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Obama fails to save life of an American


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Obama Administration had reliable Intelligence on the location of an American journalist and video reporter, James Foley, and other hostages being held in Syria. (1)  Fox News’ Catherine Herridge broke the story that the White House knew about the hostages’ location as early as May. The cover story for the delay in attempting a rescue was to have the intelligence community develop further, most likely a case of “cold feet” or waiting on Valarie Jarret’s approval.

The Obama Regime was afraid that the mission would be an abysmal failure, similar to Jimmy Carter’s efforts to rescue American’s being held in Iran. That, of course, turned into a disaster which led to the death of 8 American Servicemen and became a major embarrassment to the United States. The specter of this debacle gravely damaged Carter’s Presidency and reputation. (2) The delay on the part of Barack Obama undoubtedly had a political calculation that if the rescue was successful in July and September, early voters would support democrats.  The mission was authorized in time for the 4th of July Weekend and would have made great political ads for the upcoming midterm elections.

But the mission failed to rescue any hostages. Obama claimed he had approved the mission when intelligence was provided. But intelligence that was collected on the location of the hostages is time sensitive. The 5 weeks that the faculty lounge cabinet piddled around before authorizing the rescue mission rendered intelligence gathered earlier absolutely useless. If the White House had acted in a timely fashion, James Foley and other Americans and British men may be alive this day.  The announcement of the mission was most likely a political calculation to provide cover for Obama. In fact, it succeeded only in tipping off the terrorists, making any future attempt to rescue hostages virtually impossible.  

According to Catherine Herridge’s sources, the intelligence community had very solid information on the location of the hostages. But as time went by they were moved to more secure locations within the Islamic State. At the time of the rescue mission the latest intelligence was “drying up,” becoming close to useless. The hostages were moved before intelligence gathering could catch up.

Despite what Obama’s Press Secretary may say this was not an intelligence failure but the result of a cowardly and incompetent political calculation gone wrong. Obama was left to ponder his actions on the golf course while Americans were being killed by savages in a foreign land.


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The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part Twenty

This installment focuses on Jimmy Carter who is now the second worst president in American history.

 Jimmy Carter 1977 to 1981

During his campaign for president Jimmy Carter falsely claimed to be a “nuclear physicist.” [102]

By far the worst president in our history may be Jimmy Carter. Only the presence of Barack Obama in the mix keeps Carter from nailing this title down.     

Carter has always been a big fan of dictators. Although (fortunately) he is the only president in history who served at least one full term without having the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice he has the distinction of having given the world some of its worst dictators, thugs and anti-American criminal regimes. 

“Fuck the Shah!”

In 1979 as the Islamists under the Ayatollah Khomeini were circling around him, the Shah of Iran asked Carter for permission to come to America to live out his final days and die peacefully of the cancer eating up his body. Although Iran under the Shah had been a longtime ally of America, that meant nothing to Carter.  Carter’s response to the Shah America’s good friend, “Fuck the Shah” which besides providing our enemies with a fresh example of America abandoning our friends, turned out to be no more than an empty threat since the Shah was eventually allowed in anyway by Carter himself.  [103] [104]                             

Iran in 1979

Democrat Carter’s failure to recognize the dangers of helping to get rid of the Shah paved the way for the kidnapping of 53 Americans who were held hostage in the American embassy in Tehran. The Islamist thugs who held them were not afraid of Carter. As so many Democrat presidents before him and since, they knew he was a weak coward who would do nothing but blink and gulp when they stared him down. The hostages were held for 444 days until January 20, 1981 when Ronald Reagan was sworn as our 40th President. The Islamists sized Reagan up as no feckless Democrat: they freed our people at almost the very moment Reagan came into office. 

Jimmy Carter: The Worst Ex-President in History

The attraction Jimmy Carter has always felt toward the weird and anti-American has been right before our eyes and easy to see. It surfaced even before his election. In September 1976 at San Francisco’s Stanford Court Hotel, Carter’s wife Rosalyn met privately with Democrat activist Reverend James Warren “Jim” Jones, a cult leader who would go on to murder 900 people including a Democrat Congressman from San Francisco in Guyana South America. At the opening of Democrat headquarters in San Francisco, Jones filled the seats with his “People’s Temple” members. 

As an aside, Willie Brown, a Democrat whose own personal life makes him a rather typical Democrat, called Jones, “a combination of Martin King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein, and Chairman Mao.”  [105]

Jones also met with Carter’s Vice President Walter Mondale when they were campaigning in 1976.[106]

In March 2011 Carter responded to an invitation to visit Cuba, the Castro brothers’ island prison. Carter described his visit as a wild eyed 60s radical would have. “We greeted each other as old friends,” he said referring to his dear friend Fidel.     

Not to be outdone, Fidel returned the praise saying, “In 2002, we received him warmly. Now, I reiterated to him our respect and esteem.” Raul Castro, Fidel’s malignant little brother chimed in as well, “Jimmy Carter was the best of all U.S. presidents.”

Why the all the bromance?

Carter has always been an outspoken critic of Kennedy’s embargo on Cuba characterizing it as, “….the stupidest law ever passed in the U.S.” [107]

What makes his position so typical of the hypocrisy of Democrats is that as president, Carter was “Mr. Sanctions”. He put economic sanctions on seven nations. All of them were allies at the time. 

Carter on North Korea:

To him Kim Il-Sung was, “vigorous, intelligent, surprisingly well-informed about the technical issues, and in charge of the decisions about this country,” adding “I don’t see that [the North Koreans] are an outlaw nation.”[108]

When equating Nicolai Ceausescu of Romania to himself he said, “Our goals are the same: to have a just system of economics and politics . . . We believe in enhancing human rights.” The people of Romania obviously disagreed with Carter because they put Ceausescu and his wife up against a wall and executed them on December 22, 1989. [109] 

Yasser Arafat, who died of AIDS in Paris where he was busy spending the money saps like Carter helped him amass, was honored by Carter during his life and after his death as a fellow foaming at the mouth hater of Israel. Traveling to Ramallah to kiss Arafat’s rear one more time in 2008, Carter said, “Yasser Arafat fought for the advancement of the Palestinians and other just causes in the world.” [110]

Jimmy Carter wrote speeches for Yasir Arafat.

Douglas Brinkley’s book about Carter’s post White House years, The Unfinished Presidency tells of Carter serving as a speech writer for Yasir Arafat.  Brinkley wrote “On May 24 Carter drafted on his home computer the strategy and wording for a generic speech Arafat was to deliver soon for Western ears . . .” Said Carter, “The audience is not the Security Council, but the world community. The objective of the speech should be to secure maximum sympathy and support of other world leaders … The Likud leaders are now on the defensive, and must not be given any excuse for continuing their present abusive policies.”

 Carter went on:

“A good opening would be to outline the key points of the Save the Children report. … Then ask: “What would you do, if these were your children and grandchildren? As the Palestinian leader, I share the responsibility for them. Our response has been to urge peace talks, but the Israeli leaders have refused, and our children continue to suffer. Our people, who face Israeli bullets, have no weapons: only a few stones remaining when our homes are destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers.” . . . Then repeat: “What would you do, if these were your children and grandchildren?” . . . This exact litany should be repeated with a few other personal examples.” [111]

As an elected Democrat, Carter knows all about voter fraud. Carter obviously helped Hugo Chavez steal his 2003 “election” with tried and true Democrat/Marxist formulas for voter fraud. At the time Chavez was facing a recall election and behind 2 to 1. Because they feared cheating by Chavez his opposition called for “impartial” monitors. In response the thug strong man appointed his pal Jimmy Carter as the chief “fox” to guard the hen house.  The result? In spite of two polls showing a 2 to 1 margin against Chavez, surprise, surprise, surprise and chazzan! Jimmy’s BFF Hugo won by a 58/42 margin!    

Yes, Jimmy Carter gave us Hugo Chavez. An honest 40 point swing is a statistical impossibility, but as a Democrat little things like honest elections never bother the likes of Jimmy Carter.  [112] [113]

Carter’s Nobel Peace Prize

One of Carter’s more despicable stunts was his acceptance of a Nobel “Peace” Prize for accomplishing nothing but being a typical feckless Democrat willing to help America haters make a point. He accepted the “prize” to help belittle George W. Bush.

This was confirmed by Norwegian Gunnar Berge, the Nobel Committee chairman who, knowing the type of publicity whore Cater is, did not feel he would be embarrassing Democrat Carter by stated the obvious and saying, “It is clear that with the position that Carter has adopted in the question of Iraq, [giving Carter the prize] must be seen as a criticism of the policy that the current US administration has adopted in relation to Iraq.” [114] 

“My answer is, simply, yes,” was the answer from another Nobel official asked directly if it was a snub of President George Bush,  [115]

Carter’s malaise speech and misery index

Emblematic of the hangdog “Woe is me,” attitude Carter governed by is his famous Malaise speech. At the height of his manifestly failed presidency Carter addressed the nation on July 15, 1979. The dour Carter whose speech became known as his “Malaise speech” offered a litany of reasons for pessimism that suggested the fault for our miserable economy belonged to the American people not Jimmy Carter. Referring to the sad state of governance in America during the last years of the 1970’s Carter said, “….You often see a balanced and a fair approach that demands sacrifice, a little sacrifice from everyone, abandoned like an orphan without support and without friends.”

Americans knew the major reason for the need to “sacrifice” was traceable directly back to Carter. It is; therefore, fair to say Carter lost any chance of the kind of easy re-election an immediate post -Watergate Democrat should have had after his “Malaise speech.”  The “malaise” Americans felt was real and they knew it was caused by Carter. [116]

The Misery Index, where Carter is still the king

The Misery Index is derived by combining the unemployment rate with the rate of inflation. 

While campaigning for President in 1976, Carter made a point of attacking Gerald Ford over his “Misery Index” which soared to 13.57%. Carter smugly commented “…no man responsible for giving a country a misery index that high had a right to ask to be President.”  By 1980, Carter’s Misery Index was at 21.98% – an all-time record high. [117]

Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976 as a backlash against Republicans for the crimes of Richard Nixon. The American people thought electing a fresh faced small southern state governor like Carter of Georgia would make “it all just go away.”

Of course nothing of the sort happened. Carter was at first affable enough. Then he became an uncomfortable presence. Then he showed himself to be starkly incompetent.  Finally Jimmy Carter became an embarrassing thorn in our side that demanded removal at the first possible moment. That moment came in 1980 when he was defeated by Ronald Reagan.

Here is how the sense that Carter’s election was a big mistake grew. During his first year in office, 1977 Carter immediately began to generate buyer’s remorse.

 January 21: one day after he took office Carter pardoned Viet Nam War draft dodgers who became a major Democrat voting bloc. 

August 4: Carter signed legislation creating the U.S. Department of Energy which has done nothing to see to the expansion of our energy supply but has sat and watched as prices for oil and other fuels have skyrocketed.

September 7: Carter gave away the Panama Canal which is now effectively run by Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd. a corporation controlled by the Chinese Communists.[118]

September 19 – Under pressure from Carter, the wheels were set in motion that resulted in the victory of the Castro backed Sandinistas in Nicaragua. During Somoza’s effort to fight off the Communist insurgents, Carter first revealed himself as an enemy of Israel and freedom by forcing the Jewish state to end arms shipments to Somoza. At the time Nicaragua was an ally. When Somoza was denied entry to the United States, he flew to Asuncion Paraguay where he was eventually assassinated. [119]  

In 1978 Carter opposed The Briggs Initiative, a Republican sponsored California ballot initiative which would have banned openly gay teachers from teaching in California’s public schools. [120]

1979: April 1 The people of Iran “freely decided” by a 98/2 margin to overthrow the Shah and become an Islamic theocracy.  Eight months later Islamic thugs stormed the American embassy and took 52 hostages. [121]

April 20 Carter was attacked by a rabbit near his home in Plains George. For those under fifty, yes this really happened. [121]

June 18 Carter signed the meaningless SALT II agreement to restrict nuclear weapons.  [121]

In his book “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century”  Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College, wrote that when the Soviet Communists invaded Afghanistan just six months later, Carter was stunned. The naïve dope thought that since he and Leonid Brezhnev the head Commie had hugged and kissed and talked of “peace” Brezhnev would behave like an honorable man.  [122]

July 3: Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. [121]

November 14: Carter issued an Executive Order, freezing all Iranian assets in the United States and U.S. banks in response to the hostage crisis. [121]

Carter’s pardons and clemencies

At Christmas time 1979 Carter ordered the release of Dolores “Lolita” Lebrón Sotomayor, a Puerto Rican nationalist who joined in the famous 1954 shooting assault at the United States House of Representatives wounding five Congressmen. [123]

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary was pardoned in January 1981 as the Carter administration was coming to an end.

Peter Yarrow was and is a long time liberal Democrat activist who is married to former Democrat presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy’s niece. In 1969 Yarrow invited a 14 year old girl and her 17 year old sister to his Washington DC hotel room. At some point Yarrow allowed the 14 year old to manually manipulate him to orgasm.

Yarrow was arrested and convicted of his crime and sentenced to three months in jail (but not before a judge allowed him to report AFTER Thanksgiving to be with his family – see what being a good little liberal Democrat can get you?).

Because they are morally depraved themselves, notable Democrats like Martin “Frosty the Taxman” Frost and John “Lurch” Kerry had Yarrow actively campaign for them.  Yarrow even performed at Kerry’s wedding to Teresa Heinz in 1995.  Being arrested and sent to jail for taking sexual advantage of a 14 year old girl is a badge of honor to Democrats as we’ll see in a later section. [124]

Carter screwed up America’s energy industry and had told us the world’s oil supply would “run out by 1984.” He installed wood burning stoves and solar panels in the White House and actually asked Americans NOT to use Christmas lights to save energy. How very Democrat! [125]  

In his book: “In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect,” author Ronald Kessler gave us an insider’s view of the real Jimmy Carter.

Here’s some of what Carter’s Secret Service agents told Kessler about Jimmy Carter.

“Inside the White House, Carter treated with contempt the little people who helped and protected him,” and told agents not to look at him or speak to him — even to say hello ..”

“At the same time, Carter tried to project an image of himself as man of the people by carrying his own luggage when traveling. But that was often for show. When he was a candidate in 1976, Carter would carry his own bags when the press was around but ask the Secret Service to carry them the rest of the time.”

Carter put us in constant danger of being powerless to counter a nuclear strike because he insisted the military aide carrying the “nuclear football” be no closer to him than a 15 minute drive. The window for a counter strike was said to be just 20 minutes.

Carter was a hypocrite about alcohol around the White House. He first had all the booze removed and ordered no alcohol be served at state dinners. Nevertheless, he and Rosalyn drank Blood Marys before going to church on the first Sunday they were in the White House. 

As the Carter administration drew to a close, Carter and his staff became more paranoid. They believed that people were stealing things and eavesdropping on his conversations in the Oval Office.

Before going on a fishing trip in Georgia one morning, Carter accused a Secret Service agent of stealing fried chicken his stewards had prepared for him. In fact, White House aides Jody Powell and Hamilton Jordan had eaten the chicken.

The Carters never really understood the Secret Service’s role, Kessler asserts.

He reveals that Carter told the Secret Service that Rosalynn objected to agents and uniformed officers being armed inside the White House. Rosalynn said guns made the Carters’ daughter Amy, “uncomfortable.” Agents explained that in the event of an attack, they would be useless if they were not armed. The president relented.

After leaving the White House, Carter made a show that he was going to save the taxpayers’ money by not keeping the Secret Service. But he soon brought agents back when he discovered that having federal agents along got him express service at airports and the like.

Carter’s oddities continued after he left office, Kessler reports. Carter occasionally stayed in the townhouse the General Services Administration maintains for former presidents in Washington. Photos of former presidents adorn the walls of the townhouse.

GSA managers found that when Carter stayed at the townhouse, he would take down the photos of Republican presidents Ford and Nixon and put up a half-dozen large photos of himself.

“He didn’t like them [Ford and Nixon] looking down at him,” GSA manager Lucille Price told Kessler.

“We would find out he would put photos of himself up,” and then “take the photos of himself back with him.” [126]

This material comes from my book, Crooks Thugs and Bigots: the Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party, but if you cannot wait to read more of the history of the Democrat Party.

If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have are Democrat lies.

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Jimmuh Carter says Obama “too embarrassed” to advance black agenda

by Doug Book,  editor

On Tuesday, Breitbart TV, former president Jimmy Carter stepped forward to remove all doubt as to whether he remains the implacable horse’s ass he has been since his days in the White House. In this brief video, Carter suggests Hillary, once elected president, might be “embarrassed” to pursue a strong campaign in favor of women’s rights issues given that she is also a female. Of course, she might also be criticized for bias, though certainly NOT by our national media. (1)

And to make his point, Carter offered the example of Barack Obama who he apparently believes to have been squeamish about battling specifically for Blacks during his 5+ years in office. Maybe Jimmy missed the statement by Eric Holder–Barack’s Attorney General–who instructed “…attorneys in the civil rights division [DOJ]…to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.” Holder stated that actions of Malik Shabazz and other blacks who stood in front of a Philadelphia polling place in Black Panther garb, armed with clubs in order to intimidate white voters, was “inappropriate.” It was after this incident that Holder made it clear he would NOT prosecute “his people.” His and Barack’s, that is.

For decades, people have wondered what parallel universe loons like Carter have inhabited. It’s still a mystery to me.

Video: (1) http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/03/25/Jimmy-Carter-Think-President-Obama-Is-Too-Embarrassed-To-Champion-Black-Causes

Sources: (2) http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2011/03/03/ag-eric-holder-wont-prosecute-new-black-panthers-cause-theyre-his-people/

Regardless of what the apparatchiks in the media report; unemployment and misery index are sky-high

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The corrupt American media is lying for their president Barack Obama again. Our economy is not improving – it is getting worse. Unemployment is not falling – it is rising. Americans are not feeling good about the future – we are suffering from Jimmy Carter-like misery, a new report from a respected Wall Street adviser tells us.

According to the calculations of David John Marotta our effective unemployment rate is not the 6.7% as reported by Obama’s apparatchiks in media, but a staggering and more believable 37.2%. Moreover, the Misery Index we are suffering under is 14 not the Ministry of Propaganda’s reported 8 points.

In terms of the unemployment numbers, Marotta’s reasoning is that what the government is reporting only includes those who are still looking for work. It does not take into account those who have stopped looking. Because we now have 92 million people who could be working but are not, the real unemployment number is 37.2%. 

In old Soviet style accounting, these Americans are “non-people.” They cannot therefore be allowed to stain the great achievement of comrade president in pulling America out of the “Bush” recession – which by the way ended in 2009 according to the comrades in the Ministry of Propaganda.   

The Misery Index, which combines the rate of inflation with the rate of unemployment, is also therefore artificially low. It does not account for the billions of dollars the government is printing and handing to Wall Street each month to keep the Dow Jones artificially high to dazzle the dummies who vote Democrat. Because of tricks like this the inflation rate as officially reported 1.24%, is a fraudulent number. The real number is more like 4.23% as Marotta sees it. When added to even a more plausible unemployment rate of 10.2%, even by Obama standards gives us a Misery Index of 14.7 points. This is higher than it has been in 40 years.

The danger of these lies is that no one can fix our economy until the truth comes out. Doctors don’t guess the extent of a broken arm; to get the facts they used diagnostic tools.  Without real numbers we cannot begin to clean up comrade Obama’s mess, but his apparatchiks in the media won’t report them.

 Source: http://washingtonexaminer.com/wall-street-advisor-actual-unemployment-is-37.2-misery-index-worst-in-40-years/article/2542604

Like everything about Obama, his employment numbers are fakes backed by media lies

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Everything Barack Obama says is a lie.

Aside from his lies about Obamacare and global warming, Barack Obama’s biggest lies are about the “growing” recovery of employment in America – all of what he says is a lie.

Here are the facts to counter Democrat lies.

There are 102 million Americans of working age who don’t have a job. This number represents 58.3% of working age Americans; the highest percentage since 2000.  This means for fifty straight months there has been sub 59% participation in the job market. 

Last month alone America lost 623,000 full-time jobs. How does that stack up with what the Obama administration tells us?  

In the same month, 357,000 women lost their job. More lies.

The average duration of unemployment is almost three times as long today as it was in October 2000.

In October of 2013 alone the number of Americans falling out of the labor force hit 932,000. Think of that: almost a million people’s lives and futures disappeared in a single month.

The 62.8% of people who fell out of the work force in October, puts us at the highest level since Jimmy Carter’s numbers in 1978. How can we accept this lie? How can the media keep ignoring this point?

An honest evaluation of the unemployment statistics would put the number of jobless Americans near 11 percent.

Almost 25% of American workers can only find part time work which keeps them below the poverty level.  

In 2000 there were 75 million Americans who could be working but weren’t. Today there are 102 million. That’s roughly 1/3 of America. We are being lied to by the media and Barack Obama.

Remember these numbers the next time you hear Obama tell you he will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one; and “ I’m not talking about just any job (well of course not!) but a good job that pays a decent wage and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream.” He is lying. Everything he says and does is a lie, everything.