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Why refusing to yield to Republicans and their Democrat buddies is the only choice for conservatives

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The conventional “wisdom” is that this year’s elections will see the Republicans gaining seats in the House and retaking the Senate. This is a lovely thought but nowhere near reality. The forces who will wage war to save the Democrats’ hold on the Senate and reduce, if not totally erase, the Republican margin in Congress are too formidable. It is time we recognized this fact.

We conservatives can win both chambers of Congress in a tough clean fair fight, but the 2014 elections will be nothing of the sort. We can beat a cabal of the RNC, DNC, Koch brothers, the media the White House and the Chamber of Commerce, but we can’t beat them when they add 30 million illegal aliens who will be granted amnesty by John Boehner.

Over the history of our nation we have suffered grievous defeats that left us reeling and gasping for air. At the Alamo, American forces fought well and hard but were ultimately overwhelmed and slaughtered. Had the circumstances allowed a more even distribution of forces we would have won, but we didn’t.

This year’s elections will be another Alamo. Conservatives (myself included) will fight like cornered tigers to save America. We will be laughed at and belittled by the Republican Party and its allies in the DNC and the Chamber of Commerce, but when the shock troops start pouring over the southern border we will eventually end up with a government totally governed by Democrats who hate America.

If we lose, even if we go down fighting, phonies like Karl Rove and the rest of them will say the TEA party philosophy was the reason we lost our American freedoms as he laughs all the way to the bank.

We conservatives will certainly lose America if we stay home, but in so many districts the Republican is barely more palatable than the Democrat – so what to do?  Each of us will have to follow his/her own heart and principles next November. All I can say is fight hard in your own way so you can look your children and grandchildren in the eyes when they ask what you did to try to revive and renew the old America.

Could this be the end of Boehner’s Speakership?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

 John Boehner is often a difficult man to figure out. Sometimes he seems to want to lead the fight to restore America’s greatness; but other times he seems hell bent on destroying what is left of America and the Republican Party. This ambiguity has placed a cloud over his reelection as Speaker.

His biggest problem is he just doesn’t want to give up on his dearly held dream of granting amnesty to illegal aliens. He and his sidekicks, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy have made an art form of ignoring their base in favor of people who will be happy to accept amnesty so they can become reliable Democrat voters.   

Earlier this year the demands of rank and file conservative Republicans were able to get these people to shut up about amnesty and the issue apparently faded away.  Nevertheless, the anger over the arrogance of this crowd’s “Shut up, we know better than you do,” attitude has not subsided.

The Republicans are in little danger of losing control of the House. Regardless of how much unrest there is among the GOP’s base, the Democrats are so damaged by Obama and Obamacare they have virtually no hope of regaining the House.

 The question has become which Republican will be Speaker next January.

Given what is in the air,  Boehner’s reelection as Speaker is not a sure thing.        

The grumblings against him have grown louder and more widespread.

Consider what Jeff Duncan a South Carolina Republican House member has had to say: “My sense at the present time that the Speaker doesn’t have the support of the conference.”  One of his colleagues estimates that 40 Republican lawmakers would vote against Boehner on the floor and says “I’ve seen a running total.” Trouble could be brewing for Boehner. 

Cantor, a Boehner “Yes Man” from Virginia looks like he thinks he will merely step up, take his boss’s place and continue the same old, same old. He could be very wrong. If Boehner is not strong enough to hold on himself, his “Mini Me” probably won’t have enough strength to take the reins on his own.

Although it has quickly faded from the stage, Scott Wagner’s recent huge upset in a special election for a Pennsylvania State Senate seat does change things.  Wagner a conservative with TEA party backing, crushed the establishment’s handpicked candidate using a write-in campaign!

Unless things change, Boehner and his supporters could be in for a rough first day of  work next January.  



Are Boehner and Ryan trying to be too cute by half on amnesty?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Republican immigration plan we are to believe has always been in place for about a year contains this sentence, “There will be no special path to citizenship for individuals who broke our nation’s immigration laws – that would be unfair to those immigrants who have played by the rules and harmful to promoting the rule of law.”

Their one page position paper on “immigration reform” which was put together a long time ago, so we have been told, was never going to grant amnesty, so we have been told. The Republican leaders are now trying to sell us the story that the poison pill of no amnesty and no voting rights for those here illegally was always what they intended to present. To believe this you must believe that this document, which floated around Washington for several months, was the only major document since the Manhattan Project that was not leaked in its entirety.

What’s more believable is that because they have had the phone lines set on fire with calls demanding no amnesty, and John Boehner and Paul Ryan HAD to try to float the implied story that all of this was always a Rope-A-Dope of the Democrats to box them in on the issue. They’re telling us, “We snookered the Donkeys this time because we let them believe we were for amnesty but we never were. They’ll never vote for this and we can blame them for amnesty’s failure.” 

According to their happy face version of things, the Lincoln Day dinners across the country should be packed with formerly nervous rank and file Republicans saying things like, “I knew it all along,” “I knew Paul Ryan was a stand-up guy and had some secret plan,” or “They really understood all the time, they knew what they were doing.”

It is very doubtful this will happen.

It is simply not credible to believe that this was the plan from the start. Washington is way too porous to believe this.  So what is the explanation of all of this?

Boehner and his pals wanted to do everything we thought they wanted to do. They wanted to sell us out to the Chamber of Commerce and use its money to squeeze out TEA party movement candidates so they could run the House as a RINO plantation; but they didn’t figure on our fury.

They underestimated us; keep the phones and Emails coming. We will not hear about them since the media won’t report them, but something made the GOPe add the poison pill. I’m betting it was TEA party pressure.

The GOP’s new political adviser Chuckie Schumer outlines how to kill the TEA Party for his BFFs

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Every member of John Boehner’s “Destroy America Wrecking Crew” has an assignment. Democrat Senator and “good buddy” of all Republicans, Chuckie Schumer’s job is to attack the TEA party with a psy-ops campaign. 

Suggesting that their good friend Barack Obama should just bypass Congress and destroy what’s left of America with executive orders, Chuckie  has started to act in his capacity as political adviser to the House Republicans.

But as a good Socialist, Schumer didn’t stop there.  Flexing his inner Joseph Goebbels, he suggested the Obama Administration should start emulating Hitler’s Schutzstaffel  and start using the Internal Revenue Service to destroy the TEA party movement. E Chuckie   urged Obama to act so the TEA party movement could be weakened and that opening could be exploited by his House Republican Leadership pals.  

 Using a Goebbels–like approach, the GOP’s new political adviser said Obama should forget about the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen United decision which enables the remaining few rich American patriots to freely bankroll conservative candidates.

Making believe he was worried about a RINO Congress that clearly “will not pass anything legislatively as long as the House of Representative is in Republican control,” Chuckie projected a subliminal message to Republican rank and file voters that they can’t take a chance by nominating conservative candidates who are “unelectable” according to the “experts.”  

Chuckie also threw in a pitch for Democrat voter fraud with his recommendation that the whole country use a primary system “where all voters, members of every party, can vote and the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, then enter a run-off.” Hmmm, now who would benefit from that?

Boehner’s political adviser went on to say, “The Tea Party rank-and-file know it’s a different America. It looks different; it prays different; it works different. This is unsettling and angering to some.” It “works different” Chuckie?

Knowing his Democrat base  are dopes who believe everything and challenge nothing, he wrapped up with a scatter shot of blah blah blah blaming the TEA party movement for everything from Prohibition to the Know Nothings to Father Coughlin and Democrat Huey Long.

In normal times spewing pure hogwash like this would be an embarrassing moment even for a Leftist skunk like Chuckie; but these aren’t normal times are they?

Source: http://freebeacon.com/schumer-calls-for-using-irs-to-curtail-tea-party-activities/?print=1

House Republicans are attempting to fool us with phony investigations to hide their amnesty plans

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

We’ve just heard the third member of the House Republican leadership, California’s Kevin McCarthy acknowledge that he is a supporter of amnesty.  Speaker John Boehner and his imp Eric Cantor have done so on a number of occasions over the past year. These people really seem to believe that they can kowtow to Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and the Chamber of Commerce without suffering the consequences. Of course there will be consequences for them and their Democrat buddies but those consequences will be very different and it’s hard to believe they don’t know it.

The time when we could say they “just don’t get it” is long gone. They “get it” alright and they just don’t give a damn. But until they can spring the trap and stab us in the back they have to do something to blunt the resistance – after all a recent Gallup poll showed only three percentage of respondents thought fixing immigration was the nation’s most pressing issue. They have to put clean restrooms on the trains.

The House leadership seems to have settled on a few calculated diversions designed to turn the eyes of conservatives away from the mobs waiting just on the southern side of our border. They don’t want us to see the destruction of our lives and nation that is coming after their traitorous sell out of our liberties.

They think suiting up in their righteous armor and doing battle with the Left over abortion will help, but they are really sure phony never ending dead end investigations of Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the IRS criminality will get conservatives so worked up that we won’t notice they have sold us out with amnesty.  

What IS infuriating is not that the amoral Democrats would gladly commit murders, as in Fast and Furious and Benghazi and destroy our lives with EPA regulations and IRS investigations; but that the Republicans are actually using these outrageous attacks on our freedoms to divert our attention from their own pending criminal disregard of our Constitution.

In any town where the cops are just as corrupt as the criminals we’re in trouble, but at least we can move. With the Republicans as much our enemies as the Democrats where do we go?  

Sources: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/01/16/3167301/taxpayer-funding-abortion-rape-irs/