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Illinois: a Democrat Party paradise of unions and crime

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The restoration of the University of Illinois’ iconic Alma Mater statue in April of this year comes with very mixed emotions.  After undergoing a $300,000, two year restoration effort, our academic mother rests on her pedestal, arms outstretched once again welcoming us to Wright and Green Streets.  But haven’t our university and other Illinois colleges and universities really made Illini citizens the children of cobblers who have no shoes?  How can the state with such a proud academic and medical reputation be in such horrific disarray?  Reading the most recent alumni magazine is disconcerting.

“Blue Waters supercomputer on the Urbana campus (University of Illinois) is so fast that in one second it can run the same number of calculations that a human with a calculator would require 32 MILLION years to do.” (1)  “Such power allows measurement-intensive modeling of complex systems of all kinds, from virus cells to hurricanes…”   Yet, such academic prowess can’t or won’t figure out how to fix the abject dysfunction of Chicago, America’s number one city per capita in killings, murder, violence, shootings, and pure misery for many neighborhoods.

Consider the terrible contrast between the proposed Digital Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute and the third world violence zones that allow citizens to live in fear and misery 24/7!  Less than a three hour drive separates the two vastly different realities. “Unless we have economic rebirth in our state, our children are going to seek jobs and careers elsewhere,” says Chris Kennedy, UI Board of Trustees Chairman.  YOU THINK?  If they manage to survive, that is.

An Email I received at about the same time as the Illini Alumni Magazine states the following about Illinois and Cook County:

“State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, WORST IN COUNTRY.  Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25%, HIGHEST IN COUNTRY. Four former governors in jail, MOST IN COUNTRY!  This astounding paragraph in the anonymous Email goes on: “Perhaps the US should pull out of Chicago.  Body count: in the last six months, 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago.  221 killed in Iraq.  AND, Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US.” (2)

How can a State worthy of international recognition for astounding research and development in the fields of space, medical research, engineering and digital excellence and mathematical acclaim have such a glaring negative sum with its soft subject offerings?  How can ruin, crime and bankruptcy plague Chicago’s urban population while state universities achieve international renown in hard subject studies?  

One answer here: Political Correctness is killing Illinois!  Silly curriculum offerings present sex week, encouraging nubile young people to enjoy a week of sex, lies, and videotape on the student debt dime. But few participants can recite—let alone comprehend– the evil speech of Shakespeare’s Iago who used his cunning and brilliant intellect to harm his fellows, rather than help, as former Illinois students once were taught.  Refusing to require competency in the greatness of Classic Literature (perhaps written by old white guys) is turning out computer freaks without moral imperatives.

The anonymous Email goes on to pound the Springfield legislature that is All Democrat, All of the Time.  “There are more people on welfare in Illinois than there are people working.  Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers of anywhere else in the US averaging $110,000 a year.  Their pensions average 80-90% of their incomes.” (3)  Many teacher union dues donations go straight into Democrat party coffers; the “contributions” coming right off of the top of paychecks, btw. A researcher with ties to Urbana years ago went on to document how many state officials and politicians have done jail time over the years.

We know that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is destroying our country. And since we have to admit this horror has a death grip on Illinois’ academic community, may we also deduce that PC is the reason for Illinois’ severe decline?  What is wrong with a blinkered mentality that fosters such futuristic development yet foments such third world decay and violence?  The failure rests, I submit, with the once proud Journalistic tradition that taught students how to hold politicians accountable.  Is it true that over 80% of reporters and editors vote Democrat, supporting the Party and its ideology?  Have we forgotten how to write unbiased news stories?

For to praise each other for digital futurism yet fail to recognize academia’s pyrrhic victories is for naught.  Is my anonymous Email any emptier than academia’s self-aggrandizement?


(1) ILLINOIS, Vol. 26, issue 4, University of Illinois Alumni Association, Summer 2014, pg. 34
(2) (3) Anonymous Email sent to me by my Illinois relatives.

A fool and his money are soon parted; Newark takes snarky mega rich fool Suckerberg for a ride

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
As the old saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Four years ago we saw the “fool and his money…” play out with a great flourish on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Oprah did a show telling us what a great guy Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire owner of Facebook is for pledging to donate $100 million to the City of Newark. Zuckerberg naively believed the money would be used to improve Newark’s school system.  Of course the then mayor of Newark Cory Booker was only too happy to take this White Liberal sucker’s money to complete the “..are soon parted,” part.

Newark is a pit of corruption masquerading as a city. It is a typical Democrat crime ridden union run town where those who seek to do anything on a large scale must first yield to the will of local “machine.”
Zuckerberg’s plan was to donate to match gifts from other suckers so they could all feel good about themselves.  Zuckerberg (or should that be Suckerberg?) made his first donations in hopes that the money would somehow buy him absolution for the imagined guilt he felt for having such a huge fortune at such a young age. Not surprisingly the money went into union contract sweeteners.

Consultant fees, another Democrat tool for stealing grant money, ate up most of the rest of his “offering” to the gods of liberalism.

It is now four years since Zuckerberg’s genuflection and not much has happened except the transfer of some of his money to a system built to protect union contracts at the expense of Newark’s school children.

His initial twenty million dollar donation is gone because, among other reasons, Zuckerberg thought his skills with a computer would easily transfer to being a brilliant philanthropist. He thought just giving the sharks the money directly would circumvent any “meddlesome” governmental oversight presumably by mean conservatives.  The money did go directly into union and consultant pockets as Suckerberg planned, but because he helped circumvent oversight, the money has never been seen again. 

Since this ploy to buy a seat at the big liberal “table” has failed Zuckerberg has moved on to a new cause. He sponsors conservative sounding ads designed to trick people into supporting amnesty. Since he is not as smart as he thinks he is, he is being taken for a ride by the amnesty crowd. He’s apparently not smart enough to understand the people listening to his spots on conservative talk radio programs aren’t buying his act. He will have to keep looking for his absolution.

Maybe he can ask Jesse Jackson to take some of his money to promote “Reparations.” 

A fool and his money are soon parted.      

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2627858/Mark-Zuckerbergs-100million-gift-Newark-public-schools-spent-students-arent-getting-better-education.html

With Democrats and unions out of the way Detroit could be America’s first truly Chinese city

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Now that Detroit has been sucked dry by Democrat criminality and union greed, the Chinese are eager to become America’s new wave of “homesteaders.”

As Detroit continues to crumble and disappear in its current form a “Chinese Phoenix” may be rising out of the ashes. Chinese buyers are scooping up dilapidated homes throughout the once great Motor City in hopes of turning the town into a “little Beijing.”    

The question here becomes: How is this happening? The governor of Michigan, Republican Rick Snyder, has already made a formal request to Obama’s Homeland Security for 50,000 special immigration visas to accommodate the expected wave of Chinese settlers who will rebuild Detroit. These special visas will be given to professionals who agree to live and work in Detroit. We have done this before.

During the 19th century we opened territories such as Oklahoma and made specific overtures to Germans will to populate North Dakota and even changed the name of its largest city to Bismarck to attract them.         

Because the Democrats and unions are no longer interested in Detroit this bold step could only be taken by a Republican. Governor Snyder is doing whatever he has to including looking overseas to Asia for help in saving the Motor City. He is making his pitch to employers who will invest at least $500,000 and employ at least ten workers in Detroit.   

A bottom line businessman before entering politics Snyder knows the “gone forever” auto manufacturing industry can no longer be looked to for a way to turn Detroit around.

Once Detroit hit rock bottom and became the largest America city to announce it was bankrupt, wealthy Chinese businessmen have viewed the city as a rare opportunity to become a part of the American economy, one they believe in enough to pour their fortunes into. They are buying properties in the Motor City sight unseen because they are seeing the potential returns they will enjoy from a revitalized Detroit.

Realtors representing Detroit property owners desparate to escape the city’s continuing collapse, are regularly receiving calls from Chinese buyers saying ‘I’m serious—I wanna buy 100, 200 properties,’ ‘We don’t need to see them. Just pick the good ones.’”

Great things can still happen in America when we push Democrats and unions out of the way. Those looking at us from overseas seem to have more faith in America than many people here – what a sad state of affairs Democrats and unions have brought about.

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-06/will-detroit-be-first-major-chinese-city-united-states

Two more reminders unions and liberals are bottom feeding lowlifes

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Unions will extort disabled people; MoveOn.org will support Boko Haram.

Unions and liberals make our world a little less livable every time they get a chance. Here are two stories that remind us of the depths these people will sink to in order to have their way.

In Michigan the Service Employees Internal Union (SEIU) has recently seen an 80% decrease in its membership which was triggered as much by its own greed as the terrible economy Barack Obama has given us.

In 2006 the Michigan SEIU was successful in their drive to forcibly unionize family members of disabled people living in their own homes and being cared for in their own homes.  Disguised as “dues” the parents and guardians of severely disabled children were forced to pay a 2.75% extortion fee to the SEIU on every dollar of government provided support money for the home care and feeding of the least able people in Michigan.

The SEIU was able to do this because Michigan’s Democrat controlled state government passed the necessary legislation to facilitate this extortion. The Democrats were only too happy to help these lowlifes steal from families with disabled children because they were getting a kick back in the form of campaign contributions.

Nevertheless, karma has a way of evening things out. In 2012, in no small measure because of the public revolution over these thefts, Republicans regained control of Michigan’s government and the theft was stopped. In total the SEIU stole some $34 million from the weakest of the weak to give to Democrats.

Once compulsory SEIU membership for those caring for loved ones at home was outlawed the bottom dropped out of the SEIU cash register. Since then four of five “members” quit.   

Now that the animals in Boko Haram have been exposed as what they are some research on who has supported them has revealed another example of why liberals are bottom feeding skunks.

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State the liberal weenies at MoveOn.org urged her to ignore the demands of Congress to designate Boko Haram as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).” Even though MoveOn acknowledged these animals have committed vicious crimes against innocent people (they regularly kill Christians which doesn’t count for much to MoveOn) they pleaded with Hillary not to call the Boko Haram a FTO.

Their plea on behalf of terrorists included the argument that calling Boko Haram a FTO goes counter to the opinion of “more than 20 of the top U.S. scholars on Nigeria.”

MoveOn lied, Hillary listened, and thousands of people have died. The Boko Haram animals have kidnapped almost 300 Christian Nigerian school girls who are facing a future of sex slavery or death. All of these loathsome creatures deserve each other but we don’t. 




Get ready for the destruction of college football by organized labor

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Last year, twenty one year old Northwestern University quarterback Kain Colter decided he could “…revolutionize the way collegiate athletes are treated” by forming the first players union in NCAA athletics. A union…”would put the athletes in a position to bargain, to demand things that college athletes have never had before — like stipends, continuing medical coverage after graduation, more concussion testing and even a portion of the profits of the multi-billion dollar windfall created by college football and basketball,” writes CNN reporter Sara Ganim of the benefits players might realize. (1)

On March 26th, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional office in Chicago removed a major impediment preventing players seeking union representation by ruling that Northwestern University is an employer. This makes the approximately 85 players on scholarship university employees, enabling them to organize the first labor union in college athletics. The newly formed union could “…seek representation with the College Athletes Players Association, a first-of-its-kind labor organization, backed by the United Steelworkers.” It was the United Steelworkers that financed the players efforts, paying the legal fees necessary to submit the case to the NLRB.

Of course, the NLRB has always been a misnomer for a group which, thanks to its perpetual anti-employer bias, should have been named simply the National Labor Board. And as the vote was held at the Chicago office under the aegis of the Obama Administration, the outcome was never much in doubt.

And now, look for reporters throughout the nation to follow the lead of Mason Levinson of Bloomberg News who writes: “The 123 schools in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision turned a $1.3 billion profit on $3.2 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ended June 2013, according to data schools submit to the U.S. Department of Education.” (2) Countless similar articles will appear in the liberal media (and sports reporters are some of most decidedly left-leaning) providing accounts of shameless moneygrubbing on the part of colleges and universities wallowing in outrageous profits generated by football and basketball programs yet sharing not one penny with the talented athletes whose abilities and hard work make all of that revenue possible. Sixteen billion dollars was generated by NCAA Division 1 athletics during 2013, writes Mr. Levinson.

But few will mention the enormous expenses faced by college athletic departments or the effects of that little thing known as Title IX which mandates that anything offered males in a university athletic setting must be offered to females as well. Case in point, in 2010, men’s basketball at the University of Florida generated a net profit of $2.2 million dollars. The ladies team lost a net $2.8 million. And Florida’s is far from a unique case.

Of the 228 NCAA, Division 1 athletic departments in the 2011-2012 season, just 23 “generated enough money on their own to cover their expenses.” Sixteen of these schools received subsidies from students, the state or from the school itself! During the 2009-2010 season only 22 of 120 schools playing Division 1 football were profitable. In the previous season, that number was 14. (3)

Yet Bloomberg News writer Levinson makes much of the fact that 123 schools playing NCAA Division 1 football net some $1.3 billion on $3.2 billion in annual revenue. Like most liberals, expenses do not help his agenda along, so they are ignored. 

The NLRB ruling affects only private colleges and universities like Northwestern. IF these athletic programs survive–and that’s a big if–organized labor will have continued its proud history of destruction. And make no mistake, state schools will surely be targeted.

Student athletes “…don’t have a seat at the table,” said Northwestern’s Kain Colter at a recent news conference. (1)

Not to worry, Kain. Soon the table will be gone and no one will have a seat. 


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