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If Muslims are offended by the West, why haven’t we the right to be offended by them?

In his video, Pat Condell defines the religion of peace as “the most racist ideology on the planet.” Responsible for destroying the once great nation of Britain, Islam is now spreading its poisonous talons of hatred and intolerance across the United States.

Condell does a masterful job of exposing the ” mind-blowingly, soul-witheringly, unforgivably offensive,” practices of Islam by the simple method of telling the truth. How can the so-called “religious” practices of this group of sub-human thugs be beneath contempt while remaining above criticism or condemnation?

The 6 minute video offered by Condell is guaranteed to raise the ire of conservatives. For if Muslims are permitted to be offended by the ways of Western culture, why in Hell are we chastised for being offended by the ways of killers, liars and thieves?

Source: Pat Condell video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxlO7DLC6p8

It’s OK to talk in Soprano, but not in Muslim

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The attorney’s letter describing how his client, his Italian-American client, was treated by a town’s “Professional” still hurts me.  When I tried to sleep after reading it, on that one night, I got up to get an old teddy bear sitting in an antique chair that belonged to my mother.  I brought the chair and the teddy down to what I thought was to be my great, new home in Florida. I crawled back in bed, pulled teddy up close, and turned on my side.  But I no longer could pull my knees up under my chin.
The letter stabbed me horribly.  Memories began to flood my late night brain and I could not sleep. I remember my father and my mother telling me about how my cousin and her sweet parents, my godparents, dealt with having to clean up their small yard the morning after the Klan had burned a cross out in front.  The Klan burned a cross on their grass because we were Italian-Americans.  And the Klan rode to burn us out of America.
I remember being called a “Mackerel Snapper” by other playmates, being made fun of because I didn’t eat meat on Fridays.  I remember hearing Dad tell Mother and me how the other two judges he was running with for election to the Circuit Court Judicial District stood up for him, stood by him, as he had to defend himself in front of the judicial candidates’ selection committee.  Dad was the first Italian-American who had ever dared run for this position in our location. “We’re running with Ben,” his two running mates said.  “Ben is part of our ticket.”  And this ticket was elected, not once but twice.  Dad very rarely showed his feelings.  And my Italian father’s appellate court decisions all were upheld on appeal; only one was held in abeyance and upon review by Illinois’ highest court, it too was upheld.
I remember being called Racist by a friend of a friend when I came to this town; now I cannot forget the images thrown up by this attorney’s letter that describe how someone in this town’s governance treated another Italian-American, a man who took an oath to protect and to serve.  This man was called a “professional liar” because he served many years as an undercover officer in order to free a town and its citizens from the scourge of drugs, dealers, and death which he faced every day on his job.  I urge each and everyone in this town, as homework, to watch the young Johnny Depp in the film “Donnie Brasco.”  Depp’s performance here is one of the finest I have ever viewed because his character comes off of the screen and into the audience’s recognition of what some men go through to protect and to serve.
Even though this Italian-American man received the highest rating possible, he was cast aside, his wife made ill, his honor defiled.  When I took to a local news editor a very offensive cartoon he had run with the hurtful theme that made fun of Italians, of Catholics, I asked him why he printed it.  “Because it’s funny,” he said.  “Yes,” I replied, “unless you are Italian, Catholic.
How come it’s OK to humiliate ridicule, talk in “Soprano” as mentioned in the interview letter, laugh at Italians, at Catholics, but it’s not OK in our obscenely politically correct society to hurl the same cruel epithets at women, African Americans, gays, any other race, gender, or sexual division?  Why won’t this town’s voters hold its politicians, staff, “professionals” to a higher standard?  Why is it funny to laugh at a female politician who happens to be Italian American, but no one would dare hurl such abuse at the Minneapolis Muslim?  Worst of all in this pathetic scenario are the complicit media that look only to boost their rating dollars at the expense of Italian Americans?
Allow me to sleep without Teddy tonight because I no longer need to feel abused because of my birth. At least, help me to cry before I die.  Each and every citizen in this town needs to apologize to this highly qualified police officer, a man who did put his life on the line every day, and yet a man brutalized by a cruel interview process.  Don’t ever ridicule a cop, talk to him “in Soprano,” until you’ve stood up so close to a burning house that you can feel its heat on your face and see the fear in his face. The police are left to clean up the pieces after the fire chief “calls” the house, that is, declares it lost.  Don’t ever dishonor an officer’s shield as I witnessed in another election in this town.  Here was another officer who took a bullet on duty.
That bloody horse’s head is under the sheets of each and every one of you who refuses to take part in your town’s freedom to choose, your voting process.

Hoping Muslim crocodile devours her last, dopey Lesbian police chief wears a hijab

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Winston Churchill once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” He was talking about the Nazis but he very well could have been referring to today’s Muslims.

According to a recent Facebook post, a Somali Muslim Minneapolis City Hall worker declared last February 28th “Hijab Day” at the town’s City Hall because he or she wanted to. Thereafter the Muslim worker got the city’s police chief and equally foolish female city council members, Elizabeth Glidden and Lisa Bender, to wear hijabs to work.   

The idea of a lesbian police chief wearing the prescribed garb of a subservient is startling for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that homosexuals are regularly tortured and murdered by Muslim men to “cleanse the world” of their very existence.  The hijab is a veil that covers the head and chest area of Muslim females who have reached puberty, when they are in the presence of adult males. A hijab can also be full body covering worn to emphasize modesty among Muslim women. If hijabs are meant to cover a Muslim woman’s body from the gaze of men what place does a hijab in the life of a lesbian who claims to be “married” to another woman as the police chief does?

How can a Muslim inviting a non-Muslim lesbian to wear a hijab be anything than a cruel joke at the expense of a fool? Does this dope not understand the world? If not why is she running the police department of a large American city?   

It apparently doesn’t occur to Police Chief Janee Harteau and Council members Glidden and Bender that they are helping to embolden people who would slaughter them and their families.

Somali Muslims have wormed their way into the fabric of Minneapolis and won’t stop until they run the city. They already hold one of the thirteen City Council seats of the city. Given the failed “leadership” and appeasement policies of these three idiots, trouble is coming to Minneapolis.  



Down the Memory Hole

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

In George Orwell’s novel 1984 the Ministry of Truth would alter or eliminate inconvenient and embarrassing records as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened. The Ministry would later recreate history to match often-changing state propaganda. Today’s efforts at properly sprucing up the past be called testaments to political correctness. In order for the memory hole to work the people have to be unaware of the process of revisionism.

Ft Hood
November 5, 2009 Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan, while yelling “Allahu Akbar,” performed brutal acts of Islamic terrorism, killing 13 and wounding 32 Americans at Fort Hood in Texas. It is the worst mass shooting ever to occur on a military installation. To minimize the Muslim influence behind the killings, OUR Ministry of Truth ordered the United States Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies to forget the terrorist connection by declaring Hasan’s murderous, Islamic treachery an act of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence
According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, “Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide.”  Yelling “Allahu Akbar” while shooting at unarmed soldiers and their families at a Readiness process center by a Soldier of Allah is hardly work related. (1) By declaring Hasan’s Jihadist murders acts of workplace violence, Big Brother Barack has denied financial and medical benefits families of the dead and wounded would have received had they been properly awarded the Purple Heart. The Ministry added insult to injury by ignoring the truth about Hasan. (2) And incredibly, the Obama Regime’s disgusting historical rewrite would have succeeded were it not for the internet and cable news.

In an effort to forever put the Islamic murders at Fort Hood down the memory hole, the Army tore down Building 42003, the site at which a real domestic terrorist killed Americans on American soil. Instead of preserving the building as has been done in previous wars the Ministry of Truth hopes that, by its actions, the peons will finally forget the incident. As a final insult by the Ministry, the Army post was directed to claim it had privately consulted victims and family members concerning what should be done with the site. Like so many other claims by the Obama Regime, it was a lie. (3)


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Islam: the global plague which threatens the destruction of all nations, all peoples

by Suzanne Eovaldi
Americans must stand against an Islamic takeover of our country, says a Christian refugee who fled the terrors of the Muslims’ war against Jews and Christians.  When her beloved father, a Christian pastor, and her brother were attacked and killed, Manal Faragalla fled her native Egypt for Greece and is now living in California with her children and remaining family members.  She travels the nation to warn Americans about the dangers of the Muslim jihad against Christians and Jews in all countries. Very critical of President Obama whose actions in Libya aided the Muslim Brotherhood, Faragalla warns that since he has been in the White House, the number of mosques has increased significantly as has the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on America’s political scene!
“Reveal truth” is Manal’s life mission and as a television anchor who broadcast the Christian message throughout the Middle East, she is acutely aware of the intent of Koran themed practitioners of what she says is definitely not a religion of peace.  Even as lunch was being served at the recent Republican Women’s Club in Florida, the ardent follower of Jesus Christ showed horrific scenes of beheadings, including pictures of severed human heads strewn about in open view. She described how an 89 year old woman was tied to two camels who pulled her body apart as they were separated by Muslim handlers! 

Almost too painful to watch was a Memri TV video of small girls, as young and innocent as 6,7,8 years old, all dressed in white wedding dresses walking hand in hand in a long line with men much, much older, men ages 40-50, as they await their wedding nuptials. One young girl who spoke out against the horrors being perpetrated against children was killed by members of her own family.

Manal told of the suicides of women and children who take their own lives to escape the awful treatment they are receiving at the hands of Islamic males. “Iraqi people [are] shipping them in boxes [for] 20 days…in large shipping containers into Greece and other world ports just to get out of Iraq!”  She told of many bodies just falling out of the boxes after such long confinement, while other women who managed to survive such ordeals literally could not move their legs and arms which had “frozen” in place!
The television anchor is speaking to Christians in America to tell them the truth, but two people in the local audience just could not or would not believe or accept her premise that teachings from the Islamic source book itself propels these terrors against Jews, Christians and anyone who stands against the Muslim belief system.  “But not all Muslims are like that,” said one older man whose comments met agreement with one woman at another table.  But Manal stood firm in reiterating that the notion to use any means possible to “kill the Infidels” is what really motivates such horrific violence. “They will destroy this country and destroy peace for our kids,” she declared!
The glowing tourista videos of Rick Steves and other European travel writers really are misleading Americans, because in reality, Europe is fast becoming a theme park.  Manal showed demographics that point to the invasion and take over by Muslim immigrants who have an above 8 point reproduction ratio for couples while white Europeans can not sustain their cultures because of their very low birthrates. 

“There are more mosques than churches in Europe,” she warns.  The low birth rates, especially in Spain at 1.1 child per couple, 1.3 in Greece and Germany are “impossible to reverse.”  Manal told her audience that within a few decades, the average European Union’s 1.38 birth rate will cause that continent to fall to Islamic domination!  The birthrate currently in the USA of 2.11 is being propped up by Latino immigrants, not Americans of European descent.
Because Manal’s former television station was literally taken over by wealthy buyers who silenced her Christian message, she is now working to set up a new broadcasting station out of California to beam the truth about Islam into the USA, Canada and all over the Middle East.  She and other devout Christians are part of the Abiding Place Ministries, 9850 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131.  You can go to her web site at www.abidingplace.org to volunteer to help her get the truth out to Americans.  She is especially poignant when she talks about the horrors being done to young boys “for the pleasure of older men.”  These young boys are called WOLDAN MOKHALADOON.  Children and women have no rights, no protections.  Hard to understand are American liberals, reporters, academics who protect Islamists who are using the very freedoms guaranteed us by our precious US CONSTITUTION to infiltrate and gain dominance over us here in America!

SOURCE:  Missionary Training Center, Abiding Place Ministries, 9850 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131    www.abidingplace.org  A $50,000 building project drive currently is underway to build, equip, and staff a new broadcasting station to beam the Christian message throughout the Islamic world as well as into Canada and the USA.