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If Not Now, When? If Not You, Who?

By Peggy Ryan, guest writer

Shhh! Listen and you’ll hear the refrains of Obamacare echoing through the halls of Congress. It’s a trade bill instead of healthcare, backed by Republicans as well as Democrats, but at its core the bills are remarkably similar. Like Obamacare, the Trade bill is obscure (113 pages filled with caveats and reservations), it is secret and being hustled through Congress at breakneck speed to avoid scrutiny.

The 2014 election provided a mandate that Congress is choosing to ignore. It’s clear the American people reject the Obama agenda yet McConnell and Boehner are tripping over themselves to pass every bill Obama puts forth. They fought conservatives to fund Obamacare, fund illegal immigration and amnesty, increase the debt ceiling and help Obama obtain everything he wants.

Now its Obama’s fast track trade bill. The Republican leadership pushed hard for this bill and thought they had the votes. But on Friday, June 12th it was the Democrats who voted down the Trade Adjustment Assistance bill. Without that bill, the package can’t go to the President so the trade bill is dead. For now.

I say for now because Obama forces never stop just because they have experienced a loss. Pelosi has already said those brave Democrats who voted against their President can be bought with a highway bill. And the Republican leadership is working overtime to convince rogue members to change their votes. Obama supporters argue in favor of the “good” parts of this bill just as they did with Obamacare. But the ObamaCare fiasco taught us to be terrified of those bad parts we have yet to see.

But whatever the reasons of Obamatrade supporters to pass this bill, they don’t outweigh the reasons to defeat it. And among those reasons are the following:

1) It’s a secret. Didn’t we learn anything from Obamacare, from the millions who got pink slips and from the infringements on Constitutional protections that only surfaced once the law passed?
2) Like Obamacare, there are those working to alert the American people as to what’s actually in this bill. And, like Obamacare, Obamatrade backers are trying to push the bill through before those nasty facts leak out.
3) That the bill originated with Barack Obama should be enough to make it DOA. Passage is like giving a pedophile keys to the school yard. You don’t have to know the details of their plan to know their intent.
4) The “act now” mentality on Capitol Hill is disturbing. Congress is behaving like a used-car salesman who won’t let you leave the lot without a deal. This isn’t the end of all trade bills, it isn’t the end of free trade so why the hysteria?
5) This bill provides Obama with dramatically increased trade powers. In 2014, the American people voted to stop Obama, to end the Obama agenda, not support it.

Yet congressional leaders barter, trade, threaten and blackmail their members to pass this bill. They’ve won this fight in the Senate but that’s not the end. The Framers of the Constitution created a bicameral Congress, two houses so one can block the excesses of the other. The Constitution requires approval of both chambers to pass legislation so one would think America would be safe from tyranny. One would be wrong.

The Senate is already lost. Whether its majority leader is Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell, the results are the same–they support Obama at every turn. And there are enough bought-and-paid-for Republicans to give this travesty an air of legitimacy. Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Mitch McConnell are just a few of those who consistently fight on the side of Obama and the Democrats.

So we turn to the House, the chamber designed to more closely reflect the will of the people. Yes, there are political prostitutes in the House as well, (see Kevin McCarthy), but there are also people who care, who want to do the right thing. It’s to those individuals that I appeal. Take a stand, don’t let them steal your vote. There are approximately 700,000 people in your district who picked you to represent them, who chose you to do the right thing.

The American people don’t want this bill, don’t want another Obamacare indelibly signed into law. Take a chance on the people; they are far more knowledgeable about these issues than you think. Trust them, they’re your people. Reject Boehner, block Obamatrade and do it now. In the words of Hillel the Elder:

“If not now, when? If not you, who?”

Hillary’s indictment solves a lot of problems

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Hilary Clinton’s quest for the White House will end in her indictment. There is no other way to get this done as quickly and efficiently and those with personal interests in her candidacy will be the ones who bring her down.

I first predicted this in early April and nothing has happened to either changed my mind or lessen the chances of it taking place. This stillborn quixotic foolishness ends with Hillary getting indicted and pleading to a single count of failing to sign papers as required when she left the State Department.

Laugh if you wish, but I see it this way; John Boehner and Mitch McConnell go to their president in a secret meeting and tell him that “crazy conservatives” want to impeach him. This has no chance of happening, of course, but it must be dealt with anyway. After their inaction on illegal aliens, Obamacare and Obamatrade, Boehner and McConnell will be under increasing pressure from the right wing of the Republican Party to do something.

Since there really is only one political Party, the Uniparty and Boehner and McConnell run the Republican wing of the Uniparty, pressure to impeach Barack Obama will have to be dealt with for them to get his lame duck policies through. As good Uniparty members they want to do what their president wants but they can’t without removing the impeachment problem.

In a secret meeting they will agree that only a slice of bright red meat will satisfy the conservatives. This will eventually bring them to Hillary Clinton because by the time this happens she will be fending off charges of criminal activity while she was Sectary of State and most voters will be convinced of her guilt anyway.

Top Democrat members of the Uniparty will be called in to help make this happen. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be instructed to convene a secret Grand Jury using evidence gathered by Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa to put together an inch thick indictment.

When the news of the indictment gets out, several well placed Democrats will call for her to “temporarily suspend her candidacy while she refutes these false charges,” all the while knowing she can’t.

As the pages fall off the calendar and January turns to February other Democrat “friends” of Hillary will first privately, then publicly, ask her to step aside as her troubles “are not going away and we need a candidate to stop the Republicans.”

In a closed courtroom in New York or Washington it will all come to an end with Hillary pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge and getting a six month suspended sentence.

Since the candidate taking her place will be in Iowa or maybe Mars – as far away as humanly possible- the story will last only until the next Sunday morning.

The stake will finally be driven into her heart, precisely where it should be. Hillary’s indictment solves lots of problems.

I Am a Conservative, not a Republican

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Has anyone figured out what the 2014 election results really meant? I was under the impression that Americans had grown ever more disheartened with what our nation has become. Turnout at the polls made it seem that voters wanted to rebuild the nation given us by the Founders. Historic gains were made by Republican candidates, promises were made and the excessive actions of the Democrat Party would be blunted as the citizenry exclaimed “No More!”

I have been a proud card carrying Republican since I first voted. Based on what I learned in school, their platform made sense. I have traveled to many parts of this world while in the military and can honestly say that I have found nothing, NOTHING, better than what we have here. In fact, no one can begin to equal 250 years of American accomplishment. We were promised that when Republicans took both Houses of Congress, things would change; that we might be able to get some things done and see sunlight at the end of a long dark period of subjugation to a Marxist president and power hungry congressional leadership.

Obama, our narcissist in chief proclaimed for all to hear that he would take action on illegal immigration, without Congress. In my opinion, his would be a totally unconstitutional action, creating chaos in this country and slamming the Black middle class the hardest. Sen. Mitch McConnell, the next majority leader, and John Boehner both made waves, vowing to fight Obama to the end on this subject. McConnell promised voters:

“When the newly elected representatives take their seats, they will act.”

Naturally, Republicans were divided. Congress pursued the “CRomnibus” keeping the Department of Homeland Security funded until Feb 29 and the rest of government rest fully funded. But not all Republicans agreed, some wanting to shut government down at that time for the fight while others favored a short term funding bill, keeping the government open until 2015. The temporary approval was derided by many, including many conservative groups, given that any funding at all would get the program up and running. Once started they never end. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. And like other programs, it would be further expanded and grow to “unexpected” levels.

Once again, the Republicans caved. Once again, the corporate Congress did the bidding of the major corporations and lobbying groups that allow them to function. Once again the American people have been ignored while both parties fatten on the deals they make. When was the last time any elected official left public service with less money than he had when he was first elected? How many deals are we going to allow people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to make before the spigot is finally shut off?

What I find most disappointing is the fact that both sides are the same. We are governed not by Republicans and Democrats, but by the Uniparty.

Right now, it appears to this veteran that Obama can continue do whatever he wants. Republicans have wasted what leverage they might have had. A number of Party elders blame it on not being able to get the Republican message to the American people. The message I see from Republicans is that we are going to get more of the same.

Corporations, including the National Chamber of Commerce, got the amnesty they wanted. Today, Obama expanded it even more. Americans looking for jobs, living from payday to payday get screwed again and Republicans have shown themselves as Democrat-lite, providing no reason for any citizen to look to them for leadership. Why would any God fearing, hard-working American vote for ANY Republican?

So we’ll wait and see in this next election who is a “Republican” and who is a true conservative. I will vote for the conservative. If I can find one.

Obama’s steno pool always writes what its boss tells them to write

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The self-important Boston Globe ran an editorial that is a microcosm of how the Left manages to be so consistently wrong on so many substantive issues. The piece had to do with the supposed wrongheadedness of Republican House Speaker John Boehner. It seems that according to the Globe, Boehner has committed some kind of treasonous act by inviting Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, to address a joint session of Congress without asking permission from their boss President Barack Obama.

The writer moans that such an undercutting of Obama’s authority will damage the delicate negotiations Obama is in with the Iranians; negotiations aimed at curtailing Tehran’s nuclear weapons development program.

According to the Globe’s faulty logic, Boehner’s invitation will make the sworn enemies of our only ally in the Middle East less likely to discontinue their nuclear weapons development plans.

If this stance was taken by a legitimately neutral third party, as the media ought to be, this initially counterintuitive position might be worth listening to. Honest public discourse on such vital matters as nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatical lunatics would be helpful if it actually existed, which of course it does not.

The Obama Cheerleaders in Boston and elsewhere see themselves as above “common sense” because it is, well “common” and they see themselves as smarter than everyone else. The media believe that Republican conservatives are evil but dedicated Islamists are not. They believe Israel should roll over and die so that THEY, can beat their breasts and piously proclaim how open minded they are.

They don’t accept the fact that given the chance the same people who run Iran would eagerly chop off their head and make them physically open minded.

These self-hating “Americans” don’t want Obama to be exposed as the fraud he is. They don’t want to remind the few people who still read daily newspapers that it was they who pushed Obama on us to make themselves feel good. They constantly lie by omission and commission to prop up their boss.

The media will never acknowledge there is no progress to be made in dissuading Islamist lunatics from building weapons they intend to use to destroy Israel’s Jews and eventually America’s Jews as well.

They won’t allow the truth to be spoken. That truth is that Obama is merely helping the Iranians appear to be “negotiating” in what even those with only a slight understanding of Islam recognize is a kind of “Hudna,” or fake “truce” designed to allow them to regroup for their next attack.

Instead of calling Benjamin Netanyahu shameless because he is doing everything he can to protect his people, an honest media would be demanding that Barack Obama be so “shameless.” But alas this swipe at Israel and Republicans reminds us that America’s media are merely Obama’s steno pool ready to write or say whatever the boss tells them.                     

Source: http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/01/23/benjamin-netanyahu-goes-too-far/t9DYcYGG2EQuNDFWam2xUM/story.html

The Uniparty working to own DC

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As Mitt Romney prepares to run a THIRD time for President because Jeb Bush is pre-empting the third timer in big money enclaves controlling the Uniparty’s political machinations, word out of Raleigh, NC is that the Conservatives’ challenge to tan man’s Speaker of the House position may have done more good than our left leaning media would have led us to believe.   

“The word from Washington is that our efforts to go after John Boehner have generated a stronger piece of legislation designed to shut down Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty,” says William Gheen, head of Americans for Legal Immigration. (1)  With some observers opining that the Boehner revolt was the highest, the biggest since the Civil War, perhaps the Ohio man’s seat at the table of lobbyists for banking cartels isn’t quite as imposing as first thought.  Did you see Boehner pull his hanky out of his pocket as Nancy Pelosi gaveled him in again?  If he can’t—or won’t–get a piece of conservative legislation passed, what good is he anyway.  BTW, why does this man cry?

Gheen tells his followers that “we don’t quit fighting if we don’t win;” we fight because it’s what Conservatives do, that is, stand up for America, her Constitution and her average citizens even as they are forced to the back of the Uniparty line.  Obama’s push to implement legislation by executive decree is a stark reminder to Jeb Bush–as is Romney’s Massachusetts paradigm for Obamacare–that even though it’s been run hard and put to bed wet, the old Conservative horse still lives to fight them another day!

Make no mistake.  For the Uniparty to keep returning the same old hired hands to Congress, both Democrats and Republicans now holding power have to keep on fighting too.  On Florida’s Treasure Coast, word bubbled up from a staunch Conservative that certain longtime GOP incumbents were in so much fear of losing this last November that they actually went to BLACK CHURCHES to campaign.  Whether this rumor is true, not true, or somewhere in between, shocking enough is its mere mention as a campaign tactic! Another rumor centers on the fear that Tallahassee GOP party hacks had to pull a promised $250,000 from an honest, decent, well qualified newcomer’s race to dump into the Rick Scott battle when the one-time Conservative was being challenged too heavily by another tan man, former Republican Governor, now Democrat Charlie Crist.

Another former Republican turned Democrat, Patrick Murphy, sailed into US Congress again.  Aided by his declaration of being “Catholic,” in spite of his pro-abortion, pro same sex marriage positions, Murphy clearly was helped back into his finance sub-committee seat by the silence of the Palm Beach Diocese’s Bishop and by far left media outlets on the Treasure Coast.  Many Eastern seaboard liberals have made the trek down the I-95 corridor to the Treasure Coast district, and their religious affiliations may become blurred when a propitious political choice becomes imperative. 

Blurred political lines, blurred party affiliations, blurred cross-over supporters are aiding and abetting Uniparty fossils in DC who now recognize the threat they really are under.  Winning America back to her roots is the real reason true Conservatives fight.  And fight they will.  Gheen is asking for Conservatives to go to www.alipac.com to learn how to ramp up their biggest Amnesty fight of all.  Exposing and defeating the Dem-Rep Uniparty members and the sell-out, elected officials in their DC communes, these are also on the Conservatives Honey-Do lists.  For if rumors are true that certain of Florida’s fossilized GOP candidates had to sleep with the enemy to get re-elected, then the quid pro quo relationship of the entrenched parties might just be more necessary—yet in many ways more tenuous– than their media flacks will ever tell you.

SOURCE: (1)  www.alipac.com    Americans for Legal Immigration, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622