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Democrat Brad Sherman tries to sound relevant and intelligent but still doesn’t get it


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

California Congressman Brad Sherman is a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee so he must be a smart guy who knows what he is talking about, right? Well no, not right.  In a C-SPAN interview Sherman made the “profound” point that “If you destroy one power in the Middle East, you empower the other side, and the four groups that are fighting ISIS now are in many ways nearly as evil as ISIS itself, and in fact, those who are fighting against ISIS today on the ground have killed far more Americans than ISIS has.”

Saying that a group that replaces a defeated ISIS would be, “nearly as evil as ISIS itself,” should do nothing to dissuade Barack Obama or anybody from crushing ISIS. Even if a new group took ISIS’s place that would be a trade up for the free people of the world and a great first step. Nevertheless, the logic here seems to escape Sherman.

His failure to understand the value of crushing ISIS is a reminder of the overarching blind spot liberals have for understanding the concept of “dynamic scoring.” To liberal Democrats things that happen in our world always only follow a linear path. Thus since two and two is four in a calculator, in their view two and two will always result in four in real world situations as well.

This becomes very clear when liberals are in control of a level of government and decide they need still more of our money to buy votes. They will look at an item that is currently taxed at say $1.00 per unit and conclude that since 100,000 of those units are typically sold each year providing a $100,000 in tax revenue, if they double the tax to $2.00 per unit they will double the yield to $200,000! When consumers resist and either don’t buy as many of these items or go to a nearby jurisdiction to buy them, causing a net loss of income they never learn the dynamic scoring lesson.

Sherman and other Democrats can’t understand that if ISIS is flattened, dynamic scoring will take the fight out of other groups in the region. Our Islamic enemies can read and watching television gets the word to those who can’t. If the job is done right they won’t be quick to sign up to fight a military with planes and rockets.

Liberal Democrats just don’t get that we are fighting seventh century savages that respect brutal force and little else.      

Source: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/melanie-hunter/dem-congressman-forces-will-rise-if-isis-destroyed-are-nearly-evil-isis


Detroit, the showcase of liberal governance where fire stations use soda cans as warning devices


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The argument against liberals ever being in charge of our lives can be reduced to a single word: Detroit.

Detroit has fallen from its position as one of the greatest cities in America at the beginning of the 1950s to a perfect reminder of what liberal Democrats will do when given enough power and enough time to show who they really are.

“The Motor City” had an unbroken succession of liberal Democrat mayors for more than 40 years and each of these men has contributed to the steady decline of their city. Acting in concert with greedy unions these mayors first turned Detroit into their private kingdom, and then looted its treasury for every cent they could.

In the 1970s and through until 1993 when he finally left office, Detroit’s first Black Mayor, Coleman Young polluted the city’s government. It was fair to say that from the Police Department to the School Board to the Sanitation Department, every one of Detroit’s agencies was corrupt. Yet Coleman Young was just the beginning.   

In 2001 when Kwame Kilpatrick became mayor the decline of Detroit progressed at warp speed. He was just as corrupt in his personal as his political life, being a thief and very possibly a murderer. By the time he left office for his new home in a federal prison, Detroit had fallen into such disrepair that reclamation was impossible.  His successor, Detroit Piston’s great Dave Bing was ill equipped for the job he knew would be overwhelming.

On the first scheduled payday for teachers after Bing took office he required all School System employees to come to his office and personally sign for their check. The result was horrifying. At the end of the day there were 37 actual paychecks and 220 direct deposit slips totally over $208,000 that went unclaimed.

Now Detroit finds itself in Bankruptcy Court as the biggest city ever to file for such relief. Its Fire Department must use an empty soda can placed on the edge of a teletype machine as an alarm to tell firefighters they are needed and where to go. When the empty can falls off its perch; it’s time to respond.  

Such is the stark image of liberalism, representing what these people will do when given complete control at any level of government. If America’s political situation were normal and healthy, Republicans would use every opportunity to talk about the failures of Detroit, but they won’t.

In the meanwhile if you are living in a Democrat infested city keep an extra, empty soda can around because your Fire Department just might need it.          

 Sources:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/09/05/detroit-fire-houses-rely-on-pop-cans-doorbells-for-alerts/15160903/






Police provide list of items least coveted by looters in Ferguson

By Jim Coles, guest writer

The following items have NOT been stolen by looters in Ferguson, Missouri: 

Pens, pencils, resume kits, work boots, work gloves, work coveralls, shovels, rakes and Father’s Day cards.

Whoever thought through this list certainly saw beyond the shallow, juvenile, inflammatory (so-called) news coverage of the Ferguson mess.

Media messages concerning ‘the demise of the gentle giant’ Michael Brown were deliberately constructed to agitate & reinforce biases on all sides of the affair.

Yet the issue isn’t race. In fact, there are two: 1) social class and culture; 2) the political/economic power sought by would-be ruling groups.

The worst of the two major groups vying for long-term power created an environment which has, over time, destroyed the culture of Black Americans for the purposes of political and economic gain.

The somewhat less offensive contender for power has stoked the fires of resentment among a dwindling number of taxpayers whose wealth is increasingly extorted to pay for the chaos the other side has created.

The manipulators on both sides have so damaged the ‘game pieces’ that when the opportunity to steal & loot presented itself, the perpetually aggrieved took everything except what might actually benefit them.

Stealing stuff is almost always wrong,  but stealing or destroying opportunity and hope comprises a mortal sin against humanity. A better man than I might be able to see ‘the big picture’ and forgive the excesses of the players, but I cannot and will not forgive. I charge the players — all of them — with cultural genocide, the attempted murder of liberty for personal gain, theft of hope and vandalism of opportunity.

In the end, all that has changed is that Mike Brown is dead and a cop’s life is most likely ruined. Otherwise, the power game goes on … unabated. And the cretins who looted learned nothing and gained nothing that could actually benefit them.

I hope there is forgiveness somewhere for the monsters who cause these tragedies, but there is no forgiveness in me. I wish them all failure, pain and suffering as the penalty for their sins.

Liberal institutions straightaway cease being liberal the moment they are soundly established: once this is attained no more grievous and thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions.
– Nietzsche

(If he got it, how come today’s Liberals don’t?)

Not politically correct…..but I offer no apologies.

Hollywood anti-Americanism goes way back to the “golden age”; they lied then and will lie now

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Seeing Hollywood side against America is nothing new. Whether the enemies are Islamists or Communists, Tinsel Town’s biggest and brightest stars are there on the front lines and always have been.

The active and passive support Hollywood stars are showing for the Palestinian Liberation Front in its war against Israel is not an aberration but rather what should be expected. People who parrot other people’s words often feel a need to show how independent they are which leads them to comment on the issues of the day.

Nevertheless, saying “America is the greatest country ever conceived,” does not draw the type of attention these egomaniacs crave. Attacking America to show “what independent thinking persons” they are suits their nature much better.

Richard Belzer comes to mind here. He once said he knew more about what was happening in the Iraq War than the soldiers fighting it because “I read twenty newspapers a day.” Apparently Mister Belzer never noticed that the twenty stories about the war he was reading had virtually the same text because they were re-writes of the same original piece. If he had tried a Google key word search he would have learned this is true, but that would have bruised his ego.   

In the immediate post World War II years, Hollywood’s top parrots were “outraged” that their Communist colleagues were actually named as Communists.

“Slander!” “Hitler tactics” and other stupid phrases were thrown around as cover for the truth.

The recent death of Lauren Bacall reminds us that she and her husband Humphrey Bogart were the top stars in a group who were intent upon “righting” the “wrongful” labeling of their clearly Communists friends. They knew them to be good people so obviously the government was wrong. The couple helped form the lofty sounding “Committee For The First Amendment,” and went to Washington to “demand justice.” Don’t they always “demand” something?

Eventually all the Communists were proved to be Communists and the name “Bogart” was found on a list of attendees at a Communist cell meeting.

During a period when America was a Republican country, Bacall and Bogart were proud un-reconstructed Democrats. They were always out of step.     

History has allowed the lie that people like them and a host of others were merely duped into supporting enemies of America. This is difficult to believe.

When the mask is ripped off of the dangerous Islamists who want to destroy Israel, Hollywood’s “independent thinkers” of today will also claim they were “duped,” which will also be difficult to believe.  

The more things change; the more they remain the same.  

Sources :  http://spectator.org/articles/60253/when-bogie-and-bacall-were-duped-hollywood-communists

“Today Show” liberals show they have a child-like view of how the world works

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

One of the dividing lines between liberals and conservatives has always been the understanding of how economics works. Conservatives know how economics works; the force of supply and demand as well the true value of work. Liberals are like children who see the last twenty dollar bill in their mom’s wallet and say “Yippee, we’re rich! Let’s go to McDonald’s.”        

Last week the child-like liberals dropped their “I’m-so-intelligent-because-I’m-on-television” masks and let us see how dumb they really are. Led down the path of stupid is as stupid says, Savannah Guthrie reported that a Minnesota restaurant has added a new line to its receipts which shows how much the customer is paying for the server’s new higher minimum wage. Guthrie explained that to off-set his anticipated $10,000 in new labor costs he had to add the new fee.  

She quoted a Facebook commenter with whom she probably agrees, writing, “Look, if you can’t afford to pay your employees, then you shouldn’t be in business.” Does anyone doubt the commenter fully supports an unworkable minimum wage and probably has never made a payroll in his life?   

In the true liberal tradition of making messes then hiding from their stink, Carson Daly squealed: “I’d rather not know. Hike a cost here or there, get your 35 cents and don’t tell me.”

Then reminding us that liberals expect Makers to always roll over and never complain when they are being fleeced, resident White House pooper, Al Roker led a chorus of bleating with “Because they’ve probably done it other ways without letting you know.” This was followed by “Wise Latina” Natalie Morales saying, “Right. Without clearly stating it on the bill,” and Guthrie’s: “Yeah, all companies do it, right? But they don’t necessarily say [they're doing it].” Each was trying to out “indignant” the next.

Is it any wonder that, with empty headed liberals like these showing us how dumb they are, fewer and fewer people are watching network television?   

Source: http://www.mrc.org/biasalerts/today-hosts-object-restaurant-charging-extra-fee-after-minimum-wage-hike