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Diversity has been given a bad name by “progressives”

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

Today’s “progressive” has such a limited mindset, it’s a wonder they can find their way to the bathroom in the morning. Being severely “corpus colosum challenged” – meaning they cannot process and integrate left and right brain signals (except for designing video games) to arrive at cogent and reasonable conclusions. An ancient text referred to this as “ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of truth…”

Diversity in their limited perception means merely simple human divisions of race, gender, ethnicity and economic status – with today’s strange nod to sexual “preference.” True diversity goes infinitely deeper into the endless range of gifts, talents and visions among all humanity and expressed in each unique individual.

The role of education is not to segregate people into mind-numbing pre-conceived boxes to meet some totalitarian goal. Seeking one’s own gifts and talents also mitigates the more base drives for physical satisfaction whatever that may be. Searching, discovering and application is the moral counterpoint to self-demeaning urges the mob covets for us.

Education – to educe – to draw out – is the most important role for the “Educator.” If the Educator has no vision of his/her own, or basis in the Wisdom of the Ages, what value is delivered? That which is passed down to us in our faith restrains us from overwhelming others instead of serving them.

Have you ever pondered God’s command to Adam and Eve to “… Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over all the plants and animals…?” God entrusted us with His Creation. We search and toil in awe as we strive to subdue and be fruitful… all the way into outer space with our visions and inventions!

Being fruitful, multiplying and subduing doesn’t imply beating the heck out of everything in sight. The Author of Beauty has love and stewardship in mind for us. Fruitfulness not only implies populating this wonderful earth across the lands and seas, but to subdue the untamed riches by a wedding of two gifts of Creation:

1. The gift of a wonderful planet Earth – The vast array of elements, minerals, flora and fauna. Their properties, combinations and improvements are our responsibility to discover and apply as good stewards. Subduing or taming these often wild and dangerous components of creation requires wisdom and imagination. That’s where science and free enterprise come in.

2. The gift of infinite diversity – Since the challenges are infinite, and in this engineer’s mind, an eternal voyage of discovery, development, sharing, rejoicing and praising He who made us in his image and likeness. Infinite challenges require infinite diversity. The “progressive” totalitarian is incapable of such vision. He/she destroys the visions of others, especially since in our times they have dominated what is left of education and media to the point the people perish for lack of vision.

Science has determined we all came from one set of parents and are therefore brothers and sisters. See www.nationalgeographic.com/genographic
We share common blood types and can cross breed – we go back about 60,000 years as developed humanity. The “official” racial, ethnic and moral diversity of the “regressive” divides us into potentially warring camps while denying “In God we Trust” and “e pluribus unum.”

True diversity is the infinite range of gifts, talents, challenges and opportunities humanity is intended to share in a free society – as one our Founders sacrificed for and passed down to us. No one is smart enough to determine an individual’s value and potential. That is why all life is sacred from conception to natural death. As Americans, we rejoice in the limitless opportunities our Constitutional Republic has afforded us to discover, to fail, to succeed. No nation or system of governance has ever afforded its people the privilege to thrive in infinite diversity as individuals and as a people.

Riots in Brooklyn show feral adolescents’ demand for entertainment is unquenchable


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer  

Two weeks ago, while on routine patrol two New York City police officers saw a Black teenager named Kimani Gray acting in a manner they deemed suspicious. Gray had adjusted what they surmised was a gun in his waistband. When they attempted to stop and question Gray he pulled the gun up in preparation to use it. That was a mistake that cost the 16 year old his life.

Choosing to disregard the code of the streets (which requires non-cooperation with the police) three witnesses, speaking on the record, said they heard the police warn Gray but that Gray disregarded the warning. Gray was promptly shot dead.    

 This incident appears to be an open and shut case of a foolhardy criminal losing a gunfight to two trained police offers.  That interpretation has become meaningless to the feral adolescents who roamed the streets with Gray. His death has become an occasion for the type of dangerous yet quite entertaining party they crave to satisfy their demand for entertainment.  They are adrift in a sea of patronizing and hand holding, provided by New York City liberal Democrats who see to it that every need or want of these marauders has been provided in exchange for nothing but the votes of their elders.

Alas food shelter schooling clothing and free everything else they could ask for has become a stale “given” in the world of Kimani Gray’s friends. Looting local stores and attacking anyone who doesn’t look like them has becomes a kind of sport for their entertainment.  

Rhythmically chanting “NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” is part of        the “fun.”  Nevertheless, it’s very doubtful that many of these revelers knows the Klu Klux Klan was formed by the Democrats they think are their friends, but what difference does that make when throwing bottles and playing “grown up tag” with the police is so much fun?

The taxpayer paid for goods and services they have been given all of their lives is never enough. They don’t care that their lifestyle is paid for by the tax money of the merchants whose stores they are destroying. They demand that society provide them with entertainment and if they are not given entertainment they will forcibly take their entertainment at society’s expense.  

With the Democrats holding their hands and encouraging them why should they think otherwise?


There is Notre Dame and there is a Catholic Catholic school like Belmont Abbey


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Tomorrow the national college football championship will be decided in a game that will be watched by millions of people. The combatants will be Notre Dame and Alabama. Millions of Catholics around the country will be rooting for the “Fighting Irish” but I won’t be one of them.  I find it hard to support frauds whether they are in or out of politics.  Notre Dame is a consummate fraud and has been for many years.

The formerly Catholic school has always held itself up as the pinnacle of Catholic higher education. The “Fighting Irish” were born with a chip on their shoulder and a devotion to Norte Dame “Our Lady,” but those days are over. These days Catholic doctrine obviously embarrasses Norte Dame.   

Notre Dame is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and to Catholics who care about Catholic doctrine.  At first we thought the biggest of these embarrassments was the honorary JD it handed Barack Obama, an avowed enemy of the Catholic Church, but even that terrible moment has been eclipsed.   

This fake “Catholic” school ordered the arrest of “protestors” who knelt to pray a Rosary during Obama’s speech.   Since then the school has facilitated the establishment of a Gay Club on its grounds, paid to send students to a support Gay “marriage” rally in Washington and roundly supported Barack Obama’s reelection even knowing he would be forcing it to violate Catholic doctrines on abortion and birth control through Obamacare. By no objective standard is Norte Dame a Catholic school. It’s just a fake institution that keeps up appearances to fool and fleece willfully blind alumni into writing it checks.   

By contrast Belmont Abbey, a small college in North Carolina, is a Catholic Catholic school.  It won’t ever play for a national championship but it stands head and shoulders above Norte Dame in stewardship of Catholic doctrine. It doesn’t have a Gay and Lesbian Club. Abortion and Gay marriage are not supported in its classrooms.

Belmont Abbey doesn’t have a lot of money but it knows how to use what funds it has to support true Catholic doctrine. Belmont Abbey has just CUT its yearly tuition by $10,000 to further its mission of offering an inexpensive Catholic education to as many people as possible. Which would you call a Catholic Catholic school?

If Norte Dame wins tomorrow it will rake in millions of dollars and some of it will go to support for Gay conduct and abortion. To that I say:  Go Alabama; ROLL TIDE!