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Disarm young Blacks says Bloomberg. It’s for their own good

By Doug Book, editor

Be it New York’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel or the Windy City’s decades of the Mayors Daley, Democrat politicians have shown no genuine interest in Blacks apart from the support they are expected to deliver on Election Day. Like a 2 year old at a dinner party, it is the proper and expected role of big city minorities to be seen—if absolutely necessary—but certainly not heard.

Unfortunately, Blacks are bound to be seen and heard when 400 to 500 murders are committed each year on Chicago’s West and South sides. That’s the sort of trend that causes panic in the Mayor’s office, for although the vast majority of victims of black criminals are also black, it is only a matter of time until white neighborhoods are affected. And whether in Chicago or New York, that may eventually result in the most unacceptable crime of all; a Democrat mayor being tossed from office!

But former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has the answer. Zeroing in on black males aged 15 to 25, Bloomberg has decided that “cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive.”  Ninety Five percent of murders are committed by this “specific category,” claims Bloomberg. So just disarm these people and society will be doing a great favor to minorities across the nation. That is, the killers will be spared facing a bullet from police or hostile gang members one day and other blacks, who make up the majority of victims, may also live to see old age.

It’s a win-win any way you look at it.  And all it requires is sending SWAT teams into black neighborhoods for the purpose of confiscating weapons.  Simple. And best of all, no one will complain; or at least no one of any particular importance. After all, as a lifelong leftist Bloomberg will not face charges of racism. And  SWAT team members will be removing weapons—and probably the occasional black thug—from the streets. The Obama/Schumer/Feinstein gun grabbing gambit come true and all for the greater good, exactly as the left likes to represent its most devious and reprehensible activities. Michael, you’re a genius.

But it’s funny Bloomberg didn’t put his plan into action while he was Mayor. Certainly he had ample time, what with the number of legal and illegal terms of office he purchased over the years. And surely the risk of annoying a few black voters with the 3:00 A.M. demolition of their front door wouldn’t dissuade Bloomberg from doing something so important, so utterly for the good of his subjects.

Do us all a favor, Mr. Bloomberg, and accompany one of your SWAT teams as they enforce your vision of the greater good on Chicago’s South Side. It might wind up being the greatest service you could provide for the American people.




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America, is NYC Style “Gun Control” in YOUR Future?


by Charles Thomas Galbraith, staff writer

In NYC, any masochist can apply for a gun permit. The labyrinthine, invasive and expensive vetting process was designed by bureaucratic sadists to discourage the general public from ever attempting it. On that level, it works.

Even applicants who pass extensive background investigations can ultimately be rejected for reasons that are not explained and for which there is no appeal. Moreover, if you get turned down, that fact alone can be used against you in unrelated matters.  And just so you know, if you are an average upstanding American citizen with a clean record seeking a ‘concealed carry’ permit, your chances are zero to none.

Not surprisingly, cops and criminals possess the majority of handguns here in Fun City. Permits are carefully meted out to the political class, celebrities, body-guards, P.I.’s and the well-connected. Don’t let the hand-wringing liberal politicians pull the wool over your eyes:  Bloomberg’s ‘gun control’ in NYC is the future of the nation if he and the Obama’s and Feinstein’s prevail on watering down the Constitution, inch by inch.

Once the Second Amendment becomes a holey dishrag, stripping local law enforcement of their weapons will be the likely next step for “progressives,” just like in England. The police already carry the weight of endless oversight and immediate accountability for the thankless task of taking down some of the most violent, recidivist criminals in the country.  And, God forbid, imagine if a cop must use a weapon in the process, particularly in their own self-defense?

For instance, when an NYPD officer shoots anyone today, the first questions asked by the press and lawyers are not, “Are you all right?” but “Did the “victim” have a gun? Did you see him fire it? Where is it now?” Sadly, establishing the race of the cop and the ‘victim’ are one of the first ‘issues of concern’ of all parties involved. If the cop is even asked if he’s unharmed, it’s likely by another cop.

Whenever police officers shoot and kill a suspect here there’s almost always an outcry from the liberal media, racial “spokesmen” and of course, the ACLU. When criminals use their weapons against cops the excuses and rationalizations are equally predictable and prepackaged. If the cops are white, immediate accusations of racism follow. If the cops are black or Hispanic, police brutality is suggested.

So America, here’s a cautionary word from the Big Apple. If you live beyond the boundaries of this city and state, just an average guy or gal enjoying uncorrupted rights to own legal firearms, stay where you are. Do not come here. Make sure those reasonable gun laws where you live are maintained, for the sake of our Constitution and your own self-preservation.

NYC is your future without those protections. Recognizing gun permits issued in other states, even in the rest of NY State – legally called ‘reciprocity’ – does not exist in this city or state.  If you are found in possession of a firearm here, no matter how legal or vetted you or your weapons are elsewhere, you will find yourself face down sucking concrete. You will be charged with felony gun possession and looking at the possibility of serving 3 to 5 hard time. Bloomberg will make you a criminal and a convict, and the real criminals will still have their guns stashed away, protected by their Constitutional rights from unlawful search and seizure.


Source: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/03/22/canadians-tell-us-to-avoid-firearm-registration-at-all-costs-56975


Like child molesters and drug addicts liberals can NEVER be cured of their lusts


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Like child molesters and drug addicts, liberals can’t be cured of their addiction. They want to run our lives in every way possible. New York City’s Mayor Nanny Bloomberg is one such liberal. He won election twelve years ago by pretending to be another Rudy Giuliani. But even though he knew he was legally limited to two terms Nanny’s liberal lust for power was ultimately just as strong as a fish eyed child molester’s lust for gratification. Nanny got the also term limited City Council to say, “Oops the people made a mistake and as their friends we’ll fix it for them – there term limits – are all gone!”

An emboldened Nanny and friends have since prohibited smoking in public parks and beaches, changed the lunch menus in schools to “healthy portions of salad” that nobody eats and set their sights on lowering the salt intake of their subjects by 25%.

Nevertheless, these regulations, like the regulations all liberals force on us, were not enough; they never are.

Finding themselves in painful “legislative withdrawal” Nanny’s gang NEEDED to pass another edict. They decided that no one should be allowed to drink more than 16 oz. of soda from one container. That this will destroy small businesses all over the city means nothing to a liberal who is full “Jones.”

Just next door in Connecticut another liberal addict has stepped up to challenge Nanny for the crown of “Ultimate arrogant liberal – Northeast sector.”

Democrat Betsy Ritter, an addicted Waterford Ct., liberal has proposed a “hoarder’s tax.”  Under this formula the state would dictate to corporations how much money they would be allow to keep without spending it on the  “job creating”  programs liberals don’t know how to create.

A undoubtedly glassy eyed Ritter has her fangs ready to bite the necks of two “evil” nuclear power plants SHE doesn’t believe should be holding as much of their own money as their stock holders do. You can’t make this up.

If there is a difference between these liberals and child molesters or drug addicts it is very hard to find. All three will do ANYTHING to satisfy their lusts.




Left convinced Americans will not fight for 2nd Amendment rights

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Once cowed at the thought of provoking 2nd Amendment supporters, leftists will soon attempt to ban “assault weapons” (and much more) as legislation offered by Diane Feinstein makes its way to the Senate floor. It seems that DC liberals have finally become convinced that American gun owners are too cowardly, too lazy or too dependent upon the generosity of Big Brother to fight for their 2nd Amendment rights.

During the past 4 years, the gun banning left have watched as American buyers broke sales records in the purchase of semi-automatic rifles.  Opting for these and other powerful, efficient weapons it is estimated that some 100 million private citizens are now in possession of over 300 million firearms. And these numbers continue to grow with each passing month.

Yet it’s against this backdrop of America’s unprecedented determination to assert the fundamental permanence of 2nd Amendment guarantees that Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and others will choose to implement gun bans, demand the federal registration of firearms, even legislate outright confiscation. 

Maybe Democrats are confident that fallout from Sandy Hook will provide the floor votes necessary to  disarm the American people. But if the left is willing to risk picking this fight with millions of American gun owners, it must also believe something far more important—that Americans who have spent years arming themselves against the ultimate expression of tyranny by their own government–the overthrow of the 2nd Amendment– will choose to NOT fight when the time finally comes.

For decades, the left have watched Americans simply “lie down” before every imaginable outrage and legislative assault on our liberty. The Constitution has been prostituted by power-hungry, America-hating Marxists in congress, on the federal bench and in the White House. Elected officials have laughed when asked to provide Constitutional authority for the passage of massively unpopular pieces of legislation. Tax dollars are insolently manipulated to purchase votes, grease the skids of questionable legislation and add to the wealth of bureaucrats and elected officials. And through it all, Americans are robbed of more and more liberty as we do nothing but “vote ‘em in and cuss ‘em out” every 2 years.

Liberals have come to depend upon the willingness of Americans to subordinate their desire for liberty to the wishes and whims of the political ruling class. The cowardly are rewarded for relenting while those with the courage to question dictatorial authority and refuse to submit are accused of domestic terrorism. And all who press their own beliefs—or worse, those of the nations’ Founders– are met with ridicule or intimidation in what was at one time a nation of free, thinking individuals.

In short, the left has come to expect cowardice or disinterested submission from a people trained for decades to accept as given that the good intentions of their elected betters are sufficient to fulfill the requirements of constitutional authority.  And it’s a safe bet neither Democrats nor RINO’s will expect anything different from the majority of Americans this time around as Feinstein and Co legislate last rights for the 2nd Amendment.

We know what the left believe. We’ll soon find out if they are right.


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Gun control advocates deliberately facilitated the murders at Sandy Hook

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Advocates of overturning the right to keep and bear arms have spent years DELIBERATELY turning innocents into victims of slaughter for the purpose of disarming the American people.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” gun-control zealots are predictably out in force after the Sandy Hook killings. For in the perverted mind of confiscation supporters like Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama, the murder of 20 kindergarten students represents a longed-awaited opportunity to embarrass weak-kneed defenders of the 2nd Amendment into relenting to a nationwide assault against the foremost liberty of the American people.  

On December 19th, New York Mayor Bloomberg favored USA Today readers with a 6 point guide to “stop gun madness.” (1)

And like every previous claim of the hypocritical founder of Mayors Against (Illegal) Guns (Bloomberg enjoys the 24/7 protection of taxpayer funded, armed bodyguards as he denies gun ownership to fellow New Yorkers), the essay by Bloomberg is a study in calculated misdirection. For Bloomberg and other proponents of “common sense gun legislation” know full well that their proposed ban on the sale of “assault rifles” and “high-capacity” magazines will have no effect on gun crime.  (2)

Why craft legislation which purposely disarms only law abiding Americans? Why create and proudly advertise the existence of “gun free zones” which render countless people utterly defenseless against wanton killers?

If plans for gun confiscation are to succeed, the left know it must make firearms a loathsome commodity to an increasingly pro-gun populace. What better way to accomplish such a goal than to facilitate-by-statute the most murderous fantasies of psychopaths intent upon making their names and deeds part of American history?

So legislation was passed which guaranteed an unlimited supply of defenseless victims for prospective mass murderers.  Gun free zones, though represented as safe havens, were knowingly and deliberately fashioned to facilitate leisurely slaughter as they provide only for the security and convenience of armed killers, not their statutorily disarmed victims.  

And it was at Sandy Hook that the fondest wishes of gun-confiscation advocates have been granted. Knowing they will never have a better opportunity of success, Michael Bloomberg and other self-absorbed elitists will press demands for firearm bans and restrictions as never before. After all, only unfeeling monsters could defend 2nd Amendment rights in the face of 20, brutally murdered children.

What sort of perverse, diseased mind is required to deliberately legislate the assured slaughter of innocents in order to advance a political agenda? Perhaps the sort which has been so eagerly involved in promoting the murder of infants for decades.  

Soon the banning of specified firearms will begin. When the next psychopath proves this latest gun control legislation to also be ineffective by design, another even more audacious round of gun bans will ensue. Then another and another until confiscation is deemed the “final solution,” necessary for the protection of the people. From that day forward, self-defense will consist of begging for one’s life rather than defending it on equal terms!!

It is then that the 2nd American Revolution will begin as those who refuse to submit to the left’s long anticipated decree of slavery will resist by every means at their command.

I only hope I’m around to fire the first shot.


(1) http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2012/12/18/michael-bloomberg-on-need-to-control-guns/1777889/

(2) http://patriotaction.net/forum/topic/show?id=2600775%3ATopic%3A6035555&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_topic