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To these race hustling liars, guilty Whites worried about racism should just shut up and be insulted

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

According to the Beyond Diversity Resource Center (BDRC) the problem with working with Whites to end racism, something Gallup’s new poll tells us is statistically non-existent, as a concern of just 1% of Americans, is working with Whites.

The BDRC is a bunch of phony race hustlers, comprised of cunning young Blacks (who want to be ready to work the race baiting game when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are gone) and White-hating Whites looking for a way to be relative.

These are their rules for HAVING to deal with Whites.

Notice there is nothing about being angry enough to turn down White money.

White people are difficult to work with when they:

1 Ask stupid questions like how did you get your hair like that?

2 Do not listen to people of color but readily listen to other White people.

3 benefit financially on the backs of people of color.

4 Need to be the authority.

5 Act as if they know more about the experiences of people of color than people of color.

6 Are arrogant but expect humility from people of color especially men.

7 Expect that their “good intent” will always outweigh the negative impact of their actions.

8 Have very little knowledge of people of color.

9 Expect to be cared for by people of color when the work against racism.

10 Expect to be appreciated by people of color when they work against racism.

11 Expect not to be criticized by people of color when they work against racism.

12 expect to be emotionally unscathed when they work against racism.

13 Assume the experiences of all racist and ethnic groups are universal.

14 Speak for people of color.

15 Assume the role of the Great White Mother or Great White father.

16 say something stupid (I don’t see color or “people are all the same.”

17 cannot follow but must always lead.

18 Practice Colorblindness.

19 Excuse their obliviousness about the experience of people of color.

20 Try to become honorary people of color.

21 When they act afraid of people of color.

22 When they don’t own their own whiteness.

23 We they play the ‘everything is equal game’ “Why don’t we have a White History Month?”

24 Are more concerned with pets, vegetables and dolphins than they are about the suffering of people of color, ‘it’s cool that you’re working on racism. I’m really into be a vegan,”

25 Play the, “I’m oppressed too game”, “My people were oppressed when they came here too.”

26 Say that it is so difficult to work on racism that they need to take a break.

27 Insist that you remind them of some other famous person of color.    

28 Believe that the greatest achievement they can make is to transcend race or ethnicity.

29 Get too friendly too fast.     

They’re a nervy bunch aren’t they? Res ipsa loquitur.



Obama can’t trust ANYBODY to lie for him about the “evils” of private gun ownership

By Emma Karlin, staff writer

Pity poor King Barack, all he wants to do is strip us of our guns, like any other dictator would, but he can’t get his most loyal subjects in academia and his own government to fabricate his argument; they keep telling the truth!

The King’s media is doing its best to help him lie. The King’s Democrats are doing their best – they look directly into cameras and lie; even the King’s shock troops like the NAACP and the “Justice Brothers” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do their bit at every opportunity, but he can’t get the right subjects to go along with the program!

Since January the results of two major “show” studies on private ownership of guns in America have surfaced in spite of determined indifference from the King’s media. The studies were delivered by Harvard University and the Centers for Disease Control. Both should have “proved the danger” of private ownership of guns in the King’s realm. Nevertheless, neither did. In fact they not only failed to support the Ministry of Truth and Justice Department’s war on guns in private hands, they actually provided tangible facts to defeat the King’s gun confiscation efforts while America still has a semblance of democratic government.

Because the King has such direct control over its funding, the CDC’s report, launched immediately after the terrible school shootings in Sandy Hook Connecticut, should have been filled with emotion and useful lies, but alas it wasn’t. Instead it was filled with facts like: between 2000 and 2010 more than 6 in 10 gun related deaths were suicides; accidental deaths from firearms has fallen to less than 1% of firearms deaths in 2010; and perhaps worst of all, firearms “turn-in” programs “are ineffective” in reducing crime. 

The Harvard study may have been still worse for the King. It reported: while gun ownership has soared since 1991, firearms related crimes have dropped by 69%; on average each year 200,000 American women save themselves from sexual assaults by use of a gun; by an 80:1 ratio Americans use guns to stop crimes not commit crimes; and Kennesaw Georgia (right under the nose of CDC headquarters) which REQUIRES it home owners to have a gun has seen an 89% drop in burglaries since passing its ordinance.

If poor King Barack can’t get a college faculty or a government funded agency to lie for him what is he to do in his quest to take our guns?       




Murders in “the hood” are the elephants in the room no one wants to face honestly


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Every nightly newscast in South Florida, and probably a lot of other television markets around the country, includes what could fittingly be called the “Minority Crimes Report (MCR).” The MCR tells us how many people were shot, killed or maimed in the area’s minority neighborhoods the night before.  The cumulative effect of these shootings produces the equivalent of a Sandy Hook massacre every few days, but that doesn’t fit the media’s narrative so that fact is never mentioned. Any objective review of the number of gunshot murders in America tells us they aren’t happening in Hasidic neighborhoods; or Scandinavian enclaves. The “hoods” where Blacks and Hispanics live are the killing zones of America.

When the MCRs aren’t describing the carnage and blood running in the streets of these neighborhoods they tell us heartbreaking stories about young lives cut short, local ministers leading “Marches Against Violence” and gun buy backs that serve as photo ops for local Democrat politicians. These murders occur almost exclusively in areas represented by Democrats but we’re not supposed to notice that.

All of these frustratingly inane things happen in spite of some very telling statistics: Black males are murdered largely by other Black males at rates 2.4 times higher than Hispanic males and 15.3 times higher than White males are killed by their own kind.  Although Blacks are just 13% of our population they are 56% of America’s murder victims. Black teenage males die of gunshots at a rate 62% higher than they die automobile accidents.  Black teenagers are 25 times more likely to be injured by a gun than white teens.

Looking at these statistics one would think Black neighborhoods would be the center of meaningful demands for tougher sentences for those convicted of crimes in general and gun crimes in particular. Yet we hear nothing of the sort from either America’s “hoods” or newsrooms. That would entail actually assigning personal responsibility for this mess to absentee fathers and/or a Welfare system that celebrates the “Single mom” as a heroine in our society. As long as this is the case we’ll see Reverend Jones leading his marches and Democrats demanding that licensed gun owners have more of their rights stripped away, but those things will give us nothing but more dead Black teenagers.

   http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/race/news/2013/01/17/49885/top-10-reasons-why-communities-of-color-should-care-about stricter-gun-violence-prevention-laws/

Just don’t tell them you’re from Chicago!

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

My heart is broken, deeply broken.  Is there no one in Illinois who has the moral compunction to stand up to the corruption known as Chicago?  Will any Illinois person of honor come forward to put a stop to what is going on?    When I received an anonymous E-mail about the Land of Lincoln–where our governors make our license plates–I couldn’t laugh any more.  You see, there always has been a perverse sort of gallows humor, perhaps even misplaced sense of pride associated with Chicago.  When I tell people here in Florida that I’m from near Chicago, I sense that I have assumed a different status in their eyes.  One guy even stepped back, suddenly refusing to interrupt me anymore!

As the current Illinois, all-Democrat-legislature tried every way possible to pass a series of unconstitutional gun bans last week, “…three sitting [Illinois] lawmakers [were] facing criminal charges.” (1)  All Democrats from Chicago, they include taking a gun on a plane, bribery and bank fraud. 

Incredibly, during the last six months 292 people were killed (a charge of manslaughter) or murdered in Chicago while only 221 were killed in Iraq! How ironic that the American city with the nations’ most oppressive gun laws boasts more killings than a hot war zone in which ALL combatants carry guns.

Illinois is noted for having the greatest number of imprisoned governors-FOUR-past or present!  Gov. Otto Kerner, Democrat, was sent up on 17 felony charges; Gov. Dan Walker, (D), went up for bank fraud; George Ryan (Rep) gets out this year after doing time for felony fraud and racketeering  and Rod Blagojevich, who President Barack Obama said he only met with “infrequently,” continues his stretch for 18 counts of political misconduct! (2)

Operation Cookie Jar, a public schools sting, netted numerous arrests of school officials.  “Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country,” says my anonymous E mail.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. just resigned from Congress because of continuing allegations about improper expenditures of campaign funds!  A 2012 University of Illinois, Chicago campus report states, “The Chicago area already has the most public corruption convictions of any federal jurisdiction nationwide with more than 1,500 convictions in the Illinois Northern District.” And our state pension fund is the financially most precarious in the country with an unfunded liability of over $96 BILLION, yet the in-session legislature does nothing. (3)

I remember walking with my grandmother through her beautiful flower gardens.  I can still taste the delicious home grown tomatoes my uncle gave us.  I remember my father traveling once a month to Chicago to meet with other judges to do something about the election shenanigans after Mayor Daley Sr’s involvement in the “questionable” ascendancy of John F. Kennedy to the Presidency.  I’ll never forget seeing the walls of flames shoot up every night during the 1960s riots’ “Days of Rage.” 

Illinois is a beautiful state with kind lovely people, both rich and poor.  They do not deserve what is going on.  My daughter and her husband will have four sons in Illinois colleges and universities next year. They should not have to face the embarrassment I now do when I tell people I’m from Illinois!


(1) http://www.dailyamerican.com/news/sns-sp-illinois-legislature-lawmakers-charged-20120108.0.12

(2) http://news.yahoo.com/history-former-illinois-governors-prison-221100852.html

(3) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/50396544/ns/local_news-chicago_il/t/illinois-pension-proposal-faces-uncertain-future/#.UO7zj3cY57Q


George Zimmerman railroaded by Democrats and Republicans alike

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Barack Obama’s “hate Whitey ‘cause he’s white” campaign of 2012 was to be based on the same dogma of class envy which had oozed from Democrat media and race hustling circles for decades. But worn out race baiting ploys were not going to guarantee the massive, black voter turn out the Manchurian Candidate would need in November. For the novelty of being the first black nominee and president was gone and finally, along with it, the decades-long effects of racial guilt implanted into the psyche of whites across the nation. Even with the 24/7 efforts of a dependably supportive media, Obama would have a difficult time generating the legal turnout necessary to remain in power.  

Even more troublesome, without significant events to redirect the attention of voters, Obama would be forced to embrace a record of trillions in additional debt, high unemployment and ever-increasing prices for gas, food and virtually every staple of American life.     

Obama needed a “hook” to get blacks back to the polls in record numbers, something other than promises of more “free” money wrenched from the racist, undeserving hands of “Whitey.

When he learned that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers were flocking to Florida to shed crocodile tears for a black teenager killed by the NON-black George Zimmerman, Barack Hussein Obama was the happiest usurper on earth. The opportunity he was so desperate to manufacture had been dropped right into his lap—the means of regenerating the black vote.  The shooting of Trayvon Martin provided a tailor-made backdrop for the typically Democrat mantra of black vs white and Obama had no intention of letting it slip by,  immediately joining his fellow race hustlers in portraying Martin as a poor black victim of cracker justice.

 “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” said Obama with a cynical shamelessness innate to all leftists. And while most Americans gagged at such an obvious attempt to manufacture political capital, blacks—especially the professional camera chasers—ate it up, delighted that the White House had provided approbation for virtually any manner of assault on whites nationwide. (1)

But unfortunately for Obama, Florida Governor Rick Scott is a pretty savvy politician too. In his selection of special prosecutor Angela Corey, Scott replaced a local D.A. who was reportedly not going to file charges against George Zimmerman. The 2nd degree murder filing by Corey and concomitant arrest of Zimmerman took a red meat issue away from the Black Panthers, a thug President and the entire Democrat Party.  It was a political tour de force which brought an end to contrived media outrage and any excuses blacks might invent to break the law “for Trayvon.” The shooting immediately became a dead issue and will remain so through the election.

Tragically, the same political necessity responsible for Zimmerman’s arrest will hold dominion at his trial.  Corey brought a charge of 2nd degree murder in order that a jury might “mercifully” find Zimmerman guilty of the lesser crime of manslaughter.  And he MUST be convicted and imprisoned regardless of the facts presented.  Zimmerman’s plea of self-defense will mean nothing. Democrats AND Republicans knew this going in. In the end it will only be important to satiate the left, avert rioting and provide a reasonable degree of cover from conservative criticism of the “right.”  Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute will likely be repealed as further tribute for extortionists like Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers. And George Zimmerman will spend the next 10 years in a Florida prison, the victim of having defended himself during an election year.

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


To read more use these links:

(1) http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/03/obama-i-had-a-son-hed-look-like-trayvon-118439.html

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