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Sooner or later laying down with dogs will get you covered with fleas, ask Notre Dame

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

I take no joy in being able to say “I told you so”,  to Father John Jenkins the president of Notre Dame University.  Father Jenkins was an original cheerleader for Barack Obama virtually from the first day of his first term. Notre Dame, its faculty and student body were absolutely beguiled by Obama. Jenkins invited him to speak at the university’s 2009 commencement ceremonies. At the time Father Jenkins and his faculty hid behind the fact that they a tradition of inviting a newly elected president to be its graduation day speaker, but that just didn’t wash. Tradition aside Jenkins gave Obama an honorary Law degree something that was well beyond what was necessary. The fact that Obama’s lust for the blood of innocent babies through his love of abortion,  meant nothing to Norte Dame then. The fact that Barack Obama sponsored a bill to murder innocent miracle abortion survivors meant nothing to Norte Dame then.  The fact that 89 men and women including 3 Catholic priests were praying the Rosary – a prayer begging the intercession of Our Lady for whom the school is named did, however, mean something. Jenkins had these good people arrested and refused to drop the charges over the next two and a half years.

Now the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago has refused to issue even a temporary injunction that would keep Notre Dame from having to provide abortion and contraception coverage in its employee healthcare packages.

Not surprisingly Father Jenkins  has announced Notre Dame will meekly comply with its earthly king’s edict to cast aside Catholic doctrine because he says so.  There is, of course, some mumbo jumbo language  that liberal CINOs (Catholics In Name Only) will use to make believe they are not doing what they obviously are doing; after all 55% of Notre Dame’s faculty are not Catholics.

Let’s hope this sobers up some of the CINO community in South Bend; but that’s going to be a stretch.

This bring to mind the comparison of Boston and New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parades.

The reason why the St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee in Boston was forced to include Gay marchers, who appear  under banners identifying them as such, is that the committee could no longer make the case that the parade is a religious festival.

New York City’s parade, to its credit , still holds the line on this issue because it has always stood for Catholic values.

Clearly Notre Dame is no longer viewed as a Catholic institution by the Federal Courts. Another formerly Catholic school is unmasked.   

Phonies like Notre Dame’s Te’o are media favorites


By Emma Karlin, staff writer

Just about four months ago the Democrats’ media broke the heartbreaking story of how a double tragedy had struck Manti Te’o a star football player for Norte Dame. The reports told of how Te’o’s grandmother in Hawaii had died and shortly thereafter his girlfriend, the love of his life, had died from injuries sustained in a car accident or leukemia – whichever carried the narrative better during a particular retelling of the story .

 Te’o’s grandmother Annette Santiago, was real and there is no reason to doubt his deep sense of loss at her death, but the “life” and “death” of his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua stinks of what Norte Dame has become under its current president Father John Jenkins.

 As the Notre Dameian fake story goes the happy couple met in Palo Alto after Norte Dame had lost to Stanford. The local Norte Dame house organ wrote flowery prose about the young lovers saying “Their stares got pleasantly tangled, then Manti Te’o extended his hand to the stranger with a warm smile and soulful eyes.” Kekua, a Stanford student, swaps phone numbers with Te’o.”

From there the Potemkin-like romance was propped up by the Norte Dame lie machine so the fact that the star player on a nationally revered team had chosen not to actually have a real girlfriend would not get in the way of another possible Heisman Trophy for a “Domer.”

Nobody in the media checked “the facts” – why let facts get in the way of a good story?-  and the lie didn’t surface until this week.

The parallels between the Te’o tale and Barack Obama’s “story” go beyond the “perfect” coincidence they both went to the same high school in Hawaii. Te’o’s lie brings up the recurrent question of why we still don’t know much about Obama.

How could the “tough as nails hard-nosed” reporters that “broke the Te’o lie “wide open” in four months still fail to ask why Barack Obama’s Draft card is the only one in the world that has a two digit year designation while the other 12 million issued during the same time period have four digit years!

The Democrats’ media loves a fake especially a fake from one of King Barack’s approved schools; that’s why the Te’o story only came out after Norte Dame’s embarrassing season ending loss to Alabama.

Maybe after Obama leaves office we’ll get the truth about him, but I won’t bet on it.





There is Notre Dame and there is a Catholic Catholic school like Belmont Abbey


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Tomorrow the national college football championship will be decided in a game that will be watched by millions of people. The combatants will be Notre Dame and Alabama. Millions of Catholics around the country will be rooting for the “Fighting Irish” but I won’t be one of them.  I find it hard to support frauds whether they are in or out of politics.  Notre Dame is a consummate fraud and has been for many years.

The formerly Catholic school has always held itself up as the pinnacle of Catholic higher education. The “Fighting Irish” were born with a chip on their shoulder and a devotion to Norte Dame “Our Lady,” but those days are over. These days Catholic doctrine obviously embarrasses Norte Dame.   

Notre Dame is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and to Catholics who care about Catholic doctrine.  At first we thought the biggest of these embarrassments was the honorary JD it handed Barack Obama, an avowed enemy of the Catholic Church, but even that terrible moment has been eclipsed.   

This fake “Catholic” school ordered the arrest of “protestors” who knelt to pray a Rosary during Obama’s speech.   Since then the school has facilitated the establishment of a Gay Club on its grounds, paid to send students to a support Gay “marriage” rally in Washington and roundly supported Barack Obama’s reelection even knowing he would be forcing it to violate Catholic doctrines on abortion and birth control through Obamacare. By no objective standard is Norte Dame a Catholic school. It’s just a fake institution that keeps up appearances to fool and fleece willfully blind alumni into writing it checks.   

By contrast Belmont Abbey, a small college in North Carolina, is a Catholic Catholic school.  It won’t ever play for a national championship but it stands head and shoulders above Norte Dame in stewardship of Catholic doctrine. It doesn’t have a Gay and Lesbian Club. Abortion and Gay marriage are not supported in its classrooms.

Belmont Abbey doesn’t have a lot of money but it knows how to use what funds it has to support true Catholic doctrine. Belmont Abbey has just CUT its yearly tuition by $10,000 to further its mission of offering an inexpensive Catholic education to as many people as possible. Which would you call a Catholic Catholic school?

If Norte Dame wins tomorrow it will rake in millions of dollars and some of it will go to support for Gay conduct and abortion. To that I say:  Go Alabama; ROLL TIDE!






Why we fight

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 To explain the personal journey an individual takes from wide eyed liberal to level headed conservative, Winston Churchill once said “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you are not Conservative by 40, you have no brain.”

 Experience proves this is true.

 One of the benefits of age is the wisdom that comes along with the gray hair.

 With a lifetime of experience the differences between liberal and conservative positions are easy to see and articulate. Having a growing family makes turning away from liberal ideas very easy because they don’t work.  

 As the head of my family it is my duty to defend and protect them from all enemies as they become evident.

 With his baptism Sunday, we welcomed our fifth grandchild a happy and, by the grace of God, healthy baby boy into our Christian community.

 All of our grandchildren were with us and all of them joined us for a celebration afterward. As I looked at the three girls and two boys ranging from 17 to newborn my joy was tempered by the reality that among them, they already owe more than 1.2 million dollars as their share of the national debt. None of them voted for any of the politicians who plunged them and us into this crushing debt.  None of them has expressed support for giving illegal aliens healthcare or sending our tax money to Brazil so it can drill for oil where liberals forbid us to go.

 Our grandchildren can’t vote, but they are our children’s children so it up to us to vote for them.  Their parents feed and care for them, but we are the ones who must take to the streets to save their futures. In most families parents are working to make ends meet and have little or no time to walk door to door or stuff envelops or make phone calls to bring the message of conservatism to voters so they can use their brains and see the  differences. Those things are left to us and must be taken up by us.

 We’re not 20 years old anymore. Those days are long gone. It would be great if we could merely spend our time playing with our grandchildren, tickling them and bouncing them on our knees. But that is a luxury we can’t afford right now.

We have a country to save for our children and grandchildren. America gave us our chance and we either took it or not, but we had that choice.

If we don’t get up and fight, our children and grandchildren won’t have that choice. They will grow up in a third rate gulag of gray faceless socialism. It’s up to us to see that this doesn’t happen.    

 Answer the call, the stakes are too high to just sit and watch. Our family’s are depending on us.     

 Do your own research

Don’t take anyone’s word on Democrats defending their seats this election is way too important. Use theses sites to find out where Democrats and Republicans stand on the issues you feel strongly about.

 http://www.conservative.org/congress-ratings/  ACU conservative ratings.

  http://www.cagw.org/  Citizens Against Government Waste

 http://gunowners.org/111hrat.htm  Seconds Amendment rights protection group

 http://www.votesmart.org/issue_rating_category.php?can_id=44728  all categories

 http://www.ntu.org/ National taxpayers union

 http://www.clubforgrowth.org/ free market supporters

 http://www.moaa.org/ Military Officers Association of America

 http://www.naral.org National pro abortion group

 Make it your goal to convert 10 people who promise to convert 10 others. Ask each person to donate $10.00 to a campaign.  If you don’t live in the district of the candidate you want to back, volunteer to make phone calls from your home. It’s easier than you think.

 It’s up to you: Freedom or slavery. It’s that simple.  America needs heroes. Will you be one?

 Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

 This day in history October 28

 1775: A British proclamation forbids residents of Boston from leaving their city.

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Is Notre Dame embarrassed by Catholic teachings? Funding gay “marriage” student trip says “Yes”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you plunged your family into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to send your son or daughter to Notre Dame thinking your hard earned money would get your child a truly Catholic education this will disappoint and infuriate you.

If the knot in your stomach from Barack Obama’s selection as last spring’s commencement speaker is just now beginning to loosen up hang on to your blood pressure medicine here comes another anti Catholic stunt from Father John Jenkins the school’s president.
Notre Dame, the University of Our Lady mind you, has used student organization funds to finance a trip for five of its students to Washington DC for a rally supporting Gay “marriage” a practice which directly violates the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Apparently Father Jenkins feels he hasn’t made his hatred for the teachings of the Catholic Church clear enough. Having a commencement speaker who supports allowing miracle abortion surviving infants to die in a broom closet because abortion is more sacred to him than life, wasn’t sick and perverted enough for Father Jenkins.

Sticking his finger in your eye and laughing

The Obama stunt should have signaled Notre Dame’s surrender of any claim to being a Catholic university. The little school in South Bend is now no more Catholic than U. Wisconsin at Madison.

Father Jenkins must be starting his own religion. He is certainly close to being recognized as the head of a “Jenkinsist” Catholic church that caters to the secular world while making fools of those who support his school.

Father Patrick J. Reilly, President of the Cardinal Newman Society challenged this grotesque move with a penetrating question, “What university seeking to reassure families of its Catholic identity would pay for students to attack the family and oppose Catholic teachings on marriage?”

Even the so-called “Progressives” know better

Members of Notre Dame’s Progressive Student Alliance (PSA) applied to the Student Activities Office for the necessary funding for the trip. The PSA president was shocked that the “pro forma” request was approved and observed, “The fact that we were University-approved was surprising but it was a wonderful surprise. The University hasn’t always been entirely receptive in the past.” Apparently even the PSA president recognized this was a violation of Roman Catholic teaching and was “surprised” it was approved. Too bad Father Jenkins didn’t feel the same way.

Is Father Jenkins starting his own religion, a sort of “roll- your-own” Catholicism that Obama’s thugs will make into the face of the American Catholic Church?

This day in history October 22

1836 Sam Houston is inaugurated as the first President of the Republic of Texas.

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