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Show of Force or War Preparations?

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

This week NATO released a series of satellite images showing a Russian military buildup near it’s border with Ukraine. The forward bases are Spartan and are mainly used to disperse or deploy assets for contingencies. Most likely this is a show of Force to counter NATO’s shifting of Forces as a display of good faith to support the current government of Ukraine.  

NATO leadership estimate at least 40,000 Russian troops have been deployed near the borders which could likely be within Ukraine in about an hour if ordered. The images show aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery, and forces deployed in positions that are not equipped for long term occupation. Usually such deployments are performed for training purposes but in the current situation they could be a show of force for the benefit of the pro-Russian population, a move to deter NATO, or to provide Air cover if the population should decide to have a civil war.    

Russia is telling the world that there is nothing unusual about the deployment, but the satellite images contradict the buildup along national boarders during time of internal turmoil.  Russian forces are already in Crimea and the well trained forces used to secure the Peninsula are much more professional and more integrated than NATO leadership have seen in the past. If war were to start, NATO would meeting a formidable force. (3)

If the current occupant of the White House knew anything of history, he would understand that the last time Europe and America faced such an army it wasn’t a pleasant trip for those who fought the war.

As for the United States, Obama foolishly promised: “We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine. What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international correlation that sends a clear message.” The public housing Harvard Law School grad is either bluffing or willing to surrender Ukraine in the name of Social Justice. Most likely he and Valerie Jarret don’t care because the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t involved.

The wild card in this dangerous game is China. They might use a Ukrainian showdown to quietly grab a few islands. (2) 

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Islam: the global plague which threatens the destruction of all nations, all peoples

by Suzanne Eovaldi
Americans must stand against an Islamic takeover of our country, says a Christian refugee who fled the terrors of the Muslims’ war against Jews and Christians.  When her beloved father, a Christian pastor, and her brother were attacked and killed, Manal Faragalla fled her native Egypt for Greece and is now living in California with her children and remaining family members.  She travels the nation to warn Americans about the dangers of the Muslim jihad against Christians and Jews in all countries. Very critical of President Obama whose actions in Libya aided the Muslim Brotherhood, Faragalla warns that since he has been in the White House, the number of mosques has increased significantly as has the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on America’s political scene!
“Reveal truth” is Manal’s life mission and as a television anchor who broadcast the Christian message throughout the Middle East, she is acutely aware of the intent of Koran themed practitioners of what she says is definitely not a religion of peace.  Even as lunch was being served at the recent Republican Women’s Club in Florida, the ardent follower of Jesus Christ showed horrific scenes of beheadings, including pictures of severed human heads strewn about in open view. She described how an 89 year old woman was tied to two camels who pulled her body apart as they were separated by Muslim handlers! 

Almost too painful to watch was a Memri TV video of small girls, as young and innocent as 6,7,8 years old, all dressed in white wedding dresses walking hand in hand in a long line with men much, much older, men ages 40-50, as they await their wedding nuptials. One young girl who spoke out against the horrors being perpetrated against children was killed by members of her own family.

Manal told of the suicides of women and children who take their own lives to escape the awful treatment they are receiving at the hands of Islamic males. “Iraqi people [are] shipping them in boxes [for] 20 days…in large shipping containers into Greece and other world ports just to get out of Iraq!”  She told of many bodies just falling out of the boxes after such long confinement, while other women who managed to survive such ordeals literally could not move their legs and arms which had “frozen” in place!
The television anchor is speaking to Christians in America to tell them the truth, but two people in the local audience just could not or would not believe or accept her premise that teachings from the Islamic source book itself propels these terrors against Jews, Christians and anyone who stands against the Muslim belief system.  “But not all Muslims are like that,” said one older man whose comments met agreement with one woman at another table.  But Manal stood firm in reiterating that the notion to use any means possible to “kill the Infidels” is what really motivates such horrific violence. “They will destroy this country and destroy peace for our kids,” she declared!
The glowing tourista videos of Rick Steves and other European travel writers really are misleading Americans, because in reality, Europe is fast becoming a theme park.  Manal showed demographics that point to the invasion and take over by Muslim immigrants who have an above 8 point reproduction ratio for couples while white Europeans can not sustain their cultures because of their very low birthrates. 

“There are more mosques than churches in Europe,” she warns.  The low birth rates, especially in Spain at 1.1 child per couple, 1.3 in Greece and Germany are “impossible to reverse.”  Manal told her audience that within a few decades, the average European Union’s 1.38 birth rate will cause that continent to fall to Islamic domination!  The birthrate currently in the USA of 2.11 is being propped up by Latino immigrants, not Americans of European descent.
Because Manal’s former television station was literally taken over by wealthy buyers who silenced her Christian message, she is now working to set up a new broadcasting station out of California to beam the truth about Islam into the USA, Canada and all over the Middle East.  She and other devout Christians are part of the Abiding Place Ministries, 9850 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131.  You can go to her web site at www.abidingplace.org to volunteer to help her get the truth out to Americans.  She is especially poignant when she talks about the horrors being done to young boys “for the pleasure of older men.”  These young boys are called WOLDAN MOKHALADOON.  Children and women have no rights, no protections.  Hard to understand are American liberals, reporters, academics who protect Islamists who are using the very freedoms guaranteed us by our precious US CONSTITUTION to infiltrate and gain dominance over us here in America!

SOURCE:  Missionary Training Center, Abiding Place Ministries, 9850 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131    www.abidingplace.org  A $50,000 building project drive currently is underway to build, equip, and staff a new broadcasting station to beam the Christian message throughout the Islamic world as well as into Canada and the USA.

The left’s takeover of the American military

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Obama’s uneasiness with Generals
A hallmark of dictators is the purging of senior military officers in the hope of eliminating any viable opposition to future tyrannical actions. A large number of senior military officials–around 200 flag officers–have been relieved by the Kenyan Muslim in Chief in the last five years. (2) Obama is working diligently to create a totally obedient, Democrat Party controlled military. After the Arab Spring uprising overthrew the old government and installed Muslim Brotherhood President Muhammed Morsi in Egypt, both Morsi and Obama expected Egyptian Military officers to subordinate themselves to the whims of a tyrant with Washington and terrorist connections. Obama watched that experiment closely because it was essentially to become his roadmap to total power in the United States.

Compliant Officer Class
The blogosphere is becoming keenly aware of an ongoing purge of Generals and Admirals in the US Military who are not in lock-step with Obama’s agenda. Senior military officers are being intimidated against speaking out. The real damage will be created and if the left create a “compliant officer class” to carry out the wishes of America’s first elected dictator of the modern era. What is going to stop the Kenyan from ordering the Armed forces to suppress insurgent Tea Partiers? Obama has a history of destroying any opposition and the main stream press has always been more than willing to help him out. If Obama succeeds, leaders of the U.S. Armed Forces will not have the backbone to tell the political class “no” to future commands. Even today there are few combat Generals in the ranks; most senior officers are political animals. That is why there was little opposition to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. If any officer spoke up they were first booted out of the cocktail parties and later drummed out the military. In the service this is called a “Soft kill” of someone’s military career.

Obama’s uneasiness
Retired Army Lt. Gen. James Dubik told Political Magazine “There are several basic models of civil-military relations.” The first is the traditional one of separate spheres of authority: “Civilians do policy; the military executes”—but still decides the means of execution. In a second model, “Civilians are the principals, the military are specialized employees. The military can advise, but they must do what the boss says in the way the boss wants, no more and no less.”  (1) He points out the separation of the military from civilian leaders where the leadership sets policy and the military executes. Unfortunately, too many politicians expect military officers to be their unquestioning loyal servants. This breed discontent among the ranks. Politicians tend to be short-sited whereas the traditional military must plan for all contingencies. The Obama administration does not have a grasp of this concept, nor will they. As in Syria, Libya and Egypt the administration didn’t have a clue as to the long term effects of their policies. They were interested only in focusing on favorable political spin for Sunday morning talk shows. But bombing something or killing someone as a symbolic gesture has consequences. Gen. Paul Eaton sums it up best when he said “The military does not take kindly to people asking them to do things without thinking them through.”

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Obama’s Chickens coming Home to roost. Obama and Egypt

by Jim Emerson, staff writer

During the so-called Arab Spring, Barack Obama supported Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s choice to become Egypt’s president. The fact that he didn’t really win the election made no difference. (1) Morsi immediately attempted to turn the former pro-American nation into a Sharia compliant wasteland. His power play moves to subjugate the military and courts, to rewrite the constitution and make himself the supreme leader of Egypt did not sit well with the Egyptiam people.

Morsi did very little to improve the lives of the people of Egypt but hey, Obama liked the guy; a typical case of a leftist Democrat supporting a tyrant. On June 28 the Egyptian people rose up to remove Morsi from power. The would-be tyrant had to face the reality that the Egyptian people just weren’t enamored with him! It was at this point that the true saviors of the Egyptian people–the Egyptian Military–drove the Muslim Brotherhood and their military arm, al Qaeda from power. But unlike a coup-d’état, the military did not take over the government.

Back in Washington, the Jarret Administration (which Obama just happens to work for) decided that the ouster of Morsi and the crackdown on the terrorist organization, Muslim Brotherhood, was indeed a coup-d’état. The Regime therefore demanded that Morsi be returned to power or military aid to Egypt would be terminated. Naturally, Obama managed to make himself highly unpopular with the Egyptian people and single handedly destroyed the long-term, positive relationship America had with the Arab Republic. Under orders from Valerie Jarret, Barack cut off Military and civilian aid while the Egyptian nation was fighting remnants of the Brotherhood and al Qaeda.  This week Secretary of State Kerry has been dispatched to Egypt for the purpose of convincing Egyptian leaders that Obama didn’t REALLY support the Muslim Brotherhood during Morsi’s reign of terror. It was just a simple misunderstanding. (3)

Not one to miss a golden opportunity, Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Egypt, hoping to replace the United States as the main supplier of arms to the Egyptian Military. (2) Once in Cairo “he is expected to announce a major arms sales package as part of efforts to build closer military relations.”  Obama sided with the wrong people and lost another ally in the war against terrorism. Several American defense contractors will have to lay off workers because Obama chased off another customer. Between the NSA scandal and siding with known terrorist organizations, Obama has lost all creditably on the world stage. His chickens have come home to roost.

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Conspiracy theories making more sense than Obama’s claims

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

Are Saudi Arabia and Qatar trying to get Obama to bomb Syria back to the Middle Ages so they can run that big gas pipeline through Syria?  Is that the real back story here, an attempt by the inscrutable Arabs to pimp America’s military to do their work even as such actions would destroy Assad and support Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood? 

A “Vanity” posting on Free Republic, dated Sept 6, urges Americans to call Congress and say: “I know about the gas pipeline Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to run through Syria and Assad won’t let them!” The poster goes on to say that “They [the Saudi's] want Obama to pimp our troops to do their fighting against Assad for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda!” (1)

Another trenchant, Free Republic contributor says the Muslim Brotherhood and Barack Hussein Obama my be closer or more connected than originally revealed. (2) This quote is thrown up against the web wall: “I don’t know if he is a card carrying member, but he clearly is a huge supporter of these various jihadists!”  The name Shadi Hamid is associated with this rhetoric, but the name may or may not be just a generic Arabic moniker thrown out there to stir the roiling Middle Eastern pot even more. 

TheBlaze.com is leaning toward conspiracy theories evolving out of the Egyptian Street’s “dissatisfaction with the Obama administration policy some have viewed as pro Muslim Brotherhood.” (3) That famous photo still careening around the web of Obama bowing low to the Saudi King isn’t helping his bomb, bomb, bomb Syria lyric either.
Al Jazeera English on Friday quoted Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, who said, “The West is using allegations of chemical weapons as pretext for attacking Syria.”  Qassem Soleimani, chief of Iran’s elite Quds force unit warns, “We will support Syria to the end!” (3)

The irony of President Obama sending a video greeting to the Muslim Brotherhood holding its big annual convention in Chicago on the very day he announced his plans to bomb Syria is simply stunning.  You can view the entire video to hear Obama praise the Muslim Bros for “the myriad of ways the American Muslim Community and specifically ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) leadership has served as an effective partner in promoting inter-religious initiatives in the US and religious freedom for minorities around the world!” (4) This amazing praise to an Islamic organization alleged in some quarters to be connected to the destruction of some 80 Christian Churches near Damascus last week stings stateside.

And what happened on 9/11?


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calls to Congress may be made toll free to 1-877-762-8762;  ck out “more perfect union” on ISNA’s website; this rhetoric comes from documents by America’s founding fathers!