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Jimmuh Carter says Obama “too embarrassed” to advance black agenda

by Doug Book,  editor

On Tuesday, Breitbart TV, former president Jimmy Carter stepped forward to remove all doubt as to whether he remains the implacable horse’s ass he has been since his days in the White House. In this brief video, Carter suggests Hillary, once elected president, might be “embarrassed” to pursue a strong campaign in favor of women’s rights issues given that she is also a female. Of course, she might also be criticized for bias, though certainly NOT by our national media. (1)

And to make his point, Carter offered the example of Barack Obama who he apparently believes to have been squeamish about battling specifically for Blacks during his 5+ years in office. Maybe Jimmy missed the statement by Eric Holder–Barack’s Attorney General–who instructed “…attorneys in the civil rights division [DOJ]…to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.” Holder stated that actions of Malik Shabazz and other blacks who stood in front of a Philadelphia polling place in Black Panther garb, armed with clubs in order to intimidate white voters, was “inappropriate.” It was after this incident that Holder made it clear he would NOT prosecute “his people.” His and Barack’s, that is.

For decades, people have wondered what parallel universe loons like Carter have inhabited. It’s still a mystery to me.

Video: (1) http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/03/25/Jimmy-Carter-Think-President-Obama-Is-Too-Embarrassed-To-Champion-Black-Causes

Sources: (2) http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2011/03/03/ag-eric-holder-wont-prosecute-new-black-panthers-cause-theyre-his-people/

Regardless of what the apparatchiks in the media report; unemployment and misery index are sky-high

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The corrupt American media is lying for their president Barack Obama again. Our economy is not improving – it is getting worse. Unemployment is not falling – it is rising. Americans are not feeling good about the future – we are suffering from Jimmy Carter-like misery, a new report from a respected Wall Street adviser tells us.

According to the calculations of David John Marotta our effective unemployment rate is not the 6.7% as reported by Obama’s apparatchiks in media, but a staggering and more believable 37.2%. Moreover, the Misery Index we are suffering under is 14 not the Ministry of Propaganda’s reported 8 points.

In terms of the unemployment numbers, Marotta’s reasoning is that what the government is reporting only includes those who are still looking for work. It does not take into account those who have stopped looking. Because we now have 92 million people who could be working but are not, the real unemployment number is 37.2%. 

In old Soviet style accounting, these Americans are “non-people.” They cannot therefore be allowed to stain the great achievement of comrade president in pulling America out of the “Bush” recession – which by the way ended in 2009 according to the comrades in the Ministry of Propaganda.   

The Misery Index, which combines the rate of inflation with the rate of unemployment, is also therefore artificially low. It does not account for the billions of dollars the government is printing and handing to Wall Street each month to keep the Dow Jones artificially high to dazzle the dummies who vote Democrat. Because of tricks like this the inflation rate as officially reported 1.24%, is a fraudulent number. The real number is more like 4.23% as Marotta sees it. When added to even a more plausible unemployment rate of 10.2%, even by Obama standards gives us a Misery Index of 14.7 points. This is higher than it has been in 40 years.

The danger of these lies is that no one can fix our economy until the truth comes out. Doctors don’t guess the extent of a broken arm; to get the facts they used diagnostic tools.  Without real numbers we cannot begin to clean up comrade Obama’s mess, but his apparatchiks in the media won’t report them.

 Source: http://washingtonexaminer.com/wall-street-advisor-actual-unemployment-is-37.2-misery-index-worst-in-40-years/article/2542604

Like everything about Obama, his employment numbers are fakes backed by media lies

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Everything Barack Obama says is a lie.

Aside from his lies about Obamacare and global warming, Barack Obama’s biggest lies are about the “growing” recovery of employment in America – all of what he says is a lie.

Here are the facts to counter Democrat lies.

There are 102 million Americans of working age who don’t have a job. This number represents 58.3% of working age Americans; the highest percentage since 2000.  This means for fifty straight months there has been sub 59% participation in the job market. 

Last month alone America lost 623,000 full-time jobs. How does that stack up with what the Obama administration tells us?  

In the same month, 357,000 women lost their job. More lies.

The average duration of unemployment is almost three times as long today as it was in October 2000.

In October of 2013 alone the number of Americans falling out of the labor force hit 932,000. Think of that: almost a million people’s lives and futures disappeared in a single month.

The 62.8% of people who fell out of the work force in October, puts us at the highest level since Jimmy Carter’s numbers in 1978. How can we accept this lie? How can the media keep ignoring this point?

An honest evaluation of the unemployment statistics would put the number of jobless Americans near 11 percent.

Almost 25% of American workers can only find part time work which keeps them below the poverty level.  

In 2000 there were 75 million Americans who could be working but weren’t. Today there are 102 million. That’s roughly 1/3 of America. We are being lied to by the media and Barack Obama.

Remember these numbers the next time you hear Obama tell you he will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one; and “ I’m not talking about just any job (well of course not!) but a good job that pays a decent wage and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream.” He is lying. Everything he says and does is a lie, everything.



There’s no fool like an old fool? Try, There’s no fool like a ‘know it all young fool’


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The gap between the earnings of those below 35 and those over 35 is now sufficiently large to say the younger generation will NOT live better than their parents or grandparents. This generation, tagged Generation Y,  is seeing its window close and a growing likelihood it will be the first generation in American history to live less well than previous generations.

Generation Y men and women with skills and educational levels that should have been gateways to at least an upper middle class life are finding the positions they trained for in the various professions either don’t exist or are so rare as to be all but impossible to secure.   

One recent law school graduate has bitterly commented, “I had a lot of faith in the system, the mythology that if you work really hard you can achieve anything, and the stock market always goes up. It was pretty naïve on my part.”

Generation Y professionals have seen their average incomes fall by 8% since the beginning of 2008 and their unemployment rate is consistently higher than the general population.   

A Rutgers University survey of 2006 college graduates found only 20% even expected to live better than their parents, a level of pessimism that is well founded in light of their almost 50% unemployment rate. Moreover only 20% said their current job was part of their long term career path.    

Realizing they have been fooled

After just a few short years, a 33 year old 2009 law school graduate is now saying her belief that the education she was receiving was valuable was “…pretty naïve on my part.” She is a plaintiff in a class action law suit against the San Francisco School of Law from which she graduated. The suit alleges the school overstated available positions and graduates’ potential earnings. The National Association for Law Placement Inc. in Washington has acknowledged that the Law school class of 2011 has experienced a 49.5 percent placement rate, which is the lowest since Jimmy Carter was in office.

Generation Y was one of Barack Obama’s strongest supporters. Now they are learning a hard lesson about paying attention when they vote. They are our next generation. They are our children. They wouldn’t listen and now they have made a mess they might never out live.  This is too sad for words.  




Ambassador Stevens murdered by Muslim terrorists he eagerly helped bring to power

 by Doug Book,  staff writer

The enthusiastic celebration of Arab Spring by the American left has at last been repudiated by the gruesome realities of Islamic Jihad. But don’t expect to hear much about this sudden intrusion of brutal fact into the left’s pathetic dabblings in American foreign policy. Politically embarrassing events such as the failure to protect American diplomats being murdered and dragged through the streets before cheering throngs rarely make for lasting headlines, especially not when a Democrat president has ignored advance warning of the threat which he more than anyone else was responsible for bringing about.

“Once the US successfully overthrew [Muammar] Gaddafi and began focusing on stabilizing Libya, [Ambassador Christopher] Stevens ceased to be a useful idiot and became a useless nuisance.” (1) This assessment by Frontpage Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield goes directly to the heart of the left’s fantastic belief that becoming best buddies with Islamic terrorists renders American dhimmis immune from a murderous payoff when their services are no longer required.

“[Christopher Stevens] was an avid student of Islam and the Middle East, and consistently strove to build the proverbial bridge between our two cultures in the face of sometimes overwhelming antagonism and bitter misunderstanding,” said a friend of the Ambassador after his murder by the Muslim terrorists Steven’s had done so much to bring to power in Libya. (1)

But Greenfield prefers to describe Stevens as “… a Middle Eastern diplomat who typified the new breed going from the University of Berkeley and the Peace Corps to desks in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria.” (1) Years of self-delusion about Islam being a religion which befriends those who actively appease its most radical practitioners caused Stevens to rush back to Libya in April of 2011 when the efforts of the “formerly” Muslim President Obama to oust Muammar Gaddafi had begun to gather steam.

However, it seems that Stevens succeeded only in offering his diplomatic services to many of the same jihadists who later dragged his corpse through Benghazi streets, all no doubt to the cheers of those members of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to whom Obama himself had so thoroughly apologized for the unforgiveable religious affronts of the Islamophobic American public.

Many remember the extraordinarily successful appeasement by Jimmy Carter of yet another beacon of the tender mercies of Islamic refinement as the brilliant Georgia peanut farmer betrayed the Shah of Iran in favor of the merciful Ayatollah Khomeini in the Fall of 1979. Of course the American media refused to blame dhimmi Jimmy for the 444 days Americans spent as kidnap victims of the Iranian government, just as today’s mock journalists continue to claim the contents of an obscure 15 minute video to be responsible for Muslim uprisings across the globe. The fact that assaults on the American Embassy in Egypt had been planned before the video was even known to exist apparently just gets in the way of a good story.  (2)

Liberal, useful idiots like Stevens will continue to exist in sufficient numbers to betray both American interests and lives throughout the increasingly barbaric nations of the Middle East. But as they continue to advance the farcical notion that “Islamophobic” Americans are somehow responsible for the acts of bestial cruelty practiced for 14 centuries by the sub-human worshippers of a cult of prescribed, “religious” murder, these fools represent an ever increasing danger to the security of the United States and its citizens.  

Making foolish gambles with their own lives is one thing. Demanding Americans eventually share their fate by ignoring the evidence of our own eyes is something else. It’s time American’s stop following the march of the radical left to Sharia-mandated extermination.

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To read more use these links:

(1) http://frontpagemag.com/2012/dgreenfield/christopher-stevens-feeds-the-crocodile/

(2) http://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/09/murderous-muslim-riots-were-planned-long-in-advance-had-nothing-to-do-with-muhammad-video.html

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