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Can you say “busing” boys and girls?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Will this lead to busing so liberals can feel good about themselves?

A new report from the UCLA Civil Rights Project has named New York’s schools the most segregated in America. Other deep blue Democrat controlled states like Illinois, Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey were cited just behind New York for maintaining the most segregated schools in the nation.  While the absence of both Detroit and Washington DC from the top of this list makes its conclusions suspect, the fact remains: New York and the rest of these Oh so Blue states are very segregated. 

In the latest period for which records are available, (1989-2011) the percentage of White students attending New York City’s public schools declined from 21.3% to just 14.5% the report said.  

The fact that New York is run by a far Left cabal of “Working Families Party” officials suggests that forced busing of White public school children is a real possibility. That this “remedy” for racially imbalanced public schools was a crashing failure when it was inflicted on the people of Boston in the 1970s means nothing to the far Left.  

Starting in the fall of 1974 Boston was torn apart by The Racial Imbalance Act, a Massachusetts state law which demanded that White public school students be bused into predominately Black schools.

Liberals thought this would solve all of their “racial imbalance” problems and ease their consciences. They were wrong.      

The numbers from Boston’s experience with this social experiment speak volumes about why busing is a bad idea that can inflict serious damage on a big city’s public school system.

In the 14 years Boston public schools employed forced busing as its remedy to a supposed racial imbalance problem, enrollment fell from 100,000 to 57,000 and just 15% of those students were White.

So what happened?

Whites moved out of Boston and/or sent their children to private schools as they will should New York’s mayor Comrade de Blasio adopt forced busing as a general policy in his city.

A single sentence from Michael Goodwin’s March 2, 2014 New York Post column says it all about people’s willingness to pack up and flee: “One friend says 10 wealthy people have told him they are leaving and another says disgusted New Yorkers bought $1 billion in residential property in Florida since the November election [of Comrade  Bill de Blasio].





New report shows the “vegan” lifestyle is just another liberal lie

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

A new report from the Medical University of Graz in Austria presents evidence that the “vegan” lifestyle is actually dangerous. The study found that purely vegetarian diets lead to poorer general health and a diminished quality of life marred by both physical and mental problems.

In spite of the vegan tendency to smoke less if at all; have higher socioeconomic achievement, eat less fat, get more exercise, eat more veggies and fruits and drink less alcohol they do not have a better life style by objective standards.

Vegans suffer from higher rates of cancer; are twice as likely to be plagued with allergies and suffer mental health problems.

Vegans suffer heart attacks and cancer at a fifty percent higher rate than meat eaters.           

The survey also established that meat eaters have higher Body Mass Indices (BMI) and consume higher levels of alcohol. Both of these finds suggest BMI and alcohol usage might not be as significant to predicting individual lifespans as previously thought.

Of particular interest to those of us not afflicted with veganism is the report’s observation that, “Vegetarians reported higher levels of impairment from disorders, chronic diseases, and “suffer significantly more often from anxiety/depression.” We can understand this because empirical observation makes the connection between vegetarianism and liberalism clear. Liberalism is a mental disorder so why shouldn’t these things go together? 

Contrary to the façade they present to the rest of us, vegans were also found to contribute to their own poor health by avoiding vaccinations and other normal medical preventative measures.  

The survey concluded, “Our study has shown that Austrian adults who consume a vegetarian diet are less healthy (in terms of cancer, allergies, and mental health disorders), have a lower quality of life, and also require more medical treatment.”

Are you listening liberals? This is just another lie from your camp that has been debunked. If you want to live a longer, healthier life stop redesigning the human body and live as nature intended you to live.  



Why is it?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

November will be here sooner than the Democrat and the Republican establishments would like to think. We must prepare for a battle to save America and the enemies of freedom know it. To focus ourselves and prepare we have to hold a number of their assaults on our freedoms up to the light and ask why they have been allowed to continue. Here are just a few questions we must ask and demand an answer to.    

Why are our children’s futures being drained away by elected officials of both parties?

Why has it become acceptable to be forced to pay for other people’s lifestyles even when it diminishes our own?

When did “if it feels right it is right” become true?

Who decided the mainstream media and Hollywood are right about anything?

Why have the Democrats been allowed to unconstitutionally refuse to pass a budget since Barack Obama came to power?

Why are we being fed the line that running up debt is not an important problem?

When do we stop the political class from stripping away all we have to play Santa Claus to buy votes?

Why have we allowed the Constitution to be labeled a “living document” subject to Liberal fiat?

Why is it more difficult to speak openly about the virtues of capitalism than the evils of communism?

When did our colleges stop teaching anything about America’s greatness? 

When do we sit members of our various minorities down and explain the difference between a guarantee of opportunity and a guarantee of success?

When do we stop throwing money at our problems and actually work on solving them?

When do we confront Democrats on their theft of our liberties through their reliance on voter fraud?

When do we demand the Republicans grow a spine and fight for our rights and freedoms?

When do we start teaching our children about American history?

When do we declare the non-existent “issue” of gun rights to be settled the way the Left thinks the real issue of fake global warming is over and settled?

When do we point an accusing finger at Democrats for “Detroiting” America’s cities?

When do we declare multiculturalism the fraud that it is?

When do we build the fence that has been authorized for some many years?

When do we stop accepting the idea that, “Well you can’t deport 11 million people” and actually give it a try?

When do we tell John Boehner fighting even battles we can’t win is part of his job description?


Diversity has been given a bad name by “progressives”

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

Today’s “progressive” has such a limited mindset, it’s a wonder they can find their way to the bathroom in the morning. Being severely “corpus colosum challenged” – meaning they cannot process and integrate left and right brain signals (except for designing video games) to arrive at cogent and reasonable conclusions. An ancient text referred to this as “ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of truth…”

Diversity in their limited perception means merely simple human divisions of race, gender, ethnicity and economic status – with today’s strange nod to sexual “preference.” True diversity goes infinitely deeper into the endless range of gifts, talents and visions among all humanity and expressed in each unique individual.

The role of education is not to segregate people into mind-numbing pre-conceived boxes to meet some totalitarian goal. Seeking one’s own gifts and talents also mitigates the more base drives for physical satisfaction whatever that may be. Searching, discovering and application is the moral counterpoint to self-demeaning urges the mob covets for us.

Education – to educe – to draw out – is the most important role for the “Educator.” If the Educator has no vision of his/her own, or basis in the Wisdom of the Ages, what value is delivered? That which is passed down to us in our faith restrains us from overwhelming others instead of serving them.

Have you ever pondered God’s command to Adam and Eve to “… Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over all the plants and animals…?” God entrusted us with His Creation. We search and toil in awe as we strive to subdue and be fruitful… all the way into outer space with our visions and inventions!

Being fruitful, multiplying and subduing doesn’t imply beating the heck out of everything in sight. The Author of Beauty has love and stewardship in mind for us. Fruitfulness not only implies populating this wonderful earth across the lands and seas, but to subdue the untamed riches by a wedding of two gifts of Creation:

1. The gift of a wonderful planet Earth – The vast array of elements, minerals, flora and fauna. Their properties, combinations and improvements are our responsibility to discover and apply as good stewards. Subduing or taming these often wild and dangerous components of creation requires wisdom and imagination. That’s where science and free enterprise come in.

2. The gift of infinite diversity – Since the challenges are infinite, and in this engineer’s mind, an eternal voyage of discovery, development, sharing, rejoicing and praising He who made us in his image and likeness. Infinite challenges require infinite diversity. The “progressive” totalitarian is incapable of such vision. He/she destroys the visions of others, especially since in our times they have dominated what is left of education and media to the point the people perish for lack of vision.

Science has determined we all came from one set of parents and are therefore brothers and sisters. See www.nationalgeographic.com/genographic
We share common blood types and can cross breed – we go back about 60,000 years as developed humanity. The “official” racial, ethnic and moral diversity of the “regressive” divides us into potentially warring camps while denying “In God we Trust” and “e pluribus unum.”

True diversity is the infinite range of gifts, talents, challenges and opportunities humanity is intended to share in a free society – as one our Founders sacrificed for and passed down to us. No one is smart enough to determine an individual’s value and potential. That is why all life is sacred from conception to natural death. As Americans, we rejoice in the limitless opportunities our Constitutional Republic has afforded us to discover, to fail, to succeed. No nation or system of governance has ever afforded its people the privilege to thrive in infinite diversity as individuals and as a people.

Democrats are unpatriotic, but are they immoral as well?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Question: It’s clearly unpatriotic to be a Democrat but is it immoral?

Democrats hate the military and are always working to undermine America’s defense so we have no protection from their international friends. When they are in power Democrats always act in ways that favor America’s enemies and insult our friends.  Hearing Democrats say they are embarrassed to be American is common place from newsrooms to the highest offices of our government.

Democrats have urged surrender in every conflict we have been in since Viet Nam. Immediately after a terror attack, Democrats jump to act as apologists for those who would see us dead. It is hard to find a Democrat under 60 who is patriotic; and it’s a good bet that those who ran off to Canada in the 1960s and 70s are today’s most reliable Democrats.

Clearly Democrats are not patriotic, but there is good evidence that they are immoral as well.

They are the Party that has gleefully declared itself enemies of God. They have booed God’s name. They cheered Barack Obama during his phony government shutdown when he threatened to arrest Catholic priests who tried to minister on federal property.

Blood thirsty Democrats see even partial birth abortion as a secular sacrament and worship Gay “marriage.” Their strangle hold on healthcare has endangered the lives of millions of Americans. Poverty levels under Democrats are always climbing because of their greed and avarice.

Their deficit spending immorally burdens future generations far into the future. They want to go easy on criminals while stripping us of our right to own guns for protection.          

Government run schools in Democrat controlled cities are among the worst in the country. They constantly promote class warfare pitting rich versus poor and vice versa.

They are under-represented in our military and over represented in our jails.

Surveys show they are the least charitable among us preferring to spend the money they tax out of other people rather than their own.

By any standard, Democrats are clearly unpatriotic and immoral by their very nature.