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Is Hillary Clinton playing a high stakes game of “chicken” with Democrats who want her out?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Since at least this past March when coachisright.com first predicted her campaign would end in her indictment, things have gone from bad to worse for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Her lack-luster campaign announcement was followed by another equally pathetic attempt to stir up supporters. A book tour flop topped off by a virtually secret, Friday night re-re-re-announcement have all drawn flies at best.HILLARY EMAILS ETC

Empty seats at BIG rallies even on college campuses have become the rule rather than the exception.

Mrs. Clinton’s smug and demonstrably false “explanations” of having done nothing wrong by using her private email accounts for governmental communications have worn thin even among some of her most devoted followers.

The unspoken warning to investigators that they, “had better back off because THIS is Hillary Clinton you are looking into” has served only to intensify the efforts to bring her down among Congressional Republican Committee Chairs. More than this, it has become clear that Barack Obama does not want her to follow him to the White House and has ordered the FBI and other federal agencies to publicly investigate her.

Nevertheless, as a Clinton, she is as cunning as a rat. She can put on   NIXONHILLARY PIC a brave face and make believe everything is just fine in public, but she knows she is in trouble. She knows the clear and present danger is way past being brought to an end with the standard, “I’m reluctantly suspending my campaign to spend more time with my family.”

Hillary Clinton knows the people coming after her are ruthless Democrats who fear she is so damaged she would bring down entire tickets of Democrats around the country. She is one of these ruthless people herself so she knows they mean business and will indict her to get her to leave.

The problem she faces is that she also knows they recognize a Clinton’s ability to come back from the political grave so they may very well indict her for her many crimes, even if she does droAss and Hillaryp out, just to put a stake in her chest where her heart should be.

It is quite plausible that Hillary is playing a high stakes game of “chicken” with the wolves at her door. She may very well be “plea bargaining” through implication. The longer she stays the more    damage her forcible eviction will cause for her successor. No Democrat will want to be blamed for “killing the chances” of the Democrats electing the first woman president.

She can “plea bargain” her way out of an indictment without doing so publicly by simply waiting them out until they come to her with an iron clad agreement. The sober assessment here is that no Republican will have a real say in her fate.

On the otHILLARY INMATEher hand if she waits too long and the wolves grow    restless and impatient they just might drop an indictment on her as thick as the Manhattan phone book. Then orange will be her new pantsuit color.

Pass the popcorn please.

Obama’s Syria Problem

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

It’s been over 1,500 days since Barack Obama tried to extend the failed Arab Spring into Syria. He called for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to hand over the country to the Muslim Brotherhood. But to Obama’s chagrin, Bashar al-Assad is still there. Russian President Vladimir Putin, well aware of Obama’s weakness, took advantage of the opportunity to directly intervene in the Syrian Civil war.

The Administration naïvely believed that Russia would assist the cobbled together alliance of western allies in their fight against the Islamic state. Unfortunately, Obama and Kerry don’t understand or don’t care that Russia will do what is in her own best interest. That is why the President and Secretary of State have looked like fools over the last few months in their dealings with Iran, the Islamic State and Syria. They have simply not been acting in the best interests of America.

Russia, however, is playing the long game by moving into Syria. Putting an end to the rebels and keeping al-Assad in power will provide Russia with financial, military and geo-political advantages. If Putin does manage to drive the Rebels, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State out of Syria, it will solidify Russia’s position in the Middle East. Obama, of course, was hoping the crisis would resolve itself. Although words may be nice, actions speak louder. Obama would have been better off calling “Wag-the-Dog” Clinton for advice.

Russia went into Syria to protect its interests in the region. If that meant keeping al-Assad in power, so be it. The Administration hoped Putin would not involve himself in Syria. But when did Russia ever seek anyone’s permission or consider another’s wishes prior to moving into another country? Syria provides Russia with a warm weather port and a foothold in the region.

Putin’s first order of business is to eliminate the organized rebels fighting the al-Assad regime. That includes all rebel forces, for as long they are breathing it will complicate Russia’s interests. Of course Putin’s one hour notice for Western forces to vacate Syria before bombing anti-Assad forces disturbed the heck out of America’s Nobel Peace Prize “winning” president. The One was upset that Putin didn’t make him look important-or even relevant-by first asking permission.

After its first Air Strike, the White House was quick to accuse Russia’s air campaign of attacking non-ISIS rebel targets, including the Christian Killing, “moderate Muslim,” Free-Syrian Army backed by Obama. Such are the sub-humans American tax payers are supporting, thanks to the president. They are, of course, no better than the Child-raping Animals in Afghanistan.

The Administration accused Russia of propping up the murderous Assad regime. Obama was hoping the Russians would coordinate target selection with the western allies before carrying out missions. After all, Mullah Obama doesn’t have the backbone to tell the Turks to bomb ISIS targets instead of the Kurds, who are fighting ISIS.

Don’t be surprised to hear the Russians tell members of the western alliance to stay out of Syrian Airspace. Already well limbered-up from caving in to the Iranians, Secretary Kerry will no doubt readily agree to remove American jets from Syrian airspace. After all, the Pentagon didn’t ask Assad for his permission to violate Syrian airspace in the first place!

When Military spokesman Col. Steve Warren was asked who was targeted during the Russian Air Strike he didn’t know. His response was “We don’t believe that they struck ISIL targets, so that’s a problem.” He seemed to have no idea whether the airstrikes took out Al Qaeda-aligned terrorists or the Free Syrian Army.

“Obama: Many more in US die from gun-related incidents than from terrorism”

By Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch                                                       Commentary by John Velisek USN (Ret), CIR staff writer

Robert Spencer has been revealing the truth about Islam and its murderous minions for many years. The article below, taken by Spencer from the Blaze, reviews Barack Obama’s extraordinary reaction to the murder of reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward by a “disgruntled” former work mate.

“Watch What Obama Says About Gun Violence and Terrorism When Asked About WDBJ Shooting,”

by Oliver Darcy, The Blaze, August 26, 2015:

an excerpt

“…In an interview with WPVI-TV, the president reacted to the killing of 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old photojournalist Adam Ward.
“It breaks my heart every time you read or hear about these kinds of incidents,” Obama said.
“What we know is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism,” the president added.”

My Opinion: Can the President explain how the number of people killed in this country by firearms, mostly black on black, should be the sudden focus of his concern when there have been 20,000 terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11? Perhaps his cronies over at Evergreen can massage the numbers, but it would take a total lack of ethics to even make an argument hailing terrorists as somehow suddenly less dangerous, less worthy of our efforts than gang bangers on Chicago’s South side.

One half of firearm deaths in the United States are suicides. Anti-gun liberals are always pleased to suggest that suicide and murder are somehow one and the same. Is the Muslim in Chief claiming that the innocents murdered by his fellow Islamists are actually suicides, given that they are often victims of Islamic suicide merchants? Should we believe the murder of defenseless people at Ft. Hood by a Muslim terrorist are really examples of domestic, “workplace violence” as the president claimed immediately after they occurred? Mr. President, please try another tack. This one is worn out and a lie.

Perhaps the UN can help. After all, Kerry signed the Arms Trade Treaty, didn’t he? But tell the truth now, Mr. President; should you actually attempt to employ United Nations “peacekeepers” for the forcible confiscation of firearms from the American people—you know, as recommended in the Treaty–will you direct the blue-helmeted troops to the South Side of Chicago, or demand they break through the doors of the law abiding, as gun grabbers are so used to doing? You’ve made it clear that al Qaeda will be off limits, not being a dangerous enough group in your opinion.

Criminals are responsible for the overwhelming majority of gun killings in the US, Mr. Obama, not simple gun owners. And yes, they are as dangerous as it gets. But don’t insult the American people with the claim that the dangers posed by gun owners dwarf those posed by Islamic terrorists. You have made phony, anti-gun rights claims since you were first thrust into politics by your Chicago handlers. The American people are no longer buying.

The Upcoming Turkish Civil War?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Last month the American main stream media announced that Turkey is bombing ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq. If it were not for the foreign press, Americans would have blindly believed that Turkey has joined the fight against this group of inhuman sub-human terrorists. But the truth is they are    


using ISIS as an excuse to renew their long held, bigoted campaign of hatred against the Kurds, killing them wherever they may be found. The Spiegel reported that Turkish President Erdogan will do anything to stay in power, including  derailing a peace process with Kurds in his own country.

The Kurds are the only effective force on the ground fighting against ISIS. In many skirmishes near the boarder the Turks just stood and watched as the two enemies fought each other, often holding back Turkish Kurds from joining the battles. Now that the Turkish Air Force has been attacking PKK (Kurdish) fighters,   

Kurdish Fighters
Kurdish Fighters

assisted on the ground by Turkish soldiers, the peace process between the government and the Kurds has come to an end. In regions heavily populated by Kurds it is believed that civil war is inevitable.

President Erdogan, a hard-line nationalist, considers Kurds in both Turkey and Syria to be enemies of the state. As a result, Turkey conducted air strikes against ISIS and the Kurds in the so called Syrian “protective zone.” Erdogan promised that air operations will    

Turkish President Erdogan
Turkish President Erdogan

continue as long as there is a perceived threat against Turkey. He is apparently more afraid of a Kurdish state than of ISIS. Also there is personal motivation for Erdogan as he suffered a political setback at the hands of the People’s Democratic Party, a Kurdish-Turkish alliance. He may be attacking Kurds for the purpose of splitting the opposition to his coalition government.

Obama made a deal with President Erdogan who will allow the U.S. Air Force to conduct air strikes against ISIS from Turkish bases in return for U.S. assistance in helping Turkey create an ISIS-free    

ISIS Terrorists
ISIS Terrorists

buffer zone along its border. The deal also guaranteed Turkey oversight of the targets the U.S. Air Force would strike in Syria and Iraq for the purpose of cutting off any assistance to Kurdish fighters combating ISIS. Obama warned the Turkish government that the war against ISIS must be “carefully bound” in order to prevent any offensive against Kurdish fighters. But this phony bit of foreign policy tripe is for domestic consumption only. For it’s a safe bet that Turkey will do only what is in its own best interest. Yet another foreign policy “coup” for the Obama Regime.

The first ten minutes were all I could stomach

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

I tried. I really did. But I could only make it through the first ten minutes of Barack Obama’s speech on global warming, especially given the fact that the EPA is making rules on a subject they obviously know nothing about.

Barack wasted no time throwing lies at his audience.   obama_lies

“The economy is on the road to a recovery from a great recession”

I suppose that is true, as long as you recognize the fact that Black unemployment has gone up 40% and that nearly half of the unemployed are no longer looking for work. Remove these millions from the equation and maybe we are “on the road to a recovery,” especially as the Administration has assured us that today’s unemployment rates should be looked upon as the “new normal!”

More business have closed than have opened and most of the new jobs are part-time, going to illegals. We now have more illegals in this country than unemployed Americans thanks to OBAMA’S   Obama-sweat-550x358Welcoming America fiasco. And the economy has done so well that the number of people in poverty has increased from 13.2 to 14.5%. The number of people on food stamps has risen 39% between 2009 and 2014. Our debt is now higher than ever before with an increase of 15% to $59 trillion just since 2009. Great numbers, right Democrats?

The economy is so good that 53% of all college graduates under 25 are unemployed. But the American people need not worry, for government has grown very nicely, with counDevilObamatless employees “earning” well over $100,000 per year. If federal employees can be counted in his “the road to recovery” claim, Barack will be right on the money!

“We have ended two wars”

Yes we have. We have ended two wars by following a President that knows nothing but cut and run. Iraq, which was well on the road to recovery after the Bush “surge” and in the process of forming an inclusive democracy has now fallen under the   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM tyrannical rule of Iran, fragmenting to such an extent that it may never recover. The military, our once proud military is low on morale, funding and resources. The Navy even has to ask foreign governments to assist in getting our U.S. Marines to where they need to go.

The military did not want to leave Iraq or Afghanistan, but our cut and run President left them no choice. Trying to pin the blame on Iraq for not giving us a status of forces agreement is just garbage. To have an agreement of that type you have to talk with them and Obama all but ignored Iraq. He just wanted out for the purpose of enhancing his legacy with the anti-war. Anti-America left.

“Our hottest years have been 14 of the past 15 years”

Wait, what Mr. Obama? Your own government agencies say there has been no warming for the past 18 years and if anything, we are moving towards a period of global cooling. Our President really does need to talk to his people and allow them to help with his lies if he is interested in making his claims even remotely believable.

I don’t know why I thought this spasm of narcissism from Obama would mean anything. I am sure the sycophants and low   obama-gay information voters will believe his every word, meaning nothing has changed. He told Jon Stewart last week that the VA was vastly improved under his guidance. The next morning it was reported that VA wait times were up 40% .

How can anyone believe this wanna-be Dictator? The recession is not over Mr. President. People are still hurting, mainly thanks to you. But keep on telling your ignorant, bought and paid for minions that everything is fine. Someday–hopefully soon—you will make the normal, lying leads into your next speech and you will hear laughter rather than applause.

But as for now, continue sending Michelle and her 500 closest friends on high expense vacations. Continue acting like the emperor you believe yourself to be. It will soon come crashing down and you will wonder why your tyrant’s commands no longer work. And it will be easy to explain. You cannot speak to and treat the American people like peasants for sooner or later, they will rise up and take you down.

You’ll find out that is the REAL American way!

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Facebook: facebook.com/onepatriotsopinion