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Obama’s plan is to force a wedge between actual Christians and their Church leaders

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Barack Obama came out, as it were, for Gay “marriage” he forced adherent Black Christians to eat a plate of dirt. On the one hand they are strongly anti-Gay which certainly extends to being furiously anti-Gay “marriage;” and on the other hand besides worshiping God they worship Barack Obama. They were briefly caught in a dilemma: should they obey God or Obama? Of course God was forced to wait outside of the polling places and Blacks voted for their Messiah anyway. They knuckled under and accepted the plate of dirt.

Having seen this formula work with Black Christians, Obama is now trying the same thing against White Christians especially Catholics. He is working behind the scenes to enlist the help of Catholic bishops to help with the flood of illegal alien children streaming over the southern border. He wants to force a wedge between the people in the pews and their leaders and force churches to use their money and prestige to avoid being “embarrassed” for not acting in a way that liberals imagine Christians should act.  

So far Christian pastors from Churches along the southern border are willingly marching down the road to deceit. They have tried to minister to the illegal alien children but have thus far been turned away. Clearly Obama is hiding something in the shelters these people are being warehoused in.

The idea here is to make the situation so terrible that decent people will throw up their hands and say, Okay let them stay; give them welfare, send them to school, give them driver’s licenses and yes register them as Democrats. Just don’t let them die in these government maintained concentration camps.

This will trick groups like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops into spending money it doesn’t really have and defending ill-conceived social programs that will surely chase more Catholics away. This plays into Obama’s hands by weakening a major enemy of Obama and strengthening a core constituency – poor Hispanics.     

This is the plan and sadly it will work unless we fight it like the country’s survival depends on our victory. Because it does.             

Following Obama’s policies, Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki has killed our veterans

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Barack Obama is on record as being “furious” over the needless deaths in Veteran’s Administration hospitals. He’s not “furious” because he loves veterans, to the contrary, Barack Obama is “furious” at being been caught in yet another lie.

By his own admission Obama knew there were problems in the VA in 2007.  In 2008 even before he first took office, Obama was made aware of the problems in the VA hospital system. His response was to appoint Eric Shinseki whose only qualification was that he is “America’s first Asian American four star general,” as the new head of the Veteran’s Administration.

Like so many of Obama’s appointees to other top positions, Shinseki’s qualifications for his job were his skin color and Party registration.  Democrats don’t need qualifications because Democrats don’t respect anything except Party political power. Thus incompetent Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki was perfect for the VA. And since Democrats don’t do patriotism, a Four Star fake like Shinseki gave them a way to fake it.

Now Shinseki’s incompetence has failed to keep Obama’s VA secret that he doesn’t give a damn about veterans.
Veterans have died because of the incompetence of the fake who runs the VA’s hospital system and the whole world knows it. The Four Star Fake’s victims are piling up all over the country.

If the V. A. deaths were confined to White victims the media and the Democrats could somehow paper this over, but that isn’t the case.  The VA’s victims are very likely Hispanics, a demographic that disproportionately relies on the VA for medical care.

With Arizona, New Mexico and Florida as the opening theaters of VA death reports there is an extreme likelihood that this will turn out to be true.

The needless deaths of Hispanic veterans could change the attitude of Latinos. Their support for Obamacare has dropped 19 points since September, and this VA hospital horror show might serve as a peek into the horrors of Obamacare’s future.                 

Like virtually everything else connected with Barack Obama, the Veteran’s Administration is wrapped in lies. His response so far has been to wring his hands and call for another “study” to give him time to formulate the lies of his cover story.
His lies have killed the best people we have and now Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki and his gang of incompetent misfits should be severely punished both personally and politically.




The American people know Obama hates the military even though the media tries to cover it up

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

“Obama Hates America,” reads a comment on The Hill about veterans’ groups slamming a Commander in Chief who is in charge of a 267% increase in military deaths since taking office in 2009. (1) A second comment provides stats which show 1,681 (military) deaths in the 62 months between February 2009 and 2014, an absolutely obscene mortality rate for a “non hot” war. And a third comment sums it all up: “When are you people going to realize that Obama hates the Military?”
I learned long ago that when I couldn’t figure out what was going on at the college in which I taught or in news stories I was sent to cover, the tip “Go Talk to the People,” was the best advice I would ever receive.  And in these dark hours of corruption from the Obama Regime, talking to the people is still likely to  give us the real “skinny.” 

“He’s a charlatan,” says a writer to the Justin Sink report which states Obama had decided “to stand by Shinseki.”  Our own Kevin “Coach” Collins wrote an outstanding essay about Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s fast tracking the SEX CHANGE operation of E-mailer Bradley Manning to the tune of $40,000.00 as he spent millions to change out old V.A. office furniture.  Yet, nothing for our Military!  Suicides at all time highs.  Drugs passed out to suffering soldiers like candy. If we thought the Agent Orange scandal was bad when the troops came home from Viet Nam, where is the Hollywood crew of Apocalypse Now when we need them?

What could be worse, we asked, than locking out our Honor Flight vets, preventing them seeing their own memorials during the Obama generated government shutdown farce?  Well 4 Americans dead in Benghazi and the subsequent Administration/media cover-up are worse. 

And what could be worse than sending Afri-Con General Hamm into retirement before he could testify at a Congressional hearing on Benghazi?  Well, ignoring the pleas of mothers and fathers for information, for the TRUTH about how and why their sins died–that’s certainly worse.  “What difference now does it make?” wailed Hillary.  Well, what you people did matters a lot, to us, to our veterans, to our America.

An MD who treated the war wounds of vets wrote a great Free Republic comment when he pointed the finger at politician-generated wars.  He said our Military should only be used for NATIONAL DEFENSE, just as it is directed by the US Constitution.  He went on to mention many of the ways in which the VA mistreated our veterans.  Another comment by a Free Republic reader adds: “This is socialized healthcare at its best.  Get used to it as it’s about to hit all of us except the  special snowflakes in D.C.”

Finally, the sarcasm of those who  comment on Free Republic  cuts to the bone with this remark:  “Standing by Shinseki is support for what
Shinseki is doing. . .allowing vets to die.  He (the obvious antecedent is Obama) doesn’t like the Military so what better way to poke a finger in the eye of our soldiers than to let them wait for government run health care.” 

By the way, how many young high school grads have you seen recently on TV that aren’t druggies, derelicts or YOU TUBE street brawlers?  Would they,  could they fight to save America?

How far will Obama’s experiments in social engineering carry us in a “space station” war against the Russians? Is it more important to have a capable and professional military, or worry about co-ed dorms and showers or altered Marine fitness standards in order to accomodate women?

Military chaplains are not permitted to mention Jesus, Our Lord, but Political Correctness demands troops be allowed to worship Wicca. Holy Bibles must be hidden away or destroyed but the sky will fall if the Quran is somehow “defiled!”

Just how much more of this will the American public be willing to take?  Well, the old white guys this administration and media so thoroughly disrespect aren’t going to be alive “to kick around” much longer, as Nixon once said.  I still remember tears that were shed in 1951 when a great  American general was fired by another Democrat president, Harry S. Truman.  General Douglas MacArthur told Congress in April 19, 1951 (1) that “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”  Truman had fired the great Korean War general for criticizing the man from Missouri who wouldn’t let MacArthur nuke Red China.  Quoting the old World War I barracks hymn,  MacArthur told Congress: “And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty.  Good-bye.” 

Will America also fade away along with the veterans the Obama administration has literally refused to help?  Or will Obama at last be the one in a world of hurt?


(1)  http://thehill.com/policy/defense/206795-veterans-groups-slam-obama-comments-on-va

(2)  www.thisdayinquotes.com/2011/04/old-soldiers-never-die-they-just-fade.html

Pinch of the Times just another lib hypocrite as he fires the lib Abramson

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Oh, what fun to watch the contretemps going on in the shop of New York’s failed print model of what used to be journalism!  “Fired for being a bitch,” is a Drudge headline that just won’t quit.  The Pinches and Punches of the world of cutthroat print are just getting a pinch of their own punch as they feel the pushback from a female wanting to win in their falsely contrived War on Women.  Oh, how payback is hell!  How delicious to watch the Old Grey Lady impaled on a modern Lady’s sword.

Arty is in the painful position of attempting to justify his firing of Jill Abramson. So he does what men do best, attack the female’s performance because somehow she doesn’t fit in.  As a woman Editor, Abramson did a dastardly deed:  she dared to require that she be paid equal pay for equal work.  So her male super did what he does best; he attacked her for not doing her job in the way he would have done her job.

Mayor Daley the Younger was famous for putting females in his hierarchy, then leaving them far out on a limb to twist in the Windy City’s many political firestorms. Say, for instance, when a tug boat plowed into one of the pilings holding back the Chicago River and the Loop began to flood.  The Panic was Palpable.  Situations like this require titanium balls, of which Chicago has many.  And of course it was men the Mayor called upon to handle the situation.  Oh, how I regret not saving the analysis of female managers as written by a very astute Chicago female reporter, back in the day. She really nailed it when writing that Daley put women in higher office, didn’t give them backup   and predictably, when they failed, he removed them while commenting: “See, I tried to hire women” but they didn’t work out. 

How dare Ms. Abramson ask for the pay a man in her job was getting, as the Sherry bestseller tells all women they should.  After all, the NYT is or was the apogee of journalistic whatever and the lady editor was the apogee of what academics call a two for one.  That means by hiring a female who is also a black or other minority, management gets a two for one on the point scale of affirmative action.  However, the Abramson two for one is not only being female, but a female lib who asked to be paid what the men libs are paid.

Arty baby, who denigrates a female CEO and puts her in her place by calling her by her first name, justified his firing of Abramson by claiming she didn’t do her job.  Look, women are comfortable in one butt kitchens.  When I taught business English ( now called a more PC term), I warned our female students that women have long been criticized for not being team players, for being absent more than men, for not shaking hands and coming back the next day like nothing happened after a big imbroglio. BTW, a female, myself included, NEVER forgets an insult, a slight, an affront. No matter how many years pass, she still remembers! 

Have a laugh on the NY Times and check out what some commenters are saying about this liberal bastion of former journalistic excellence.  One guy says: “I love watching commies eat each other.”  Another comes back with: “In her defense, it is probably very difficult to spin and slant the news every day in an anti-American, anti-capitalist way, while still trying to weasel every last penny out of her employer…and with all of that going on, where does she find the time to publicly humiliate co-workers?  She must be very talented.”  Finally, how about this take on the Times: “Her biggest talent is her ovaries, most likely.  The abusiveness is a sure sign she’s not confident or competent!”  “Anatomy is destiny” is an old but true cliché.

SOURCE:  http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/media/2014/05/8545562/sulzberger-abramsons-de

New study reminds us that Liberals prefer comfortable lies to demanding truths

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
A report on religiosity in America, prepared by The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), reveals that religion is fading as an element in our public character.  Moreover, when it comes to admitting the truth about personal religiosity, the PRRI’s work shows Liberals prefer comfortable lies to demanding truths.

Sadly but not surprisingly the study’s numbers weren’t encouraging. PRRI’s study told an interesting tale of how liberals lie about their relationship to religion and religiosity.

During PRRI’s telephone interviews 43% claimed to attend religious ceremonies with 27% saying religion “is the most important thing in their lives.” However, when the anonymous responses from on-line surveys were tallied, the numbers dropped dramatically to 30% religious service attendance and 20% saying religion was the most important thing in their life.  

The difference between the two sets of numbers is attributed to people wanting to be seen in the best light when actually talking to another person, even a totally anonymous stranger. This is a normal quirk of human behavior for most people. But it is especially prevalent among liberals.

Part of being a liberal is being comfortable with lies. Whether personal lies or lies told by other liberals; liberals trade in lies all the time and PRRI’s report supports this charge.

During telephone interviews, 27% of self-identified liberals admitted religion was not important to them.  Yet 40% of self-identified liberals who responded to this question on line said the same thing.

By contrast, while 4% of self-identified conservatives said religion wasn’t important when asked in a telephone interview, a statistically insignificant additional 2% (6% total) responded in a like manner when answering on line.      

An important point to be drawn from this survey is that, as in so many other cases, liberals might instinctively recognize what is good in the world, but they are prevented from joining what is good because of the barrier between them and it. That barrier is the inherent truth that comes with good. Liberals prefer lies that sound comforting over truths that sound demanding.  

Source: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/117809/poll-liberals-exaggerate-religious-beliefs-more-conservatives