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A Deeply Unpopular Commander In Chief

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Military Times posted a long article in which its poll of active duty military came to the startling conclusion that Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, is highly unpopular among the rank and file of the nation’s defenders! Using the military for social experiments, purging the ranks of competent, patriotic leaders and implementing a massive reduction in force are not likely to endear Obama to the troops.  The Military Times won’t admit it but Obama does not care about the people who work for him and this is especially true for members of the military.  In spite of varying opinions of President Bush, he deeply cared about the troops. Obama on the other hand, by his own actions, cares only about Islamic terrorists, his global partners in crime.

Our troops have lost respect not only for the Commander-in-Chief, but for lawmakers in general, reflecting a growing trend among their millennial peers. The phony nature of Obama’s ostensibly caring façade has long since been discovered. People have lost faith in government and see it as the problem, not the solution. Service members are reflecting the mood of the American public and its frustration with the daily soap opera being fed them by Administration acolytes in the “mainstream” media. How could it be otherwise when soldiers are feeling the pain of pay reductions, being forced out of the service and watching as peers are court marshaled for doing their job? And how many have been wounded or killed as a result of repeated deployments under questionable rules of engagement. 

Obama’s social engineering is being compared to President Truman’s 1948 order that desegregated the American military that was originally segregated by another Democrat, Woodrow Wilson after World War I. However, Obama’s heavy-handed, leftist agenda has undermined deep-seated traditions and compromised good order and discipline. When laws and regulations don’t matter the military will no longer function as a cohesive unit. In time Obama’s meddling will fail to be historically significant.  Obama’s true legacy will be seen in the erosion of the career military force. Who would want to serve in a force that glorifies deviance and immediately identifies any male troop with sexual assault. Thanks to Barack Hussein, ours has become a military focused on political correctness rather than combat readiness.

Obama is trying to mold the American Armed Forces into America’s Community Organizers.



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Never mind those thugs in the NFL cause it’s all Roger Goodell’s fault


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

How quickly our despicably dishonest media turned the theme of black male violence into an uncaring white guy scenario which blames the depravity of NFL thugs on Roger Goodell.  Just consider the fact that Ray Rice punched his wife so hard that her head was driven THREE FEET backward and into the wall of a casino elevator.  Take a second look at this young lady being dragged out of the elevator, UNCONSCIOUS, while her feet are left across the track of doors that could quickly close.  Janay Palmer Rice went back to her abusive husband.   But the violence of Black males, especially of black football players, has been dropped by a media spin machine that protects blacks and blames whites, especially white males, nearly every time.

Now comes the push to demand the resignation of Goodell, the white guy, in order to replace him with Condoleeza Rice, a black female.  The politically correct quotient managers can get a two for one up-tick on their own sick lever of remaking American society.  Let’s take a look at the Adrian Peterson lashing of his own child.  Or what about the 1999 conviction of the “Carolina Panthers’ Rae Carruth for conspiring to kill his then-pregnant girlfriend?” (1)  Other jaw dropping examples of violent, black football players and their treatment of  women and children are out there, but somehow not in the MSM.  These examples certainly never received the media play that is being heaped on the old meanie Roger Goodell.                     

Let’s take a look at underlying causes of the NFL’s hypocritical stance.  Money talks, right?  Well, how about “cheerleaders from nearly a half-dozen NFL teams (who) filed lawsuits alleging they were paid dismal wages, harshly examined through physical “JIGGLE TESTS’ and demeaned in public appearances in which they would be expected to sit on strangers’ laps.” (2)  Everywhere you cliq on your remote, sex is being sold along with the uber violence of football that endangers young males’ bodies with every hit they take. So viewers are getting double doses of the pain-gain-pleasure syndrome sung about by Rihanna who herself took it on the chin when she went back to her abuser.

According to the lyrics of the pain-pleasure theme prevalent in today’s hyper-sexualized culture. “…that’s alright Because I like the way it hurts.” (3) What the media aren’t telling you is that Eminem, along with two other males, wrote this song which also expresses how males feel in this culture.  He sings, “Life is no Nintendo game But you lied again It’s the rage that took over.”  Never giving the full side of any story they tell, our media just grabbed onto the “I like the way it hurts” of the female, but not the lies (no justification, however), the rage, the hurt the male feels.  For years, males in our country were reared with Christian values to never hit a woman, no matter what.  But our PC media have successfully wiped Christian values out of their spin zone.

And why won’t the media expound with chagrin over the generational damage heinous black rap music has done as it denigrates and defiles women?  But Roger stands for the badness that is named white guy, and out he goes.  One pundit even said Ray Rice did it because “slavery was full of violence” and that black males learned to be that way because of slavery!

Well, as a teacher that saw black male violence up close, let me just say it is shocking.  I asked one of my female students to stay after class one day when I noticed the pretty African-American woman was limping and had injuries all over her arms.  She told me her husband picked her up and threw her against each wall in their living room.  He had re-played the phone answering machine to hear a message a visiting cousin’s male friend had left for her.  The abusive husband just assumed that the message was for his wife and without checking further, he beat the daylights out of her. “Oh, your voices sounded alike,” he said. Of course, she went back to him. 

At least Eminem is honest when he tells us, “When it’s going great, I’m Superman with the wind at [my] back.  She’s Lois lane.  But when it’s bad, it’s awful.” (4) As expected, America’s media are just repeating the tried and true, politically correct mantra that the white guy made the black guy do it; that women can be sexualized over and over for media’s bottom line; that the elevator wall can be fixed, that the colonial male must go and the American Woman is society’s answer to the sick world created by a hypocritical, media-entertainment sex-sells culture.

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New York Times quotes convicted perjurer to lie about NYPD

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“All the news that’s fit to print,” the motto of the New York Times is a cynical lie perpetuated to fool its smug liberal readers into feeling validated in their narrow world view.  

Like most liberals the New York Times has clung to the fantasy that Islam is the, “Religion of Peace.”  Since it is demonstrably false one can only assume the cowards at the Times are knowingly lying and bias in how they select what news is “fit to print.”

The Times has been carrying the water for Comrade Bill de Blasio’s efforts to give the Islamists a freer hand to carry out their ongoing Jihad against New York City.

On May 11th and May 12th they published a story and an editorial attacking the NYPD’s anti-terrorism unit’s tactic of trying to enlist Muslims as informers who would warn the police of terror plots being hatched by fellow Muslims.

The “news” story featured a man named Bobby Hadid, a fired police officer. It quotes him as asking, “What does that have to do with terrorism?” when presented with evidence of terrorist plots produced by spying on those who have declared themselves our enemies.  

Hadid’s “question” became the driving point to the Times’ article because it validated their subversive position on terrorism.  

Hadid was fired by the NYPD because he was convicted of perjury in a murder case. But  in the twisted logic of the Times’ “all the news that’s fit to print” motto, informing readers Hadid was a convicted liar didn’t “fit” until the 33ard paragraph thus hiding it in plain sight.    

The Times made no attempt to impeach Hadid’s credibility because he was, “…convicted of perjury in a case unrelated to his counterterrorism work.” Really?

The New York Times is on the side of the terrorists and will help them at every opportunity. It wants terrorists tried in civilian courts in Manhattan where they can be freed by far Leftist juries. The Times is worried about the “potentially uncomfortable” nexus between crime-fighting and anti-terrorism.”

The feckless liars at the Times will use whatever means they can to undermine the efforts of the Police Department to protect the people of New York because they have deluded themselves to believe it is the cops that are the enemy and the “Religion of Peace” is the victim.

This is another reminder of why we can never turn our back on the liberal media.

Source: http://nypost.com/2014/05/28/times-anti-cop-agenda-is-all-the-slop-thats-fit-to-print/

Media provides cover for more black criminals than just Barack Obama

By George Spelvin,  staff writer

“Blacks are only a small percentage of our community (but) the courthouse is filled with them,” says a long-serving public defender who writes under the pen name of Michael Smith in order to protect himself and his family.  “The halls and gallery benches are overflowing with black defendants, families, and crime victims,” says the attorney. (1)  “For blacks, the courthouse is like a carnival…they all seem to know each other…hundreds and hundreds each day, gossiping, laughing loudly, waving and crowding the halls.”

Public defender Smith is finally opening up after many years of dancing to the tune of flawed media and legal systems which are confounded by the constraints of America’s, all-powerful directives on political correctness. It is an abomination that will not permit holding responsible a very small percentage of our population.  Reading the entire “confessional” of Defender Smith can be compared to taking a walk on the wild side of our country’s judicial system.  And his strongest words of condemnation are lobbed at our mainstream media for failing in their mission to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

“The media invariably sugarcoat black behavior.  Even the news reports of the very crimes I dealt with in court were slanted,” Smith says.  He goes on to paint a very dismal picture of television news coverage that “intentionally” refuses to tell all of the facts about an accused black client.  The public defender points to the media refusing to name any names that obviously sound or appear to identify a defendant as being black!  The media in America are deliberately obfuscating news coverage in order to confuse and deceive the American public by misrepresenting the truth.  Lying by omission is still lying.  The notion of keeping the body politic fully informed is being defiled every day.  A recent Fox news poll reveals that only SEVEN PERCENT of journalists identify themselves as Republican!  The rest shake out as Democrats or Independent, but the Independent label is merely a dodge to conceal their true loyalties.

Black defendants often insult authority figures by either calling them by their first names such as “Mike,” or even worse by calling a legal figure “DOG!”  Rolling his eyes at “Mike,” the young black male, who fails to realize the serious and very precarious situation he faces, complains about everything “Mike” tells him.  The public defender, who early on in his confessional reveals he is a liberal, tells readers what really goes on in court. “If I slip and use adult language, they get angry because they think I am flaunting my authority,” says “Mike.”  The young man’s “cellie,” that is cell mate, appears to carry more authority than the public defender who must compete with “cellie” in explaining the law.

But as is so often said, the cover up is worse than the crime.  And here the media’s cover up of the dysfunction of America’s young black males is our country’s biggest social threat.  The average citizen who is either not being told what is going on, doesn’t want to know or believes nothing can be done anyway is being victimized as well.  A family’s secrets will never be healed as long as silence prevails.  The media mantra of political correctness destroys America’s abused and abusers every day.  This essay needs to be a must read in every newsroom and courtroom and in every American home!  Tell the pubic the truth so we all can and will heal!

SOURCE:  (1) (2) all quotes and references come from    http://www.amren.com/features/2014/05/confessions-of-a-public-defender/


White men are devils, blacks and liberals the avenging angels of justice


by Suzanne Eovaldi

That White People, especially White Men, are Devils is the governing mantra of the Upstate New York Five Percenters cult as featured on the expensive gold medallion worn by rapper Jay Z at a recent Barclay Center, NY Nets basketball game. (1) Reported by NY Post contributor Gary Buiso, Five Percenters believe that a black man created the universe, a black man is God and a black man is physically and intellectually stronger, all according to guru author Michael Muhammed Knight who converted to Islam in his teens.

“Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior,” according to the Post story that reveals what is really behind the excoriation of the white, billionaire businessman, itself a protected class in the obscene media world of political correctness. (2) The designation “Five Percenters derives from a Nation of Islam belief that 5% of humanity are the righteous teachers” who need to enlighten the ignorant masses about what truth really is.
We need to admit, as skeptics of what passes for journalism today, that the outrageous confiscation of private property by The Man is really about an Islamic power grab, a minority grab for America’s wealth and power.  And it’s working! When you think about what is really going on, that a man’s business empire is being subjected to forced sale by a governing body under control of the cult of Political Correctness, any fair-minded individual must react in total disgust! It is a case of private remarks being used against an LA Clippers owner who built a failing enterprise into the huge money maker it now is. 

Donald Sterling was speaking in HIS OWN HOME, in his PRIVATE SANCTUARY, taped by a minority “friend” who zapped him because she could. In other words, America has degenerated into what Europe has been for years–a nation under control of the thought police.  Recall that recently a British politician was arrested for anti-Islamic remarks expressed during a political debate!
Let’s take a look at what the satanic mainstream media just ignores, namely a like offense by another protected class, the individual member being Jay Z, husband of the obscenely wealthy pop singer Beyoncé. Although Jay Z was filmed proudly wearing an extremely inflammatory medallion which portrays white men as devils, our “media” culture simply ignored this racist statement by a cult of hate. “A coaster sized golden pendant” swung obviously to and from Jay Z’s neck to proclaim his feelings that “black man is God, black man created the universe,” and on and on. But where is the angst of Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, or the crowd of MSNBC sycophants, especially Al Sharpton who use their enormous media power to advance the takeover of America by anti-Christian forces? (3)
And what about the “outrage” of enforcer Adam Silver, he of the same protected class as the Clippers’ owner, who acted so swiftly and so extremely?  Silver conveniently failed to note any hurtful remarks hurled by minorities at each other in locker room chit chat. Remember the hapless Ricky Incognito who was forced into sensitivity training nirvana?  He got so upset that he bought a very expensive car which he promptly kicked in at the Tire Zone. Media wise guys chortled that the guy needed counseling. Yet according to a dumbfounded, ESPN talking head, Donald Sterling was so upset that on the night the PC outrage hit, the billionaire went to a favorite steak house to enjoy a great meal.
What is really going on here?  Look to message board commenters to once again hit the nail on the head. “Open your eyes. People seek the power they can possess. . .they want supernatural power over their enemies and to achieve goals and accumulate possessions…” (4)  Isn’t this what’s really going on?  “The Man” is forcing confiscation of the private property of a very wealthy American citizen to fulfill the Obama dictate of redistribution of private wealth!

Isn’t this really an offensive yet very successful attack on America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights?” When private thoughts expressed in one’s own home, can fuel a world wide, internet-transcribed drum beat for use by a corrupt mainstream American media, haven’t these evil doers achieved Obama’s 2008 aim–namely to fundamentally transform the United States?


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