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Get ready for the destruction of college football by organized labor

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Last year, twenty one year old Northwestern University quarterback Kain Colter decided he could “…revolutionize the way collegiate athletes are treated” by forming the first players union in NCAA athletics. A union…”would put the athletes in a position to bargain, to demand things that college athletes have never had before — like stipends, continuing medical coverage after graduation, more concussion testing and even a portion of the profits of the multi-billion dollar windfall created by college football and basketball,” writes CNN reporter Sara Ganim of the benefits players might realize. (1)

On March 26th, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional office in Chicago removed a major impediment preventing players seeking union representation by ruling that Northwestern University is an employer. This makes the approximately 85 players on scholarship university employees, enabling them to organize the first labor union in college athletics. The newly formed union could “…seek representation with the College Athletes Players Association, a first-of-its-kind labor organization, backed by the United Steelworkers.” It was the United Steelworkers that financed the players efforts, paying the legal fees necessary to submit the case to the NLRB.

Of course, the NLRB has always been a misnomer for a group which, thanks to its perpetual anti-employer bias, should have been named simply the National Labor Board. And as the vote was held at the Chicago office under the aegis of the Obama Administration, the outcome was never much in doubt.

And now, look for reporters throughout the nation to follow the lead of Mason Levinson of Bloomberg News who writes: “The 123 schools in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision turned a $1.3 billion profit on $3.2 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ended June 2013, according to data schools submit to the U.S. Department of Education.” (2) Countless similar articles will appear in the liberal media (and sports reporters are some of most decidedly left-leaning) providing accounts of shameless moneygrubbing on the part of colleges and universities wallowing in outrageous profits generated by football and basketball programs yet sharing not one penny with the talented athletes whose abilities and hard work make all of that revenue possible. Sixteen billion dollars was generated by NCAA Division 1 athletics during 2013, writes Mr. Levinson.

But few will mention the enormous expenses faced by college athletic departments or the effects of that little thing known as Title IX which mandates that anything offered males in a university athletic setting must be offered to females as well. Case in point, in 2010, men’s basketball at the University of Florida generated a net profit of $2.2 million dollars. The ladies team lost a net $2.8 million. And Florida’s is far from a unique case.

Of the 228 NCAA, Division 1 athletic departments in the 2011-2012 season, just 23 “generated enough money on their own to cover their expenses.” Sixteen of these schools received subsidies from students, the state or from the school itself! During the 2009-2010 season only 22 of 120 schools playing Division 1 football were profitable. In the previous season, that number was 14. (3)

Yet Bloomberg News writer Levinson makes much of the fact that 123 schools playing NCAA Division 1 football net some $1.3 billion on $3.2 billion in annual revenue. Like most liberals, expenses do not help his agenda along, so they are ignored. 

The NLRB ruling affects only private colleges and universities like Northwestern. IF these athletic programs survive–and that’s a big if–organized labor will have continued its proud history of destruction. And make no mistake, state schools will surely be targeted.

Student athletes “…don’t have a seat at the table,” said Northwestern’s Kain Colter at a recent news conference. (1)

Not to worry, Kain. Soon the table will be gone and no one will have a seat. 


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Democrat big minimum wage increases keep the cycle of poverty and enslavement going

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The best explanation of what the Yiddish word “chutzpah” means goes like this: A guy who has just been convicted of killing his parents begs the judge for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.

“Chutzpah” is acting with extreme, barefaced shamelessness.

When it comes to their handling of financial matters Democrats can be classified as acting either in extreme ignorance or with extreme chutzpah. We know Democrats align themselves with job killing unions and champion job killing regulations; but whether they are ignorant of how economies actually work,  just practicing their usual level of chutzpah or a combination of both is always a question.

What is not in question is that Democrat controlled Blue States often have weak economies that lag behind any recovery of the national economy. The low information Democrat voters who live in these states are often trapped in these miserable economies which are carefully manipulated to keep them enslaved to the government.

The Democrats are very skilled at perpetuating the cycle of misery they need to keep voter discipline on their plantations. They provide social programs that insure their voters are addicted to “free stuff” which, as takers, is free to them but paid for by the state’s makers.

Since Democrat unions kill jobs, the majority of their slaves are usually unemployed which is fine with the Democrats since it makes their slaves still more dependent on Democrats. At times, however, even these cynical tricks don’t work because some of their slaves actually want to work. Enter the next trick in the Democrats’ cynical cycle: When forced to face this problem Democrats decree their voters be paid more for the same (or in the case of unionized jobs) less productivity.

They order privately owned businesses to pay employees more per hour. By doing this Democrats create a win-win for themselves. If businesses do pay their workers more Democrats look like heroes. If  a private business cannot continue under Democrat imposed rules and closes or moves out of the state, Democrats get to call them Republicans which is a foul curse word among them and their voters.

Connecticut has just raised its minimum wage from $8.70 to $10.10, not coincidentally the same amount national Democrats want to set as a federal minimum wage. Vermont is contemplating a minimum wage of $12.50 which will break the back of its private employers. Both of these raises will put more people out of work; but Democrats could not care less about that.

They have no heart but lots of chutzpah. Keeping their supporters in poverty and dependence is all they care about.

Sources: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/28/connecticut-passes-nations-highest-minimum-wage/



That snapping sound you hear is the AFL-CIO’s white flag of surrender flying over Dixie

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

When the UAW failed miserably in Chattanooga and was not able to unionize the Volkswagen plant, even with a staked deck, it started a chain reaction and the next domino has fallen. The news that the AFL-CIO has decided to keep its money and not even try to save three Southern Democrat Senators comes as no real shock.

The powerful union reviewed the polls and the political climate in North Carolina, Louisiana and Arkansas and decided backing the Democrats in these states would be throwing good money after bad. The decision left Democratic Senators Mark Pryor in Arkansas, Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, and Kay Hagan in North Carolina on their own with little major union help as they try to hold on to their seats in a region that is increasingly hostile to Democrats, especially those who are backed by unions.

Despite an AFL-CIO spokesman’s attempt to put the best face on the news, his words ring hollow. He said, “Those states are states where we have relatively low union density. I think you’ll see in other battleground Senate states like Michigan, Alaska, [and] Iowa a really vigorous union program.”

The numbers of union workers in the conservative right-to-work South show that while union membership nationwide is at roughly 11.3% of the workforce, in the three states the AFL-CIO is conceding it stands at just 5 percent.

According to available records the three Democrats have received only minimal financial support from labor unions. Pryor has received just $186,000; Landrieu has gotten $166,000 and Hagan’s war chest includes just $74,000. Even in small media markets this is pocket change.

Grasping at straws, the president of Arkansas’s AFL-CIO offered nothing more than a numbers trick when he summed up Mark Pryor’s chances for union volunteers to work for his re-election, “I think if you go back and look at some of the numbers, how close the races are, we say we have 32,000 members but you could say it’s 64,000 because of spouses. I think we can still make an impact, especially doing ground work.”

Taking back America must start with a series of firm initial steps. Forcing Big Labor to run up a white flag over Dixie is an excellent beginning. 

Sources: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/02/24/AFL-CIO-Not-Worth-the-Cost-to-Invest-in-South-for-2014-Elections

They call themselves thugs (Those Helpful Union Guys) and now they face charges of torching a church

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

This is the type of story that gets you nodding your head and saying, “This proves the point.” A federal grand jury has just indicted ten Philadelphia area iron workers and their union for burning down a Quaker church in 2012 because the church was using non-union labor. All of the ten are members of Ironworkers Local 401. They were charged with the arson after an investigation pointed to their guilt. They are so shameless they called themselves THUGS, Those Helpful Union Guys and thought that was funny. Now the joke is on them.

In its press release regarding the indictment the FBI said, “Ironworkers Local 401 [was charged] with allegedly participating in a conspiracy to commit criminal acts of extortion, arson, destruction of property, and assault in order to force construction contractors to hire union ironworkers. Specifically, the indictment charges RICO conspiracy, violent crime in aid of racketeering, three counts of arson, two counts of use of fire to commit a felony, and conspiracy to commit arson. Eight of the 10 individuals named in the indictment are charged with conspiring to use Ironworkers Local 401 as an enterprise to commit criminal acts. It also alleges that business agents would approach construction foremen at targeted work sites and imply or explicitly threaten violence, destruction of property, or other criminal acts unless union members were hired.”

From there the indictment details how the union deceitfully used non-union people to approach the peaceful Quakers in anticipation of an investigation of their criminal activities. The job of these persons was to survey the Philadelphia area and report any non-union jobs being carried out.       

That part of the scheme was described as follows, “The defendants had a network of individuals, friendly to the Ironworkers Local 401, to help identify construction projects and job sites where work was being performed without using Local 401 members.”

This is proof that we are winning the battle to free America’s workers from the extortionist grip of parasitical unions. This is not just persuasion that went a bit too far; it is a pattern of criminality borne of desperation at Labor’s increasingly shrinking influence.  We have them on the run. 



Well THAT didn’t take long; a Federal Judge puts Wisconsin Democrat hack judge in his place

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The party is over, all their bluster ultimately meant nothing; and that’s as it should be.     

It took almost exactly a year to the day, but the party is over for our greedy union thug enemies in Wisconsin. Just last September 14, the gang at the Dailykos oh so gleefully reported that a Democrat hack judge in Madison had ruled the state’s law effectively ending, “.. collective bargaining rights for most public workers” was not constitutional and could not be enforced. Unions, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas ruled, could go on eating their way to the bottom of one public trough after another without coming up for air or being stopped by the taxpayers.        

Oh how happy the union thugs were! But alas that was then and this is now. A kangaroo court has been slapped down by a real judge and the green light is out. All the screaming all the throwing of feces chaining themselves to buildings and assaulting those who wanted to end their extortion racket has gone to naught.  The adults are back in charge and the will of the people must finally be followed.

On Thursday Federal Judge William Conley issued his ruling on the union’s flimsy argument that discontinuing their extortion of the people of Wisconsin was not a violation of their rights to our money. The limits the Wisconsin legislature put on collective bargaining for public employees would stand. Conley wrote, “Whatever rights public employees have to associate and petition their public employers on wages and conditions of employment, this right certainly does not compel the employer to listen.”

The ruling means the thugs can still meet and plot against the taxpayers without further worry. Their 14th Amendment rights are safe and their 1st Amendment rights are secure. They can continue smoking weed in the parking lots of their “workplaces” and shooting pool in union halls during their work days. They no longer get to decide how much they will be paid and what workplace rules they will agree to as a favor to us.

The party is over all their bluster ultimately meant nothing; and that’s as it should be.