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Words Matter – Own Them Or They Will Own You

By James Wilson, guest writer

Center for Self Governance

“An evil soul producing holy witness, Is like a villain with a smiling cheek, A goodly apple rotten at the heart. O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!” – Shakespeare, from “The Merchant of Venice”

If grizzly bears ripped through your hometown leaving a wake of death and destruction, wouldn’t the townspeople do everything in their power to stop them? Wouldn’t you warn the neighboring town?

What if the neighboring town said, “Oh, the state negotiated with the bears already and assured us the grizzlies are peaceful. The bears mean no harm and are offended we see them as a threat. By the way, they prefer to be called URSUS, so be sensitive to their feelings.”

Do we take the grizzlies’ word as proof of their true character? If the state accepts this fraud as the truth, we’re in big trouble. We are left to defend ourselves when that is a specific task rightly delegated to the state.

Political correctness (PC) is changing America’s relationshPC 1ips by diminishing our ability to communicate accurately. PC can even get us killed.

Does it never dawn on us to dispute our enemies? If we know they are enemies of liberty, what makes us think they wouldn’t use deceit to promote their evil agenda? Why is it called ‘hate speech’ (a PC term) to acknowledge this fact?

Recognizing our enemies calls for critical thinking; the process of analyzing facts and looking at an issue objectively. One can only squeak by for so long without critical thinking skills.

With 24-hour news and social media we have become accustomed to being told what to think, what to say, and how to say it. Most Americans never even detect they are being indoctrinated. But it works. Have you heard people defend the enemies who have sworn to kill us by parroting the politically correct drivel they consume daily? It’s all in the name of being ‘tolerant’ (PC’s favorite term).

What is behind the propaganda?

In “Meet the 2nd Largest PR Firm in the World: The U.S. Government”, a Dec 14th article in Forbes, federal agencies spent more than $4.35 BILLION of our tax dollars on public relations in PC 2the past eight years. The U.S. employed 3,100 public affairs officers from the same PR agency once used by Vladimir Putin to help formulate Russian propaganda.

Even the IRS jumped on the government’s PR bandwagon. Taxpayers foot the bill for telemarketers – $2.499 MILLION in ‘survey’ contracts for just one of the PR contractors used by the Internal Revenue Service.

The results? The IRS ‘survey’ found that they have a 90% approval rating!

Really? Does anyone actually believe that 90% of taxpayers approve of the tactics and agenda of the Internal Revenue Service? Yet some Americans will buy this nonsense. Literally. Why not call it what it really is: taxpayer-funded propaganda.

The Forbes article concluded that a government using a PR firm to PC 5conduct surveys has little to do with transparency and everything to do with self-promotion.

Why do they do it? So government can do as it pleases while claiming that 90% of Americans approve of its practices. A gullible  public believes the lie that everything is just dandy. Move along. Nothing to see here.

We’ve accepted too many lies for much too long.
The lies created by political correctness become like poison to a nation. Common language once agreed upon in culture is abruptly replaced with words that conjure up new emotions. The alternate words paint a distorted picture.

Political correctness is a fear-based concept. The desired result is self-censorship. Traditional language and ideas mutually accepted for decades suddenly make outcasts of typical citizens. PC is forced on the non-compliant through name-calling and threats. Like racistPC 4, Islamaphobe, etc.

Free speech is squelched. Political discourse comes to a halt. Many lack the courage to resist for fear of ridicule or even imprisonment in the case of language now deemed “hate speech” (a subjective PC term). While claiming ‘tolerance,’ advocates of PC are in reality the least tolerant of all.

Now the people start thinking as a group. Much like a herd instead of free, independent, self-governing citizens. Mission accomplished for the thought police.

What is the goal of PC? The very definition of manipulation: to re-direct the thinking of a nation to suit the purpose of a desired outcome. OBAMA GUNS AND TREASON

Propaganda and manipulation go hand in hand. It is mental and emotional abuse. It is a direct affront to individual liberty: free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression and so on.

Make no mistake about it. When your own government uses your tax dollars to deceive you and promote the agenda of a sworn enemy, it is treason at its core.

When we are no longer permitted to recognize our mortal enemies for what they really are, we become sitting ducks. PC not only frustrates our ability to think and communicate, it threatens our very existence.

What is the antidTRUMP PC 3ote to PC poisoning? To overcome the deceit, it takes courage and critical thinking skills developed by considering facts rather than false arguments based on emotion.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”  Thomas Jefferson


The “Language of Liberty®” series is a collaborative effort of the Center for Self Governance (CSG) Administrative Team. CSG is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization, dedicated to training citizens in applied civics. The authors include trainers, administrative staff, and selected students. They may be contacted at info@tncsg.org

Spiritual warfare in the political arena

By Jerry Todd, staff writer

Diversity and its evil twin political correctness have been the bane of the college student – even though he/she is often too indoctrinated to recognize it.

True Diversity, released from bondage, is what made this a great nation.

What is “True Diversity?” First, it is not the limited and divisive diversity promoted even by our finest institutions of higher   MISSOURI CRYBABIESlearning. By limiting the popular concept of diversity to race, creed, ethnicity and sexual urge, an acceptable model of behavior is created which is far more divisive than diverse!

Being made in the image and likeness of God and endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, every human population, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or sexual urge, is endowed with an infinite range of gifts and talents crying to be discovered, examined and exploited by the individual and his community.

And how well has your Mother Russia done during the past century, Vlad? Of course the liberal Crybabies at the U of Missouri and elsewhere still think Lenin is the “Bee’s Knees!!”

Until the United States of America was founded on the endowment principle, most peoples never had a chance to rise above the social or economic station or the superstitions that kept them from venturing into the unknown. Human progress still advanced, usually in the process of conquest. The USA became the cradle of True Diversity by prospering, not only by conquest, but primarily by enterprise. One person’s need is met with another person’s invention. That invention required new ways to produce to meet broader needs. This includes discovery and exploitation of minerals, how to refine them for specific needs and the means to  produce components of ultimately great machines and means of gathering and dispersing intelligence and communications.

Divisive diversity and political correctness, ill-defined as social justice and democracy, must be dumped into the dustbin of history. The institutions that grasp the vision can bring about a Renaissance for this Constitutional Republic.

Why Megyn Kelly was the big loser in the Trump debate

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Megyn Kelly lost her debate with Donald Trump because she breached one immutable rule of journalism, falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book that men use to win. That is, Kelly, as a “journalist,” allowed herself to become the story. In fact she now is a huge part of the drama. J-skul students are warned about this big time No-No by wily and savvy professors who preach over and     REPUBLICAN DEBATEover, be objective, stay out of it, be impartial, don’t get involved!

In addition, Kelly let the men use her, something any woman who has ever been around any union negotiations recognizes early on. A Chicago area, female unionist told me one time after a very contentious three month teachers’ strike that the men disappeared for the marching, the protests in the parking lots and the face to face confrontations. When the street theatre ended and the drama played itself out, the men on both sides, the administrators and the union leaders (all men by the way) came in, sat down, carved up the pie, passed around their goodies, got up, shook hands, and left the room.

Look, Kelly was chosen by FOX corporate to do their hit job on     MEGYN KELLY 2Donald Trump because they and the Rino establishment want Jeb Clinton in the Oval Office, IMHO. Donald Trump’s experience, intelligence, wealth, his manly strength, decisiveness, discernment and understanding of the political power structure in this country are enormous existential threats to those who need Hillary Bush or Jeb Clinton elected! And Hillary’s E-mail scandals have resonated with the public as Benghazi and the IRS flap never did.

So here’s what went on. Kelly was placed stage center in front of and in direct eye contact with the one man in the room these machinists fear the most. She was dressed in what one commenter called Hoochie Mama attire. The MEN wore suits and as I recall,    MEGYN KELLY 3Chris Wallace went with the professorial blazer look. (To set him apart, but of course). Kelly wore a club-going, little black dress. How obvious was the old advertising dictum to sell the sizzle, not the steak; sex sells, always. The dye job on her fake foreign hair extensions were a mismatch with the more subtle, American dye work on her shorter hair. Her handlers and make-up artists did all they had to do to sell the feminine form because she couldn’t win on substance. Her writers put her on camera with very offensive, very hurtful epithets to hurl at Trump, words and expressions which she never threw at Jebbie or the rest of the guys.

Here is the definition of debate: “In every debate there is a motion: a statement, idea or policy that is disputed and framed with the prefix ‘This House.’ Usually the motion is either a policy which changes the status quo or a statement, the truth or falsehood of which is examined in the debate.”  The Rules of British Parliamentary debate have so devolved in this country’s discourse that what we saw on Fox NewDONALD TRUMP 6s was a ten man line up for the liberal/democrat media crowd’s firing squad, and Megyn fired the first shot. Donald Trump, over and over has said he won’t throw the first punch, but if attacked, he will counterpunch. And    counterpunch he did. Therefore he won. Kelly and her apparatus lost big time.

The debate featured a highly successful male businessman who knew everyone with access to a microphone wanted to “take him out.” So he was locked, loaded and when they opened up on him, he returned fire. And the co-chairs of the Uniparty, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ( I was taught to put the female first when writing about two equally important “nouns”) and Reince Priebus, the Obama family, his enforcers McConnell and Boehner and media’s interlocking corporate boards lost. They picked a youngish woman to go up against an old war horse, and he took them all down!

Why didn’t Kelly lob the same mean, cruel spirited epithets at Jebcito? After all, they want us to believe Fox News is fair and balanced! Give me a break. After her debate planners gave Kelly the attack Trump script, they gave her another page of talking   MEGYN KELLY points to push along their candidate, Jeb Clinton. One rule we learned back in the days of 50’s journalism is that if you question your subject, you must be prepared for what he/she may answer. Preparation is the key to successful interviewing. But Kelly was prepared only with what she thought would take Trump down. She had no Plan B. So when he counterpunched, she and her lady anchorettes began pulling their fall back switch with the “poor me female” label above it.

After Trump let go with his 3 a.m. round of social media zingers, the ladies who talk now are resorting to the blood imagery known for women, i.e. the blood of birth, the blood of life as a female. Nothing but another sick attempt to win with form, not substance. These tactics may be OK in the world of personal affairs but not in the    TRUMP 7 hard bitten world of politics or global finance. And Donald Trump stood up there, raised his hand like the other nine guys the media were hell bent on destroying and called them all out. “I’m too busy; I don’t have time for political correctness,” he said. He is everything that made America great, warts and all, namely the hard driven, fiercely hard working, highly competitive, win at all and any cost American ethos, the great American persona. If we win again, he’ll win in November; if he falls, as the symbol of the great American man, America also falls.

As for me, well, I’m going with Donald Trump, not the Megyn’s of America’s increasingly sick political play house.

Chattanooga, “The Scenic City of the South,” No More

By Ed Wood, staff writer

“Be nice or leave.” That is the admonition given by a friendly Chattanooga neighborhood nestled just across the Tennessee River, between the Lookout and Signal mountains. Obviously there are some who did not heed that advice.

Who would have thought that a tragedy like we have just seen    CHATTANOOGA SEALcould have happened in such a nice place? The answer may surprise you. We brought it upon ourselves!

The murderer in this instance was Youssef Mohammad Abdulazeez. And political correctness being what it is, CNN would not use his name for fear it might suggest that he is a Muslim. In a live TV interview, the chief FBI investigator from Knoxville said he wanted to make it perfectly clear that although the investigation is being conducted as a terrorist event, it has not been classified as such. The Administration is still calling it “workplace violence.”

But the problem goes far beyond a loose border, where some 400,000 illegal aliens enter each year. Under current U.S. immigration policy, an ISIS terrorist doesn’t need to hop a fence or swim a river to reach America. He can enter the U.S. legally as a student, as a skilled guest-worker, as a refugee, as an entrepreneur, or as a tourist; fly here in the comfort of a jumbo jet — and never leave.

The sheriff of nearby Putman County recently told me that he is currently attempting to track some 1,500 Middle Eastern students who came to the Tennessee Tech University, located there, dropped out, and simply disappeared into the local community. Our community. My community!

According to Census data, the U.S. welcomes about 100,000   

Mohammed Yousuf Abdulazeez
Mohammed Yousuf Abdulazeez

Muslim immigrants legally each year. This represents the fastest growing segment of immigrants coming to America. Youssef Mohammad Abdulazeez arrived with his parents from Kuwait at the age of 6. He was educated in American public schools, was an engineering graduate of the University of Tennessee, and by all accounts was a fully assimilated U.S. naturalized citizen.

But something happened. Last year, at the age of 23, he traveled to Jordan and Yemen for seven months. U.S. intelligence agencies aren’t sure who he visited or what he may have been taught while there. But when he returned home, he grew his beard out and started writing a Muslim blog in which he made philosophical, anti-American statements.

FBI Director James Comey’s dire warning to Congress several   weeks ago now seems prophetic because it applies perfectly to    

ISIS killer beheads British Aide worker David Haines
ISIS killer beheads British Aide worker David Haines

young Muslims like Abdulazeez. He said the message from ISIS to American Muslim youth is, “Come to the ISIS Caliphate state if you  can, and kill somebody. But if you can’t, just kill somebody where you are.” Obviously, Youssef Mohammad Abdulazeez did just that.

Clare Lopez, vice president of research and analysis for the Center for Security Policy and a former CIA analyst says, “With the U.S. so liberally allowing more Muslims into the country – about 800 new refugees a month come from one country, Somalia, arguably the most jihadist-rich country in the world — we have no idea if there are hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands across America today who decide to pledge their allegiance to the Shariah doctrine of jihad.”

And where do American Muslim youth go to feed on the poison of Islamic jihadism? “Muslim mosques — like the one in neighboring   

Chattanooga Mosque
Chattanooga Mosque

Murfreesboro, TN — Islamic cultural centers, and online indoctrination all play some role,” Lopez said. “But neither Comey, nor the FBI, nor local law enforcement currently has the legal right or investigative tools to identify and stop such individuals before they take the next step on the pathway to violent jihad.” We can’t give the impression of profiling, or being racially prejudiced, you know.

This country spends an estimated $58 Billion a year on our intelligence services. They missed 9/11. They missed Fort Hood. They missed the Boston bombing. And they missed Chattanooga!

Senator Jeff Sessions from neighboring Alabama cited a recent   

Sen. Sessions
Sen. Sessions

warning by the Citizenship and Immigration Council that, “Our government cannot effectively track these foreign visitors and immigrants … Applications for entry are rubber-stamped. We’ve become the visa clearinghouse for the world.”

Former Representative Michele Bachmann, (R-MN), has long been concerned by the rising immigration rate from hostile countries and the increasing incidents of Islamic terror. When she served in the House, she warned that, “Terrorism is real, barbaric and will continue on American soil until the U.S. determines to get serious about prevention.” She said, “Across the world, wherever Muslim immigration has been allowed to flourish, a connection to terrorism has also flourished. No one has a right to immigrate to America. It is our choice as to who we allow to gain entrance to our great land.”

And she should know. The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has the   

Minneapolis Somalis
Minneapolis Somalis

largest population of Somalian Muslims outside of Somalia. Just last Sunday, the terrorist group al-Shabab made a propaganda video warning of an attack on shopping malls around the world, including Minnesota’s famous Mall of America, our country’s largest. You will recall, Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya two years ago, which left 67 dead.  

Al Shabib terrorists
Al Shabib terrorists

So, should we be surprised? Nashville has one of the fastest growing foreign-born populations of any major U.S. city. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, “the 2000 data showed Nashville with an increase of 210.1 percent in the immigrant population since 1990, which compared with a 6.5 percent increase in the native-born population over the same period. That meant that immigration accounted directly for 45.4 percent of the overall population increase of the city.” Nearby Shelbyville, formerly the Tennessee Walking Horse capital of the world, has become a Somali center because of available employment in the Tyson Foods chicken processing plant there.

What to do? Former Minnesota Congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann said it best: “America is our country. It is time the politicians listen to us, the people who support this nation!”

You know who they are. Get busy!

Political Correctness and Public Health

The term “politically correct” dates back to shortly after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Originally, it only meant adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (aka the “party line”). Inevitably, though, the term would become one of derision, mocking those who would blindly follow Stalin’s enormous policy flip-flops during and after World War II.

These days, the term is primarily used to mock the imposition of overly precious speech codes, supposedly intended to prevent insult. Too often, though, the net effect is simply censorship. A common complaint is that the choice of what constitutes a worthy class of “victims” to protect, is capricious and wildly inconsistent. Those familiar with George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 will see that PC is closely related to “Newspeak,” the official language of his fictional country Oceania.

Newspeak seeks to eliminate all rebellious thoughts, and as such contains no negative words. If a resident of Oceania wished to express the concept of “bad,” he must use the word “ungood.” In our present non-fiction world, we have come perilously close to this, with political correctness helping to establish the so-called “narrative.”

The narrative represents the official pre-fabricated version of virtually every cultural, economic, and social encounter in our daily lives. That this narrative is often in conflict with reality is diminishing in importance. Indeed, many have suggested that the imposition of an Orwellian narrative has fueled much drug and alcohol abuse, even among the truest of true believers.

The quintessential example of “narrative” involves the DC-area Beltway sniper attacks of October, 2002. Every expert in the media, not to mention law enforcement, proclaimed that the perp must be a disaffected white male, a la Timothy McVeigh, the 1995 Oklahoma City bomber. Never mind that McVeigh’s truck bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bore no resemblance to the random individual shootings of the DC-area crimes. The arrest of the black John Muhammad and Lee Malvo for the sniper attacks was greeted with shock and disbelief. It didn’t fit the narrative.

The first significant intrusion of PC into the realm of public health came in the 1980s with the AIDS epidemic. Many healthcare professionals expressed dismay that the newly found civil rights of those infected seemed to trump the accepted tenets of caution, infection control, and medical history documentation. Likewise, eminent virologist Peter Duesberg—a prominent but hardly the sole voice disputing the HIV/AIDS theory—found himself ostracized by “mainstream” science.

As with any big-time medical issue in which tens of billions of dollars are at stake (cf. cholesterol theory of coronary heart disease), it is dangerous to go against the narrative. Even when a contrarian can find a suitable forum, he will be faced with a ready panel of well-financed inquisitors, quite prepared to misrepresent the findings of research articles. Inevitably, this leads to an arcane academic discourse; and when language itself—as well as obtaining research grants—can be affected by PC, it becomes nearly impossible to elucidate the truth.

Some wags have suggested that Harvard change its motto from “Veritas” to “Politice Recte.”

In December, 2000, PC, M.D. : How Political Correctness Is Corrupting Medicine, by psychiatrist Sally Satel was published. Among many other examples, Satel describes…

1.     How advocates for crack-addicted pregnant women in South Carolina fought for their freedom to use cocaine during pregnancy.

2.     Public health professors asserting that the high incidence of hypertension in Blacks is a direct result of racial discrimination, basing this almost completely on tendentious arguments involving the slave trade and salt sensitivity.

3.     Baltimore’s Commissioner of Health suggesting that heroin be distributed to addicts, claiming they are too oppressed to help themselves. Ever hear of Suboxone or methadone?

4.     The rise of a movement comprised of former patients who oppose involuntary commitment, or any treatment at all, for those with severe mental illness.


Ironically, complaints of “racism” are heard even if ethnic-related findings benefit the patient. Consider the case of BiDil, a drug used in the treatment of heart failure in African Americans (and off-label for anyone else).

Although initial trials failed to show efficacy, further examination of the results in various subgroups indicated a benefit to Black patients, leading to the African American Heart Failure Trial. One group took BiDil along with their usual heart failure medicines. Compared to a similar group of patients—taking only their usual medicines—43% fewer of the BiDil users died during the course of the study and 39% fewer of the BiDil users required hospitalization for heart failure. The BiDil group also reported a significant improvement in their day-to-day functioning.

Based on these compelling results, the FDA stopped the trial early and approved the drug—for Blacks. B-b-but, this is racist! No less than medical blockhead Francis Collins, now regrettably the director of NIH, averred that “We should move without delay from blurry and potentially misleading surrogates for drug response, such as race, to the more specific causes.” For Collins, PC really is more important than public health.

As Henry I. Miller—biomedical scientist, former FDA drug regulator, and Hoover Institution scholar—noted, “[Collins] was correct, of course, but you make therapeutic choices using the data you have, not the data you wish to have. Political correctness notwithstanding, drug testing, approvals, and labeling must go wherever the evidence leads.”