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Do we really need a Speaker? Maybe not if the will is there

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Discharge petitions could be the answer to the impasse in the matter of a new House Speaker.

I don’t much care for the current Speaker of the House John Boehner. If you are reading this, chances are you feel the same way. This said, we should acknowledge that our dislike for Boehner, while currently personal, has its origins in his lies and disregard for our wishes regarding illegal alien control, Obamacare and the passage of a federal budget.

A layman’s review of whether or not the House can actually function without a Speaker reveals that doing so is pretty much foreclosed. The road to steering around the Speaker to get things done in the House has been purposely land-mined.

The politicians of both Parties have made the House Speaker position more indispensable then the federal budget! The weasels in Congress have replaced a federal budget, which is required by the Constitution, with “Continuing Resolutions.” They keep on borrowing and spending America into the poorhouse so the Uniparty can keep on buying votes; but no Speaker means no business conducted.

The “Catch -22” here is that there are ways to conduct House business by bypassing the Speaker, but each has effectively been blocked because they require 218 votes–the same number needed to elect a new Speaker in the first place. If the 218 votes were there, the conservatives could elect a Speaker and get on with saving America.

So what to do?

We don’t have to ask the RINOs to vote for a new Speaker they don’t want and can’t explain supporting. We ask them to vote for the bills we want passed that they have supported before.

We could try pinning down the frauds in the House who have made “show business” votes in support of using the power of the purse to gut Obamacare. This time, however, we could ask them to vote for a bill they have supported before that has been enhanced with actual teeth.

They could be called out to pass a genuine, anti-illegal alien bill that would actually be helpful; and a budget that means something.

These goals could perhaps be achieved with discharge petitions that could possibly get the necessary 218 votes on a bill by bill basis.

This might work. To those people who are concerned about not shutting down the government we could say, “Hey just vote for these important bills and you can keep Boehner.”

It is one thing to defend Boehner next spring in a primary, but quite another to defend voting wrong when given a chance to actually get the business of the House up and running.

Failing in this: Who would be holding up the business of the American people?

Cui bono? The Romans had a phrase for what is happening in the House

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A recent political cartoon showed a group of “Republican” elephants standing around a body marked, “Boehner” with multiple arrows in its back. One asks, “What now?” A second responds, “Maybe we should have thought this through first.”

In just eight words, without realizing it, the propagandist who created the cartoon has epitomized the problem with the Uniparty rule of government. These enemies of freedom just don’t get it.

When John Boehner resigned as Speaker he did not do so willingly. As an apparatchik for the Uniparty’s control of our lives, his job was to bludgeon Americans into accepting unlimited numbers of illegal aliens and enable Barack Obama to destroy what is left of   our nation. He failed for a very simple reason: We have had enough lies and broken promises.

Americans went to the polls in two successive mid-term elections and handed power to a cabal of liars whose smug contempt for Americans has finally caught up to them.

So as the ancient Romans would ask, “Cui bono?” or “Who benefits?” in all of this. It is said that the truth will always come out, and now it has.

We need look no further than at those who are NOT benefitting by Boehner’s resignation to see cui bono. Democrats were at first apprehensive about whether the Republican wing of the Uniparty could come through. They were temporarily buoyed by the announcement from their media propagandists that Kevin McCarthy, Boehner’s chief yes man, was all but assured to get the Speakership. They rested easy that the conservatives had been defeated and things could go back to business as usual.

Enter cui bono again. McCarthy backed out because being Speaker  wasn’t going to “benefit” him.

Congressional sellouts like Peter King from New York lamented that the House is now a “Banana Republic,” an interesting comment considering the fact that Boehner cancelled the election when his man dropped out, a move which is VERY Banana Republic-like.

Enter fake “conservative” Paul Ryan, a potential nominee who would make the no borders crowd dance in the aisles. Cui bono? One of the first House members to jump for joy was Luis Gutiérrez, the self-appointed head of the Illegal Alien Caucus. Cui bono? That’s pretty obvious; Ryan is an amnesty crowd lapdog.

Now Ryan is saying “No” because it won’t benefit him.

The statists, GOPe, media and the Uniparty are all upset about this turmoil because the answer to the cui bono in the House is: WE THE PEOPLE benefit and they don’t like it.

So Did McCarthy Bug Out Because of a Girl or Conservatives?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Let’s look at the Kevin thing realistically. So the guy balked. Walter Jones (R-NC) sent around a generic letter to a select few influential House voters saying in effect, “Watch It, Guys.” “Generic” meaning he, a seasoned politico, knew to use common nouns, not Proper nouns in grammar speak, to avoid letting the masses in on a secret that allegedly the insiders have known for months. Gasp, here, take a deep breath. Those of you on oxygen, are your tanks engaged? Walter Jones was channeling the Robert Livingston extra marital affair; the Newt Gringrich extra-curricular activities that now are his beloved wife Callista; the notion that, gasp, Republican lawmakers may have sex. When Kevin McCarthy stunned the universe with his “I Won’t Go There” proclamation, he put out in the open the notion that at least, traditional sex may be right. Drudge was up with a link that I just couldn’t go with because I could not substantiate the tip.

I called up D.C. and left a message with an “Adam,” (pertinent) asking is there something going on between Nurse Renee and Leader McCarthy? A sweet sounding, but angry press spokeswoman called me back to assure me nothing was happening; how low can someone go to even suggest that Nurse Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Speaker McCarthy were, maybe, knowledgeable of each other in the biblical sense. I just couldn’t go with the story because I couldn’t substantiate it. And I’m glad I said nothing. Years ago, an editor, one of many I’ve had, said, “When in doubt, don’t.” I took his advice.

Now comes this positively jaw dropping quote. “An internet address originating from the Department of Homeland Security was tied to entries made on the Wikipedia pages of North Carolina Representative Renee Ellmers and CA Rep. Kevin McCarthy, alleging that the two Republicans were having an affair…It is unclear if someone at the federal agency was behind the edits…But both changes -McCarthy’s & Ellmers’s-show that a user at the IP address made them on Thursday. That address comes from DHS’ offices in Springfield, VA.”

So let’s take an honest look at the complete media frenzy meltdown over “the inability of the Republicans to govern.” An MSNBC younger type male wearing those academic looking glasses, asked Anthony, “Carlos, the tweeter” Weiner about these Republicans. Of course, the lib/Dem, disgraced spouse of Hillary Clinton’s top “Aide,” chortled about how the Dems can caucus, can get legislation passed, etc, baloney. Alan Grayson (D-Fl)–now in a hot race with Patrick Murphy (D-FL) for that state’s Senatorial seat–got some zingers off as only he can do. Grayson, at last reports, was engaged in a heated divorce battle with his wife whom he called a “Gold Digger.” The couple have five children. Murphy did a number on war hero Allen West whose campaign put up a side by side picture of West getting ready to deploy to the war zone while Murphy was busted for a gay bar fight in Miami’s SoBe scene. How much media traction do you think either of these stories gleaned?

The leftist Media hordes explained away President Bill “thong-gazer” Clinton’s Oval Office antics with “Hey, He’s Just a Man,” until the smell even caused dust mites to flee presidential rooms.

And what about all of the web flames concerning our current Democratic Commander in Chief? Just a cliq on the National ENQUIRER can bring up Obama leering down the dress of a young admirer. However, the sponge-in-the-brain malpractice lawsuit against Republican candidate and neurosurgeon Ben Carson may gain more traction because, allegedly, the news outlet shares the same attorney with Miss Hillary! How many panel discussions have you seen our mainstream media give to the interview Drudge had with www.infowars.com Alex Jones when they talked about Democratic sex? Keep looking and listening. If President Hillary’s red phone rang at 3 AM, would Huma pick up? Huma, of those close family ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

OK, so McCarthy balked. He had the good sense to realize Boehner light was not going to cut it and he bugged out. Say what you want about the Conservative caucus. Finally, we’ve gotten through to the filth that is D.C. We’ve got clout and we aim to use it.

The Media are the ones coming late to this party, however. Watching McCarthy fluff his air blown hair just before urging his pretty wife and two children to flank him at the podium’s firing squad was the Conservatives’ “Ah Hah” moment. D.C. has finally gotten the message that we little people, the lowly voters that have paid for your crap all of these years are mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. Media, you lose; Donald Trump, you may have just gotten elected!

The Death-Dealing Penumbra of John Boehner and Harry Blackmun

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As the moon floated free of the earth at 12:30 a.m. on Monday, September 28, a magnificent emanating penumbra encircled the reflected light that gives human life its subjective zen. The quiet reflection of this huge blood moon, however, showed no banner across its face declaring, “America, it’s OK to kill your innocent babies. Do you care about their blood?” The emanating penumbra   

Justice Harry Blackmun
Justice Harry Blackmun

that Justice Harry Blackmun saw back in 1973, a penumbra that he himself created out of whole cloth, was a false, cruel, baby killing penumbra. This week’s blood moon was clear, bright, beautiful, but stained with the innocent blood spilled from the bodies of helpless American infants; infants whose very lives were crushed by the hard, cruel hands of their abortionists. A staggering total of 57,762,169 babies have been aborted since Blackmun’s horror came down.  Innocent human beings who never will see the moon’s reflected light, nor the sun’s bright light.

“He’s still alive,” an abortion room medical attendant said. The selling of human baby parts becomes more valuable for the Planned Parenthood baby killing industry as each part can be harvested intact, hence, the efforts by the abortionists to nudge slightly their abortion procedures to maintain both death andPLANNED PARENTHOOD LOONS wholeness at the same time. Hey, money talks, even in the halls of abortionists. Horrific images revealed by Center for Medical Progress’s undercover photos exposed what happens in these clinics on the cold, steel of abortion tables. Better body parts bring the abortion industry more money, for sure. What is worse? Well, maybe this week’s machinations in Congress to keep funding Planned Parenthood with a Continuing Resolution; a deal cut by outgoing Speaker John Boehner with his Democrat counterparts and, of course, willing Rinos. Of course everything here is alleged only! We may never know if, in fact, Boehner has crafted such a deal with the other side, in order to “Preserve the Institution.”

But what about those innocent babies? What about all of those Black babies being aborted at an estimated 4 to 1 ratio of the country’s total population? What was Blackmun thinking when he saw this penumbra? As the Black population is about 13% of America’s total 300,000 million demographic, this segment’s babies are being killed at existential levels. But America’s corrupt media say nothing, nothing, nothing! Why does Planned   MARGARET SANGER PLANNED PARENTHOOD Parenthood build large abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods? PP is a core Democrat voting coalition to which many nationwide charities direct their employees’ donations. How come our dishonest Media types show us horrific images of dogs, cats being abused, yet maintain 42 years of news blackouts about abortion’s horrid truths?

What have we become as a nation when the American people remain silent as innocent babies are being killed because way back in 1973, a robed tyrant saw a penumbra that didn’t exist? SCOTUS says, “I will let you kill.” Christianity and Catholicism were on    display a lot this past week. Not on display were pictures of those aborted babies, images of body parts for sale, imagesPLANNED PARENTHOOD of their blood being washed down abortion room sinks into America’s water supply, into our rivers, our oceans, out under the seas of moonlight.

Dear John Boehner, just go now, this week. Flee the scene, slip out the back, Jack. Get out of D.C.. Give up your institutionalized, Uniparty machinations to continue the funding of Planned Parenthood. Kick the same funding can down the street right up to our Christmas holidays.

But Americans want your replacement to let our babies live and to hell with your Institutions. We want the problem solved now, not right before another Christian holiday fraught with yet again the Continuing Resolution crunch! We want a new, different, better America, NOW!

Is Rep. Kevin McCarthy-John Boehner’s likely replacement-a RINO, moderate, sell-out or Stand-Up Guy?

By Doug Book, editor

After years of being frustrated by a spineless, weepy sell-out, conservatives are hardly looking forward to replacing House Speaker John Boehner with House Speaker John Boehner. Heading into the 2014 election, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor 

Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy.
Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy.

was looked upon as the sure thing replacement for Speaker Boehner who, according to an aide, was quietly hoping to step down. But Congressman Cantor became ex-Congressman Cantor after a stunning primary loss to Tea Party favorite, Dave Brat. 

Current Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is the sole remaining member of the Republican Party triumvirate which had been vaulted to power in the historic, electoral massacre of 2010. Cantor was thrown out, Boehner has been forced out and McCarthy is the apparent odds-on favorite to be the next Speaker of the House.  

Rep Kevin McCarthy
Rep Kevin McCarthy

So who is Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California’s 23rd district? Time Magazine writes, “McCarthy’s natural role is to bring people in and have them make decisions—rather than dictating.” John Boehner   made no small number of enemies by marginalizing House   conservatives and their frequent objections to his willingness to surrender to Barack Obama. Thanks to a reputation for displays of respect rather than contempt, many believe McCarthy has enough support, even among House conservatives to become the next Speaker.

Committed representatives of the GOP establishment have not exactly been looked upon with favor by conservatives during the past several years, especially given the public hostility with which Tea Party members-the very base of the Party-have been treated by the likes of Mitch McConnell and, yes, John Boehner. And no   BOEHNER AND MCCONNELL small number of conservatives believe McCarthy will be “as bad or worse” than the Speaker he may replace.

“McCarthy is like Boehner in all the wrong ways,” writes Debbie Schlussel on America, Conservative2Conservative. “He is a RINO amnesty supporter and friend of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, leader of the tech sector’s amnesty push via FWD.” Schlussel   continues with: “Take a look at McCarthy’s rating from Heritage Action For America. He voted conservative only 63% of the time in  the past year and 53% over his lifetime in the House (that’s only   half the time!). And he’s BOEHNER AND MCCARTHYdependent upon large donations from Silicon Valley amnesty pimps…” “And this is better than Boehner, how?”

Coach is Right contributor and staff writer Jerry Todd, has “…known Kevin [McCarthy] from a distance since he was a boy playing junior baseball with my son, Sean.”

Jerry writes of McCarthy: “This past week, he [McCarthy] hosted my Pastor to the Papal visit as his guest. The Monsignor is sadly one of few Republican Catholic clergy and considered one of the most influential men in Kevin’s District. Kevin is definitely pro-life. His positions on “amnesty” whatever that is, reflect the huge Hispanic population of his District. Over the last 2 years I’ve been advocating a civics education for the new rich Silicon Valley types like Zuckerberg and Musk. They’re definitely victims of California’s infamous progressive arrogance and could be turned. Pelosi and   MCCARTHY KEVIN 2 Obama haven’t been much good for them or their Democratic loyalty. Maybe Kevin will get us a shot at them.”

“Kevin McCarthy would make an excellent Speaker,” said John Boehner after announcing he would resign from the House.

“Kevin McCarthy, Boehner’s likely successor, is Boehner minus the fake tan and genuine crybaby tears,” writes Debbie Schlussel for Conervative2Conservative.

“Kevin is a master at raising money and selecting candidates for the party,” says Jerry Todd. “We have much more to consider than Kevin’s RINO status per Heritage, et al. I’ve never been able to figure out Heritage myself.”

Who is Kevin McCarthy? One thing seems certain; should the California congressman be made Speaker of the House by his Republican peers, any tendency to cuddle up with Barack Hussein will result in a wail of historic proportions, both from betrayed conservatives on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation’s red states.