds or in childbirth.

Muslims should follow TAQIYYA which encourages lying and tricking non-Muslims to advance Islam.

Those who tell you Islam is “The Religion of Peace” are lying. Those who say these are NOT the aims of Islam are your enemies.           

Obama opens America’s borders to Jihadists bearing drugs and bombs

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The risk of attacks by violent ISIS jihadists crossing our Southern border has taken on ominous proportions according to a former Defense Department analyst who believes this event could happen “sooner rather than later.” (1)  “ISIS may be working to infiltrate the US with the aid of transnational drug cartels,” continued Michael Maloof.  The violent MS-13 Mexican gang is known to have members in over 1,000 US cities and could provide conduits for jihadists, helping them transport weapons and supplies needed to set off terror bombs the magnitude of 9-11 or worse!  Suitcase nukes, agents of bio-warfare and suicide bombers are NOT BEING screened in the mass invasion along our Southern Border even as travelers face longer wait times to board US planes.  Face it–the thing is OUT OF HAND!

One reporter asks: “Why would jihadists need to build fancy airplane bombs when they can easily transport serious WMD’s across America’s wide open Southern border?” (2)  Over 70% of our Border Control agents are acting as babysitters, changing diapers while the Southern Border is a come-on-in-free zone for violent Islamic warriors who hate America.  “This jihadist group ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have promised direct confrontation with America,” warns TX Congressman Ted Poe.

But not only are jihadist border jumpers coming across.  Last week, an east Texas Walmart shopper found on the store’s parking lot a prison wristband of Hagi Enea, a Romanian immigrant who was arrested in Pinal County, AZ on May 21, 2014. (3) (This date correction appears at AZ dailymail.com) When she called the AZ county’s prisoner intake she was allegedly told, “they are released back into the local community if someone PAYS A BOND ON THEM.”  A quick Facebook search of Enea’s profile says he’s in Madrid, Spain even as the Mineola, TX shopper is looking at proof of Subject ID #349873946!

So let’s look at this crisis very clearly.  If you multiply the number of illegal anchor babies described on US BIZOP government websites as 65,000 by the estimated $5,000.00 bounty drug cartels reportedly charge to transport each illegal child 1,400 miles from Central America across Mexico into our country, you have the staggering sum of $325,000,000.00 going into crime cartel coffers FOR THIS YEAR ALONE!  They have more than enough cash to bail out jihaddis and fund their attacks on the United States!  And what about the added flow of drugs because our Border agents have to take care of the “children,” rather than our open drug routes.  A perfect storm of a somnolent and drugged civilian populace, a flood of jihaddis bent on destroying the United States, and a do-nothing President who’d rather fundraise than protect America’s borders.

Qurans and prayer rugs were found along the east Texas border as far back as 2012, when OTMs, (Other Than Mexicans), were allowed to freely roam into our country.  One Border Control agent said even though he sees cartel and gang member tattoos, our government won’t allow him to question or detain these “children.” Pictures on the web of many young males jammed into east TX detention rooms show veritable classrooms of gang mayhem and death.

The website madworld.com that broke the story of the quick release of prisoner Hagi Enea is asking “Why are there no reports of foreign nationals other than Mexicans and South Americans being reported?” (4)  Walmart’s donation of men’s sizes 3x, 4x, and XXL underwear to DHS is further proof that children aren’t the only illegals crossing the border.  Where are donations by Walmart for baby diapers and toddler training pants?  Well, they can’t shop, but the adult males can put American dollars in cash registers, right?

Rescue beacon signs in Chinese are now up along the Southern border to provide information for assistance. One Chinese national told an agent they can only have one child back home!  It’s hard to understand why Texas governor Perry can tell TV audiences something we already know–that this is a “humanitarian crisis,”—while he still refuses to activate the TX National Guard to stop this “monumental tragedy.”  The fact that American citizens have taken to the CA and AZ streets is proof that we no longer look to Obama or to the states for defense of our nation’s borders.  America is being destroyed by this horror and the politicians of both parties permit it to continue.

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(3) (4) http://madworldnews.com/woman-found-outside-texas-walmart-alarm/