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Utah steps up to prevent federal encroachment on 2nd Amendment rights…sort of

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Can state lawmakers legally fine federal officials, even toss them in jail should they attempt to impose Barack Obama’s agenda of gun bans and confiscation on the American people?

Many remember video of lawless New Orleans police as they travelled door to door in the aftermath of Katrina, throwing law abiding citizens to the ground, confiscating their firearms and rendering individuals defenseless at a time when self-defense was all that would separate honest citizens from roving bands of thugs and looters. Such was the outrage of the American public that one year later, the State of Louisiana joined federal lawmakers in banning the confiscation of firearms during declared “emergencies.” (1)

Today, more than a dozen states have “…proposed legislation to either jail federal officials who violate the second amendment or to nullify federal laws to control guns within state borders.” The list of states joining these efforts continues to grow.  (2)

But in Utah of all places, the Republican Chair of the House Judiciary Committee refused to allow such legislation to go forward.  HB 114 was twice “dropped from the agenda” by chairman Kay Mclff as he expressed concern that the “2nd Amendment Preservation Act” might be unconstitutional.

The preamble of the Act “…provides that any federal action that attempts to impose limitations on firearms contrary to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution or laws of the State of Utah, is unenforceable in this state.”  Seems pretty straightforward—no unconstitutional gun laws will be enforced in Utah!  But House legislative staff convinced Mclff that the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause must automatically render any such statute unconstitutional. (3)

Had the timid Mclff not thrown in the towel before the battle was engaged he might have understood that only “th[e] Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof… shall be the supreme law of the land.” (4)

In short, only laws which are made consistent with the powers specially granted the government in the Constitution may be considered “supreme” and therefore take precedence over state statute. Federal laws which infringe on the right to keep and bear arms are clearly not “made in pursuance of” a Constitution which states that the right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed! Obviously such legislation is unconstitutional on its face and may play no part in the Supremacy Clause.

Well on Friday, the Republican committee chair at last permitted a vote on HB 114 and to no one’s surprise it passed 49-17. The Act now travels to the state senate where Republican Senate President Wayne Neiderhauser promises “…to be very cautious with the bill.” (5)

Prior to allowing Friday’s House vote, Kay Mclff made it clear he was loathe to waste money fighting for the 2nd Amendment rights of Utah residents. After all, a suit by the Obama Regime would make for an expensive battle in court. And now, another Republican leader pledges “caution.” 

The people of Utah turned out in droves to offer support for the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, “…reminding committee members of the right to keep and bear arms and the obligation they have to protect that right from the federal government.” (3) Yet Republican leaders in the Republican controlled Utah State Legislature are frightened to death at the thought of fighting for rights which the Founders considered unalienable; God given; rights “which cannot be given away or taken away.” (6)

Americans are primed and ready for a fight with the Democrat Party and its gun grabbing Mufti, Barack Obama. Squeamish Republican “leaders” must NOT fritter away through cowardice the rights which God gave the American people.


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FEMA and the National Guard–working for or against the American public?

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

A nationwide flu outbreak could be a sufficient excuse to call up the National Guard Rapid Response Parallel support module to take control of a “national emergency” with possible declaration of martial law protocols. According to a North Carolina police lieutenant, in some three to six months declarations of martial law could be made throughout the nation.  In a two part radio broadcast aired by a Virginia pastor, Lieutenant McCoy has attracted the attention of more than 20,000 listeners.  “We’re in huge trouble,” he says as he calls up memories of white, granite gravestones all over Europe; gravestones marking the final resting place of veterans who died “for us” during World War II. (1)

Tragically, many of our veterans are now referred to as potential “domestic terrorists” by President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Men who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared “risks” should they choose to purchase a firearm for private use.  A devout Christian, the 31 year lawman tells listeners, “I cry. . .when guns are gone, you won’t be able to worship the Creator. . .gone. . . Freedoms gone.”  (2)

When Katrina made its way through New Orleans leaving portions of the city in ruins, George Bush praised FEMA director Michael Brown, saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” (3) It was an incredible statement given the display of incompetence not only by FEMA, but by federal agencies throughout the bureaucracy. Residents of New York City can attest to the fact that things have not improved given that providing water to victims of Sandy was too complicated a task for federal relief agencies DAYS after the hurricane had passed through the area.

Perhaps it’s time to ask the true purpose of FEMA and other federal agencies.  When the necessity arises, National Guard Units under martial law paradigms will be rolled out for “control of widespread domestic unrest.”  A 2009 report discusses something called a Stability Police Force resembling a hybrid military/ law enforcement entity created “under the guise of controlling domestic riots.”  Use of National Guard units became familiar to residents of New Orleans during the Katrina episode, so citizens may initially not consider it unusual to see guard members serving along with FEMA in these 10 regions. (4)

Executive Orders, “…have been on the books for a half century now, empowering the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take control of everything from public and private communications, energy and transportation to housing and more.” (5) And since 9/11, the president has been given nearly limitless power, permitting officers of the Executive branch to ignore completely the constitutional rights of the American people.

In March of 2012, Barack Obama created Executive Order number 13603, entitled National Defense Resources Preparedness. “In this Executive Order, Obama essentially gave himself the authority to declare Martial Law in times of war or peace.” War OR Peace! No longer will the federal government need the excuse of a disaster to impose its full will and authority on the American public!  (5)

Lieutenant McCoy was right when he observed that “we’re in huge trouble!” The question is, will We the People have the courage to reclaim our constitutional rights?

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Campaign first, everything else can wait

b y Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Taking a break from the campaign and posing for photo-ops with FEMA and other non-players in the recovery effort in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, while insisting that because of his leadership the entire country is behind the recovery efforts.(1) He wanted to show the country that he was taking charge and  told the reporters on hand “There is nothing more important than us getting this right” Doing nothing is not getting it right and that is what this administration is doing while claiming success.

One reporter in a moment of clarity asked Mr. Obama about the fear, suffering, and frustrations of New Yorkers, especially Staten Island. He said nothing and left to resume campaigning in Ohio.


In lessons learned from Katrina FEMA adopted a policy of advanced staging for emergency distribution (6) and all of the martini sipping teacher’s lounge bureaucrats developed a plan. This plan was better than Katrina and like all Ivory tower bureaucratic plans it failed. FEMA didn’t have the supplies do deal with the scope of damage caused by Sandy; they had to break down and requested bids for supplies from the private sector. (Ayn Rand has to be laughing out loud from the grave.) Such failure during a political campaign doesn’t present “good optics.” (4)

Shut up and do something

In trying to inject some common sense in the nightmare of Post Sandy recovery, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal urged the White House and State officials to stop giving speeches and do something, declaring victory while doing nothing will not help the victims of the storm.

They need help, not posturing, government cannot provide security by shutting out the Nation Guard, government cannot feed people with cookies and hot cocoa, and government cannot provide water when they run out. (5) The unions aren’t helping matters by turning away electrical workers from southern states that are far more experienced in hurricane recovery than that the union thugs of New Jersey and New York.

FEMA learned a lesson from the handling of the Gulf Oil Spill, Keep the press away from the real disaster and ignore legitimate complaints and declare it a job well done. Obama will show up every once in a while for photo ops and the press will say progress is being made while people are in a dire situation in the Boroughs (3) Hurricanes are messy and the clean-up are hard but when  idiots are  in charge only makes thing more difficult.

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OWS and TEA Party seeing two ends of an Elephant.

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

My law professor friend is an ardent leftist and Obama supporter. We have exchanged ideas and barbs for over two years. His latest post www.mealsfromthemarketplace.com included in part:

“… the Occupy Wall Street movement might save America from the march toward plutocracy that it has been on for the last thirty years.  Properly understood, the Occupy movement is aimed at reining in the excesses of rampant greed in a corporate-dominated capitalist system that has lost its bearings.”

He liked my comments about capitalism but thought I was obsessing too much on the lack of propriety of the OWS crowd vs. TEA Party gatherings… that we must concentrate on substance. It’s just hard to do when one side is screaming epithets and throwing dung.

Cleanliness does make profound impressions.  I have several profound memories that give credence to my view (as I sit among piles of paper around my desk):

1. I went to a Catholic Conference in Kansas City in 1975. 25,000 in the Chiefs’ stadium. It was my first experience of the crowd amazing the maintenance crew  by leaving the place spotless. All they had to do was empty the trash bins and resupply the restrooms.

2. Katrina where the Saints stadium was left a sewer, except for the Vietnamese community that occupied one area. They opted to let everyone else evacuate first, then left their area spotless.

3. Katrina again where the FEMA trailers were trashed and torn apart by those they were supposed to give shelter in emergencies beyond one hurricane.

4. BHO’s inauguration where the Capitol Mall cleanup required hundreds of truckloads to haul away the leavings.

5. UNLV commencement where my Goddaughter got her Masters in Theater Arts. The faculty (they were introduced) not robed for the stage ceremonies slogged in dressed like pigs instead of making the day special for their charges.

6. Every TEA Party gathering, especially the half million plus on 8/28/10 Capitol Mall where the grounds are always left cleaner than when they arrived. (Says something about SEIU entitlement-type employees!)

It’s a question of character and ownership – the solidarity of “e pluribus unum.” Just as BHO could have been a great motivator for minority (especially black) youth, OWS leaders could use the opportunity for some basic training in propriety demonstrators obviously missed in their upbringing and exposure to the education process. Apparently millions spent on anti-litter campaigns and laws fails to cut it.

 I’ll never forget 1958 when my U/Illinois college buddy convinced me to come to CA. He owned several rental houses, including renting to several physicists from Purdue in one house in Canoga Park. We dropped in one day to check the house; 104 piles of dog shit (he counted them) and beds that were slept on without benefit of mattress pads or sheets for over a year. We won’t discuss the kitchen.

We still have strict courtroom etiquette; why not take the opportunity to expand that to society in general? This could be a great year!

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This day in history January 3

1933: Republican Minnie D. Craig is voted the first female Speaker of a state  House of Representatives in America when she is elected Speaker of the North Dakota House of Representatives.  

 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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