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Pinch of the Times just another lib hypocrite as he fires the lib Abramson

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Oh, what fun to watch the contretemps going on in the shop of New York’s failed print model of what used to be journalism!  “Fired for being a bitch,” is a Drudge headline that just won’t quit.  The Pinches and Punches of the world of cutthroat print are just getting a pinch of their own punch as they feel the pushback from a female wanting to win in their falsely contrived War on Women.  Oh, how payback is hell!  How delicious to watch the Old Grey Lady impaled on a modern Lady’s sword.

Arty is in the painful position of attempting to justify his firing of Jill Abramson. So he does what men do best, attack the female’s performance because somehow she doesn’t fit in.  As a woman Editor, Abramson did a dastardly deed:  she dared to require that she be paid equal pay for equal work.  So her male super did what he does best; he attacked her for not doing her job in the way he would have done her job.

Mayor Daley the Younger was famous for putting females in his hierarchy, then leaving them far out on a limb to twist in the Windy City’s many political firestorms. Say, for instance, when a tug boat plowed into one of the pilings holding back the Chicago River and the Loop began to flood.  The Panic was Palpable.  Situations like this require titanium balls, of which Chicago has many.  And of course it was men the Mayor called upon to handle the situation.  Oh, how I regret not saving the analysis of female managers as written by a very astute Chicago female reporter, back in the day. She really nailed it when writing that Daley put women in higher office, didn’t give them backup   and predictably, when they failed, he removed them while commenting: “See, I tried to hire women” but they didn’t work out. 

How dare Ms. Abramson ask for the pay a man in her job was getting, as the Sherry bestseller tells all women they should.  After all, the NYT is or was the apogee of journalistic whatever and the lady editor was the apogee of what academics call a two for one.  That means by hiring a female who is also a black or other minority, management gets a two for one on the point scale of affirmative action.  However, the Abramson two for one is not only being female, but a female lib who asked to be paid what the men libs are paid.

Arty baby, who denigrates a female CEO and puts her in her place by calling her by her first name, justified his firing of Abramson by claiming she didn’t do her job.  Look, women are comfortable in one butt kitchens.  When I taught business English ( now called a more PC term), I warned our female students that women have long been criticized for not being team players, for being absent more than men, for not shaking hands and coming back the next day like nothing happened after a big imbroglio. BTW, a female, myself included, NEVER forgets an insult, a slight, an affront. No matter how many years pass, she still remembers! 

Have a laugh on the NY Times and check out what some commenters are saying about this liberal bastion of former journalistic excellence.  One guy says: “I love watching commies eat each other.”  Another comes back with: “In her defense, it is probably very difficult to spin and slant the news every day in an anti-American, anti-capitalist way, while still trying to weasel every last penny out of her employer…and with all of that going on, where does she find the time to publicly humiliate co-workers?  She must be very talented.”  Finally, how about this take on the Times: “Her biggest talent is her ovaries, most likely.  The abusiveness is a sure sign she’s not confident or competent!”  “Anatomy is destiny” is an old but true cliché.

SOURCE:  http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/media/2014/05/8545562/sulzberger-abramsons-de

Just don’t tell them you’re from Chicago!

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

My heart is broken, deeply broken.  Is there no one in Illinois who has the moral compunction to stand up to the corruption known as Chicago?  Will any Illinois person of honor come forward to put a stop to what is going on?    When I received an anonymous E-mail about the Land of Lincoln–where our governors make our license plates–I couldn’t laugh any more.  You see, there always has been a perverse sort of gallows humor, perhaps even misplaced sense of pride associated with Chicago.  When I tell people here in Florida that I’m from near Chicago, I sense that I have assumed a different status in their eyes.  One guy even stepped back, suddenly refusing to interrupt me anymore!

As the current Illinois, all-Democrat-legislature tried every way possible to pass a series of unconstitutional gun bans last week, “…three sitting [Illinois] lawmakers [were] facing criminal charges.” (1)  All Democrats from Chicago, they include taking a gun on a plane, bribery and bank fraud. 

Incredibly, during the last six months 292 people were killed (a charge of manslaughter) or murdered in Chicago while only 221 were killed in Iraq! How ironic that the American city with the nations’ most oppressive gun laws boasts more killings than a hot war zone in which ALL combatants carry guns.

Illinois is noted for having the greatest number of imprisoned governors-FOUR-past or present!  Gov. Otto Kerner, Democrat, was sent up on 17 felony charges; Gov. Dan Walker, (D), went up for bank fraud; George Ryan (Rep) gets out this year after doing time for felony fraud and racketeering  and Rod Blagojevich, who President Barack Obama said he only met with “infrequently,” continues his stretch for 18 counts of political misconduct! (2)

Operation Cookie Jar, a public schools sting, netted numerous arrests of school officials.  “Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country,” says my anonymous E mail.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. just resigned from Congress because of continuing allegations about improper expenditures of campaign funds!  A 2012 University of Illinois, Chicago campus report states, “The Chicago area already has the most public corruption convictions of any federal jurisdiction nationwide with more than 1,500 convictions in the Illinois Northern District.” And our state pension fund is the financially most precarious in the country with an unfunded liability of over $96 BILLION, yet the in-session legislature does nothing. (3)

I remember walking with my grandmother through her beautiful flower gardens.  I can still taste the delicious home grown tomatoes my uncle gave us.  I remember my father traveling once a month to Chicago to meet with other judges to do something about the election shenanigans after Mayor Daley Sr’s involvement in the “questionable” ascendancy of John F. Kennedy to the Presidency.  I’ll never forget seeing the walls of flames shoot up every night during the 1960s riots’ “Days of Rage.” 

Illinois is a beautiful state with kind lovely people, both rich and poor.  They do not deserve what is going on.  My daughter and her husband will have four sons in Illinois colleges and universities next year. They should not have to face the embarrassment I now do when I tell people I’m from Illinois!


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Grand Jury threatens to expose police/mayoral cover-up of manslaughter in Chicago

by Doug Book,  staff writer

In March, Coach is Right published a story of official cover-up and falsification of witness testimony involved in the 2004 death of David Koschman at the hands of Richard Vanecko, nephew of former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

In the early morning hours of April 25th 2004, Koschman and three friends bumped into someone from a group which had been visiting the bars in downtown Chicago. A moment later, a member of that party struck Koschman, driving his head into the street causing brain damage from which the young man never recovered. His mother buried him 20 days later, disconnecting life support after 2 failed surgeries.

One full month after the event, police informed Koschman’s mother that her 5’5”, 125 lb son had “been the aggressor” in a fight with the 6’3”, 230 lb Vanecko and as a result, though her son was killed, no charges would be brought. Police told Mrs. Koschman that she would be “impressed” with who her son’s attacker was related to and that “… if she sued, his family had the wherewithal to tie the case up in court ‘for years.’ In fact, Vanecko and a friend had run away after the punch was thrown and Vanecko was only identified at all because another member of his party had been physically restrained at the scene by witnesses. (1)

Seven years later the case was briefly reopened in response to a flurry of articles in which the Chicago Sun Times accused police and the Mayor’s office of official malfeasance and cover-up. The Sun Times had discovered that police did NOT interview witnesses until Koschman had died, some 3 weeks after the event; that Vanecko had refused to be interviewed by police and had shaved his head to change his appearance in anticipation of a police lineup which was held 1 MONTH after the altercation; that witness Michael Connolly claimed police had misrepresented his statements to them in order to make Koschman appear the aggressor; that the case file had suddenly gone missing from the prosecutor’s office and that the States Attorney refused to reveal the name of the prosecutor who decided to neither file charges or refer the case to a Grand Jury.

The case was then officially closed by Chicago police.

But in 2012, the events of Koschman’s death were finally turned over to a Grand Jury which on December 3rd indicted Vanecko for “…the use of physical force without lawful justification…” and with “…recklessly perform[ing] acts which were likely to cause death or great bodily harm to another…” Vanecko has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter, a charge which could bring up to 5 years in jail. (1)

Circuit Court Judge Michael Toomin found that, “…in public statements, prosecutors and police portrayed Vanecko as acting in self-defense despite never having interviewed or spoken to him…” A special prosecutor appointed by the judge is asking for “…the grand jury’s investigation into whether the Chicago Police Department and the county’s state attorney’s office ‘acted intentionally to suppress and conceal evidence, furnish false evidence and generally impede the investigation’ .” (1)

“Under [the] circumstances, the public could well conclude that the entire claim of self-defense came not from Vanecko, but, rather, was conjured up in the minds of law enforcement,” concluded Toomin. (2)

Difficult as it is to believe that a Daley family member might get preferential—indeed ILLEGALLY preferential—treatment in Chicago, that is exactly what a grand jury could refer for trial

Unfortunately for Richard Vanecko, it appears that Rahm has found no personal benefit in continuing a cover up for the nephew of Richard Daley.

(1) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2242627/Former-Chicago-mayors-nephew-charged-killing-man-bar-fight.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

(2) http://townhall.com/news/us/2012/12/03/richard_vanecko_nephew_of_former_chicago_mayor_daley_indicted

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The Weather Underground Organizer planted the acorn that grew into Barack Obama

 Your latest Sunday with Suzanne.

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Bill Ayers and our media gave us Barack Obama.

The “destruction of the United States imperialism” was the objective of a revolutionary youth movement defined by Marxist Leninist ideology according to the once Top Secret FBI files on Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground Organization (WUO). The now unclassified FBI document CG100-409D3 dated Chicago, Illinois August 20, 1976, says “among Marxist Leninists the struggle for ideological clarity is a never ending process” and that Weatherman statements “are no different from other like minded revolutionary scientific socialists.”

Startling is the FBI statement describing the “WUO’s unchanging belief in armed struggle and the necessity of the international communist movement to guide their struggle to create revolution in the United States.” FBI investigators also concluded that Mao Tse-tung’s thoughts and those of Cuban revolutionaries influenced the WUO.

Another key point in this analysis is “the understanding that the primary contradiction facing the world is that between US imperialism and the oppressed peoples of the world, especially the Third World peoples.” Obama’s radical left policies Is any of this starting to sound familiar? Here we see the beginnings of the Liberation and Black Liberation Theologies obvious in Barack Obama’s policies.

The WUO manifesto stressed the necessity for reaching our country’s youth in the schools. Replacing the businessman as hero with radical heroes such as “Mao, Che, the Panthers and the Third World” is vital to the Obama/WUO’s plan as well. “The people who suffer under it.. . .have a right and duty to take up arms against United States imperialism” so says the WUO.

One commenter called the fact that leaders of the WUO now draw government paychecks as professors at US colleges and universities stunning. Indeed, Bill Ayers who is finally retiring after twenty years as a professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, also a WUO member, is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University School of Law. Both of these people have been teaching our children their view of America and that is a disturbing thought.

Still more stunning is the fact that their theories, along with those of another Weather Underground founder Jeff Jones, are now very prominent in Obama’s redistribution of America’s wealth initiatives. Jones’ Apollo Alliance wrote most of Obama’s redistribution based stimulus bill.

 There is speculation that Ayers was finally forced to retire because, since Obama’s appearance on the national stage, he has became more of a liability than an asset to a university system that has enough problems without having to constantly defend a man like Ayers.

 When I lived near Chicago during their Days of Rage riots of October, 1969, never did I imagine their ideology and action plans would reappear now over 40 years later. Turning on television’s wall of flames images every night was quite enough to comprehend along with tanks in the streets and bombings of police vehicles in retaliation for the killing of Black Panther Fred Hampton.

Only Mayor Richard Daley’s famous “Shoot to Kill” order shut down the carnage. He said he wasn’t going to let the radicals “kill his police or burn down his city.”

We must demand answers from our complicit media for their failure to inform us of Obama’s background of rage radicalism and revolution in the run up to the 2008 election.

Silence in the face of tyranny is collaboration with that tyranny.

Think about this: do you want to trust your family’s future to Democrats?

Our enemies are motivated by fear of freedom. Our faith in America must be stronger to defeat them.

Stand and fight now or there will be nothing left to defend again in our lifetimes. Make our will stronger than their will.

Pray for America.

 OBAMA’S TAXES ARE COMING In January the taxes we warned Obama would shove down our throats are coming. They will be killers to all middle class American families. Go to the tool bar at the top of the coachisright and read about them.

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative. https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

Give to the Arizona defense fund, it fights for all of us: www.rga.org/arizona/

 Knowledge is power. Learn the truth so you can teach our children the truth. To read more about this story, go to these coachisright.com sources: [1] http://www.foia.fbi.gov/weather/weath/2a.pdf




Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at – 11; Rasmussen’s latest Generic Ballot poll has Republicans +8 at 46/38.

This day in history August 8

1942 : Six Members who were part of Operation Pastorius are executed in the electric chair at the District of Columbia jail. Operation Pastorius was a failed plan by German Nazi’s to sabotage American economic targets including hydro-electric plants, railway stations, and other key US targets, they were landed in the US by German U-Boats in June and the plan failed because two of the saboteurs George Dasch and Ernst Burger, who was an America citizen, decided they did not wish to proceed with the plan and informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The trial was before a seven-member military commission who sentenced all eight to death but President Roosevelt commuted Burger’s and Dasch’s to prison sentences because of their co-operation with the FBI.

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