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Obama fails to rescue a hostage but does get in 18 holes

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

No Hostages found.

The Obama Administration reveled this week that Delta Force commandos attempted to rescue Americans held hostage in Syria by the Islamic State. Under orders from Obama and based on what they were told was the latest Intelligence, the team raided an oil refinery in northern Syria. The commandos fought their way to the location where intelligence sources believed the Americans to be located. By the time they got there the hostages had been moved and the mission was a bust. Administration official(s) revealed the nature of the mission during a conference call with reporters. (1) They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive and now compromised nature of the mission.

It’s a safe bet that this conference call leak was a political calculation made by Obama handlers to divert attention from his disgraceful indifference to the beheading of American Journalist James Foley.  Playing golf 8 minutes after making a prepared speech to commemorate a murdered American is bad optics. But it is typical display of class by our Golfer-In-Chief. (2)

No Place in the 21st Century
Muhammad doesn’t play Nintendo. Warfare is dirty business and in tribal regions it is extremely brutal. Mullah Obama thinks he can defeat the Islamic State with a few well-placed Tactical strikes. These may look impressive on the evening news but in reality will do little to deter the Jihadists’ strategic goal. The Islamists supplies will remain intact and their occupied oil fields untouched. Unless this White House learns Strategy (Alinsky isn’t strategy) and soon, the Islamic State and its new alliance with an al Qaeda affiliate will become the next oil-funded, terrorist nation. (4)

The Caliphate intends to make the territory a pure Sunni Muslim nation which will expand its control over the Middle East. They have been achieving their objective using middle age tactics and brutality.  The only people effectively fighting back are the Kurds who are using similar tactics. Until the Western World develops an effective strategy to wipe out ISIS we will one day be looking at a Holy World War.

What is Nero Obama doing? Playing Golf.

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The real threat of the Islamic State

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The Islamic state, formerly known as ISIS, is a one-time affiliate of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. In an effort to spread their own flavor or Jihad around the globe, these Islamists are fashioning their own country and identifying rivals of their particular terror network. The success of their takeover of Northern Iraq has attracted foreign fighters to the Sunni controlled Caliphate. Many of the recruits from Western nations are trained and then returned to their home country to create terror cells loyal to the Islamic state.

Yet the rapid growth of an Islamic State may also be its Achilles heel. The Caliphate expansion makes Islamist organizations vulnerable to overreach. Stretching command and control of the terror network over large regions with little or no infrastructure can make such a state easy prey for a formidable, well trained military force.

Another vulnerability of the Caliphate will be the resentment of other Sunni Muslim nations which may attack in coordination with Shiite controlled countries and al-Qaeda.

Seeking to spread the Jihad globally, Islamists are recruiting over the internet and belittling the American President for his  ineffective use of military action. A response in half measures by the United States will not be effective in preventing the Islamic state from transforming their captured territory into the “true” Islamic Caliphate. Obama’s military goal in Iraq is not directed to the defeat of terrorists, but to preventing the American Embassy in Arbil becoming another Benghazi. Providing humanitarian airdrops to the Yazidi in Northern Iraq was most likely a result of political pressure from within his own party.     

Declaring Victory
During his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama declared victory after using airstrikes to end the siege against the Yazidis. But he left out the potential danger posed by the Islamist State to the western world. Islamic State membership has expanded dramatically over the 10,000 fighters it boasted several months ago. The capture and control of oil fields makes it wealthier and more powerful than its former terrorist allies. And though they are not believed to possess the technical expertise of al Qaeda or Iran, the strengths of the Islamic State consist of being better funded and better organized as they attract recruits from all over the world.

Don’t take their threats lightly. Look at the damage the Tsarnaev brothers did with guns, cars and simple homemade bombs.

Source:   http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/islamic-state-working-to-establish-cells-outside-iraq-and-syria-us-says/2014/08/14/639c32b0-23f5-11e4-8593-da634b334390_story.html?hpid=z9

Anti-American unions have always said, “Our policy is not to win the war at any cost.”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
American unions have a long and clear history of anti-Americanism. Virtually since their inception unions have been run by either Communists or the Mafia. But now that is changing for the worse.  While both of these plagues on our working people have been countered in recent years, the reigns of control of unions have apparently been handed off to a new even more virulent strain of anti-Americanism: Islam.
Union anti-Americanism showed itself in 1943 when, during the height a World War whose outcome was very much in doubt, United Auto Workers union head thug Tom Di Lorenzo had no qualms about admitting, “Our policy is not to win the war at any cost.”  
On July 25, the anti-American leaders of the United Steel Workers local 8751 president Steven Kirschbaum and his vice president Steven Gillis proudly attended an Al Quds event in Boston. It is instructive to note that as per a laudatory article in the “Workers World” a Communist newspaper, USW 8751 was founded by Communists.  
These gatherings are anti-Semitic, anti-American hate festivals where calls for murdering Jews are regularly heard.    
During a subsequent public rally held in Boston on August 4th there were chants of support for the Palestinian Intifada which were coordinated and lead by Kirschbaum as his mob of America haters marched along Boylston Street.
Among the chants directed by the anti-American Kirschbaum and Gillis was American Islam’s new favorite, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” which is a call for murdering every single Jew in Israel.     
By organizing this anti-American rally these two leaders of a bus drivers’ union have shown solidarity with and encouraged Islamic thugs who blow up busses, killing passengers and drivers alike in Israel.
Rallies like these are exactly the kind of signal the 7th century savages of Islam are looking for to start carrying out ISIS threats to bring their war against Israel to the streets of America. Nevertheless, these union thugs – one possibly Jewish himself – don’t care about anything but lining their own pockets.   

Those who still hold the naïve notion that unions represent the epitome of America’s patriotic working men and women shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the national USW structure to censure Kirschbaum and Gillis. The unions of today make no pretense about siding with America’s enemy. They are increasingly influenced by the far more dangerous Islamist.
Di Lorenzo’s words were, “Our policy is not to win the war at any cost.” Today’s union thugs are saying, “Our policy is not to win the war.”



Preventing Genocide is not A Core Interest of Mullah Obama’s Caliphate

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Obama press secretary Josh Earnest was asked by Fox News if preventing genocide of the Christian minority in Northern Iraq “Counts as being in America’s core interests.” (1) He answered that any military option to save the lives of innocent Iraqis would be handled on a case by case basis and that the only lasting solution for the situation in Iraq is political. Well the administration needs either a serious reality check or an enema as the Islamic State isn’t interested in negotiations or political solutions. Until the al-Qaeda spin-off is dealt with the brutality they unleash on their enemies they will not be deterred by token airstrikes or the mindless pandering rhetoric of Misters Obama or Kerry.

The capture of Mosul and Qaraqoush has forced Iraqi Christians to flee with the Yazidi minority into the mountains of the Kurdish region. The Kurds are more tolerant of Christianity and other minority religions, unlike the Islamic State which intends to wipe them out.

The New York Times reported information provided by Kurdish officials about airstrike targeting ISIS Jihadists in the Kurdish towns of Gwer and Mahmour.  (2) Believing it to have been American planes attacking ISIS, the residents of the towns began celebrating. The Pentagon denied any American involvement, reporting that either Iraqi, Russian or the Turkish Air Forces were conducting the airstrikes. It was also suggested that Iran may be involved in order to assist their Shiite brethren.   

Kurdish officials said the bombings had initially targeted ISIS fighters who had seized the two towns.  A top Iraqi official in Baghdad close to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said that Americans had consulted with the Iraqi government Thursday night about starting the campaign. The government reportedly agreed and the bombing began.

Another disaster
Obama’s previous military and diplomatic involvement in the Middle East led only to disaster, at least for the existing nations involved, as the head of each country was removed and absolute authority was handed to the Muslim Brotherhood.  These were “solutions” which benefitted only Barack Obama and his Jihadist allies.

Now it is reported that Barack is quietly calling for the removal of Prime Minister Maliki. (2) Mr. Obama has approved humanitarian airdrops for the population fleeing into in the Kurdish regions but will not approve any military strikes till the Prime Minister steps down. By then it will too late.

Update: Two US F-18′s launched a strike against an ISIS position near Erbil, the city which serves as the Kurdish capital. The Pentagon said “ISIS was using artillery [in the area] to shell Kurdish forces defending Erbil.”

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Israel vs the world

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Israel has pretty much declared it is sick and tired being the target of hate by Muslim terrorists and their enablers. In a battle against the world propaganda machine, Israel finds itself as David against the Goliath of the American and UN ministries of disinformation. The U.N. has a history of blaming Israel for defending itself and had to get used to being mistreated by every Democrat leaders since the assassination of Robert Kennedy by a Palestinian.

Obama’s contempt for Israel

Though admitting that Israel has the right to defend itself the Obama White House is doing all it can to deny the Jewish state the ability. Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria, his non-involvement in the rise of the Islamic State and his support of al Qaeda terrorists in Syria have only emboldened the enemies of Israel. Hamas was planning a major action against the Jewish state believing that the Grand Mufti of the Great Satan would forbid the Jews from fighting back. It didn’t work.

Israel stood up against the call for a cease fire by both Barack Obama and John Kerry because she was effectively fighting back against terrorists. Israeli forces were destroying launch sites and the tunnel systems built by Palestinians for the purpose of invading Israel and killing Jewish residents. Obama was surprised and humiliated by Israel’s rejection of the one-sided, Muslim-appeasing cease fire proposal presented by Secretary Kerry. It seems the American president underestimated the unity of the Israeli public behind the war effort. Israel will no doubt be punished in the near future by the Public Housing Muslim from Kenya because the One doesn’t like opposition, least of all when it has been declared before the entire world.

The only reason Obama and Kerry called for a cease fire was because Israel was winning. The early damage to Hamas was of a strategic nature, cutting off its electricity, supply routes and sea ports.  Hamas will have a difficult time recovering from the loss of supplies and resources.

The invaluable United Nations
The UN, in its strategic brilliance, has designated public schools to be safe bomb shelters for children and civilians. In fact, the world assembly is so humanitarian it even returned the weapons stored in these buildings to Hamas! It’s no secret that Muslims will use Mosques, Hospitals and Schools as weapons caches. They have also famously used women and children as human shields.

During its operations, Israeli forces have been giving the civilian Muslim population ample warning before striking a known target. The latest incidents in which civilians were killed or injured undoubtedly involve women and children literally held in place by Muslim men. Knowing they would leave the area upon news of a warning from Israeli forces, brave Muslim fighters lock these useful martyrs in the announced target area, confident that the world media will condemn Israel for their death. Of course the UN will look the other way or risk finding its own observers among the next tally of martyrs.

Israel will have to go it alone, understanding it has the support of the majority of its own citizens and sensible people of the world.