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Hollywood anti-Americanism goes way back to the “golden age”; they lied then and will lie now

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Seeing Hollywood side against America is nothing new. Whether the enemies are Islamists or Communists, Tinsel Town’s biggest and brightest stars are there on the front lines and always have been.

The active and passive support Hollywood stars are showing for the Palestinian Liberation Front in its war against Israel is not an aberration but rather what should be expected. People who parrot other people’s words often feel a need to show how independent they are which leads them to comment on the issues of the day.

Nevertheless, saying “America is the greatest country ever conceived,” does not draw the type of attention these egomaniacs crave. Attacking America to show “what independent thinking persons” they are suits their nature much better.

Richard Belzer comes to mind here. He once said he knew more about what was happening in the Iraq War than the soldiers fighting it because “I read twenty newspapers a day.” Apparently Mister Belzer never noticed that the twenty stories about the war he was reading had virtually the same text because they were re-writes of the same original piece. If he had tried a Google key word search he would have learned this is true, but that would have bruised his ego.   

In the immediate post World War II years, Hollywood’s top parrots were “outraged” that their Communist colleagues were actually named as Communists.

“Slander!” “Hitler tactics” and other stupid phrases were thrown around as cover for the truth.

The recent death of Lauren Bacall reminds us that she and her husband Humphrey Bogart were the top stars in a group who were intent upon “righting” the “wrongful” labeling of their clearly Communists friends. They knew them to be good people so obviously the government was wrong. The couple helped form the lofty sounding “Committee For The First Amendment,” and went to Washington to “demand justice.” Don’t they always “demand” something?

Eventually all the Communists were proved to be Communists and the name “Bogart” was found on a list of attendees at a Communist cell meeting.

During a period when America was a Republican country, Bacall and Bogart were proud un-reconstructed Democrats. They were always out of step.     

History has allowed the lie that people like them and a host of others were merely duped into supporting enemies of America. This is difficult to believe.

When the mask is ripped off of the dangerous Islamists who want to destroy Israel, Hollywood’s “independent thinkers” of today will also claim they were “duped,” which will also be difficult to believe.  

The more things change; the more they remain the same.  

Sources :  http://spectator.org/articles/60253/when-bogie-and-bacall-were-duped-hollywood-communists

“Today Show” liberals show they have a child-like view of how the world works

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

One of the dividing lines between liberals and conservatives has always been the understanding of how economics works. Conservatives know how economics works; the force of supply and demand as well the true value of work. Liberals are like children who see the last twenty dollar bill in their mom’s wallet and say “Yippee, we’re rich! Let’s go to McDonald’s.”        

Last week the child-like liberals dropped their “I’m-so-intelligent-because-I’m-on-television” masks and let us see how dumb they really are. Led down the path of stupid is as stupid says, Savannah Guthrie reported that a Minnesota restaurant has added a new line to its receipts which shows how much the customer is paying for the server’s new higher minimum wage. Guthrie explained that to off-set his anticipated $10,000 in new labor costs he had to add the new fee.  

She quoted a Facebook commenter with whom she probably agrees, writing, “Look, if you can’t afford to pay your employees, then you shouldn’t be in business.” Does anyone doubt the commenter fully supports an unworkable minimum wage and probably has never made a payroll in his life?   

In the true liberal tradition of making messes then hiding from their stink, Carson Daly squealed: “I’d rather not know. Hike a cost here or there, get your 35 cents and don’t tell me.”

Then reminding us that liberals expect Makers to always roll over and never complain when they are being fleeced, resident White House pooper, Al Roker led a chorus of bleating with “Because they’ve probably done it other ways without letting you know.” This was followed by “Wise Latina” Natalie Morales saying, “Right. Without clearly stating it on the bill,” and Guthrie’s: “Yeah, all companies do it, right? But they don’t necessarily say [they're doing it].” Each was trying to out “indignant” the next.

Is it any wonder that, with empty headed liberals like these showing us how dumb they are, fewer and fewer people are watching network television?   

Source: http://www.mrc.org/biasalerts/today-hosts-object-restaurant-charging-extra-fee-after-minimum-wage-hike

Reality forces an end to liberal foolishness: Giving away taxpayer provided laptops in Hoboken doesn’t work

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It took five years of pouring our money down a drain to finally prove to New Jersey liberals that it is not a smart idea to give laptops to seventh, eighth and ninth grade students to take home and use as they wish.  It is amazing but true that people who work with children of  middle school age don’t understand that kids will be… well kids, and they will generally not respect what is given to them by government.

Five years ago the school system in Hoboken New Jersey gave out government (read taxpayer paid for) laptops to children who saw them as “toys” and treated them as reverently as the books they were issued on the first day of school.  The district’s computer network specialist said “half a dozen kids in a day, on a regular basis, bringing laptops down, going ‘my books fell on top of it, somebody sat on it, I dropped it. We bought laptops that had reinforced hard-shell cases so that we could try to offset some of the damage these kids were going to do. [But] I was pretty impressed with some of the damage they did anyway. Some of the laptops would come back to us completely destroyed.”

Over the five year experiment with our money, (a federal grant funded it) the specialist said he found computers were loaded with “viruses, cracked screens, and dead batteries.” Many others were reported as stolen, and in fact he “spent much of his time filing police reports and testifying in court.”

While these problems were to be expected, what seems to have caught the liberals in Hoboken by surprise was that pornography games and Facebook were found on the returned laptops.

Among the other problems these “expert” educators experienced was that strangers would walk in to schools and use the Wi-Fi connections thereby disrupting any chance of constructive use of the machines they put in the hands of children.

The next stop for our laptops is the recycle process so the school district can recover some of the grant money they squandered.

There is no indication how much of our money these laptops cost us. But then, why should there be? To these people we only get to pay the bills, not question the expenditures.

While this is only one school district, Hoboken’s experiment with our money raises the question: How many more districts have done this same thing? We’ll never know.     


Obama’s plan is to force a wedge between actual Christians and their Church leaders

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Barack Obama came out, as it were, for Gay “marriage” he forced adherent Black Christians to eat a plate of dirt. On the one hand they are strongly anti-Gay which certainly extends to being furiously anti-Gay “marriage;” and on the other hand besides worshiping God they worship Barack Obama. They were briefly caught in a dilemma: should they obey God or Obama? Of course God was forced to wait outside of the polling places and Blacks voted for their Messiah anyway. They knuckled under and accepted the plate of dirt.

Having seen this formula work with Black Christians, Obama is now trying the same thing against White Christians especially Catholics. He is working behind the scenes to enlist the help of Catholic bishops to help with the flood of illegal alien children streaming over the southern border. He wants to force a wedge between the people in the pews and their leaders and force churches to use their money and prestige to avoid being “embarrassed” for not acting in a way that liberals imagine Christians should act.  

So far Christian pastors from Churches along the southern border are willingly marching down the road to deceit. They have tried to minister to the illegal alien children but have thus far been turned away. Clearly Obama is hiding something in the shelters these people are being warehoused in.

The idea here is to make the situation so terrible that decent people will throw up their hands and say, Okay let them stay; give them welfare, send them to school, give them driver’s licenses and yes register them as Democrats. Just don’t let them die in these government maintained concentration camps.

This will trick groups like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops into spending money it doesn’t really have and defending ill-conceived social programs that will surely chase more Catholics away. This plays into Obama’s hands by weakening a major enemy of Obama and strengthening a core constituency – poor Hispanics.     

This is the plan and sadly it will work unless we fight it like the country’s survival depends on our victory. Because it does.             

Following Obama’s policies, Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki has killed our veterans

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Barack Obama is on record as being “furious” over the needless deaths in Veteran’s Administration hospitals. He’s not “furious” because he loves veterans, to the contrary, Barack Obama is “furious” at being been caught in yet another lie.

By his own admission Obama knew there were problems in the VA in 2007.  In 2008 even before he first took office, Obama was made aware of the problems in the VA hospital system. His response was to appoint Eric Shinseki whose only qualification was that he is “America’s first Asian American four star general,” as the new head of the Veteran’s Administration.

Like so many of Obama’s appointees to other top positions, Shinseki’s qualifications for his job were his skin color and Party registration.  Democrats don’t need qualifications because Democrats don’t respect anything except Party political power. Thus incompetent Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki was perfect for the VA. And since Democrats don’t do patriotism, a Four Star fake like Shinseki gave them a way to fake it.

Now Shinseki’s incompetence has failed to keep Obama’s VA secret that he doesn’t give a damn about veterans.
Veterans have died because of the incompetence of the fake who runs the VA’s hospital system and the whole world knows it. The Four Star Fake’s victims are piling up all over the country.

If the V. A. deaths were confined to White victims the media and the Democrats could somehow paper this over, but that isn’t the case.  The VA’s victims are very likely Hispanics, a demographic that disproportionately relies on the VA for medical care.

With Arizona, New Mexico and Florida as the opening theaters of VA death reports there is an extreme likelihood that this will turn out to be true.

The needless deaths of Hispanic veterans could change the attitude of Latinos. Their support for Obamacare has dropped 19 points since September, and this VA hospital horror show might serve as a peek into the horrors of Obamacare’s future.                 

Like virtually everything else connected with Barack Obama, the Veteran’s Administration is wrapped in lies. His response so far has been to wring his hands and call for another “study” to give him time to formulate the lies of his cover story.
His lies have killed the best people we have and now Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki and his gang of incompetent misfits should be severely punished both personally and politically.