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What’ll happen when China owns the U.S. and we’re the aliens?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The Obama administration is looking favorably at the plan by a Chinese economist to collateralize China’s enormous US debt with a huge swath of America’s Heartland which is, coincidentally, populated by a Conservative voting bloc. Our valuable real estate, infrastructure and profitable corporations, all in RED STATE territories, are now under the evil gaze of liberal operatives whose hatred for any and all things American is exceeded only by their greed and globalist nature. “Yu Qiao, a professor of economics in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsighua University in Beijing proposed in 2009 the plan for the U.S. government to guarantee foreign investments in the U.S.” (1) What’s more, ObamaBots would “grant a financial guarantee” for China to collateralize its $1.17 TRILLION debt holdings in America’s Heartland.

But just look at the map where this giveaway of our country very well may take place. Steve Quayle, an astute Western states observer says, “This encompasses Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, most of Iowa, and parts of Colorado and South Dakota!” ( 2) He points out that the West’s valuable water source, the Ogallalah aquifer, would fall under Chinese control along with America’s major wheat production, cattle ranges, hog and chicken producers and oil and natural gas resources! “Using the old Nazi X invasion plan…[China would]…come into the US from its four corners.” Chinese ownership of our Heartland would essentially put us under foreign domination. (2) In addition, the North American Union’s rail corridor from Mexico through America into Canada would very possibly be realized. That would “…complete the rail corridor ports in Mexico to Canada, now already under much foreign control.”

Part of this obscene mix of handing over our country to globalists, headed by our biggest debtor China, is the Montana water wars battle. Montana’s Democrat Governor and Legislature employed a tortuous mix of legislative shenanigans to pass the Water Compact CKST giveaway. But that document promptly landed in MT courts. This huge compact could conceivably give the federal government control of much of the West’s water because the compact appears to be a handoff of water controls to Native American tribal governance, already under the federal thumb. Montana’s headwaters of the Missouri River which lead into the Mississippi River would be under globalist threat, headed by China. Use of DEBT may well be the way our enemies will own us, just as our military advisers warned many years ago. Anyone with one half a political brain has to realize Obama’s unholy alliance with the Chinese would destroy the Red States’ Conservative voting base, thus erasing any opposition to the Democrat Party at the polls.

“In exchange for China lending to the US on a nearly ZERO percent interest basis,” China would receive a financial guarantee from the Obama Regime. (3) Collateral would consist of real estate, corporations and infrastructure, perhaps the Hoover Dam and others, bridges and the interstate transit system. “China [already] owns $1.17 TRILLION in U.S. securities.”

The question must be asked: Does America have a Congress anymore? Just where is the Republican Majority? Where are these people, the people we ELECTED to serve and protect us? Do they differ in any way from the Democrats?

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Russians fear the United States?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Telegraph (1) reported from an independent pollster the Levada Center survey that nearly a third, 31 percent, of Russians fear an invasion by the United States. The Moscow Times (2) citing the same survey reported that 59 percent of Russians believe that the United States and NATO pose a threat to the homeland. Amid the tensions arising from the Ukrainian crisis this is a 12 percent increase from a previous survey conducted in 2007. This poll is an indication of heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow that haven’t been seen since the Cold War.

The poll was conducted last April interviewing 1,600 adults across 46 regions of the country. Other poll results indicate that 48 % of Russians are concerned that the United States would interfere with any Russian efforts to modernize. Forty percent feared that America is trying to take control and destroy the Russian economy, hardly likely given the amount of time spent by Obama and his acolytes on the destruction of the American economy. Thirty six percent are wary of the forced imposition of U.S. values and ideals. It seems these people must be watching the exported version of Modern Family.

Probable cause

Russian State television constantly and deliberately frightens its viewers with the thought that the U.S. and NATO are intent upon destroying and occupying the country. This has evolved from the Russian doctrine identifying NATO expansion among key external risks that led to the Ukrainian Crisis. Russian culture is distrustful of Western strategic designs that go back to the Crimean War and 160 years of fighting in successive wars for national survival. Given the poll results, on average, Russians may be more aware of their history than Americans are of their own.

When asked about a hypothetical war with the United States, 52 percent believe that there will be no winners and 33 percent believe that Russia would win. Only five percent believe that America and NATO would win. Who knew that Obama had supporters in Russia? Must be the same people that donated to the Clinton Global Initiative.


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Where will we be? Part 1

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

In less than two years the citizens of the United States will elect a president. Two centuries have witnessed the election of honest and patriotic men, some having been called upon to serve during times of great national hardship. Many of America’s presidents have achieved a record of which they can be proud. Until now.

Barack Obama has exposed the United States and the American people to unnecessary danger. He has taken it upon himself to apologize to our enemies for what he believes to be the nation’s sins and shortcomings. Such are the arrogant and reprehensible acts of a traitor, not a president. He has embraced Islam in an effort to convince Americans that the sub-human practitioners of a diseased religion have been important contributors to the history of the United States. “I know that Islam has been an integral part of this country,” claims Obama. And he’s right. The first confrontation of America’s navy was with the death dealing, Muslim, Barbary Pirates. Hence the mention of Tripoli in the Marine Hymn.

Is it his Muslim father who imbued Obama with his visceral hatred of the liberties that limit his tyranny and with his deep seated fear of free enterprise and contempt for our inalienable rights, all because they have been granted us by God and not by him? Either Obama does not understand or does not care that only a free society is capable of growing. The nanny state interference inculcated in our President by life-long communist Frank Marshall Davis is capable only of destroying societies and nations as a century of examples has made clear.

Is Our President a Muslim, a Marxist, or both? The two are not at odds. Muslims worked with Nazis during WWII, why not with communists now? Revcom, a communist organization and Al Qaeda were both represented in Ferguson. And both were absolved of wrongdoing by Obama and his yes man, Eric Holder.

Beginning with Holder, Obama has created a pattern of elevating incompetent or tyrannical people to positions of power. Apparently the President did not learn in grade school that the government works for us, we don’t work for the government. Indeed fewer of us are working at all. For everything Obama believes is based upon the American people being dependent on government. Redistribution and collectivism will tear apart the free enterprise system and eventually result in the collapse of capitalism. In this way, leeches that derive sustenance from the government will multiply as they are catered to by the socialists in charge. It’s freeloading which has resulted in decades of votes for those who promise more and more, all for “nothing.”

Despots have practiced socialist/communist rule for centuries. Look to the Soviet Union, Cuba and China as recent, bloody failures. Obama claims to be working for the middle class, working for the people. Yet if things don’t change soon, the middle class will be gone. It will be like the oligarchs of the Soviet Union versus the peasants. And don’t doubt for a moment that our vacation going, golf playing president and his shameless, mooching wife believe us to be the peasants.

We are living under the tyrannical whims of a despot utterly dismissive of the Constitution. Laws that limit his authority and abuses of power are ignored with impunity for none of the cowards in Congress will dare take a stand lest he be labeled a racist.

The American people have survived wars and the treachery of traitors. In our history we have suffered many setbacks, but the character of its people and the unsurpassed strength of its Constitution have always permitted the nation to come back stronger than before. How much longer will we allow the criminal enterprise that is the Obama Administration to test the limits of our patience?


Our Third World President

By John Velisek USN (Ret), Staff writer

The United States is in danger of becoming a third world country as it follows the third world dream of a third world president.  Listen to what our mistake-of-a-president has said in the past and you will understand where he wants this country to go.  For example, Obama believes the United States is a colonialist, racist country that must be torn down before it can be made respectable. It is from the Marxist intellectuals who raised him that Obama obtained the belief that Europe and the United States became super powers on the backs of others.

But decades of liberalism have made Europe a third world, dependent society. The United States is now the focus of evil for the Obamas.

From Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, Obama learned to believe that capitalism and free markets would be responsible for the destruction of all races other than white. It was Michelle who admitted that her husband’s run for the White House represented the first time she had been proud of her country. This animosity and feeling of self-entitlement have permeated all of liberalism and been used by liberals to create a perpetual expectation among the lower classes that government is somehow responsible for fixing their lives, making them contented, providing meaning and a sense of worth; in short, to make their lives mean something from cradle to grave. Liberals and the people they place in positions of power are racists and anti-capitalists, their main purpose the destruction of this country.

But Socialism is not capable of creating a feeling of self-worth and will never take root in most of the citizenry, even though it has encroached upon certain segments of the population.  Socialists are easily identified by their claims that “it is for the children,” whatever it might be. This invariably means another boatload of regulations and debt dumped on our children, always with the intention that they become permanent wards of the government.

It has been the teachings of his father and mentors that have given Obama his direction today. As a result, the flames of racism have been fanned to their highest point in decades by a President whose every thought, every action is tinged by an ingrained contempt for whites. And today, Obama has grown into a narcissistic, pouting, self-centered caricature of what a President should be. 

In 2008, Obama was to be the anti-racial candidate and post-partisan president who, with “hope and change” leading the way, would build a consensus on all sides as he directed our country along a path which would make the planet itself stand out in the universe. Obama would be at peace with everyone, leading from a position of strength and knowledge.

What we have wound up with is more racial tension than ever in my lifetime and a pompous, self-centered man child as President, willing to destroy not only this country because of all our “faults,” but also Israel, because it is the homeland of Jews and because Obama believes the wrong man won at the polls.

We are in the 1960s again, a result which was inevitable given a Saul Alinsky acolyte in the White House.  It is possible that all this will lead to such turmoil that Obama will declare martial law and cancel elections. If that happens there will be a civil war, tearing this country apart. Our government controlled media will blame this disastrous state of affairs on those who stubbornly refused to give the Grand Emperor Obama a fair chance. You don’t think this can happen? Then why is this administration so eagerly forcing “net neutrality” on the WWW when there is little call for it by the citizenry and a great deal against!

Barack Obama is a very common man, still with the tribesman foundation of his father, vulgar in his disdain for anything in which he does not believe, anyone who questions him and anyone who does not believe as he does. There is no compelling reason to think that he will change, and our Congress is too feeble or afraid of being called racist to oppose this man.

Two more years of his lying, his childlike tantrums, his aggressive destruction of American culture and principles. Can we take it America? And how long will it take to recover?

What is the President’s problem with our American Alpha males?

 by George Spelvin 

Let’s talk Sex, as in the White House.  Or rather, sex in the Obama years in the White House.  Does anyone out there think it’s very odd that President Barack Hussein Obama has so many women, often times silly women, placed in so many highly placed positions of authority, philosophy, advisement, and actual control over the lives of so many Americans?  

Why does the corporate governance profile of this man’s administrative apparatus lean so heavily toward females, away from our strong, dominant, get-er-done American Alpha males?  Has anyone wondered just why Obama appears to be comfortable with women, not comfortable with men, strong, Alpha males that is? 

Undergraduate introduction to Psychology courses used to include an explanation of the Oedipus Complex.  “In the Oedipus complex, a boy is fixated on his mother and competes with his father for maternal affection.”  (1)  Now as the infant male starts to grow into the knowledge that men and women are very different, he learns from his father that “you must be like me—you may not be like the mother. . .the boy thus returns to the mother as a separate individual . .that separation may be emphasized with scorn and a sense of mastery over women.” (2)  This psychological article is themed on rebuilding trust by the male child as he works through his Oedipus Complex, but “women become both desired and feared.  

The symbolic phallus becomes a . . .ritual of mastery used to cover up feelings of loss.” (3)  This very incisive article goes on to discuss what happens to the developing male if and when he becomes separated from his mother, something we have been told that BHO experienced when his mother sent him to live with his grandmother in Hawaii.  When such a separation takes place, “Women create a tension in boys between a lost paradise and dangerous sirens.”  Has the President’s failure to psychologically resolve his Oedipus Complex resulted in the composite make-up of governance that shuns our American Alpha males?
The outright antagonism against the prime minister of Israel, the leader of our best ally in the Middle East, no longer can be ignored.  Remember when then UN Ambassador Susan Rice told the four alphabets and Fox News that Benghazi happened because of an internet video ridiculing Muslims? (4)  She was being used by the WH to complete their fanciful talking points exercise as a Hillary Clinton stand in, but no self-respecting Alpha male would have allowed his professional credentials to be prostituted in such a way, IMHO.  When Breitbart, and especially Judicial Watch, hit the internet with their FOIA revelations  that the video was mere talking points cover, Susan Rice again was humiliated, thus taking the heat off of another more important female, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The compliant good little girl was rewarded with a move to the NSA.

Those two second string cheerleaders handling affairs of the state appear whimsical, ill spoken at times, even scary.  Valerie Jarrett, born in Shiraz, Iran, has remained in her solid place as Senior Advisor to the President.  Lois Lerner, in hiatus from the IRS, Samantha Powers, wife of social engineer Cass Sunstein, interestingly, is at the UN.  When HHS Director Kathleen Sebelius quit over her botched Obamacare roll out, the long haired Sylvia Burwell moved in.  Burwell now is saying, “We have no backup plan if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare.”

 Our American males the whole world over for generations have been recognized to have the tenacity, intelligence, the resilience, determination, ability to succeed in the face  of impossible odds.  Just watch the aerial dogfighters of World War II, or Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower being picked to lead the Normandy invasion with even British consent, or listen to Ronald Reagan tell the Russian to ‘tear down this wall.” What is the President’s problem with our American Alpha males?
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