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Obama eligibility case still very much alive in Alabama Supreme Court

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

The McInnish-Goode case, no # 1120465, against former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman has definitely NOT been quietly dismissed according to a spokesperson for the Alabama Supreme Court. “It’s still pending,” the court clerk told CiR on Thursday, December 19, at 3:06 p.m. EST.  She said the case has not been dismissed, stating, “I don’t know where they get” the information that case was tossed. CiR was checking web reports that on the very day Attorney Larry Klayman won his blockbuster NSA spy scandal case against the Obama administration, his other big case concerning the Obama Birth Certificate forgery and authentication was dismissed.

Attorney Klayman is plaintiffs’ counsel for Hugh McInnish and Virgil Goode, two Alabama Republican party officials who are challenging former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman’s decision to allow Obama and other candidates to appear on that state’s 2012 presidential election ballots without first fully vetting them for eligibility. At stake, says investigator Mike Zullo, is “deception of voters and state election commissioners.”
This huge case was taken to appeal for oral argument in front of the AL Supreme Court after lower courts tossed its premise, a typical legal action taken across America by most other lower judiciary challenges to the Obama Birth Certificate issue.  Carl Gallups, Freedom Friday’s radio talk host in northern Florida, has for weeks been pointing out there actually are THREE birth certificate filings on record in this case.  “Now a third birth certificate has been submitted by AL Democrats.  (1)  The Obama, WH generated web birth certificate was shown by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s forensic investigators to be document forgery.  Obama supporters have submitted yet another BC for consideration.
Meanwhile, several major developments are causing tensions to rise.  The first concerns the inexplicable death of the main Hawaii Department of Health official linked to issuance of the “real” Barack Obama BC, 65 year old Loretta Fuddy.  Hers was the only death in a nine passenger plane crash last week that saw the pilot reportedly swim to shore to get help, after which, according to another Honolulu print outlet, he actually drove himself home.  Attempts by CiR to re-verify this account were thwarted because print access became limited.  Pilot Clyde Kawasaki was reported as saying, “All I know is ‘bang,’. . .OK, I’m in trouble now.”
Attorney Orly Taitz now has entered into the plane crash reconstruction.  Unclear is what happened to Fuddy’s body immediately after the plane hit the water.  Taitz issued a recent press release saying she “was contacted by Mr. Larry Fenton who tried to serve Fuddy with a Taitz subpoena. “He said he received a Facebook request from Loretta Fuddy to be friends,” says Taitz. Fenton was not allowed to serve Fuddy with the subpoena in person as required by law, but “was told to leave it at the gate.” (2)
Lead Arpaio investigator Mike Zullo filed a 207 point affidavit in the case against Sec of State Chapman, citing possible “fraudulent creation of an official document, forgery of a governmental birth record, and deception of voters and state election commissioners  across the county.” (3) Point #35 of the filing states: “It was now demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the WH website document was an utter forgery.”  Gallups is reporting Zullo has gone to ground because of a history changing news tip the detective is chasing all over the country!
One commenter summed up these latest developments by saying, “When conservatives are hitting the target, they get the most flack!”  Just recall how CNN talker Don Lemon and his liberal guest attacked Attorney Klayman.  “Cut his mic, ” cried Lemon.

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(4)  you also can check out this site, reportedly done by Obama supporter Jack Ryan, which lists the many different evidentiary briefs entered into the McInnish-Chapman case:   http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/2013/05/mcinnish-v-chapman-in-brief

The Alabama Supreme Court may be the beginning of the end of Obama’s house of cards

by Tommy Thompson, special correspondent

What’s been the biggest challenge in challenging Obama’s eligibility in court? It’s been finding a judge who isn’t afraid to allow the merits of the case against Obama to be argued in court. The Alabama Supreme Court might just be different. In an earlier case before the Alabama Supremes, Associate Judge, Tom Parker, stated “McInnish has attached certain documentation (Joe Arpaio’s investigation) to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short form’ and ‘long form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.”

Here we have a judge who actually recognizes that the fake birth certificates are a serious issue and should be addressed. Now we have a new case before the Alabama Supreme Court. This case is McInnish/Goode v Beth Chapman (SOS). It is being handled by famous attorney Larry Klayman. Also, it will be the first and only civil case in which Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse is personally involved. Chief investigator for Arpaio, Mike Zullo has written a 200 point affidavit to this court and has agreed to testify in person. Zullo will show the court that the “picture” of the long form birth certificate is a 100% digitally created fake.

Now comes even better news. In the 2012 elections, Alabama elected Judge Roy Moore as the Chief Justice of her Supreme Court. In an earlier interview concerning the case against Terry Lakin, Justice Moore stated that he not only thought that Lt. Col Lakin had a right to question Obama’s eligibility, but had a duty to do so.

He also said that he has seen no documentary evidence that Obama is a natural born citizen and in fact hasn’t seen anything that even proves that he is a citizen of the US. Judge Roy Moore is a staunch Constitutionalist who declares the Constitution is the “law of the land” and cannot be changed by politics. He’s a tough judge.

I’ve followed most of the eligibility cases and I’ve noticed a very common occurrence. Even in those cases in which the judge appears to follow the law there seems always to be a sudden and abrupt change. As in the Georgia case before Judge Michael Malihi, the case was pretty well decided by a default judgment against Obama when Malihi abruptly dismissed the case. This was done even though Obama’s attorneys refused to show up in court.

When you read Judge Malihi’s decision and compare it to his earlier denial of motion to dismiss it’s as if they were written by two different people. Could it be that Judge Malihi got a visit? And from whom? And who wrote the decision? I don’t see this happening to Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court. I don’t think they can be intimidated. There is no timeline for the court to rule on this case, so we wait to see what happens. This could be monumental.

Tommy Thompson

Alabama eligibility case in St.Clair County

Thompson v Kennedy (chairman of the Ala. Dem. Party)

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Amicus brief filed in Obama eligibility suit

by George Spelvin

A friend of the court brief by Lucas Daniel Smith appears on line as having just been filed with the Alabama Supreme Court in an appeals case seeking to reinstate the challenge of President Obama’s eligibility to serve as US President.  The online link shows the fully notarized Amicus Curiae (1) which Smith sent to Chief Justice Roy Moore and ten other authorities and includes a copy of the Mombasa certificate of live birth of Barack Hussein Obama II.  Other exhibits include passport photos of Obama, Sr. and a postal mailing of the Senate Publication dealing with the Natural Born Citizen clause of the US Constitution.

Smith, who has experienced his own battles in pursuing the Obama eligibility challenge, begins his argument with a background of legal citations about the doctrine of “capable of repetition yet evading review” which speaks to the responsibility of a state’s electoral board in certification of presidential candidates.  The brief states, “Amicus (LDS) has proof that Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya at the Coast Province General Hospital in l961.”  Smith goes on to explain he obtained two copies of the CPGH birth certificate as a result of money given to military/police operatives and a hospital administrator.  “On 19th day of February, 2009, (Smith) walked out of the CPGH in Mombasa with a certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama IIs original birth certificate.”

In his introduction, Smith tells the court that he originally went to Africa to do research on a cryptid, a dinosaur like animal that lives in the Congo.   However, when he “was bombarded with questions in English (about) how he felt of a Kenyan governing the  USA,” Smith changed his focus to research the physical birth data surrounding the newly elected American President!

An integral part of the Smith Amicus brief includes Senate Pub. 103-21 which states: “in order to take oath a president must be 35, a resident within the US for 14 years, and a Natural Born Citizen.  This last requirement (NBC) raises the question of whether someone born to American citizens outside of the US would be eligible to hold the office.”  Other exhibits show a photo of the British Passport (no. 84764) of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. issued in l959.

A discussion follows concerning eligibility questions surrounding the possible Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.  In other words, the Obama case needs to be resolved.  But this telling statement goes back to questions  about Obama’s mother’s age at the time of his birth: “Dunham (mother) had not been a US Citizen for the required five years after age 14 because she gave birth to President Obama at age 18!

The many court cases thrown out by state and federal judges due to lack of “standing” may be the cruelest taunt yet to the American people who deserve to have the Obama eligibility case fully adjudicated.  As one CiR commenter (2) states, “All American citizens have standing to argue that the sitting president is not eligible to hold office. . .we are all affected by this. . .there is harm to every US citizen when an impostor takes office.”

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Phony birth certificate drives Obama eligibility lawsuits in Alabama and Florida

by George Spelvin

Obama being born out of an apple pie in the middle of a Kansas wheat field as Toby Keith sings the National Anthem—such are the contents of an amicus brief filed by an Alabama Democrat Party which has resorted to ridicule in responding to the Obama eligibility case McInnish-Goode v Chapman which will be held in front of Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court!  In an exclusive story reported by WND reporter Drew Zahn, (1) the flippant nature of this brief indicates that the Obama team will be unable to brush off legitimate questions about how he can serve as a U.S. President without showing legitimate and verifiable evidence of eligibility! 

Brought by Virgil Goode and Hugh McInnish, the case seeks to force Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman to verify eligibility of all candidates on the 2012 ballot.  Reporter Zahn points out that in 2010 Judge Moore, the Ten Commandments judge, remarked to WND about people who rely on their feelings to ascertain the fact that Obama is U.S. born.  “This is the strangest thing. . .the president has never produced evidence in the face of substantial evidence he was not born in our country,” said Judge Moore. (2)

A Florida eligibility lawsuit brought by Attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of his client Michael C. Voeltz was filed on April 29, 2013, case no. SC 13-560, in Florida’s First District Court of Appeals. (3)  “No physical paper copy has ever been presented to firmly establish Respondent Obama was indeed born within the United States,” maintains Klayman in the suit which asks the Court to direct Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner to issue an opinion regarding BHO’s eligibility to serve as president!  This latest action asks for reinstatement of Voeltz v. Obama “which was improperly dismissed by court order dated 2-8-2013.”  The Florida case points out that Obama’s father was a British subject born in Kenya which was a British colony at the time of birth of Obama, Jr.  “The U.S. Supreme Court has defined this term (NBC) to mean a child born to two citizen parents (R.245-260). . .Obama is not an NBC as required by the U.S. Constitution and therefore ineligible to be President.”(4)

Earlier court filings include the sworn affidavit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, dated June 12, 2012, (5) stating that Obama’s online birth certificate is a “computer generated document, manufactured electronically, and that did not originate in paper format as claimed by the White House.”  Arpaio swears under oath that he and his investigators have found probable cause of document forgery, meaning that the certificate cannot be used as a legal verification for Barack Obama’s date, place, or circumstances of birth!

“It would be paradoxical beyond measure if the real and grave question of the legitimacy of the de facto President, a question which lies at the very heart of our American Constitutional Government, were left unresolved for want of the simplest of documents, a birth certificate,” states Klayman in the Alabama suit. (6)

We’ll soon find out if the State Supreme Court agrees with him.


Television show “Inside Edition” is up on youtube with a picture of Barry Soetoro’s Catholic Grammar School (ASISI) records in Jakarta, Indonesia stating he was of Indonesian nationality and that his religion was Islam! (6)

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Kitau Obama eligibility letter revisited

by George Spelvin

A letter allegedly written by Kitau, a science teacher at a Kenyan primary school, is being revisited as Barack Obama eligibility lawsuits make their way through court dockets in both Alabama and Florida.  Born one month after Obama in the same Mombassa hospital, Kitau says this of the Obama, Mombassa birth certificate obtained by Lucas Daniel Smith: “I compared my birth certificate to the one that has been put online by Taitz (Atty. Orly Taitz) and mine is EXACTLY THE SAME.”  Kitau goes on to state that being a science teacher makes for natural skepticism, but “I went to an official registrar today and pulled up the picture on the web.  They magnified it and determined it to be authentic.” (1)

The Kitau letter has been challenged and even debunked as has the certificate obtained by Smith, but both documents need to undergo further investigation. The name of the registrar, the format, and the type are identical in the Obama Mombasa birth certificate document and the Kitau birth certificate says the internet letter.  Lucas Daniel Smith has just put up 16 mm footage showing a “birth in Barack Obama’s Kenya!”  By scrolling down on his link you can view pictures he obtained of the British and Kenyan passports of Barack Obama, Sr.   http://www.wasobamaborninkenya.com/blog/ 

A short time ago, Orly Taitz published an urgent request on her website, stating: “Very important. I need verification that E. F. Lavender was British colonial registrar in Mombasa (sic) Kenya in l961.”  Someone contacted the Taitz site, stating that she was Kiki Lavendar and claiming that “my father is Eric Lavendar, who was working in Kenya during this time period.”  The Lavendar (e) name has undergone challenges regarding authenticity of the Mombassa birth registrar.  Someone else posting on the Taitz site wrote that E. F. Lavender was “a clerk with the Great Greta Coal Company before he was a registrar for the Republic of Kenya.”  E.F. Lavender was listed as having been a witness to the formal “winding up” of that same coal company.

Following the Kitau letter is the anecdotal story of Tom Fife who allegedly met with a Russian couple about twenty years before Barack Obama came onto the national scene. The title of the Fife account is “Global Elite Picked Obama Long Before Voters.” The Russian wife allegedly became agitated with America as she spelled out details about a young man with an African father who would lead Russia’s re-emergence as a world power.  This woman allegedly said the name “Barack means blessing in African. . .and he will be a blessing for world communism.”  (1)

Worthy of consideration in all of this is the Mahatma Gandhi quote on the Orly Taitz website: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

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